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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 16, 2013 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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there was tons and tons of evidence to support it was george's voice and not trayvon. >> one second degree, two manslaughter so they were mixed in the beginning. quick. >> when you look at this, all you had to do is look at the prosecution's case, give it to the jury. the outcome would have been the same. >> guys, thank you so much. rob, sorry i didn't get you in here. greta is next with "on the record." we'll see you back here tomorrow night. this is fox news alert. a jogger violently attacked. it is feared it is retaliation for the george zimmerman verdict. the jogger, telling the media three black men in a chevy mali due drove up to him in senatobia, mississippi. he said the men told him, this is for trayvon, then began beating him. after they finished they said they shoved him out of the car, bloodied and bruised and throwing him right on the street. he's being treated in the hospital. you will have a live report straight ahead. and right now, george zimmerman's brother, robert zimmerman jr., is here to go on the record.
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the past 48 hours, a total whirlwind. >> verdict, we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> are you kidding me? how the hell can they say not guilty for anything? >> the justice department shares your concern. i share your concern. as we first acknowledged last spring, we have opened an investigation into this matter. >> i think the prosecution of george zimmerman was disgraceful. as happy as i am for george zimmerman, i'm thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. >> if you commit a crime, then you supposed to be held accountable for that crime. that's not what happened in this case. >> as the justice department said yesterday, they first acknowledged last year that they have an open investigation into
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trayvon martin's death. and they are continuing to evaluate that evidence. >> george zimmerman was never guilty of anything. >> it boils down to you had a 17-year-old kid minding his own business wearing a hoodie and gets accosted, gets followed by an individual who wants to be a cop. >> cases are brought on the merits. and the merits are evaluated by professionals at the department of justice. and we expect as in every case, that the process will be handled in the way it should be at the department of justice, it's certainly not here. >> we are very, very, very saddened. we accept the jury's verdict in this case. >> the evidence didn't support prosecution. the justice department engaged in this and they turned it into a political issue. it should have been handled with law and order. >> no one knows george zimmerman better than his brother. robert zimmerman jr. is joining
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us. nice to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me, greta. >> how's your brother tonight? >> his entire life changed. life changed the moment the words were uttered, not guilty. it changed for him, it complaininged for all of us. we were waiting for the exoneration for a long time. >> what if it was the other way, were you ready for that? >> i prepared myself for that. we always had faith in mr. o'mara and mr. west. we knew the facts of the case. we really didn't need a court to tell us what happened that night and who was screaming but we definitely prepared for some of that last-minute maneuvering to try to get child abuse included, that there can be some confusion that the jury made the right call. >> was your brother ready for a different verdict, of guilty of murder two or manslaughter. and how do you prepare yourself? >> i don't know that he --
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greta, i can't speak to what he was thinking because it changes. he was the only one who had to be there every single day. he encountered every single day. he encountered every juror, every bit of testimony, and we did not because we were excluded from the courtroom. george is a spiritual person. i'm sure he made amends with whatever he had to. he feels he is innocent and he felt well represented. >> we oftentimes as lawyers, rather clinical, we work hard during the day. at the end of the day we say good-bye to our client and work and prepare for the next day. the client goes home. and it's always -- we never have time to find out how the client is doing. we know there are moments of great sorrow, and that george cried during this time? our parents were in the courtroom. he didn't get emotional and, mom, i want to go home, and then started to get very relieved and emotional at that time.
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i think that george here, he had a lot of participation in his defense in terms of working with mr. west and mr. o'mara, he did go home at the end of the day. he had that curfew. he had an active hand in that. >> what was the first thing he said to you? >> i will tell you what i said. i said it in spanish. that was the last thing i said to him before his bond was revoked which is god bless you, little brother. i think that's exactly what he needed to hear. i think that's exactly what i needed to say. >> you mentioned the spanish. it's no secret that this has a racial overtone. people have been saying things all along. your brother is hispanic. what's your thought about it? everyone -- many people are pitting white against black or black against white. and certainly the missing
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element here is that your family is hispanic. >> right. greta, it's unfortunate role has any situation did have no role in this case whatsoever. as a family we were deliberate to keep our heritage and hispanic identity off the table because it was becoming white versus black. if we're hispanic, we can't be racist. only white people will be racist. i think if everybody was careful, she insisted on it early and often. >> these trials were so difficult. people sort of concentrate on their one side, whatever their mission is. did you ever think of the martin family, the trayvon martin family? >> absolutely. we expressed our services. if i ran into sabrina, tracy, i
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would express my condolence lass. these things that surround sabrina and tracy, mr. crump, those who i think really exploited the naacp i'll sharpen it. sabrina and tracy lost their son. now that we have this verdict of not guilty, what i always will remember is the rawness of emotion. you hear that your brother took someone's name in self-defense. it still hasn't gone away. the tension of having him on trial is gone. we know what the resolution is. we know that the jury made the right call.
