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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 7, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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>> not a day over 18 gregg. >> keep it coming. >> thanks for joining us everybody, america lives starts right now. bye-bye. >> fox news alert. court martial of the a cowed fort hod gunman taking a bizarre turn. the judge pulled the plug on the proceedings because of the unusual request from the defense. i am allison cameota in for megyn kelliy. major nidal hassan opened up the statement. hassan did not ask a single question. but it is what we are hearing today that has experts completely confused about hassan's defense. reporting for fort hood texas, is casy.
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>> allison, good to so you. no one expected this. the court martial was running a head of schedule. and now come to a grinning halt. everyone was dismissed from court and ordered to be back here at 10 o'clock eastern tomorrow morning. let me walk you through what happened. it is convuulated. the judge said the defense foiled a motion this morning to basically no longer work for major hassan if he is trying to get the death.. remember the history. hassan decided he would represent himself and his lawyers were put on stand by to help him where needed since the fro year old army psychiatrist is clearly not an attorney. in so many words, the stand by council said hasan is not trying here and he appears to want the
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death.and they don't want to be a part. if hasan wants to put up a fight they will stay. hasan participated little and only cross examined two of the 12 witnesses and his opening statement was a whopping two minutes long and hasan by the way, told the court that the evidence was about to be presented told that he was the shooter on the day and the stand by attorneys couldn't be a part of this. if their impressions are correct and if hasan wants to be executed. there is a lot for the court to consider at this time. really stuff that could be a game- changer according to the legal analyst and the judge adjourned until tomorrow so that everything can be sorted out and we can figure out where to go from here. >> casy, so much of it is highly
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unorthodox. still a head-on our she we'll debate whether hasan's defense strat tit for tat will work and what this means for the panel of victims. our legal experts will weigh in on that. >> more concerns over the terror threat in the middle east. the yemeni government said they thwarted a plot that would bomb the ports. the u.s. air strikes killed seven terrorist in south yemen. meanwhile foreigners are flooding out of the country. the united states and united kingdom evacuated their embassies in the region. >> i am lifting the moratorium on the detainee transfer to yemen and we'll review them on a case by case basis. we'll transfer those who are cleared to go to other
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countries. >> that was president obama giving dozens of gitmo prisoners the go a head to return to yemen. they are standing by the return. they are following this from the pentagon, hi, jennifer. >> hi, allyson. president obama met them months after the high profile counter terrorism speech in the national university in which he was lifting the release of prisoners to go back to yemen. this is what jay carney said at the time. >> it reflects a change in policy that reflects changes in yemen. >> despite the current terrorist threat coming from yemen the white white stands by his decision and return gitmo prisoners to yemen. the againesis of al-qaeda in the
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araban peninsula goes back to a prison break in yemen in february of 2006. that encluded the escape of nasaar ha shi spurred the closure in north africa and the middle east. they tunnelled out of a maximum security prison in the capitol of yemen and popped up in a mosque and walked out the front door to freedom. he teamed up with two high profile gitmo detainees that the u.s. released to saudi arabia. >> a handful of detainees, primarily saudi citizen made their way across the border and joined al-qaeda in yemen. it was that merger from detained in saudi arabia and al-qaeda escapees in yemen formed the al-qaeda in the araban peninsula and announced itself in january
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of 2009. that's the group that we know today as al-qaeda in the araban peninsula. >> yet the white house stands by its decision for the releases despite the track record that it creates more al-qaeda in yemen. >> thank you, jennifer. >> obama care's potential security flaws is exposed in a new report. we are less than two months away, 54 days from the day that millions of americans will enroll in the insurance exchanges under the new health care law. the government is months pehind making sure the exchanges are safe from hackers and identity thoefs. the editor and host of power play on fox hi, chris. >> hi, ally. >> they opened for initial enrollment and the federal
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government is planning on how to avoid the security glitches, right? >> except for they didn't. and they have had years to get ready for this moment and they are already signing people up. the administration is concerned that not enough people will sign up. people from 2 category,1 that give free and subsidized insurance to and the law forces to buy insurance and if not enough buy premiums will go up more than expected. they are on a full court press and navigators and using li brarians and everybody they can think of to get them in the program. the problem is, data is not secower yet. and the inspector general report said they are not ready for what they call the data hub that is the largest sort of confliigration of personal data on americans to put in one place. health information and employer information and insurance
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information, everything in one place, it would be a hacker's delight and they are not ready to protect it yet. >> hss was supposed to test the data hub, the week of june throerd and they missed that deadline. they will test the security behind it this week. what happens if it doesn't work? >> they are say figure it doesn't work or reports indicate that it doesn't work, they will slide the turning on of the hub and people will require people to enroll or entice people to enroll for fro stuff or tax.but they will not turn on the hub until later. they don't have to have a portable data structure available until the beginning of next year. and where did the data go and how did it fit. the federal government keeps plenty of data on american citizens as we know. and having so much stuff in one place is causing serious
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concerns. >> if they allow it to go forward and don't delay it and it opens with security kinks that they have not sort the out yet. then what? what does this mean for people who are entering in to the social security numbers? >> the first area hackers be they foreign or international or foreign or domestic, are going to be harvesting people's data. that is a concern of building more four walls and safety. we have a lot of secower encrypted systems. will people working with the government or as we saw with edward snowden, a contractor that maintains and builds the systems, will they pull out data about people. it includes medical conditions and records and much more personal information and can they find out someone who worked for a political party et cetera. they are concerns about internal abuse and that is disconcerting
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when we talk about the internal rev now service and department of justice. and along those kinds of lines. and people are disquieted in a moment when the administration is trying hard to get people in the system. >> we have seen delays with the implementation of tenants of obama care. is there and possibility that this, too could be delayed. >> the only part is paying for it part. that is the part that they delayed and requirements for a business to either pay penalties or offer more insurance. they have proceeded as fast as they can to get as many people enrolled. they will punt the security proficiency until later. they don't have to have to have it until the first of the year when they turn the entire
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cybernetic brain o. for now, they will just continue to file it away in utah or data bank before the hub becomes a lot. >> i will turn my cybernetic brain on now at some point very soon, chris. chris, thank you so much. >> you bet. >> there are new numbers to show that american women are having fewer children than ever before. is that a bad thing? we'll take up the debate if you can have it all in life without having kids and potential problems when you don't procreate. we would love to hear your thoughts. strange tradition is on hold in a cemetery for law makers as we learned that the goats have to pass a drug test before they can get back to work. and yet, another display of strength from a victim of the ariel castro's victim where she
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>> in japan, a troubling development. officials say highlyro active water from the plant is prompting the prime minister to order the government to step in. the fukushimma plant was hit by the earthquake and tsunami. >> new concerns about the american dream. people's confident in the economy is getting worse. it is down four points since the month of april.
