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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 15, 2013 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> gretchen: log on for our after the show show. have a great day. bill: there is breaking news. there is new and sometimes emotional reaction to the verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial ... not guilty. there were hundreds sometimes thousands staging protests and marches in some parts of the country. most were peaceful but some turning violent as they made their frustration with their thoughts known. president obama saying all should remain calm. the jury has spoken. hello to you, martha. martha: good morning, bill, welcome back. live from london where the british people await the birth
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of the future king or queen. but first there is a lot of fallout from the verdict. george zimmerman is a free man but his legal troubles may not be over. bill: jonathan serrie with us. what's nextth this case. >> reporter: he no longer has to wear that gps tracking bracelet. no longer has to observe that 10:00 p.m. curfew. there is a chance he could face federal prosecution as the federal government investigates the evidence to see if there are any civil rights violation. zimmerman also faces civil suits. because he claims the death was
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in self-defense he has the option to asking for protection. >> we'll see how many civil lawsuits are spawns from this fiasco. >> reporter: the family says the safety of george zimmerman is their main concern. bill: has the tone changed at all in the protests 36 hours later? >> reporter: overnight in los angeles some protesters broke off from an otherwise peaceful march and started throwing rocks and batteries at police. demonstrators in oakland, california spray painted graffiti and smashed windows but most of the protests remained
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peaceful. in sanford, louisiana, local churches will be opening their doors at noon for community prayer. they are trying to get people on both sides to talk about the issues. martha: the and of six women deliberated for just over 16 hours. at one point asking for clarification on the definition of manslaughter. in the end, george zimmerman was found not guilty. an walked out of the court. there is his wife. a free man at the end of all that. the prosecutors reacted. >> let me make sure i say it clearly. i respect the jury verdict. i believe wholeheartedly we live in the greatest country in the
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world. but i'm disappointed i have tried 300-something cases and this is only my section murder case is lost. i'm disappointed because i believed he was guilty. but what matters is what the jury says. bill: the defense team reacting to the verdict with mixed emotions. >> i'm sure if he could wave his magic wand he would get his life back. but now that jury decided he acted properly in self-defense we can give him understanding now after several traumas. >> i think it's disgraceful. i'm gratified by the jury's
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verdict. as happy as i am for george zimmerman, i'm thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. for that we are eternally grateful. but it make me sad, too, that it took this long under these circumstances to finally get justice. bill: trayvon martin's parents were not in the court when the verdict was read for george zimmerman. they did not hold a press conference or make a statement. a spokesperson said they went back home to attend church sunday morning. here is what their pastor had to say. >> we are angry but we are controlling and we are going to channel our anger. the bible says be angry but sin
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not. we are not going to forget the verdict, we are not going to forget george zimmerman weeb we are not going to forget this trial. far * president obama drawing attention at the beginning of all of this when he said if he had a son he would look like trayvon. after the verdict the president had this to say. quote. i know this case elys he his elg passions i ask for calm reflections as two parent who lost their young son. bill: zimmerman's troubles could be far from over. the justice department saying it's restarting it own investigation on whether zimmerman violated it civil right. right.
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s. a justice department spokesperson saying quote experienced federal prosecutors will determine whether there was a violation of the federal civil rates statutes and whether federal prosecution is appropriate in accordance with the government policy follow regarding prosecution following a state trial. will that happen? reaction from sheen hayes on that moment away. martha: a heap of trouble for one of the fastest growing sectors of the u.s. economy. more restaurants are reportedly replacing full-time workers with the part-time workers because the understand mandate is taking
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a bite out of their bottom line. good morning stuart. i'm in your neck of the woods. >> reporter: my old neck of the woods. martha: you are in new jersey. close enough. report there are i'm a jersey boy at heart. what you are talking about is obama-care. here it comes. there is a shift in hiring patterns because obama-care is coming. it's ironic that some of the people who were supposed to be helped most by obama-care are going to be hurt the most by it. here is the example. currently it costs an average of $15,745 for an employer to provide healthcare for an employee with a family. $15,000. that's a lot of money. that's for full timers. so what many toronto chains are doing is hiring part-timers, not full-timers.
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this is true of the leisure industry and the economy overall. employers do not want to be on the hook for all of that extra healthcare cost that's coming count pique pike at them. even though that employer mandate has been delayed for a year until january of 2015. restaurant chains, hotel operations and the companies in general are taking steps to get away from that employer mandate. martha: it would seem now would be the time. they don't want to wait a year then move somebody to part time from full time who has gotten used to that position. what are the implications in that for the u.s. economy? >> reporter: this is not what we want to hear. what we need is more full-time well paid jobs. if many industries shift to part time jobs then payrolls go down. the number of hours worked goes down.
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paychecks go down. and you have got industry scrambling to provide part-time work as opposed to ful full fulo full-time work. we may be growing at less than 2% annual growth rate as of right now. not good. martha: stuart, thank you very much. i'll tell you one thing that may help the economy in the united kingdom and that would be the birth of a future king or queen and that's what brings us here today. here is a look at the lindo wing of the st. mary's hospital where reporters have been camped out since july 8. we'll show you a shot of the rows of ladders and setup.
