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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 8, 2013 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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yeat it. >> if you think of them like 2-year-old. they explore the world with their mouths. they don't have hands. one of the best things i like is watching people watch the goats. >> i like the brown one. >> good night from washington. hello, everybody, i am eric bolling, with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, greg gutfeld and dana perino. this is "the five." leadership, management, priorities in order, all things you'd want in a commander in chief. mr. president, what you do in the hours after announcing the widest evacuation of american m embassie embassies? >> had a bunch of friends come over, don't see that often from high school and college. we played a little golf and then tried to play a little basketball. >> oh, that's so nice, golf,
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basketball. seriously, you took a lot of heat after benghazi, hours after the attack you flew to vegas, baby. surely if there is another massive terror threat, you would be in the oval office working, right? >> the day of my birthday we do departure photos of people that are transitioning out of the white house, let them bring their families in, they take a picture in the oval office. >> golf, hoops, pictures with your buddies in the oval office, birthday cakes, balloons, some weekends, sir, but back to business now, right? no, off to hollywood for your sixth leno appearance, priorities after all. speaking of priorities, though, you sure sound like you have them in mind. bob, listen up, think again. >> first thing i think about when i wake up and last thing before i go to bed, making sure i am doing everything to keep americans safe. >> golf, basketball, pictures in the oval office.
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next week vacation. >> pretty good job. what is the point? >> from the time in the morning to the time i go to bed, i think of how to make americans safe, if not playing basketball, golf. >> should he not play basketball or golf? what should he do? >> i don't know, greg, getting briefed by security people, intel people? >> there's a way to go about this but going after the vacation stuff is so lame because every president goes on vacation. >> not like this. >> i don't know. >> i get it. it is great to have an entertaining president who can go on jay leno, he can do children's birthday parties. right now, america doesn't need an entertaining president, they need a charmless jerk, he is getting a screen test. he is on the west coast. there's no sense the country is moving forward, which is ironic, because he is a progressive president and he is frozen in time. he can't get this country
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moving. people are acting like being cool is a break through in leadership. it is not. we get it, you're cool, it is time to lead. he thinks leading is cheesy because he doesn't believe in what he is leading. >> i have no problem with president obama, if he likes to wear the helmet, ride the bike in martha's vineyard, that's fine. he evacuated 22 embassies friday, spent the weekend playing, his own words, i golfed, played basketball, took pictures with friends in the oval office, blew out candles. >> how about issue a statement or have a press conference, act like you're responsible, that you're not auditioning to play commander in chief in hollywood but you want the job and are serious about terror. this is nothing new to me. this is a president that doesn't have the stomach for terror. if the reports are correct, it was clinton and panetta told him to put the thing on bin laden. i don't think it is a priority.
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i think he should move the white house to california capital hollywood. >> i think that's disrespectful to the family and soldiers serving overseas, to families of people protecting the embassies closed down. for the president not to be in the oval office and making national security a priority, but instead he is more concerned about his own birthday parties. i can't tell you how many e-mails i got from obama for america, from michelle obama, from all his people that work for him over the weekend, sign barack's birthday card. >> last chance to send the birthday card. >> jay carney didn't have a press conference friday after we got big revelations about benghazi. it is really important to remember that people are still dying in afghanistan and iraq. we still have threats all over the world. you would think they wouldn't want a pr problem like benghazi, and we didn't know where the president was for 24 hours. >> what should he be doing? making new keys for the embassy? seriously. >> i don't think it is the
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smartest thing to play basketball, play a round of golf, do photo ops. >> yes, it is just fine. >> we close embassies every year. >> not because of a credible threat. >> a credible threat is another question all together. what is he supposed to do? you close the embassy, get people out, what are you supposed to do? >> act presidential. >> saying it was a credible threat -- >> i think it is a real possibility, they never used cell phones, got on the phones to get us in disarray. >> goes back to the idea that the obama administration likes to talk out both sides of its mouth. on one hand, the worst threats we've had since 9/11, but at the same time the president isn't taking them seriously. which one is it. is it serious or not? the president isn't taking it like that. image really matters. for the president to be in the
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white house instead of out on the golf course at a time of national security crisis when the embassies could be under attack is pretty important. >> he hasn't addressed the american people. said we are closing embassies from africa, a great swathe of the world, hasn't told the american people what's going on. >> he went on leno. >> let's talk about that. too. the interview was loaded with stuff. listen to the president talk about the controversial spy program. listen. >> we don't have a domestic spying program. what we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or e-mail address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat. none of the revelations show that government has actually abused any of these powers, but they're pretty significant powers. if we could make sure there's confidence on the part of the american people that there's oversight, i think we can make sure we're properly balancing our liberty and our security. >> interesting. >> good sound bite. if it was during a news
