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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 12, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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more militarized and protect themselves. it is an interesting fact and we appreciate all you have to say about the topic. >> that's it for us. america live with martha begins right now. >> fox news alert. just months in president obama's second term and guess what, attention is turning to iowa, to the 2016 presidential field if you can believe it. we have several political hitters who made moves as possible presidential candidate. welcome to america live i am markka mccowen in for megyn kelliy. >> hillary clinton is giving a speech later today as she gets a lot of early attention as the democratic front runner in 2016, vice-president boyd boyd making waves out there. he accepted an invite to speak in iowa next month.
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texas senator ted cruz and rick sanatorium and danald trump hit up the iowa state fair this weekend. boy, oh, boy, joining us is mr. chris stalwart. what dow make of all of this. >> you make it sound like it is my fault. i didn't do. this i am not making them run for office. this is the world we live in today. you want to run for the highest office in the land, it never ends and never stops and the permanent campaign is an understatement and if you want to lock up the base and make inrods in a state like iowa where people expect to meet you a couple of times, you have to pay off in sweat equity now. nationally one can care a less. who knows what will change.
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a lot can go under the bridge. but the retail poll tigs in iowa is extremely important. >> for hillary clinton, what she's trying to do. she will be where eric holder is today and talking about civil right issues part of the effort to solidify african-american in the democratic base and move past that and will probably hit a refrain that heard from her a lot. it was history making to have the first african-american president. and history making if two democrats could follow-up with a woman. we'll hear more of that today. and if she decides not to run as every sign shoes she will. joe biden wants you to know he's available. >> she was supposed to be the inev table candidate and she lost iowa and the obamas, i
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remember michelle obama. if we lose in iwashings this is over. and it was a huge loss for her. and ground to make up for her. everyone is assuming she will. >> major miscalculation her campaign and a lesson by. this and that's why cruz and others are out there. you can't skimp on iwashings you leave the door open as rick sanatorium did in 2012, that you can have a dark horse candidate emerge in iowa. hillary clinton would not compete and make a push and then she lost and competed there and it was to the unending detriment to her campaign. she is running a inevitability campaign. it is ineffable and she will be a contender. and the danger for her and
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probably underestimated on the democratic side. running as someone who has been in and of washington for 25 years is not in sync as where the electorate mind is. her competency campaign may end up sounding like more of the same. >> and it is interesting theed in and outside thing. it clearly helped president obama that he was relatively an outsider and a very new septemberor and it was a time when a lot of people were tired of president bush according to the polls at that point and tired of the war in iraq and a lot of things inside washington and i wonder if that could work to her advantage to the end. and your thought on the republican names that are thrown in there. do you risk anything if you go in too early. people get sick of you and find somebody knew on the way that
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they would rather hear from. >> that is true, if you are like somebody like marco rubio or chris christie in new jersey and you don't want to be overexposed. if you are like sanatorium did it before. and one assumes donald trump must have a contract up with nbc. and with senator sanatorium he is threatening to start early and go to all 199 counties and be there the entire time and let iowa know they can burn in contention. and you, iowa can make it happen for me. and he demonstrated before it almost happen. >> you can so if they can get them interested in the game. retailers, christmas in september and you need to convince you they needed to think about it. and we'll see.
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chris, thank you. we'll see you later. >> we are talking about hillary clinton and she's not announced any intention to run from the white white. and donna brazil said this weekend, she believes and known her a long time, it is a matter of time. >> it was to early to handicap the race and if hillary clinton gets in the race there will be a coronation of her because so many democrats who last time around supported her and anxious to see her back out there. >> boy, it is fascinating. is the former secretary of state a shoe in for the nomination? or is there liabilities that she would need to worry about if she wanted to see that through? we have a pan and he will we'll debate it fair and balanced at two ti two time -- 2:30.
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>> we are learning about black boxes in cars. nine out of 2010-13 vehicles is a tool for big brother. it is devices that track your speed and track your location and the conditions out there, and it is helpful to figure out what happened in the accident and not so helpful if you value your privacy. do you realize this is going on? doug joins us from washington. >> martha, the national highway safety administration issued a rule that black boxes be in all cars september 1st, 2014. they may be revolutionary in providing data on accidents. it would provide more information than a years worth of car crash testing. but they made no determination of who owns theidate a. the guy
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who headed up the design team that standardized the devices fears that the wrong hands could manipulate theidate a. >> they can role that odom meter back to 0. that is not a plus, and next thing they can do is change the ven number on the vehicle which is in the computer and once they do that, it okay for them to steal the motor vehicle and move it away. >> for that reason, privacy advocates are urging that the government adopt rowels. >> we just want the data to be owned by the vehicle owner and so it is required that their consent is begin when the data turns companies or law enforcement and others. >> there are fears that your insurance company could down load data to determine your driving habits or charge you
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more or reject you. >> and if it were to be overlaid with gps or new technology on consideration on the hill that detect blood alcohol levels in the driver there could be a gold mine about information for you and without the protection of the fourth amendment with unusual searches and seizures. >> it sure is, thank you very much. a deadly plane crash is inspiring new concerns for the safety of small aircrafts in the united states. look at these pictures. a pilot slammed into a residential neighborhood and the plane at the time was literally upside down. there was no report of any coined of emergency. moments before it seemed like everything was fine and trace gallinger joins us with more on this. good afternoon, trace. >> good afternoon, martha, all
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indication shows it was a routine landing. the pilot was on a straight line approach a mile and a half from the runway and speed and altitude was fine. the pilot could see the runway and using ininstruments to guyed him in. suddenly the plane flipped upside down and little time to make corrections because he was too low, the plane slammed in the neighborhood thaw see here at 60 degrees indication that something happen severely to the pilot or plane. it hit the side of one house and wings were found in separate homes. a mother ran outside and said that her children were trapped inside of the building. listen to a neighborhood. >> they were upstairs and there was a crib and flipped it over and looked in the other beds and
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closests and there was nothing and the fire was intensifying. >> yeah, and horrifying because the children's builds were found a short time later, 1 and 13-year-old girls. >> the pilot 54-year-old william henningsguard and 17-year-old son max died in the plane crash. the ntsb is piecing together the plane trying to figure out what happened. >> we are talking about the black boxes and cars in the small planes. there are no flight boxes or cockpit voice recorders and they have to piece together and figure out the debris and angle and what happened on board what happened. >> it is a real tragedy, trace, thank you very much. we'll see you later. >> there is a growing controversy today as one judge decides that the name begin to the baby was so inappropriate that the judge took it upon herself to rename the child, is
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that okay? we'll talk about that and a controversial u.s. mayor is cutting short his state in rehab as he faces a list of sexual harrassment claims from 13 women. they join us next on who she thinks deserves a bit of the blame here. and new controversy over the senate's top democrats and what he said about republicans and the issue of race. and ask the only black law makers to react what harry reid said. >> they are doing everything they can to make him fail and i say this seriously, i hope that that is based on substance and not the fact that he's an african-american.