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waiting for the big moment when this baby is announced. those poor reporters have been out in the heat for the last 7 days waiting for this. the due date is expected to have been yesterday, july 14, but nobody knows for sure. mid-july is all that the palace released on this. whether it's a boy or girl, the queen changed the law. if it is a girl and there was speculation that kate let it slip a little bit, that child would be next in line after her father prince william for the throne. we'll see. bill: the question is how long are you going to be there? you are on baby watch. you could be there for a while. martha: maybe god and maybe the
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queen can answer that question. prince william was playing polo this weekend and the duchess was at her parents. the prince can get anywhere he needs to go center quickly. but they are trying to play it cool as most young couples do. you don't want to jump the gun. bill: i'm thinking 3 weeks in london is just about right for you. back with if you london in a moment. a couple of the stories here including a key vote that could happen soon on capitol hill. what republicans want to delay on the new healthcare law. we'll tell you what that's all about. martha. martha: sounding the alarm on iran's nuclear program. what israel's prime minister says will happen if the red line
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is crossed. >> they had eight months ago 8 kilos, so they are edging up to the red line they won't be allowed to cross. ♪
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♪ zzzquil. the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil®. martha: the u.s. is reopening its embassy in egypt. it had been closed the last two weeks following violent protests between supporters of morsi and troops. byrnes is the first senior official to visit egypt since morsi left. bill: the federal government is looking at whether to pursue a civil rights case against george zimmerman. he was found not guilty of
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second degree murder and not guilty of manslaughter. >> we have been down this road before. such destructive behavior. it's not the proper tactic to deal with this pain. a civil lawsuit, yes. department of justice intervention, yes. bill: steven hayes, a fox news contributor. good morning to you. what do you think the federal government will do. will they pursue a federal case here? >> i think eric holder would like to. there will be considerable political pressure to do just that. eric holder is going tomorrow to orlando, florida well be address the naacp and they have already called for pursuit of a federal case.
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i think eric holder would probably like to do this and we have seen from the administration a willingness to stretch the bounds of the law to make it case. i think holder would like to do it but the bigger question in my mind is whether president obama would like to do it. bill: the president said the jury has spoken. >> he did. but the administration has shown whether you are talking about recess appointments or obama-care, the administration has shown itself willing to stretch the bound of the law and pursue thing that some might have counseled them not to. bill: he said i think the justice department is going look at this. this isn't over with and i think that's goo.
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that's the senate majority leader. where is the talk about the jury did it work and that's what they found and we have to live with it. >> there are many, many people making those comments. the justice department did start an investigation that they put on hold as the state pursued its own prosecution. the statement from the justice department suggests they will revisit these charges and see if they can bring zimmerman up on additional charges. bill: you will see previously filed fieg document. fbi agents interviewed dozens of people in the course of probing possible racial bias but nobody would say zimmerman showed such bias before the shooting. >> that and fundamental problem.
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they would have to be able to get a conviction in an environment that's going to be much more difficult than the state had because they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt this motivation behind george zimmerman's actions. many people told the fbi that was not necessarily the motivation. you have one of the trayvon martin family's own attorneys, darrell parks, told "the washington post" during the trial that they couldn't go to racial motivation and they didn't have the facts to support that kind of case. you see that challenge for the justice department in addition to the basic structural charges when you bring this type of civil rights case. bill rfer bac --
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bill: back to london and martha. martha: the dave reckoning is fast a -- the day of reckoning is fast approaching with iran and their nuclear program. itmen. itmen. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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bill: we are hearing from investigator in britain saying there is no evidence that batteries caused a fire on a boeing 707 at heathrow. 50 dream liners were grounded. the dream liner is boeing's newest plane. martha: new urgency over iran
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getting nuclear weapons. israeli prime minister netanyahu says iran is getting closer to the red line he set for their nuclear program. rinse to this exchange. >> they are getting closer and closer to the bomb and they have to be told in no uncertain terms that will not allowed to happen. it's important to understand we cannot allow it to happen. our clocks are ticking at a different pace. we are closer than the united states. we are more vulnerable and we'll have to address this question of how to stop iran perhaps before the united states does. martha: kt macfarland, fox news national security expert joins knee. not looks like iran is getting closer than ever. >> six months ago said iran is
9:26 am
halfway there. now he said iran is 3/4 of the way there, we are not going to let them get all the way there. you need three things to make a bomb if you need the ingredients. that's enriched uranium. you need the recipe. blunt print, the tryingsers and you need the and to put it in. it's a missile that could reach israel or the united states. they have got the missile, they have got the blueprints, they have 3/4 of the ingredient they need and we are not going to let them get all at way there. we israel will take action even if the united states doesn't. martha: clearly he's speak out on the sunday morning shows trying to get that message out perhaps to the president that they do mean business on this. what about president obama. we have been told we have the
9:27 am
toughest sanctions ever put in place in iran. are they making any difference? >> they are making it more difficult for the average iranian. they are not going to do anything to stop their nuclear program unless they believe their regime is threatened. not on do they control the region, but they control the strait of hormuz. guess what comes from that region, oil. iran is not just the most powerful country in the region bus of its nuclear weapons. it also controls the world's hoyle supply. i was in israel two months ago and i noticed a distinct difference. there was a lot more self-confidence in who the israelis are. there was less hand ringing, is the united states with us, can we count on president obama. there was a sense in israel who
9:28 am
said israel can take care of itself. if we have to we'll do waste is, sabotage, espionage, military strikes against iran and we can ride it out even if the youth does not come our assistance. martha: that's the tone netanyahu has taken and it sounds like the has spread into confidence the people are picking up on as well. bill: the president's healthcare law taking a big hit. karl rove joins us next. futures are up. we'll see how the markets impact your 401k.
