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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 10, 2013 4:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪ >> neil: you don't believe a diagnosis over these rising health care costs, it's time for dose of reality. i'm neil cavuto and somebody call a doctor. several states are feeling sick expecting premiums to rise. white house is telling them to take a chill pill but they say the costs won't be going up as nearly as much as they say but what about the prices that have already risen, premiums on families already up $2,000 and that is just since it became law. those price spikes are already here. we can debate ad nauseam where they will go from here.
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charles payne, no debating where they come from. already moved up. >> we are on the cusp of world hurting bad. there are too many stories, premiums are going through the roof. we are a part time nation, small businesses are hunkering down. we hear about more things. 20 bucks this, 90 bucks this, it's unmitigated nightmare and already begun. >> i'm horrified, in california insurance premiums are skyrocketing. some of big insurers say they are going to leave the state altogether. obama administration is going to make sure that you have to include people with preexisting conditions, that guaranteed a gigantic increases.
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it's going fall off the tracks and crash. >> neil: julie, didn't have to be a rocket scientist or dr. kildare to figure out guaranteeing coverage for preexisting conditions or having your kids on the policy until they are 80 or something like that was going to result in higher premiums. so why this shock, this response? >> first, and foremost, to look at this, premiums have been going up at the slowest rate in the past decade. that is one. two, if you live in new york and california, premiums are set to fall by 50% in new york city next year after obamacare goes into effect. >> neil: you honestly believe that? >> wake up. read the "new york times". [ laughter ] >> neil: okay. it's the "new york times." >> cut in half by next year?
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>> there is no data for that. that is a claim by the obama administration. >> no, it's not. >> they claimed they were going to go down between 2010 and 2012. >> new york has all the conditions that obamacare wants. >> neil: all the people that said prices were going to be doubled them are annoyed about that. i'm going to be fair and balanced and not venture into your guess. dagen, is it any mystery that average folks when polled about the healthcare law hate it. they don't like the fact that their premiums have risen and they fear for how much they are going to? >> absolutely. there is no doubt about that whatsoever. the fact that you are seeing employers react by limiting the number of full time workers that they have which you are seeing right now in
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retail and restaurant sectors. that is having a direct impact not even on healthcare premiums. you have to take into account the insurance companies and essential benefits that have to be provided. younger people don't have choices. premiums in particular for them could double or triple because they are going to still bear the burden of insuring those that have health problems. >> neil: when did you join us? when did you come to fox business? >> five years ago, four years ago. >> neil: so it was prior to healthcare law. you and i talked about the healthcare law. one of the things when we covered, we were living down in washington, the argument was that things won't go up that much. >> and it would be a net savings. >> bill: i'm not going to get into the future why that might materialize because
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hope is eternal -- there is no way that you couldn't see the price hikes coming? >> right. and you couldn't rationally predict the savings. ben would back me up on this. when you look at the cbo report there was were so many bells and whistles to get the net savings they were saying they were predicting that was almost impossible. any other sort of condition could hit the economy that would prevent those net savings. my brother is a doctor. the big fear here -- he is a emergency room doctor. >> neil: what happened to you? >> i'm the dumb one. big theory they don't know if they have to ration the healthcare. >> neil: that is not jump. on to how much it's going cost, another report said cost of healthcare itself keeping premiums out of it is actually sable and to julie's point.
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do you see that continuing or once everybody is on board it actually accelerates images don't see you add 30 million people and limited amount of doctors and prices are going roll back. dramatic rationing i think it's going to be lot more expensive. people should realize these penalties, they get bigger and larger. first year you don't get coverage, 90s00 next year it's $2 and next year they shoot you. >> it's the loss lau of supply and demand. if you have a lot more demand for healthcare and a static supply of doctors, those doctors in particular the really good ones will be able to charge a great deal more and probably stop -- you have a doctor, cost to him will go up. >> neil: isn't the issue as well that you got to get a lot of young people to sign up. if they don't sign up, then
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this equation sort of dissolves? >> need get a lot of young healthy people that have no money to sign up and custom medicare payments go into effect. by the way, i just remembered the article our colleague was referring to which says the rate of increase is going to slow down. it's not that the premiums are going to fall. rate of increase is going to be as high. if you really believe that the premiums are going to fall by 50% next year in new york city, i have a big bridge in new york city i would like to sell you. >> neil: which one is it? >> julie, can i ask you this, the argument that i have heard in support is just your way, once everything comes in play, and by force or other application from government that everything will settle down. the combined costs and
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efficiencies will be there. i have heard that for so many other government programs i am reminded how hopes are dashed? >> i hope to break us all of it. all of us that have insurance was paying about $2200 per family to cover those that don't have insurance. if you don't think it is costing us, i have a bridge to sell you in california. the golden gate is the only one i know. the problem we're painting not being insured. we are paying for it and they are getting a free ride. every time they get sick and go to the emergency room, it's 20 times more expensive. >> we've up ended a system that 90% of americans was working just fine and now the 10% weren't covered and with this don't want this. >> and socializing or 20% of the economy. do you think it's going to
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happen? >> i think they can blow out the whole thing. there are too many problems. >> neil: it's left the station. >> enroll all those young people to pay for healthcare because they will be like following them in a vw microbus and getting them to sign up for healthcare. [ laughter ] >> with this very important scientific debate. >> a growing number of democrats that sarah palin was right about the healthcare law. the former governor is joining "cashin' in" at the bottom of the hour. the founder of amazon is buying a big newspaper. and why another billionaire he has no idea what he is getting in to. red hot deal days are back. (alarm beeping) stop foro one. what?
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♪ >> live from america news headquarters, i'm arthel nevil. hundreds of local and federal agents standing out
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near cascade, idaho looking for missing teen hannah anderson where alleged murder suspect is believed to be hiding. they say he abducted hannah after killing the mother and burning down the house. last night they confirmed the hannah's brother was also found in the home. >> state department planning to reopen one of closed embassies across the middle east and north can africa. they were shut down because of an al-qaeda intercept message. embassy in yemen will remain closed as well as the consulate in xoen due to a separate threat. i'm arthel nevil. now back to "cavuto on business". i will see at 6:00 eastern alongside gregg jarrett. >> neil: losing money fast. what is the incidents between telling those guys and journalist guys.
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>> because the journalists think they are doing god's work. that is different standard where everybody is economically tied together. >> neil: do you think they are stupid or arrogant? >> arrogant is a better word. the incidents between newspaper people and academics is very small. they run in the same scenario thinking doing -- they are very educated and done very well. >> neil: not too many business courses? >> i don't think any. based on my experience they have a lot of trouble adding and subtracting. >> neil: sam zell with a major warning for founder amazon. charlie, saying you have no idea? >> hanging out with
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academics? >> neil: when you try to cut costs at the tribune and "l.a. times", it was like talking to a brick wall? >> print journalism and wall street, i don't hand out academics. >> neil: yes you do. >> the newspapers is horrible business. it's a very tough business. there are costs for printing. this is the worst. here is the problem. online model doesn't work as a pay model. >> neil: dagen, what he was saying, he owns the post, but in fact journalists who have to make cuts or adjustments never will. they effectively own him. what do you make out of all this? >> i was a print journalist. i never worked for a newspaper, but there are a lot of journalists that as a
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cocktail i would have a warm drink it's bitter. they are mix of arrogant and insecurity. a lot of them are like that. but there are so many more who are go getters who will go out. take great pride and terrific turn of phrase and they want to produce original journalism. you still see it far and wide. >> neil: answers? >> i think the minority are arrogant asses but they are arrogant and they go for it. >> neil: dr. payne? >> i think the problem, we know the technology part of it that is hurting it. but the media, mainstream media shifted so far left. i think they put themselves in an awkward box. boston kleob 70 million and
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left leaning radio they tried failed. i think maybe if there was more cohesive product they put out there, fair and balanced for lack of a better phrase. maybe some would do well. some of these guys believe, that is what sam was saying, there are costs beneath the surface. >> they have no control. >> neil: he was telling me, i don't understand. ben, what i'm asking here, what does it mean for anyone that tries to fix the print medium and migrate to the online world as bezos will try to do with the post. is it with you? >> here is what i think is most interesting thing, the hand of warren buffett has to be in there somewhere. buffet is a great pal of jeff be sogs.
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besos thinks warren is one of the greatest man in the world. if he thinks there is money to be made, yeah, but he also still owns the big newspaper in buffalo. he says he is very happy witness. he would like to buy more. so maybe there is something going on. >> i worked at the "washington post" and worked for newsweek. i spoke with warren buffett and i don't believe he thinks there is money. i think he believes this is the best way to save the product. >> neil: i'm no soothsayer for this industry, but they at least try a balanced, "wall street journal" or u.s.a. today circulation is up, online product is up and getting more interested and fox which is mull billion dollar institution, there is money to be made? >> "washington post" is
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different than "wall street journal." maybe that is the difference. how to monetize this, i don't know. >> neil: would you give this dog a bone, that would be me and say there might be money to be made but not always being left wing? >> i think there is money to be made if you are doing good journalism and i don't know how to monetize that. i'm saying probably the "new york post". >> neil: meanwhile, a short-circuit for the green agenda while gm is having troubles moving the electric volt, ford can't make enough gas loving pickup trucks. we report, you drive. ♪
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coming up from citizen toll fizzle. ford is adding more workers to make more ford puts a.
