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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 14, 2013 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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♪ fox news alert. new reaction from president obama in a case that is grimg the nation still after months of raw emotion disputed facts. george zimmerman is a free man. now, the president is issuing a statement describing the death of trayvon martin as a tragedy for the nation and calling for a calm reflection. meanwhile, there have been angry demonstrations playing out. here is the scene in oakland, california, burned american flags and fires. welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm harris faulkner in for heather childers. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. a jury reaching a decision after 16 hours of deliberation acquitting zimmerman of second degree murder and manslaughter
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first. >> in the circuit court of the 18th judicial circuit, state of florida versus george zimmerman. verdict, we, the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> gregg: phil keating has been covering this story since day one. he joins us live from sanford, florida. >> disappointed sanford residents, trayvon supporters, it's been relatively quiet. there was going to be a 3:00 rally behind me. sheriff's department ended that by closing off the courthouse grounds for the day. it may still materialize downtown park. inside the courtroom, 10:00 hour after a long day and 16 hours of deliberations, all smiles and tears were relieved from the parents of george zimmerman.
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his attorneys were vindicated and vowed to have prosecutors pay for not sharing evidence timely over the last year. >> the best moment was when they said not guilty. >> i think the prosecution of george zimmerman is disgraceful. i am gratified by the jury's verdict as happy as i am for george zimmerman. i'm thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from bag travesty. for that we are eternally grateful. >> perhaps the biggest obstacle for the parents and prosecutors was that this jury had no eyewitness accounts of the exact moment where between trayvon martin and george
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zimmerman their encounter became violent and bloody. and zimmerman's story pretty much unopposed by any eyewitnesses. martin's mother tweeted this. lord, during my darkest hour, i lean on you. at the end of the day, god is still in control. thank you for all your prayers and supported. prosecutors defended the second-degree murder case saying the evidence was there. that zimmerman hatefully profiled martin. >> i have tried 380 cases, 80 murder cases. this the second murder case i've lost. ite disappointed, yes. >> reporter: right now, small group of people outside the courthouse grounds over on the entrance to the courthouse. it's a small rally on supported of george zimmerman's opponents. that would be the parents of trayvon martin.
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martin's parents were not inside the courtroom last night at the 10:00 hour but attorney said after contacting them by phone, the verdict, her reaction was one word -- wow! consumer rights leaders are urging the parents of trayvon martin as well as the department of justice to pursue civil rights violations against george zimmerman but last year the f.b.i. sent a handful of investigators to try to see if it was justified. at the time their determination it was not. for zimmerman, no more ankle bracelets, no more 10:00 curfew. he has big challenges ahead of them. they don't have any money. they spent almost everything they had on their defense. they have been living in hiding for a year. big question for george zimmerman where they will go from here. who will hire him. its whole new world for george zimmerman after 16 months of living and
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hiding. found not guilty last night by all female jury. >> gregg: phil, thanks very much. >> still alluding to it. he has had to live under intense scrutiny and tucked away out of sight for his own safety. what will his life be now that he is free. his brother robert zimmerman joining us live. thanks for being with us today. my first question for you has to do with the final few moments right before the verdict was read. how much notice did you get last night? >> we got a notice that the florida courts would be tweeting there was a verdict 15 minutes or so. >> so by twitter? >> not the verdict itself but noticed there was a verdict that came out. we were under the impression we would have less than an hour to get to the courthouse. they made the decision to be there to hear the verdict. >> your brother, what did
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he say the last few seconds and right after? >> he hasn't said. he is resting, recovering. i think people should understand that george has been under, in essence under house arrest. this whole notion of being a free man is something very new to him. >> when the verdict was read and we're seeing video from moments last night, it seems like george zimmerman was subdued, why? >> i have heard that more than once about george, not showing too much emotion. i think that is the way he is. he is a very calm person. i think it was the right verdict. i think it was a spiritual thing for him and emotional and psychological. those two words, not guilty. >> harris: we saw the jury wanted to ask about manslaughter charges and second-degree murder would be taken off the table.
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were you being talked to the defense attorney, this is the progression of things. it's looking better, it's looking worse, what were you being told? >> we were advised by mr. west about that. we were talking about what that could mean and working our own sources if that was a signal as to what you alluded to murder two being off the table. >> harris: what did you think? >> jurors go through jury instructions and murder two had been taken off the table and considering manslaughter. they wanted it clarified. they ultimately came down on self-defense. >> harris: you said something to me as we were preparing and i'll share with the audience. you always watch the news conferences and up what is happening with the media. you watched both prosecution and defense attorneys talk last night. what were some of the things that struck you? >> i think i should publicly thank mr. o'mara
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and mr. west what they have done. the kind of lawyers they are from the court proceedings but they are really profound men that believed in george's innocence. they were very gracious toward our family. there hasn't been a case like this before in our history. hopefully there won't be a case like this again. i should thank them publicly. it struck me that they looked relieved. they looked emotional. they have lifted the burden off the client's shoulders and by extension. >> harris: we were looking at mark o'mara, one of lead attorneys for george. he said last night, nothing will bring back teenager trayvon martin. now, we move forward with justice having been decided by the six women on that jury. what has your brother said. i know you at thed he is
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resting. has he said what transpired about a year and a half ago and how he feels about that and how does he feel? >> he did us what had happened individually. he wanted the truth to come from him. i think we knew -- we knew we were dealing with the truth then. if we had any doubt about that, he wouldn't have enjoyed our support. a year and a half ago he was distraught. he found out in his interrogation that trayvon martin had actually died. he was devastated by that. officer testified to that on the stand. he inquired to religion because catholicism death is a tragedy and he was very disturbed by that. >> harris: i want to go one step into this with you. the prosecution had talked about race and possibly playing a racism card and part of a prosecutorial
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move a was there something that would take this step to killing trayvon martin. how much did it affect your family? >> as it relates to this case, i think the judge kept the profiling for racial reasons out of the language of both opening statements and of the trial itself. i know they were alleging that george criminally profiled trayvon. being accused a racist is indefensible accusation. from our experience, standard people accuse someone of being a racist without foundation in fact. we have to retro actsively we are not. i think accusation should be leveled when they are appropriate when there is actual evidence or actual things that would suggest that those accusations might be true. >> harris: one of the things i have read, you said this really wasn't a black or white issue to begin with.