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bill: a record for the dow. on wall street the dow is about to open up. what in the world is going on? it's earnings season. earnings are good and the market's move on this news. we have seen 25 record closes for the dow already in the year 2013. another high close friday. pushing 15 -- pushing 15,500. martha: back in london we'll go to capitol hill. house republicans are going
9:33 am
after obama-care again. threat they will vote to delay the requirement that most americans need to buy health insurance after the white house decided to delay the mandate that businesses provide health insurance to their employees. >> if you are a software company making billions in profits you are exempt from obama-care. but if you are a 28-year-old struggling to pay off your student loans you are not. is it fair for the president to give american businesses an exemption from the health law's mandates without giving the same break to individual and families across the country? hell, no, it isn't. martha: karl rove, former white house chief of staff to president george w. bush. this is another effort about it gop to try to derail obama-care
9:34 am
and delay the individual mandate and have it match up with the employer mandate to kick in. will it work? >> it will be a talking point. the house will take up two majors. it will pass them then they will go over and die in the that. one is by todd young of indiana that would delay for one year the individual mandate. the requirement that as of january 1 individuals have health insurance or pay a fine. there is a second measure that would validate the president's decision to delay the employer mandate for a year. this is to draw attention to the fact that the president has no statutory authority to delay it for a year. they are saying the president didn't have the authority to do it but they are happy to provide it. it will help educate the american people about the short comings of it taint will allow
9:35 am
the republicans to make the point that the president's decision to delay the employer mandate was all about politics. he's worried in 2014 he doesn't want companies particularly businesses, to pay a fine for every worker below 30 for failing to provide health insurance coverage. martha: when you look at the mid-term elections do republicans need more to run on than just well we tried and tried and tried in the house to get this thing delayed or shot down? >> i think you are absolutely right. the house voted 35 times to repeal obama-care. they will vote to delay portions of obama-care. that's good. but it's insufficient. and there is a lot of discussion among republicans on the hill about offering an alternative package around republicans can
9:36 am
rally, allowing people to buy insurance across state lines and allowing small businesses to pool together to get the same advantage big companies get. the self-employed are better able to provide insurance coverage and people can take their benefits with them from job to job. but there will and lot of discussion about that and people in the house and senate are talking about it. there are a number of republicans laying out those packages. we are look at pressure to have those vote upon in the spring and winter of next year. martha: this letter that was written to nancy pelosi and harry reid from an interesting source. it comes from the team sisters and other union --i it comes from the teamsters and other
9:37 am
leaders. it says we are not getting something we were proimed. it under out to be something we dnld expect or sign on for. >> late last week the head of the teamsters, jim hoffa and the head of the hospitality deterrell and food and commercial workers. mostly people who work in grocery stores. sent a tough letter to pelosi and reid. they quoted the president, the president told us if we liked what we had we could keep it. they then detailed the how the affordable care act is making it impossible for them to keep their non-profit insurance in place and they don't get the subjects does and they are taxed $63 a month if they don't get
9:38 am
the benefits of the affordable care act. their concern is this will make unionized workers less attractive. and it will be less attractive to hire unionized workers. they make a tough statement saying we provide the phones, the workers, the election he distance, we raise money for you and this is how you are treating us. this is a very tough letter. martha: let me just read one sentence from it. it says news meaning nancy pelosi and harry reid and the obama administration enact an equitable fix,ed the aca will heart our hard-earned health benefits but destroy the foundation of the 40-hour workweek that is the foundation of the american middle class. these are solid democrats that would have been supportive of the president's healthcare plan. >> this comes from a provision
9:39 am
that defines a full-time employee as someone who works more than 30 hours a week. i talked to the head of restaurant companies. i have got a lot of single moms who need 30-34 hours a week plus tips to make ends meet. we are putting in place a system so they don't get any more than 30 hours a week. the teamsters, the food workers and culinary and hotel people. what these union heads are seeing, the companies that employ their members are saying we are only going to allow you to have 30 hours. you get 30 hours in my restaurant, you will have to go to place else and find another 4-5 hours and tips to make ends meet. that will be a big impact on those individuals. martha: thank you very much. we'll see you later. bill: we are going to get more
9:40 am
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martha: we don't know if the royal heir will be a he or she. but we do know who will deliver the royal heir to the throne. he's 70 years old. he treated the duchess of cambridge for that nasty bout of morning sickness. he was set to retire. now he's joking that he won't be
9:44 am
able until they have had baby number two or three. bill: the jurors in the george zimmerman case have spoken iing they will not speak. but the judge might overturn all of this. good morning to you. a very busy two months and i think you have been excellent on this case the entire time. thank you of being of steady mind as we try to work our way through this. the jurors don't want to talk. >> this is a tense situation. there is a lot of divisiveness in this case. and i can see why they don't want to be the target of ninls anger. bill: the identities of the jurors have not been revealed. could the judge change it? >> the judge can change the.