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>> fox news alert here.
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the mayor of new york is reacting after a federal judge issued a major ruling gaents new york city police department. the courts want an independent monitor now to oversea the department's stop and frisk policy and that ruling allows officers to stop and question people at their own discretion. the judge said it targeted people based on race. and police brass and city officials defended the tactic and said it was uphelpful in fighting crime and saved countless lives. we'll have more on this ruling and the mayor's remarks and what it means for law enforcement for the bigest and most challenging season next hour on american live. >> there are new questions about san diego mayor bob filner and
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whether high-powered women on capitol hill may have dpoun about his inappropriate behavior when he was in congress and maybe failed to report it. so far 14 women accused the democrat of harassing and groping and unbelievable stories in this case. in 2003, bob filner was a congressman. was a conspiracy of silence to help cover up his alleged activities. michelle, welcome, good to see you. >> thank you, yes. >> it is great. thank you. and allegations here are so shocking and everybody thought he would resign and he said i am going to go in rehab. one week intensive rehab to rid myself of these reprehensible behavior. he finished early?
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>> instant perv cure. what did they subject him to? the details coming out from the woman of all classes and backgrounds. business women and donors and military women who had already been victimized once and victimized again by someone who knew they were targeted by sexual predators and it raises a question that is not asked enough. what did elite democratic women on capitol hill know about bob filener and when did they know it. you are telling me no women on capitol hill anyhow what was going on all of this time when you are dealing with a seria l groper. i think nancy pelosi has questions to answer. they co-founded the caucus and
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worked with the house chair. what did she know and why did she cover tup so long? >> it is a good question. when you look at initances and you read about them. you can't help but think that people were not talking about. this people know when there is somebody like this in your organization and group and it is like ick and icy. and she had a responsibility to come forward about it. >> a particular responsibility. these liberal women led the crusade to paint every republican man as the biggest perb on the planet and fostering the war on women and while they were doing that, this was going on. this was not the local crime story. it is important here.
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it is a national aspect to. it worse and more sordid because women who were seeking help from bob filner in his position of house veterans chair and xofting the voters of dag more money because he refuses to step down and they are doing steps to do a recall. >> how can you hold on your job and pushing a woman in a rom and putting your hands where they don't belong on their body. and as congressman you are allowed to stay as mayor of san diego? really it is incumbent on the outrage of the constituents who say no, you are done. >> they are trying to do that now. remember before his reelection last fall, you had anonymous women who were staffers on capitol hill talking about how everybody called him filthy
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filner or bobo and these names. and it behooves the feminist on the left and democratic party to answer the questions. if they put partisan above principle. >> there is no crediblity unless you point fingers in your own tent. it is incombent. >> and talk about nancy pelosi's history of providing a democratic perv protection racket. she looked the other way at david wu until it was so much public pressure she could not look away and same thing with eric massa and anthony weiner. >> good to see you. think about that and let me know what you think. >> does the judge have a power to give your child a new name. the judge who decided that that
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>> look here, this is san francisco and eric holder speak negligent american bar association. the attorney general is one of the speakers today and it is a annual meeting that is going on there. and calling for changes the way drug crimes are classified and scaling back mandatory sentences and no ties to gangs or cartels and that is the meat of his discussion today and hillary clinton will be speaking later in the american bar association. some of the speeches are a precursor to a hillary clinton
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presidential run and we'll talk about that at 2:30 this afternoon. and in the meantime, a legal ruling out of tennessee is getting national tennessee and a judge ordering the partners of a baby by who named him messiah. no, you want a mr name it is martin. have they gone so far to change a baby's name and is that okay. trace gallinger pick tups for us. >> you know, martha, the parents went in the courtroom because they wanted to change the last name. deshawn or martin. the baby's name going into martin was messiah deshawn martin. and the judge was not concerned about the last name, but she was concerned about the first name and so she just change it.
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>> the word messiah is a title and it is a title that has only been earned by one person and that one person is jesus christ. >> the judge claims that she was thinking of the child's well-being and his future and saying he lives in a area of large christian congregation he would be at odds. the mom said she will name him messiah because quite simply she likes the name. >> i never intended on the naming my son messiah pause it means god and i didn't think a judge could make me change because of her religious beliefs. >> the mom is a poling the decision and that is set for december 13th. mason and mi ca h is the other
1:28 pm
son's name. and martha, the last two names. most popular names for boys, major. ga el. and jays, and number four, messiah. >> incredible. >> good bet the name will be changed back to messiah. >> he is a cute little martin and we'll so what his name ends up to be. >> and trace thank you. >> and feds are launching an investigation in why american children are given powerful drugs. we'll look at the drugs involved and why the feds are very concerned about this and perhaps we all should be. and compeeling testimony from the fort hood victims.
1:29 pm
the suspect major nidal hasan took a strange approach for his defense. >> and controversial comments about the republican opposition to the president's political agenda. senator leader harry reid thinks that race has something to do with it. we'll get reaction from the only black law makers in the u.s. senate. we'll so what he thinks. >> they are doing everything they can to make him fail, i hope, i hope and i say this seriously, i hope that that is based on substance and not the fact that he is african-american.