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every time i look at george, and he has to live with that burden for the rest of his life. >> when the shooting occurred back in february 2012, how did you first hear about it? >> my little sister called. my dad and grandmother had been hospitalized days before. when she called i thought it was one of them. she said, no, it's george. i said, what happened, gracie? he was involved in an altercation and he used a gun to defend himself but george is going to call you and fill you in himself. he wants to tell you the truth and every member of his family the truth from his own mouth. and that's what george did later. he did call and basically explain to be what we all know to be the truth now. >> there are so many killings, shootings, deaths. people say, why this case? i've never known. we pick and choose for whatever reason. there are lots of them out
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there. why was this too much focus on this one? >> because those other cases are not profitable. they have a business model, a script, the crumps, jesse jackson's of the world and they have to promote racism in order to see that they don't become obsolete. this was a profitable event for them. they spun george's race, as a white man. later when he became hispanic, then later the media spun his race into white hispanic. they used deceptive imagery of him, as something he's not. nbc has sent a profile -- >> nbc has fired people for doing that. they took out a huge chunk of audio to convey a different point. >> repeat edly. and the lawsuit alleges deliberately. and mr. beasley has gone on record to say he -- >> who is mr. beasley?
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>> he's co council with mr. o'mara for gzblzb. is there anything from the line of questioning is not going to be bizarre. bizarre is a word i hear continually, where she would only interact with george zimmerman when it came to his desire to take the stand or not. i thought that line of questioning was bizarre. >> i was hard on her for that too. one thing i thought later, i thought it was wrong. frankly, i thought it was stupid on her part. it was not done in front of the jury, which is important. and the other thing is, you sort of look at the whole universe of
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rulings, i may have disagreed with some of the rulings if i was a lawyer, but overall, i thought that was bizarre. maybe it was the judge. who was exhausted and not thinking. >> everyone was exhausted at that time. there was a contentious conversation -- >> i don't think she liked him at all. and she didn't do that in front of the jury. >> no, because that has an effect on the client. thank god it didn't happen in front of the jury. and the judge moved the case along very quickly. >> now, george gets his gun back. any problem with that in your mind? >> george is an innocent man. the presumption of innocence that he is titled to proceedings and has been exonerated of those
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charges. that gun, i don't know how he will feel about that gun. i hope he would destroy that particular gun. i think he's concerned due to the threats made. you can't be wrong with a threat like that. i think he's learned from this experience. >> what are his plans? >> hard to tell, greta. hard to tell what my plans are, my parents plans. this is 48 hours after this sigh of relief. we all plan on healing. we all plan on reconstructing i guess is a good word. we cannot replicate what life was like before this, but we have to pick up the pieces of the aspects of our lives that we kind of just left by the wayside, because we all had a laser beam focused on seeing george acquitted. we ate, slept, and breathed this case and this acquittal. >> people often forget, it's like people look at trials like sporting events, who won, who lost. both families took a terrible beating. trayvon martin lost his life.
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this is a horrible tragedy for both families. >> every loss of life is tragic and nobody wins when anybody dies. that should go without saying. there was no winner then. george when he recounted what had happened, i've said it before, he just was never again the same person. it was like i had seen him three days before and then this happened and he was not the same. i think he was very remorseful and sorrowful for what happened and felt that he had lost then. we didn't know what it would become later. there's a legal victory in one sense but there are no winners. >> he looked so unemotional during the trial. i don't know your brother. he looked so unemotional, sort of flat. >> he was innocent. >> i know, but if you falsely accuse me of something, sometimes i get angry. i get mad. >> that's how george is, first of all. we're brothers but we're kind of
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different in our personalities. i'm a little bit more animated and he's very steady as you go, very responsible very warm hearted. i think that anybody in that situation has to be very careful how they express themselves in front of people who will decide your fate. >> the prosecutor said post verdict, the word to describe your brother, and she says murder. >> outrageous. it seems that that woman will not stop at any end and then george was presumed innocent and was found to be not guilty. which means you carry that presumption of innocence. i really can't get inside her head. she's lashed out at the professor, at mr. lloyd. the whistle-blower. she just fired him.
