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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 21, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> bret: that's pretty cool. you know who was really happy? his parents. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, the family of the california kidnapping and murder suspect now demanding a d.n.a. test from his teenaged victim. the question tonight, they ask, is the kidnapper the real father? plus, the baseball player shot dead during a job and the oklahoma teenagers accused in the crime. >> has he stopped breathing? >> yes. yes. they say he has. >> shepard: a 911 call homes after investigators say these three teenagers gunned down a baseball player, killed him for a thrill. >> i'm appalled at the behavior of these three
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children. >> shepard: you will hear from the father of one suspect. >> i'm from the heart right now. >> at victim's girlfriend. >> he is such an amazing person and i'm going to miss him forever. >> shepard: tonight, murder and heart break in oklahoma. plus, hundreds of feet beneath a mcdonald's a hidden chamber where america stored nukes. >> this is constantly alarmed and there is a guard course protecting this facility. >> for decades it was a secret. >> the rumors have been around forever. >> there was a feeling that there was something going on down here. now, fox news takes you inside the lois los alamos nuclear tunnel. first from fox this wednesday night, the baby shot to death in his stroller. today, in court heard from a teenager who stood and watched as an older teen shot 13 month old santiago in the face. police call the younger
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teen an accomplice. prosecutors have asked him to testify as the older teen stands trial. both suspects face murder charges. this is the teenager on trial now. police say he tried to rob the mother on a street in southeast georgia back in march. they say the mom claimed she didn't have any money and that's when the teen shot her in the leg and in the ear and shot the baby in the head. one bullet. between the eyes. but defense attorneys have suggested the mother had a financial interest in the death of her son. they say she actually took out a life insurance policy on the 13 month old child and tried to cash it after the shooting. and here we have the younger teen who took the stand today. he says he was not close friends with the gunman. they just happened to be walking down the street when he heard the gunman confront the mother and eventually pull the trigger. >> he was still arguing about the purse, and i was in panic move, i didn't move. i just looked around, she said help, help.
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and then i turned my head, i heard the third shot. >> shepard: heard the third shot. after that third shot he says he ran. the jury has yet to hear his story because the defense has objected to testimony saying he has lied before. after the hearing the judge ruled that prosecutors can indeed call him as a witness. john roberts is covering the trial in marietta, georgia tonight, john? >> shep, in front of the jury today, a lot of testimony placing dominic lang in the same place as the alleged shooter demark elkins murder of santiago afterwards where both of them fled the area and went over to lang's great grandmother's house where elkins caught a right with elkins' great aunt. debra told the court today that elkins appeared to be acting strangely and had what looked to her like a weapon. >> have you ever seen any kind of weapon? >> i -- yes, i believe i did.
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>> tell me exactly what you saw and when you saw it? >> he was getting in, i saw like the prints. >> when he got out, what did you see? >> i saw the print -- you could see the tip of it. >> you saw the tip of it. >> um-huh. >> okay. what did it look like? >> a gun. >> and it's going to be a big day in court tomorrow when dominic lang is expected to take the stand. you heard in that hearing today not in front of the jury. he had a very clear recollection of what happened back on march the 31st, including placing the murder weapon squarely in the hands of demarcus elkins. is he, shep, no question, the prosecution's star witness, so watch for the defense to do all they can to try to shred his credibility before the jury. shep? >> shepard: john, that defense also called for a mistrial today saying the prosecutors were making opinionated facial expressions. the judge said no to the motion but told both sides not to sway the jury with the looks on their faces. meantime some surprising comments from the family of the man who kidnapped a 16-year-old girl, killed her mother and brother in his home, a family
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spokesman says they want the girl to take a paternity test to determine whether her now dead kidnapper was actually her father. remember, the teenager hanna anderson said that james dimagio killed her and/or i should say kidnapped her and killed her mother and 8-year-old brother. the fbi finally caught up with hanna and her captor in idaho, rescued the teen and shot james dimagio dead. a spokesman for the family said he listed one person as beneficiary on the life insurance policy. one of hannah's grandmothers. >> there has been a the love rumors whether jim might be the father of either or both children. we find it very strange that he has left all of this money without any explanation. >> this man breath anderson says he is the father and always has been and called the rumors disgusting. some public schools in duncan, oklahoma are closed and on alert after police say somebody made threats against duncan high school. those arrests followed the random killing of a man
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from australia. the suspects were bored and quote didn't have anything to do last week so they decided to kill somebody, quote: for the fun of it the police chief says he thinks the teens were on a killing spree and that more bodies would have turned up had police not gotten the suspects. investigators reportedly found a message on one of the killer's facebook pages or alleged killers. and it read bang, two drops in two hours. a photo of a gun found on another page. it seems no one, not police, not prosecutors, not the witnesses who called 911 can make sense of why three teenaged boys would gun down the college student who was out on a job. that student was christopher lane an australian baseball player who attended east central university. investigators say he became a random target as he visited his girlfriend's hometown. >> his girlfriend now visits the spot where he died. >> he is such an amazing person and i'm going to