9:45 am
sealing court records is the exception. typically our court records are public. so the judge has to have a legitimate basis in the law to go ahead and seal court record. i think this is a great idea to seal the names and identities of jurors. i think the legislature should make that private except for investigations. we are now in a different age. remember the casey anthony case. i can't think of anything worse than for the jurors to be hounded by the media. we ask jurors to do a difficult job and the last thing we want is for people to say i don't want to be on the jury because i don't want to be vicinity criticized later. you will and up with jurors who just want to sell a book and you will end up with verdicts that
9:46 am
are controversial. bill: so far we don't think any law has been violated. mark o'mara held a press conference. the state went first. long before we heard from trayvon martin's family and his parents who decided to not be in the courtroom when the verdict was announced. on the issue of race and media this is what mark o'mara talked about. >> if people would have taken a little bit of time found out how it was they were condemning it would never have happened. fit certainly wouldn't have happened if he was black because those people who decided they were going to make him the scapegoat would noto not have. bill: sensitive topic.
9:47 am
how did he manage it? >> i think he did very well. he makes a valid point. i don't have zero problem. i would encourage for the investigators to look into racism as a motive. the young black male unarmed shot and killed by a white male. if that doesn't pop into your mind, you are ignoring the reality of racism. once you do the investigation you realize it was overwhelming evidence george zimmerman was not a racist, you have to move on from that. the media really in many respects didn't seem to move on from that and in some ways encouraged it. one of the major networks edited the police call to make it sound like he was racially profiling. bill: oftentimes we forget about that because it happened more than a year ago. what did you think about the state attorneys saturday night and their full-throated defense of their case. instead of coming out and saying
9:48 am
the jurors have spoken they went on and on and on. what was your view of the reaction? >> i was surprised. i have seen many public speeches by prosecutors after they win or lose a case and usually if they lose a case they say we disagree with the verdict but we respect the jury's decision and we ask everybody to maintain calm. bill: why did they tawct way they did? >> i don't know. but to me it seemed like they were defending their case all over again. there has been a lot of criticism rightfully so about them bringing this case when they knew they didn't have enough evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. i think they probably mow that even investigation is going to be launched to look into this. find out if there was political motor vision to bring this case. it was an investigation that
9:49 am
beneath needed to investigated full bore. but oftentimes prosecutors realize we don't have evidence to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt and they have a difficult conversation with the family and i we don't have it. bill: there could be an investigation as to why they brought charges in the first place? >> there are pending allegations about hiding discovery. the motion of contempt that was continued to the end of the case. there is some pretty interesting evidence that the state attorney's office may have been hiding evidence from the defense. that's a huge ethical and moral ocial nation they have to abide by and it appears that could cause disbarment in some cases. if that is happening and you look at other pieces of the way they investigated this case, and the playing of the audiotape in front of entire family members instead of one at a time. it screams of an agenda.
9:50 am
they stood there and retried the case. bill: we'll see if eric holder makes a move. that's something to watch. judge, alex, thank you. we'll go back to martha in london. martha: scorching heat. how long will these punishing temperatures be around? it' hot here, too. look at that heat index. plus edward snowden holding more vital information. what could this new leak be about? >> the moral decision to tell the public about spying that affects all of us has been costly, but it was the right thing to do and i have no regrets.
9:51 am
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bill: the show will go on. cirque du soleil will go on after the death of a performer about a month ago. the new show will not include that final scene anymore. it will be dedicated to the memory of the acrobat who died. martha: with a new way to raise money, even millions of dollars and it's all done with social media. how does it work, william? >> reporter: it's like begging on the internet. you have a great idea but you are broke. imagine raising $million bucks with total strangers giving you $10 or $20. >> i was so nervous. the money was just rolling in. >> we were watching it closely and it was like an atm machine.
9:55 am
film makers wanted to make a documentary about crowd funding. >> if you have an idea anybody can fund it themselves. you * but a month ago they ran out of money. >> we have taken it as far as we could with our own resources. >> reporter: they turned to kickstarter to raise the $80,000. >> you are opening every bit of social kinds of value and equities you are putting on the line. >> we felt it made a lot of sense to crowd found the movie about crowd turning. >> we are at $74,000 and we have 12 hours to go. >> you are bringing people deeper into the experience and
9:56 am
they become your biggest fans. >> here is where we need your help ... >> reporter: from food trucks to dance troupes to solar vehicles. most crowd funding campaigns involve social issues. jay and jason did reach their goal, their movie cop out in about a year. martha: great story. thank you. >> there is more reaction. the mainstream media coming up fire for how they fire it from zimmerman's own lawyer's review. >> the 17-year-old thought that he had to lash out and attack violently. and it turned out that all of the forensic evidence supports that. none of it supports that george was ever the aggressor, not legally and i don't believe morally. members of the american postal worker's union
9:57 am
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martha: fox * on dramatic details in the nsa leaker case. reporter who first broke the story is saying that edward snowden has a lot more data that could be even more damaging to u.s. security. welcome, everybody to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha mccallum live in london as people wait for the birth of the baby heir. bill: glenn greenwald says snowden has information on how the nsa is structured and how it operates. he's in possession of literally thousands of document that contain very specific blueprints that would allow somebody who read them to know exactly how
10:01 am
the nsa does what it does. which would in turn allow them to evade that surveillance or replicate it. martha: this comes days after snowden met with russian politicians and human rights groups to ask for their help in getting to south america. >> i ask for your assistance in requesting safe passage to latin america as well as requesting asylum in russia until such time at these states acede to law and my legal travel is permitted. >> reporter: "the guardian" journalist says edward snowden has thousands of document that amount to an instruction manual on how the nsa is built.