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conference when he could stand up with his shoulders back like a man and answer a few questions from reporters and press corp instead of in the comfy jay leno studio with snacks in the green room. come on, i am not impressed with that. >> were you impressed with ronald reagan never had a single press conference during iran contra, he and his wife watched movies at night? >> it is 2013. >> i was impressed with reagan, he was presidential and had policies that made sense. he put us in position as americans we were respected with a healthy amount of fear around the world. so please. >> last week the nsa said they in fact have records of all phone calls and the fbi said they can look into your web browser, turn on the camera on your phone. >> that explains a lot. >> we're getting two different signals. thoughts? >> i thought president obama was incredibly reasonable last night when discussing the nsa and i
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think if you replaced him with george bush, nobody would be complaining. george bush would have said the same. >> not on jay leno. >> you act like a hypocrite, you condemn him because it came out of his mouth. having said that, there's an overwhelming amount of chaos inside and outside this country. president obama takes on the role of a calm pilot, weaving the plane through the storm. the problem is his policies. you can argue about being on jay leno. that's not the problem, the problem is he should be doing something about bigger issues like joblessness, which is a fact that he is not at all engaged in the fracking issue which would do a lot to reduce strife in the middle east, lower the four buck, five gallon buck of gas. not ragging on him for playing basketball. what a bunch of baby games. >> i push back a little, too. i don't have a problem with him playing golf on free time, but
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when you close 22 embassies, pull that many american diplomats off line. >> he hasn't come out in an official presidential press conference to talk about all of the scandals involving his administration, whether it is the irs, only reason he got asked about the irs and only reason he made a statement, he was holding a joint press conference with a world leader and had the question asked of him at the time. he hasn't discussed these things directly. his white house press secretary doesn't address them directly, refers them to another agency which then refers you back to the white house and it becomes this big circle. go on leno, but also give the american people the decency of addressing them directly. >> one of the problems i have with them, bob, the one where he talks about the gap between the rich and the middle class has gotten wider. he neglected to say it has gotten wider while he is president of the united states. he is now president of the gap and may be president of the banana republic.
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>> very good. >> i want to talk about the baby games you were referring to, three of us at this table, i don't have a problem with him going on jay leno and playing in entertainment land. he can do that all he wants. he is comfortable doing it, it is easy. there are time, place, manner issues to be addressed. the proper form is to address the american people, get up there and answer questions about not just this but a lot of other things. don't begrudge him vacation, want him happy and healthy, but that's not the right place. he is a comedian. >> one more quick thing. the president decided to snub putin over the snowden issue. remember when he said this? >> would you be willing to meet separately without precondition during the first year of your administration in washington or anywhere else with the leaders of iran, syria, venezuela, cuba, and north korea in order to bridge the gap that divides our
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countries? >> i would. and the reason is this, that the notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them, which has been the guiding diplomatic principle of this administration is ridiculous. >> bob, honestly, this is exactly what he is doing to russia, what he is doing to putin. he is punishing him, them, for what they did with the snowden case. it is childish. >> i don't think it is childish. you have to send diplomatic messages. i think he is making it clear to putin who won't be around in another two, three years. >> you don't think so? >> i don't think he will. can i talk about scandals. watergate was a scandal, iran contra was a scandal. the irs is not a scandal. >> not a scandal of that level. >> the most powerful government agency targeting people for political views is a big deal. >> four dead americans is not a scandal but watergate is a
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scandal? >> 10,000 dead americans in iraq was a scandal. >> i am asking about you called watergate a scandal but benghazi is not. >> are you comparing to watergate to benghazi? >> yes, i think benghazi is a bigger scandal than watergate. >> the loss of life, which would be significant, a difference that matters. >> president obama decided to punish putin. a sit down with putin would be a good idea. you don't want the g 20. now he is saying no because he was disrespected by russia? >> that sound like baby games. go face him. face to face. talk to him as a man, let him know, make him respect you, make him answer some questions. otherwise we're not getting anywhere in terms of relations, they're further deteriorating. >> that's a good point. when i was in the carter white house, we decided not to send the olympic team to russia because of the invasion of afghanistan. it was a mistake. we should not have done that.
