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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  August 11, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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i'm chris wallace. president obama faces new questions about how he's waging the war on terror. in a he prevacation news conference, the president discusses government surveillance. >> i want to make clear once again that america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. >> the threat facing americans overseas. >> we are not going to completely eliminate terrorism p. what we can do is weaken it. >> the state of relations with rush why and battle over obama care. >> the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have healthcare. >> we'll get reaction to all of you from senator john mccain, just back from the middle east. plus, war over planned projects
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by cnn and nbc, on the life and career of hillary clinton. the gop now threatening to block both networks from hosting primary debates. >> the parent companies are choosing to promote hillary clinton when they know darn well that she is getting ready to run for president. >> we'll ask two key political strategists joe trippi and chip saltsman, is the race for 2016 already on. and the power play of the week still with mike tyson. and hello again from fox news in washington. president obama has left the capital for his summer vacation. he arrived if martha's vineyard after his first full press conference in more than three months. and he made news on the government surveillance program, relations with russia, and our war against al qaeda. he is not senator john mccain,
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republican leader on national security who just returned from the mideast joins us now from arizona. senator, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thank you, chris. >> president obama said friday he wants to reform the government's surveillance program. add safe guards. make the whole program more transparent. republican congressman pete king, a member of the house intelligence committee, said this. that he called it a monumental failure of war time leadership. senator mccain was right. >> i think it's pretty clear that there's been failures throughout that have led to mr. snowden now being granted asylum in russia. there is now a large percentage of americans, particularly young americans, who view mr. snowden as some kind of a whistleblower when we know he betrayed his oath of office.
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there is some young that believe he is some kind of jason bourn. we need to ask questions, like why did mr. snowden have access to what he had access to. it couldn't have been his job. what about congressional oversight. have we had a failure there? and clearly, mr. snowden granted asylum in russia is a signal of incredibly bad relations between the united states and russia and mr. putin putting his thumb right in america's eye. >> let's talk about some of the specific reforms that president obama suggested. let's put them up on the screen. have a privacy advocate argue against government. tighten mass collection of phone records. be more transparent about surveillance. do you think those are good ideas or could they impede our
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ability to stop any terrorist who has means to do us harm? >> there's a careful balance here between preserving our assets and capabilities and making sure that the american people are convinced that their privacy is not being violated. and it is a careful balance. right now as i mentioned, there is a generational change here. young americans do not trust this government. without trust in government then you can't did a lot of things. so i don't disagree with any of those proposals of the presidents. but i also would ask how in the world that we have all of these thousands of contractors and people like snowden who may have access to information that there is no reason for them to have. we used to have a thing called need-to-know. clearly mr. snowden did not need to know the information he is now revealing. it is also revealing the state of our relations with russia and
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mr. putin. >> i will get to that in a moment. but first, breaking news. the state department reopened 18 of 19 missions and consulates, diplomatic posts, across the middle east, north africa, near asia. did the administration do the right thing in closing those embassies to respond to the terror threat or as some of our foreign partners say, did it in effect be an act of retreat on this part of the country against the threats in the middle east? >> i'm not sure it was a matter of retreat. but it authenticates the incredible threat that al qaeda poses to the united states of america and our embassies and consulates throughout north america. you can't say on one hand you have destroyed quote core al qaeda. that is semantic gym mastics which is remarkable. you can't say that and at the same time close embassies and
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consulates all oest mideast. look, al qaeda is on the rise. they have been on the rise. they continue to penetrate. they have almost a free zone in the iraq/syria syrias that border iraq is now -- excuse me. al qaeda is strengthening everyday in every way because of a lack of american leadership and policy. the only american policy i can think of that president obama is practicing is one he is not bush and second, that the united states is withdrawing. we are withdrawing. and when you do that, and when you say that, then things get a lot worse than they are and they continue to get worse and without that policy, without a strong policy, we are in trouble. let me give you an example. the president said, if assad used chemical weapons it would cross the line and be a game-changer.
