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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 23, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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appeared to be practicing to be a mom. no name yet. as we take a live look, she is not moving. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. make a great weekend. this is the fox report. tonight, life or death. the army psychiatrist guilty of killing 13 and injuring dozens at fort hood now waits to learn his fate. moments ago san diego mayor bob filner agreed to resign after more than a dozen women accused him of sexual harassment, something he denies. i was placed in the filner head lock. >> i got a very wet, is saliva filled kiss. >> scratch. >> i'm a hugger. >> jon: now, mayor bob filner will have to do his hugging on his own time. plus,. >> i don't understand how somebody can do this.
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>> jon: a world war ii veteran brutally beaten and left for dead. >> he didn't deserve to die like that. >> cops say the suspects are teenagers. and a raging wildfire three times the size of san francisco. threatening a national park and thousands of homes. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. guilty on all counts. that's the verdict confessed gunman in the fort hood massacre. now major nidal hasan is face the death penalty. the jury took less than seven hours to convict hasan of killing 13 people and trying to kill dozens more in the shooting rampage almost four years ago. some survivors are still recovering from serious wounds. and some took the stand to testify against the man who shot them. hasan is acting as his own lawyer. but he did not cross-examine his victims.
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today a police officer who was shot three times when she helped take down hasan sent this reaction via twitter, quote: so overwhelmed with joy and tears. god bless the victims in their strength. casey stegall live at fort hood now casey? >> yeah, jon, when the verdict came down this afternoon. family members inside that courtroom cried and hugged each other. this is a day they have been waiting for for more than four years. at the same time, the murderer, 42-year-old nidal hasan tugged at his beard and stared down at the table. zero emotion as his fate was being read. the 13 member panel was unanimous on all 45 charges and it will be up to the same group of people whether hasan lives or dies for the crime. sentencing will start first thing monday morning where we will hear emotional testimony from those who lost loved ones in this massacre. we will likely hear from hasan as well jon?
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>> a lawyer for one of the victims is calling on the federal government to now declare the massacre an act of terrorism. the feds have labeled it work place violence. that means the survivors do not get the same as combat victims and victims are not he will i didn't believe eligible for the purple heart. calling him a terrorist would have jeopardized the trial. the jurors could argue the government had already found him guilty. another military jury just sentenced a u.s. soldier to life to prison without parole for another massacre. the murders of 16 afghan villagers most of them women and children. sergeant robert bales pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty. only other option was life with the chance of parole after 20 years. prosecutors said bales wiped out generations when he went on a killing spree last year going house to house shooting people in their homes. some of them as they slept some flew from afghanistan to washington.
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one man lost 11 relatives at the rampage. one dead. a pile of burning bodies. bales was on his fourth deployment at the time. the defense claimed he suffered a brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. bales says is he truly sorry for the massacre. calling it an act of cowardice that he cannot explain. he says he thinks of the victims every time he looks at his own two children. we have already reported this week on the teenagers who police say killed a man out of bother dom. now we are hearing of another case of a seemingly random attack from teens. this times the victim was an 8 will-year-old veteran of world war ii. his name was delbert belton. friends called him shorty. he they say he took a bullet to his leg in the infamous battle of okinawa which left thousands dead. shorty helped him get out from unemployment.