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miss him forever. i'm really glad that i got the four years with him. >> shepard: those years ended here on the side of a road. authorities today released a 911 call from a witness who says she saw him collapse. >> >> shepard: shot, investigators say, by these three teens charged as adults. one of whom supposedly confessed that they were bored and decided to kill someone for the fun of it. >> i'm appalled at the behavior of these three children. >> the prosecutor describes the suspects as thugs who drove up behind lane as he was jogging, then shot him in the back and drove off. leaving him to die. >> is he breathing? is he conscious? is he talking to you? >> he is not conscious. >> is he still breathing? >> barely. >> shepard: back in
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australia friends continue to pay tribute on the field where lane used to play as folks on two continents try to exrend comprehend how this could happen. >> how do you fathom that in society you see it on movies maybe. it's not reality and now it is reality for us. >> shepard: it's reality for the suspect's families as well. as the teens could spend the rest of their lives in prison if a court convicts them. >> it's just like the family in australia, they are hurting. i'm hurting the same way. i don't cry on the outside. i'm crying right here from the heart right now. >> well, prosecutors tell us the death penalty is not an option for the suspects. they are young, all under 18. the u.s. supreme court has ruled it is unconstitutional to execute someone who was that young at the time of a crime. a u.s. soldier accused of a massacre in afghanistan faced more survivors at his sentencing hearing today. one of the witnesses a man who had 11 family members killed in the attack. including his wife and six of his seven children.
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another man talked about coming back home to his mud house to find his aunt dead inside. and outside. and inside a pile of burning bodies including young children. the accused is sergeant robert bales accused of killing a total of 16 people in two villages. he was on his fourth deployment at the time. his lawyers say sergeant bales suffered a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. he pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty. he could get life in prison with or without parole. the judge sentenced the army private bradley manning to 35 years in prison for leaking documents to the wikileaks web site. a defense lawyer says private manning could actually go free in fewer than seven years when he would be in his 30's, because of that wikileaks calls the sentence a strategic victory. last month a military judge called private manning guilty including espionage for passing along hundreds of thousands of documents against wikileaks. the same judge pronounced a sentence today. in addition to the prison term bradley manning is
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getting dishonorable discharge and give up his pay. as guards walked him from the courtroom this morning supporters shouted words of encouragement and bradley manning's lawyer says he plans to ask the president of the united states for a pardon and the white house says: >> there is a process for pardon applications or clemenciy applications i believe they are called. i'm not going to get ahead of that process. if there is an application that's filed by mr. manning or his attorneys that application will be considered in that process like any other application. bill. >> shepard: there automatic appeals process no word when that gets started. he is slated to do his time at fort legislative worth in kansas. the national security agency now admits it made an amistake. an enormous mistake. analysts collected tens of thousands of emails from americans who have absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. didn't each think they did. what the nsa did about it and how it effects all of our privacy, what's left of it coming up. plus, should the feds get to search through your smart phone without a warrant in the justice
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>> shepard: it happened again, the national security agency admits it collected 56,000 emails and other communications from americans they knew had absolutely no ties to terrorism or much of anything else. that's according to documents the government has just declassified. they show the nsa admitted the mistake two years ago. admitted it to congress and admitted it to the secret court that approves the surveillance request in the first place. and that led to this comment from a judge on the court. now, listen. for the first time the government has now advised the court that the volume and nature of the information its been collecting is fundamentally different from what the court had been led to believe. catherine herridge live in washington with the rest of this story. catherine? >> well, shepard, senior
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intelligence officials described the problem as technical and involving the nsa's collection of so-called bundled communications under section 702 which focuses on foreign email. one example of bundled communication can be as simple as opening up your personal email account. the screen shows multiple messages. if one of those messages is from a dargt the nsa was tracking, all of your messages would be captured because the nsa did not have the technical ability to separate the suspect email from the emails belonging to u.s. citizens. today in a briefing for others, the nsa outlining corrective actions which break down into three categories. new technology including filters to exclude data belonging to u.s. citizens. date that that can't be filterside subject to new restrictions and the. in sa can only hold the data for two years. no longer five. a leading senate democrat and nsa critic ron why den describing today's documents as long overdue and serious violation of the fourth amendment, shep.