10:02 am
his application for asylum to several latin american company in limbo because his u.s. passport has been suspended. officials in russia say they have yet to receive an official application from snowden. green wald says the document in snowden's possession would be harmful to the nsa but would not endanger americans. >> there are other document that have been revealed similar in nature. we are working on some of those. also being able to inform people about the true severity of how each nsa analyst has access to people's personal and private information without safeguards.
10:03 am
>> reporter: greenwald says snowden remains calm and trin quill and has no regrets about what he has done. the document will be transferred to others if snowden is harmed. martha: snowden flew from hong kong to th to the moscow airpor. july 2 wikileaks says snowden applied for asylum in 21 countries and received 12 rejections. two days later icelandic you a makers voted to provide immediate citizenship to him. venezuela and nicaragua said
10:04 am
they would grant him asylum. and he said he will stop leaking documents if russia will give him asylum them can move on to latin america. bill: back in this country. a fox news extreme weather alert. man, it's hot out there. mid-july, here comes the heat. the temperature is already about 90 degree at 10:00 in the morning. heat advisories in effect for major cities across the region. maria molina will have a long week near the extreme weather center. >> reporter: many areas in the northeast, big cities like washington, d.c., envelope, new york city, up into the city of boston we'll be looking at hot temperatures not just today, not just tomorrow, but through the even of the workweek through friday. looking at a prolonged period of
10:05 am
time. we could be looking at heat index values near 100 degree as you head into areas further inland. just west of the of the i95 cor. here is a look at some of the expected heat index values. it will feel like 101 in philadelphia. it will feel like 100 in new york city. when you are walk on the sidewalk it will feel even hotter when you are underground in the subways. so please stay safe. boston will feel like the low ninth. tomorrow expecting -- high ninth. take a look at philadelphia. for the forecast we are expecting hot temperatures to continue through the end of the workweek through friday. upper 90s up here thursday and friday. currently it feels like 88 in
10:06 am
new york city. 91 in washington, d.c. it's only 10-06 in the morning. it's going stay hot out here. as we head farther west, i want to show the disparity. when you think of hot temperatures you think of state like new mexico. you think of oklahoma, texas. take a look at the high temperature in the city of dallas. only 78. only 76 in albuquerque. very weird. bill: we have been waiting for summer for a month and a half. thank you, maria. there will be concerns for health out there for the pets and the seniors. the body normally cools itself by sweating but in some cases and some conditions sweating is not enough. high body temperatures can damage the brain or other vital
10:07 am
organs and those most at risk include the young, children up to 4 years old and the elderly. and those who are overweight or ill or on certain medications. be careful during the heat. martha: here we have not escaped the heat either. the united kingdom has temperatures hovering in the mid to upper 80s. drivers faced major delays after part of the m25 melted and had to be closed off. that stretch reopened after emergency surfacing. the current heat wave could continue for at least another week. sad news, they lost two soldiers in a military training exercise here due to the heat. that was one of the big headlines this morning out there. of course on the royal baby front, no woman like to be pregnant in the middle of a heat
10:08 am
wave. i have don't myself. it's not that much fun. so they are waiting for relief in the u.k. as well. >> the hot temperatures will be sticking around through another week. the areas in the u.k. not used to dealing with hot temperatures like this. so many people without air-conditioning. we had fatality, and travel delays. and heat is one of the top weather-related killers. that's something for everyone to keep in mind. have fun, head to the beaches, stay hydrated. martha: we have new reaction from washington following this weekend's verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial. kelly wright is live in our d.c. bureau. >> reporter: among members of congress there is no shortage of responses or reaction to the acquittal of george zimmerman.
10:09 am
lawmakers accept the verdict as a matter of law. they understand why the 6 women jurors found zimmerman not guilty of shooting 17-year-old trayvon martin. >> the evidence didn't support prosecution. the justice department and the president engaged in this and turn it into a political issue. >> no matter where you stand, it's a tragedy for a young man who was killed. it's a tragedy for a wrong man who killed and mr. carry it around with him the rest of his life. we need to come together as a nation of laws, of courts and of civil rights. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid says the case is not over. he says it doesn't end with the jury trial. >> it doesn't end with the jury trial. there is the justice department looking at this and maybe the state of florida will take a look at this outland dish law
10:10 am
they have that allows people to track people down and a self-defenses claim was brought to a point where they should take a hard look at it. >> reporter: he's talking about the stand your ground law and he says that's something florida will be looking into. martha: what is the reaction from president obama? >> reporter: the president issued statement and he said the death of trayvon martin was a tragedy not just for his family or for any one community. but for america. he goes on to say i know his case has elicited strong passions and in the wake of the verdict i know the passions are running higher but we are a nation of laws and the jury has spoken. we should ask ourselves as individual and as a society how we can prevent future tragedies like this. that's the way to honor trayvon
10:11 am
martin he says. bill: we'll have more on this. reporters under fire for how they covered the george zimmerman murder trial. >> guys, the media, he was like a patient in an operating table where a mad scientist were committing experiments on him and he had no anesthesia. bill: did the media damage the defendant's reputation? bill: the bulls are off, 13 points to the up side. the reason why that could be significant. we have seen 25 record closes in 2013. we'll found out whether today is another record. critics call the white house foreign policy muddled and looking a leader. fair and balanced debate on whether the u.s. can still lead. >> when we are telling others how to run their countries, what do other countries think of a model we are currently presenting? i think america is the greatest
10:12 am
country in the world. but convincing others of that is probably a harder sell. the great outdoors...