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even offering him a car. >> delbert like really did, it seems trivial like he really did save my life. he made it possible for me to get a job and find work. he wasn't just migrate uncle he was a great person. he didn't deserve to die like that. >> police say two teens beat him to death outside allege eagles lodge in spokane washington. belton had been waiting for another friend because he didn't want her to walk home alone. now one suspect is under arrest but another is still on the loose. dan springer is live in seattle. dan? >> yeah, jon. we are learning a lot more about the suspect. both are 16-year-old who's had already been convicted of assault as jiewnchs. police arrested demeet tris glen last night at 8:00 shortly after releasing this picture captured by a security camera. they are still looking for keenan adams kennard still seen ton this wanted poster. barely old enough to drive. both facing first degree
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robbery and murder and most certainly be tried as adults. 8-year-old delbert belton was waiting in his car for a friend when the teenager started beating him in the head as they robbed him. >> it does appear random. he was in the parking lot. it appears that he was assaulted in the parking lot. and there was no indication of any sort of -- that he would have known these people prior to the assault. >> shorty survived the night but then died thursday morning. friends and family described the world war ii vet as tough. but also kind and generous. there is already a makeshift memorial in the lot where he was killed. jon? >> dan springer, thanks. >> a fox urgent now. san diego mayor bob filner has agreed to resign a week from today. and he just made an emotional speech apologizing to the city and as he put it, to the women he offended. but he also denied sexually harassing anyone and called himself the victim of a lynch mob. 18 women have accused filner of sexual harassment. and a former aid is suing
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him. as a reminder, here is just some of what they say he did to them. >> he tried to move my face towards his to kiss me. >> he touched me, actually groped me on my back side inappropriately. >> i pointed out that he had asked me to work without my underwear on. >> he proceeded to slide his arm down and then give a little grab to my darier. >> and i turned and he just slobbered down my chin. >> but some people defended filner at the city council hearing today. william la jeunesse live in our west coast newsroom. william? >> well, jon, you know the overwhelming majority of san diego residents wanted him out of office. how he left. filner resigned at the end of next week effectively. he also he resigned in protest, blaming the city council, calling them a leverage mob so to speak. he did apologize to the
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city saying he took responsibility for his actions. he apologized to his former fiancee. said he loved her. then he apologized to the women he offended. blaming his personal awkwardness and huber russ. but he said at no time have allegations been proven against him. then he hit the city council with both barrels. none of the allegations again, he said, have been independently verified. and he blamed the city council for feeding a lynch mob mentality and said they would pay for it. >> when my children me where were you when the public lynching of mayor filner took place, i will tell them i was not an accessory. i stood on the side of the man, bob filner who has stood on the side of us for 40 years. >> city council considered the settlement. after 18 women accused him of sexual misconduct. grabbing, groping, open mouth kissing.
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demanding sexual favors. one filed a lawsuit. filner has bargaining with the opening chip he had left. his office. key go out publicly, painfully, and a recall process? or would he resign quickly and let the city legal bills which that is being explained to the public right now. the city will probably cover or some of his legal bills as well as any damages he faces from those lawsuits it will not apply to any criminal charges, jon. that is being described right now. an election will be held. a special election in 90 days to choose his replacement. jon? >> jon: william la jeunesse, thank you. america needs to pay attention to those reports of a massive and deadly chemical weapons attack in syria. that's the word from president obama. but he also explained why it could hurt us big time if the u.s. gets too involved. plus, a grim milestone on the number of child refugees now trying to escape that bloody civil war. that's still ahead on "the fox report."
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president obama making clear is he in no rush to get the u.s. military involved in syria's 2-year-old civil war even amid mounting claims the syrian government again used chemical weapons against its own people the situation in syria is very difficult. and the notion that the u.s. can somehow solve what is a sectarian, complexed problem inside of syria sometimes is overstated. >> but delay can be deadly, right, mr. president. >> there is no doubt that when you start seeing chemical weapons used on a large scale, and, again, we're still gathering information about this particular event, but it is very troublesome. >> jon: white house officials say there was a high level meeting yesterday to discuss america's options. of course, all this is unfolding as the president wraps up a two-day bus tour through new york and pennsylvania to talk about his plans for the economy. ed henry is traveling with the president. is he in scranton, pennsylvania now. ed?