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is it just a mid- summer slump or a troubling sign of things to come. this is a managing partner. good to so you. >> good to so you, to. despite positive points of the economy. some things ticking up and american confident is dropping this summer what is going on? >> i think it is really interesting. the spectacular area is most concerning to me middle to lower income families, that is where consumer and economic confidence is hurting the most. that means a lack of clarity and confident on what is going to happen in the future. that can come from a number of places. where it comes from is their wallet and prices are rising and wages are stagnant and lower and no way to be happy and you are taking home less money and it makes sense. none of the numbers surprise me,
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allyson. we are supposed to be getting better. >> we have the poll up on the screen for the vower viewers right now. richer people have more confidence than people with a lower salary. but the problem is it is the lower income folks who are the back bone of the u.s. economy. if they don't have confidence, they hurt consumer spending. >> yeah, and also put it in perspective. it is not only them having confidence. they have more confident than lower to middle income people. i don't know anybody. take the individuals who run businesses and sfen percent of the jobs out there are small businesses. very few people and i am out there all of the time talk about the confidence level, no one is smiling and no one is happy or
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confident. there is nothing good going on. we can see the economic numbers that we think are good. they are not good. gdp is horrendous. we are at 1.7 percent and not close to where the economy should be growing, and not to be a debbie downer of any kind, but be honest. people are not happy and looking forward with great confidence to the american dream. they are looking down the rod and worrying every single day. >> but there is a flip side to this. there is positive indications. unemployment rate ticked down to 7.4 percent and however, the housing market has picked up steam and the stock market is going gang busters. rrnt they things to feel optimistic about? >> that number 7.4. take that and erase it. what matters is the new jobs that are developed and 93 percent of the jobs are part- time and we should get 53,000
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new jobs and we are getting 163,000. and the stock market going up is fantastic and not everyone has money in the stock market and housing market going up. that's nice and wages and values are going up. if you solid or captured that, that is fantastic. build ares and real estate people are doing well. lower rates are stimulating that part of the market. speak toth gall up poll, people are not that happy and they don't so a positive economic horizon. and that's what it is about. we have to do something different. i want everyone to have a good life and happy and positive economic outlook, but it is not there right now. >> another interesting data point to come out. job openings are highest this past june since 2008 yet hiring is not. somehow there are openings and
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positions available and companies are not hiring, what is the disconnect? >> the jobs that are hiring and a lot of people are flat out just not interested in those. and some people are making the argument when you work the numbers and everything that you get if you are unemployed, you have to get a big number to get off of the couch and start going after somebody. if we cut off the benefits and i am not supporting. but if you did they would take those jobs and right now they have a choice. i am open to hire anybody that creates revenue. and i am subpoena in hiring them right now and not interested in overhead. some cases i need. it i need certain people to do certain jobs. the jobs are out there if they look for it and change their attitude to what they want to get and go out there to get what they want to get. >> one thing that the gall up poll noted. at a time when consumer defends
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or american confidence was at the lowest, was in the debt ceiling debate. so basically what happens on capitol hill and fighting about on capitol hill, does have a direct correlation to how willing people are to spend and confident they feel in the future. >> i read that and i am not sure you agree with. that i don't know if they worry about the debt ceiling debate and i think overall, there could be a consequence that that happen, i just don't know condition who said i don't know if i will make the purchase because i am questioning the debt ceiling debate. >> it may be a mood or climate and hard to say if they are connected. ed, thank you for your expertise on this. >> thank you for having me. >> the accused fort hood shooter baffling the defense and forcing a halt to the proceedings. and our legal panel will talk
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about the impact of the case. >> and things happening in the nation's capitol and even these guys are jumping through hoops. >> how a public shaming back fours beg- time.
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♪ >> well, crews demolished the cleveland home where ariel castro kept three women captive for more than a decade. it is a step in the healing process for the victims and the community as they try to put the house of horrors behind them there. the construction crews tore in the boarded up house this morning as one of the victims, michelle knight watched.
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>> dear lord give them strength and power to know that they are love. we hear their crois. they are never forgotten in my heart. i go to be a motivation speaker and everybody know that they are hurt and they are loved and there is hope for everyone. michelle knight along with amanda berry and gina dejesus escaped when one of them broke free and yelled for help. ariel castro is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. >> you may have to watch your step in a historic cemetery in washington. that is because more than a hundred goats graze the cemetery lawns. even these guys have to cut through bureaucratic red tape to get the job; what does this mean, trace? >> the cemetery is 35 acre on
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capitol hill and the hope is by releasing the goals and clean up the land mark in six or sen days and eliminates the voins and poison ice vy and fertilizer likewiser comes at no coast. this is the man who owns eco goats. >> they can deputy places people don't want to go. they are ideal and maces with a lot of rocks and thorns and high tick. >> we can get 14 or 15 hours a day out of the goats depending on daylight. >> with them there is no need for dangerous herbicides and keep invasive species from killing off the trees. the goats started grazing today but almost didn't and the dc health department wanted to make sure the goats had a clone bill of health. they are in the process of
1:28 pm
getting cleared and eating all of the bad stuff up and leaving mementos beend. next time you visit one of your long lost loved ones, many senators and congressman are buried there, watch where you walk. >> be careful of the momentos. i like how you phrase that. thank you, trace. >> as if you didn't get enough security screening already. there is word that the tsa can be setting up shop outside of the airport and making trips longer when you are not flying. what is motivating that expansion. and hearing from the sole surviving firefighter after the arizona wildfires that killed the rest of his crew, we are learning that the widow of one of the fallen is told that her husband's service doesn't qualify her for any benefits at all. the new guy is loaded with protein!
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it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar. >> there is a growing trend that sparked debate over what it means to have it all. a new study shows that fewer americans are having kids than before. there were less than 4 million births registered in the year of 20len last time data was available and that marked the lowest fertility rate reported in this country. these days, one in five women doesn't have children. it used to be one in ten in the
1:33 pm
known the cents and women make up half of the work force. what are the implications of all of this. monica crowley is a talk she kristand kristin powers is host of the boat. >> hi, grit to see you tis a hot topic of debate. time mag zone had a controversial mag zone cover. the child- fro life. is it okay? can it be fulfilling? i am wondering if you agree with the premise of the article that there is a strong motherhood man date in this country and you are made to feel inadequate if you don't have children as a woman? >> i don't know. i don't have children and i never felt like anybody treats me that way. i know that there are some people that feel that way. i suggest it comes perhaps their own sdoir to have kids or not happy with their choices.