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we now know for sure that assad used chemicals weapon. what has united states done? maybe in ways provide light weapons to the resistance which is not doing anything of benefit. and bashir assad is succeeding. >> i want to play what president obama has said about the state of al qaeda the last year. take a look. >> today, al qaeda is on the run and osama bin laden is dead. >> for al qaeda is a shell of its former self. groups must be dealt with. >> the united states is never going to retreat from the world. >> we don't get terrorized. >> senator, a moment ago, you said al qaeda is on the rise. you are not subjecting that al qaeda is stronger than it was pre9/11. >> i'm saying they me taft sized
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in a way they may pose threat threats throughout the middle east, they can destabilize missions, have acts of terror literally everywhere and there the perception throughout the mid aefeasdle east that there i policy and that there is accommodation it that reality. when they believe that, then you are going to see extremist element on the rise and clearly they are throughout the middle east. action of closing embassies shows they are mounting threats everywhere in the middle east against the united states of america and they are playing in ways that is going to pose challenge to the united states for years to come. >> you talked earlier about russia. i want to get back to that. obama cancelled a meeting with putin earlier this week. he also made it clear he want to
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continue to do business with russia. take a look at what the president said. >> i know the press likes to focus on body language and he's got that kind of slouch, looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom. but the truth is, is that when we're in conversations together, often times it is very productive. >> senator, is the relationship productive? is canceling the summit enough or should we get tougher with putin and russia? >> the president comparing him to a kid in the back of the classroom, i think is very indicative of the president's lack of appreciation of who vladimir putin is. he is an old kgb colonel that has no illusions about our relationship, does not care about a relationship with the united states. continues to owe press his people. continues to owe press the media and continues to act in an unhelpful fashion by continuing, for example, to veto resolutions
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in the united nations secure ut council concerning assad's atrocities in syria. look, what -- and the fact that cancelled the meeting, that's fine. it is imbolic. we need to expand the migniski act, and that is holding people responsible for actions this rush why. we need to emphasize human rights and we also need very badly to understand obama doesn't have any putin relationship in any authority and treat him in a realistic fashion. that is how to treat mr. putin. not just cancel a meeting.
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earlier in the week you were trying to convince the government they were backing to again to release political prisoners and to reach out to demonstrators, muslim brotherhood in the street and try to persuade them to go back it a democratic system. generals not only rebuffed you but said they would crack down if they didn't clear the streets pretty quickly. question, what do you think should happen if the generals go ahead with their threat and violently crack down on the muslim brotherhood protesting? should we cut off aid to egypt and what would that do to the chances of deinvolving into a civil war? >> when the united states of america refuses to call a military takeover of a
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government -- refuses to call that a coup, then it is hard for us to urge them to observe the rule of law and constitution. but there's no doubt that president morrissey abused his power as president and there is uprising against morsi. but now it is a coup and we may have jailed leaders of the previous government and that is not the way to bring about reconciliation. they are charging mr. morsi and others with crimes, for example in his case, before he ran for president and we urged the release of some of the political prisoners, the answer was, it was a judicial matter. it is not a judicial matter. it is the orders of the new government and military. i worry a great deal. there's still around 30% of the people that support the muslim
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brotherhood. we could see eruption and bloodshed that would be h horrendous. >> let me quickly ask you because we are running out of time. >> sure. >> if this do crack down are you going to call in aid for egypt. >> i'm afraid the congress of the united states would have to consider carefully ending aid. it is not just aid. it is economy, tourism, relationship, legitimacy in the world and a lot of other things and i'm afraid they are not appreciative of it while demonizing the united states of america in the streets. it is a sad thing to see. >> senator, we have less than a minute left. i want it ask you one and final question. you have been spending a lot of time with president obama recently. talking about foreign policy, pushing immigration reform. you helped work out a deal for the senate to stop filibustering some of his nominees an jay leno asked the president about it
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this week. take a look. >> i remember you two had lovers quarrel for a while. and now you're all -- >> well, that is how -- that's how a classic romantic comedy goes. >> i was going to ask you, are you going soft on obama but i have to say from some of your answers today, it is clear you're not. so it is a romantic comedy or tragedy? >> i think it is a situation where i will work with the president and the american people want us to. look at the approval ratings and i will work with the president where i can. but m in places like syria where a hundred thousand people tortured, raped, murder, mayhem is taking place with increasing influence of muslim extremists, that is something that i have to fight against and we need a coherent national security policy, particularly in the middle east but in the world. and we don't have that right now. and i intend to do what i can to restore america's prestige and
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influence, which is on the wane. >> thank you for the romantic comedy. it is always good to talk with you sir. >> thank you, sir. >> hillary clinton and chris christie run strong in early polls. let the talk of 2016 begin. two veterans, presidential campaigns, join us next. ♪ don't tell mom. don't tell mom. don't tell mom! don't tell mom. okay. don't tell mom. don't tell mom. don't tell mom? yeah.