10:13 am
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trusted heartburn relief that goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! bill: a pennsylvania judge taking up the state's voter i.d. law. the leaving women voters and the naacp say it discourages young adult and the elderly from voting. martha: the news media coming up fired for it coverage of the george zimmerman murder trial at a post verdict news conference defense attorney mark o'mara lashed out at reporters and the media in general saying they turned his client into a monster. >> he was like a patient on an operating table where a mad scientists were committing
10:16 am
experiments on him and he didn't have anesthesia. you guys had a lot to do with it. you took a story that was fed to you and you ran with it and you ran right over him. and that was horrid to him. martha: very strong words from attorney mark o'mara saturday night. joins by howard kurtz who is a fox media analyst. welcome aboard. what did you think about all that? >> george zimmerman largely damaged his own rep days. even though he got a fair trial and the prosecution did not profits case beyond a reasonable doubt. many people upset about the possible sect of somebody walking free after shooting an unarmed black teenager. mostly my problem is with the commentary.
10:17 am
it was the fact that we didn't have zimmerman's side. we mostly had the pair bones facts of the case which is martin was coming back from the store with a bag of candy and we didn't know the details of the altercation. >> you have to go back to the nbc issue where they edited his words to make it sound as if he said there is a guy out here up to no good and he's black when in fact he was asked that question. do you see what color this young man is, is he white, hispanic or black and that's when he said he's black. did that set things off on the wrong foot? >> nbc's misleading editing of that 911 tape was a horrible blirnl -- ahorrible blunder ande other mistakes along the way. but the way which the media have
10:18 am
acted as a megaphone or ugly and raigly inflammatory comments, not just from people who are involved in the case, but commentators themselves. al sharpton on msnbc who has participated in demonstrations and advised trayvon martin's family and uses his table show as a platform to crusade against george zimmerman. he says this was an atrocity and a slap in the face to those who believe in justice. he stead this puts every child at risk. we don't need to take this one case as sad and tragic as it is and extrapolate from that that it's open season on blacks. martha: you add the social media to that cocktail and celebrity weighing in on this in a way that you never used to be able
10:19 am
to before. and that's potent mix. >> twitter is a great resource before it has its dark side. a lot of ordinary people tweeting what i believe to be racist comments. one of them is michael moore. who wrote had a gun-toting martin who stalked zirm man, do i need to complete this sentence? whatever the strong feelings about this case. i understand people people emotion alley on both sides. you also have ann coulter saying hallelujah, celebrating the fact that george zimmerman was acquitted. comment like these are helping to inflame the situation.
10:20 am
there was a lot of chatter that there might be violence if george zimmerman was found not guilty. that largely has not been the case. i'm glad some of the media commend day towards were wrong about that one. martha: you spent so many years weighing in on how the media is doing. and being a mirror for the media. given the fact that twitter is such a large kind of organ in all of these discussions now, is it even more incumbent than ever upon the media to treat situations like this fairly and how would you grade most of the media on how they did in that record? >> i would say the media seized this case which didn't get any national case in the beginning until activists portrayed it as a racial outrage. there was too much exploiting this one tragic killing or ratings and circulation and
10:21 am
clicks and we saw that with the wall to wall coverage on some major networks of this trial. as far as twitter, people get to say what they feel. but celebrities have handlers who have can intervene before they say something stupid. martha: then we go through the move of having to take it off and a90s's taken off. very interesting. howard, welcome. once again, great to have a dialogue with you on fox and to have you as part of the group. thank you so much. see you soon. bill will b.bill: careful what , howard. lawmakers say this stunt needs to end.
10:22 am
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martha: awesome story from over the weekend. an autopsy being performed today on the "glee" actor. no sign of foul play, but hit a history of drug addiction. most recently check into rehab in early march. he had been out with friends the night before his body was found. more on that when we get it. bill: a fox news alert on the internal government. after this ousting of mohammed morsi in egypt. an update now.
10:26 am
an update now. the supporters are continually protesting, demanding his release, but egypt is starting fast the way it was. the country still has deep economic and political problems but it is no longer at a standstill because of the daily protest. the transitional government is beginning to take shape and expecting a full cap next in the next few days or so. elections to be held in the next six months or so. economy is the big issue and the big challenge here. they will not continue negotiating a loan with the federal imf. they have pledged billions of dollars in aid. also, the u.s. deputy secretary of state arrived today meeting with top egyptian officials about the transition to democracy, to discuss the aid given to the egyptian military and the government.
10:27 am
now despite the military coup, the u.s. is unlikely to cut off aid to the military. they want to see a quick transition to democracy rather than cutting off aid to the military as is required by u.s. law. bill: things, live in cairo, egypt. back to london now. martha: bob schieffer rips into lawmakers, what he says they are setting a bad example for the rest of the world. bill: a six-year-old boy buried under 11 feet of sand, how he is doing now and what rescuers say about how they helped this young boy survived. >> you are holding this child who you think is lifeless, it is hard to deal with. >> they are crying all over the place.