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>>. >> neil: going to a gas guzzler. putting the peddle to metal. they are slashing prices but down this month. ford is ramping up production of the best selling pickup truck 24 hours a day they are turning those out. ben, what are we to make
4:24 pm
maik of that. >> the whole idea something for nothing and no bad emissions is nonsense. someone has to burn coal and burn gas and got to have nuclear power. the whole idea of something for nothing is not working. >> neil: i like the notion of the hybrids are not hot but not ago intriguing and they are worth their money but nothis one. i think the issue with this one, a lot of plug-ins they have proven a waste of effort and waste of money? >> you see what tesla is doing today? >> neil: the model standard with hundred thousand bucks car? >> testessa is having crazy profits. >> neil: is it the car for the masses. >> i hope tesla will be for the masses. >> hundred thousand bucks a pop. >> they probably will make
4:25 pm
more and bring the price down a little bit. i mean, americans love their big cars. it doesn't have to be gas, it could be something else. >> it gets you there and gets you there efficiently. >> sales of volt are up by 9% from year ago. they are cutting the price on the volt because chevy is coming out were a cadillac based on the same technology. >> you like hybrids? >> there are lot of hybrids that are very fuel efficient, priis gets 60 miles to the gallon. >> you bridge the future you go to hybrids for a long time and then electronic cars but it ain't the volt. >> i don't understand why they selling stuff. >> i think general motors are still taking some things from the white house.
4:26 pm
i don't think they would be this deep into it. >> neil always says try everything. [ laughter ] >> neil: their enough and let the mark decide. >> it's not a disaster. >> i wanted to thank everybody. despite the choppy week for stocks it's been a red hot year but there are still bargains to be found. which ones coming up.
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>> neil: markets may be up but bargain hunters found stocks just for you. >> just call it coal, coal is so beaten down, but cliff natural resources, i think the stock will go higher. >> neil: ben? >> i like rqi, a good long term bet on commercial real estate. >> neil: you like coal? >> i love coal.
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>> neil: the cost of freedom continues on the place for business. you are watching fox. keep watching because we will not stop watching out for you. >> eric: remember democrats sarah palin forewarning about obama death panels. now look who is saying she may be dead right after all. howard dean and growing list of democrats, sarah palin is with the first reaction and then get ready for another government shake down. a lawmakers under fire saying government doesn't have enough of your money. >> now he is pushing robin hood tactic to get more of your money. plus, forget the government using emails and phone records to snoop now, they can use your tv to watch your every move. "cashin' in" starting right
4:31 pm
now. >> i'm eric boling. welcome to "cashin' in" crew, mr. wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig and emily tish. hold on to your wallet. you just heard keith ellison say, we don't have a spending program. he wants a robin hood tax on investment transactions. jonathan, apparently there is no spending program, it's all about taxes. >> really sudden theory of government. go where the money is. trade is creation. how simple people interact which trade not through force. all trade is productive, whether high frequency traders or mom and pop with an e-trade account. it makes it more more
4:32 pm
expensive to start a business and buy stocks, one-tenth of 1 percent is big amount of money especially with fed manipulating rates to zero. >> eric:, why do they want to take more money from you? >> the wealth of nation does not belong to the government. we are 16 tripled in debt. our spending is out of control. does it mean we need to con physical indicates more american's money is crazy. if we did this robin hood tax, the money is not going to go to bring down the national debt. it's going to prop up more sposhl programs that got us in this mess in the first place. >> eric: this robin hood tax, they always go after us and how about spending cuts? >> you are absolutely right, eric. every conversation these guys start with the word need.
4:33 pm
we need this. the guy steps up and says the government doesn't have any money, he is pitting the people against the government. the government is the people. this is a country that is built on the fact that we, the people, are part of the government. this guy is thinking that there is somehow we are opposed to each other and right to dip in the citizens' money. it's an outrageous concept. he has never read the constitution or never read the federalist papers. he a moron that doesn't understand the background of the constitution of the united states is protect the people. >> eric: i'm glad you brought that up. in that soundbite he says the government has the right, the right and he goes on to explain the right. including things like welfare and housing. i don't read that anywhere in my pocket constitution? >> i think he is getting to the larger question, we are in a sluggish economic recovery. we are seeing wall street going back to some of the
4:34 pm
pre-dip kind of circumstances, but we're not seeing that on main street which is primarily a jobless economic recovery. whether it is the transaction or some part of a larger packet, you talked about raising the minimum wage, a larger package like that, he has right intent there. we shouldn't be bringing the government back to those certain things. we should be balancing certain things. >> i think it's disingenuous to argue for more taxes as a wealth producer when you work for a nonprofit entity that doesn't pay taxes. people are trying make money to encourage growth. i have to say, eric, i don't know if representative ellison is practicing muslim. in sharia law, there is laws against trading derivatives.
4:35 pm
there may be a little sharia creep cracking down on trade and cracking down on production. >> eric: let's do talk about the robin hood tax. he is trying to make the example, taking from the rich and giving to the poor. however, everyone that is being taxed on this isn't rich. people that put money in 401-k will pay the price. >> you are absolutely right. it doesn't mean in a tax like this, its catch-all tax. he will try to get little people, big people or anybody because they start with the word "need." if i hear that word i'm going to throw up. think about it. go out and get a job instead of leaching off the public. that is what politicians do. that is what these guys do. it may be wonderful idea in his brain but as you
4:36 pm
properly said, he never has read the constitution. nowhere i can go out and do this. >> eric: michelle a lot of people are out of work, but president obama talks about all the jobs he has created. it doesn't seem like it is getting better? >> it's not getting better at all. it has to do with the fact that the government thinks everyone is entitled to a home and entitled to healthcare. we don't have the money. you are not entitled to cheap home and healthcare and have this life where the government takes care of you from cradle to grave. >> eric: michelle pointed out importantly. the end of the soundbite the government or people have a right to housing. is housing a right? >> i think these are things we should all be aspiring to. >> eric: hold on. emily -- emily, emily
4:37 pm
aspiring one thing. do people have a right to housing? is it our job to provide a home for every person in america? >> look, i think these are aspiration things, and government should be helping the private sector, all people to get into homes. we should be working together and these are things we should be doing. but going back to the same policies that got us into this place. >> what about the housing bubble? >> the policy of government intervention we're not going back and unfortunately, we are going for more government intervention. eric, there are two things to deal with people, through trade what investors are doing and what ellison wants to tax and through force which is exactly what taxes are. >> eric, in 1831 believe it or not, one said when congress understands that
4:38 pm
they can bribe the people with their own money, it will mean the end of the republic. >> eric: there you go. good job, wayne. coming up, democrats once slamming sarah palin to creating death panels. guess who may be jump ought death panel bandwagon. [ jackie ] its just so frustrating... ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪ so today, i'm finally talking to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that gotta go feeling? ask your doctor about prescription toviaz. one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces sudden urges and accidents, for 24 hours. if you have certain stomach problems or glaoma, or can not empty your bladd, you should not take toviaz.
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>>. i'm arthel nevil. search crews recovering four bodies from the wreckage of a fiery plane crash in connecticut. air crash slamming into two houses in east haven blocks from the airport. fire officials say two of those killed were aboard the small plane. two others were in one of the homes. a family member identifying identifying the pair on the plane as a former microsoft executive and his teenage son. and nelson mandela's
4:42 pm
health is improving. family members say the former south africa president is getting better by the day and able to sit up for minutes at a time. 95-year-old leader has been hospitalized for the last two months with a recurring lung infection. i'm arthel nevil and getting back to carb inand we'll have the latest at >> eric: sarah palin called obamacare death panels and she was vilified for it. four years later are a growing number of democrats proving her right like this one? former democratic national committee chairman howard dean he is worried about how much healthcare you and i are entitled to and this list of congressional democrats. they wanted the panel repealed. joining us in the hot seat with the first reaction. governor, thank you. were you surprised to see howard dean jumping on board,
4:43 pm
the governor was right? >> it was a pleasant surprise. and condone them for jumping off the obama train wreck that is coming down the pike. the important thing to remember that is just one aspect of this atrocious unaffordable, burdensome, evil policy of obama's and that is obamacare. >> eric: what is the motive to coming on your side? >> it's in black and white in the law. there will be rationing of healthcare. they couldn't go forever in not acknowledging that or they would look like complete bufoons and that death panels are part of this atrocity. the 22 democrats who have now acknowledged part of the
4:44 pm
problem of obamacare, again, as i say, they should be condemned. it adds more of our congressmen and women read the lay and more of us bring to light more than 20,000 pages of rules and regulations accompanying with obamacare more will try to jump off the train wreck that is coming. >> eric: let's change speeds. white house now in the third week calling scandals phony. anything phony about four dead americans in benghazi or irs targeting conservative groups? >> so disgusted with mainstream media and pinning down the president and asking him, because i do point out this the ird week running now here we poopoo is the government scandals. nobody is asking him, which scandals are you
4:45 pm
characterizing as being phony. i wish the press would pin him downed and what does he mean when he says these things that we are so concerned about. he acts like it's not big deal. >> eric: another topic, president obama had his first solo press conference. take a listen what he said about transparency. >> we have to strike the right balance between protecting our security and preserving our freedoms. >> eric: more than one, going to give up a little bit of freedom for security deserves neither. your thoughts? >> there is no balance at all in this struggle for security and liberty when we have an illustration going on today with our government having lied about it. our government actually spying on innocent americans and gathering data on us based on our communications
4:46 pm
which really is a violation of our fourth amendment. there is no balance there at all. that is stomping tramp pling the boot on our neck. >> eric: i hold this, my pocket constitution, fourth amendment specifically says you have to have probable cause. section 215 of patriot act actually says you can't surveil u.s. citizens unless they are contacting someone overseas and have probable cause they are involved in a terrorist activity. i think they are blowing this thing out of the water. >> not only that but the messenger, he who told us what was going on in that department is finally an awareness of government spying on us, edward snowden, sheet bad guy. you want to shoot the messenger instead of dealing with the problem. they are trampling on our
4:47 pm
fourth amendment rights. >> he was at one point asked is he going to be a whistleblower and now he is called a traitor. i thought was interesting exchange going back and fourth. before we run out of time, there has been a rift between rand paul and chris christie. where are you on that? rand paul is the true libertarian and chris christie he is true libertarian for our good? >> i'm on team rand. rand paul understands and whole notion don't tread on me and chris christie is for big government. he is trying to go on to get along in so many respects. some people look at him, he is governor and goes rogue. he has something going on where he has a youtube video trying to set up a situation so he can be seen going
4:48 pm
avant-garde. chris christie is for more government and rand paul with the healthy libertarian streak that we a need more of in our politicians, team rand paul. >> eric: amen to that. sarah palin, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> first, it was phone records, then emails and government will be watching you from your own tv. why smart tvs may not be a smart idea if care about your privacy. how mu protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars.