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>> well, jon, you are right. this bus tour was supposed to been all about domestic issues. on the international stage the president facing a credibility test. one week ago this week that he drew that red line on chemical weapons in sara i can'tenned a promised there would be enormous consequences if syria crossed that red line. now that it has been crossed several times and possibly yet again this week with a massive chemical attack that killed up to 1800 people. is he under pressure to act in that cnn interview that you referred to the president lashed out at syria over this alleged attack, said he is still waiting for the evidence to come in. stopped short of saying he would use military action leading to conservatives to charge that he is doddling. take a listen. >> jumping in to stuff that does not turn out well. gets us mired in very difficult situations. can result in us being drawn in to very expensive, difficult, costly interventions that actually breed more resentment in the region. we have to think through
7:15 pm
strategically what's going to be in our long-term national interest even as we work cooperatively internationally to do everything we can to put pressure on those who would kill innocent civilians. >> the policy is focused around not getting involved so far 100,000 dead mostly killed by bullets or whistles. hard to say how 1,000 or couple hundred dead from a chemical weapon while deplorable would impact his calculus. >> now, what's next? the president has already ruled out u.s. ground troops in sara i can't. but i'm told that that high level meeting at the white house yesterday that you mentioned one option that is being discussed is u.s. air strikes in syria and possibly whose missiles to send a message to syrian president bashar al assad. >> ed hadn'try, thank you. >> while the white house continues to hedge its response. britain's top diplomat today was a little more blunt. >> the only possible explanation of what we have
7:16 pm
been able to see is that it was a chemical attack. clearly many, many hundreds of people have been killed. some of the estimates are well over a thousand. there is no other plausible explanation for casualties, so intense and such a small area. >> jon: he didn't go as far as the french did yesterday in the possibility of using force. jonathan hunt is live in our new york city newsroom. jonathan, the syrian forces still claim they did not carry out this attack. >> the syrian government interestingly denying that a chemical weapons attack took place but saying as their russian allies have also implied that the attack was carried out by the rebels to gain sympathy and pro-vehicle international intervention there are few who believe that claim. britain, turkey, and france leading the way and pointing fingers pretty directly at the syrian government forces and demanding that those u.n. weapons inspectors who have already arrived in damascus now be allowed to travel to
7:17 pm
the site of the alleged attack. but there are few signs tonight, jon, that the syrian government is about to provide those weapons inspectors with safe passage for the admittedly dangerous 15 minute journey. from that hotel to the site of the attack, jon. >> jon: ened at u.n. is giving us a look at how syria's civil war is effects the children there. >> yeah. u.n. officials announcing today that of the 2 million refugees that have fled the fighting in syria, 1 million are children. 1 million children having fled to neighboring countries like turkey, jordan, and lebanon. 1 million children now without hermine, children like these, listen. all i wish is that syria could become peaceful again, that's all i want for the trouble to stop. i love sierra and i miss syria. i loved my friends and playing with my sis is teres, we used to play
7:18 pm
together. we used to ride a bicycle together and play with toys. >> now, to put that 1 million figure in perspective, u.n. officials point out that it is as if every single child had been forced to leave the cities of l.a. and boston combined, jon. >> jon: jonathan hunt, thanks. a massive wildfire has spread into one of our nation's greatest national wonders. it's been burning out of control and exploding in size. details on that growing threat. plus, a big development the lawsuit against a celebrity chef paula dean, word of a settlement of the sexual harassment and racial discrimination claims. ♪
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scwon jon an out-of-control
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california wildfire size today and it spread into yosemite national park. officials say the rhythm fired has grown from 800 acres to 54,000 acres since monday. forcing hundreds to evacuate camp sites and homes. and threatening thousands more homes. as of now it's only 2% contained. take a look at this map. this wildfire more than five-day forecast burning across the west. led california governor jerry brown to declare a state of emergency. dominic di-natale has the latest. he is live near yosemite national park. dominic? >> jon, this is one of the fastest moving fires so far this wildfire season if not the fastest. not only acreage overnight but let me show you we're here in grove hand and this is behind us. the river canyon. can you see the line of smoke and throughout the course ever the day, it's been progressing gradually north. all the vegetation you can see is mind the smoke is expected to be consumed overnight. in front of that, you have a series of homes, hundreds
7:23 pm
and hundreds of homes which the fire authorities have been busting a gut night and day to protect. those homes are expected to be safe overnight, they believe, but here is how one fire official described the risks. >> there are 4500 homes at risk as of 6:00 this morning. that's up from 2500 yesterday. as far as structures that have been destroyed, we have four residences that is up from two. 12 outbuildings which is up from 7. five additional outbuildings burned in the last operating period. >> that figure -- grovefield will be safe. some details what's happening in yosemite park apparently consuming about 11,000 acres a day of yosemite national park. this is near the area on the lake there we'll know in the morning just however the fire has spread. it actually takes thermal imaging equipment to get an actual count. during the day the smoke is so thick they can't seat lay of the land. in the morning we will know whether or not it burned just as much as last night
7:24 pm
that's 50,000 acres. jon back to you. >> don, thank you. flood warnings still in effect in parts of colorado in the wake of a storm that brought torrential downpours and hail to some areas including denver. so much hail accumulated it looked as if it snowed. the county used a snowplow to open that road about an hour later. well, the former plom iee filed a lawsuit against paula deen has agreed to drop her claim against the celebrity chef. the two sides filed a court document today saying they have reached a settlement which does not involve any money. the former employee sued dean and her brother last year accusing them of sexual harassment and racial discrimination. but a judge last week dismissed the race claims. deen released a statement saying quote i'm looking forward to getting this behind me and she is quote working to work place issues that were raised in this matter. nearly a year after the take attack in benghazi, libya, sources tell fox news that many special op.s in charge of capturing or killing the suspects are leaving the country. but pentagon officials say that is not entirely true.
