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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 20, 2013 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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mentioning the dog, you had to do it again. >> spoiler! >> thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. "special report" is next. >> don't forget "fox and friends"! welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue filling in for greg gutfeld who is doing something besides hosting "red eye." don't even think of changing the channel because there is a guest host. my latest comedy is calledden vogue. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, tom. will joe biden throw his hat in the ring for the 2016 presidential race? some say no, but others say please, please, please, please, please yes. and should kids be banned from playing organized football? some say no, but europeans don't even know what sport i am talking about. is it soccer? and finally does an 8-year-old
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girl hold the key to immortalities? some say no, but others say probably not. >> why does greg say go away at this point in the show? >> because he is a mean, spiteful little man. >> that's what i thought. let's welcome our guests. back when i was a hitman in the mid-nineties she and i won first place in a twist contest at a 50s-themed diner. we have been friends ever since. i am here with amy hole ms. she is now the anchor of "the hot list" and and he and i once switched face when i was an fbi agent and he was a crime lord. those were good, bloody days. it is jaime weinstein. and he is one of the authors of "the lizard king." i used to baby-sit him when he was an infant. he had a huge vocabulary then. it is bill schulz. we were the kings of the dance floor at a brooklyn dance floor in the late 1970s. now we do the news. next to me is john gibson,
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host of "the john gibson show" weekdays at noon eastern. his show will be live from the talk radio allstar summit on wednesday. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. how is this show even still on? >> forgot about that voice. the city's top cop thinks the ruling is a flop. yep, new york's police commissioner says if stop and frisk is abandoned there is no question violent crime will rise. on sunday ray kelly expressed his miss givings about a federal judge's decision that the policy is unconstitutional, and his miss givings couldn't be more miss givingy. >> the losers in this if this case is allowed to stand are people who live in minority communities. 97% of the shooting victims in new york city last year were people of color, black or latino.
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>> over the weekend mayor michael bloomburg argued for the policy in the op ed saying every american has a right to walk down the street without being targeted by the police because of his or her race and ethnicity. at the same time every american has a right to walk down the street without getting mugged or killed. meanwhile in deer city relentless squirrel muggings continue. >> that is pretty shocking stuff. john gibson, i think you must be in favor of this policy because i am in favor of stop and frisk. i am white. you are even whiter. what do you think? >> i am the whitest. i have become -- been talking about this for seven years on my radio show. the reason the rate is so low is they take guns off kids. 800,000 stops and 800,000 guns. i realize it is a small
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number, but those guns would have killed a person apiece. the murder total in new york would have been 1300 instead of 500. i think ray kelly is right and the judge is wrong. >> but most of the stop and frisks are people getting busted for pot. i can tell you i live in the west village i smoke -- i don't smoke it, but i smell it. >> if we were running tape we will first hear the truth and then trying to correct the truth. >> on a nearly daily basis. >> you smell it? >> i smell it. >> you smell it as you are breathing it in and out of your lungs. >> right, exactly. my point is if this is about busting people for drugs, why don't they come down to my neighborhood and bust people out at nyu. go to nyu and stand at the gates and you can get all sorts of drug busts. >> it is interesting. jaime, why isn't this a matter for federal judges? why don't we let the police and the neighborhoods be in constant negotiations? if neighborhoods have high crime and they want to lower it and bring in stop and
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frisk, let them. they can say if you want low crime bring us to your neighborhood. >> i am in favor of negotiations. i like negotiations. this is like a friday issue and there are two competing facts. on one side you have what john said which is the facts are the majority of crimes, violent crimes, are committed in minority communities against other minorities. so these have reduced those crimes dramatically. on the other hand, if you are in those communities and not doing anything wrong and cops are pulling you over to stop and frisk, that's humiliating and it would be angering. there is no question you have two competing sets of facts that are in contrast to each other. >> which side do you fall on? >> i think we have to side on the side of protecting people from crime. >> what about the disproportionat use of stop and frisk in minority neighborhoods to do drug busts when we all know you can find drugs in suburban america? >> i don't think it has anything to do with drugs. this is about guns. >> well maybe you do, maybe you don't.