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>> shepard: catherine herridge, thanks very much. live for us tonight from washington just in on this case and emails and phone calls are not new testament the justice department is asking for permission to search our phones and do sought so without having a warrant. keep tabs on all of us. doug mckelway on that part of the story from d.c. >> the petitioned the supreme court to allow police to search cell phone records without warrant. today's smart phones as we all know are an encyclopedia of information and tracking devices, too. >> the phone company at any given time knows where you are as a result of the technical functioning of the network. >> that capability was demonstrated by two computer scientists in 2011. they discovered that the apple iphone and ipad were recording user locations in a hidden file detailing every step of their whereabouts and keeping a history of it for
7:17 pm
nearly a year. the law which governs electronic privacy was written in 1986 when cell phones were simple little devices. a new jersey state court ruled this year that cell phone privacy is protected under the new jersey equivalent of the fourth amendment. but a federal court in new orleans ruled just last month that phone records are not protected because they belong to the phone company. and not the individual. shep? >> shepard: doug, the feds say they are making progress now with a new surveillance system, much better to identify people's faces in a crowd. that's according to documents the "new york times" newspaper obtained. they show that the system would analyze video camera footage, comparing the faces in a crowd to photos at a government data base like mug shots, so in theory that could help identify a criminal fugitive n.i.v. a crowd or spot card counters in casinos. the government needs to establish rules for this system in advance this time. in a statement the department of homeland security responded and i quote: dhs will continue to ensure technologies used
7:18 pm
and tested at the department sustain and do not erode privacy protections. some chilling new details about yesterday's shooting at an elementary school in georgia. police say everybody made it out safely but now we know the suspect had armed himself with hundreds of rounds of ammunition. and you will hear about the hero worker who convinced that suspect to put the gun down. plus, it was top secret for decades, but, tonight, fox news takes you inside the secret underground tunnel where the u.s. has stored nuclear weapons. it's under a mcdonald's by the way. ♪
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>> shepard: police say the gunman who walked into a school in georgia had enough ammunition to kill
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half the people inside. thanks at least in part to a bookkeeper, nobody got hurt. investigators say michael hill was carrying 500 rounds of ammunition or so with him when he headed into mont clair learning academy into decay temperature. the cops say more than 800 staffers and students evacuated and nobody got injured. and a school bookkeeper says that she helped talk hill into surrendering. court records show police arrested this man earlier icis year for terrorist i threats and ax. we don't know what that means. when he was placed on probation and ordered to take anger management classes he was then released. hundreds of feet below a mcdonald's restaurant in los alamos, new mexico lie as a secret cavern from the cold war. a tunnel carved into solid rock where the united states stored the core plutonium cores.
