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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 16, 2013 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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time to hash it out. everyone seems to want a prime time show. huffington post tweeting chris christie head together michael j fox show this fall appearing this small. there and frack to unleash job creation. that's 9:20. it is 5:00 in new york city. it is hot. what's new with you? i know. george zimmerman, not guilty. i will never know what happened that night and neither will you. for all i know zimmerman is shadier than an elm tree. will was fight and i was there. as for the jury, they heard the case. al sharpton didn't. what do i know? let me repeat, what do i know? those are four words you never
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hear from the media or celebrities who wear their rage on their t-shirts. take this obnoxious tweet. white people used to make black people drink from separate fountai fountains. now we just shoot their children. someone should tell this gas bag zimmerman was hispanic. i forgive her because the media repeatedly called him white. and she is stupid. why did nbc edit zimmerman's 911 call so he appeared racist? well, for the same reason the nation magazine blames the verdict on white supremacy. for perverts of polarization to win you need white versus black and get it wrong on purpose. it is meant to unravel a country for rifts bring revolution. the angry celebrities, some are sincere. but when miley cyrus tweets month justice, no peace, you have to low up through your ears. only one star to me made any sense. after tweeting that black blood spills on the streets of america nightly at the hands of other
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blacks, he added, nobody knows what really happened except trayvon and zimmerman. the justice system relies on reasonable doubt not our emotions. your emotional reactions to perceived justice will get you nowhere. well, he's no eric holder and good for him. let's go around the horn, as they say. kimberly -- >> didn't you ban that? >> around the horn? >> yes. >> not today. >> not today. i'm pulling it out of the banned box. >> i thought there would be a reaction to the verdict that was not guilty. i'm actually surprised at the extent of inflammatory rhetoric, the race baiting and provocation, and just the irresponsible behavior from people in the media and from celebrities and just in general the ignorance of the general public. because when you hear the people talk about the case, they haven't even followed it. they don't know what happened. and they think zimmerman was on top of trayvon martin. and when you point out to them, try to be helpful in an
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educational way the actual facts that came forward during the trial, in the testimony, that's in the transcript, from the prosecution witnesses, like oh, i didn't know that happened that way. okay. >> bob, i bet you were thrilled. >> let me just join those race baiting perverts who think that this was -- most unbelievable verdict, first of all, let's start with florida. i know this is going to get dana mad because she gets mad when i get like this. that backward state -- when they allow a -- something called stand your ground law -- >> nothing do with w this case. >> i'm not going to break into your conversation. i have something to say here. stand your ground law that allows a murderer and yes, i said murderer, to kill black kid. look, i hope there are no riots and i hope al sharpton has enough sense to come out and say stop. i think the justice department should pursue a civil rights case against this guy.
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and the -- martin family should get a huge civil verdict against this punk. and -- >> on what grounds? >> the grounds he murder ad kid. >> did you went through standing your ground and defense decided that's not what they would defend george zimmerman on. they went with self defense and he won on self-defense. who are you mad at? are you mad at the judge? >> i'm mad -- >> hold on. figure out who you are mad at. >> no. >> are you mad at the jury? >> yes. >> are you mad at the law? >> yes. >> are you mad at the outcome? >> yes. >> you are just mad in general. >> the whole state of florida. >> and the state of florida. you have your misguided anger at the state. had a didn't apply here. the reason why there's no rioting -- reason why windows are not being broken, times square is not shut down, because america saw that there was no evidence in the case. i contend -- honestly, i believe this, i think the prosecutors brought this case so that america could see there was no
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evidence and when the jury did -- made the right decision and acquitted george zimmerman, there wouldn't be rioting in the streets. it is not rodney king where you see the video over and over again. this is a different case. there's none of that. >> you are saying they brought it to help, you know, appease the political masses, people looking for somebody's head on the plate. >> yes. >> problem is they should have brought it to the grand jury to decide from the people, especially a controversial case, whether or not they felt there was a second-degree but said they were looking to cover themselves, overcharge the case which i think is grossly irresponsible. >> dana, i want goat new on this. this happened on saturday. >> i actually -- i just finished watching a great independent film and -- called "take me home." i saw -- 9:59 p.m. everybody -- i was annoyingly -- everybody is tweeting there's a verdict. there's a verdict.