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an emotional day as more survivors and witnesses took the stand describing the day that maj majorna dill hasan opened four. there was a chilling gun shot and screams that were heard in the back grouvenltd it was an emotional situation in this can you remember. casy segal joins me now on the case. what is happening in there today. >> he continues to look
1:34 pm
disengaged and staring down in the defense papers and he doesn't thumb through it at all. he's not making eye conduct with the witnesses. people he is a cowed of shooting and we have seen him taking the stand and talking about what they saw on the november afternoon just after lunch. in a building where i am standing now and they are getting cleared for deployment or returning from the front line. they are playing the chilling 911 call. and she was a nurse working inside. and the bullets starting flying. she jumped on the desk to hide. you could hear chaos and screaming and what sounded like gun four and asked the dispatcher to send help and the
1:35 pm
operator kept telling her it was on the way and told her to stay on the round. her call played out in court. she was soebing and prosecutors bringing her a tissue. compelling evidence and 13 member jury or panel listening and writing notes. it will be up to that panel to decide whether he is guilty and if he will, whether or not he will get the death.penalty for you. >> it is an emotional. >> and we are hearing angry reaction to comments made from senator harry reid. he seemed to suggest that g.o.p. opposition to the president's policy may be based on race. this is part of that. >> they are doing everything they can to make him fail.
1:36 pm
and i hope, i hope, and i say this seriously. i hope that they are -- that is based on substance and not the fact that he is african-american. >> and so south carolina senator kim scott, the only african-american in the senate reacted quickly to that comment with this statement read nothing part. our country deserves more from those in washington. i hope senator reid will realize the offensive nature and apologize to those who disagree with the president's policy. they are hurting hard working american families. >> and dan, welcome, guys, to both of you. dan, why did harry reed say this. >> i am not shocked at all. he has a history of saying dumb
1:37 pm
things and we can debate ad-na seum that president obama based on his otherness. it is just dumb and divisive at this .5 years in the presidency and allows the republicans to play the victim card and i take away it shoes once again the congress is dumb and dysfunctional is because of leadership. harry redid and nancy pelosi and john boehner and mitch mcconnell if they were the four best to lead congress not one of them would pick these guys. >> it is disturbing. the point that tim scott makes, it is insulting to those who are
1:38 pm
unhappy to the president's policies. and is ittine necessary to go there and point this out and make the president, the color of the president's skin an issue at all in any of this. do you think that that is what is happening in the gop side of the congress? >> absolutely not. our trouble with the president lies in his policy like the senator said nothing to do with the color of the skin. he's half white and half black. to allege that republicans are racist against half white and half black. we rejoice that america is at the point where we can elect someone with african-american blood. that is a plus and not a reason to hate him. it is a reason to respect him. our respect for the president is personal. but our divisiveness with the president is with policy. and for a leader of the
1:39 pm
democratic party saying being against his policy is the man a person is an outrage and there is no basis in fact. >> what about the president in this. would it be good for him to say what he thinks about harry reid's comments. they have elected him in two presidential elections and do they not deserve to have it based on performance? >> i disagree with brad but i will not rehash this because it is something for historians to adjudicate how much opposition is dow to a racial and cultural background and perception of muslim. there is a kernel of truth and most people know it. i agree with brad's fundmental point to dredge it up five years in the presidency is counterproductive and it is just dumb and serves no constructive
1:40 pm
purpose and frankly looks like whining and weak and inspires no confidence in the democrats. no, i don't think the president should address it and he is not dignify, but he shouldn't acknowledge the discussion because it doesn't load to solutions or opportunity for common ground with the republicans which we have to do. >> you need to police your own. >> and harry reid talked about modern anarchist and these are the people who don't believe in government and attacking that and not just the comment about the president's cultural racial background, it brings up in a area that is not helpful for finding common ground and respect for one side or the other in the political policy discussion that needs to be had in washington, brad?
1:41 pm
>> i don't blame the democrats for the stupid comments for harry reed. i do think that the president should put out a comment saying it is racist speech and the president has an obligation to push back against one of his own when they make outrageous equipmentive comments. it is not helpful to the governing. >> here is the problem. if the president weighs in all he does pile on and lead to more ridiculous waste of time and oxygen on a conversation that will not lead to solution. i prefer the president who did a very good job of not playing the victim and not complaining that his problems as president or opposition is because of the race. >> all right. yeah, you don't remember the discussions based on condoleezza
1:42 pm
rice and her ability to lead and other individuals in high ranking places and based on their policy. it would be nice to keep it there. i am not sure why he took it someplace else. see you soon. >> and so this just coming in. we have confirmed a verdict in the trial of former boston mob boss whitey bulger. he is on trial for 19 murders that he ordered in the '70s and '80s. we'll dpief a live report on the verdict. and feds launched an investigation to the growing amount of drugs that are pumped in america's children in medicaid dollars. we'll talk about that as well when we come back.
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124shgs fox new alert in a courtroom in massachusetts. the jury has reached a verdict in the case of whitey bulger. what is going on? >> we are waiting for the verdict. there were 32 counts that the jurors spent 32 hours and started dlks last tuesday and it is monday and finally they have reached some sort of verdict. and in the fate of whitey bulger lies in their hands. family members and government and defense are getting into the room and for the jurors to come and talk about the serious charges. there is count one and count two charges. there are 32 racketeering acts and that's where the murders are
1:47 pm
included. 19 different murders that james whitey bulger participated in. it takes only two to get a guilty verdict and paying most attention to when the jury comes back in the room. >> thank you, we'll stay on top of it and get back there when we get the verdict. big nows today. 32 hours of deliberation and there are 32 counts of james whitey bulger. thank you, molly, see you in a bit. >> we are getting reaction to a wall street journal exclusive. federal health officials are investigating the use of antipsychotic medication used to treat behaviorial problems in the very young. dr. keith a blow is a psychiatrist.