7:23 pm
a look inside. >> hey, shep, right now i'm 250 feet underneath the city of los alamos. standing right in the doorway of this entire historical volt that we have been tell you about all day. look inside this vault right here. it's so cool. 42 shelves in here. on these shelves is where they would put the cores for the nuclear bombs. this is why this tunnel was classified and top secret for some years. the tunnel was declassified late last year because the u.s. no longer tests nuclear bombs and even though it was declassified the public is still not let in here and one interesting point that i want to add, shep, is you mentioned that mcdonald's that's actually directly above where i'm standing right now. we spoke to some members of the community yesterday and they told us they never knew when they were pulling up and getting their fast food that this classified tunnel was below them all
7:24 pm
these years. >> shepard: created in 1943. the government chose that site in part because it was so isolated. there was a school for buys at the time. the government had to wait for the term to end in february before scientists could begin work on the atomic bomb. the accused footed killer rested his case today. didn't put himself on the stand or anyone else. major nidal hasan did make some shocking comments to the judge. his motive for his murder in his own words coming. plus, the dow takes another plunge. dragging down our 401 ks with it we will find what's up on wall street. police say a body builder high on drugs and wearing just his underpants managed to sneak into a world leader's jet and hang out there for hours. partying in the cockpit and even on the wing. all that plus what may prove to be the most important story in our world today. it's the top story at the bottom of the hour and it's next. can help your bones,
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>> shepard: learned today officials arrested a half naked man for illegally boarding a jet. angela merkel uses. according to a police report high on drugs. they tell us it happened on july the 25th. here is the story. officials say the man is a turkish body builder named valkin. they found him on board merkel's jet in only his underwear carrying a bag of marijuana and ecstasy.
7:29 pm
they say he pushed control buttons in the cockpit, sprayed fire extinguisher foam all over the jet. released inflatable emergency slide and danced on the jet's wing. word is somehow it took police four hours to get him off that jet. officials are still investigating how valkin got on board that jet in the first place. the world's largest military hover craft plowed into a beach packed with people and somebody caught it on video. happened in the. reportedly in the middle of a drill when it came ashore there and people had though scatter. this type of hover craft is about 60 yards long and weighs about the same as 30 fire trucks. russian media report a defense ministry official claims the beach is actually inside a firing range. and it is not clear to them why people were sunbathing there in the first place. however, one report indicates the normal training range is actually a couple miles away. in any ways, nobody got
7:30 pm
hurt. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of of -- and time for what may be the most important story in the world today and it proved it certainly is. one year after president obama said a chemical weapons act in syria would be a red line with, quote, enormous consequences, unquote, it's reportedly happened again in a horrifying way. these pictures are unthinkable. syrian activists say the president bashar assad unleashed a poison gas attack that killed at least 100 people. some estimate more than 1,000. including children asleep in their beds. the video that we are not showing all of it shows victims with no wounds, no bleeding, just shaking, quivering, dying people and the dead. we can't verify the video or the claims. [crying]
7:31 pm
>> shepard: syrian officials are calling the accusations ridiculous, but more than two months ago the white house acknowledged the syrian government did indeed use chemical weapons so today on "studio b," i asked the state department spokeswoman about those enormous consequences. promised by president obama. >> the president made clear the line was crossed. we expanded the scale and scope of our aid. that's ongoing. we continue to consider all options. all options remain on the table. we are working with counterparts around the world on how we can best strengthen and assist the moderate opposition on the ground. those are all efforts that are ongoing. it's important to note that all options, barring boots on the ground remain 00 stable. >> so so far enormous consequences means expanding our aid. today the republican senator john mccain tweeted no consequences for assad using chemical weapons and crossing red line. we shouldn't be surprised he is using them again. if the individual and the claims are real, the syrian government has just released chemical weapons
7:32 pm
on its own citizens. it's most vulnerable, its children. and murdered them by the hundreds or more as the world watches as the american government argues over the meaning of words. and waits with collective hands in the air for the united nations to on or about. ed henry live at the white house. ed? >> shep, a grave situation as you lay it out. and the u.s. was waiting today for the u.n. to act. and they did go behind closed doors. met for several hours. the u.n. security council in an emergency meeting but no surprise it came out with basically no action. all they agreed on was that in their words, there needs to be clarity on this alleged chemical weapons attack as you laid it out. but they could not agree, the u.n. security council on an actual u.n. probe to get to the bottom of these allegations to see if, in fact, it was a chemical weapon attack by assad's regime. now, since the president has not followed through with u.s. military action, after laying out that red
7:33 pm
line on syria, the natural question is will this hurt his credibility elsewhere in the middle east like egypt? take a listen. >> what's the president's red line in egypt? >> well, i didn't bring my red pen out with me today but i can tell you that in -- we have condemned unambiguous terms all the violence that's been perpetrated by there, in egypt. >> new pressure tonight on the white house from another republican who wants to see the u.s. cut off aid to egypt. republican pat toomey who just a few months ago voted to block any effort to stop the aid from going to egypt is now saying he has flipped his position because he believes there is a low grade civil war in egypt and in his words we shouldn't be sending aid to egypt when they are slaughtering their own civilians, shep? >> shepard: think of this ed, egypt's former leader hosni mubarak could leave tomorrow after court ordered mubarak's release. the government reports it will immediately put him under house arrest.