1:34 pm
most people who don't have kids are happy people and they are happy with their decision. i tend to find these kinds of debates to be tedious and it tends to get the angst up at people. i feel like they are pointing fingers. >> i had a different experience than kirsten and this was when i was married. not a week people asked if i was trying to have kids? it is personal and makes you feel inadequate. >> there is a social imperative where it is sort of expected for women to have children and if you don't you are an aberration. and you ran down the numbers, ally, those women who choice not to have children or can't have children they are in the minority, but those numbers are
1:35 pm
growing. a woman can be childless for a number of reasons. it can be her choice where she chooses to be child free or experience infer dellitiy and she could be working or hasn't found the right partner and we can all relate to that in our lives. i don't have children either and i think a lot of times, you do get the questions which i find from a personal perspective, i find that, really, i know they are trying to be nice and trying to ask the question, do you think it is in your future? it is a hilo personal thing and the person asking the question doesn't know the personal situation and yet they feel entitleed to pry in that area. >> absolutely. the question of are you trying i find personal and that evokes a lot of information that they don't need to be a part of. christen, it z a larger
1:36 pm
societyial immi kalgdz and the birth rate is dropping, there could be a demographic problem, right. it is a younger people who support the retiring and older people? >> yeah, i would like to say, i get those questions and people have always. my friends and family, i guess i feel like they mean well. i don't feel judged. for people who have kids tis not understandable that i am not obsessed with that and they were until they have their kids. and in terms of the implications of the country, i agree there are implications though that is not the argument for immigrants coming in the country to help with your population. and so i think there are other ways to address. it i don't think the way to address it is people who don't want to have xhrn have children. there are people who do have kids that maybe shpt have had
1:37 pm
kids and willine tell you. that we shouldn't pressure people and don't make them get for. that >> i agree, my college roommate. i heard her talking to another woman who was not sure if she wanted kids and my college rom mate has two. she said unless you want this 110 percent don't do. it if you only want it 95 percent and margeally unsure don't do it because of the implications for your life. and women are making the judgments where in the past they didn't feel comfortable to make them. in the economic sphere allyson. we are seeing the ramifications, in western europe. it is a shrinking tax base. we'll wait to see how that plays out. >> do you think it is recession related and when we are out of
1:38 pm
our economic woes people will go back to have more kids or did we turn the corner that women can feel fulfilled without having children? >> i continuing is both. you can do that and it is consideredoc and it is also partly the fact economic that most people are two- parent families and hard to have more than a couple of kids. to me it is unrolistic to have one child and a full- time job. there are so many people doing those things. i grew up and i went to a catholic high school and my two best friends came from a family of nine kids. today that is unusual. and so i think, most of my friend's parents the mother stayed at home. it is a very different thing. there is a lot of different dynamics. >> we are having this conversation solely about women.
1:39 pm
it is the age- old debate that theonous is on women, can you have it all. maybe not all at one time, but the question is never posed to men. >> you are so right. >> men go on with their lives they get married and have kids. >> we are also looking for jennifer aniston's baby bump and never george clooney. >> i blame hollywood for all of. this monica and krifrten, thank you for the debate. >> thank you, ally. >> a troubling up date for you. biological father of a young girl in a center of a custody battle is missing. this after ditching a meeting with the adoptive parents. administration may have announced the charges against
1:40 pm
the suspects in the benghazi terror attacks. but they are not saying who they are. will keeping the case under sealed documents help or hurt with the prosecution? and the amount of town with the attack and charges affect the outcome of the case. and unusual request in the hassan charges. >> i was worried about him being over in iraq and making sure he stayed safe over in iraq, you never imagine something like this would happen state side especially in the largest military base there is in the united states. he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop.
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in tanz anyia. and 15 years, 17 of the 21 individuals indicted for the u.s. for the attack have been killed or captured and for of them successor of osama bin laden and that remains at large. in a strange day in the court martial of the fort hood gunman. the stand by attorneys for nidal hasan said if hasan wants the death.they should not have to help him as much as they have been thus far. we'll talk about it with the former prosecutors and defense attorneys. great to have you here. it sounds like hasan's attorneys who are helping him because he is representing himself believe he is actively trying to get the
1:45 pm
death.and they want no part of it. so can they recuse themselves or whatever the words for this? >> i don't see basis for it. the way it is going forward is unusual, i do agree with. that but the attorneys to take a position that they simply can't participate in this. i don't think it is a great argument to make. the reason i say. that attorneys help all of the time in individuals pleading guilty to something they did. that is what hasan is doing here and there is nothing unethiccal. all they are required to do is make sure the evident is support. it >> he was not allowed to plead guilty. he wanted to plead guilty and because it is a, they must go through the trial. it might be time to change the law. >> change the law or prosecutor is going to have to say is it worth it. they will put victims on the stand. and this guy is an idiot and
1:46 pm
a psychokiller without a defense. how about looking him up forever and allow him to plead guilty to that and everybody can go home and not spend months in the court martial. >> it is a theater of the absurd when someone represents himself. it is a little canningaro court to the proceedings that he is standing up and cross examining witnesses and it is all very strange. >> it really is, it gets to the core of the constitutional rights. we can decide whether we want another individual to represent us and whether we represent ourselves. right now, the law is what it is. those attorneys need to step back and make sure the procedures are fair and just and let hasan defend himself the way he sees in his best intchlt he wants to be a martyr and let it go. >> and john, in his opening
1:47 pm
statement. hasan stood up, the evidence will she i am the shooter. >> he's not allowed to plead guilty but he did. he got up and evident will support i did it. technically not allowed. when you have no defense and insist going to trial and you know you will lose that's what he is doing. the prosecution should cut it off at the knows. if he loses which he will and appeals will follow which they will. he will not get executed and forget that component of this. >> i am not sure if that is the case. there is a process here and there is a value to what is happening here. in the system that we have, we are putting forth all of the evident to prove he did. it you know what the protection is here, you get an individual who doesn't understand his rights, while we believe he does. this is a protection for the individualed in the system to
1:48 pm
make sure there is enough i have had to support the guilt. >> we have the checks and balances, but jana points out death penalty cases in the military courts are almost historically impossible to convict. they are convicted and overturned in appeals. this isap exercise if fulltility? >> that is thorough. it is different than the cases that precedes it. this individual wants to die and have the death penalty. he may not appeal at all because the end result is what he wants, that is death. you may see the death sentence carried out. >> i think the a pole is automatic. we were not in the courtroom and he said evident would show i did it. that is grounds for mistrial. no appellate court will let the conviction stand. >> why is that?