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4:50 pm
4:51 pm
>> could the government be watching you while you're watching "cashin' in"? you better tune in to this one. reportedly found a way to access built-in cameras in
4:52 pm
the new smart tv's and with the. government already snoopingof a through phone records and e-mails, michelle, could your tv be next? >> oh, yeah. if you get one of these tv's, you're basically getting a newhe roommate, the nsa, and you cann kiss the 4th amendment good-bye. we know companies like microsoft are willing to cooperate with nsa. a if you report says local law l enforcement agencies are taking information surveillance fromsa the nsa and arresting americans because of that surveillance. what you're doing is inviting the government into your home. that, to me, is very dangerous. >> wayne, you have to be careful what you wear when you're watching tv. they might flip the switch and v watch you right back? >> that's true. and i agree.hey it's a terrible thing to have the government watching you for anything. federal geet the government out of awful our lives. however, nobody is forcing you once again to buy that particular television that has a that camera in c it's like buying a gun. you know a gun can kill somebody, might even kill you if you own the gun. so you got to be careful.n.
4:53 pm
so if you buy that television that has that camera, you're taking that risk. you don't have to -- wayne -- nobody is forcing you, but you buy the tv with the expectation thatpect government isn't going to be surveying you eating cheetos and watching fox news channel. it's pretty scary and why should we trust the government?e >> jonathan, you'll do everything with the government and not expecting them to look at you. but theyng are! >> of course. point, is that we can't -- they lie to congress issues lie to the american people and eric, continue to fight what i believe is a real unreal war on militant islam. they're surveying innocent americans. >> emily, on friday the "wall street journal," a week ago,y, they ran an article about howll the f.b.i. can turn on your how microphone on your cell phone. they can literally use a hackera technique, they call it a hacker technique and flip the switchd l and hear what you're saying. who is to say the f.b.i. doesn't want to do the same thing in your home?
4:54 pm
>> absolutely. i think right now we live in a world and work under the assumption, that technology outgoing can be incoming. they can turn on videos to watch you at home.. hackers have been doing this. they're accessing bank accounts. we have to look at the private industry and how much information they haveh on google has much more information and can use it more effectively than the government. we should be looking more wholisticly on this. president obama did meet with tech agencies.larg >> it's the government forcing them to>> give the information . it's the government who is asking for it. >> i don't have a problem with the government asking. i don't have a problem with the government asking. i have a problem when theyave violate the 4th amendment, when theyov take it without probable cause. the 4th amendment says probable cause. this is funny because as of right now, it's hackers that figured out a way into this thing and my point was, well, il the irs has admittedly targeted conservatives, we know they're
4:55 pm
corrupt and the irs is working with the nsa, who is working with the dea and the f.b.i., who is to say they're not all gog have hack is -- all go to have access to all the stuff.comm >> to michelle's point, when government comes, they don'te. hack. they demand. they deal by force. so whether it be internet records, or phone records, could be you on the couch next. >> we do nsa snooping stuff better than any show on n television. we're going to say thank you toi michelle and emily for joiningee us this week. coming up, while everyone is running from the chaos inyone europe, one of our guys is of running to it.i' find out why next anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts,
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4:59 pm
>> also, john, go ahead. >> youth unemployment rate in greece, 62%. that's also how much the greek stock market is up from the lasi year. i own others. >> gutsy call. you've been hot. stay hot. you're awesome. great to join us this weekme. again. that's it for the "the cost of freedom"at block. before we go, riding aboard the air force one, 180,000 tax dollars per hour. secret service, tens ofnds thousands of tax dollars per day. an eight-day martha's vineyard extravaganza, while millions can't find a job and a record number of americans need food stamps to survive. priceless. leadership. all things america expects from our commander in chief. have a great weekend. if you're on martha's vineyard this weekend, you bump into president obama, tell him wevine said hello.
5:00 pm
i'll see you on "the five." hello. i'm kimberly guilfoyle and the gang. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five". >> moments ago, to wrapped up his first solo news conference since april 30. he touched on a number of topics, including the nsa, surveillance, privacy, snowden, putin, drone strikes, obamacare, republican shutting down the government, benghazi, the next bed chair, immigration, and the olympics. here are some highlights. >> i wanted to ask you about your evolution on the surveillance issues. why should the public trust you on this issue? >> where we can prevent a
5:01 pm
terrorist attack, where we can get information ahead of time that we're able to carry out that critical task. >> is he a patriot? >> i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. >> do you still believe that al-qaeda has been decimated? >> al-qaeda is on its heels, has been decimated. but what i also said was that al-qaeda and other extremists have metastasized into regional groups that can pose significant dangers. >> september 11 was the first anniversary of benghazi. and you said on september 12, make no mistake, we'll bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. 11 months later, where are they? >> i also said we would get bin laden and i didn't get him in 11 months. >> bob, this is your shining moment. enjoy it, make the most of it. >> i thought did he do a very good job. i think it's about time. it's very late. they were welled and rehearsed.
5:02 pm
i would not have jumped on the republicans during that. but i think his nsa answers, despite the fact that it didn't convince me or i hope doesn't convince eric that he does have a pretty good grip on what's going on with nsa and benghazi was a good answer. >> what was good about it? >> i know, bob. that was a little weird. we gave you a moment and i don't know what happened. >> what the hell are you talking about? >> he hopefully didn't convince eric -- >> i just don't like the nsa. >> okay. >> now we got to the bottom of that, steve. welcome. >> obviously this is a friday in the summer and you had to get somebody in this chair who got up yesterday. [ laughter ] >> literally. >> i actually did almost get up yesterday. i'm on your side. i thought that it was great that the president of the united states addressed the nsa situation with his four-point plan. but unfortunately, even though they're going to have this four-point plan, the government is still going to hoover out millions and millions and trillions of our phone calls and
5:03 pm
our e-mail and this is just a placebo press conference so it goes away. >> one thing i'll say to you, the appropriation for the nsa came up on the house floor and only passed by seven votes. there's a building consensus to get away with these programs. >> bolling, this is it, the obama cold shower. go ahead. >> notes. i took pages of notes. he went through his plan. i found it very interesting that twice he said we have to strike a proper balance between security and liberty. i think he said security and freedom at one of the two times. no, we don't. we just have to follow the constitution and we'll be okay, sir. he clearly is violating the constitution. he also talked about section 215 of the fisa acts. that's a relevant section where they talk about data mining and what you're allowed to take. read section 215, president, it says any application must prove that it's being conducted without violating the first amendment, wrong. and the rights of u.s. citizens.
5:04 pm
it can only be used to obtain foreign information not concerning u.s. citizens. we're on board with this, right? >> you didn't like this -- >> i'm saying he said one thing, but they're doing something completely different in the nsa -- >> but he said it so well. >> day in a, talk about -- dana, what do you think of his remarks? did it come too late? he covered a lot of ground. >> okay. i think it was three weeks too late. i would have said that he should have done this press conference about three weeks ago because when he said that all of these things in washington were phony scandals, one of them that he's talking about is the nsa issue. i have defended the president on all this and i keep asking, could you help us defend you. he did something today, he made very clear he's gog have four-point plan and talked about the four-point plan. it's amazing when you have unemployment at what it is, the part-time jobs issue, he wants to talk about the middle class and he's talking about section
5:05 pm
215 of the patriot act? we are down way, way, way down in the weeds. i think again, he could have done it three weeks ago. i would have said he should have done more about the middle class up at the top. i don't think the announcement needed to be about this. >> before he got smacked around by the president a little bit, ed snowden, he said mr. president, it sounds like you consider ed snowden more a whistle blower than a traitor and president obama said no, no, he needs to come back and face his accusers. but then goes through what a great program the whistle blower program is and howl the things he's done to make it stronger. james clapper, the top dog, snowden would have reported to, lied -- >> can we reach a consensus that this was too late? some of the questions were not handled well, but a lot were handled finally reasonably well. i don't agree with them. >> can i ask you something?
5:06 pm
the president's remedy, when he said that he's going to ask the privacy and civil liberties board to review, is that enough for critics? >> another review board? >> sure, go ahead. trust washington. >> he hinted at that, i know, because i watched jay leno because that's where i go to hear the president speak. >> that's a week old. >> it's really not. we just did it the other day. but anyway, the point is, he was telegraphing he was going to talk about that on there and say if there is enough safeguards in place, then it should be okay. you should trust us, trust the government. i want the government to protect us. i want them to do it in the right way. i don't want them to abuse their authority or overreach. but based on the way this program is set up right now, i don't believe that it violates constitutional rights. >> they have made a determination to do these programs that does violate the constitution, but that's the choice between the constitution or what they consider to be an eminent attack on the united
5:07 pm
states. i know it's a tough line to walk. when push comes to shove, when you fall back on one thing, you fall back on the constitution. >> he also mentioned in the speech that the nsa is not listening to phone conversations and not reading e mails. they told us they're reading the e-mails. when certain buzz words triggers a look, they read the e-mail. >> any final thoughts on this? >> on the press conference? >> just on this. >> i was going to say, let's do the chronology. it was three weeks ago he started with the phony scandal business. last week he was talking -- two weeks ago issues then last week he was talking a little bit about okay, well, the white house came out, we've got this terror warning. we have used the nsa program and then leaked a whole bunch of the secret stuff that they shouldn't have leaked. like al-zarqawi arrest, talking to this guy. they obviously put that out to show okay, a lot of you people know we have this ability to listen to your phone calls
5:08 pm
because we record the phone calls and they sit out there, but it works because we got this data. >> will you yield back? >> sure. >> i did want to say, any time a president speaks, he has to speak to many different audiences all at once. one of the important audiences he was talking to today was the intelligence community itself who would have watched this with great interest where the rest of america is on vacation. but he said that he supports them and he has confidence in them. that means a lot to them -- i know you're breathing hard. he's talking to them and he's saying, i have confidence in you and you will continue to be supported by me. that's an important thing for intelligence community to hear. >> may i throw this in? i am so darn tired of president obama hiding behind the patriot act. he keeps saying the patriot act, patriot act. this is the patriot act on steroids, on human growth hormones. >> we're going to move on. >> it's not the patriot act. that was passed with certain
5:09 pm
parameters. right here we talked about them. this blows those parameters out of the water. >> just one fast thing, this phony scandal, there are some of those things like the irs, which is serious, but you know something? your pal that you love so much, darrell issa, i won't say it again -- >> my pal? >> the investigation has not come up with one single, solitary piece of evidence that would indicate -- >> why are you starting on steve doocy? this is not hospitable. >> darrell issa's panel, they've got the trail lead to go a high level washington attorney, lobbyist attorney who is -- >> i'm getting yelled at for kissing his butt. >> now you told everyone. >> can we talk about health care? the president also addressed republicans and along with the whole idea of paul ryan wants to throw granny overt cliff, apparently republicans don't want you to have health care.