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we should have gone and continued to have our diplomacy. i think in this case you're probably right as i think about it, i think it makes sense for him to sit down with putin. >> the reset button has become a joy buzzer. whenever he is over there to shake putin's hand, i actually don't blame him because putin is no berlusconi, no fun. and you cannot control what's going to happen over there. you know when he's over there he will be marginalized by snowden, someone will bring out snowden and parade him around while obama is there. he can't risk looking like a fool. >> cancelling this with putin was the last card he had in the book. putin embarrassed obama, you're right, they'll parade him around. he can't take the embarrassment, the last meeting went badly with putin. this is the last card they have. >> how about a third country,
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how about not russia, meet somewhere else. >> that's a possibility. why is he embarrassed by putin? what's he going to do, invade russia -- >> not offer him asylum. >> of course they could. >> we will leave it there. ahead on "the five," verdict watch for whitey bulger, one of the most notorious gangsters in american history. kimberly is following the case, all over the bulger. day two of deliberations was fascinating.
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♪ two high profile criminal trials are under way right now. an interesting development in the fort hood trial today. we will get to that in a moment. first, a verdict could come soon for whitey bulger. the jury deliberated a second day in boston. today they asked the judge several questions, including statute of limitations on conspiracy to commit murder and for clarification for aiding and abetting criminal activity.
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he is accused of playing a role in 19 murders, racketeering, extortion, money laundering and more. he faces maximum of life plus 30 years. we have been following this case from the beginning. what's interesting, the developments people don't want to talk about, how witnesses are dropping like flies. so the state is having a bit of a problem here putting some of the evidence in, but he is charged with 19. they have quite a bit to work with. >> i am guessing they're going to get the murder conviction and life plus 30 years, end up being a thousand years, it is funny how jurors are like we have to take our time. >> the tentacles of the mob stretch so far and wide. >> how long that guy stayed away from the law. i mean, 30 years, 20 years, something like that? >> he was yeah, basically on
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america's most wanted and the fbi most wanted lists and he was very elusive to the point now he stands trial at 83 years of age. so life plus 30, he's pretty much laughing about the situation and showing kind of contempt for the whole proceeding. >> i don't think we should speak badly. >> shouldn't speak bad about whitey? >> the thing about the bulger case unlike the fort hood shooter, he can't be arrested for workplace violence. his occupation is workplace violence. he is a scary dude, you know. >> he is, man. >> he is 83. he is ready to go to retirement home in prison, he will be happy, live out his life there, i am sure. >> run the crime syndicate there. >> he killed a lot of people and people still thanks to hollywood
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put people like this on a pedestal. remember, "the departed" is a great movie about this guy. he is a low life that killed a lot of people. we go yeah, but it is kind of cool, he was a thug. >> and all crime movies, the sopranos. >> can you imagine jury duty on this one? what a bad time to be on the jury. >> a very bad time. you would be intimidated, be afraid to sentence him, he proved himself to be a very vengeful person. >> how about when he goes like that, points to the jury. >> i know. >> they'll remain anonymous, i am sure. >> greg gutfeld did a segue there, talking about i hate to say it, he is still technically getting his money as a major, hasan on trial. what's happened, he is not putting on any defense. attorneys that are stand by counsel said we can't be party to this in all good conscious. ethically this is not going to be a good situation and we think
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he is basically marching toward the death penalty, that this guy is trying to make sure he gets there by ineffectively representing himself. should we care? >> bottom line, he wants a death penalty, shut everythi down, give it to him, let the victims load up on guns, let the relatives do the honors. >> what's a shame. >> is that on libertarian island? >> this whole thing, we're trying him for 14 victims of murder and 32 victims, no one had a gun in the area, had to check guns at the door before they went in. had they had firearms on, it may be one or none. >> and he knew that. he knew it was a gun free zone. >> it was a gun free zones. >> if you advertise it, like a town or restaurant -- >> my apartment is a gun free zone. and he was planning to do this in georgia, wasn't he? didn't he plan on doing this at another military -- >> he would only go a place