7:34 pm
he has been behind bars for more than two years since the revolution that forced him out of power. what charges does he face? this guy whom they are about to release? the charges are taking part in the killing of protesters during that uprising. the accused food army shooter. the army major nidal hasan today told the judge at his military trial the attack did not happen in the heat of passion. the soldiers were deploying to engage in illegal war. prosecutors are getting set to present closing arguments in the major hasan's trial. he has been representing himself. and today he has rested his defense without actually presenting a defense at all. he called no witnesses. did he not testify and although nearly 90 people did testify for the prosecution, major hasan, in fact, had questions for only three of them. he stands accused of murdering 13 people and wounding dozens more in a shooting spree at fort hood in 2009. major hasan has never denied that he did this. and records show he once
7:35 pm
told mental health staffers that he wanted to die. he wanted our government to kill him so that he could become a martyr. with the death penalty still on the table. the military court could soon take a step toward granting him his apparent wish. casey stegall covering the trial live at fort hood tonight. casey? >> yeah, shep. tomorrow will be busy. the jury or the panel will get all of their instructions from the judge on all of the charges here. and then closing arguments are scheduled to begin. the prosecution says it will take about an hour for those arguments and they are going to be using a power point presentation, hard telling how much or how little time major hasan will use. and then we move straight into deliberations. officials here at fort hood are saying that could very well happen after lunch tomorrow. now if the 13 member panel of commissioned army officers find hasan guilty here, the sentencing phase will begin and that is when we will will hear from family members of all 13 victims who lost their lives on this post back in
7:36 pm
2009. emotional impact statements that will happen over the course of about two days, the first time they have publicly spoken, shep? >> shepard: and, casey, if the military court does find major hasan guilty and sentences him to die. he will likely have to wait a pretty long time. although five members of the armed services are currently facing death sentences, the military is not executed anybody in more than 50 years. wall street now, it was another bad day for our 401(k)s and iras, stocks tumbled. the dow fell triple digits to fall to 14898 and nasdaq also in the red. the dow has fell for six straight sessions matching longest losing streak since 2012. part of the reason for today's loss in the feds' mixed views on when to scale back the economic stimulus program. that according to newly released minutes from the meeting that came last month. the fox business network peter barnes live from washington. peter? >> well, hey, shep, the minutes of the fed's july
7:37 pm
policy meeting show members are still divided about when to start winding down the fed's massive bond buying program that's designed to keep interest rates low. right now, the fed is buying $85 billion in bonds a month: the minutes show fed members favor more economic data before cutting back. next jobs report critical coming days of about the fed september policy meeting. if the report is consistent with the type of job gains we have had in a past several months so a number like 175,000 on payrolls and the unemployment rate not moving very much. then i think they will start to taper in september. >> analysts speculate the fed could trim its bond buying to perhaps $75 billion a month, which would still provide plenty of stimulus. shepard? >> shepard: peter, since the financial crisis began in 2008, the fed has purchased nearly $3 trillion in government and mortgage bonds in an
7:38 pm
effort to keep interest rates low on mortgages and other loans. in this global economy, it seems just about every kid's toy is made in china. now some families in china are seeing labels made in the u.s.a. how one american company is turning things around on the competition. and after a series of sexual harassment accusations, lots of them. san diego's mayor has emerged from his intensive therapy to find yet another woman talking about her encounter with the admitted hugger and what the mayor himself calls the monster inside him. [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. call me. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ]
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first wait till summer. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. the ruling also effects kansas and other states. so far no response from the
7:42 pm