5:10 pm
take a listen. >> my friends in the other party have made the idea of preventing these people from getting health care, their holy grail. their number one priority, the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. [ laughter ] >> unbelievable. >> he's exactly right. >> his math is so bad. at one point he says 15% of the population, which is 45 million. then says 35 million people. >> can you tell me -- >> even the congressional budget office says that 30 million people won't have health insurance after obamacare is put in place. that's a 30 million he's talking about? >> can you give me one thing the republicans do to take care of people uninsured? >> i can't believe we have to go through this again. >> medicare, medicaid, emergency
5:11 pm
rooms. >> the preexisting piece, check. that would include you. the republicans were for that. the republicans said -- if only we had a white board. >> they voted against the bill, yeah. but those provisions would have passed if they had been allowed to stand alone. >> fair enough. >> dc -- point finger, yes, i have. >> i thought the president seemed -- he was lecturing again and i know he's a lecturer -- >> his only partisan moment, the only thing people will remember. >> over the kremlin, i got a feeling they're going to remember that today was the day they had to go replace the great big flat screen because putin put his fist through it when the president of the united states referred to putin and said, he looks like the bored kid in the back of the classroom. a slouch. >> he's also the kind of guy you would like to slap around the
5:12 pm
men's room, punk. >> how many guys have you slap around the men's room? >> you're supposed to be against bullying. >> not when it comes to putin. >> there you go. >> on health care thing, i think the president is effective on showing that there are divisions. here is the problem, if you're a republican conservative and you think that the free market would be a better solution with the safeguards i mentioned on preexisting conditions, people being allowed to keep their children on their insurance until they're 26, then you do -- because president obama doesn't see the free market and competition as a plant plan. they want government planning to solve everything. there is a problem. >> you think if they did come -- seriously, i'm not arguing here. if obama introduced legislation to amend his act, allowed insurance to be sold across state lines, with the republicans come along? >> it depends on the mother mandate. >> okay. >> can we talk about bob slapping people around in the
5:13 pm
men's room? >> that what got your attention? >> sounds like someone who has been slapped around in the men's room a few times. >> oh, no you didn't! >> oh, i see, big boy. >> we got to go. we got issues. >> there are other things. nbc news has an entire network devoted to promoting the democratic party. did you know that? but a couple of their journalists are upset about this new hillary clinton documentary. you're going to hear from them. and for the hour on "the five," we're celebrating summer. you're going to hear our favorite tunes from when we were kids. we'll dump out with our segments. my make, "here i go again" by whitesnake. you got to love this video. ♪
5:14 pm
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5:18 pm
♪ welcome back to "the five." you probably heard about the nbc documentary about hillary clinton that's been criticized you will week. a couple of the reporters don't like the idea either. chuck todd and andrea mitchell. >> this is why this mini series is a total nightmare for nbc news, because it doesn't -- we know there is this giant firewall. we know we have nothing to do with it. we know we would probably love to be as critical if it comes out. but there is nothing we can do about it and we're going to only own the negative. >> we've got the republican chairman, i would say understandably miffed about these hillary clinton films. a lot of news people would say, including nbc news people, including chuck todd and all the rest of us, a really bad idea given the timing. >> if they only knew what was going on. chuck todd and andrea mitchell, kind of whiney, aren't they?
5:19 pm
>> just a little bit. andrea mitchell is a walking conflict of interest. when her husband alan greenspan headed up the economy, nbc still allowed her to report on the economy. so if she's saying that it's bad for nbc that they run that movie, it must be really bad. but i say nbc, cnn, go ahead and run your movies. but then again, i don't think the rnc should do business with them. >> earlier this week when rnc made this announcement, my initial reaction was why? why are you plaining? i was wrong. the reaction has been great for reince previn. look, i think there were many reasons to decrease the number of debates anyway and to maybe have said something after last year with cnn and with nbc and the tie with msnbc say, look, we're not going to do as many as we did last year. tying it to hillary clinton
5:20 pm
seemed curious, but it's a winner. >> you know what i love? finally some transparency. this is who we are. this is who we want. and we really don't care what anybody else thinks about it. this is nbc, msnbc. oh, alec baldwin has a new show. friday nights, baby. >> we knew this was coming a while and chuck todd and andrea mitchell decide yesterday and today to take a stand saying oh, nbc, the other wing of nbc shouldn't be doing it. they knew it was coming. i think it's because they were getting heat. >> so what that the republicans aren't going to show up for the debates. that's no big deal. i think they're both whiners. where this guy todd came from, i don't know. it's all of a sudden a hot product in the last 24 months or something. the guy is a dufus. >> what? >> let's move on to other ideas or thoughts about media bias. listen to geraldo. i think it was on doocy's show this morning. >> the picture those 15-year-old
5:21 pm
thugs as white boys, as white 15-year-olds pounding a 13-year-old black child, is there any doubt but that that would have been the seminal moment in terms of news gathering in our nation this year, coverage of this particular incident was clearly substandard, inefficient, politically correct, and in many, many ways, as repulsive as people who make up race too much. >> where is the media on this? >> i'm totally with geraldo on this. my puerto rican brother from another mother. i think he's on the money on it. i'm puerto rican-irish. the point is, he's hitting the nail on the head. he's not afraid to tell the truth. it's double standard. if this had been a reverse race situation, forget about it. it would have been all over the place. my point is, treat news stories like this equally. where there has been a deafening silence on behalf of the media. >> what's amazing, maybe dana can explain this.
5:22 pm
why is it that al sharpton, he clearly should have said something. people have been saying it over and over again, and why doesn't the press ask him? >> i did! >> you did? >> i called al sharpton's office. >> why would he call you? >> we called at 12:30 yesterday. we e-mailed him. waited all day. crickets. >> he has an amazing ability to not be provoked into something that is not in his self-interest. >> and he won't do it. >> one of the other things that geraldo shared with us is that he was on the radio doing his radio show when the story had broken and he read some of the news accounts and none of the news accounts, i think he said and others didn't mention the fact that it was three young african-american men who beat up the one white kid and it was apparently because the white kid told the school that they tried to sell him drugs. it wasn't until -- i think he said, he went to a fox and saw the story where race did
5:23 pm
suddenly come to the forefront. but that brings up the point is who at these news outfits decides to filter? why not just put all the facts out. >> i'm going to say i'm guilty because this is my block, the first day that we covered this story on "the five," it was my block. so i prepared all day. it never occurred to me to ask or to look into the color of the victims. i just was horrified that it happened to a 13-year-old boy. i filtered it from the other way. >> because you were reading articles that didn't mention that. >> but it didn't occur to me to ask. >> but it was conspicuously absent and that's the point. it shouldn't have been. it's not to try and color the situation, but just report the facts. like you would in any other situation. >> sure. >> that's exactly right. they should have done that and the other thing is, the bus driver took a bad rap. he's 64 years old. they do have hatchets. i checked this out. >> what are you talking about? chopping people up now?
5:24 pm
>> you don't want me to say take the hatchets to the kids? okay, i won't. >> they have fire extinguishers, too. >> they do, that would blind them. >> the guy would have gotten fired. >> so what? >> we should move on. >> we better move on. it's been a rough summer at the box office for hollywood. lots of big budget movies are going bust and matt damon's film could be the next flop because of radical political message. we'll tell you all about it. speaking of the summer, "the five"'s favorite summer song throughout the hour. my pick, '87 "walk this way" aerosmith. ♪ my name is lee kaufman.
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♪ they moved the camera and it is no longer blocking dana's light. >> this is very different to have someone as tall as you in my way. >> oh, my gosh. that's true. >> i have a whole shadow. >> listen, we're talking about this hollywood is not having a very good summer. a lot of pricey productions have turned out to be big fat stinkers like "after earth" with will smith. "white house house down" with channing tatum. matt damon is hoping his movie won't shame the same fate. "elysium" opened today. but variety says it is one of the, quote, more openly socialist, political agendas of any hollywood movie in memory.
5:30 pm
but mr. matt damon, hollywood superstar, denies thinks in message to the movie. >> i don't think it's trying to say anything. i think it's just kind of -- it just kind of shows -- kind of presents that issue, you know, the distinct difference between the haves and the have notes. i think a science fiction movie will work if, you know -- it's a whole new world, but it speaks to the world that we live in, you know. but not in a heavy handed way. the first order of business for a big summer popcorn movie is to make a kick ass movie and make great action. >> he's adjust dude that got that girl in titanic? >> no. >> oh, my gosh. >> bob, what exactly was the last movie you saw? >> "secretary tear i can't tell." >> or "sea biscuit"? >> you're right. >> or was it "mr. ed"?