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there were no weapons. this is why gun free zones are stupid. >> and the thing about him wanting the death penalty now, he admitted in the courtroom he played dead so people would stop shooting him so he could stand trial. he is a coward for allowing that to happen and coming back, saying i am not going to put on defense and -- >> and he wanted to plead guilty, the court wouldn't accept the guilty plea. now we have to go through this mockery, where he has added insult of questioning the victims and making them relive the terror all over again. meanwhile, we don't classify it appropriately. you know -- >> has to be reclassified? if we find out look, he stood up, blows away 14 people -- >> greg says it, i keep repeating my jokes, i have to repeat a question i had yesterday. how is it that with all this guy they knew about this guy, how did he get away with this so
2:24 am
long? >> this is the big issue. the government tells you if you see something, you have to say something. they didn't even heed their own advice out of cowardess and political correctness, they had a fear of being viewed as islam a phobic. that's why they didn't. >> in every shooting, whether major nidal malik hasan, aurora, columbine kids, they're always these examples, virginia particular in tech, always examples of people saying i'm going to hurt someone, repeated warnings, no one does anything, and then something happens. warning signs are there, no one decides to say anything. >> they were in almost all those cases, weren't they. >> bob, we're going to get back to you in a bit. some good news related to a horrific crime story we covered. today, the home where ariel castro held three women hostage
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for a decade was torn down. one of the victims showed up to watch it happen. michelle knight spent the longest time at the house of horrors, she greeted crowds, released yellow balloons in honor of missing children who were never found. coming up, why is the university supporting a professor that confessed to murdering his mother, father, and teenage sister. greg has that next on "the five."
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♪ so a professor at milliken university had a tough life. when he was a teen, his family was murdered by him.
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yep, james d. st. james killed his family, placed in a mental hospital, changed his name, now teaches psychology at a nice college. he has a gray ponytail, described as an older hippy to convey harmlessness. like bill ayers after trying to kill american soldiers. the school didn't know they hired a maniac until the local newspaper exposed it, but they're sticking by the psycho. their statement, it is hilarious. given the traumatic experiences of his childhood, st. james' efforts to rebuild his life and obtain a successful professional career have been remarkable. yes, when you kill your whole family, it is remarkable how you can bounce back from that. i'm also impressed how major nidal malik hasan handled his fellow soldiers' deaths so well.
2:31 am
some view this as model for rehabilitation, it is also a model for gaming the system. james st. james was never insane, odd name to choose. he was never insane, he planned to kill them. but americans lend second chances, those that know to trigger the empathy of fools. only the sane use the insanity defense. where does a demon like this go? to the campus lounge, that bottomless pit of deadly relativism that welcomes feinds from the underground. a mass murderer ends up running the psych department. he is probably the sanest professor they've got. bob, bob, bob, it's the academics. this guy should be dead. he should be dead. >> this one could not have been teed up better for you. it's perfect. i will say this in the guy's defense. he was 15 when this happened. i think there may have been some circumstances we don't know about, and the guy was --
2:32 am
>> yeah, he is a killer. >> well, yeah, but he went to a psychiatric hospital and they let him go. he was 15. i mean, didn't you do things like this when you were 15? >> yeah, i killed my family, bob. this guy planned it and tried to make it look like somebody else did it, he wasn't insane, he was thinking ahead. >> what would you do with him? >> i would kill him. >> firsthand account of psychology and insanity. no one else has a better way to teach everyone what being insane means, not talking about insanity, talking about being evil and responsible for your actions. >> he looks insane to me. >> looks like a hippy now, with the facade of the beard and ponytail. >> the gentle hippy. >> looks like will ford brim lee. >> if you're evil and rehab yourself, you get back out. here is the thing. there was a 14-year-old recently
2:33 am
tried in florida for murder, if i am not mistaken, so the law is evolving. back then, if you were under 18, you couldn't be tried for murder. whether he was sane or insane may have gotten out anyway. >> should he be fired now that they know this? who would want their kids taught by a psycho? >> being taught psycho by psycho. >> every university has people like this. >> great! >> have you ever found a university you liked, didn't think it was full of come munis? >> and the other thing that's bad about this, on campus, soldiers are mocked, rotc is jeered, but they welcome the weather underground. >> double standard.