7:25 pm
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nobody there spoke english. she said she feared for his life. today officials at the state department told us the consulate general in istanbul has been in touch with the couple and is providing all appropriate stance. the couple's travel agent insurance company has agreed to pay for the couple's return trip but she says that's not enough. >> i know that they love cruising but if they had gone over 30 cruises and they have been with royal caribbean most of the time hundreds of thousands of dollars that they spent. i think they need more compensation at this point. >> no word from royal caribbean on any payment. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. it seems maybe the threat of getting killed outweighs the promise of making your voice heard in egypt. as planned today, supporters of mohammed
7:30 pm
morsi helped pro-says in support of the democratically elected president which the military threw out of office last month. after a brutal crackdown by the government there were far fewer demonstrators than we have seen in previous weeks. leland individual territory in jerusalem has more. leland? >> jon, today we saw what a week of mass arrests and martial law will do. the muslim brotherhood leadership in jail and not able to turn out people on the street like they could before. here is what we did see today, the group's supporters chanted the coup is terrorism as they marched through southern cairo. military council continues to control the country this revolution will continue said one man in the crowd. is he supporting ousted president mohammed morsi. the egyptian military patrolled cairo with tanks and armored personnel carriers they can shoot to kill if threatened like we saw with the violence
7:31 pm
earlier this week. even the army's controversial decision to move former dictator hosni mubarak from a prison to marital hospital couldn't energize egyptians to fill the streets mubarak ordered of protesters during the 2011 egyptian revolution. taking control of the street is still the first wave of many battles. geared up with weapons and ammunition brought in from libya. raising the fear of more violence. things like suicide bombings, attacks on military bases, even the kidnapping of tourists, jon? >> jon: leland vittert, thanks. the suspect in the deadly terror strike on our consulate in benghazi, libya remain at large nearly one year after the attack. now sources now tell fox news that much of the u.s. special operations team that's helped track those suspects is set to leave libya. pentagon officials deny that claim. they say the group was only in the country to provide counter terrorm training. and was never specifically tasked with hunting the
7:32 pm
suspects. the department of justice did file criminal charges against several suspects about two weeks ago that attack last september 11th killed i former knave seal tyrone woods and glen daughtery. where too we stand in the investigation washington team from fort brad may be going. in the team that went in last november to traines counter terrorism. team train find fix and finish those responsible for the benghazi attacks. that entire treatment other than two are being pulled. in fact they were at the training camp when the new libyan defense minister walked in and said you whys are done. that camp partly funded by taxpayer dollars. forced these men who had
7:33 pm
been there to find these subjecting to go back to villa and wait for their orders, jon. is the security situation in libya has only gotten worse? >> yeah, in fact, a colonel today, a libyan colonel was asatsz sin nateed there has been a number of prison breaks. a massive one where over 1,000 people escaped. a couple other prison breaks as well. kings, same operators in the region will tell that you eastern libya has become a war zone in fact the muslim brotherhood in line with ansar sharia government there provided information on these suspects months ago. we reported this before back in november as well as in january. and even more recently they say a report was given to the president on one of these benghazi suspects as recently as august 7th and nothing has been done thus far. jon. >> jon: adam housley, thanks. the unexpected death of an intern has prompted officials at bank of america to review the working conditions of all junior employees, that according to a company statement today. as we reported, that 21-year-old german was about a week shy of completing his summer
7:34 pm
internship in london. he reportedly worked three back-to-back all night shifts. nearly 72 hours straight with little break. shortly before he collapsed and died. bank officials released a statement today saying his death deeply shocks and saddens them. and that in response they brought together a group to investigate what happened and to, quote: listen to employees at all levels and learn from them. a fox urgent now, former new york knicks basketball great dean meminger died according to police. had his gold ring on his finger. they found the 6 a-year-old unconscious and unresponsive inside a room there today. and that emergency crews pronounced him dead at the hotel. meminger was known as dream. win a championship in 1973. he battled cocaine abuse during his life but there is no word yet on what caused his death. investigators say the plan to confront police officers