1:49 pm
>> because it is if i am representing stove. and my client is dpelt and i committed malpractice. that's what he did. >> it is a totally different situation. this individual waived his right to have had adversarial process play out. he turned it into a nonadversarial process. it is in fact thorough. and there is nothing wrong or unconstitutional with that and no groupeds for appeal. >> one thing i was surprised to learn. if there is one person that wants to acquit, he is acquitted and there is no thing as a hung jury. that is a risky proposition. >> gives more credence to the argument, now the motion is foiled for the defense council to get off. prosecution said we'll lock him up for the rest of his life.
1:50 pm
>> thank you for helping me to defense. >> thank you. >> the obama administration working to releasing gitmo inmates and sending some of them back it yemen. we'll debate that. and she meant no harm but a shaming of her children comes back to bite her big time. >> you ladies need to leave. you're welcome to come back but you can't bring your children. but thanks to hotwtwire's i cacan affd to crossss more t thins off my lisi. thisis year alonone, we wenent to the t top of t the statuee of libiberty... and ststill sasaved enoughgh to go o to texas to a a real dude ranchch. hotwirire checks the compmpetition's s rates everery day so t they can guguarantee their r low priceses. so we got our four-s-star hotels for hahalf price.. next up p -- hollywowood. -o-t-w-w-i-r-e... . ♪ ♪ sasave big on n 5 a daday. delivering mail,
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medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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we have a very unusual delivery to tell you about. veterinarians at sea world, orlando, successfully performing the first ever cesarean section on a shark. the staff says the operation was
1:54 pm
necessary after a white tipped reef sharp exhibited quote complications about six months into her pregnancy, post surgery, the mom and all four pups are said to be doing just fine and will be kept under close observation for some time before guests are allowed to see them. one cafe owner is finding out the hard way when it comes to a mom and her kids and throwing them out. watch out. lorraine mcduff had had enough of a customer's messy kids. in an act of public shaming, she posted pics of the mess that they left behind of crumbs and various other things on facebook, but the public backlash is harsh against her, to say the least, starting with one angry mom. trace gallagher is here with more. what's happening, trace? >> nobody can relate to this like you can, ali. this mom brought her 1 and 3-year-old kids into this cafe
1:55 pm
in washington near seattle and they ordered up a couple of scones, kind of crummy. the kids got crumbs on the floor and the owner, lorraine mcduff and goes by rainy. that's the crumb picture you took, really? my house looks much worse. she took this picture and posted it on facebook and then says this on the facebook quote. listen. >> i'd like to take this time to thank our customers with small children who don't make messes. >> there was a mess? >> there was a mess. >> but the real mess came next because she said to the mom, you can come back, just don't bring those kids. other moms did not appreciate the messy kids comment and then they started sounding off. here's one example, listen. >> that's definitely uncalled-for. >> reporter: you think so? >> she should not be selling scones if she doesn't want kids to make a mess. >> reporter: she was kind. other moms on facebook not nearly as kind, much more
1:56 pm
aggressive, even threatening the owner who was a bit shocked. here she is again. >> somebody threatened to drag me behind their truck. i've had people threatening to picket my business. it was supposed to be something new yorky and funny and it didn't turn out that wait all. >> no, no, it did not turn out that way at all, she ended up, rainy mac duff, apologizing for the facebook comment. didn't really hurt business that much, but the crumbs, the facebook? really? >> i had a chair, trace, with so many crumbs in it from my kids i had to throw it out. i couldn't actually get the crumbs out of the chair. i know you can relate. >> i can indeed. >> okay. see you soon. meanwhile, we do have this troubling update for you on a story we've been following as we learn the biological father of a young girl at the center of this contentious custody battle apparently never showed up to a
1:57 pm
meeting in which she was supposed to return her to her adoptive parents. we'll speak with the attorney for those parents straight ahead. and no arrests that we know of. the u.s. says several people have now been charged nearly one year after the deadly terror attack in benghazi. we'll take a look back at how we got to this point. what are you doing back there? ow! that hurt! no, no, no, no. you can't go to school like this, c'mon. don't do it! no! (mom vo) you never know what life's gonna throw at you. if i gotta wear clothes, you gotta wear clothes. (mom vo) that's why i got a subaru. i just pulled up. he did what now? no he's never done that before! oh really? i might have some clothes in the car. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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fox news alert now on the first criminal charges filed in the benghazi terror attacks, a brand new hour of "america live." i'm alisyn camerota in for megyn kelly. the terrorist attacks that occurred at the diplomatedic outpost in september 11. that took the lives of these four people. we wrapped to briefly remind you have the aftermath of this tragedy. susan rice, former ambassador to
2:01 pm
the united nations went on talk shows claiming the attacks were in response to an anti-muslim movie and had nothing to do with terrorism. in the course of the next few weeks the obama administration began to change its characterization from that to pre-planned terrorist incident. it took the fbi 18 days to get agents on the ground and secure the crime scene. this posed significant challenges to recovering fresh untainted evidence. the demand for answers grew louder as congressional leaders began calling for hearings and issued subpoenas to everyone from security personnel from then secretary of state hillary clinton. it was in one of those hearings we heard from gregory hicks. he was the former diplomat in libya, possibly the last person with whom ambassador chris stevens communicated before he died. here is some of that testimony. >> we wanted to send further
2:02 pm
reinforcements to benghazi. people enbenghazi had been fighting all night. they were tired, they were exhausted. colonel gibson and his three personnel were getting in the car cars. he stopped and he called them off and said -- told me that he had not been authorized to go. lieutenant colonel gibson was furious. i had told him to go bring our people home. that's what he wanted to do. >> hicks also said secretary of state clinton was informed immediately the attack was coordinated and repeated requests for military assistance were either refused or ignored. now, fox news has confirmed that u.s. federal authorities have charged several suspects in connection with that benghazi attack. one of them is the suspected ringleader behind the ambush. fox news's greg palkot actually met and interviewed that suspect last october. he admitted then that he was at the scene, but he denied involvement in the attack.