1:48 pm
good to see you again today. >> and i think it is an issue that a lot of parents are concerned about in general in this country and look at the amount of money that medicaid spent on anti- psychotic drugs in people under the age of 20. it doubled over the past decade and what is going on with this? well, martha, it is a big issue and let's try to simplify it. one thing, it is not only anti- psychotic medications, it is attention deficit medicines and anti- depress ans. and long ago psychiatry folded their hands and stopped training them to provide psyche therape. not me, but many psychiatrist
1:49 pm
only do that and the american psychiatric association rubber stamped that with a bock of diagnosis that match up with the medicines, we have a global problem in psychiatry. >> a lot of people look at this story and article and the bells go off in your head. they are in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies and making a ton of money and easier for the teachers and parents saying it is easier to deal with my child to give him a drug. it calms him down and makes life easier. >> some of the drugs are highly effective. they did a study on adderol showing that patients if treated with adderol showed a decrease in becoming criminal and
1:50 pm
breaking the law. there is a roll for these things. my son was my son or daughter s chance of taking their life, i would give them an anti-depressant. what we have allowed the healthcare workers to do is say, we're not paying for psycho therapy so scientists have been relegated, forced, pushed down into ten-minute medication visits with the blessing of the american psychiatric association, which has fallen right in line with these insurers, and the federal government has said nothing. now they are getting the bill. they are like wait a second, it says here on the menu, well, yeah, you created that bill. >> we just scratched the surface on this. but i'm glad we did. important topic. doctor, thanks pup see you later. coming up next here, why the sinkhole saga in south florida is now getting worse. >> just walking into the room
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a sinkhole saga in florida is getting worse as vacationers have to evacuate a desort. one building collapsed. another one is slowly sinking. witnesses say they heard windows cracking before the collapse. trace gallagher is live in our west coast bureau with more on this. trace? crazy video. >> it really is. that's the summer bay resort, about ten minutes outside the disney property. there are about 48 units in this resort. all two bedrooms, two baths. that building you're looking at,
1:55 pm
35 people were inside that building last night when the ground started to creek and give way. and one couple heard loud noises and suddenly one of the windows just kind of blew out and they ran to the security guard gate because quite frankly, they didn't know what was going on. listen. >> i have a bad feeling. i thought somebody was getting into an altercation. i thought, gunshot was fired, i wasn't sure. and i drove to the security gate. that's right here. and i said, you know, i think something is happening in building 104. they said, yeah, we just got a call that building is collapsing. >> something was happening all right. security guard came out. other windows starting blowing out. he tried to evacuate efb as fast as possible. one woman was taking a bath. she said she felt like the tube was levitating. she ran out half naked. another couple crawled out a window because the door frame collapsed. other guests, as can you see, left all their belongs inside and fled and experts say if they had not fled the building, there would have been many injuries.
1:56 pm
remember, martha, back in march. 38-year-old jeff bush was in his bed near his tampa home when his room got swallowed by the sinkhole. his body was never found. florida is prone to these things because it is a series of under water aquifers and limestone and the water eats away at the limestone and eventually it just makes the ground collapse. >> give way. unbelievable. trace, thank you. there is loophole in u.s. immigration policy that is apparently causing serious problems along our border right now with mexico. we have a fox exclusive on how people are now applying for political asylum using just three unique words to get across the border. and we have live pictures coming back from egypt as we hear growing concerns on what could be the brink of a much larger tries crisis in the square there, when we come back.
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fox news alert. a sudden flood of immigrant pouring into the united states from mexico. all using the same legal loophole that allows them to seek asylum in the united states and to remain here at taxpayer's expense. i'm martha m maccallum in for megyn kelly. they have quote a credible fear for their safety. a number of people reportedly doing this is so great that customs officials are paying to house them in private hotel rooms while they wait it hear their cases. live near the border in otay mesa, california, digging into
2:01 pm
what could be behind this, it seems that a handy catch phrase is very helpful in getting add mugs acro mission /* admission right now. >> reporter: some are claiming mexico is so unsafe that they can't remain there and qualify for asylum in the united states. you can see vans arriving well into the night. agents escorting immigrants to their rooms. two border patrol agent remain outside providing round the clock security and very expensive operation but necessary because sources say up to 550 illegal immigrants showed up in san diego claiming this fear of persecution if returned to mexico. those magic words essentially stop deportation precedings. and instead trigger an interview and possibly months, even years, of hearings, that allow the person to remain free in the
2:02 pm
united states to work indefinitely. some call it a loophole, others a scam. >> why they would do it is either a political protest kind of movement, because certainly conditions in mexico haven't changed dramatically in the last few years. so there's no reason -- there's no compelling reason why this should be happening, involving mexican citizens. >> so we obtain these dongments that show 30 illegals transferred to the hotel. others to addresses around the country, awaiting a hearing. the administration says it is following the law. it is dictated by statute, not discretion and it doesn't mean they get asylum, it is just a step in the process. a spokesman is saying quote, credible fear is broad and low to ensure individuals who face a significant possibility of persecution has the opportunity to have their case heard before immigration judge. that it is -- that it, martha. that's why you are seeing that
2:03 pm
overflow right now. back to you. >> all right. william, thank you very much. we want to get you back it breaking news now. in a courtroom in massachusetts where we are learning that the jury in the trial of infamous mob suspect whitey bulger has apparently reached a verdict. bulger is in the courtroom. the jury is now also in the courtroom as they wait to hear his fate. he does. molly joins us live in boston. molly? >> reporter: martha, we are just getting word that a judge is looking over paperwork. as you mentioned, parties involved in this returned to the courtroom and are gathered together to look over and explain just what has happened here. what the verdict is as far as count one which is the racketeering conspiracy count. that being announced. we have that verdict in. it is guilty. now count two is racketeering substances offense. that the more than 30 acts that are included in count two and among those acts, are the various murders that bulger is
2:04 pm
alleged to have participated in. count one is guilty verdict at this time being announced. and we have for count two, we're just waiting here for word out of courtroom that it is a guilty verdict as well on count two. what that actually means is that amongst those 30 plus acts, the jury believed that bulger was responsible for at left two of them. and that would result in the guilty verdict for count two so they had to pour over the various 30 plus different acts and determine if they were proven or not proven. and all of these acts detailed various murders that bulger was alleged to have participated in. to have planned or to have taken part in. and it is up to the jury to determine if that was proved or not proven. are they going to reach those? we are waiting for word out of the courtroom to let us know if these various acts are proven or not proven. we are just checking our jury sheet now. as we are checking on that --
2:05 pm
and right now, we are getting word that first racketeering act, not proven. this is a conspiracy to murder allegation a group of a rival gang, alleged by the government that bulger and his group, winter hills group, had been involved in a gang war, essentially. prosecutors alleged over the course of the trial, that bulger and his associates were the survivors after gang war that played out all across boston, particularly in late '70s and early '80s. the first racketeering act, murders of the members of the group, not proven as demmed by the members of this jury that sat here for so many weeks and listened to the 70 plus witnesses that took the stand. we're also waiting on further information about these individual counts of murder in particular victims the jury was asked to look at. murders of individuals that bulger is alleged to have participated in their deaths as well.