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god bless her. i'll keep her in my prayers. >> there's legal problems on the horizon. you have the civil suit and also the get of justice is investigating. any thoughts on the attorney general, what you'd like to say to him? >> if i had the opportunity to have mr. holder here, i would say, at some point we have to quit moving the goal posts. people clamored for an arrest, when there was no indication there should be. then they clamored for george's fair day in court. then they asked that the verdict be respected. and when it was not the verdict people wanted we're back where we were in february and march of 2012, moving the goal post and insisting that george has to pay somehow for defending his life. i'm very disappointed that he described what transpired as a death that didn't have to happen. i think that flies in the face of the definition of self-defense. it's unfortunate that it happened, but describing it that way really fans the flames for the people who are confused and reacting right now to this
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verdict emotionally, instead of analytically. >> robert, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me, greta. trayvon martin's family hardly missed a minute of the trial. they elected not to appear as the verdict was read. trayvon martin's father, tracy, tweeted god blessed me and sybrina with tray and even in his death, i know my baby is proud of the fight we put up for him. god bless. one of the martin family attorneys, jasmine rand joins us. jasmine, how are you doing? >> i'm doing pretty well this evening. we're still obviously disappointed at the outcome of not guilty. i'd like to point out that not guilty does not necessarily mean george zimmerman was innocent. and we still maintain that position as his legal council. the last couple days has been disheartening for tracy and sybrina. we've had statements from president obama, from attorney general eric holder. we are hopeful that we may still get some justice for trayvon.
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>> let me ask you. get justice for trayvon. first of all, let me tell you, i think it's terrible when someone loses a life. here's the story, the prosecution picked that jury with the defense. the prosecution agreed to that jury with the defense. the jury heard all the evidence. the prosecution didn't get shut down for presenting any evidence as far as i know, and the jury then decided the case, and everybody was happy with that jury and then suddenly after the jury renders its verdict, suddenly everyone's dissatisfied -- some were dissatisfied with the jury as though they did a lousy job or heard a different trial or didn't listen to the case. what happened? you liked the jury in the beginning? >> you know, our legal team never said we liked the jury, or were happy with the jury. we never endorsed the jury -- >> the prosecution most certainly did. they helped pick it. they were right there in the courtroom.
1:18 am
>> i'm not the prosecution, i'm the family attorney, and from the family attorney's perspective, we never endorsed that jury. we respect -- >> are you saying it was a bad jury? >> that is a standing law. >> was that a bad jury? >> i do not believe trayvon got equal justice in this instance. >> specifically how? tell me the evidence that the jury didn't hear. >> the evidence that the jury didn't hear? >> i don't think that they properly considered the evidence. if they had listened to the evidence and they had followed the law, then george zimmerman would have been convicted of murder. he got out of the car with a loaded gun. he followed -- >> you're a lawyer, right? >> yes. >> the whole point of the jury is we assign them the job to weigh the facts, we make them sit there. a lot of times they don't want to be there. we present the evidence and the judge says here's the evidence, here's the law, instructs them on the law. it's your duty, not mine, yours, or anybody els, it's the jury's duty to weigh the evidence.