feds to today's lawsuit. yet, another woman is accusing the san diego mayor bob filner of back behavior. that makes 18, if you are still keeping track. the latest accuser is diane york a san diego business woman. she says she met with the mayor three months ago and asked to take a picture with him. >> when we posed for the photo there was a hand that went to my back to my buttocks, i was shocked. it was inappropriate. i was startled at the time. >> shepard: so far no response from the mayor. other women have accused him of groping and kissing him. former aide is suing him for sexual harassment claiming he once asked her to work without her underwear on. he has apologized but says he won't resign. he was supposed to be back to work this week after getting what he called intensive therapy after he what called a monster behind him. mayor filner has been in meetings about settling the sexual harassment suit. an american toy company is turning conventional wisdom upside down instead of
7:43 pm
making toys to ship here at home it's making them at home and shipping them to china. it's lincoln logs selling them in china where that country's one child policy means families have more money to spend on extras like toys. rick leventhal has this in new york. rick? >> it turns out it's not easy to sell american products in china the approval process can take years. the potential market is huge. kinects is one of the companies cracked the far east. selling them to quality products. >> kids are kids around the world and parents are parents around the world. they want kids to be happy and not bug them while they are playing. >> knex toys a amazon and ebay 600 million active users online every day. >> if you are just selling white t-shirts you are typically competing on price and china is almost always the low price
7:44 pm
producer. if you make something a little special a little different, a little premium the chinese consumer will pay for it nike, starbucks and other named brands supposedly doing well in china too, shep. >> shepard: can you add american cars to the things selling well in china. officials at ford said sales in china helped make the ford focus the number one selling car in the world. only about one quarter of this year's high school graduates who took the act have the english, reading, math and science skills they need to succeed in a college or career, one quarter that's according to the act's annual report which also indicates just 5% of friend graduates have those skills. out of all students who took the test this year, act reports just 64% met the standard for english. just 44% met standards for reading and math. and 36% scored well enough to be considered ready for college biology. school teachers set cars on fire as they battle with
7:45 pm
police and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. mexico. the scuffle broke out in mexico city amid protests over reforms teacher hiring and evaluation system. officials say some 500 teachers were trying to get into the building where congress was voting to approval the implementation of those reforms. riot police fought back the crowds in facilities parking lot. local media reports demonstrators smashed windows and destroyed several cars china a deadly landslide buried several people in the southwest. state media reports two of them were already dead when rescuer ares pulled them out of the debris. three others reportedly died at the hospital. at last check the remaining survivors were okay. spain, a massive wildfire has forced nearly 200 people out of their homes on the mediterranean island of my orca. flames are charred more
7:46 pm
than 1100 acres with a nature park. no word on a cause. it's reportedly the island's second major wildfire this summer. united kingdom. the annual animal weigh in at the london zoo. workers measured all kinds of critters from the smallest frog to a 1500-pound camel. zoo keepers say height and weight is important in gauging the animal's health and see which one spent the year over indulging. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. there has been so much rain lay of thefully one state that a lake is threatening to burst through a leaky barrier and flood local communities. now there is an effort to fix the problem before it's too late. plus, former teen idol david cassidy has run into trouble with the law. we will tell you why the former member of the partridge family could spend some time as a jail bird. ♪ i think i love you. ♪ so what am i so afraid of ♪ i'm afraid of that i'm
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>> shepard: he was the justin beebler of his day now the former teen heart throb david cassidy has been arrested for drunk driving. he was driving with his brights oon and then realized he had been getting his drink on. reports indicate the now 63-year-old did poorly on the sobriety test but later managed to post bail. is he due back in court next month. here is david cassidy in his more formative years. he is best known for playing keith partridge in the 70s show the partridge family. he had a number of hits during his solo music career. wildfires are sparking all across the american west. more than 40 of them burning right now. that's as the feds warn that they are rung out --
7:51 pm