2:06 pm
we have racketeering act two, racketeering act two which is the murder of michael malano. the jury also ruling that act was not proven. he was a bartender driving the same make of mercedes that the restaurant owner that worked for had owned as well. it is believed that is a case of mistaken identity. he was gunned down in a hail of gunfire. in the north end, italian section of boston. that occurred back in '73. one of the earliest murders that bulger and the gang, that is out -- he allegedly run, according to prosecutors, one of the earliest murders that they allege he took part in. the jury determining that is not proven. as they work through the rest of the racketeering acts. number three, murder of 79-year-old man, a member of the group, the murder of al plumber. he was also killed on the north end. that was not proven. as we go through more racketeering allegations coming
2:07 pm
through as the jury determines various counts. rock tiering act number 4. murder of william o'brien, not proven. racketeering act number 5, murder of james owe tool, not proven. racketeering act number 6, murder of al, one of the leaders of that gang, not proven as well. racketeering act number 7a, that is the murder of james use is sousa, not proven. racketeering act number 8 has been proven. that is murder of paul mcgonegal. he was 36 at the time of his death. his body was found in a grave many years later. allegedly the heard of the mullen gang, a rival gang, that is alleged by prosecutors that bulger and members of his gang, the criminal enterprise that prosecutors allege he was running. this is the first of among those racketeering acts that jury is determined that they felt had been proved by the prosecutor.
2:08 pm
that murder, occurring in 1974, so also one of the earliest murders that bulger is alleged to have committed along with members of his gang. do we have any further count here, as we are looking towards racketeering. act number 9. do we have that -- racketeering act number 9. that was proved as well. as well as racketeering act number 10 proved as well. these two acts were also murders. murder of edward conners and also conspiracy to murder thomas king. conners was a tavern owner. prosecutors believe that bulger has information they were concerned would be shared with authority. that's one of the reasons that prosecutors throughout the course of this trial alleged people were killed because they were planning to inform on james whitey bulger or other members of his criminal gang. as we go forward towards further racketeering act, these are also more murders that bulger is
2:09 pm
alleged to have participated in. number 11. not proven. that is the murder of francis buddy leonard. racketeering act number 12. that is murder of richard castocci. he was nightclub owner in his late whos and once again, they were concerned allegedly prosecutors say, that the fbi would be tipped off because this individual had information. racketeering acts, number 13, also proved. that murder of roger wheeler. now this is a case that got a particular amount of attention over the course of prosecutors as they work to bring this case against whitey bulger. he was a tulsa millionaire and was killed in oklahoma leaving a country club. he had been particular wealthy and also ran legal businesses in florida as well. he was gunned down outside the country club in a vehicle he was heading to.
2:10 pm
gunned down like other alleged victims over the course of many years. this is what prosecutors allege. that murder happening in 1981. so to give you some sense as to how far amount of time these murders are alleged to have spanned over the course of '70s and into the 80s. there is no finding on racketeering act 14. victims that got the most amount of attention over the course of the trial. racketeering act 14 is about the murder of deborah davis. deborah davis was killed in late 19 -- late 1981. she was the girlfriend of one of bulger's alleged partners, steven the rifle man flemming. she had been dating for many, many years. flemming alleged bulger strangled deborah davis, just 26 years old at the time of her death. and the your on that count determines no finding. on racketeering act 15, murder of brian hallowren, proved. they determined that as proved.
2:11 pm
racketeering act number 16. that the murder of michael donohue. did not hugh receiving a lot of attention over the course of this trial wauz his murder happened in 1982. he was 34 years old. thought to be an innocent father of three that had been driving home another man that prosecutors allege was the intended target of this particular killing. gunned down in a vehicle at that point in time. one of many murders that the prosecutors allege happened here on the streets of boston in a car, shot up usually by a machine gunfire in that era. racketeering act number 17. john callahan. that is determined to be proved. racketeering act number 18. bucky barrett. also proved. murder of john mcintyre, racketeering act number 19. proved. murder of deborah hunts oo, also proved. deborah huntsy also add close relationship with steve the
2:12 pm
rival man flemming. she was his step daughter. called him daddy during the course of her life. looked at him as a father figure. she disappeared in early 1985 after prosecutors say she came forward and said that flemming had been molesting her. she was also 26 years old at the time of her death. there were a number of racketeering acts that i think were extortion and conspiracy. extortion of various people over many, many years. as those counts are starting to come in. we have to look at the extortion conspiracy counts. many of these are proven by this jury. racketeering act number 21, proven. so says the jury. rock tiering act 22 proven as well. 23 is not proven. but 24, 25, and 26 are all proven as well. as we move towards -- remember there were 32 count over the course that this jury had to come to a conclusion on. and we are still on count 2
2:13 pm
within that count, there were more than 30 act. as you can see, they come down with various decisions on many of these acts. but the important thing here is that they did say, that two of the acts were proven. and that's what they needed to determine the james whitey bulger was guilty of act 2. right now, we have guilty verdicts on count 1 and count 2 because of these two acts that were -- and actually we are moving on to count 3 and we have guilty verdict of count 3 as well. this moves into i believe count 3 was extortion. this is seven-page jury form that jurors today fill out. yes, count three is extortion. we are keeping eye on this as further information comes out on their decision. martha? >> wow. what a development. molly, thank you so much. stand by. we will go back to molly as we get more on all of this. but whitey bulger on the lamb for 16 years, and then was found living, you know, quite comfortably in an apartment in santa monica with his
2:14 pm
girlfriend. he was put into the orange suit and brought to massachusetts where he has been waiting for this trial. jury deliberated for 32 1/2 hours in this trial. at one point they came back and asked the judge in terms of the importance of actually pulling the trigger in these 19 murders. and the judge basically said, you need to prove he was either a co-conspirator or aider or abetter in these murders. many people across the country, folks in boston, are very familiar with the bulger cases. but those across the country may be more familiar with the movie "departed" which was base owned whitey bulger and winter hill gang. notorious mobsters and gang leaders in boston. joining me now, fox news legal analyst, clearly it appears there's enough here to put whitey bulger away for life. >> absolutely. prosecution has many more proven than not proven. this is a very wide case of racketeering is a difficult case
2:15 pm
for prosecutors to bring. especially when you're talking about murders that go back and extortion that goes back 30 plus years. what they have to prove is that those acts, those acts that led to racketeering, led to murder, led to extortion happen within a certain timeframe. so that's why i think you are seeing some of them not proven. but as we went through the verdict form here, a very verdict form, seeing many, many more proven. whitey bulger will never see the light of day. >> that's clear. according to those in the courtroom when the jury walked in an started to read the verdicts, whitey bulger looked away from the jury. started seriously scribbling notes. the moments these families have waited for, all these years. but i would point out, you know, for those that were not proven, there is no satisfaction for these families. they listen to the names and they feel this man has been responsible for the deaths of their loved one.