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afterwards you say they can't do their job? >> i have a greater job and that's to be a social engineer. and when the law doesn't get it right, i think we have the right to peacefully object to the decision of the jury. that doesn't mean we believe it will be overturned or that it will. there are millions of people out there who don't agree with that decision. >> you know what the problem is -- >> it's from all over the world. >> that's deeply disturbing that you say millions around the world -- you know and i know, that millions of people who didn't like the verdict didn't watch the case. didn't sit in the courtroom. didn't weigh the evidence. didn't liston the jury instructions. that's just noise. that's why we have court systems, is so that both sides have an opportunity to be heard. social engineering is social manipulation. i don't know what social engineering is. justice is presented in the courtroom with a jury deciding
1:20 am
it. both sides have an opportunity. that's justice and the jury deciding it. >> courtrooms do not always deliver justice as i'm sure you well know. you're aware of the civil rights movement. you're aware of the changes that -- >> you know, i bet if we put my career up in terms of yours on civil rights and what we've done in a courtroom for poor people, i'll put my career up against yours any day you want, jasmine. i don't criticize juries. >> i haven't been practicing law as long as you have, but i would also like an opportunity to finish my answers and explain my answers to you. >> go ahead. you have a quick. i'll let you. >> i think that when i'm talking about being a social engineer, george zimmerman never would have been arrested if it wasn't for the outcry that he has this arrested. he was then arrested and tried by a jury of his piers. i don't think the jury got it
1:21 am
right. and the federal government has every right to bring the claim. that's why we have preemptses. >> jasmine, thank you for joining us. sorry i gave you a hard time. >> thank you job straight ahead, what is attorney general eric holder joins us. plus, new jersey governor chris christie going primetime. when will the governor be taking over your tv? stay tuned. ♪ [ male announcer ] some question physics. some question gravity. and some... even have the audacity to question improbability. with best-in-class towing and best-in-class torque these are some of the bold, new ram commercial trucks -- built to blow your imagination. guts. glory. ram. which is why he's investing in his heart health
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are george zimmerman's legal troubles behind him? not exactly. the feds mgh are george zimmerman's legal troubles behind him? not exactly. the feds might be after him. former attorney general alberto gonzalez joins us. he's with nashville based law firm, waller. nice to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. >> judge, tell me, what is it that the justice department can do or is considering?
1:25 am
>> well, obviously they're going to talk to the fbi investigators. they're going to look at the trial record. they're going to complete their investigations on the ground and they'll make a calculation sitting down with prosecutors, not only the u.s. attorney's office in florida, but also of course in the civil rights division and decide whether or not they can overcome the very significant hurdles that they will have to overcome in order to successfully prosecute george zimmerman for civil rights violations to prove that, in fact, he had a specific intent to take action based upon animus, based upon trayvon martin's race. that's a high hurdle. >> that's typically a high hurdle. it seems particularly a high hurdle in this case, because the miami herald reporting the other day that the fbi is investigating this. and they say they have found no indication at all that this -- that george zimmerman is a racist. if your own team of investigators has already made -- reached that conclusion, what in the world is the
1:26 am
department of justice doing tonight? >> that remains to be seen. i don't know if they've completed their investigation. maybe there's additional people they want to talk to. maybe they want to go back and read the transcript of the trial. but you're right. when i look at what happened in this trial, there seems to be no evidence of racial animosity by george zimmerman. i think the prosecutors, defense team, witnesses have said race wasn't part of this case. so i think this will be a high hurdle for the department of justice to move forward on a civil rights violation. >> here's another issue. is that george zimmerman, according to his brother and his family, they're hispanic. one reporter checked on his voter registration, hispanic. was this racially driven and also that he's a white man. that this is white on black. does the justice department, you suspect they're investigating this as white on black or
1:27 am
hispanic on black? what's the response by the hispanic community? >> i have no idea how they're going to approach this. but from my perspective, george zimmerman is as hispanic as the president is african-american. as my son, alberto gonzalez is hispanic. as far as i'm concerned, he's hispanic, and how the department of justice is going to deal with that -- is this a potential crime of hispanic on black, i have no idea. it's something they're going to have to consider. >> how long does someone labor under this to find out had is going to get this clean. this is a racially charged case at this point. >> my suspicions are is that i think if they're going to be nationwide marches this weekend, i think this may play out for a while. and one friday afternoon the
1:28 am
department will issue a statement that they're not going to move forward. i think they're going to wait a while. there may be legitimate reasons they will wait a while, to complete their investigation, but they also may want to wait a while to let emotions cool down. it will take as long as it takes is the short answer. >> this is tough. this is a tough one but if i had my investigative team coming to me and saying there was no race involved, is that the conclusion of the fbi? we'll find out later if they concluded it. they should put the end to it. shunned the internal observation, put the lid on it when he can? >> again, he's got to wait to see what the recommendation is going to be for the investigators and the career prosecutors, particularly within the civil rights division. he's going to look at tom perez, the assistant attorney general get his recommendation. and then the attorney general
1:29 am
will make a decision whether or not to accept that recommendati recommendation. i presume that he will accept that recommendation but we'll have to wait and see. again, we don't know if the fbi has conducted their investigation. if they have, they need to complete that and work on it. >> judge, thank you, i agree with you. i was going on the assumption that the miami herald is correct in its report. it's still an ongoing investigation if there's still some question. i don't know. anyway, judge, thank you. >> good to be with you. coming up, the story no one told you during the trial. go behind the scenes with the lawyers. turns out they actually hated each other. that inside story, breaking news. an attack. police say it should be happening off the border in mississippi/tennessee. still doesn't feel real. our time together was... so short. well, since you had progressive's total loss coverage, we were able to replace your totaled bike with a brand-new one. the tank, the exhaust...