2:03 pm
at the time, he also said he was not on the run and that no u.s. officials had made any effort to contact or detain him. greg palkot joins us now from london. greg, the news today about the charges must have seemed long ove overdue to you. >> reporter: remarkable stuff. the first person identified as a suspect in this deadly benghazi attack we met with at length. as you noted, we met with him last october. that was a full six weeks after the attack. that's when we first reported on the interview. it involved a militia member, militia figure in benghazi and agreed to give us his version of things just without a camera rolling. he crucially admitted to being at the consulate the night of the attack and also expressed absolutely no remorse for the death of u.s. ambassador of libya, chris stevens and two other americans. he denied being a ringleader and
2:04 pm
denied direct responsibility and denied being a member of the militant group said to be responsible. instead, he claimed, he was instead of directing people inside the compouncompound, dir traffic outside the compound. while he admitted to being inside the compound, he claimed he was just helping out injured militia members who had been defending americans. here's the important part. we talked to him six weeks after the attack. as you noted, alisyn, the fbi was on the ground 18 days after the attack. according to khatallah, no one from the u.s. government reached out to him at the time. he claimed he would be willing to talk to them if they had reached out to him. this does not mean he had any love for the united states. while he refused to condemn the attack, he explained the u.s. brought it on himself for being involved in libyan politics and again he denied being a member of that talked linked al an sharia group thought to be directly involved in the attack.
2:05 pm
he said this group was in sync with his goals and he agreed with what they were doing and what they were saying. one final antidote, during this interview we conducted at a terrorist restaurant of a hotel in benghazi, at one point i heard a u.s. surveillance aircraft, a drone buzzing overhead. i pointed up to him, i looked at him and he simply shrug ged, th defiance and the relaxed state he had at that time. the latest word we're getting from benghazi, he apparently is still out on the street. back to you. >> if they can't find him, they may need to call in your services again to locate him. greg palkot. fascinating look back. thank you. we want to turn now to the terrorist threat that sparked a worldwide alert this week and closed down u.s. embassy is in 22 different countries, yemen emerging as the focus of that feared attack. today, yemen says it disrupted an al qaeda plot to bomb major
2:06 pm
oil lines and take over the port. a suspected drone strike killed seven alleged militants in yemen this morning. it was the fifth attack in yemen in less than two weeks. all of this happening as the obama administration is working to release high value detainees from guantanamo bay, most to return to yemen. president obama meeting with yemen's president to discuss repatrioting them to yemen but so far no breakthroughs. let's stus all this. lisa is a middle east journalist and a fox news middle east analyst. welcome to both of you. >> thank you? lisa, let me start with you. as we just said, five drone strikes, as far as we know from the u.s. in yemen in less than two weeks and now yemen this week says they disrupted a major terrorist plot. it's hard for us to know what yemen's relationship is with terrorism. how should we be seeing yemen
2:07 pm
and whether or not it's a global ally of ours? >> it's a problem, it seems for them as much as for us. the president has said -- come out and said to president obama said it's as much a problem for us in disrupting our tourism and oil industry and seems they're viewing it as a cancer in their society and we have to do what's in our interests. right now this cancer growing in yemen is the biggest terrorism threat to the u.s. to date. we want to connect the dots, whatever narrative the obama administration is putting forward in terms of not being a war, let's connect the dots. we have detainees in gitmo we want to release or transfer. what are we doing? what's worse than a terrorist is one that's become resilient and vengeful an wants to come at us again. what happened in the aftermath of killing osama bin laden,
2:08 pm
americans were patting themselves on the back while al qaeda became stronger and more resilient and decided to expand in so many ways and became, you know, horizontally much larger and had regional cells that are growing. yemen again is the biggest threat and the one that's grown the largest, the biggest problem for us currently. >> so, walid, if yemen is the biggest threat and a hotbed of terrorist activity and training, are they also a partner on the war on terror or are they fooling us? >> i think al qaeda is a great threat inside yemen against us but also against the government there and against some secular forces inside yemen. the answer is that the yemeni government is fighting al qaeda but is not fighting al qaeda the way we are. they cut deals sometimes. they ah lou the jihadists to see some villages and go after them. in the final analysis, the current yemeni government
2:09 pm
basically is fighting al qaeda but not with a u.s. strategy. we need to fix that. we need to have our partners fighting with us in one joint strategy. so when there is a movement, when there is a group of jihadists, al qaeda in yemen targeting only us and not the government, they need move against them. not a yemeni war with al qaeda, international war with al qaeda. >> i will go back to lisa in a second, do you think it is wise for president obama to consider releasing some guantanamo detainees back to yemen? >> it has to do with gitmo. gitmo is not a waiting room or transit hub for individual criminals who have to be returned to their countries as the administration thinks it is. >> it is a war against terrorists and there are two kinds of people inside gitmo, i remind the audience. war criminals you don't return to the country, you prosecute under military ruling or international law. two, enemy combatant.
2:10 pm
you may negotiate returning enemy combatant. you have to make sure these are not hard core jihadists. we returned some to saudi arabia and they told us the first thing that happened was they were released and they rejoined the battlefield. i am not very comfortable returning a number of jihadists from guantanamo without making that earlier determination. >> lisa, very quickly, what should be done with this yemeni detainees. >> as walid said it's hard to negotiate with a partner. if we're negotiating with yemen, how do we know we won't have a recurrence of more terrorists on the street and again have these recycled terrorists on the streets? what we're doing -- it's actually a war on terror, even though it's not called that and these drone strikes are pinpointing the threats are and as much as we say we're not doing enough, i know the obama administration and president obama does see this as a major threat. this acknowledgement this week and weeks going forward is the first step to really participating and fully making
2:11 pm
the public wear we are at war with them. >> always nice to talk to you both. thank you. >> thank you. a fox news alert for you now. to philadelphia where we're hearing a plane from icela iceland -- sorry, ireland, was forced to make an emergency landing because of some sort of threat. the usairways flight is now being isolated on the runway at philadelphia international airport. there's a live shot for you coming from our local affiliate. crews are preparing to remove and screen both passengers and their baggage. this threat was reportedly received by phone but the nature of it is still upclear at this hour. we will bring you more as soon as we get it. meanwhile, finger-pointing after a massive fire guts east africa's largest airport. flames engulfed the arrival hall at kenya's main international airport. the fire burned for hours before it could be contained. just last month it was reported the local firehouse did not have
2:12 pm
a single working fire engine. government officials now say a poor response allowed a small fire to grow into that massive inferno you see. new developments in the court-martial of the accused ft. hood shooter, the man who admits he pulled the trigger continues to speak freely in his own defense almost as soon as some of his victims finished their testimony yesterday they were told they were no longer allowed to speak publicly about the case. why some consider this the latest slight in a long list of injustices against the victims in this case. also a troubling update on a story we've been covering for weeks, baby veronica has been given the okay to get her back and now the biological father does not want to give her up. and extending their reach into more and more of our lives everywhere, what does it mean for travelers everywhere?