5:31 pm
>> one of our producers key ways of getting at liberals, he said a whole list of these movies were doing bad this summer and one movie, one had something about socialism, but you think the whole world was full of socialist movies. this seems like five special. they're not -- >> i don't think that was the premise. the premise was big box office flicks -- >> people aren't going to them. >> and the next one on the list could be matt damon's -- >> he said he was gog put you on your medication. >> i don't care if he is. >> everybody knows that 95% of hollywood leans to the left. they're completely left. do you think that a lot of people across america realize, you know, at least half the country is conservative. they see all the lefties out. they know a lot of lefties really don't care for conservatives politically. so why give that lefty movie star the business?
5:32 pm
do you think people make that business decision when they try to figure out where to spend their $10 to watch a movie? >> i think they try to shield it in an action movie. i think this movie 100% had a political movie. and that's why jody foster came back in and did this movie. i thought a private screening, matt damon was there with his family and to me, it was very obvious it was a movie about haves and have notes and the whole commentary about universal health care. >> why did the rest of the movie flop? >> the elite people living on a different -- >> there is no political message in "lone ranger" as far as i know, as far as beating up indians. >> right you are, kemosabe. >> the fact of the matter is, the lead in to this was matt damon and socialist movie and said all the other ones are leaving the impression they're all socialist movies. >> i don't think that was the
5:33 pm
point at all. >> i can probably explain why movies are flopping this year. >> please do. >> the economy is getting a lot better. there are certain sectors that are kind of behind the scenes, indicators of things doing better and they would compete with movies. the recreation sector, winnebago, polaris. >> you're saying people would rather go in an rv? >> no, they're doing things they haven't done for the last three years. >> disagree. >> how so? >> i think one of the things that big summer movies count on is that teen-agers are going to go. teen-agers need disposable income. the unemployment rate is 45%. i think it's not because the economy is getting better. i think it's because the economy is changing and there is different and better ways to spend $15 on if you want to go to another place. >> to address the demographic you're talking about, young people, they're so used to such bright and realistic graphics,
5:34 pm
you go to the movies these days, and there blows up the white house again. i saw that in four movies over the last couple of weeks. they're not realistic. >> i would like to take 15 seconds to correct one thing. i love the south. i have made some fun of it. i have made some fun of it. >> thank you. >> i apologize. i think the south -- just be quiet. i said a few things that maybe went off. they're the nicest people in the world. you're kind. so i didn't minor mean to insult you. if i did, i apologize. >> that's nice, bob. >> you know what's nice, they'll forgive you. >> can you apologize to the state of florida? >> i'm not going to apologize to you 'cause you'll beat me up. >> i'm saying, you make those kind of comments about good people in florida. >> i'm flying to georgia tomorrow. >> nice state. it's just the government.
5:35 pm
>> you just blew up -- >> take a look at this, ladies and gentlemen. kate upton made a lot of men very happy when she graced the cover of sports illustrated not once, but twice. bob, put that 28-dollar pill away. but she said it made her feel terrible. we'll tell you why. see, there is something that made me very happy. we're talking about the songs of our summers days gone by. when i was a kid, "hello, it's me," i had no idea what he looked like. it was all on the radio. here is todd. ♪ maybe i think too much but something is strong ♪ ♪ there is something here doesn't last too long ♪ ♪ maybe i shouldn't think of you
5:36 pm
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♪ >> well, five men now being questioned in zanzabar on two young women who worked at a christian nursery school. the 18-year-old brits had acid splashed on their bodies while they were walking through the capitol on wednesday. it was near the ends of ramadan. they were there on a month-long trip as volunteer teachers. a radical islamic group may be responsible. here is katie's mother on her daughter's condition. >> you have you spoken to your daughter? n yes. >> how is she? >> how is she? >> her whole face is burned. >> was there any reason? do you know what caused it?
5:41 pm
>> we should point out that the two girls were also subjected to a fairly vigorous argument with somebody who is a muslim because they were singing on the streets durham dna, which apparently is a no-no. i have a few things to say but i'll wait 'til my reasonable colleagues talk about it and then i'm going to let you have it. eric, what do you think? >> you have in your read, you said apparently was radical islamists. obviously it was radical islamists. you can't indict the whole religion, but a very good percentage of them are radicalized. >> acid attacks against girls is one of the weapons they use against young women. but muslim girls, too, if you remember in afghanistan, all of those young girls on their way to school were attacked this way. one of the things is the hypocrisy. bob, have you ever been on an international flight overseas in the middle east, they will get
5:42 pm
on the flight in their traditional flight, change in the bathroom and then drink and party like rock stars until they land. i think the -- >> they make an announcement, you're now leaving saudi air space. >> so now everything is fine. that is not filtering down -- all the goodies of life are not filtering down to younger people work in zanzabar. >> one of the press accounts i read said that country is referred to as a muslim holiday island. >> it doesn't make me think less to go there. >> i'm catholic, i don't know that we have any holiday islands. but it did say that -- >> vegas. [ laughter ] >> but he did say that there are a number of christians who live in fear in zanzabar and there is places on this earth where
5:43 pm
christians are not welcome. >> bob is this. >> these beautiful young girls trying to make a difference and do something to give back in a fine christian tradition and way and what happened to them is a religious hate crime. i think it's awful. it goes to show, parents, it's sad. you have to really think about whether or not you can let your children go someplace like this when they could be subjected to this kind of horrific attack. like dark ana said, rape, tartare, this is -- torture, this is awful. >> this is another example of muslims around the world, when something horrific like this happens, you and know it was radical islamists, not one of you has stood up to say anything, as usual. i will say this, the president of the country did say it was a horrible thing to do and i'll give him credit for doing that. but have we soon one cleric, one imam stand up? you have got to stop persecuting people, and particularly people who want to help you!
5:44 pm
personally, i wouldn't help you worth a damn! have a nice day. >> coming up, a blast of summer's past continues on the five. from the days of my youth, ladies and gentlemen, bob dylan! ♪ or the times are changing ♪ all work and no play... will make allie miss her favorite part of the day. [ laughing ] that's why there's beneful baked delights. from crispy crackers to shortbread cookie dog snacks, they're oven-baked to surprise and delight. beneful baked delights: a unique collection of four snacks... to help spark play in your day.
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♪ all show along we've been playing our favorite summer songs from our younger days. we heard "raspberry days" from prince. that was one of any favorites from 1985. before i go on, i called the producer today -- should i mention him? had sean. i said for the music, maybe we could do some other songs from 1985 because, you know, it's great summer songs. so he said okay. which ones are you thinking? , i said "raspberry beret." and he said i've never heard of that. >> i never heard of it. >> you heard of raspberry sorbet. >> this is a moment everyone has
5:49 pm
been waiting for. you know how songs evoke memories? the other day i heard this song, my favorite summer song "your love" by the outfield. take a look. ♪ i just want to use your love tonight ♪ ♪ i don't want to lose your love tonight ♪ >> bob, do you care to repeat what you just said? >> that's what straight people listen to. >> was that your hairdo back then, eric? >> hell no. >> his hair was blond back then. >> what was your favorite summer? >> i don't know. >> what was your favorite summer? >> my favorite summer was the summer that i worked at the delicatessen and i got to take home all the salami i wanted, i worked for mr. kim. i got a big summer bonus.
5:50 pm
it was all the salami i could eat. >> that was your favorite? >> swear to god, i loved it. >> good, glad you got a life. >> doocy, since you're block my light, you're so tall, look how tall you are compared to me. let's take that shot again. i'm actually sitting up. what was your favorite summer memory? >> i remember when -- let's see. believe it or not, in kansas when you are 13 1/2 years old, you can have a driver's license. >> yeah, i know. >> so my dad bought me a 1963 rambler station wagon. >> is that the kind with the feet? >> no. are you thinking of like the flintstones? no. at 13 1/2, i was the only kid in my class with a car. >> wow. >> really? >> yeah. the sky was the limit. i kept that car for a number of years and back then, of course, four or five years -- the legal
5:51 pm
drinking age was 18. >> for farming. >> right. >> eric, your favorite memories -- i don't know. were they from your middle school years or later? >> college. >> college. >> one year, one summer i stayed in florida in orlando, played baseball. there was a concert series, i saw rolling stones twice, and played baseball and was very single at the time. >> you were doing a lot of partying. >> i was having a lot of fun. >> bob, how about you back in the day? >> well, as you can probably tell from the songs, i went -- i was very young, but i went to the summer of love in san francisco in 1968 where everybody was gathering for a love in against the war in vietnam. >> what does love in mean? >> please don't ask. >> you don't really want to know. so everybody shows up there. hundreds of thousands of people, they have a love in against the war and people were sleeping and
5:52 pm
doing stuff. i was there with a pocket full of money, another pocket full of the best marijuana they could have and i couldn't get any sex at all. >> wow. what's changed? >> that was your favorite summer memory? >> no, because then after that i went to los angeles. >> can i tell you something? you asked me that and i'm so hungry. so i thought of food. but after that, my favorite summer was living in ireland and studying at trinity college in dublin. >> you know what i love? a state fair. and when i was a country music dark j, i got to see garth brooks play for fee at the colorado state fair. >> one of my favorite summer memories was in the clay center in clay county, kansas. what was it? eight-day fair. and everybody in the 4h, you would have to make home made ice cream. and somebody -- i think it was mrs. bieblemyer, would make the ice cream for the 4h. i was the president of the future farmers of america.
5:53 pm
>> was she -- >> that's a really good group. young men that come out of that group -- >> guess what? we're going to blow off that other song, one of my favorites because, one more thing next! ♪ right now, 7 years of music is being streamed.