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my family is hispanic? >> right. >> harris: people went out and called george white and gave that description of him gave traction to the notion. >> this was a white or black crime or issue of race. we were careful and deliberate not to rebut that argument, wait, we're hispanic. any ethnic it things and injecting that. my mom is happy in our family. i didn't think it was going to help anything. >> harris: i know what you are following what is happening in the media. you are seeing the video roll out across the nation. we are seeing freedom of a different kind. people with a right to march and protest whatever peacefully in this country. what are your thoughts about that? >> i think mr. martin called for peace. our family did the same.
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the ability to assemble and speak out freely and people should be entitled to do that. as long as it is peaceful. i would caution people from jumping conclusions again. that justice was not served in this case and echo the president's statement this is country of laws and jury has spoken. >> harris: president obama made that statement about 45 minutes ago. george has been married to shelly but they have been sequestered. what will life be like for george and shelly zimmerman now? >> i don't know -- that would be a question. i don't know he would know how to answer this yet. this is the first sunrise first day of living his life as a free an exonerated man. he will have to learn about move about society and meaningful engage people. >> harris: safety has been an issue. is safety an issue there?
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>> that has always been on george's mind. we get threatened routinely on twitter and social media all the time. >> harris: we wish your family the best. you have been through it. justice and the president is saying this. we hope things stay peaceful. thank you for coming on. rob zimmerman, jr.. >> gregg: during the trial, jurors heard sean hannity's exclusive interview as evidence by the prosecution. you can see that interview again in the entirety airing on hannity tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. growing questions about the media media's handling, mark o'mara suggesting the media had its own agenda and unfairly turned on his client from the very beginning. >> you guys, the media, he was right, a patient on an
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operating table with a mad scientist were committing experiments and had no anesthesia. it had a lot to do with it. >> gregg: coming up our legal panel is going weigh in all the optioned that may be ahead. >> harris: an emotional milestone for the family of a missing marine. it's been two months since a kidnapping. his father and uncle, they vanished in a mexican border town known for deadly violence but the family and marine community are refusing to give up. brian from our new york city newsroom is live with more. >> reporter: 25-year-old marine corporal amando torres, they were kidnapped on may 14th. the pain has been
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unbearable. >> there not a day that goes by i don't think about my brother. it's very hard. i don't know. i want my brother back. torres crossed the border to visit his brother's ranch. several armed men stormed the ranch and forcing them into a white truck. the family believes they were taken over in a land dispute. they say cartels want land to grow drugs and expect armando was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> in that area we have seen a mafia war going between two cartels. >> his case went unnoticed until fellow marines started a facebook group and representatives wrote a letter to john kerry demanding help. >> right now, our plan of action next week we're
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going to take to the house floor. we're going step it up a notch. we tried the quiet way and raise the profile of this case. >> reporter: he served in the iraq war as mechanic in 2009. he is the father of two young boys. >> until i find something and recover a body but until then, my brother is still alive. >> reporter: the f.b.i. is still investigating the case but has told the family to prepare for the worst. for continuing coverage go to fox news >> gregg: turning to the ongoing crisis in egypt. former diplomat and nobel lawyer yacht mohamed elbaradei sworn in. this after the overthrow of mohammed morsi. mohamed elbaradei led in criticism of the ousted president. >> heather: the government
4:17 pm
of russia says edward,. >> harris: snowden has been stuck at the airport for weeks now. and he is trying to figure out how to get to latin america where he has several offers. but with a revoked american passport he has no way to get there. he met with human rights group to get their help. at that meeting they produced first images of edward snowden since he leaked on information how the government was spying on millions of americans. >> gregg: i wanted to share with you a bulletin that just crossed the wires. u.s. department of justice it is evaluating the trial evidence and testimony in the george zimmerman case to determine whether there are, quote, any prosecutorial civil rights violations, whether federal prosecution would be appropriate after the state trial. bear in mind, the f.b.i., division of the department
4:18 pm
of justice already last year did a very thorough investigation and found there was no evidence of any racial bias or animus on the part of george zimmerman. once again the department of justice is going to look into it. we'll have more on that with our legal panel coming up. >> harris: we saw some of it shaping up after the verdict with the naacp coming forth. >> gregg: we are keeping an eye on the economic robbed. where are all the jobs? why isn't small businesses hiring? we'll explore what is holding them back. >> harris: and for the fans, very sad, a star of hit television show found dead. new details on untimely death. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already.
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♪ ♪ >> harris: we'll catch you up with a quick check on headlines, calls for calm around the nation for not guilty verdict. there have been demonstrations across the nation. vast majority are peaceful and calm and no reports of arrests. actor corey monte one of the stars of glee has died. he was discovered in a
4:23 pm
vancouver hotel room. cause of death is not immediately apparent. a man among those injured from california and australian woman was also injured earlier today. >> gregg: we keep hearing a lot about the improving economy, growing jobs numbers, really? new reports suggest that small businesses are still having big time trouble finding their footing. past couple of months they have resisted making new hires. at the same time cutting back to current payrolls. what is keeping them back from kicking into high gear. let's go through it with brenda buttner, anchor of "bulls and bears" so why aren't they not doing a lot of hiring? >> obamacare is very fright thing to them where they
4:24 pm
have to give healthcare. hire taxes is a drag. everything with small business is going in the wrong direction. hiring is down. firing is up. optimism is down. then the plans for future hiring are in a decline, too. that is what is concerning. >> gregg: sales declines are reports, as well. i was struck by this. the national federation of independent businesses says that for every three jobs that small businesses have added, four have cut payrolls by -- every three small businesses added jobs another four small businesses cut payrolls by firing people? >> yeah, absolutely. you can see companies may be resistant to adding overhead. but resistant tans is different than firing. they are cutting back. they are concerned about the future. this is recall taking a look forward, worrying about what washington may
4:25 pm
do and fact the recovery really has a strong footing. >> gregg: there was an exception. teen summer employment doing pretty well? >> it is. so far this summer more than a million teens between 16 and 19 have found jobs. it's hard to find jobs. they are also competing with older displaced workers. they can't just go online. they have to go meet the managers and find a job. what we're finding is some of the industries that would hire teens are doing well. retail, construction and landscaping with all of the housing recovery. those are places. >> gregg: in the reagan recovery and arguably his recession was even deeper and more devastating. we were at 5-6% at this point in time post recession. economists are saying the pace of economic growth for the second quarter is going to drop below 1%?