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the prosecution and the defense didn't like each other. >> i would offer him the opportunity to apologizing to me to say that i showed up with big information. >> did not mr. zimmerman have the right to have this. >> this was a trick. doesn't the court realize this was a trick? it's simply unfair for mr. zimmerman not to put on the defense because of the state's tactics? >> i think it was quite defense i believe. >> hello. >> you're the orlando lawyer, sanford lawyer. you know the behind the scenes story. how much do they hate each other? >> you have to keep in mind, local law enforcement and local prosecutors are like they're relatives we don't get along with, whatever they just local
1:35 am
news, they did everything wrong and then take over a case and really started doing things wrong. that's very upsetting to those of us locally. i know you've said on the show you guys are used to tactics, trends, it's not how he's use to. they are okay in angela's quarry's auction. >> i was surprised, the defense lawyers, this was into the that much sort of sorrow either. for either family lat of 18 dd ext extra. the prosecutors are calling george zimmerman a murderer. >> no, i agree with you. on one hand, the defense it's
1:36 am
reason that their wake isn't $1500. their client has been exonerated. that was not the first thing they thought to do. maybe it should have been. maybe it shouldn't have been. i can't sinai blame them. i've never seen a prosecution -- prosecutor come out after a law and bash the system. they're saying that the jury got it wrong. i think that is, in some ways self-protective. but to me that seems more unseemly because i'm all about the system and protecting the process. >> i think today they thought about it. diana, stay with us. george zimmerman is a freeman. his legal whoas are not over.
1:37 am
the estate will not work. joining us, our legal panel. we have diana tennis in orlando. ted, civil trial, is the state going to sue him? >> hi, greta. let me give you a ted which had yams jury brought by the 16th. zwr let me stop you there for a second. if you're so certain of that tonight, why is attorney general eric holder, although we're here that they found a side that's not racially motivated. >> okay. the bottom line is i've done a lot of these 1983 cases. i have dealt with the fbi in these cases and i can honestly
1:38 am
say the state is in an up heave val. i think they're trying to -- they're bury it in your gonzales. they're trying to let things cool off. >> bernie, civil rights case, no civil rights case? >> obviously anybody can so many. >> you're losing to me, too. go ahead. >> the difficulty is if you get to trial and ted does a lot of those. there's no many there. to get to beach rib, i've poured my heart and soul into it. when you get done and lose, you
1:39 am
con 2k3wr59 two late the other party. why? because you have nother plant rerieg on you tomorrow. is that a jus tus department, even swingover there. >> you know, i haven't to disagree with a bichb of 30 days. it doesn't stand legally. there isn't a state actor. and the evidence jugts isn't there. i wish zimmerman had been convicted of everything in. >> do you want to put yourself through this? that's the question i'd ask. >> the whole idea of this justice part, i wonder there's no state actor, that's required,
1:40 am
right, jim, under color of law? >> state actor based on personal animus, based on the race. >> diana, so why in the world are we even discussing this? he wasn't a cop and -- >> go ahead. >> it's not rugby king. they couldn't prove ill-will, you'll never get through that. the only person in the case with a 1983 reaction was wrongful prosecution. you have cops who were fired for no good reason, you have cops demoted for no good reason. the defense may be viable. wait until you hear the florida state attorney fired on the eve of the zimmerman verdict. why she did it and how she did it, you may be ready for you first day, little brother? i guess. did you download that book i sent?