2:13 pm
2:14 pm
2:15 pm
2:16 pm
u.s. deputy, secretary of state, william burns is heading home empty-handed. less than a week after he arrived in egypt to try to mediate an end to the violence there. the military backed government, now declaring a new crackdown problem testers, they say it's inevitable. meanwhile, senators john mccain and lindsey graham are still on the ground trying to bring the supporters of ousted president morsi to the negotiating table. >> we believe they should treat each other with respect. we also urge the release of political prisoners. we also urge strongly a national dialog dialogue, a national dialogue that is inclusive of parties
2:17 pm
including the muslim brotherhood. at the same time, we expect the muslim brotherhood to refrain from violence. >> former president morsi remains jailed by the military leadership. he was ousted from power more than a month ago. there are some big developments to tell you about in a complicated legal war over a little girl. we first brought you the story of baby veronica when her biological father challenged her adoption. dustin brown seen in this picture claims cherokee heritage and he sued for custody of his daughter citing a 1978 law intended to protect the interests of native-american children. the south carolina supreme court agreed. now, the court has reversed that decision, ordering veronica returned to her legal adoptive parents. but her father, brown, has failed to comply thus far. laurie mcgill is an attorney for veronica's birth mother, who supports her adoption. great to see you.
2:18 pm
>> thanks for having me. >> the south carolina court has ordered baby veronica to be returned to her adoptive parents who had her for a year and half i believe or two years? >> actually. 27 months. >> 27 months before she was turned back over to her biological father. he has thus far not turned the baby over who is now a toddler. >> that's right. >> what do you think will happen next? >> the first thing to note, this is an unbelievable turn of events. this is a couple that raised this child for 27 months and then after they had to turn her over to strangers 19 months ago because of a legal ruling, they fought that legal ruling all the way up to the united states supreme court and back. they have won at every conceivable level and they now have a final judgment and order vindicating their position she should never have been taken from them in the first place. what has happened is with this final order of the family court, a transition plan was designed and was meant to be beginning
2:19 pm
last week or actually this sunday. and no one showed up from the brown family. nobody brought veronica to that meeting. it has forced this now into a posture where there's an ongoing criminal investigation now proceeding in south carolina. >> the biological father, dustin brown, is currently serving in the national guard. he says he is out-of-state on training assignment show cannot -- he has not had time to process all of this and he could not show up physically to turn her over. that sounds legitimate. do you believe that? >> that argument is d disingenuous. mr. brown's attorneys have known for a very long time, and everyone has known about this purported national guard training assignment apparently he is on until august 21st. they never asked for a postponement of this final transition plan. their only position is that they will not comply with any transition plan, that they will ignore the rule of law and keep
2:20 pm
fiscal control of this child until law enforcement is forced to pry her away. that's a direct quote from the family in this morning's paper. >> how is the fact her father, dustin brown, is native-american, and has the backing of the cherokee nation in his case, how has that complicated this case? >> first of all, it resulted in their ability to wrest her away from her family in the first place. he had a colorable claim to invoke this law, the indian child welfare act however the united states supreme court has clarified he actually is not a person with standing to invoke the act because he never had legal or physical custody of the child, having unequivocally abandoned any claim to parental rights until he found out that the child was being adopted. >> it seems in these cases they're always so heartbreaking. in this case in particular, it seems both sides love this little girl and both sides want
2:21 pm
this little girl. is there any possibility of some sort of shared custody agreement? >> i can't speak for this family and i'm not sure a shared custody agreement is something that would be wise or enforceable. what i do know is matt and melanie are the legal parents of this child. through all this ordeal, even the latest that's gone in in oklahoma, they have said they are committed to keeping all the people who love vern ron ca in her life, including her father. as the days pass and these disturbing threats to continue to ignore the law are reiterated, it seems less and less likely unfortunately there will be a good resolution here. >> laurie mcgill, you are the mom for the -- you are the attorney for the biological mom. thank you for the update on this. >> thank you. it's supposed to be a big meeting between the big leaders of two super powers in washington. >> the g-20 summit is in st.
2:22 pm
petersburg next week. are you going to that? >> i will be going to that. >> that news was last night. now the white house is changing its tune. what happened? jackie: there are plenty of things i prefer to do on my own. but when it comes to investing, i just think it's better to work with someone. someone you feel you can really partner with. unfortunately, i've found that some brokerage firms don't always encourage that kind of relationship. that's why i stopped working at the old brokerage, and started working for charles schwab.
2:23 pm
avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today.