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i stayed up. i watched it. from what i saw, i thought there would be a possible manslaughter charge in which was just below the second-degree murder. however, what i am surprised about is that, bob, did you feel the same way about the o.j. simpson trial when that verdict came in? >> yes. >> for -- on behalf of nicole simpson -- >> i thought o.j. simpson was as guilty as i was drinking. >> okay. that's inning. interesting. i didn't realize -- do you see my point? >> yes. i do see your point. >> i don't understand the selective outrage by some people. some of the african-american community are being used by people that want goat more attention for kirstie alley. what about the jurors? they made a decision -- all of a sudden no matter what they decide, some one was going to be mad at them. they are the ones that -- first,
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the prosecution asked for the trial. or that -- civil rights activists asked for the arrest and the trial. they got the trial. they get a verdict. it is still not good enough. >> no. they won't let it go. >> throw something else in there. the fbi has already said that there was month -- investigated some 36 different groups to see if -- george zimmerman was a racist. they were looking for that prior to the original trial. they couldn't get that. they decided that he wasn't a racist. original prosecutors in the trial, original -- we don't have enough to brag -- >> do you mind if i -- >> hold on. don't have enough evidence to bring this case to trial. so we are not going to do it. what does the state of florida do, no, we are still going on do it. find a prosecutor that will do it and take whatever evidence they have. put up a grandiose sxas say she a murderer and turns out there was not enough evidence. there whether not be enough evidence when the department of justice gets ahold of and it and realize they don't have case. >> what if it was white kid that
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got killed, do you think it was different outcome? >> white kid by what? >> nicole simpson was white. what -- >> young girl -- >> a girl that no one fwauks. >> you want to talk about evidence? real evidence? o.j. simpson's blood is all over the crime scene. her blood was inside the bronco. >> no question -- >> there is a case there is a lot of physical evidence -- >> exact. >> i this is all circumstantial evidence here. >> eric, this is the shift. it was like -- the media created this -- dichotomy, black versus white when -- we realized that he was hispanic and it is like -- what if zimmerman was -- what p -- what if -- trayvon was white. you have to switch and switch -- >> called him a white his panic. >> when the argument doesn't work -- i want to -- mark o'mara talking to the media about how the media had affected the outcome or tried to -- outcome
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of the trial. >> you guys, the media, he was like patient on an operating table with a mad scientist were committing experiments on him and had no anesthesia. he didn't know why he was turned in to this monster. you guys had a lot to do with it. >> he just called them out. using a twisted metaphor. >> seems like both of the attorneys -- i got that. west, very passionate about george zimmerman. spent a tremendous amount of time with them and feel they are being very honest forthright about their personal peelings about mr. zimmerman at what they have season through many years in the legal profession how he was treated by the district attorney's office, by the investigators and by media to the point of a serious defamation case that will be brought against nbc and with a doctor, the tape, and created in of this racial hysteria that has done nothing but divide this country so that will's -- blood that results from this and they should be ashamed because they helped put it there. >> can i just say one thing.