7:35 pm
during traffic stops and execute them if they resisted. next. the chilling details of what authorities call a homegrown terror plot on the day the suspects appeared in court. and what kind of person shoots a baby in its stroller? the same kind of person who gives detectives a hard time when they start asking questions or at least that was the argument in court today. and it's next. for a strong bag that grips the can... get glad forceflex. small change, big difference.
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>> jon: cops say a couple plotted to kidnap, torture, and kill police officers as part of a domestic terror movement called sovereign citizens. and today they stood in front of a judge and told him they did not recognize his authorities. the judge's response? so noted. according to police in las vegas, an undercover officer followed the couple for nearly four months as they shopped for guns, held sovereign citizen seminars rigged an empty house to tie up potential captives to cross beams. the man told the judge i
7:39 pm
object to the entire proceedings of this court for the record the judge set his bail at more than half billion dollars. citing a criminal his that i have included a sex offense including a child. the woman's bail hearing set for next week. speaking from jail she said she never intended to hurt anybody. >> i do look like a domestic terrorist? i have never been arrested in my life. i have never done anything for which i could be arrested. >> jon: she also says she met her partner while he was selling water bottles on the vegas strip. the teen charged with fatally shooting a 13 month old in the head as the infant's mother pushed him in a stroll der not cooperate with investigators. that according to testimony today of one of the police officers who interviewed that suspect demarcus elkins. yesterday we heard from the accused shooter's accused accomplice dominic lang who testified elkins tried to rob the mother. elkins counted down from 5 threatening the baby. he then shot the infant's
7:40 pm
mother in the leg and aimed at the baby's forehead and pulled the trigger. john roberts with the news live in marietta, georgia. john jon, the defense is fighting hard to keep evidence out of this trial. >> that's right. everything against the wall trying to get something to stick. yesterday they tried to present the co-accused dominic lang identifying dominic elkins as the trigger man. today they tried unsuccessfully to exclude a potentially discriminating student. interview in which police accused him of shooting 13 month old santiago and told enelkins that image of killing the baby would likely stay with him for the rest of his life. investigator rod picks up the story. >> he said you only got [bleep] on me. y'all ain't got no gun. y'all ain't got no fingerprints. all you have [bleep] acquittal. investigator smiled at him and he looked back and forth between me and investigator blaze again and then asked us oh, you
7:41 pm
got the gun? the jury also saw for the first time evidence collected from demarcus elkins' room including a red sweater he was seen wearing one the day of the shooting and a .22 caliber long rifle bullet. the baby was shot with a .22 caliber gun. the whole trial nearly came off the rails today when an attorney from elkins mother referred to elkins juvenile record. the court has specifically forbidden any reference to elkins' priors. had that witness answered the question and she didn't, the whole trial could have stopped right then and there. jon? >> jon: the mother of the slain baby sherri west is expected to testify on tuesday. meanwhile, we are now hearing from the family of christopher lane. he is the strallian college baseball player whom police say three teenagers randomly gunned down in oklahoma last week out of bother dom. boredom. thanking the family for quote we want people to
7:42 pm
know we don't believe what happened is a reflection on the people of duncan or oklahoma. authorities have charged the two teens on the left of your screen with first degree murder. while the one on the right is charged with being an accessory to murder. earlier this week, a former teammate started an online fund to help cover costs of returning ellayna's body to australia. the initial goal $15,000. it's well past that receiving 150 grand in donations at last check. we are told any money left over will go toward establishing a memorial in ellayna's honor. garrett tenney has the latest developments. gary? >> jon, the lane family says that that memorial l. makes donations to organizations in chris' name to help others fulfill their dreams just as their son was doing. the family's statement reads in part. the christopher was chasing his dreams and we believe everyone should do the same. christopher would be so proud he had made a difference in so many lives. thanks to those funds, the 22-year-old's girlfriend
7:43 pm