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we have a big problem that cnn and msnbc think they will put together movesies about hillary clinton and that the republican party will just go ahead and get along. >> reince priebus threatening
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two networks will be locked out of president bl debates if they go along with film project about hillary clinton. joining us to discuss political situations for 2014 and '16 are chip saltsman who managed huckabee's run for the white house and joe trippi who worked on the campaigns of ted kennedy and walter mon do you. should they good ahead and act on the threat from chairman priebus if nbc and cnn don't back out and there is talk that fox television would get involved also. should they act on this? >> they are very excited that chairman is doing this. this is one of the things where the chairman will lay down the gauntlet. will they pull their hillary
2:20 pm
clinton mini series in no. i think is good fund-raising on both sides too. >> let me ask you about that, too, do they look strong or silly? and in a practical sense with a diane lane mini series, because she apparently signed up for the mini series to play hillary clinton, to bolster the campaign in 2016. >> i agree with chris. this is great fund-raising strategy from the rnc. but, no, i don't think -- the reason networks are doing this is because of how formidable a candidacy clintons would be. she is so formidable. there is a story there, they think. but also, look, democratic party, they did this with fox. protested. did a boycott. it doesn't work. i mean, the last time i checked, fox is doing pretty well with its viewers. i don't think this will work. it is good for the base. jabs them up, raises money. but that's about all -- the only impact it will have, chris. >> meanwhile, there is a new
2:21 pm
poll out of new hampshire that shows a couple of interesting things. let's but that up on the screen. new jersey governor chris christie has the lead at 21%. senator marco rubio is back in fifth place at 6%. back in april. rubio was tied with christie for had the lead at 15%. couple of questions, chip, why is christie so strong, not only in that poll but a bunch of national polls. and secondly, has rubio been hurt that badly by his support for comprehensive immigration reform? >> i don't think there is any question it's been hurt. from iowa it south carolina and really all over the country. this is the issue that everybody -- they thought rubio would be in kind of new republican that would lead us to the white house in 2016. get up there and trying it start making deals, this is the problem we've all got. we've got to get something done. it hurts you in the national polls. >> what about chris christie? he is the hot hand at the national level. if you take it down to the
2:22 pm
microcosm in the primary states, not so much. he is doing well with independence and regular republicans but with the right hand of the party, he is not so popular. >> i want to ask you both about the news conference and his reaction from the threat of some republicans to shut down the government if obama care is not defunded. take a look. >> the idea that you would should down the government unless you prevent 30 million people from getting healthcare, is a bad idea. >> joe, the president was all but taunting the republicans, you know, saying, go ahead, try to link a defunding obama care to shut down of the government. make my day. do democrats just love the prospect of republicans going down this road? >> i don't know if they love it, but it is a good tactic. >> good tactic for whom? >> for the president. look, what's going on here is
2:23 pm
that people want -- they want it repealed. they may want it changed. but they don't want the government shut down to happen to force that to happen. so the president daring them to do it. it is helpful for 2014. republicans are going to go on record. they are either going to force a shut down. we've been through this before, didn't work too well with newt gingrich and the republican string the last one. i think trying to push against republicans but making sure if they do it, there will be a cost. >> chip, republican leaders, the leaders in the house and senate hate this idea of linking obama care, defunding to whether or not the government gets funded. but i've got to say, i talked to a lot of tea party republicanes who say it is time to put up or shut up. if you really hate obama care, the power of the purse is the way can you stop it. you can't end it, but delay it by a year by defunding it. >> i want it put up a very interesting poll this weekend.