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you have a choice. do you want to be new new york city with a low murder rate or chicago which is a slaughter house every weekend? why should more people want to die because they don't want to be searched? >> if you lived in a neighborhood with the high crime -- >> well, we get these posters in the entry of my building saying beware. there are a lot of break ins in these neighborhoods. but stop and frisk gets people on low-level drug busts and a bit of marijuana or whatever it is that person is carrying that person then gets a criminal record. you don't see nyu students getting a record for their drug use. >> i think she likes the superman curl i am effecting right now. >> bill, y u don't have to worry about being randomly searched, but i think it is because nobody wants o touch you, am i correct? >> you are correct. that is my smell. let me live my life jie. isn't it troubling that mayor bloomburg says he might have a
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different policy if he had a black kid? you have black voters. >> i couldn't believe he said that. >> you bring up a good point. if it is a case most people are getting stopped and busted for drug use -- >> that is the case. >> then that's ridiculous. stop and frisk should be used to stop violent crime. >> but if there is a gun it is a big bulge and you can see it. the frisk, that's where they get the joints and whatnot. >> is it not doing more bad than good? what you have got is entire communities that are scared to go up to a cop when they want to report something because they look at cops as these frisking and searching for no reason bad guys. as a result they don't go to them when something in the neighborhood is going on because they don't trust -- >> it is a matter of perspective. guys like me and jaime like to stop and frisk. why? -- i don't mind being frisked. when they check bags i say check this out. spin doctor cd's. i want to show everybody what
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is in my bag. i don't care. >> are you an exhibitionist is what you are saying? >> what i am saying is my perspective, i am like super white guy, whatever. of course i don't mind being frisked. >> because you never are. >> let me comment on this. >> i think your point is well taken on the drug use. if they are going to do stop and frisk, they should say if we catch drugs on someone as a result of looking for guns and weapons we will not arrest you in that instance. if you are doing stop and frisk you should be going after violent crimes. if you catch someone with drugs that shouldn't be -- we are not going to arrest you for that. >> so articulate. what are you going say, bill? >> i lived in east harlem for three years and i saw a lot of stop and frisking, but none was happening to me. i was doing some shady stuff. i creeped myself out. nothing. >> i guess my notes were connish ifed -- confirmed, bill. it is like the patriot act. sometimes the patriot act is used to not stop
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terrorism-related offenses. i don't think americans wanted to give up civil liberties to stop elliott spitzer from servicing sprues tiewts. >> the patriot act? >> they used the money he transferred, we used it. >> they arrested him for stoping and frisking. >> so it was extraordinary provisions to stop serious crimes. >> i like that a white guy was living in east harlem. how was that? >> did you see a little salsa in my step? >> you guys talk about that after the show. from top cops to top dogs. is joe just biden his time? hmm. well our vice president hasn't decided if he will run in 2016, but his allies think he can win. they say as vp he can attracts gobs of money and crowds and tout himself as at logical successor to barack obama, the president. but those pesky others point out that a recent new hampshire poll shows hillary clinton with a 50-point lead and biden would find himself in the unusual position of being the sitting vice
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president who is running as an underdog. meanwhile, the "wall street journal" is accusing hillary of being a part of racial politics saying she played fast and loose. clinton has used efforts to suppress minority votes. but black turnout in the states remain high and they say hillary's rhetoric says she wants a racially polarized electorat. for more let's go to the senior political correspondent. >> john, -- >> you mocked the cat video? how dare you? >> john, is biden going to run or ultimately is he going to
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decide that it is obviously hillary and there is no hope? >> well, i mean he will put himself in position so that if for some reason or another hillary decides not to run, medical problem, whatever. >> whoa! getting morose. >> there he is ready to jump in. he has to recognize reality. the democrats have decided on her and she can brush up on the dentures. >> does he have dentures? i was wondering. >> i suspect botox. >> really? >> i do. >> wow, we are uncovering here. considering obama has a low approval rating could this work in joe biden's favor? i am not sure what that means. >> i think he was hoping to campaign on owe -- obama's record. right now his approval rating is low. so that will be hard to do. >> has hillary separated herself from obama that well? >> she was reel law gated to foreign policy which is not looking great in the middle
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east. but she is going to try to campaign as someone who -- they try to portray her as secretary of state as having a great tenure. she didn't have any great achievements, but no big failures failures in essence. >> unless you count egypt. >> and benghazi, of course. >> are we seriously politically analyzing joe biden's future here? does he have one? >> the vice president is always the first in line. there has to be a possibility, right? >> he is. >> his handlers say he can do it. >> my sources say there is literally no one in america demanding joe biden run. except political journalists because that would be a field day. i am in the go, run biden camp. >> it would be so much fun. please do. >> do you want to get to what i think is the more interesting story? the journal accusing hillary of wanting a racially, polarized election. >> you are asking me why? >> you haven't spoken yet.