4:26 pm
>> when you are looking at g.d.p. which is the best measure was the economy is doing, they are predicting it may go below 1%. which is very tepid growth. the reason there was a report last week about inventories. when inventories slip those wholesalers are not adding more goods. there may be more sales and may add to inventory. there is other side. but this is very concerning. on top of first quarter g.d.p. growth of 1.8% and fourth quarter, .4%. that is not strong enough to really keep this recovery going. >> gregg: the trajectory is going in the wrong direction. you keep it up and you'll have negative g.d.p. and two consecutive quarters of that. that is the definition of a recession. double-dip recession? >> the things that are doing well.
4:27 pm
stock market and housing market. stock market is doing well because we are pribt go money. housing market is well below where we were at the pre-recession levels. many people are still underwater. >> gregg: brenda buttner doing her best. >> giving you the facts. >> gregg: catch her on "bulls and bears" every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> harris: i literally ran over here. i was supposed to be standing here. i'm out of breath. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> job openings for one of the critical positions in the obama administration has janet napolitano has resigned from the department of homeland security. who is on the short list for her replace her and what will this do to the conversation about immigration reform in our country? our political panel next. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your imptant legal matters in just minutes.
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♪ ♪ >> gregg: welcome back. time for the top of the news, the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial sparking some protests across the country. there have been isolated incidents of vandalism, clashes with police, but no arrests report. most of the demonstration have remained calm and peaceful. >> two time world sprinter is pulling out of next month's world championship. tyson making the announcement after he tested positive for a banned substance. heavy rain in minnesota causing flash flooding there. nearly seven inches falling in some places and two families had to be rescued from their homes. >> harris: new questions over who will replace homeland land security secretary janet napolitano. tsa chief, fema administrator and ray kelly
4:33 pm
are some of the people who are being talked about as possible successors. announcement of napolitano's resignation as new battle over new immigration bill is heating up on capitol hill. recent fox news polling found 73% of americans want the government to complete new border security before changing any policies. the heart of the dispute between republicans and democrats right now, or at least some of them. joining me is judy bemke and david mercer, good too have you both. you are smiling and we'll see you the next few moments. let's enjoy it. i've interviewed you both many times. i want to start with who might take this position. you like ray kelly, new york police commissioner? >> i think he is perfect. he is not part of washington which is big
4:34 pm
plus right now. no one is getting along there. its family. ray kelly, look what he has done with new york. new york is safe. he is someone who really has a wonderful personalit this is someone and no-brainer. this is to get the job done and he loves law enforcement. he will put that overpolitics. >> harris: no-brainer, that means you can't disagree. who is somebody you like? >> i think there are several candidates. we've heard in addition to ray kelly, former senator lieberman who is currently up in new york a law firm among others. i'm not sure that the nominee will that have much of an impact. we saw the senate which is the only body that does this hearings on confirmation deal with common sense immigration reform and border security. so really this rests in the house when it comes to
4:35 pm
immigration. think its separate issue and will remain that in the senate as it regards the dhs cabinet secretary nominee. >> harris: david couldn't resist going down the political road. i want to read you what former senator lieberman said. he says the timing is not right for him. you want to talk politics. let's do it. let's talk about the reform and immigration. how big of a role does homeland security secretary play in it? >> the reason i think ray kelly would be good. remember chuck schumer supports him and peter king so there is a bipartisan group of new yorkers. i think that j nap map was seen as yes person for president obama. it's very delicate right now. to have someone who actually would put politics aside, i think kelly would
4:36 pm
do that and having a military background is incredibly important. >> harris: i want to you see that. 73% of americans government want to complete border security before changing policies. david, in the senate verse there is $700 million part of this to get it done. what is the sticking point with republicans? can't you get together? >> republicans need to get together in the conference in the house. you are absolutely right. those increased provisions for border security is in the bill. to say nothing of a fact there has been great advances on border security with 1300 border security above what was prescribed in 2007 and in addition less apprehensions there is more -- less that are trying to get across the border. we are on the pathway to secure greater border security. it's a non-issue especially
4:37 pm
when it's been enhanced. when it comes down to in the house, not going with the hasert rule and letting the vote come to the floor. >> harris: that is ruling on filibustering and how long it would take to get to the floor. i kind of set david up there. it's not simple to say you provided the money for it in the bill, is it, because there are problems with that? >> you are exactly right. that is sticking point. if we don't have security we are not moving forward. it's about having security first. >> enhancing security. >> we're not though. it's not been happening. >> it has been happening. there are more border aides. >> harris: play nice. >> republicans agree so we're going to serve the
4:38 pm
american people, 73% want the borders secure. >> harris: i have a quick question. i'm curious about that. whenever they have these discussions, there are people that actually affect at the table, wouldn't that affect the conversation a great deal that are really affected by this. like bring people from states like arizona? >> which is why you had janet napolitano as border state as dhs secretary. i think you are absolutely right. >> she didn't listen to those people. it's very dangerous around the border. that is proven and it is a fact. >> to round out the whole picture on immigration, in the path to citizenship, that 74% of the american people with requirements to that citizenship want a path to citizenship for immigration. >> harris: sounds like
4:39 pm
we're trading numbers. 73% to 74% but we didn't get to hundred percent. it's such an important job the person that will lead the dhs. we'll be watching. thank you. >> pleasure. >> gregg: george ziry murder trial is finally over but he and his family could see the inside of a courtroom yet again. a look at the legal issues that may lay ahead, next. >> tray and sabrina i thank you for all their prayers since the death of their son. [ male announcer ] the wind's constant force
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... >> gregg: now that i we have a verdict in the ziry case, a number of issues including possible lawsuits.