2:24 pm
gallup's latest poll. obama's approval rating is down to 41%. it hasn't been lower than that in almost two years. chip, what are the political stakes here for the gop. have you a somewhat vulnerable president. a lot of growing doubts about him on obama care and other issues. on the other hand, do you really want to take the microsohostage say, no obama care. >> he is driving hi approval ratings down. the white house believes if it can get some fight on the government shut down it makes him president again. there is no question our party wants this vote. they are okay with shutting down the government. you have literally control of the united states senate hanging and balancing on this issue. as the party goes over the next six months we will decide if we get control over the united states senate based on obama care or not. that depend on who we elect if the pry primary, can they beat
2:25 pm
dem krts krats -- >> yeah, but will that help the republicans in 2014 or hurt them? >> i think it cuts both ways. helps people run in primaries in senate races but hurts candidates and maybe our strongest in the general. >> this is the entire problem they've had for 2010 and 2012. the republicans should have the u.s. senate. they should have gained it in 2010 and doubled up on it in 2012 but because they have this fight and vote on shutting down the government could end up again nominating people like sharron angle sharron angle and why they nominated her in nevada. looks like 2014, republicans should have a great shot at senate. may not happen. >> okay, let's talk about that. let's look at landscape for 2014 after a special election in new jersey, which the democrats are
2:26 pm
expected to win in october, there will likely be, we will assume that, 55 senators voting with democrats. 45 republicans. which mean the gop will need a net pick up, net pick up of six seats to take back the senate. but republicans have one advantage. they are defending only 15 seats in 2014 while democrats are defending 20 seats they now hold. chip, i know it is a little silly but we like to play these games. looking at it from the vaptage point of summer 2013, how good are republican prospects for november of 2014? >> i'm going third time's a charm and we will win in 2004 and joe is right, we should have got it in 2010. i love where the seats are. i love going up against -- >> freshman republican congressman who will run against mark pryor in a red state. >> where obama has 20% approval
2:27 pm
rating and defunding obama care may be an issue to elect him in the general. >> and let me ask you, republicans have another advantage. they have only two open seats, take a look at this, two states where due to retirement, they have seen saltsman -- there we go, while democrats have five open seats including in the red states of montana, south dakota and west virginia that are now blue -- have a good chance they are, i would say typically red states, how do you make 2014 the race for the senate? >> well, first off, chip is right. except for the third time's a charm thing, i think what's happening here is again in these primaries, like have you mitch mcconnell in kentucky. mike bevins of the tea party is hit on the right.
2:28 pm
have a tough primary fight and at the same time have a real life challenger within the democratic party. and he is going to get pinched by both sides in this thing. they are on the verge i think of blowing a third opportunity because of the fights they are having within the party. seniors for the first time are starting to move away from republicans in the polls, and it looks like they feel the party has gone too extreme. so yes, democrats carrying barack obama and his policies and republicans like cotton carrying the notion that maybe the party has gone too extreme, again in the senate, as it did in 2010 and 2012. >> whchip, briefly, kentucky, t senate republican leader in a tough fight against bevin webs first of all in primary.
2:29 pm
a faerty favorite and supposing he survives that he would go uch against allisonlander began grimes in the general election. mcconnell in trouble? >> i think that's what the media will say tri to say, he loves the political fights in his life. he has been doing it 30 years. he has a great base in kentucky and relishes the opportunity to take his record of kentucky and fight every step waist. he will be at every county. he is still a grass roots politician that loves this stuff. i think you will see him on top in november. >> i should also point out, if you think we are silly talking about this in a year and half ahead of time, in kentucky, all three candidates are all up with ads, hammering each other already. chip and joe, thank you for coming in today. we will stay on top of all of this. next up, we will bring in our sunday panel. we will hear what they have to say about president's
2:30 pm
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even if you remember kb going back to his comments in the situation in egypt first thing he said is not about what is happening with the military or president morsi it was what u.s. was do doing with its embassy in cairo. that changed how the u.s. feels like it has to react publicly and on the ground the embassies in cases are huge targets. a huge presence in a lot of people where people voice pretty strong anti-american sentiment. >> one last subjecting with one last sentiment. the personal shots that with
2:39 pm
played some for john mccain, personal shots that obama took at putin as the bored kid slouching in the back of the classroom. canceling the summit but on the other hand saying i want to do business with russia. >> that is with leaking the sealed indictment and leaking the fact they overheard the conference call, which is a highly incrypted, i gather. very sophisticated call among al qaeda affiliates. which shows they are not as dispersed and things aren't disintegrating as said. they leak this to expose their own actions and failures. other would take the hint. oh, close the embassyes. let's not put out the fact we interceptioned a con troens call. they would just say, you know we did the right thing for the country. they leaked something out. great. now al qaeda knows that they
2:40 pm
incrypted a highly crypted information. so instead of keeping quiet and finding people they put out the fact they have a sealed indictment. politics does trump, i'm afraid, national security. >> we have to take a break. when we come back, president obama dars republicans to shut down the government over obama care. plus a changing of the guard at one of the pillars of the news establishment. the washington post is best known as the newspaper that brought down a president. >> an institution that has played a singular role in american politics, policy and american journalism. >> this week it made headlines when the graham family sold the post to amazon family and the multibillionaire jeff bezos. what does this mean for the world of the newspaper? we will ask our panel, next. .