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i thought we have beaten this one to death. i was looking in the journal and they have a chart. the black vote is going up, up, up and the white vote is going down. hillary needs the minority vote. she can't count on i am woman, hear me roar, right? >> precisely that is the democratic coalition. that was the coalition for president obama, for bill clinton and hillary would have to draw on the seam voters and hope they would turn out for her the way they have for president obama and her husband, bill clinton. in terms of the voter id, that's what the "wall street journal" was talking about. what i think is strange about this, all of these liberals, they want to try -- or at least they want to draw attention to voter id laws suppressing the vote to overturn laws which they won't be able to do. how about helping people get id's? wouldn't that be helpful? >> who are these people who can't get id's? that's the question jie. really poor. >> we know id's are essential to going about your daily business. if you want to help people, just get them an id.
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>> we also know that black voters generally think any voter id effort is an effort to suppress votes. when hillary comes out and says it is and makes those accusations, she is just in favor of the minority vote. >> both parties just want to maximize the number of voters who get to the polls in their favor. they will do whatever they can to make that happen. >> yes on democrats. no on republicans. >> it is an i have interesting theory. >> what do you theng? why do republicans want these? >> you know exactly why. you know exactly why. we all know. >> they think that democrats have been stealing elections for years quietly and the democrats always say there is no evidence of voter fraud. the republicans say nobody has ever looked. you know right across the river in new jersey dead people have been voting for decades. republicans think the democrats have been going
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around and having people vote multiple times or under names like donald duck and elvis presley and all we have been seeing acorn doing before. there is a strong suspicion among republicans that voter fraud is going on and the way to stop it is voter id. >> dead people do a lot of things in new jersey and not just vote. >> but bill, i think you agree with me. i think this is -- it is on both sides. both sides want people -- you know, every year it comes out that the military vote is being suppressed and republicans harp on that. and then they want voter id and they say it is to suppress minority votes. i think it is all a bunch of nonsense to create turnout, right? >> you think pish posh to it, right? >> what does that mean? >> it means it is gop smack and -- what is the other word? >> fiddly winks. >> the republicans are in the hands of big photo. >> but the republicans keep
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losing on this. the motor voter laws, of course it helps democrats. making voting easier helps democrats because it makes it easier in urban areas. >> what do you mean by urban? >> he is so racial tonight. >> republicans like the white suburban voter. who is making it easier for them to vote? they still have to get in their honda civic and ride down to the school. >> i don't even know who you are anymore, man? unbelievable. >> i am making a great deal of sense today. yes, in 1940s germany. unreal, dude. wow. >> i don't think you are a nazi. >> coming up, i am still saying it. >> just how tough is it to become a mexican wrestling superstar. my secret life as a lucadore. is big-arexia a real thing? either way, we will still talk about it.