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2:25 pm
fox news alert. we promised to bring you back to philadelphia when we had more information and we do. you see evacuations under way when this plane from ireland was forced to make a landing. there was an unspecified threat apparently by phone that forced this usairways plane you see now to be isolated on the runway at philadelphia international airport. you can see passengers and their baggage are now being removed from the plane, before they all have to be rescreened, we're
2:26 pm
told. the nature of that threat is still unclear this hour but we will bring you more on this incident in philly, as soon as we have it. a hotshot firefighter who died with 18 others battling that arizona wildfire, leaving behind a wife and four children. now, his widow is fighting a new battle after being denied special survivor benefits. fox's trace gallagher is live in los angeles. how is this happening, trace? >> this is a major setback not just for her and her family, ali, but a lot of the families of firefighters who died back in june, the granite mountain hot shots, 19 of them. turns outdoor only six of them were actually full-time employees. her to 12 were considered seasonal or part-time employees which means their families are not eligible for salphorfor salg
2:27 pm
term health benefits. this family has four kids and she says she and her children will not stop fighting this fight. listen to her. >> they gave the ultimate sacrifice for our community and they're not being treated fairly. they're not being given the benefit that someone should be given when they put their life on the line and ultimately lose their life, to be able to save those of ours in the community. >> some of those families claim the city of prescott actually vowed to reclassify the hotshot stat us to a permanent employee status so their families could then receive the long term benefits but the city now disputes that. liste listen. >> the city has its hands tied. we're delivering everything we can to these families that is available. but to equalize or change somebody's employment classification after the event is simply impossible and illegal. >> you hear him say illegal but some people in prescott say laws
2:28 pm
were meant to be amended. in this case, if anybody deserves it, it should be these young families. here's a resident. >> he also puts his life on the line just as much as any who is full time. it's not as if he can be another 30, 40, 50 feet away from the fire because he's part-time. his risk is just as intense as anybody else. >> we should point out that at least one of the families now is planning to sue and more may join in that lawsuit. keep in mind these were very young firefighters so these long term benefits, salary benefits could amount to millions and millions of dollars over a lifetime. >> what a tragedy. trace gallagher, thanks for that update. a stunning declaration from the accused ft. hood shooter. major nadal hasan says he was the shooter in that massacre that left 13 people dead and we'll talk to the victims'
2:29 pm
families about the injusts adding add i injustices to them in the case. president obama cancels a meeting with vladimir putin. plus, for the first time, criminal charges filed in the terror attack in benghazi that left four zmaenchtamericans dea. the charges are sealed and came almost a year after the attacks. we'll look whether those two factors could hurt or help the prosecution in this case. >> my main thing? my main thing i don't want this to happen to anybody else and it will keep happening unless those people are stopped. let's play:
2:30 pm
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developing right now, after a rare public rebuke, president obama canceling a planned one-on-one meeting with russian president putin after russia granted leaker edward snowden temporary asylum defying u.s. requests to turn him over. this is not the first sign of russian-u.s. relations. in june, the president and vladimir putin shared this tense photo op in ireland. wendell is live at the white house. hi, wendell. >> reporter: hi. they say the president will still travel to to st. petersburg for the summit but has canceled for the one-on-one planned for moscow. they spent weeks talking about u.s.-russian cooperation when they were trying to convince the russians to hand over nsa leaker
2:34 pm
edward snowden cite ed td the s treaty and cooperation after the boston marathon bombs. today, after the meeting had been cancelled, they spoke of a president obama told jay leno last night russians sometimes look back instead of ahead. >> there have been times they slip back into cold war thinking
2:35 pm
and cold war mentality, what i consistently say to them and what i say to president putin is that's the past. we have to think about the future. there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to cooperate more effectively than we do. >> the kremlin both criticized the decision to cancel the summit and refused to sep blame for it. the spokesman said the reason was clearly snowden and not the lack of cooperation other agencies and u.s. officials mentioned. alisyn. >> wendellgo l goler, live from white house. thank you. for the first time the u.s. government is filing criminal charges against the suspects in the terror attack last accept 11th that killed four in benghazi. this raises new questions why it took federal authorities nearly a year to reach this point in the pursuit of justice. a former strategist and pollster for president bill clinton and
2:36 pm
hostess of media networks, thank you for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> bernard, it is comforting that this looks like this may be another step towards getting justice, the fact some charges have been filed. why did it take so long? >> everybody's frustrated and every viewer understands libya is an comparatively unstable nation. the government does not have control over large parts of the territory and don't have control over roving bands of militias heavily armed and we can't operate in regular fashion to collect evidence let alone extract people. while it's been terribly frustrating double the victim's families and everyone else, it's critically important we conduct this investigation and go after as many leads as we possibly can and pursue that and gather evidence to get convictions. >> is it just the fog of this post attack in libya that kept us for 11 months not having charges? >> i think this is a pathetic response.
2:37 pm
i'll tell you something. khatella may be a big fish but may be just a bystander and isn't hiding from authorities. says the investigators haven't tried to talk to him and hiding so well cable thnews networks we able to find him and talk to him. i'm sure a lot of criminals will say things like that. in this case, this is is pathetic. the united states government took a month to get on the scene and actually look at the evidence in benghazi. we had troops who could have gone in there. we supposedly have the cooperation of the libyan government and we had a crime scene and four americans murdered. i bet when bernard wrote his book "52 reasons to vote for obama" i bet speedy justice for murdered americans is not on that list of 52. the fact maybe they kaulcaught little fish or bystander is not
2:38 pm
reassuring well. this administration is not pushing well to find the people who did this. >> obviously, libya is complicated as you spelled out. 11 months is a long time for no charges, particularly when the fbi put up pictures of who they said the suspects were. this does have the whiff of political damage control, given that fox news has been on this virtually everyday for 11 months and cnn just did air that long interview with the chief suspec suspect. >> i find your comments actually comparatively offensive, lars. if this was all about politics, they would have done everything they could -- excuse me -- they would have done everything they could to bring justice as speedily as possible and rather than doing that they wanted to conduct a full investigation to pursue every lead. you can't just indict these people because you tip off other suspects and terror cells. you have no idea -- we have no idea. >> hold on, lars.
2:39 pm
>> the fact of the matter is this indictment was just unsealed. we have no idea when this individual was actually indicted so the indictment may have come months ago. >> alisyn, this indictment was not unsealed. he's wrong about something. there is a political motive h e here. one of the things cnn didn't talk about last night is where the heck was president obama the night of the attack? the american people still don't know. as for tipping off suspects do you think there's any on planet earth in range of a cable tv who doesn't know the american government is supposedly looking for the murders in this case? is that a secret from any? >> the fact that the republicans seem hell bent to squeeze every bit of political juice out of this is absurd. you want go on a witch hunt. >> no, it's not. >> bernard, that's not quite fair. it's not fair we should ignore
2:40 pm
and turn a blind eye to those who haven't gotten justice for 11 months. >> not ignore. >> i do want to ask you, bernard. why are these sealed? you say there could be a dozen other suspects and some charged. >> i did misspeak. they have not been unsealed but weren't released. we have no idea the sensitive classified information may be contained in these indictments that might compromise sources in the investigation and in the interest of national security to make sense to keep them sealed so we don't blow our opportunity potentially to unveil others involved in this crime. >> go ahead, lars. >> i know bernard is a political consultant. consider these facts. four americans were murdered. the president spent two weeks lying on national television that somehow this was a videotape that caused a wild mob to go out of control. when in fact he and the rest of the ap par rat tus of the u.s. government knew from their
2:41 pm
intelligence sources the night of the attack it was a terrorist attack, not a mob driven mad by a california videotape. when the president of the united states lies for two weeks, backed up by his secretary of state and any number of other people from his administration for two full weeks, he lie, yes, people are going to say, why is the president lying about this? then, when he says he vows he'll get justice and he'll find the people responsible and 11 months later we've probably caught a list of bystanders. that's why they don't want to release this to the public, not because it's sensitive but we may look at the list and say you have a bunch of folks hanging out there and didn't get the people who did the crimes and by this point they're probably in syria. >> the obama national security policy has kept america far safer than it was under president george w. bush. >> you mean in boston? tell that to the people in boston. >> hopefully now that there are charges filed, they will get some justice for these victims.