4:44 pm
robert and doug burns both defense attorneys and former prosecutors. a lot of talk that zimmerman may soon, government the state the prosecutors sue for what they are calling malicious prosecution. you unjustly used the system against him. let's put it up on the screen. that prosecutors lacked probable cause. the proceeding was instigated with malice and malice may be inferred from a lack of probable cause. doug? >> malicious prosecution the difficult part is probable cause. probable cause is not that high a standard. a lot of times, i'm in a case where somebody was picked out a lineup and he is exonerated and reality it's difficult because of the lineup. here, was there probable cause. you can debate it back and forth. irony very important is that law enforcement supported zimmerman and
4:45 pm
they continued to do so. and if they come in and say, we believe him. >> gregg: as to the issue of probable cause, local police say we don't have probable cause to arrest and local prosecutors there is no evidence to prosecute george zimmerman. there is your malice? >> no question about it. and local prosecutor has a point. how many times as defense attorneys do we get to say the police department said my guy -- it never happened. so for the murder two, obviously we've said we didn't think there was. but for criminally negligent homicide i think there would be enough to get by, to get it down. >> gregg: you are about to say -- i know you so well -- there is immunity thing. i looked it up. florida has limited sovereign immunity, only for actions involving policy making planning and
4:46 pm
judgmental functions, i think this prosecution would fall outside of that? >> that is great point. you are right. in other words, sure. there is a certain notion of immunity certainly for the prosecutor and for the police officials. rob and i were discussing that before we came out. here with the political calculus and no probable cause, initial determination. >> gregg: damages as i read the statute limited to $200,000 per individual. i wanted to turn to something else. ben who is the president of naacp, she asking the doj to pursue civil rights criminal charges against zimmerman. it seems to me that more jealous may be oblivious to the fact that the f.b.i. and doj already d conducted a lengthy investigation, interviewing almost 30
4:47 pm
people and almost all of them testified at trial. they found the following. no evidence the shooting was driven by racial bias or animus. robert? >> they have nothing. i don't think this is going anywhere. department of justice has looked into it. department of justice, released a statement this has been an ongoing investigation. we are continuing to look into this. there is nothing to look in to. they have interviewed every potential credible witness. >> gregg: the other thing, trayvon martin's own mother, sabrina said this is not about race and so did the prosecution during the rebuttal closing arguments. let's play it. >> here it is. >> this case is not about race. it's about right and wrong. it's that simple. >> gregg: when you've got the state government saying it's not about race, how
4:48 pm
can you say it's about race? >> one little problem, the witness should be judged by the character of her -- you know. the content of her testimony. that was a racial reference, but the point is, wait a minute, how could they charge him criminally, that is double jeopardy. you can actually charge somebody in federal court, even though they have been acquitted in state courted from the same facts, which i totally disagree with and so does my colleague but that as it may that is not to bring a civil case. >> gregg: they prosecuted the cops in the rod did i king case and convicted a couple of them. same thing in nelson case in which he stabbed them to death. successful prosecution. >> there was evidence of racial undertones and new york city in 1991 there was a mob saying kill jew
4:49 pm
and he was stabbed and killed. here, there is not one shred of evidence that indicates any racial motivation. >> gregg: you are going to stick around. we're going to talk about something else coming up whether the martin family may decide to sue george zimmerman. stick around. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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greg now we have a verdict in the george zimmerman that is next? now, there has been great talk that the martin family may decide to sue civilly saying that george zimmerman was negligent. what is negligence, a jury instruction says, basically, that george zimmerman had to act unreasonably in order to have been negligent. doug? >> he breached a burden and damages resulted. my opinion is they would have a viable argument, certainly, look, he disregarded the advice, we don't need to you follow him, but he did not say i am a community person, and i am
4:54 pm
armed, by the way. so you translate this to civil landscape and they could have a case. >> gregg: the burden of proof in a criminal case is very, very high, but in florida, in a wrongful death case, it is preuponnance of the evidence, a little bit more than 50 percent, a much lower burden. >> guest: you do not have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. it was interesting to see after the acquittal there was a question posed whether the lawyer was afraid of a lawsuit and he welcomed them because he was of the opinion they would be able to get immunity based upon the self-defense standard your ground law in florida so that will be interesting. >> gregg: and o.j. after the aquittal in the criminal case three was civilly liable to the family for all kinds of millions in damages and he is out there somewhere looking for the real
4:55 pm
killer, still. >> he is actually behind bars in nevada. >> gregg: but, look, the martin family could actually get punitive damages under florida law. >> absolutely. as i said, if it was negligent in the way he acted toward the victim, and a jury, really, could go the opposite direction. >> gregg: o.j. has assets but george zimmerman is support. >> the defense fund was being paid if by friends or he could win the lawsuit against nbc. >> gregg: and the mar tips could recover for that. >> sure, they could try to get that money in a judgment. >> gregg: if the martins lose the case under florida law, they would have to pay fees and court costs but interestingly enough, under florida law, no attorney's fees in wrongful death cases, no attorney fees. >> but, again, the cost aspect could factor into the
4:56 pm
calculation as to whether to go failure. >> gregg: thank you, gentleman. >> new trouble for the health care law. it depend on young people to keep it funded. the financial plan could be dead on arrival. our chief business correspondent will explain. and calling for calm in 9 wake of the george zimmerman verdict as protests have erupted and the reverend jesse jackson will join us next hour. here's kevin, the new boyfriend. lamb to the slaughter. that's right brent. mom's baked cookies but he'll be lucky to make it inside. and here's the play. oh dad did not see this coming. [ crowd cheering ] now if kevin can just seize the opportunity. it's looking good, herbie. he's seen it. it's all over. nothing but daylight. yes i'd love a cookie. [ male announcer ] make a powerful first impression. the all-new nissan sentra. ♪