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what is more fun than republican infighting? not much unless you like republican infighting. they wanted to bar cnn if they don't nix the hillary clinton project. now the former romney guy are going at it. with fernstrom criticizing the reoccupation with the proposed hillary mini series saying it creates bad optics for the republicans. and then told george steph knop police this. >> i don't know if
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etch-a-sketch is on tilt, george. i am not taking advice from eric fernstrom. i am trying to build a party year-round. >> did you hear that? he took the famously dated etch etch-a-sketch analogy and added a more dated pin ball analogy. it makes me want to put on small gym shorts and go rollerskating. bill? >> i'm in. >> why are republicans still talking about the hillary mini series anyway? it is not fiction they should be worried about. it is truth that can be stranger i have heard. look at the benghazi hearings that have played out like a feature film. hillary getting what difference does it make? and then like she was sharon stone in "basic instipg." instinct." >> eww. >> hillary knows what she is doing, guys. she knows how to play these guys and will take that you men just don't a routine to
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the white house in 2016. am i wrong? >> see, you disagree with me already. bill, keep your mouth shut. keep saying, he says republican infighting is good for the party. is he wrong or really wrong? >> i don't think he is serious. he knows it is awful and that's why he is going to shorten the primary season and make it difficult for candidates who cause two or three candidate usa lot of trouble. th is horrible. chris christie yelling at rand paul and chris christie saying they have to get democrats to vote for us. >> at least they are positioning. >> he wants to stop it as soon
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as possible. >> why is he picking fights -- i think there is an excuse for two guys who are trying to become the republican nominee to fight with each other. but these two republican operatives -- >> no but he is the head of the party. eric fernstrom is the guy that helped the other guy lose the election. it is not quite a fair fight. >> gibson is starting fights of his own. amy -- >> tom? >> what do you think here? you always fight with republicans. >> i like fighting with republicans particularly because i am not one. republicans seem to have forgotten ronald reagan's 11th commandment, thou shall not speak ill about a fellly republican. and what bad optics are for republicans to do infighting. republicans shouldn't be doing it to each other. the media loves it. they blow it up and talk about how republicans are falling apart and they ignore all of the dissention on the democratic side and make
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democrats look like they have their act together. >> fernstrom thought he was on a fool's errand with this mini series. >> that's the one thing that seems to unite the republicans. >> they don't want the -- >> no, it is an excuse because he doesn't want to have so many debates. >> wait a minute. >> and he doesn't want nbc and cnn -- >> for entertainment sake i think the opposite. they need ted nugent moderate the democratic debates and then have cspan -- >> well, this is interesting because you make a salient point, weinstein. you say it is a phony issue that they are bringing up. he wants fewer debates. he wants fewer republicans attacking republicans so he creates this controversy over the hillary mini series, am i right? >> i think you are right. and i forgot who brought it
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up, but when you have fewer debates you have self-candidates who run just to be in the debate to get a a presence and maybe a tv show. if you have fewer debates it may discourage them from participating and narrow down the field. >> scoring the gotcha questions, right? i can't stand -- >> i love the town hall stuff. >> i can't stand the phony regular americansment they pick their questions and everything. >> i like it when they wear overalls. >> that's what i wanted to ask you. why do you love hillary so much when she hates our freedom? >> i think it is over rated. i like being told what to do and when to do it. i think this is a big predicter on who will be running if indeed we are going to have -- not as many debates and that means rick perry will put his hat back in the race. >> you know, he will be better. everybody has got rick perry down, but he is an attractive candidate. he just had a few flubs. >> i am very excited for this
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upcoming republican showdown. we really have a libertarian coming in. we have christie who has come out and put his flag into the sand. >> i am getting patriotic here. >> he has officially come out against the libertarian. it will be very exciting. stay tuned for the republican action. coming up, why is the fed raising the expectation for the largest u.s. bank? and is that a signal that they need to go uh about you have and beyond the regulatory minimums? i don't know. we will not do that storiment instead, could humans live forever? if so, i will need some clean t-shirts.
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could the gym do you in? it is not a fake trend, or is it? dudes are suffering from big-arexia. that means they are obsessed with bulking up. one personal trainer in new york says it takes over your life. every decision you make becomes the workout and how your body looks. i used to wake up at 3:00 in the morning to drink protein shakes. i never missed a workout ever, of, ever. that's three evers. according to doctors 40% of men suffer from big-arexia which can lead to muscle strains and stress fractures and organ failure and even, yes, deathment it is settled.
3:31 am
i don't have to go to the gym anymore. thanks, experts. we asked a recovering big-arexic to show his less extensive workout. >> it is good to see him getting back to basics. he was doing that px90 or whatever it was. is this a real trend? a fake trend? do you workout? >> no. no, no. certainly not a trend with me. i think i have seen those people around. i think i have seen that going on. as you can tell by looking at me that the big arexia part -- >> well like adam west you are naturally toned. >> i drink some beer and eat some burgers. it causes other things to get bigger. >> jaime, is this a scam created by doctors?