2:16 pm
many we should point out were in rival gangs and in some cases involved in some of these ill doings as well. but for them, there's no joy in this verdict. >> no joy. i suppose there's joy in the sense they know he has been convicted on all of the other counts. but yes, you're right, once the prosecution doesn't prove a case, double jeopardy is attaches and he is acquitted of those count and he can never be retried on those counts. but we hope for the sake of the families they are looking at the proven counts and realizing that many, many more count were proven than not proven and really martha, i mean, law is about technicalities. but i would say here, definitely about technicalities. >> he is 83 years old. >> yes. he will appeal. >> he will appeal. but there is no roeason to believe he won't spend the rest of his life in prison. >> yes. and his attorney in opening
2:17 pm
statements gave him up. saying he did all these things. it was a slow plea end p. this whole trial is a slow guilty plea. >> you talk about all of these murders. these brutal slayings that he with heard, detailed in this trial, and it struck me that one of the few times there were tears in this courtroom was when one of his friends got up on the stand and betrayed him. that was his big emotional moment for whitey bulger. he couldn't believe his friend was ratting him out on the stand. he said, it breaks my heart. to see you turn on me. it is just -- it is right out of a movie. but for these people, these families, who are so intimately involved in this and who lost loves ones, it is a very, very real story ppt other thing that strikes me, $822,000 buried in the wall of the santa monica apartment. he said, you can have that but you can't have the stanley cup
2:18 pm
ring. he probably won't be able to keep it in prison, right? >> i don't think so. when you mention that whitey bulger has a heart, it is stone cold, i'm sorry. >> this is an incredible story and he managed to evade -- he had 16 years of peace and quiet out there in santa monica. i guess relative. he was on the run. but there's a picture of him in his boston cap there. thank you very much. quite a story. >> you got it. >> what a story that's been. we've got more breaking news coming to you in moment here on america live. we have live pictures coming back right now from cairo. what will happen next in cairo is a huge question. all of this could descend further into the chaos that we have seen at times in cairo. will they keep a lid on it? we will keep a close eye on it. well talk to john bolton about this when we come back. hey linda!
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live pictures coming back from cairo as a tense standoff is playing out in the street in egypt, the country's military delaying plans to break up a pair of massive sit-ins as we hear new concerns that a political stand-off could descend into a civil war. that is the concern on the ground there today. leland joins us live with details. what is going on there now? >> reporter: martha, cairo is rocking tonight. as of right now, it is a peaceful protest. there are tens of thousands of people on the street. this is the muslim brotherhood protest that is against the
2:23 pm
army. they want more morsi reinstated as president. they are told, fat chance. the army of protesters were eye to eye. army blinked and had backed off. it appears as though the idea of turning with thor cannons, live ammunition on the protest that had been peaceful. a lot of times involving women, children, families, was too much for the army. there is a lot of international pressure on the army to allow these protests to continue, even though they certainly have a very bad feeling for the army in terms of what it does to their repetition and their authority there inside of egypt since they took over more than six weeks ago. this is the first time the army has backed down from demand toward the protesters, since the coup. as we look there, we see violence has occurred over the past couple of weeks. nearly 300 people died in that violence the question is, how does the army walk the fine line between not having the embarrass many of saying leave and nothing
2:24 pm
happening on the other hand, trying to keep the peace there. the concern of course, is that if things are erupt there, the army's legitimacy could be seriously questioned and who knows who takes over power inside egypt. as you noted, martha, there are people inside the muslim brotherhood saying they want their president back. saying they did the right thing by deposing the president and moving towards new election is going forward. martha? >> where do we go from here? leland, thank you so much. joining me is john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. ambassador, welcome. >> good to be here. >> so leland just laid out exactly what is going on in the streets there and sort of the precarious position the military find itself in. if they really go in there and crack down in a violent way, on the people in the square. >> well, number one, let's be
2:25 pm
clear. the muslim brotherhood is seeking confrontation here. they view this as a way to regainly j legitimacy. there are martyrs. and there are those who would be happy to oblige them. i think the interim government is clearly split over what to do. i think the military would be prepared to have security forces move in but there are others in the interim government, civilians who don't want that to happen. and there's a problem within the security forces too. military and police are not the same thing. military itself has a higher approval rating, if you will. and the police are more likely to get out of control. the military would rather not have to do it itself. so you see, gridlock and chaos. and the real damage here is being caused to the egyptian economy. foreign direct investment is drying up. tore rez and his disappeared and the country is being ground down. its economy is disintegrating and every class of society is
2:26 pm
being impoverished steadily because of this instability. >> and that clearly is felt all across the country. now, this is a country that elected the muslim brotherhood, a close election. but now they've add chance to think about it again. they have been granted in some ways, an opportunity by the this military crack down on the muslim brotherhood. where do you see -- where do you see this heading if enough people in egypt feel their economic interest would be better suited by a more democratic leader, perhaps. >> well, this is what i think the middle class such as it is in egypt, why there is so much support for the military overthrowing morsi. they saw the muslim brotherhood ignoring the economic situation in pursuit of their ideals for a sharia law based state. which was misguided for many people. and the fact is that this is not the bad military versus the nice protesters in the street.
2:27 pm
people want stability. many of them. so they can get the economy back on track. i think the army has a lot of support. i think the muslim brotherhood has a fundamentally different view of what they want which is why the risk of confrontation and bloodshed is so high. >> there was so much elation in some corners, in our government, here during the arab spring. and you know, this is where we are. you are one of the people who, i remember you and i speaking during all of that. you are very concerned what the outcome would be. what would you advise right now if the president were to ask, what you think our role should be in all of this now. >> well, i think it is in america's interest to have stability in egypt. because we want egypt to uphold the camp david peace accord with israel. there are disturbing signs. the peninsula has gotten out of control with radicals and terrorists taking refuge there. the suez canal remains a
2:28 pm
critical international waterway. the fact is, we need to decide, and i don't think the administration is doing this, nor people in the republican party. we have to decide whether we think the muslim brotherhood is a legitimate political party allowed to participate in politics in egypt or if it is analogous political party. they don't fire weapons at a party when they lose a vote. the muslim brotherhood, you can bet, is ready for confrontation with the police. they think it will enhance their legitimacy. i don't think it is a political party as we understand it and if there are elections again, the brotherhood will win again. >> very important moment, for so many reasons, across that whole region. thank you. well talk to you soon. >> thank you, martha. a top democratic consultant is suggesting that if hillary
2:29 pm
clinton went for a political bid she would be embraced as the queen of the democratic prty. but is she raleigh without weakness? we will have ed rollins and joe trippi join us next. license and registration please.