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>> gregg: calls for calm reflection from the white house in the wake of the george zimmerman verdict. there are demonstrations in various parts of the nation after the jury found him not guilty on all of the charges. the vast majority of the protests so far have been peaceful. >> brand new hour, thanks for being with us. >> it took the jury 16 hours to acquit george zimmerman in the death of trayvon martin on the night in february last year. the jury was made up of six women, five white, and one hispanic ranging in age from 30's to 60's, most married, all but one with children. phil has been covering the story all along and is in sanford, florida. could this be a situation with a hold out who finally fell into agreement with the others? >>reporter: there are some
5:01 pm
observations from inside the courtroom last night that suggest perhaps this was five people going for not guilty for many of the flubbation -- deliberation hours. the judge will decide how longer the names of the jury will remain a secret. the defense wanted that to last a full six months but the jury were happened letters from us and all media outlets to see if they wanted to talk and how they came to the verify. they have expressed no interest in talking to the public. the last we heard was in the form of a question last night, they had the question of a clarification of the manslaughter charge. four hours later it was a guilty of, rather, a verdict of not guilty. last night as george zimmerman's wife and parents cried and mild our producer described the one hispanic female looking very
5:02 pm
emotionally worn out, perhaps after having recently cried back in the deliberations room. the parents of trayvon martin surprisingly after sitting in the trial in the courtroom each day were not there for the late-night verdict. the mothers' attorney says on the phone when contacted were "without." we are leery, sadden, but we accept the jury's verdict in this case. first, half of the family is heartbroken. we ask that you keep them in your prayers. >> the parents reiterated after the verdict to live with the verdict, don't get violent, keep everything peaceful if you are upset. in fact, when i interviewed them a year ago and asked about the possibility that there would be a not guilty they say, look, we just wanted an arrest, wanted
5:03 pm
the justice system to run its course and have a jury decide and whatever that decision would be, they would live with that. they are. >> last night after the verdict was read, there were to different news conferences. the first from the prosecution. the lead attorney for the state was representing that this is why we prosecuted and this is why we lost, for her side. what people may not know is the prosecutors can face some sanctions. >> yes, the special prosecutor who was appointed by the governor after all of the uproar and protests around the nation, demanding an arrest and 44 days later, after the shooting, that finally is what george zimmerman was finally arrested and charged. during the course of the year, the defense attorneys for george zimmerman constantly were accusing the prosecution of not sharing discovery material,
5:04 pm
evidence, pictures of trayvon martin's cell phone that showed a handgun and marijuana plants and text of fighting and him, perhaps, having an interest as a teen with other friends of fighting. that is something that still is on deck for the court to decide whether the prosecution team will face sanctions. the biggest challenge for the state dug the trial and over the entire investigation was almost entirely that they just had george zimmerman's version of how the altercation turned violent, and some partial eyewitness accounts materialized but the attorneys expressed disgust that they needed a trial. >> i could not follow that act with that kind of passion and glaring and staring and all of that. we needed facts. unlike what they said, anyone knew the defense put on the case. we proved we george zimmerman was not guilty.
5:05 pm
>> a day after the rally at the courthouse bit coalition for justice was canceled but as you can see a handful of people who do not like the outcome of this female jury in the deliberations room with their signs "just trace for tray ton." this afternoon, the justice department announcing the civil rights investigation which it initiated back in april or march of 2012 down here in the county in sanford, florida, exploring whether george zimmerman had any previous history based on all the racial undertones of the case of being racist. they ended in the end and did not recommend charges be filed against george zimmerman for violating trayvon martin's civil rights. however, the justice department announced today that it is an
5:06 pm
open investigation and they will continue to look at it. >> thank you, phil, from florida. >> gregg: the prosecution reacting to the verdict moments later with states ton -- attorney saying they still believe it fits the bill if second-degree murder but they respect the court's decision. >> when we announced the charges 15 months ago, we also promised we would seek the truth for trayvon martin and due process for george zimmerman, that we would get all of the facts and details of this very difficult case before a jury and that we decided to do it that way because we felt that everyone had a right to know everything about this case. for a case like this to come out in this way in pieces serves no good. as the jury was told, to the
5:07 pm
living we owe respect and to the death we owe the truth. we done our best to assure due process to all involved. we believe that we brought out the truth on of behalf of trayvon martin. >> gregg: those are some of the less inflammatory statements of angela corey and another said a guilty verdict would make a sad indicate even worse. >> the tragedy is the loss of trayvon martin's life. in every respect. regardless of what he was doing or immediately what led up to it, it is a tragic loss of life. not only will it impact, of course, trayvon martin's family and all those that knew him, forever and ever, this event also impacts george zimmerman forever and ever and ever. this is something no one gets over. there is no winner. this is no monster here.
5:08 pm
that is the tragedy. the travesty? it would have been a travesty justice if george zimmerman were convicted. >> george zimmerman's brother, robert, joined us and saying safety has long been a concern and continues to be for his family. >> safety is the top issue, georges safety and our family's safety. it is always on our mind and we are threatened routinely on twitter and social media all the time. >> officials are still calling for continued calm. >> gregg: new efforts to find a marine who vanished in a mexican border town, two months since the suspected kidnapping of his father and uncle. the family and community calling for further investigation into the f.b.i. telling them to
5:09 pm
"republic not -- prepare for the worst." >> the 25-year-old and his father and brother were kidnapped may 14 and now a congresswoman says that it is time for put the pressure back on. >> right now our plan of action is that next week we will take to the house of representatives floor and step it up a notch. we have tried the quiet way and now we will raise the profile of the case. >> he crossed the florida to visit his father's ranch in mexico. several armed men stormed the ranch forcing he and his father and uncle into a white truck. the family believes they were taken over a land dispute. cartels want the land, the track and to grow drugs and suspected he was in the wrong police at the wrong time. >> if that area of mexico we have seen a mafia war going on between two violent cartels.