2:42 pm
>> maybe. alisyn, thank you. the court-martial of the accused ft. hood shooter takes a new twist almost as soon as some victims finished their testimony they were told they could no longer speak publicly about this case as hasan continues to speak freely about the case and their outrage. two young brothers strangled pie a python as they were sleeping as the shocked community plan as vigil in the wake of this tragedy. >> who would ever expect something like this to happen, in canada, in some other place something like that would happen. i don't know what to say. there's many weird things can happen in the world. inv i don't know. his dad knows he's not. that's why dad got allstate accident forgiveness. it starts the day you sign up. [ female announcer ] with accident forgiveness from allstate, your rates won't go up just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. call 866-735-9100 now.
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2:45 pm
a shocking update for you now on those two young boys killed by a python while they were sleeping. taxpayers out the boys were no strangers to dangerous reptiles. we learned the boys used to
2:46 pm
climb into the serpent's massive cage to clean it and now saying the 14 foot 100 pound reptile was being kept in the apartment when it broke loose, not in the pet shop below. while there is growing outrage from victims and families of the victims in the ft. hood shooting as some claim they are suffering yet another injustice. witnesses testifying in the court-martial of accused killer major nadal hasan now say they are not allowed to speak publicly about the case. the attorney for the families of the ft. hood victims. thanks for being here. >> alisyn, thanks for having me. >> nice to have you on. explain what the victims' families mean when they say they're not allowed to speak publicly? >> sure. in order to protect the integrity of the court-martial proceedings, the judge has instructed the witnesses once they are done testifying they should not talk about the case until after the verdict is rendered.
2:47 pm
this is not that unusual of a measure. from the victims' standpoint, certainly they want to protect the integrity of the court-martial and they will do as they are ordered. you have to understand where they're coming from. they feel that for the past 3 1/2 almost four years, the government really has not gone out of its way to make their lives easy, much less give them the benefits and recognition they're entitled to and their story has not been heard. >> of course. it's particularly galling for them when they see all the benefits that have been afforded to major nadal hasan as he tries to defend himself in court. it seems as though he is getting all the advantages. >> that is correct. certainly from their standpoint, what they're afraid of is that now when there is maximum attention from the national med media, and there is an opportunity for the american people to hear what happened at
2:48 pm
ft. hood, what role the government played in causing this attack and the really just d despicable and deplorable treatment that has been meeted out to these heroes in the year since, they're afraid they will be muzzled during the trial and after the trial they will again be pushed under the rug. that's why you're hearing them speak out, not because they want to interfere in any way shape or form by twith the prosecution d a terrific professional job for get in the way of a conviction by this terrorist. they want to make sure they are not forgotten and pushed under the rug. >> in addition to wanting to see nadal hasan convicted, they also want purple heart status for the victims of his massacre. why is that so tough for them to attai attain. >> because a policy determination has been made in the government to deny them the
2:49 pm
same kind of treatment that was given, for example, to the military and civilian personnel in the pentagon in 9/11. look, the victims in this case are not asking for anything special. what they're asking for is to be treated the same way that other military victims of terrorism have been treated. that is not by any stretch an unreasonable request. >> of course, that would require classifying this as terrorism, which up until now, it has not been. >> reed rubin stine, thanks so much for coming in with the family's perspective. >> thanks so much and thanks for your attention to this issue. >> our pleasure. next time you have to take your shoes off and get searched by a tsa agent, it may not be at the airport. where you may find an agent searching you next. and if you're expecting a new baby in the family, why the due date may be off by much more than you think. medicare?
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> alisyn: we have new information that could have you about the baby's due date. they show the length of pregnancy can vary by as much as five weeks. researchers only found 4% of women actually deliver when predicted. 30% miss the due date by ten or more days. average realtime to delivery is 268 days. that study was done by the u.s. national innings altitude of environment health sciences. >> new concerns that your next trip on public transit
2:54 pm
systems could take a whole lot longer. as we learn that the tsa plans to bring their popular security tactic to a public transit station near you. trace gallagher is live in the newsroom. what does it mean? >> reporter: they call it the vipir team which stands for vision intra model prevention and response. it includes explosive and canine handlers and focus on securing trains and subways. us a watch the video. they are now expanding into sporting events, rod yeos, music festivals. government says the vipir teams are needed to guard against terror but civil rights groups say it amounts to more warrantless searches without no probable cause. they are quoting here, the problem about tsa stopping and searching people in public places outside the
2:55 pm
airport is that there are no real legal standards or probable cause. it's something that is easily abused. critics wonder if shopping malls will be next. feds say if you don't want to be searched you don't have to ride the train or attend the event. we don't believe that these vipir teams are made of any tsa at the airports, ones recently busted for passengers and circumventing security checkpoints. they will remain at the airport and rest of these teams will be out and about around the country. >> alisyn: that is confidence enhancing. thanks for the update. we have to tell you about a massive manhunt in wake of a horrible crime as questions loom about the state of two missing siblings from california and father makes a desperate plea. sleeping apart. things should never come to this.
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that is why i'm through the moon to present our latest innovation, tempur choice. it features an adjustable support system that can be personalized with a touch of a button. so both of you can get the best sleep possible...together. goodnight love chickens. ...excuse my english, love birds.. >>. >> alisyn: the navy is
2:59 pm
dropping plans to repair the u.s.s. miami. the sub was badly damaged in a fire that was set by a civilian worker. they are scrapping the sub because the damage is worse than expected, they say, dramatically raising the cost of repairs from $450 million to $700 million. the navy says because the budget sequester, fixing the sub would mean cancelling work on dozens of other ships. stliakest story of the day. live poultry getting the royal treatment. here is pet chicken being diapered by the owner. denver woman hoping to keep them healthy to as they look into cases of salmonella. chicken treated as pets may be the source of the outbreak. though can shed germs. they can make people sick. no word on whether the diapers protect anyone or just a fashion statement. thanks so much for watching. i'm alisyn cama.


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