2:34 am
be careful what academic institutions you send your children to. if you want one with someone like this with a horrible past, someone like a bill ayers individual, no, you don't. do your research, check it out. >> greg has an indictment of the entire university. >> i try to. yes, i am opinionated. i just have some tape of i think one of his students defending him. >> of course. >> he has done exactly what our course system set up for him to do and he did it and he went above and beyond to, you know, use, i think, use that experience to teach us as students and to, you know, improve other people's lives. >> he is going to use the experience of killing his family to improve your life! >> looking forward to that! >> should get an a in that. >> may take a couple credits
2:35 am
away from her. probably going to be girls that have crushes on him, want to do extra office hours because that's how it is done. >> once again, we have proven the college campus is corrupt. >> like they write guys in prison, look at aaron hernandez, everybody was in love with him. this guy will probably get girls, too. >> ever written to anyone in jail? >> no, bob. >> oprah winfrey breaks her silence and knocks fox news. how will i survive. we have the tape. if you leave now, i will hunt you down and tp your home. ♪
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all right. well, the former queen of daytime, oprah winfrey, is out promoting her new movie "the butler" a story about a man that served eight presidents over the course of 30 years. >> i am cecil, the new butler. >> you know how he got that job, the white house called him, he didn't call the white house. >> i want to hear the stories. >> i don't know how many stories you going to hear, they done swore him to some kind of secret code. >> everything you are and everything you have from the butler. >> it was reported that president obama might even be in the film but denying the rumors, oprah took a little jab at fox news. >> the film so big, director lee daniels reportedly even courted president obama for a cameo. >> oprah? >> he couldn't get obama.
2:41 am
that's why obama is our president, because he knows not to go and get himself in a movie and be on fox news every day afterwards, yeah. obama is very smart. >> right, because taking a jab at fox news, so original, oprah. and the president who loves hollywood, who loves being in the spotlight with all of his hollywood friends, doesn't want to be in a movie? i doubt it. >> jay leno, you know, couple hours after closing 22 embassies, remember that radio show he went on? if he went on that, he would have been on the butler if asked. bottom line. >> pimp of the limp? >> he did a radio show pimp with a limp. >> is it a pimp? >> oprah did herself a disservice. the butler looked like a good movie. now i don't want to see it because she took a jab at fox news. she's alienating another
2:42 am
audience when she could have been using that. hollywood has been doing that a long time. they should stop doing that. >> i'm so confused. i thought this was about a device that traps fanniefannies. you kind of prove the point by bringing in the limp. we mentioned 65,000 times and still talking about it. >> we chose to annoy you. >> i am going to call time out. who mentioned it the most on this show? >> i don't know. >> i know! i know! your friend. >> your girlfriend, dana perino. >> she is not here to say no. how dare you! >> by the way, dana is doing something cool tonight, amazing event she's doing. let's move on. >> this movie is getting very good reviews. >> let's talk about movies of
2:43 am
oprah and paula deen, she was asked about paula deen's comment. i think we have sound on that. >> what do you think of it? i don't think anything. >> you don't understand the pressure for this moment. >> oh, my god. i don't have anything to do with paula deen. she is not the first white woman to use the "n" word, good lord! >> and i actually agree with oprah, a lot of us feel this way about the paula deen situation. in that interview, oprah talked about how true racism is trying to have power over people and that a lot of people say the "n" word on twitter and pop culture, doesn't mean much. she thought paula deen was propped up as an example. i feel that way. i am glad to hear that oprah thinks we need to stop talking about it. she talked about how they're friends, they did interviews, she stayed at paula deen's home. what happened to paula deen is a little sad. >> i thought maybe obama should
2:44 am
be in that movie. he should play the guy who served bill clinton coffee. >> all right. >> remember that? >> look, for the record, using the "n" word is disrespectful, there's no excuse for using it. never use it. that said, i don't care what oprah had to say nor do i care what al sharpton has to say. either one, both ends of the spectrum. racism has hate involved. paula deen, my opinion only, had no hate in her heart. >> i understood nothing in this segment and i have nothing more to say. >> it has been the best segment we've had. >> blast of the past with some ferris bueller news and story of a crazy skydiver in a coffin, ahead on "the five."
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for all the people attacking greg over the professor thing, leave him alone. life expectancy improves, how long do you want to live?