3:32 am
they say 40% of men suffer from this? >> i don't think it is a new phenomenon. we had arnold schwarzenegger and ac slater, people always going to the gym. men are waking up at 3:00 a.m. to take protein shakes. the big-a re xia problem -- >> bill wakes up at 3:00 a.m. with the shakes, right? >> well played, sir. i like how you made it pg-13 rather than the r-rated version of my protein drink. >> i think the big-arexia problem is 40% of men like to go to mcdonalds rather than go to the gym. >> i don't see an epidemic of, woulded out guys with chiseled abs. >> have you gone to the website? >> when i have done a little working out in the gym and have engaged in the protein shakes and try to put on a few pounds -- >> it is not working. >> i go on to these sites and some of these weight lifting sites, they are like the anorexia sites. have you seen the site where
3:33 am
they talk about the -- these guys post pictures of themselves and are oiled up. they are bulging, and they are talking about every little piece of their body. it is crazy stuff. >> very creepy. >> those are not workout sites. they actually don't offer -- they don't offer tips it just says [bleep]. >> i don't know what he is talking about. >> oftentimes i don't understand your references, bill, and i don't understand that one. >> good. >> leave it to macho men to be competitive on who has a bigger eating disorder? >> that's just it. they don't realize they have an eating disorder. once they start, they can't stop. >> is that the equivalent though of women starving themselves? these are guys who want to bulk up their muscles, and no i don't believe the 40%. >> i am not saying we should shed a tear over these guys, but i think it is a real problem. >> they are obsessed with their bodies? >> yes. >> do you think there is any chance that women like this, and maybe that is something to do with it?
3:34 am
i heard amy say at the gipping gipping -- at the beginning a minute ago, what is wrong with that? >> that's right, you did. but, amy, i have on authority that women like nerdy guys, am i right? >> we like humor, so you are all in good company. >> a guy called me nerdy the other night and i came out of the comedy club and a guy was smoking and he said i like the whole nerd thing, man. good stuff. i was like, who is he talking about? i don't see myself that way. >> they don't like the super incredible hulk bulked up look. hugh jackman in "wolverine" that was nice. a little veiny and a little roidy. >> men bulk up for other men. what part of chelsea are you not getting? what part of chelsea do you not see when you see tom window shop? >> is it a gay thing? >> of course it is. >> why did the study leave this out? were they trying to be politically correct? >> the guy who did the study is a closet case.
3:35 am
mom was probably reading it bo it is like, oh, this is a big-arexia thing and sexuality -- it is a gay thing! it is a gay thing and i support it. >> you know what i am addicted to, bill? hot yoga. >> all right, let's get away from the gay thing. so let me get this straight. you go through websites with dudes with rippling abs and then a little bit of hot yoga. >> it is like 90% women in there. >> so you are saying a place you go to where it is mostly women, that's unbelievably straight? like jc penney. >> next topic. a 9-year-old boy who has won five reading contests in a row at a new york library has been asked to step down because he hogs all of the prizes. the library director says other kids quit because they can't keep up with rising fifth grader tyler weaver.
3:36 am
marie gandrin, if that's her real name, has considered changing the rules so winners are pulled out of a hat. only in obama's america. i thought we were going to -- >> a cat video? >> you know we are doomed when now gibb is sick of the format. another one? can we just pretend we saw a cute cat? >> one i saw was actually a monkey. >> yes, but inside was a cat. >> a monkey with big-arexia. >> is that on one of yo are seethes? -- your sites ? >> it started with giving every kid a trophy. i was not part of the give every kid a trophy. has it gone too far? >> of course it has gone too far. kids are playing game consoles so they are not reading. the kid that is reading wins the prize because he is reading books. the kids are all, do i have to read the book? can't i just get the prize?
3:37 am
this is stupid. the librarian should be fired. >> you are as dismissive of this as the cat video. >> if we encourage to become super smart by reading a lot it will help all kids, right? it will help all children if we put this kid on a pedastool. >> he is reading 63 books. >> more than bill has ever read in his life. >> in the summer? i have to question how is this kid reading the books. >> how long are these books? >> yeah. i smell a rat. >> he keeps reading the reading contest. >> you can get a lot of reading done if you are not playing games and working out and getting big-arexia, if you are not doing that stuff you can read a lot of books. it has been known to happen. >> but 63 in 60-days, that's incredible. >> don't you remember the great george bush, karl rove reading contest? >> that's ridiculous. they claimed to read over a hundred books. >> and pat the bunny doesn't have that many. >> executive book summaries,
3:38 am
they are great. jaime, is self-esteem more important than smarts? i thought we were supposed to have an educated america. >> thee he is the jay leno of book reading. you don't stop michael jordan when he is winning championships and force them out of basketball. you don't stop tiger woods. >> we stopped him. >> he stopped himself. >> you don't stop mr. reader here. kids should catch up to beat him. >> do you think maybe he is taking steroids? >> he may not be retaining much of what he read. they may want to ask about the books. >> they are considering replacing you on the pam with tyler weaver. what do you think of that? >> i don't enjoy it. i need to eat too. >> first of all, i did read a lot of books in my younger days. you know what i won for it? continued virginity. if this kid can make this cool, i support it.