running out of money to fight them. dry windy weather fueling the flames from arizona up to washington. the wildfire alert level is now at its highest level for the first time in five years. officials report some 33,000 wildfires so far this year. and they have torched an area nearly the size of the state of connecticut. federal officials say they have spent nearly a billion dollars fighting those fires. today the forest service diverted more than half a billion dollars away from recreation and other areas to go towards fire fighting. florida's largest lake right in the center, lake okeechobee has ballooned in size after months and months of punishing rain. weather trackers say florida just had its rainiest four month stretch since the great depression. that's putting serious strain on a 70-year-old dike and we could still be years away from a permanent fix. that barrier is already an extreme risk of collapsing according to the army corps of engineers and crews have asned the flood gates far as they can go. folks east and west of lake
7:52 pm
okeechobee says the water is polluting the rivers which means no swimming and no fishing. phil keating is at that spot on the lake right now. phil? >> shep, when this lake rises just 8 more inches, the corps will begin daily inspections for leaks on this levy levee with tens of thousands of people living in the flood zone below. the corps of engineers is dumping water and replacing and repairing 32 crucial culverts all around the lake. worse case scenario a wall of water 8 to 12 feet tall destroying towns. >> he yes, it could. that's a real legitimate concern there. i mean, that's the reason we have the dike. if it wasn't here, we would already be flooded out. [chanting save our river] >> saving the flood zone means polluting both florida coasts with algae crurek tourism and jobs. >> covered in this stuff. it's our bp. >> late today, the corps announced by friday it will reduce its discharge
7:53 pm
downstream by 60%. but as soon as the next hurricane hits florida, impacting this lake all bets are off o. shep? >> shepard: phil, in fact, the governor there rick scott has just proposed some $40 million in government spending to cut down on the pollution. nasa has issued a warning nowp now after the sun recently erupted sending tons of space particles toward our earth. officials say a satellite yesterday captured this image. look at this of a solar flare. basically explosions of high radiation on the suns' surface. solar flare particles cannot harm us by landing here on earth but they can cause magnetic storms capable of disrupting causing power outages. we could see the effects of this latest solar flare as early as tomorrow. 90's rap star coolieo wants your help. he wants to be a celebrity chef. now is your chance to own his hits and eat his food, too. next, the plan coolio has
7:54 pm
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or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. ♪ >> shepard: gangster's paradise one of the biggest songs of the 1990s, now your chance to own the rights to that song along with the rest of coolio's music catalog. the rapper is putting it up for auction so he can new career as celebrity chef. put out a few videos on line. cool i iio's olive oil. tomatoes, onion. union unique. 2009 book cooking can coolio became a best seller. fans had a hanker evers for
7:58 pm
finger licking fall off the bone in your mouth chicken as he put it coolio appeared in court after he punched his girlfriend at their home in vegas. the reps say it's not a plea for help for legal troubles. all the proceeds will go toward coolio the chef. a convenience he store clerk who tried to stop a man from stealing a cardboard cutout of david hasselhoff is sadly in critical condition. it happened outside of new haven connecticut where police say a worker spotted a man stealing advertisements for ice coffee that featured this. cops say the thief then ran over the clerk with his suv and escaped. officials report more than 500 thefts of those weird hasselhoff things across several states. hasselhoff says is he shocked by latest case. united nations security council called for emergency meeting after syrian activists claim the regime there launched a poison gas attack on its
7:59 pm
own people. killed more than 100. some say more than 1,000. relatives of the army leaker bradley manning say they are saddened and disappointed that a judge sentenced him today to 35 years in prison. a 911 call reveals the accused shooter outside atlanta admitted that he was off his medication and should have gone to a mental hospital. and on this day in 1911, french authorities first discovered somebody had stolen the mona lisa from the louvre in paris. the bold robbery happened a day earlier. a former worker walked into the museum and took the da vinci painting off the wall and hid it under his clothes and walked out 00 door. for the next two years investigators found nothing. that changed when the thief tried to sell the painting to italian art dealer for hefty price. cops captured the cook from italy when he went to collect the ransom and the mona lisa made it back to paris without a scratch. the world first learned a master piece was


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