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the fox news alert, new york mayy michael bloomberg and the police commissioner ray kelly blasting a federal court ruling that came moments ago. a judge ordered the nypd to
2:33 pm
change their stop and frisk policy which has been very controversial. we are joined now from our new york newsroom with this breaking news. rick, what happened and what did they say? >> a major defeat at least for now from the nation's large et police department which has long defended its stop and frisk policy as a perfectly legal tool to keep new yorker safer on the street. at least a quarter million people have been stops since 2004 using this controversial policy allowing officers to detain, search and question pretty much anyone they want. critics say minority were unfairly targeted with blacks and hispanics stopped in four of every five cases. that sparked a class action lawsuit. today a judge found that stop and frisk is an unconstitutional violation of the 14th amendment rights of new yorkers. this annoyed the mayor. >> the supreme court of the united states found to be constitutional is an important part of the record of success. it has taken some 8,000 guns off
2:34 pm
the streets over the past decade. and some 80,000 other weapons. as guns continue to flow on to our street from other states, we have to take every constitutionally protected step at our disposal to keep them out. >> the mayor obviously opposing the judge's decision and so does police commissioner ray kelly who called it disturbing and offensive. >> we do not engage in racial profiling. it is prohibited by law. it is prohibited by our own regulations. >> the city will appeal the judge's decision which ordered an independent monitor be brought in to oversee changes at nypd. that could be on hold while this appeal takes place. >> rick, thank you. so i do think it was too early to handicap the race. there is no question, if hillary clinton get into the race, there will be a coronation of her
2:35 pm
because there areso so many democrats who lot of time around supported her, who are anxious to see her back out there again. >> so more than three years away from the 2016 election and already there is talk after coronation for hillary clinton if she were to seek the democratic nomination for president. later today she will seek an award at the american bar association and will make some very anticipated remarks there since we start to get a sense of how she might frame an election go at it. a campaign. if she decides to. joined now by joe trippi, a fox news contributor. and ed rollins, national chairman for mike huckabee's campaign and national direct forfor reagan-bush campaign in 1984. joe, what do you make of that? the coronation quote by donna brazile? >> i think donna is right, if it were today. i think clearly there really is a lot of support for hillary clinton within the party right now to seek and get the
2:36 pm
nomination. i think two reasons. one, a lot of the people in the party who went with barack obama in 2008 did so kind of wanting to be with hillary clinton. but deciding to go with him and i think that they want to see her succeed. so that's what -- but as ed will tell you, being in the front-runner for three, four years like she's going to have to be, is just a very, very difficult thing to pull off. i think she's developed a political skills to do it. you think her team learned a lot of lessons from the defeat in 2008. but it still is a very tough thing to do. >> so interesting. when you look back at hillary clinton versus president, now president obama, and what a devastating campaign it really was for her. but in the end, she dusted herself off and became secretary of state. which in essence, allowed her to be detached in many ways from the administration and to kind of gain world status and travel
2:37 pm
around the world and sort of gain the cachet that comes with that job. no doubt if she does decide to run, secretary of state will be scrutinized more closely. >> she is probably the strongest candidate today, since eisenhower, 60 years ago, where both parties wanted eisenhower to run. i think she can get the nomination. i don't think she gets it easily. joe's old boss, howard dean, has made public statement several times that he thinks progressive will run against her. if not one, he may very well run against her. joe biden is in iowa this past weekend trying to build support as incoming vice president. i think she is by far the strongest democrat. i do think at the end of the day she will win the nomination. if everything goes right and her health hold up. but when she gets into a general election, she has to basically defend this administration. she want can't walk away from it
2:38 pm
and defend the administration her husband had for eight years. >> what do you see, joe, as potential pit falls for her? >> look, i think if 2016 is a change election, this time she has to jump in front of it and push the change that a first woman presidency would bring. if she didn't really embrace that in 2008, i think that was a huge mistake given where barack obama was coming is the change candidate, so also she just -- they made a bunch of mistakes where they just avoided caucus states. and it lost all of them to obama. that won't happen again. so i think, i think the defeat of 2008 may well have prepared her and her team to understand what they need to do. she can't -- she can't be the front running status quo candidate. she's got to have some ideas. she and i think she's got to
2:39 pm
embrace that being a woman with a different perspective on educate, educating our children, other things and why the budget needs to be taken seriously. she can bring that woman's perspective and carry that role. i think if she does that, she gets there. >> great point. you know, she did, in a way, not run -- obviously she is a woman but she didn't run as first woman potential president, ed. i'm looking at all of these pictures with her with her husband. there was talk of ignoring him in the room and he would pipe up and say, well i would do it this way. and they would say, well, we're not asking you. >> i dealt with governors in the us would and bill clinton was very well atune to the politics and any man getting elected twice has great skills.
2:40 pm
i think the last time they tried to do it without his people, about three different camps running her campaign. none of which basically had the full throttle. i think he clearly came back in this last presidential election and served a monumental role in helping president obama get reelegislatived. so you would be a fool not to skr him right front and center and he is now probably the most popular man in america today in the political world. >> joe, who would be be concerned about if you were working for hillary clinton over on the other side? >> look, i think it's got to be somebody with a populous message who want to shake up washington. i don't think it'll be an establishment republican. although, who knows where the republicans, they may do it again. i don't think it's a romney or a mccain kind of candidacy that will be any kind of a threat. to hillary clinton. it would be someone, more of a huckabee, a ted cruz.