2:49 am
the answer, the ideal age was 90, about 11 years longer than the average u.s. life expecta y expectancy. how about something like 120. 50% wouldn't want medical treatments to live that long, but bolling, you would want to live to 190 and scare the rest of us to death. >> what was the parameter? i have to look like 120 or look like this? i don't mean can i not age, can i give my family -- can freedom stay with me, too? i am there for the long hall. >> say your wife, not your dog. seriously, how long would you want to live for? >> forever. >> i am in the same boat. i don't want to live that work, i don't want to work that long. >> greg, how long would you like to live?
2:50 am
>> can i make just a moral observation on this? >> yes. >> imagine how selfish this conversation would be among pro-choicers because once you're alive, you basically already won the lotto, there's no difference between 30 and 130, given the length of the universe, so there's, i don't know, given the amount of life that makes it to this race that never get to run the race, the idea of discussing longevity seems pointless, you already made it. a pro-choicer talking longevity is a billionaire talking penny stocks. >> that was very long, weird. >> what about you? >> i don't want to live that long -- for real, i always think about my baby boy who i love so much, but i miss my parents, so
2:51 am
i'm excited to go to heaven, bob. do you think you'll go there? >> no. yes, i do. >> it is a club on 10th street. >> did you hear about the husband and wife that said if who died first would let them know what sex was like in heaven. i said morning, noon, night. she said what? on the golf course in south carolina. >> what? >> listen, i should have been dead ten years ago. every year i get, man, is a free ride. i mean -- >> can you tweet us what the bunch line is to bob's joke, what it was supposed to be? >> do you want me to explain it again? sex, that's what they're talking about. i would like to live to 77 i would like to be a -- >> is it time for a commercial break? >> you're horrible! ♪
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test test.
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♪ okay. time for one more thing. going to kick it off. last couple days i took off, went to my son's sleep away camp, final year. here he is, off the baseball field. i am so darn proud of this kid, you cannot believe. here he is. roll the video. bob, your phone is on. roll video of him swimming.
2:56 am
and really period. >> watching your son swim. >> it is the final year. >> you have on like a muscle shirt. >> kimberly? >> yeah. >> i want to see jasper swim. >> he just learned how to. >> we almost shot through a whole show without the dog being named. if you hadn't brought it up. >> my fault. >> all right. so anybody like some football? anybody like some rappers? anybody like the manning brothers? take a look at this. okay, run it. ♪ take us with you wherever you go ♪ show your friends, watch them go ho! ♪ football on your phone ♪ football on your phone, now's
2:57 am
your chance to have football on your phone and football in your pants ♪ look at this guy. ♪ for footballing. >> oh, man. this is a promotion for direct tv, you can watch football on the phone. it is kind of funny. at least they have a sense of humor. >> who's next? >> not sure if it is good or not. >> i don't like it. >> obviously it wasn't good. >> kp, you're up. >> so does anyone remember buhler? buhler? classic film. matthew broderick was the star, ben stein asking if he was around. the home used in that film in chicago's highland park is now for sale, 5300 square feet, $1.5 million. any takers? >> eye it, bolling. >> what did you call it?
2:58 am
'86 seemed like yesterday to me. >> i feel old. >> you do? >> yeah. came out before i was alive. >> gregory? >> fake estimate of what the white house would be -- 319 million bucks. >> i think somebody would buy that. anthony martin, escape artist, parachuted safely to the ground in serena, illinois, he was handcuffed, he was in a locked coffin, thrown out 14,500 feet. he watched the box plummet to the ground. this is what he had to say. >> what? >> i'm glad no one was hurt, glad the box landed in an area where it didn't hit anything or damage anything, so ultimately i was more really worried about others than myself. >> all right. so he's thankful the box didn't land and hit anybody, hurt anyone. isn't this a crime?
2:59 am
you're dropping a box from a plane? >> what the hell is this story about? >> i don't know. the dare devil is supposed to risk his life, shouldn't be risking the lives of others. >> isn't he in the box? >> yes, but he got out! i don't like dare devils. the box could have landed on people. risk your life, don't risk others. if that box landed on a little dog -- >> on jasper. >> on jasper! don't even say that, eric. don't even say that. >> bob, you're up. >> i want to send out my best wishes to another heart patient like myself, george w. bush who got out of the hospital. he had a stint put in successfully, good for him. he was lucky. i encourage having gone through bypass surgery myself, get heart tests as much as you possibly can. when you get to my age, a lot of things go wrong, particularly my liver, in this case m


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