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my real problem here is that any state that allows somebody to carry a gun and walking you around, free tending he is a cop, and it is illegal and he shoots somebody, is a backward -- >> you don't believe in self-defense? >> i don't believe in -- not a question of believe something self-defense. >> maybe shouldn't be here in america. >> really? >> it is the law of every state. >> where should i be? >> i don't know. canada. >> you like thailand, you said. >> thailand, i'll go to. >> don't go to china. >> bob does raise a good point. it is not -- i don't believe it is about the conceal to carry. who, who should have it? this is a guy that had a prior arrest. >> or why don't we have muff law enforcement? are we having to spend public resources on other things that have nothing to do with what the country should be doing? the government should be doing. should there be more cops on the
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street? you wouldn't need neighborhood watches necessary. >> i what do you make of this is a tweet from victor cruz. an athlete for the new york giants. >> very upsetting. >> thoroughly confused. zimmerman does not last year before the hood catches up to him. >> people lost their minds. >> what's crazier, victor cruz is a hero, a -- local kid, grew up dead poor broke. single mother. makes it to the nfl. signs a massive nfl contract. literally a couple of -- maybe weeks ago, months ago. this is the first thing he does out of the box. now he's backtracking. >> out of character. he tried -- >> it is out of character. >> he is well known in the community. great guy. great family. you know. tremendous love for his mom and grandmother. this is somebody that i would not have expected. i don't know if i can -- >> can you relate to the outrage in the black community? >> outrage in the black community -- if -- i think -- we are going to talk about race
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coming up. there are race baiters out here that are making the -- making -- creating outrage and have to do that because by definition if they don't create racial outrage they have no jobs. only thing making an al sharpton relevant. >> what if something happens? that's the thing i hate, gross irresponsibility. these people follow the -- making these statements and people that look up to you and admire to you and listen to you, it is going to be great if they follow up on your actions. that's the problem i venture most of the blacks that are out there upset didn't listen to al sharpton in first place. >> i'm talking about anybody out there. i'm not specifying race. >> i think bob is making a legitimate point. i do. if you believe that blacks are treated unfairly by the justice system and there is evidence that that happens, this -- this -- concerns you. now they could be wrong on this specific case. but -- you know --
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>> self defense case. no compelling evidence to prove that george zimmerman murdered trayvon martin. >> have to get behind the right case. that's the thing. >> the case -- i mean, the jury knows. this is what happen. >> i don't think he should sacrifice somebody, make a sacrificial lamb out of someone for a political point as the facts and circumstances are not there. choose your case. >> thousands of people who get their heads scratched in brooklyn and nobody takes a gun and shoots each other on that note. next up president obama said a jury has spoken. his administration is not going to let this case go away. next phase of the zimmerman investigation when "the five" returns.
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george zimmerman was acquitted in practice court but is not in the clear. the martin family could file a civil suit. the justice department is
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investigating. eric holder addressed it earlier. >> i believe that this tragedy provides another opportunity for our nation to speak honestly about the complicated and emotionally charged issues that this case has raised. we must not, as we have too often in the past, let this opportunity pass. we are resolved, as you are, to combat violence involving or directed at young people to prevent future tragedies and to deal with the underlying attitudes, mistaken beliefs, and stereotypes that serve as the basis for these two common incidents. >> some people might be confused as to what this trial that everybody has been watching for weeks has ended but now the justice department is going to take another look for possible additional violations. you and bob are having a moment. >> he is looking at me really weird like he is going to bite me or do something. not only that, to distract me
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today which going to be impossible. he used some kind of smelly aromatherapy, odor coming from him. just so you know. that's what's going on. it is so disgusting. threw it down. i'm like -- overwhelmed with vapor. >> bob, what is that? >> put it on the back. when you start to sweat you put it on your back and it makes you cool down. chill out. let's go back to the story here. >> can you explain to us -- >> what happen. >> serious situation. what happened before, i think, is for. eric mentioned this earlier. is that -- the fbi investigated three dozen people to try to determine was there a racial bias, were there grounds to constitute a hate crime? their investigation came back negative. there was nothing that they could point to, no evidence to suggest that this was racially motivated or a hate crime. that's the problem with this. >> why was the fbi looking into it in first pace?