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the i. 26789 diret. directo florida state's attorney's office fired. the evidence includes photos on trayvon martin's phone and deleted text messages. on friday morning at 7:30 a.m. he was hand delivered a letter. he was fired. why did the state attorney general and angela murray fire ben crydos? joining us is david florida times newspaper. why was he fired? why did the state's attorney say she fired him? >> essentially she alleged that he violated a lot of procedures. in a nutshell, she felt he was going behind their back and providing confidential daze case
1:47 am
information to the worries. >> now at least as i understand it, the reason he said he needed to go somewhere is the state did not turn it over to the defense lawyers. they had an obligation to turn it over. >> he had concerns whether he would face any legal implications watt not turned over to the defense team. and because he had those concerns, he hired his own attorney to find out what kind of legal exposure he would have in that case. >> two quick pieces of fact. the lawyer you fired used to be in the state's attorney's office? i don't know. the evidence was turned other to the defense and wanted to introduce at the trial and the judge said that they couldn't authenticate it that trayvon martin had sent, is that correct. >> the background information
1:48 am
was a report, evidence that was created by ben crypos. it was never given to the defense. the defense had a take a look at the source code in the cell phone and was able to extract data from that as well. in some cases, even more than what the state attorney's office had been able to generate in this report. >> david, thank you. it's going to be no doubt an interesting matter to watch. now we want to know what you viewers think. fire up do you think the firing of the i.t. guy was vindictive or justified? straight ahead, chris christie making a big move. no, not on the dance floor. he might be eyeing
1:49 am
[ male announcer ] susan writes children's books. when she's happy, she writes about bunnies. when she's sad, she writes about goblins. [ balloon pops, goblin growling ] she wrote a lot about goblins after getting burned in the market. but she found someone to talk to and gained the confidence to start investing again. ♪ and that's what you call a storybook ending. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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>> greta: this is a fox news alert a jogger attacked and there is fear it is retaliation for the george zimmerman verdict. the jogger telling local media three men shoved him into a car in mississippi shouted this is for trayvon and started beating him, tonight police are on the case. >> car came up behind there in every direction. and he took two steps towards the car and then, he said excuse me?
1:53 am
they asked him get in the car. he refused to get into the car. they made another statement to him i'm going to withhold the statement they made right now. >> greta: mattgeran is following this. any witnesses? and he was treated at the hospital what were injuries? >> no witnesses to this incident that. is one of the problems they don't have information to go on. the man was brought to the hospital last night. police aren't releasing the railroad injuries. this happened late last night jogging on a road in highway 51. it's a small town. a car approached him. the chief told me the comment was do you know who trayvon martin s the jogger was white. the three men in the car the only description that they are black. the man says he was pulled into the car, beaten and abandoned on a country road. a sheriff's deputy brought him
1:54 am
to the hospital. he was released this morning. greta? >> greta: are the police taking this seriously? are there thoughts this might be a hoax? do they believe this is a possibility that this happened?. >> they're taking this seriously. it's a small department, with two detectives and they're working it now. i asked the chief if evidence supports what the victim is saying at this point he said that is what they're looking into. and they know the national spotlight is potentially on this right now. with us talking about it with all of the stuff happening around country they know this could be a serious situation. the small town is taking it serious lism i talked to people around town. they don't necessarily buy this story yet. they're waiting to hear more. >> greta: matt, thank you. this is a fox news alert protestors on the streets of los angeles mad about saturday's george zimmerman verdict they're throwing items on to cars and jumping on to cars. take a look at this video this, is live pictures. and of course we're monitoring
1:55 am
this breaking news story. but stay with fox news for the latest but take a look at this, and move over bill o'reilly. governor christie heading to prime time. why is the governor invading your television? your television? you're going every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world.
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in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein... help keep his body as strong as a love that can endure anything... even every fashion trend. iams. keep love strong. >> greta: this is a fox news alert angry protestors upset are on the streets of los angeles right now. they're throwing something at cars and jumping on vehicles. now, during the break what you didn't see we appeared to be they're pulling down a part of the structure this, picture looks calmer with about 40, 50 people but this is what he saw a moment ago. i can't tell what it is. you're seeing it as we are. you can make a decision about what that is as we can. this is well, looks like about 30 people at most but there it s los angeles, all right, everyone.


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