3:39 am
he should keep going. >> you walk around with a book strap. i used to have a book strap. very sexy. time to take a break. when we come back, we'll talk about something. and to see clips of recent shows go to fox eye.
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last story. a girl with an aging disorder may hold the key to being young forever. she ages as an extremely slow rate. few others in the world share her condition. scientists think by studying the genetic code they could learn how to stop the aging process. when everyone is at their peak of maturation in their 20s. we would then live forever in top physical form baring stuff like getting hit by a dump truck which happens. john gibson, how important would this be? >> i want it now before it is too late. >> all of these great cures
3:43 am
for everything and they are making them just a little too slow. they need to move it along. >> remember the element in red wine? there was an element of red wine that would make us live forever because the rats were taking it. >> you had to take it in in such masses. >> you had to run on a wheel for the rest of your life. is immortality overrated? >> it raises a lot of scientific and ethical and spiritual questions that i believe the "red eye" the best prepared for. i think the big-arexics are so excited about it because it will let them be in their prime of big-arexia. i am for scientific breakthroughs. >> i feel like it is dealt with well on "true blood" living forever. >> it comes with problems. >> that's right. it comes with problems particularly if you have to suck blood. but there is a population issue. if everyone could live
3:44 am
forever, are you limited to the number of kids you can have? >> we are not giving it to everybody. there are whole countries who are not getting it. it is just for us. >> we can choose who gets it and who doesn't. >> planet earth can't contain all human beings forever. >> isn't this a spiritual issue? if you believe in god and an afterlife you don't want to live forever, right? >> that's true. you want to get there. >> in the bible they used to livelonger than they do now. maybe they had this idea back then and we are only rediscovering how you can live 800 years. >> did they livelonger though or is it different calendars? that's the answer to that question. bill, you most likely won't live to see mix friday. does this give you hope? >> i don't think they will come up with it before friday though, do you? if so i have hope. this is a combination of two stories and you are an object of lust. what is wolverine if not a big-arexic who ages very slowly? we have a hybrid story of two former stories and we are giving the x men franchise a
3:45 am
free plug. >> and being wolverine is a good thing because you can keep fighting people. >> and sometimes you have metal in your body. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red 8 at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something? go to fox eye and click on submit a video. and we just might use it. coming up, the post game report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's post game report is sponsored by goats. the hollow horned mammals that are lighter build and backward horns. thanks, goats.
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a brand-new "red eye" returns tomorrow. guests include buck sexton 1k3* jake fogelness. >> they are wonderful. time to go back to andy levy for a post game report. hi, andy. great to see you. >> hi, tom. it is tom, right? >> yes. >> cool. i forget sometimes. >> why would he forget? >> i don't know. stop and frisk. john, you said mayor bloomburg and ray kelly are right and the judge here is wrong. >> yes. >> the problem here is that
3:50 am
mayor bloomburg and ray kelly are full of crap in the sense that they are throwing up a straw man. >> which one is that? >> well, the judge didn't rule that stop and frisk is unconstitutional. she said the way the nypd is implementing it violates the constitutional rights of minorities. >> you want more dead minorities, right? >> no, stop and frisk has been ruled constitutional by the supreme court as long as the police have a reasonable suspicion the person they are stoping and frisking -- >> so she is saying and you are saying -- say 800,000 there could not possibly be a reasonable suspicion for that great a number. >> she is saying 85% of the stop and frisks were on minorities raises a red flag. >> well, i'm sure it does raise a red flag. does 85% of the people killed being young blackmails raise a -- black males raise a flag too? >> i am not saying that. >> do you want chicago here? >> mayor bloomburg and ray kelly are full of crap in what
3:51 am
they are saying. >> anybody who wants this city to become chicago -- well, i will use your illusion. >> is that a guns n' roses album? you asked why a judge is involved at all and why it shouldn't be left up to the neighborhoods. >> yes. >> because they don't get to violate the constitutional rights of minorities. >> it is all very foggy, andy. words like reasonable. you can search someone if you have respect -- what is reasonable to me? search me anytime, any day of the week. >> but i don't think you would ever beheld up as an example of a reasonable person. >> that i agree with. i think this really is an issue of community sensitivity. we should involve the community. i don't like this judge ruling , a federal judge, deciding what is good for our neighborhood. am i right, andy? >> no, are you not. no, you are not. you ultimately side with the policy that saves lives.