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the really interesting question is why it is that my friends in the other party have made the idea of preventing these people from getting healthcare their holy grail. >> president obama on his way out the door for vacation, delivers a parting shot at republicans threatening to defund obama care. even at the cost after government shut down. we are back now with the panel. democrats clearly think, and can you see it there, that republicans would be making, summer republicans, making a grievous mistake were they to tie obama care to funding the government, carly. are the democrats why? would it be a bad mistake? >> i do think they're right, unfortunately. i think the republicans honestly have missed an opportunity here.
2:45 pm
i believe obama care is an owe bomb nation. it will not work. 2600 pages under political heat will be a disaster. my fear is we will end up so negatively impacking a sixth of our economy that it will be very hard it recover. so i understand the emotion behind, this is our last shot. when i say, i think the republicans have missed an opportunity, i don't think the american people are particularly satisfied with an answer that says, let's repeal it, but we don't know what we will do instead. so what i would have hope said that over the last four plus years there would have been thoughtful people, saying, the original goal is right. access to affordable healthcare. here is what we should do instead. and there is no "instead." i think that will be a big problem. >> i want to pick up on that aspect of this whole debate, senator leiberman. even acknowledgement of bumps in
2:46 pm
the road, obama care starting in october, but through the rest of 2014, what do you think are the chances that the roll out of the program will end up being a burden for democrats next year and in the november campaign rather than a plus? >> well the fact is this is what the debate is all about. this is all about politics. it is all -- it is not really about policy. because obama care is not going to be defunded because if it was defunded by the house, it would not pass the senate. it would pass the senate, president would veto it along with it being revealed for the next three and a half years. >> i'm asking you a different question in terms of policy is obama care going to be good for the democrats as a -- people deal with it in 2014 or bad? >> this is what this is about. i think the president was in a very strong position at the press conference. and i think it is a real, not only substantive, in the way that carly just talked about,
2:47 pm
republicans haven't um can up with an alternative to obama care, but it is a real political challenge. all of the republicans are doing the same no. and people remember that before obama care, there was a problem which was, 30 plus million people didn't have insurance. a lot of them were getting healthcare, and we were paying for it. and the cost of insurance was going sky high. so the answer to how is it going to play out politically in 2014? i don't know. but if you view the president's statement on friday, he and democrats are heading toward the higher ground here. better ground politically. >> phil? >> i hate to say that joe is wrong, but even homer nods occasionally. in this case he is dead wrong. i agree there shoulding an alternative. they are working on one. i believe it'll be introduced early next year. there were other alternatives, but they were too slow and there were disagreements.