2:41 pm
but i don't think they can either. part of the problem is you're going to have this huge fight between two wings of the republican prty. every time we've had either party do that, they lost that election. so i think 2016 is one where the democratic nomination is worth something and she can get it. so i would expect her to run and i expect her to actually have a much better chance of winning than most -- at this stage, three years out, would give any candidate. >> hopely the republican nomination there would be about 10 or 15 people that would run for it. my sense, it be an outsider, not an insider. >> well, we are so far out. we will see what happens. thank you, gis. see you soon. coming up, attorney general today outlined a new plan it cut down on mer camerica's overflow prison population. we will have a fair and balanced debate about whether or not that is an idea whose time has
2:42 pm
finally come or whether we would regret going down that road. >> it is clear as we come together today that too many americans go to too many prisons for far too long and for no truly good law enforcement reason. it's clear -- [ male announcer ] julia child became a famous chef at age 51.
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fox news alert. a short time ago, attorney general eric holder, called for a major change to the nation's criminal justice system. announcing a plan that would scale back use of mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug offenders. listen to some of this. >> as the so-called war on drugs entered its fifth decade, we need to ask whether it and approaches it comprises have been truly effective and build on the administration efforts led by the national drug control policy to usher in a new
2:46 pm
approach. and with an outsize unnecessarily large prison population, we need to ensure that incarceration is used to punish, deter and rehabilitate. but not merely to warehouse and to forget. >> georgeter will ger is a former deputy general. former cheese kou gentlemen, welcome. good to have you here. >> thanks p >> thank you. >> george, let me start with you. what do you think about this plan. >> reducing the prison population is a good goal. the way the attorney general is going about it, however, is just wrong. in essence, what he is saying is that i'm directing my prosecutors not to tell courts how much drugs, what amount of drugs, are involved in a given case. so as not to trigger the mandatory minimums. that's f that's a good idea, and maybe it is, then that debate ought to take place on capitol
2:47 pm
hill with congress and if there is the bipartisan support that attorney general claims for such reform, reform the law, don't just ignore it. >> well, he is saying, that if an individual has no ties to large scale organizations, to gangs or cartels and no history of violence, and offenses wouldn't impose mandatory minimums, julien, you know, is that the right bar to sort of place there, to cut down on the prison population? >> well i think that's right. i think george characterizes the attorney general's reform accurately. and that's exactly where i differ with george here is that attorney general is exercising prosecutorial discretion here. he is not giving drug offenders a pass. he is simply saying, let's not charge them with crimes that would trigger mandatory minimums for ten years, sometimes more than ten years, for nonviolent possessory offenses. since the mandatory minimum lawets went into effect we have
2:48 pm
800% increase in incarceration rate. we incarcerate at seven times the rate of most of the rest of the world. we have prison overcrowding of 40% according to the justice department. it seems there is some bipartisan consensus. not just rand paul make the case. new england, jeb bush, norquist saying the drug laws are out of kilter and this seams seems to me a good use of prosecutorial discretion so we don't trigger the dra cone yn sentences for mere possession of a drug when you're not involved in any trafficking. not involved with gangs. not involved in anything that's violent. >> it is a reasonable argument. and you know, i talked it a couple of folks about this today. it seems like everyone feels there is a reasonable argument to be made here. one of hi questions, george, is whether or not it worked as deterrent. that's one of the reasons in the war on drugs in the '80s that mandatory sentences were put into place. because it was supposed to be a
2:49 pm
more effective deterrent to the smaller scale drug offenses. has that worked? >> in some cases it may have worked. and if he it's not working now or as we learn and make use of our experience, there's a better way to do it. then again, the solution to that is to change the law. it is not up to the attorney general, president, and justice department to just ignore the law. if the client that i represent, companies that i represent in federal criminal cases purposefully left out information or misstated information in some document they had to file with the government, they could be charged with a felony. the attorney general is telling his prosecutors to do the equivalent of that in order to avoid the mandatory minimums. there is one other thing about this that i think deserves at least some attention. every time there's a retail drug transaction in the united states, some american is making a deposit into the coffers of mexican drug cartels and other
2:50 pm
international violent drug organizations. so retail drug trafficking is not the victimless crime it seems to be. your earlier segment, martha, showed in fact the people fleeing mexico because of the violence that american drug users are financing. >> i agree bp i think resources should be put on those involved on the business side. trafficking in particular. secondly i don't think there's a great deal of evidence that mandatory minimums served that great of a -- that great of an effect at least on the possessory level. third, it is not unprecedented for the justice department to decide if as a policy matter not to give someone a pass, as you said in the set-up piece, but to charge people with a lesser crime. if they think there is a policy reason to do that. so the justice department is within their ambit to make this decision. finally i agree with george.
2:51 pm
major policy changes should occur on capitol hill. but i think this is the beginning. this is the first step in hopefully a a legislative examination. >> thank you. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] it balances you... it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack.
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are some concerns over the production of a dangerous drug have inspired a controversial new policy at pharmacies. cvs now asking for i.d. if you want to buy nail polish remover. the speedy check out the company is putting in place because acetone is one of the ingredients of crystal neglect. -- crystal meth. so it will limit the number of bottles you can purchase. you only need one. lasts a long time. a nasty effect is breaking
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out with battlelines drawn between jobs and the environment. agrees receive activists have been leading intense protests against a mining company in wisconsin. mike tone -- tobin is live. >> the company wants to open an iron ore mine in wisconsin creating thousands of jobs, but before they can do the research to determine if the mine would harm the environment, protesters want to shut them down. reporter: armed guards on the ground in wisconsin. a response to this. >> [bleep] >> right-wing bloggers called them ecoterrorists. mat protesters intent on disrupting the work of the company. >> do not take my camera. >> that act resulted in a trajectory charge and three misdemeanors, and mining has not started. all the protesters disrupted was sampling for environmental impact studies. >> if they have the courage of
2:56 pm
their convictions and believe what they have been saying they should want us to be out there finding thissings in because they can use these facts to kill a mine. >> the company says the iron ore mine will not introduce chemical. it will be removed. pulverized. run over magnets to removal the iron ore, then replaced. it should be noted the bulk of the protesters say they shun the mass radicals. still, they want work at the site to stop. >> not that i don't trust the dnr. i don't trust the governor and i don't trust the people supporting the governor in our state house. >> native american crimes claim the mine would impact their treaties. they're going after the company in federal court. >> thank you very much. so a jury reached a guilty verdict in the trial of mob --
2:57 pm
mobster "whitey" bulger. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed.
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