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
it's time for one more thing. excuse me, bob. for bob to make him happy and put him in a good mood, the obama speech did not. kate upton, sports illustrated graced the covers twice. there she is right there. and she has an interesting quote that was in elle magazine. after my first sports illustrated cover, i felt terrible about myself for a solid month. every single guy i met was either married or about to be married and i felt i was their bachelor present. i'm not a toy. i'm human. i'm not here to be used. bob, do you have a comment? >> i think that's exactly right. some of us are not like that. >> you want to talk to her about it? >> no, let's go ahead. >> okay. i never really have anything to promote, but i can promote something tonight because gutfeld, the reason he's not here and steve doocy is blocking my camera light is gutfeld is hosting o'reilley. i was on last week as well and
5:58 pm
when bill is away, well, we kind of play. take a look. >> maybe they meant to say you're fired, up for the weekend. who knows? dana. >> there is a good one about spell job. >> that was fantastic. always a pleasure. >> okay. we'll see what happens tonight. >> you going to repeat something? >> look at greg. >> we'll be staying up for that. >> steve doocy? >> my one more thing, a new leftover app. here is the thing, you go to a restaurant, you always have leftovers because the portions are huge. here is what you do, you have your leftovers, like we have beautiful doughnuts right there. you take picture with your smart phone. you post it on-line and then you send it out and somebody will go ahead and get your leftovers. the big question is -- >> what do you mean? >> somebody will say, i'll take your leftovers.
5:59 pm
would you actually eat food, leftovers from other people? >> yes, i would, let's go. >> who took a bite out of it? >> who is up next? n it depends on who took a bite of it. >> eric, would you go ahead? >> i'll relinquish my time to bob. by the way, sarah palin tomorrow morning on "cashin' in". >> you don't know where that's been! >> i'm going to end this on a serious note. college is about to start again in the next two weeks. an estimated 1825 college students die every year from alcohol-related deaths and i urge you, last year alone, 599,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 were unintentionally injured using alcohol, please, please, binge drinking in particular will kill you. try to use common sense because alcohol, i can tell you, is a fact, will kill you. you don't want that. >> but doughnuts are great. >> but doughnuts won't kill you.
6:00 pm
they're good for you. >> very good message, bob. i support that. that's if fours. have a great weekend. "special report" is next. >> arthel: 6:00 o'clock straight up here on the east coast. good to see you. hello, i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. glad you're with us. topping the news this hour, torrential downpours lead to go death and destruction and the threat of more flooding is not over yet. >> arthel: new fallout from president obama's decision to cancel a meeting with russian president vladimir putin. how the snub is playing inside moscow. >> gregg: now the white house is saying it has a brand-new plan to keep big brother from abusing your right to privacy.
6:01 pm
>> arthel: we begin with this fox news alert on the intense search for a 16-year-old girl and her alleged captor. hundreds of police officers now combing through a remote wilderness near cascade, idaho, after witnesses on horseback reported seeing a man and teenage girl matching the description of 16-year-old hannah anderson and her alleged kidnapper, james dimaggio. this comes as police identify the body of a child found in the suspect's burned out home as hannah's little brother, who along with his mother, was allegedly killed by dimaggio just before police say he abducted the young girl. dominic is live in los angeles with more. dominic? >> the body of eight-year-old ethan anderson was only identified late last night. the county sheriff department said they had to use dna to determine his identity after the house fire. the search in central idaho for his sister and dimaggio is a
6:02 pm
mammoth task. 2 million-acres inside of the area. 150 f.b.i. officers have arrived where hundreds are already out on foot and horseback searching for them. they won't be working overnight because the terrain is too difficult to do that safely. we know dimaggio was an avid camper and the sheriff's department locally is saying he had recently purchased camping equipment. they don't know if he's been to the frank church river area before and they're not sure if they'd even consider him a survivalist, even though there is reports that describe him as such. but the police are looking into how he could navigate the landscape, including evading those by living in the area. friends concerned for hannah's safety. a vigil was held to pray for her and remember her mother and brother. >> she's always there for me and we just hope that, like everyone does, that we can all have her back. i want to thank her for being such a great friend and tina for being such a great mom and
6:03 pm
raising her right. >> hannah won't be able to see her mother and brother as she grows up. that's assuming that hannah is found unharmed. let's pray that she is. back to you. >> arthel: prayers up for sure. dominic, thank you very much. >> gregg: fox extreme weather alert. heavy rains triggering severe flooding and flash flood warnings in many areas across the country. in central colorado, flash floods and mud slides killing at least one person. police say three others are missing. forecasters say more rain expected in already hard hit arkansas and tennessee. brian is live in our new york city news room with the details. >> those flash flood and severe thunderstorm warnings continue for several states through today after just a week of torrential downpours. for much of the midwest and southwest. as much as ten inches of rainfalling just overnight friday. flooding hundreds of homes and businesses in states like kansas, missouri, tennessee,
6:04 pm
oklahoma, and colorado. in colorado, flood waters sweeping across highways. a fast-moving mud slide along ho highway 24 trapping cars, carrying homes and black rushing waters and killing a man buried underneath mounds of debris. three others are still missing. one woman held on for dear life as her home swept by her. >> at that moment, i knew that the water was getting higher and going to come over it. then the bottom broke off and it went through, so i went okay. i have to get out of here. like i can't -- i was screaming for help and i watched them rescue a dog. i watched the house go by. i watched cars go by. >> missouri receiving the worst of it. reports of up to 15 inches of rain over two days in some areas. floods there killed an elderly woman, four-year-old boy and his mother. their cars were swept off a bridge. in kansas, serious rains flooding the little arkansas
6:05 pm
river, overflowing onto fields and roads. rescuers in wichita on jet skis pulling a man floating on an inner tube. in nashville, tennessee, dozens of people rescued from their homes, downpours leaving more than 100 homes and businesses completely flooded out. just a wet and dangerous situation out there this week. people should continue to watch for severe weather alerts in their areas. gregg? >> gregg: thanks very much. >> arthel: a raging wildfire in a mountain range east of los angeles now covering about 30 square miles and destroying at least 26 homes. officials say the silver fire is nearly 50% contained as fire crews work to put out the flames in steep and rugged terrain. hundreds of people who were forced to leave everything behind now being allowed to return to their homes. >> i'm grateful. i'm so grateful. i cried. >> we got out with our lives and our animals. >> this is the first time i've been here since this happened,
6:06 pm
since i was flying out of here three days ago. and it was pretty devastating. >> arthel: so far this year, california fire officialses battled 3400 fires, a stark increase from the average of 3,000 from 2008 to 2012. >> gregg: search crews recovering four bodies from the site of that firey plane crash in connecticut. the aircraft struck two homes a few blocks away from the tweed new haven airport while trying to land yesterday in a storm. family members confirm a microsoft executive and his son on board that plane, both were killed. the other victims inside one of those homes are believed to be young children. the cause of the crash under investigation. >> arthel: new reaction to the president's plan to reform the
6:07 pm
government surveillance programs as the nsa's secret gathering of americans' phone records and e-mails is drawing increased scrutiny. president obama saying in a news conference yesterday that the agency is taking steps to become less secretive and ease public concerns. peter doocy is live in washington. >> arthel, the president says he understands why people are upset and why people might think their privacy is being invaded. but he also says the government isn't going to stop using nsa surveillance programs. so now he wants to put in place a four-point plan to improve transparency and oversite, primarily by working with congress to tweak section 215 of the patriot act. that's the part that deals with phone meta data collecting. the president says he wants to better protect liberties when the government comes calling for a warrant. >> as i've said, this program is an important tool in our effort to disrupt terrorist plots and
6:08 pm
does not allow the government to listen to any phone calls without a warrant. but given the scale of this program, i understand the concerns of those who would worry that it could be subject to abuse. >> that doesn't go nearly far enough for one democrat. senator ron widen who said, quote, i have seen absolutely zero evidence that the bulk collection of americans' phone records under section 215 of the patriot act has provided any unique value to intelligence gathering or actually made any americans safer. so i believe that these reforms should insure that bulk collection is ended. then on the complete side of the political spectrum, louis gohmert agrees. >> i know there are people in homeland security and intelligence that say no, this is really helping and i'm going, it would help you put a soldier in every home, but we don't want to give up that much of our liberty. >> meanwhile, speaker boehner's office is raising red flags, saying it's important to make
6:09 pm
sure that these surveillance programs still actually work after the president is done reforming them. arthel? >> arthel: peter doocy, thanks. as peter reported, president obama outlining new rules for the nsa, but will his plan for the agency surveillance program put the controversy to rest? gregg's political panel weighing in on changes a little later in the hour. >> gregg: america's favorite pastime rocked by a new round of player suspensions connected to performance enhancing drugs. what does this mean? here is jim gray. >> after baseball announced the suspensions of ryan braun, alex rodriguez and 12 others, fans across the land have been left to sort it all out. it's been suspected for a long time, now confirmed, that some of the best baseball players of our generation are not playing on a level playing field. sadly, an institution that has long held a special place in the hearts of americans has let us
6:10 pm
down. and let's call it for what it is, cheating. long known for honor and standards, baseball now regrettably has slipped along with the rest of society in reflecting a steep decline in character and values. let these players -- what these players achieved was not obtained fairly. it has all come to them in a fraudulent manner. what we don't have here are the indisputable facts, even a single positive drug test by any of those suspended. this only adds to the confusion. how can it be that all of these people have cheated, yet none have failed a drug test? it leaves us all to wonder how many more are sitting out there that are dirty, yet continue to play because the testing system is still several steps behind catching those who are deliberately violating the rules? nine years ago at the white house, i asked former team owner and then president george w. bush if he believes that what he was seeing on the feel was real. his response was that he wasn't sure. but he hopes so and he wanted to give those playing the benefit
6:11 pm