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>> the fbi -- under the direction of the department of justice and eric holder, they were called upon, investigate this, we think this is racially motivated and you have an obligation to do so to make sure there hasn't been civil rights violations and this is a number of groups that came forward requesting this in the ncaa. they decided not to file charges. eric mentioned came forward and said we would file it anyway. even though the investigator at the state level said there were no any state charges. they are going to have to find some way to conjure this up and maybe -- i just don't see how they can say a good faith basis that they are going to investigate this again when they already investigated it and only because they dispute and disagree with the outcome of the state criminal case, now they will try to go after him this way. >> bob, do you think that politically they had to say that they would at least look at and it having -- because president obama inserted himself into it early on saying if i had a son he would probably look like
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trayvon martin. now -- with the naacp calling on the administration to take a look at this, do you think they were in the situation where they had to say at least consider it? >> i think they do have to consider it. you can argue that it was pushed by other people and it is all politics. let's keep in mind the zimmerman turned in seven people and he called in wannabe cop job and all seven were black. now -- maybe that's because they were just so many blacks walking around outside his neighborhood. but seven in a row before he got to trayvon was -- was black. now maybe that's -- >> do you think -- let me ask you something. do you think that george zimmerman shot trayvon martin because he was black and not because he was in fear of life. >> no, i do not believe that. >> then -- >> i believe he was a woos. >> that's no case. >> let me ask eric something. first a demand for ain't rest. then there was a demand for a trial. now the jury's verdict, they would not be satisfied. if the justice department looks at that and we can't meet that
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higher burden of proof and decline to bring charges, what do you think the reaction -- >> i am 100% positive the justice department, eric holder said today, we will look at and investigate this. i'm sure they will. spend a lot of time and money looking into it and there is no way in hell they bring this case to trial. they need -- one of the burdens of proof they needed -- to be a hate crime. their own fbi already said it is not a hate crime. talk about lawsuits. george zimmerman -- trayvon martin can sue george zimmerman. he will go after nbc and he should. he will go after the state and he may be -- i will tell you who -- if i were him, go after, after what happened today tv, i would go after the prosecutors because the prosecutors on national television said today george zimmerman is a coward for not taking the stand. can you believe that he exercised his right and these prosecutors said he was cowardly -- >> did you say that the martin
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family would do that for money, for the money? >> that's all they can go after now, bob. his money. they can't put him in jail. that's point. >> if the justice department were to go forward with this, do you think ultimately that this case having been started hopefully deal with racial tension and actually makes racial tension worse? >> here is the issue with eric holder. he sees everything through the prism of race. he kept that mustache because he believes shaving cream, which is white -- you know, he keeps talking about an honest -- always wants this honest discussion. basically honest translates into agree with me that you are racist. if he was honest and instead of saying gun violence he would say gang violence and address why there were hundred kreds and hundreds of black men murdered in chicago since the trayvon case began and -- what could be done about that. bob, i'm sorry about that horrible joke. >> keep going. >> anyway -- if you want to talk
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honestly about race you have to talk about black on black crime. they don't want to talk about it. >> how about prosecutors? so irresponsible. getting criticism from people -- prosecutors, defense attorneys, well-respected people for saying that, commenting on the constitutional right to remain style sxept state had the burden of proof here and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he killed trayvon martin. second-degree with ill will, hatred, racial moatation and failed to do so. this case was tried justly by six women. one hispanic. white supremacists. >> can they -- i'm sorry. can you sue for the prosecutors for saying that? >> you can sue for bringing the case against them saying there were not sufficient legal grounds brought it trying to percent cute him. >> the justice department -- do they have a time limit? is the clock ticking? >> great question. no, they don't. they can go ahead and convene a grand jury at any time which is how eric holder will do this. they will stage this out. say we are investigating until bob is no longer -- no longer in
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office. >> can somebody sue nancy grace for being horrible? >> she's my friend. >> you need more friends. >> didn't she say george zimmerman said something that has been disproven and even said it -- >> she said it today on air. >> did she get bleeped? >> no. >> she keeps saying that. that's something actionable? >> you would think that her bosses might -- >> she is a siren wrapped in human protoplasm. >> nothing i like more than being told great question. >> you like that? >> did that make your day? >> it does. gold star on my refrigerator when i get home. directly ahead, al sharpton says the fight is long from over. a theory about why all this is happen. >> you see many people out there that are stoking the fires of, quote, unquote, race because they are concerned about keeping that at the forefront and keep the country divided. >> we are going the look at both sides when we come back.