and her family are now on their way to australia. to return his remains to his grieving parents. they are expected to arrive in melbourne sometime tomorrow and funeral plans are in the works for some time early next week. back in oklahoma though, friends and teammates are preparing to gather for a memorial service in chris' honor tomorrow afternoon. they are planning to record the service so that his family back in australia can feel as if they are a part of it. meanwhile, prosecutors tell us they are continuing to meet with one of the three teens who has been cooperating with the investigation. 17-year-old michael jones. he is the one police say was driving the car when christopher lane was shot in the back. and we're told the other two teens remain uncooperative at this time. jon? >> jon: according to the district attorney it likely will be 18 to 24 months before this case goes to trial. he says he expects that trial to last no more than two weeks. officials seized more than a quarter billion dollars
7:44 pm
worth of cocaine from a yacht. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. australia. u.s. and australian agents say they found more than 1600 pounds of cocaine hidden in the engine room while the yacht was in the south pacific island. they say the boat was on its way to australia i can't understand at drugs are worth around $330 million. no arrests yet. since 2010, the u.s. and australia have worked with south pacific governments to crack down on the use of yachts to smuggle cocaine from south america to australia. portugal. crews battled deadly wildfires in the central part of the country. six different fires spreading across that region. according to local reports, a commander says one firefighter was killed when powerful winds caused a fire to suddenly change direction. and that crew member ran the wrong way. nine other firefighters hurt.
7:45 pm
russia: the worst flooding in 120 years forcing thousands of people from their homes in the east. officials say the water has reached historic high of 24 feet and that it won't peak until this weekend. argentine argentina ♪ dancers from 37 countries have flocked to buenas are a reiss for the world tango championships. it some from china, russia and pakistan. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. pleasure now the story of a motorcycle, a train and a bear. it's a short story, one you are already on the motorcycle. the train is about to come up on the left. but where is the bear? oh, there t. it is. the end. canadian investigators say the driver who was wearing this helmet cam was driving recklessly and going too fast. they tell us he survived
7:46 pm
with significant injuries. the bear, we're told walked away. ♪ a double dose of cool critters tonight. first up, we're going to need a much bigger pool. that's what the head of the fort worth zoo is saying about this little guy, the baby elephant about to outgrow his kid did i pool. almost three weeks old and weighs almost 200 pounds. 7th member of an extended elephant family at the zoo. there is a new arrival at the smithsonian's national zoo in washington. a baby panda born just a couple of hours ago. not so giant right now but a big boost for an endangered species. there is word the feds are considering some changes in the wake of yesterday's computer glitch at the nasdaq. next a preview of the possible fallout over the flash freeze. plus, one woman reportedly struck a deal after racking up more than $100,000 in parking tickets. wait until you hear how
7:47 pm
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what glich. the freeze at the nasdaq. stocks rod for a second straight day giving your 401(k) a boost. the dow gained 47 points. nasdaq up 19. the s&p added 7. meanwhile the head of the securities and exchange commission says the feds will push for new trading rules. designed to enhance safeguards. some analysts say that basically means more regulation. the fox business network rich edson with the news live in washington. rich, what kind of reaction can we expect out of d.c.? >> jon, regulators and congressional staff say they are still examining the incident. nasdaq's freeze reinforces washington's need to focus on network reliability, and
7:51 pm
cyber security. >> that's going to highlight some of the issues that keep coming up which as you know we adopt more technology to integrate into our infrastructure, we are going to have to think more about what are the vulnerabilities and where do they come from? >> and the sec says officials want to meet with exchange and marketing executives about this, jon. >> what more do we know about the glitch? >> despite concerns hackers infiltrated the exchange. nasdaq says there is no evidence of a intruder on computer network or of a large coordinated attack. nasdaq simply blames a technical problem. jon? >> jon: rich, yesterday's glitch just the latest embarrassment for the nasdaq. a few months ago it agreed to pay the largest penalty every against the stock exchange $10 million to settle charges over how it handled trading and glitches when facebook went public. those glitches among other things tanked facebook's stock prices but the social network apparently has bounced back and then some.