3:52 am
that's an acceptable thing to say. 1* that not the same argument that gun control people make? if it saves just one life? >> no that is not correct with the gun control argument. having guns can save lives as well. i think the stop and frisk actually saves lives while not having it is not causing people to die. >> right. >> i understand the other side of this. i think every effort should be made cops are not abusing their authority and needlessly humiliating people when they do this and doing it in an appropriate way. i understand someone is upset if they stop and frisked. i would be upset if i were stop and frisked. it is hard not to feel empathy for that side of the airingent in. >> bill, you talked about minorities being afraid to approach cops. i will go one step further. without exception every black person i have been friends with as an adult has a story about being stopped for driving while black or
3:53 am
something like that regardless of their profession and regardless of how they are dressed. it is crap like that that has to stop. >> without a doubt. i will do you one better. i have a black british friend and he has issues with this. >> i don't think they are all that rare. maybe here. >> here they are indeed rare. they are like chinese people with green eyes. it is a reference to a movie. >> is joe biden running? john, i completely agree with you that they have decide owed hillary and everyone else is chum at this point, right? >> pretty much. you have to stand there and be ready. what if she decides, no there is a big scandal or something. >> you are right. >> get ready. >> author amy, you asked if we were seriously analyzing joe biden's political future. i think this solves everything. i think joe biden should be vice president for life. i think who ever gets the nomination from both parties
3:54 am
they should agree that joe biden will be on the ticket for both parties. >> and they should send him out for as many public events as possible. >> absolutely. >> and speaking to minority groups. >> this solves every problem. it lets us be entertained and keeps him out of trouble. >> he tells people y'all are gonna be in chains and things like that. >> john, you said across the river we are talking about voting rights and voting id. you said across the river in new jersey dead people have been voting for years. >> yes. >> were you referring to new york jets players ? >> no, but that's a good one. >> not if you are a jets fan. >> hillary and the republican debate. tom, you said prince rivas doesn't know if the etch-a-sketch is on tilt. he said he took the etch-a-sketch analogy and added a pin ball analogy. actually on tilt is a poker term. it refers to a player who lets emotions cloud his judgment after a bad beat or run of bad cards. >> i will have to run my monologues by you.
3:55 am
i misunderstood and made a national fool of myself. >> sorry about that, tom. >> what does that mean? what is that dumb poker reference then? it makes lessons. >> what he is saying is he thinks eric fernstrom is arguing from a place of emotion instead of logic. >> oh, well he is dead on. >> yawn, you think the republican infighting that is going on is a mess. >> yes. >> i think in 2013 it is not a mess. as long as it doesn't get personal i think for chris christie to be arguing ideas three years out of the election, is that not good for the republican party to show it is a party of ideas? >> christie said rand paul is dangerous. >> that's the part that is not good. >> right. all of that stuff. if you want to talk about a good idea for the nsa to be gathering up your phone calls while looking for the tsarnaev brothers and not finding them,
3:56 am
that's a fine debate. saying this guy is dangerous, and what did rand paul say about christie? he is the king of bacon? do you think that referred to government spending? >> i can't imagine what else it could refer to. a couple things quickly on this reading contest. amy, you seemed to not believe that little tyler weaver was reading these books. you said he may not be retaining what he reads and ask about the books. as part of the competition a brarian aide questions them about the books to make sure there is no cheating. >> how do we know he didn't just read the synopsis? >> i passed many a test that way. >> and tom you said everybody is at their peak of maturation in their 20s. that's physical maturation. >> that's what scientists say. >> physical, and not emotional. and you said if you believe in the afterlife and god maybe you don't want to live forever. you do if you think you are going to the bad place.
3:57 am
>> that is true. >> that's why i want to live forever. >> a special thanks to amy holmes, bill schulz, jaime weinstein and john gibson. i'm tom shillue and i will see you next time.
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