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♪ welcome back. race has played a big part in the trayvon martin case. but in the aftermath of every racially charged trial some so-called civil rights leaders played the race card. they need there to be racial division to remain relevant. al sharpton playing on home turf nbc this morning. >> trayvon martin had the civil right to go home. and in 100 cities this saturday, there will be demonstrations in front of federal buildings led by ministers pressing the federal government to protect our right. i can tell you this is long from
2:31 am
being over and we are going to be with him every step of the way because this puts every child at risk. >> this puts every child at risk. on the other hand, some leaders lead instead of picking at america's sensitive and not fully healed racial scab like alan west, african-american conservative, and willing to call out the race baiters. >> but once again, you see a media and you see many people out there that are stoking the fires of, quote, unquote race because they really are concerned about keeping that at the forefront and keep this country divided because of a collective mindset. >> more eyeballs today on "the five" than he gets a couple on his own show. i know why he does it. but should he? >> first of all, can i get a pass to get back to my country? >> yes. >> i think that sharpton did not have the most for sense he needed to have, have a demonstration, that's fine, but keep it nonviolent, he did not
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say that. alan west -- >> stay on sharpton. >> sharpton -- but. >> if he was saying -- look, let's put hit the way. if race relations -- race in america was 100% perfect, there would be no need for an al sharpton. >> that's right. do i think that al sharpton stokes the fires because it keeps him relevant? in some ways, yes. do i believe there is month racism in this country? absolutely not. >> can you look at the cases al sharpton inserted hip self into and made it worse? >> yes. >> never made a single one person? duke lacrosse. the crown heights riots. this case -- pigment is your piggy bank if you are a race merchant. this is rare case. this one -- trayvon martin case is a rare one compared to the thousands of homicides that occur every year. protest is legitimate. if you perceive it justice. should not be reflective of society as a whole. this is rare. >> also, i have been trying to
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think about why is it this case that was the trigger point? you have the gang violence across america. 50% high school graduation rate for african-americans in most urban centers including like chicago, las vegas, 50%, do you have -- if you don't have a high school diploma, you are like -- your likelihood of being unemployed goes way up. 40% youth unemployment in washington, d.c., for african-american youth. why aren't those issues the ones that could be -- trigger to actually get something done that could change -- >> exactly. >> why is it okay then for trayvon to call zimmerman a creepy ass cracker? do you think that's very nice? >> i don't think -- >> that's a derogatory -- racist term. >> this is in the middle of a fight. a lot of people say a lot of things. dane makes a good point here. jesse jackson, who is -- pretty good about these things, took on babies having babies. remember that? a long -- mostly directed at
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black. why doesn't al sharpton go to which i schi and say it is time for you to stop killing each other is y07bd me. >> president obama eventually did. after he was calling for the gun violence debate and everybody said well, what about in your own hometown of chicago? eventually he went there. then you never hear anything more about it. >> it is not the super bowl. super bowl is -- when you have a specific case that is polarizing and then you judgment in the frontlines like al sharpton does, the first guy holding the banner. >> wasn't the first guy. president obama was the first guy who said if i had a son he would look like trayvon martin. he didn't say if i had a son, or a brother, or a cousin, he would look like ambassador stephens or brian terry. >> here is my thing. >> what's wrong with saying that? >> he jumped into it because of race not because of a death or homicide. >> i'm not saying racism doesn't exist. it does. i have a problem with people that want to make it more pervasive and create more problems and not even try to
2:35 am
move forward in the right direction. this is dialing it back. this is putting us back further than we need to be as a country. i think it is irresponsible. they use it for the personal gain and personal promotion to have -- the families suffer enough on both sides. >> i don't think that we ought to just assume because black leaders, like sharpton, are doing this, black community is upset. upset with or without martin or with or without sharpton and are angry out there. >> i think -- there is a -- there's truth to that. >> exposes a lot of things and maybe we haven't made as much progress as we thought we would. >> i think the producer just told us that some 700,000 signatures on the naacp website looking for the fbi or some dash sorry, doj, to pursue the case. coming up, update on the tragic death of "glee" star cory monteith. this has been missing for months. >> that's a guy in that costume.