5:10 pm
>> this case was unnoticed until a fellow marines start add facebook group and there was a letter written to secretary of state john kerry demanding help. he served in the iraq war as a mechanic in 2009 and he is a father of two young boys. for his sister, the pain sun bearable. >> there is not a day that i do not think of my brother. he is always on my mind. >> i would not wish this on anyone. it is very hard. i just want my brother back. >> as you said, the f.b.i. is investigating the case. they told the family to "prepare for the worst" with more on our website. >> now in egypt, the state department officials are in cairo meeting with interim government leaders there. pro morsi rally with members of the muslim brotherhood showing
5:11 pm
thai support for president morsi who was tossed from power after mass protests. the new interim vice president who held the main opposition group has now been sworn in. grief and shock following the death of glee television star who was 31, discovered in the hotel yesterday afternoon just months after leaving rehab. now to los angeles with the story one of the broader fox family. >> right now the big question for police is exactly what happened. they say it does not look like foul play. yesterday afternoon, authorities in vancouver actually found his body in the hotel. the hotel staff found the body after he did not check out. this created quite a stir on twitter. many celebrities mourning the loss of the star, with several
5:12 pm
reporters saying he was actually one of the more easy people to deal with in hollywood. >> i interviewed him a bunch of times. he was so nice, seemed like a down-to-earth guy and did not let this hollywood life phase him and he seemed grounded, someone you could be friends with. >> many celebrities have shared similar thoughts. he was dating his co-star for about a year but he did have his struggles when it came to drugs and alcohol and he had to check in to rehab in april and talked about it. he missed a couple of shoots when he checked in to rehab and at this point we want to point out it is unclear if drugs or alcohol played any role in his death. his occupy is set for tomorrow and at that point authorities hope to get some more answers. >> gregg: new concerns over
5:13 pm
the implementation of the president's health care law. why some fear that america's youth could actually drain the health care exchanges that the overhaul plan is based on. >> new details in the fiery train crash that left at least six people dead and 200 people injured. what investigators are now saying could be to blame. tart. with centurylink visionary cloud infrastructure, and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable, secure, and agile.
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>> new concerns of the future of health care in the united states. more americans are shown to be sicker at a younger age suffering from chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease and brought on biobeast. what can we really expect from a system that depends on healthy young people to keep the rates down for much else? we have senior business correspondent and anchor of "bulls and bears." so younger people are getting sicker earlier. >> obamacare relies on having young healthy people offset the price of older people who require more hospital stays. this really could have a tremendous impact on who this
5:18 pm
affordable health care law can be implemented. it is very important. >> what is being done to circumvent this? if someone is in their 20's and are a candidate for heart attack in their 30's the health bills will be sky-high, they will be spending on the back end for the young people. >> it is interesting to see that deaths from heart disease overall have gone down 30 percent from 2000 to 2010 but from 25 to 34 they have increased by 5 percent the only group that it has increased. they are getting heart attacks this young. a last it is caused biobeast and a fifth of teens are obese that lead to diabetes and stroke coming on earlier in the 30's. >> a huge number of young people, 20 percent! when you look at that, too, those are the highest earning years or going, in the mid-30's
5:19 pm
and probably in your mid-50's those are the highest earning potential years and you need to pay into the funds to offset cost. what does obamacare do? >> that is the issue. we thought some of the young people could opt out and pay the penalty rather than actually taking the premiums but, still, that would bring in revenue. their hospital bills will be so high with these diseases on the rise. >> the other thing, too, preventive care when you are younger in your 20's are your fund years so you are not thinking of prevention so much that a system depends on like this. >> you do not think of a heart attack in college but in 10 years you have to worry if these trends continue. >> we expected prices to go up for the rest of us and that is not good news but it is good news to see you. >> gregg: 60,000 folks are
5:20 pm
getting letters in california saying your individual policy is canceled. >> the insurers are leaving that state. >> gregg: a push to delay a key part of the law require every american to rich insurance. our political insiders are joining us for a fair and balanced debate on that and we look at the massive clean up underway after a commuter trade with hundreds of passengers crash on the east of a major holiday. [ tap ] [ tap ] ♪ 'cause tonight [ tap ] ♪ we'll share the same dream ♪ ♪ at the dark end of the street ♪ ♪ ♪ you and me ♪ you and me
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>> gregg: now the top of the news, a faulty railing at a deadly plane crash in france on friday when the train derailed
5:25 pm
and slammed into a platform near paris. and there is a controversial voter i.d. law in pennsylvania requiring voters to show photo identification and civil libertarians say it is unconstitutional and should be thrown out. a six-year old boy was buried under 11 feet of sand to three hours. here is part of the rescue mission, he was trapped after falling into a sinkhole at the indiana national lake shore sand dunes. >> now the growing push to delay a key part of president obama's health care law, according to a brand new rasmussen poll a majority of americans are in favor of delaying the start of the individual mandate a stipulation requiring all americans to either purchase health care or phase a very hefty fine after the administration decision to delay
5:26 pm
a similar requirement for business. now, we will bring in the political insiders, john leboutillier, former republican congressman for new york, and pat caddell, former pollster for president carter, and doug schoen, a former pollster if bill clinton and joins us live from tucson, arizona, today. doug, is this a president who is increasingly looking like the biggest lame duck president since nixon? >> well, that is a fair statement. you look at immigration, bottom line, that is, i think, going to be dead in the water in the house of representatives. you are right about the health care, there is large scale pulling back on that. the food stamp program, that is in dire trouble with the passage of the farm bill this week and the separation of that from the food stamp program. bottom line, the agenda is dead,
5:27 pm
this is no movement toward a balanced budget and the agenda is dead in the water. internationally, we look impotent. >> gregg: when you google as i did a moment ago, rebound and the words "lame duck," there are millions of hits. >> what the administration has decided they will not get anything passed so they are going all out to try to do everything through the administration. whether it is on health care law, the appointments he does, we see harry reid is threatening a nuclear option in the not, the president has decided to use his appointments in the regulatory process to change the country. we have a lawless administration. look, we had one under george bush. essentially, what we have done is given up the idea of rule of law here. we do not care about
5:28 pm
legislation. >> you are a lawyer, where is the president, although obamacare was his legislation where does he announce, well, i am delaying by a year --. >> gregg: the mandate shall began january one of this year "shall." >> the white house announced we are delaying it for a year. where is someone coming forward other than senator harken the only one, a liberal, i don't see anyone in the media or any republicans coming out and saying, he can't do this. >> gregg: i did talk to one senator who said it is lawlessness. >> you think the term lawless administration fits what is going on in the whole thing? we have the n.s.a., we have the i.r.s., that is the biggest, we had benghazi, we had all these things that show a disregard for the law yet the republicans are not pursuing it so it is there
5:29 pm
in a vacuum. >> gregg: doug, where is this thing headed? will it be more than just the large businesses that are going to get a delay? this president is all about fairness in if you are fair you have to give it to individuals and small businesses, right? >>guest: i think if you go back, something that pat, john and i have talked about with you, really, for months, the notion of delaying the implementation of obamacare which is a message the republicans are increasingly coming to, if they use that as an issue in the upcoming mid--term elections it could be politically potent and it could drive a concern that increasingly as the polls we have seen, the american people do not want the legislation and think it will make health care more difficult to get. >> gregg: people are angry. >> everything they were promised towns out to be a lie, it was
5:30 pm
all b.s., you can keep your health insurance, your rates will not go up. it was a lie to put more people on --. >> gregg: now people are expensing it. what does it mean? could the democrats lose the senate? >> yes, if the republicans, by the way, the democrats, their secret weapon, is stupidity of the republicans who do not know how to make an argument if their lives depended on it. they have something here with the delay, if you are going to delay one, delay them all, if you delay them all you kill them all. i still say, go after the i.r.s. >> where is the i.r.s. investigation to bring out the fact that this key part obamacare is so corrupt we cannot entrust it to run the mandates. >> john, you are a republican, so, what is the republican play here in we hear what pat says, the republicans will screw this up pat thinks but what do republicans do?