2:48 pm
however, delaying exchanges and insisting congress play bit rest of the rules as the con trcount, those are good things. this is a total winner and republicans should make that case over the next two months and make it aggressively. >> the problem for republican says that their argument is overtaken by people like ted cruz. >> i don't agree with that. >> no, he is not focussing on shutting down. they want to keep up the rest of the government. i think it was unwise defunding obama care to be the lead. i think republicans by labor day will be in good shape. >> that's where i want to get to. because i think in the end, the politics will wouldn't be the politics. the policy will be the tpolitic. how worried are they in the
2:49 pm
white house about how many young people will sign up. what does it mean to average person's coverage. what does it mean to the average person's premiums. how worried are they about how obama care will work the next 12 to 15 months. >> they are have anxious. particularly who signs up for exchanges. the exchanges only work if you have very specific people to sign up. young people, healthy people who won't be a drag on the system. so you will see it, you will see it ramp up in particularly october 1st when the exchange it open. campaign style effort that will resemble in a lot of ways actual voter registration and get out the vote for the presidential campaign. they know if they don't get the people to sign up the exchange system won't work. if the exchange system doesn't work, it has a broad impact on the rest of the policies as well. >> i want to switch subjects if we can in the time we have left. that's is, the news business made big news, because the graham family. there you see don and katherine
2:50 pm
graham and executive editor, legendary had editor, ben 80 years, they sold it to jeff bezos, a guy that is worth about $25 billion. carly, what are your thoughts? >> i think personal relationship between don and ben is very important. they trust each other and like on ee ever each other and that is important when you are selling a family heirloom so to speak. secondly i think it says the obvious things the printed newspaper business as we have always known it is dying. technology is the answer. so in some ways this is very surprising announcement. in another way its logical extension. frankly, i was less surprised that graham sold the post and bezos bought
2:51 pm
the post because from technology company, whenever you have to have a huge innovation you need to have new people thinking about it. i wonder whether trying to keep the traditional paper alive is actually going to slow down the thinking what do we do to keep it fresh and relevant. >> chris: it's not just the post. we saw it with the los angeles times. when you look at these families who own these great newspapers for decades, now forced to sell because quite frankly they can't figure out how to make money in the internet world, does it worry you? >> it worries me, a old expression, things change and we change with them. the internet is affected the way people are getting news. less people are buying newspapers and reading newspapers. there is hope bezos coming
2:52 pm
into the post and done at graham has this, they have an asset which is journalists. people still need the news and want the news. i would guess that he is going to do some creative things in using the talents of the journalists to give news in different formats. there is a loss and it's happening all over america. we are losing the local ownership of the "washington post." the graham family has felt they were heading a great national newspaper but they were washingtonians. he would lobby for aid for kids from schools in washington. jeff bezos is admirable and local context is going to be lost. >> chris: he actually worked for a couple of years, don graham did, as a cop working the beat. he really bled not only
2:53 pm
newspapers. >> he did and a saw it as public trust which is not what people coming into ownership see it as. that is a loss. >> chris: thank you panel. see you next week. remember our discussion continues every sunday on panel plus. you can find it on our website at make sure and follow us on twitter. up next, our power player of the week, a former champ reinevents himself. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day women's 50+.
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♪ ♪ >> chris: when i heard mike tyson was going to be in town, i immediately wanted to sit down with him. some folks weren't so sure but we showed you in may he was funny and honest and surprisingly introspective. here is our unusual power player of the week. >> it couldn't be better. i'm talking about spiritually and emotionally. if i were to die today i was overpaid in life. >> chris: this is story about survival. mike tyson who came from nothing was heavyweight champion at 20, was knocked out at 23, spent three years in prison for rape and has lived to talk about it. >> chris: you are a vegan, you are off drugs? >> thank god. >> chris: you are off
2:57 pm
alcohol so have you cleaned up your act? >> i am living life on life terms. >> i was the champion of nation at 14 years old. >> chris: for almost a year, he toured the country in a one man show in which he told his story, the good, the bad and the very ugly. >> in prison, i admit ways scared. >> chris: what the difference of being on stage and being in the ring? >> you don't have to be a hostage after the show. >> chris: how much money did you make in your career? >> $400 million. >> chris: how much is left? >> none, none. >> chris: how is that possible? >> i don't care how much money you have. it's how you take care of money. if you don't do that, it means nothing. >> chris: he says he is not getting rich off his shore, just enough to support his
2:58 pm
third wife and seven children and pay the irs millions he owes the government. >> chris: do you miss it? >> you are old. >> you are 46. >> what am i? [ laughter ] >> chris: he has some causes now. he started mike tyson care which helps disadvantaged kids with food and shelter and support in school. he is throwing a campaign to get a presidential pardon for jack johnson the first heavyweight champion that was convicted of taken his white girlfriend across state lines. >> back in 1910, he needs to given a second chance. >> chris: a second dhachx but perhaps in his case a fourth or fifth chance. looking back he says the person he hurt worst was
2:59 pm
himself. >> there is no doubt about that the all. >> chris: evander holyfield would say you hurt him too. why did you do that? >> i was a wild, crazy kid. i'm doing it now. i think about my mortality. i'm 46 and i have a two-year-old. i'm a former junkie. what the hell am i thinking about. >> chris: tyson's tour wrapped up this spring but you will get another chance to see it. hbo taped his show and the run later this year. have a great week. we'll see you next fox news sunday.


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