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>> long period without you. now you are back. i tell you, i have a tear in the corner of my eye. have a twinkie a day and your world will be better. i promise you that.
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♪ ♪ cheap perfume ♪ a smile they can share the night ♪ ♪ goes on and on >> that was actor corey my mont
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in "glee." he was found dead in his hotel room saturday in vancouver. the autopsy was scheduled for today. police have ruled out foul play. monteith spoke publicly about his struggles with addiction and admitted himself to a treatment facility just this past april. i'm going to go to you on this, bob. >> he was in a rehab before that as well. and he also is quoted at age 12 -- something i said to myself when i was 40, which is i'm lucky to be alive. >> at welfare? >> he said that at 12, yes. according to these notes. he -- i have to be honest with you. i don't watch the thing. the guy had a history of drug addiction and found dead in a hotel room. i go back to -- >> only 31. >> go back to the number of stars who have been found dead in hotel rooms from drug overdoses. i hope it isn't but it looks like it is a real possibility and just another tragedy of somebody that has too much fame, too much money, and too much access to drugs. >> why is it always at a hotel
2:42 am
room? serious. i have a theory. why -- why it always happens in hotel rooms. i think you are in a new town and you are buying drugs and you don't know -- you don't have a regular source of drugs. >> bob, he wasn't 12 years old. >> 19. 19 years old. sorry. >> well -- when he said that. >> 12 years ago. >> died at the age of 31. in 2011 he said he was lucky to be alive. he told "parade" magazine, he said he had taken anything and everything that he could. this was, i guess, you know -- substance abuse issue. >> that's an interesting point. i hadn't thought about that but that's probably right. >> i actually asked a doctor about that once when i was in another profession. and -- he said -- the only -- overdoses that he ever experienced in young people were -- when they were in business trips and other cities because they weren't used to the drugs they were buying and would -- >> john lucci was -- woman shooting him up with combination of heroin, cocaine.
2:43 am
cocaine was much more powerful than he was used to. >> he was very well liked in hollywood. seen a lot of people, tremendous outpouring of similar path write and -- you know, obviously he will be missed. his girlfriend was one of the cast members on the show. >> just -- going back to the trayvon martin thing. twitter has become this thing now where whether it is a case or it is a death, that's where you go. >> if you don't say something then you are not relevant. you are not there. if you don't comment -- i have a problem -- way back maybe the nsa thing, irs. why haven't you i commented all weekend? i don't know anything. i'm waiting. i felt pressure. maybe i should say something just to say something. >> should i be pressured to say something about the segment? >> you said something -- >> i hate when producers play a song that matches the topic. >> very mean. >> predictable.
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>> remember a few months ago when twinkies went out of business and bob threw up? it turned into a classic moment on "the five." >> this is an end of an era. wonder boogers -- >> wonder boogers -- >> we already lost this segment. >> it never gets old. i love. >> it who do you think was laughing in the back ground? >> it was hilarious. my eyes were water then and they are watering now. good news for bob and twinkie fans everywhere. twinkies are back. bob is one happy man. >> i haven't been able to live without. you are back. thank you. thank you, thank you. >> wow.
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you know you are definitely going to stay tuned for this. we will show you the rest of the highlights.
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whoa, dude! you thinkin' what i'm thinkin'? yeah ♪we love to work at nothin all day♪ ♪and we've been taking care of business♪ test test.