5:31 pm
>> the three of us have been happy that in the last week they did announce this coming week, in the house of representatives, speaker boehner is bringing a vote on the floor to delay the personal mandate for a year to match the employer mandate and they will have a vote on the employer mandate. >> do you want to see -- how many democrats do you think want to vote to keep that mandate? they can put the guys in the senate in a real vice. >> you can pass it in the house of representatives just on the republican vote, send it to the senate and all the senators, bring your and -- senator pryor and landrieu, they will be nervous. >> gregg: immigration is important. doug, speaker boehner and paul ryan want full reform. what will happen in the senate has passed their investigation. what about the house of representatives? >>guest: it doesn't look to me like we will get a comprehensive
5:32 pm
bill. the house of representatives republicans are adamant that border security be done first. unless we start with that, i don't think there will be anything. then and only then will the republicans in the house of representatives agree to a pathway to citizenship but increasingly the cost of that as well as the difficulty of it have become a real problem and "amnesty" is being talked about by the republicans. i am pessimistic. greg do you agree? >> the republicans have taken up a new argument on immigration saying, and this is interesting, they are saying the president says he can do whatever he wants with the health care law regardless of the statute, we cannot trust this administration to enforce provisions. they have an argument. >> maybe with janet napolitano leaving, if obamacareed, i would like to get pack to the lame duck thing i have never seen a
5:33 pm
re-elected president less interested in the stuff we are talking about. he is not pushing this, he disappeared in the first six months of the second term. >> gregg: the farm bill dealing withed for stamps, americans realize this is out of the control 101 million people get some form of food stamp more than americans employ. >> it is a third of the country. here is the issue. it is undeniable there can and should be some cost comparison or cost effectiveness studyies to pari back but what is causing republicans a problem, because the farm bill was done without any attention paid to food stamps, we are now in a position where it is no food stamps versus a program that is unsustainable and out of
5:34 pm
control. american people want compromise and we do not get that. >> we lack common sense. they promote a program and the banks promote it so they can make money, this is a massive program but, at the same time, we cannot cut out helping those with a real need. that is the problem. >> gregg: we will pause just for a moment and talk about presidential race coming up in 2016. will she do it again? is hillary clinton eyeing another run for the white house? we will show you the polls and what they say about hillary clinton in 2016. ♪ there's a new way to fight litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product.
5:35 pm
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5:38 pm
>> now a check of the headlines, president obama is reacting to the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman saying the jury has spoke be and now is urging americans to reduce gun
5:39 pm
violence. a person is dead after a tanker truck flipped over and caught fire on a major freeway in los angeles. that truck is the cause of the runway being shut down after thousands gallons were leaked. the watch is on for the baby in england and the press are waiting. kate rested at home with her husband playing polo in a match. >> gregg: a report she is ready for a run at the house some political watchers say former secretary of state hillary clinton is a shoe in for 2016 democratic nomination. didn't they say that a while ago? we will bring in john leboutillier, pat caddell and doug schoen. doug, you are in tucson. we will go to you first, there
5:40 pm
is no one close to her in any of the polling data. is he is shoo-in? >> i would say she wins. but, first, the president's agenda. she as a democrat will be held accountable for what is increasingly a failed agenda. her secret weapon and that of the democrats is the total ineptness of the republicans. they also has questions to answer about her term as secretary of state, benghazi, and the like. he is in a commanding position. the polls show it nationally and i would rather be her than any of her challengers on the democratic side. >> gregg: assuming he is the nominee, a couple of polls that i will ask you to interpret. clinton versus chris christie, or clinton versus rand paul, she beats them both. flip it over to i don't biden, well, biden is tied with rand
5:41 pm
paul but he is bet by chris christie. >> that is her strength. she is the frontrunner. the numbers are down because of benghazi. what is interesting in the republicans having given a disappearance on the summer of scandals including benghazi she still is most threatened by that by her conduct and what happened. right now, though, they is very strong and wiping out everyone in the democratic party financially. she is tacitly endorsed by obama which helped and she is attracting obama people. people are conceding her the nomination. what is she doing? she has in message. she is giving speeches of growing up with her mother. for $100,000 a pop. >>gregg: republicans could pay a loop videotape of hillary clinton at the benghazi hearing in the angry tirade and what difference does it make, a bad
5:42 pm
moment for her but republicans don't have a candidate. >> they do not have a candidate. we have a lit candidates to go over but to go through them from the bottom up when you get up the list from the iowa caucus. we have ted cruz. i believe he was born in toronto so we will have a problem whether he is eligible. >> gregg: he is. >> rubio has lost points on immigration and the amnesty is hurting him on the right. bush, he really isn't doing that well for a bush. there could be bush fatigue even in the republican electorate. paul ryan, the v.p. candidate, the defeated vice presidential candidate never makes it when they run on their own. chris christie, that is the one that can beat hillary clinton if he is nominated by the republicans but he has problems on the right because he cozies up to obama last year and rand
5:43 pm
paul who is slightly better political investigation of his father. both principled and good people. i have a feeling they are too libertarian to win a general election. >> most important is there is no clear frontrunner. they are all in double digits. no one has made an impression. christie has if a general election but inside the republican party, there is no one that stands out. >>gregg: comment on the two people near the top, chris christie, is he electable? >> he electable but he has a problem getting nominated. the right has a problem with him. >> gregg: rand paul challenged >>guest: he is a man of principle with strong views, but i don't think he comes across with the kind of personality