10:28 am
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in cities like charlotte,ing. atlanta, and chicago, we're revving people up to take a lap around the legendary nascar race track with drivers from the coca-cola racing family. coca-coca family track walks give thousands of race fans the chance to get out, get moving, and have fun... all along the way. it's part of our goal to inspire more than three million people to rediscover the joy of being active this summer. see the difference all of us can make... together. bill: new questions of americans standing when bob schieffer ripped into the u.s. government saying the inability to get things done in washington said a bad example for the rest of the world. >> america has always led to this when we led by example.
10:32 am
a growing list of things washington has made a mess of lately. the great reform, food stamps, farm aid, student loans, deficit reduction, a tax system regardless of the fairness or unfairness, so complex nobody can understand it. a health care plan administration cannot figure out how to administer. an airport where one third are grounded because congress can't figure out how to fund it. i have to wonder who would want to be like that. bill: welcome. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. bill: lead by example, so what did you think of the points bob schieffer was making? >> we have been declining in the world's eyes for some time, didn't just start with barack obama.
10:33 am
although he did say he was going to restore our position in the world, and i don't think that has been the case. a lot of the criticism has to do with foreign policy rather than the things he brought out. bill: will take that initial point. what did you think of the comment leading by example? >> examples where measured by our things we do over there, not what we do over here, necessarily. the reason we have a national debt approaching the same level they have an economic system in europe, the military spending have seen. the hapless policy of sin, but you haven't seen for this administration in the middle east, tunisia, egypt, libya, iran, looking at us to say i would better with president obama then george w. bush? at least he had some sense of
10:34 am
consistency where america now has played an absurd leadership to europe and i don't even think the europeans have like that. bill: how great is it to have tony say you are exactly right? >> we may describe bit on this. the afghanistan war, people in pakistan, it does not really cause a lot of goodwill for us in the middle east. i don't know anybody in the middle east who likes george bush, so don't a basic and back and saying it was great under george bush and now it is bad under obama. bill: he seems to be pretty fair and balanced on this. he has strong words against the administration, strong words against the congress, basically saying get it done. >> lets face it, this is bob schieffer. basically the canary in the coal
10:35 am
mine the fact there is equal blame his eyes to congress and the president he is admitting the president failed to achieve somehow rebranded the american image of the world stage, reconstruct our relationship with european allies and the arab world. we have a lower standing among muslims in the world than we did when george w. bush was president. probably due in part to the fact president obama has talked a good game, what is one of the biggest criticisms? he considered the drone strikes, nsa programs that were so bad under george w. bush, so has not done anything really. bill: i am seeing the 100-yard stare right now. >> he just brought up a good point, nsa program harming the view of people around the world, a lot of criticism in europe. i don't think this reflects well on the united states or on
10:36 am
barack obama not just spying on americans but people don't like the idea the feels he can spy on them. bill: he concluded by saying america is the greatest country in the world but convincing others of that is probably a harder sell than it used to be. >> you know it sells is our dominance. while he is right where losing standing and still the greatest nation the problem has been the fact we have not had the doctrine by democrats and republicans has maintained and preserved us. look at russia with edward snowden. bill: thank you. ♪ martha: thousands gather for a public memorial service honoring one of the 19 elite firefighters killed in that horrific fire in arizona.
10:37 am
30-year-old actor for mackenzie died while battling a massive wildfire outside of your now. there's a look at the service and the servicemen and women standing in attention. they said he had a gift for making everybody stay a little bit brighter. >> and exuberance for life, if you want to call it that, taken any moment and turning it into a good thing. >> he never gave up, he never gave in, not once did he quit. >> see you on the fire line, brother. martha: he works the san bernardino fire department. bill: we remember all of them. at 22 minutes before the hour, credible story of survival, a boy buried alive under 11 feet of sand. how is he doing today?
10:38 am
we will tell you. martha: international media is swarming outside the hospital where the duchess of cambridge is expected to give birth any day to future king or queen of england. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
10:39 am
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bill: an eight-year-old boy buried alive under sand in critical condition. he was swallowed up in a massive dune friday night in the rescue crews spent three hours before he was rescued. >> before we pulled him out, it really didn't look good. that could be your kid or
10:42 am
whatever, so we were going to treat him the matter what. it went from a very grave situation to it couldn't have worked any better. >> he is extraordinary. he went through a lot. bill: indeed he did. the little boy was only able to survive because of an air pocket that allowed him to breathe under all that sand. martha: what a story. back here in london, we are awaiting the birth of the royal baby of course i and a live look outside where a very pregnant duchess of cambridge is expected to give birth any day now. nobody knows for sure connectivity will begin around the hospital but the father to be prince william very calm and relaxed yesterday, and why not. he was 100 miles away in a charity polo match. it was happily encouraged to go
10:43 am
about his schedule as usual. joining us now. good to have you with us today. everybody is speculating about when the big day might be. >> watch william, he will absolutely want to be by kate's side. he has taken the next few days off. interestingly, camilla was born on july 172 is a chance diana's first grand child could share a birthday with camilla. martha: when you take a look at the plan, that is the window weighing at the hospital. when prince william was presented by his parents
10:44 am
princess diana and his father, prince charles, this is the exact same spot this baby presented to the public as well. >> they us used to stay in royal residency so the queen had all the babies at home. treated until 1982. diane i wasn't having any of that, wasn't in the wing, taking every single precaution they can to have a very safe delivery. martha: charles was in the delivery room which also broke tradition. everybody is agreeing that is exactly where williams wants to be as well. keep an eye on william. there's a helicopter if necessary to bring him here, but
10:45 am
it sounds like his staying pretty close for the next few days. >> we will not see kate until she goes on to the set with the baby. there are three side entrances, she used one of those last week and avoided the press and went into one of her final checkups. it is a great big watch. the press are getting very bored and some of the tweets are hysterically funny. martha: may have been there since july 8, many of them. a couple of side entrances so most likely swept into one of those, he may get some indication if you see the family members arriving at the hospital, but as i understand we will be notified and word will leak out. as soon as she is inside the hospital.