of the doubt. today it's clear that they no longer deserve any benefit of any doubt. those who have engaged in this dishonesty now unfairly indict a whole group of people for trying to do it right. it takes hundreds of players who are innocent and lump them together with the few who are guilty or could be guilty. but there is even a bigger question for the tens of millions of americans who follow baseball. if the game is no longer a cynic, why care about the results? the mantra in many lockers rooms across the nation, and i personally heard it, is if you're not cheating, you're not trying. the win at all cost attitude is per vasesive. it dominates the landscape. this is not just about sports. with careers on the lines, so much money to be made, so much glory to be achieved, so much fame to be had, those who initially sought to do it right end up doing it wrong. so are we witnessing amazing human athletic achievement or are we simply seeing who has the best chemist and who is the most
6:12 pm
proficient at being able to avoid detection? today we really don't know. the problem is, how do you stop this physical cheating when the penalties toker an infraction are so light? yes, there will be loss of credibility for those who are caught, but the public and the players move on. now it appears that baseball finally sees that it is in peril if this cheating continues. if the fans cannot trust the outcome of what they are paying for, eventually they will stop turning over their very hard earned dollars. so forget the moral and ethical aspects. it's simply about business and everyone involved on all sides understands that. perhaps former commissioner have i sent had it right when he said one drug strike and you should be out. permanently. banned from the game forever. unfortunately, we're a long way from that happening. as for really cleaning it up, we're already almost two decades into this and yes, this was a step forward. but this is only the first inning. baseball still has a very long
6:13 pm
way to go. >> gregg: words to think about. sports caster and fox news contributor, jim gray. makes a lot of great points. >> arthel: very, very good points. a good piece there. easy to understand even if you don't follow baseball. >> gregg: he's a very thoughtful guy. i talked to him in the wake of this whole thing and said who are the real heros and they're not to be found on a playing field. they're all around us. moms, dads, doctors, nurse, teachers. those are the real heros. >> arthel: let's start there. all righty. coming up, president obama announcing new rules for the nsa, but will his plan for the agency's controversial surveillance programs really limit the potential for abuse? greg's political panel looking at the details. >> gregg: president obama making a pledge to the nation's veterans. we're going to tell what you he's promising to those who risk their lives to keep us safe. >> i believe that now is the time to make sure our nation is truly ready. organized to get this right not just for this year or next year,
6:14 pm
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>> arthel: time for a quick check of the headlines. a wave of car bombings killing 69 people today in baghdad. most of the attacks targeting
6:18 pm
iraqis celebrating the end of ramadan. and nelson mandela's daughter says he's improving by the day. he has been in the hospital for two months. san diego mayor bop filner is ending intensive therapy as he's coming under fire to resign amid sexual harassment allegations. his lawyer says he will continue counseling onion outpatient basis. -- on an outpatient basis. >> gregg: president obama is taking the controversy of government surveillance programs head on in a news conference yesterday, he announced plans to increase the oversite and scrutiny of the nsa, but at the same time he tried to put aside thought they may have crossed the line. >> if you looked at the reports, even the disclosures mr. snowden put forward, all the stories written, what you're not reading
6:19 pm
about is the government actually abusing these programs and listening in on people's phone calls or inappropriately reading people's e mails. what you're hearing about is the prospect that these could be abused. >> gregg: let's bring in our political panel. jehmu green, former president of women's media center and fox news contributor, and brad. let me start with you. if the government is not abusing the nsa program as the president just claimed there, why does he want to change it? and in calling for changes, isn't the president lending credibility to and raising the stature of nsa leaker ed snowden? >> this has everything to do with the president's lack of credibility, openness and candor that he promised when he first became president. the president who promised to be the most open and transparent in our history has been the most
6:20 pm
secret and clandestine. this is all about him trying to get his credibility back with the american people because if the american people trusted this president and he was open and transparent as he promised to be, there wouldn't be the firestorm that you have now. this has everything to do with the president's lack of credibility where he's now suddenly realized in his own mind that he's suffering, that he's bringing about these so-called changes that i will tell you will never happen. this is just checking the box and there is no real effort behind what the president says. >> gregg: political posturing. jehmu, we are in the middle of a major terror alert. embassies shut down, americans on edge, especially those traveling. yet the president wants to change the very kind of program that allegedly helped uncover this terror threat. how does that make sense? >> well, i think we have to keep in mind that the president said that there was already a planned review before these leaks came out. now, i agree with brad as far as
6:21 pm
the promise of transparency in the campaign back in 2008 and one of the reasons why i think president obama is probably best suited to review these rules and make sure that they are not out of line with our values and our constitution is because he went into the white house skeptical against these programs and clearly when he became president, his eyes were opened as to the severity of the terror -- >> gregg: now he wants to change it because of ed snowden, a 29-year-old hark is forcing the when the -- hacker is forcing him to change that what he has stuck by. >> i don't think this is only because of ed snowden. >> gregg: come on, jehmu, had ed snowden not existed, would the president have made that statement yesterday? >> probably not that exact thing. >> gregg: there you go. >> but again, we can catch these bad guys without getting rid of our values and i think president obama is uniquely situated,
6:22 pm
understanding the threat, but also having stepped into the white house wanting to be more transparent issues wanting to actually question these programs. i trust that more than someone who just was going gang buster from the beginning. >> gregg: let me move on. brad, having canceled his meeting, again, all of this related to ed snowden -- having canceled his meeting with russian president putin, the president then proceeded to attack putin in an extraordinarily personal way. here it is. >> he's got that kind of slouch, looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom. >> gregg: it's good for a chuckle, but what's the point of such a personal put down or insult of putin and does it perhaps show a level of political immaturity or at the very least, a lack of statementsmanship? >> absolutely. the president of the united states lowers himself in an open world forum? he's not only talking to americans, he's talking to the
6:23 pm
world. you don't think putin is going to hear what the president has to say and see what the president said? it doesn't serve the american people, it doesn't serve the president's purpose by publicly dissing a world leader. if anything, putin is so happy not to see obama in moscow days before the g-20 summit, that he's not punishing putin by doing it. if anything, he's punishing america because now america doesn't get to take putin on on his turf and shove it back on him. >> gregg: jehmu, i want to hit on obamacare. the president was asked how he had the legal authority to delay the businessmandate and he essentially admitted that yeah, he's violating the law, but he blamed it on republican fixation on obamacare. and then he seemed to realize what he had admitted. and he quickly claimed, well, i have the executive authority to do it, though i got to tell you, i have yet to locate myself a lawyer or constitutional expert who agrees that he has the
6:24 pm
authority. what did you make of that? >> i make of it that we need to law to be implemented in the best way for for businesses and the american people and the republicans have been obstructionists since the beginning. it's because of senator scott brown that we weren't able to fix this in conference. so whatever needs to happen to make sure that health care is delivered as effectively as possible is the most important thing. but i cannot let the putin thing go without saying, brad, no disrespect, but i actually agree with former secretary of state condoleeza rice who said that president obama, you know, canceling this meeting was a good thing and it was a good thing because putin tried to slap us in the face. he has been sticking it to us for so long. >> i agree, but you take it back to him. >> he says, i'm not going to sit down with you. he's the one who is losing out on meeting with -- >> gregg: picking up on that, is the president taking the wrong
6:25 pm
tack? shoot he meet face-to-face with putin, give him a piece of his mind a tongue lashing, a lecture on propriety related to ed snowden instead of some people calling it running and hiding away from the meeting? >> you're going to have to see putin in st. petersburg in his hometown, with the g8 and now you reduce yourself to a attendee instead of meeting him before the summit with a g-20 and setting the tone. he would have gotten high fives from the other world leaders if he took putin on at the kremlin. >> gregg: okay. >> i'm scratching my head because i heard, brad, you said the exact opposite -- >> you haven't heard it from me. >> gregg: jehmu, brad, we're out of time. thank you both very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> arthel: we're going to continue with president obama giving president putin the cold shoulder. but how is the decision playing outside or inside russia? the surprising insight coming up next. >> gregg: gm trying to spark new interest in its chevy volt. why slashing -- by slashing the price. will it work?
6:26 pm
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>> arthel: welcome back. it's the bottom of the hour. tie time for the top of the news. police saying a group of horseback riders may have spotted hannah anderson and her alleged kidnapper, james dimaggio in the idaho wilderness. dimaggio is also a suspect in the killing of anderson's mother and eight-year-old brother. >> gregg: heavy rain and flash flooding triggering a deadly mud slide in colorado. rescue crews discovering a man's body beneath the debris. and looking for three other people reported missing. >> arthel: a raging wildfire in southern california expands to nearly 30 square miles. fire crews say they have the inferno almost half contained. >> gregg: president obama
6:31 pm
arriving in martha's vineyard just a short time ago. but before his vacation begins, he spoke to veterans in orlando, florida, pledging his commitment to help all who served our country. wendell goler live from martha's vineyard. wendell? >> the president and first lady made military families a priority, as have the bidens who have a son who served in afghanistan. before coming here to martha's vineyard, the president and first lady went south to speak at a disabled american veterans convention where they unveiled a plan to expand mental health research to improve diagnosis and treatment of brain injuries. one of the goals is to reduce suicides. mr. obama also promised to cut the backlog of disability claims, something veterans groups said was long overdue. in his weekly internet address, he focused on the economy and showcased rising home sales. >> as home prices rise, we have to turn the page on the bubble and burst mentality that created this mess and build a housing
6:32 pm
system that's rock solid and rewards responsibility for generations to come. >> the president wants to wind down freddie mac and fannie mae and guarantee the 30 year fixed rate mortgage. here on martha's vineyard where the family is now vacationed four out of their five summers in the white house, they're staying in a new house, this time which has led the secret service to close a public road and that may wear out first family's welcome a little faster than it might have otherwise. they say the president hopes to get in some golf and lighter reading than his daily briefing book while here. they will probable will he go out to dinner and lunch. he'll keep tabs on the al-qaeda threat that led them to close consulates. his new national security advisor, susan rice, traveled here with him. >> gregg: it's a lovely place to be in the summer time. wendell goler, thanks.