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♪ ♪ this must be like living in paradise ♪ >> welcome back to "the five." you all may remember when twinkies announced they were going bankrupt last year. it turned into classic moment on "the five." this is an end of an era. hostess brands, maker of twinkies, wonder boogers -- >> wonder boogers? we already lost this segment. >> when i heard they were liquidating hostess, i was thinkingly with you dating twinkies, why haven't i thought of that? like the opposite of slimfast? i don't have the time to actually chew. when i'm in a hurty and want my twinkie i will drink my twinkie. bob just drank the whole thing! >> that was brilliant.
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>> our prayers have been answered. twinkies are back. folks at hostess were wrought side fox news this afternoon. hi to stop by. folks, it is an amazing day in american history. one of the great tragedies in american history happened several months ago when twinkies went months ago when twinge kiss went out of business, but they're back thanks to your work and mine. so they're back. what a day. a big day. who wants a twinkie. anybody? all right. i don't know if you can talk or not, but let me say something to you and me, buddy. just the two of us talking. this has been a long and sad period without you. and now you're back. and i tell you, i've got a tear in the corner of my eye. have a twinkie a day. and your world will be better. i promise you that.
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good god you're back. i've missed you. i haven't been able to live without you. you're back. thank you. thanks for coming back because i missed you a lot. >> is that a boy or girl in there? >> that character actually poops these out. that's how twinkies are made. >> you're the one who gave me -- is anybody as excited as i am about. >> i love twinkies. >> it's crazy what's going on here in the break. >> let's talk about a new change. these are smaller in size now. twinkies used to be bigger, right? >> are you disappointed? gr what are you trying to say? >> that means less calories, right? >> i don't care about that.
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>> yeah. >> did you put them next to the older twinkies? >> you happy they're back? >> i've loved twinkies since i was a kid. they used to be on separate racks. like you had the gum and then -- >> separate packs. >> that's why they're called twin packs. >> i handed these out to everybody -- >> well, i'm at an age where i can't eat them anymore. and i'm not kimberly who can seemingly eat anything at anytime. so i'm just smelling it because i think that you can gets a much satisfaction from smelling a twinkie. >> no, you can't. you have to put it in your lip you're okay, right? one more thing is up next.
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all right. time for one more thing. i wonder if you're going to talk about a bush. >> not a tree, but a bush. president obama 41 was at the white house today avoiding the points of light foundation. it was floyd hammer and kathy
2:57 am
hamilton who were missionaries and went on a trip, they came back and they decided they had to do something, it's called outreach. here is her speech at the white house today. >> each labor day volunteers all over iowa helped pack 4 million meals. and in the united states and canada, tens of thousands of volunteers of all ages and nationalities have so far helped us to pack a total of 232 million meals. so far. >> i thought kathy hamilton gave an amazing speech. and you can see george h.w. bush there and he had an amazing, amazing pair of socks on today. >> we'll move on. >> i could talk about the president bushes all day long. >> i know. and the show would just thank you for it. eric. >> so i have an issue with my
2:58 am
puppy freedom. we took him to the hospital. but -- thank you for all the outpouring of support. very quickly, though, saturday had visiting day for camp. bunk 30. these guys have been together for seven years in a row. same eight guys. they're having a great time. great seeing my guys. >> that's nice. >> all right. bob. >> yeah, i missed some news that came up because on june 30th, there was a walk through central park to raise money for chronic pain conditions called crps. chronic pain attacks 50,000 people every year. it's pain 24 hours a day. every day of your life. and there is no known cure for it. medical schools don't address it. anybody who is able, please contribute money to the crps and let's try to do something about chronic pain.
2:59 am
>> bob contributes to a lot of that pain. >> bob gives me chronic pain every day. >> why am i being attacked? >> kimberly. >> i want to talk about our senior producer who has to put up with all the craziness. doing the triathlon, that's what he has to do in order to survive dealing with us on a daily basis. so there you go. look at him, the big winner. very cool. good job, porter. >> did he put you up to that? >> no, he didn't know. in my one more thing is good getting a change of address because i'm moving. going to the post office. in possible. they lose 25$25 m2$25 million a. can't do a change of address because they have no record of my original address. they've been living my nail every day for send years and they said you do not t


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