10:46 am
>> we then have to wait, the birth will not be announced on twitter. william one form the queen on an encrypted phone and we'll have to wait for proclamation from a piece of paper outside of buckingham palace. it will have a 41 gun salute. basically invented the nation. it is a state event. martha: it has been around for a long time, this child will be one of the errors in line down one more notch. thank you so much, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. bill: david beckham says it is okay they want to name their new child "david." martha: david is not on the
10:47 am
shortlist but nice of him to offer up his name. bill: i thought it was most gracious. martha: i'm going to bet on george, possibly charles. george is very high in the rankings if it is a boy. bill: and a girl? >> most likely alexandra or mary or elizabeth or possibly charlotte. bill: we're on baby watch officially. you may be there for a month, so the pubs are open, go and enjoy. find out what is bringing george herbert walker bush back to the oval office. we will have that for you. why some say it is just a stunt from the government. the great outdoors, and a great deal.
10:48 am
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martha: presidents past and present coming together for volunteerism. george h dubya bush joined president barack obama at the white house today for ceremony recognizing points of light. for president greeted the volunteer program 20 years ago and based their money will include the presentation of the 5000 daily points of life award. bill: unusually quiet over the weekend with the new angels grounded due to budget cuts and sequestration. there is a cancellation of the blue angels season is not only painful for pensacola but symbolic of government that has its priorities out of order. senior economic writer, good morning to you.
10:52 am
he is hot and fire on this but it seems you can take the blue angels, think of the cutbacks for the blue angels, really makes this bigger in terms of the symbolism for how the federal government made the cut and where. >> remember, we have had some scandals with respect to how the sequester has been handled over the past three months. white house tourism office being closed down, a few days of the air traffic control system being grounded to a halt and some of the national parks being intercepted the mac shutdown. this is the latest in the outrageous. i look at the budget for the blue angels. about $40 million program. that is a tiny fraction obviously have claimed was per year pentagon budget.
10:53 am
i have a soft place in my heart the blue angels every year. it is a glorious day. both a lot of support for the military. very short siding. bill: less than 1% of the total cut made to the navy's operating budget in 2013 budget year. >> my point is and i think senator rubio agrees with this you are cutting one of the most high profile, popular items of the military, everybody loves to go see the blue angels and the dedication to the great military prowess behalf in this country. i find it to be somewhat of kind of a ploy stunt if you will by the obama administration to again bring pressure on congress to stop the sequester.
10:54 am
here is the point, i am very pro-national defense but there is a lot of waste in the pentagon. one of the biggest directors fees, they could be cutting some of the bureaucracies. bill: you don't have enough priorities. >> something very popular with the public, so many ways to cut billions of dollars of waste in the pentagon. bill: talk about cutting a complex in afghanistan. one more point, in the last hour alone we were told the thunderbirds based out of virginia, did you see that story? >> that made my story because i love the thunderbirds part of the exhibit all over the country. they fly over new york city and it is a wonderful thing and they get i think it is something
10:55 am
americans like to see how the tax dollars are being spent. bill: we will see whether or not the blue angels can get their way and pensacola. martha: one of them may have helped us get our start. thank you, steve. you followed this morning with the recent threat to invoke the so-called nuclear option in order to push stalled presidential appointees through. what could end up spelling big trouble. all business purchases.
10:56 am
so you can capture your receipts, and manage them online with jot, the latest app from ink. so you can spend less time doing paperwork. and more time doing paperwork. ink from cha. so you can.
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10:58 am
martha, you know, bill, it is a strange enough experience to have your first child.
10:59 am
i only imagine what it is like to do with entire world media outside the door. but somewhere, not too far from here, that is a little bit of what kate must be feeling at this hour. so she waits, and we wait and you watch. >> i imagine the whole country is jacked up for this. what is your sense? what are you feeling? >> oh, definitely, it is everywhere. they love a party and good reason to celebrate. they have been on a roll with jubilee and the olympics. this is one more thing for great britain to be excited about. they're pumped. >> nicely done, martha. you look great. >> welcome back. >> it is great to be back. we go on baby watch. it could happen at anytime. all right, martha. see you tomorrow. we got to run. >> see you buddy. >> "happening now" starts right now. jenna: we'll stay on baby watch but right now we have brand new stories and other breaking news today. jon: a heat dome blanketing tens


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