6:33 pm
>> arthel: general motors making a bold move to sell more of its hybrid vehicles. chevy is slashing the sticker price of the 2,000-volt by $5,000. making it more competitive with similar cars. in general, hybrids are seeing brisk sales despite the up front price tags of more than $30,000. so can the momentum last for these pricey autos? let's bring in david nelson, chief strategist, bell point asset management. hi. >> how are you? >> arthel: good. so let's get to it. do you see a time when hybrids dominate the road or is this price war giving it a temporary boost? >> i think it's giving it a temporary boost. i think we're a ways away from it. let's just say, it is a price war and they are lowering the prices on all these vehicles. that is stimulating sales. but i guess the real question here is are they making any
6:34 pm
money? what i'm not certain of is what are the margins like? if they keep prices this low, is this just a bait and switch to get people involved right now, get the excitement level up and somewhere down the road, they're going to have to raise the prices. >> arthel: when it comes to all electric cars, you think that those might be better suited for fleets, right? >> yeah. all electric -- when you look at it through the hybrid versus all electric car, i think hybrid has a leg up. i think an all electric car for a lot of people out there, in our society where everything is we need it today. we need it now, waiting around for your car to charge for three hours is probably not an option. hybrid is probably better suited. if you have a fleet in a city, central location, taxicabs, delivery trucks and you're coming back at the ends of the day to charge up, that makes a lot more sense to me. >> arthel: so maybe, david, i don't know, hybrids, will they dominate the road more so than the electric car? >> i think there is some issues even for hybrids as well.
6:35 pm
one issue just right off the bat is this ac versus dc for the electric cars. in homes, we use alternating current like you're powering your vacuum cleaner that. will be an issue. and then you also have to ask yourself the question, are they really as green as we think they are? if you think about it, you're plugging your vehicle in and you're tapping into the electric utility grid, and that may be tapping into a utility that's burning perhaps a fossil fuel like coal, a dirty fuel. so there are a lot of issues here. there are even some in the industry that point out that maybe these machines are not as green as we think. >> arthel: do you think the u.s. will ever become energy independent? >> i do think that and i think that that's a major head wind for the electric car industry. if you think about it perhaps in ten years, that could actually happen. and i wonder, will gasoline be as high as it is today if that, in fact, happens? imagine if gasoline was trading
6:36 pm
at 2.50 a gallon and that's what we were paying at the pump, the electric car certainly seems a lot more attractive then. i think there is headway fort industry. they're exciting and i think it's a great step forward. but we're a long way from being an electric car nation. >> arthel: all right. do you remember the jetsons? they had those cars that flew around. >> yeah, i'm still waiting for my jet pack. >> arthel: thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> gregg: the view from the kremlin, now president obama's decision to cancel his meeting next month with russian president putin is playing out inside russia. susan estridge joins us next. >> arthel: plus back to school season in full swing for college students. coming up, "consumer reports" with the hottest electronics to put on their shopping list ♪
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it's that simple! i'm a believer. we're all believers! dr. scholl's pain relief orthotics-- pain relief that starts with your feet. i'm a believer. >> arthel: new insight this weekend on how president obama's decision to cancel his upcoming meeting with president putin is playing out inside russia. the tension between the two leaders has been obvious. yesterday the president saying it was, quote, time for a pause. but suggested there may be some things that the two sides will never be able to agree on. >> it is probably appropriate for us to take a pause, reassess where it is that russia is going, what our core interests are, and calibrate the relationship so that we're doing things that are good for the united states and hopefully good for russia as well, but recognizing that there are just
6:42 pm
going to be some differences and we're not going to be able to completely disguise them and that's okay. >> arthel: bringing in now, susan estridge, fox news contributor and professor of law and political science at the university of southern california. hi, susan. >> hey, art. how are you? >> arthel: good. remember when you were dating and your boyfriend would say, we need to take a break. you never want to hear that. you know what i mean? [ laughter ] >> you know, the worst words, i need space. >> arthel: exactly. i remember. did president obama do the right thing, susan? >> i think he absolutely did, art. you know, putin has been playing with us. this idea that vladimir putin is some friend of the first amendment, some kind of opponent of electronic surveillance, this is absurd. whatever position you take on the nsa program, it is nothing
6:43 pm
compared to what russian citizens live with. and i think president obama had to stand up once putin granted asylum to snowden for a year, which was nothing more -- that was a principle that was sticking it in the eye of the united states. i think president obama had to stand up and say, look, we're not breaking off relations. we're not, you know, declaring the cold war. but you can't toy with us this way and humiliate us this way. >> arthel: susan, so do you think president obama should even care about how his decision plays out inside of russia? >> well, of course. we've got to be sensitive to what's going on inside of russia and i understand that there are folks inside of russia -- i guess you could call them liberals. it's different definition of
6:44 pm
liberal -- who are hoping that president obama can use his influence to influence policy changes in russia. so obviously he's got to care and obviously there are areas, art, as you and i both know, where the united states and russia have common interests. we got to stand up to iran. we got to stand up and deal with syria, north korea. we don't want to revive the cold war in full swing. but we can't let putin just walk all over us and humiliate us and treat a guy who violated basic espionage laws as some kind of a hero. so i think he's trying to draw a balance and i think he's right. >> arthel: so how will it affect the push to reduce nuclear arms race, if you will, and dealing with the civil war in syria and in dealing with north korea and iran? how will this kind of cold shoulder situation affect those
6:45 pm
endeavors, if you will? >> well, obviously in the short run, it's very disappointing that what might have been an opportunity for mr. putin to get together with president obama to address these issues of common concern to people all over the world, issues that you and i know are costing the lives of innocent people, women and children and families, it's a disappointment that we're missing this opportunity. but in the long run, it's critically important, it seems to me, that mr. putin understand that he can't play games with the united states, that he can't toy with mr. obama, that we're not going to sit on our hands like a bunch of patsies while he, you know, plays his silly games 'cause this is not a case where it was a matter of principle for mr. putin. it wasn't as if he was sitting this and saying -- pounding his chest about the first amendment and the free press.
6:46 pm
there is no first amendment and pray press in russia. so it may be a bump along the road, but i have to believe that in the long run, if mr. putin understands that mr. obama is ready to take things seriously, stand up strong and not be pushed around, we have to hope that we'll do better in the end. too bad, but i blame putin. i don't blame obama. >> arthel: so then speaking of putin, how much of this is about -- it's not about president obama, but it is about putin and his political gran standing inside russia? >> absolutely. the old rule of politics are that if you can't get people excited and for something and you've got a country in which the overwhelming majority of people are not living decent, good, healthful lives, i think what putin is doing is, well, maybe we can't make them feel good about their lives, but
6:47 pm
let's gin up that anti-american spirit, let's play those old nationalist hate games and maybe i'll build my power that way. maybe in the short run that helps them internally. but i have to believe that in the long run, there is bread and butter -- i was in moscow last year around this time and you're in downtown moscow, it's almost like being in las vegas, only it's sinister. it's glittery. it's golden. it's gucci and all these fancy stores. it really is. and then you walk three blocks, if you're like me, you got no sense of direction. so you walk three blocks the wrong way and you've walked back to where my grandparents fled from. so he's got his work cut out from his in russia and there is only so far he can go by playing that nationalist game and hopefully, hopefully will make some progress in the long run. >> arthel: i know what you're talking about, those different
6:48 pm
blocks in russia. by the wayer, you mentioned bread and butter. they go together. so we got to find a way to make this work. thank you so much. don't forget, you can read susan estridge's column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. gregg? >> gregg: look at this, this -- i could have been a model on "the price is right." >> arthel: not really. >> gregg: look at this. >> arthel: good hands, though. >> gregg: college students just can't live without the latest electronics, like tablets and smart phones like these. i'm going to submerge this one in water, by the way, see if it works. so many of them on the market. how do we know which one among these to choose? the folks from "consumer reports" separate the best from the rest. we'll be back in a flash how mu protein
6:49 pm
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welcome back. with become to school shopping season believe it or not arrived for a lot of folks. a lot of those clinical students trying to figure out the latest upcoming gear for the next semester.
6:53 pm
>> it is the place to kick back after a hard day. and of course, in the library, the senior electronic's editor has the details. >> and mike, you know they do everything on their computer and so this gadget is perfect because it helps to stroem. >> media stroeming device hits western digital and only $60. and kids watch a lot of television and listen to muc and do it off of the internet. and this brings it to the television wirelessly and plug it in the tv and that's what the htmi port is. and it supports most of the big services. net flickings and you lu and pan dora. >> and let's move on to the samsung gallonaxy. >> this is a tablet.
6:54 pm
it is only $2,000 when you consider, an ipad mini is throw $30. and has a great screen and infrom red remote and app that lets you control your television and $200 is it. >> samsung galaxy four. >> the galaxy s- four is like the it phone today. it has every gadget imaginable on their. i mean, it actually watches you and will scroll up and down automatic le. this is one extra feature that parents may appreciate when they send it off with their columning kids. >> what are you doing, you just dunked it in water. how long will it be okay to stay there. >> 30 machines. >> >> you can take it down 90 foot
6:55 pm
scuba do i having in>> not if you want to use it again. >> it is a membrane that protect its and other ports like the memory part is covered and make sure it is covered. >> those offandroids? >> that's right. it is a popular operating system. >> i am in. >> it is 80 percent of the market. >> i want to go on to headphones. these are pioneers. >> pioneer eight where are eight and what we liked about them, they have a terrific sound for only $60. comparable to headphones that are $200 or more. you don't need fancy headphones. they are great. this is what is called a closed
6:56 pm
system and fits tightly around the ear. and it will not annoy your son or daughter's roommate. and it has good base. it is $60. >> mike, great stuff. you want to throw it back in the water? >> i will take the water. >> good stuff. >> thanks, mike. that's it for us. harris faulkner is up with the fox report. i will see you again tomorrow, you will, too. >> you will stick around for this? >> maybe. red hot deal days are back. (alarm beeping) stop foro one. what? it's red hot deal days. get $100 off the samsung galaxy note ii with features like pop-up play. lets you use any app while watching video.
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