7:52 pm
today, it closed above $40 for the first time. two bucks a share more than its initial price. and check out this chart showing the past three months, prices up more than 50% since july. the man who took over for bill gates top executive at microsoft is stepping down. steve balmer has been ceo of the world's largest company since 2000. he announced today he will retire sometime over the next year once microsoft finds a replacement. in a statement he said there is never a perfect time for this type of transition but now is the right time. microsoft has struggled under his watch. the company's worth dipped from a reported 600 billion to less than 300 billion. now to the case of the woman facing $100,000 in parking tickets. that's 678 tickets total ling chicago's biggest parking ticket bill ever according to the chicago tribune. the newspaper reports the woman blames her ex-boyfriend as the story
7:53 pm
goes: she says he put a car in her name and left it in a parking lot at o'hare airport for three years. the woman reportedly has now struck a deal with the city and her ex. she will pay just less than $4,500. discount of more than 95,000. the ex has also reportedly agreed to pay some of it country music star carrie underwood is set to play maria von trap upcoming production. julie andrews made the film famous. now we have learned who is set to play the role christopher plummer had as captain von trap. here is a hint. the guy is kind of a vampire. that's next. ♪ whiskers on kittens. ♪ bright copper kettles ♪ and warm woolen mittens.
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>> jon: the man who gave the world are a go agele is the notre dame next bat map. ben affleck will play the dark night bringing batman and superman together. that decision not sitting well with fans. more than 17,000 people have signed online petition to remove the actor from the role. it's not affleck's first attempt it at super hero. started dare devil. critics panned it. even he agreed it was a terrible movie. nbc is tackling the sound of music and listen to this casting. true blood star stephan moyer will play opposite kerry underwood he will portray world war i hero von trap and carrie underwood. best picture in 1965. according to the producers this will not be a remake of the movie but live performance that they will broadcast from a sound stage. based on the original
7:58 pm
195 tony award winning broadway production and is set to premier december 5th. updating some of our top stories tonight. a military jury reached a unanimous guilty verdict for army major nidal hasan on all 13 counts of premeditated murder in the fort hood massacre. that makes him now eligible for the death penalty. another military jury has sentenced u.s. army staff sergeant robert bales to life in prison without parole. bales pleaded guilty in june to the brutal murders of 16 afghan civilians little more than an hour ago bob filner agreed to step down effective august 30th. >> not one allegation members of the council has ever independently been verified or proven in court. i have never sexually harassed anyone. but the hysteria that has been created, and many of you helped defeat is the
7:59 pm
hysteria of a lynch mob. >> jon: filner bowed to enormous pressure following sex allegations by 16 different women. he was just nine months into the job. and on this day in 1973, the hostage standoff that spawned the term stockholm syndrome began. that's when two men attempted to rob a bank in stockholm, sweden. it turned into is six day ordeal and at the end of it hostages refused to today against captors. they used the term stockholm syndrome which describes the when hostages identify with heir captors. best known example of that was patty hurst who joined her kidnappers in a series of bank robberies. but the syndrome got its city 40 years ago today. and that's "the fox report" for friday, august 23rd u 2013. i'm jon scott in tonight


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