5:44 pm
people hook for in a president. >> gregg: doug let's look at the ppp poll. it has hillary clinton beating christie, beating ryan, beating paul, beating everyone. this is in iowa. strictly iowa. >> what i would say, hillary clinton is well positioned in iowa and in other swing states. she clearly is the frontrunner. rand paul will be very, very difficult to elect but he is conceivably nominateable. chris christie is the strongest candidate but someone who was bipartisan is toxic in an increasingly conservative republican party especially without a leader. >> the republicans need a message and to stop looking --. >> it could be obamacare. >> gregg: gentleman, good to
5:45 pm
see you all. more from the political insiders on monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern. they will be back here next sunday. also, follow them on twitter. >> the president is speaking out over the george zimmerman aquittal urging calm reflection. there have been protests and we are hearing about the majority of them being peaceful. jesse jackson will join us with his reaction to the verdict. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal.
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5:49 pm
>> new reaction from president obama urging personal reflection after the verdict in the george zimmerman trial. we have seen some protests, the vast majority of them have been peaceful including the rally you are looking at in new york city today. the president released a statement a few hours ago "in the wake of the verdict, i know the passions may be running higher but we are a nation of laws and a jury has spoken. i now ask every american to respect the call for calm reflection from two parent would lost their young son." we have civil rights leader
5:50 pm
reverend jesse jackson. before the verdict you had called for calm whatever the verdict. now you have seen what the verdict is, and for the most part as i said, the protests have been and rallies have been peaceful. will you join them? >> absolutely. i think the protests are understandable and should take place. there should be dignity and discipline and not discredit the legacy of trayvon martin. if they become violent it shifts sympathy to george zimmerman who does not senator it and takes away from trayvon martin who deserves it. this is a case of a young man doing all the right stuff, going home, attending to his business, unarmed and a grown man assumed he is not in the right neighborhood and pursues him and against application objections kills him and he walks away
5:51 pm
free. it is stunning. >> in members -- in america, justice is when you are charged, innocent until proven guilty and a jury reaches a decision based on the evidence in the case, the information they see that decision and we call it a verdict, and it is rendered and that is justice. what are you fighting? >>guest: it ought to be a jury of your peers. >> you do not think they were americans? >> they are americans but not peers all six, not one male, not one black was on the jury, and that is a factor. also, a boy was killed by george zimmerman and he walked away. it leaves a bad taste in
5:52 pm
people's mark and stabs our judicial system. not our best day in justice. >> are you upset with the prosecution because the prosecution and the defense team took part in choosing the jury. are you upset with the not not prosecutors in the case? >> well, yes, they tried to avoid the issue of race and the defendants tried to deny the fact of the race issue but if it were a young boy walking home, a young white boy george zimmerman would not follow him he would assume he was in the rightful place. the assumptions are everywhere and it is not just tray ton but it is oscar grant in oakland, and the fellow shot 41 times at the doorsteps, the killings by police, whether black or brown, and this is beyond trayvon and
5:53 pm
what is happening to african americans, it is not equal protection under the law. >> i will not go toe to toe with a civil rights loords about race. i interviewed george zimmerman brother on the program and we talked about the issue of race, it is not white and black. his family is hispanic so we can talk about that. i put that in the conversation. the department of justice has said it will continue to evaluate whether the evidence in the case pointed to any civil rights violation and if the justice department finds there was no crime or problem here, will you move on? >> well, it is likely there will be a civil suit after talking to the lawyers this morning. the justice department will probably intervene and get involved. they ought to get involved. there is an unsettled matter. i hope we can resolve it peacefully and with dignity and
5:54 pm
discipline and take it to the logical conclusion. >> are you concerned that if you joined rallies you will make the focus more on the verdict and not what the president and others call for, moving forward and concentrating on how to keep it from happening again? >> you keep it from happen again is you look at the urban youth are 50 percent unemployed, for example, the most maligned, most jailed, the least educated, if there is no urban policy plan for the young blackmails across our country and what we see, more and more, the pain will kind of outcome, and the stereotyping, i call for calmness at the outset because i know violence is destructive. trayvon was murdered by a man who now walks the streets free.
5:55 pm
he murdered trayvon martin and he will live with that forever. >> before i let you go i'm curious how far you will push this. the f.b.i. report from july found civil rights investigation found no evidence it was driven by animus. >> i hope that the civil case will make apparent what happened. the justice department should be involved. for you to assume that race is not a factor among other factors with this young black boy going home pursued by george zimmerman is to be blind and death to the pain of matters of racial justice and gender equality that must matter to america. we cannot deny it or avoid it. >> we thank you jesse jackson for your time and reaction to the verdict in the george zimmerman case. >> gregg: a friend sent an e-mail and said george zimmerman got away with murder. he set events in motion. i responded this way, setting
5:56 pm
events in motion while relevant is not dispositive, what matters is the defendant's state of mind when he pulled the trying el. to there was more or better evidence it could be a difficult result of the jury did not find george zimmerman innocent, they found him not guilty. there is a big difference, that the from, could not meet the high burden of disproving this beyond a doubt. just the law. fox news sunday with chris wallace next. ♪
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