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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 12, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> what do you think? >> that's so weird. >> she can taste it. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced and unafraid. this is "the fox report." tonight syria crisis, the united states and russia in a tense set of talks on chemical deals. can the secretary of state, john kerry, seal the deal? plus a 13-year-old boy accused of making threats that shutdown six schools. cops say he threatened to go on a shooting spree and blow up his school. the district took action. >> we got an automated call from the school that said schools were closed. >> now an eighth grader is under arrest. >> pretty serious. glad the police acted as fast as they did. >> i feel bad for the kid and the parents. >> was this a hoax that went
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too far or something more serious? she was just days into her marriage when investigators say this new bride shoved her husband right off a cliff. friends say they had seen the warning signs. >> tony was putting everything into his relationship, 110% all the time. we weren't sure if she felt the same way. >> tonight the newlywed charged with murder. plus flash floods. reports of a 20-foot wall of water and rescue crews trying to save lives. tonight people are dead and roads are already undriveable, and now more rain is on the way. but first on fox this thursday night, the syrian president says he will only give up his chemical weapons or give them up only if the united states drops the threat of a military strike. he drew his own red line.
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syria reports it did take the first step today. they joined a convention banning chemical weapons. that includes a promise. a promise to destroy the weapons. but basharal assad won't turnover information for the next 30 days. john kerry is rejecting the time line and refusing to rule out any possible military strike. he is in geneva, switzerland meeting with the foreign minister to work out the details of the chemical weapons deal. today secretary kerry said, "this is not a game." >> it has to be real. it has to be comprehensive. it has to be varifiable. it has to be credible. it has to be timely and implemented in a timely fashion. finally there ought to be consequences if it doesn't take place. >> now the russian president vladimir putin is lashing out in president obama in a column in new york times.
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he writes, i carefully studied his, president obama's address to the nation and i would rather disagree with a case he made on american exceptionalism stating that the united states policy is what makes america different. putin went on, millions around the world increasingly see america not as a model of democracy, but relying solely on brute force, coblentzing coal legislations together under the slogan you are either with us or against us. the russian president vladimir putin talking to the united states about brute force and democracy. ed is here from the white house. >> shep, the white house is not thrilled that president obama was being compared to his predecessor, george w. bush, in some of that. he convened a cabinet meeting and john kerry was not at that cabinet meeting since he is in geneva. the shouting questions are about any reaction to the
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blistering op ed. instead they focused on the positive developments he thinks may come from kerry's trip. take a listen. >> i am hopeful that the discusses that secretary kerry has with the foreign minister as well as some of the other to bring a concrete result. >> there are fresh doubts today in port because whether the u.s. can trust putin will deliver a deal with the syrians or whether he is stringing the u.s. along right now. republicans on capitol hill suggest the president looks weak right now and white house spokesman jay carney says it is vladimir putin who has explaining to do. take a listen. >> to be lectured to by putin as we were this morning, i can hear reagan rolling over in his grave. >> unlike russia, the united states stands up for
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democratic values and human rights. >> jay carney went on to say the owe nuss is on putin now. he put the proposal on the table and he is close to syrian president assad and carney says russia's press steaming on the world stage is on the line right now, suggesting perhaps the u.s. wants russia to take ownership over the crisis. remember last week the president said it wasn't my red line. the president says putin bears some responsibility. >> secretary kerry admitted it will be an immense challenge to make sure assad hands overall of the chemical weapons. one expert called the mission next to impossible. members of congress have serious concerns too, and we will go live to dc coming up inside fox report. first a 13-year-old boy is under arrest after police say he threatened to shoot up his school and set off a bomb. police called the threats credible except they also say
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he didn't have anyway to carry them out. in other words he had no guns and no explosives. still before investigators tracked down this eighth grader staffers decided to can sell all classes at six local schools. some parents say the whole thing made them nervous. >> i told my son when he got up there wouldn't be school today. i thought he would be excited. when he heard why he wasn't excited at all. he was somewhat scared. >> this all happened in battleground, washington about two and a half hours south of seattle. dan springer is in seattle with more. dan? >> shep, police still don't have a motive for these threats, but they are convinced it was not meant as a joke. they took them seriously in part because they were very specific. the student named the teacher he said he was going to shoot, and then he said he was going to set off a bomb at his middle school and then gave an exact time this would happen, on wednesday the anniversary of 9/11. the 13-year-old allegedly posted it on a website
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operated by the middle school and it was meant to be a place where students could launch their concern after several recent suicides in the district. they decided to keep nearly 4,000 students home yesterday. with the fbi's help the boy was arrested in the afternoon. >> it is pretty serious. glad the police acted as fast as they did to apprehend the person involved. >> the eighth grader faces a single charge of felony harassment and will be tried as a juvenile. he was also expelled last night. in february an 18-year-old in that same district was also arrested for making a bomb threat. he was scheduled to be sentenced for that crime this week. shep? >> prosecutors could file formal charges on monday. and by the way, all six schools that closed because of this reopened their doors today. when it comes to floods in the west, the danger is not over. that's the warner from emergency workers tonight in parts of colorado where powerful floods have been washing away homes and cars
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and people. we go live to colorado to see how they are dealing with all of this and why things could get much worse before they get better. and breaking right now, a huge fire is racing down the boardwalk in jersey. building after building destroyed. some of the same ones just fixed after superstorm sandy. these flames should no signs of stoping. plus nasa con officials that one of its spacecraft have done something no spacecraft has ever accomplished. that's ahead from "the journal" it is fox news on this thursday fox report. and there is fox report news coming as well.
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a wall of waiter came crashing down -- a wall of water came crashing down in colorado and now entire communities are cutoff. it is an incredible scene with three people reported dead.
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rescuers trying to reach others who are trapped and the rain keeps falling. in fact, some spots have gotten at least eight inches. the floods are affecting cities including colorado springs, denver, fort collins and aurora. in lyons, a town of 2,000 people, in boulder county, the red cross reports folks have been taking shelter in a school. three armored rescue vehicles are headed to the town tonight to try and reach people who are trapped. we don't yet know whether those rescuers have been able to save anybody. but check out the scene near boulder earlier today. rescuers were trying to pull a guy out of his car after the water just ripped away part of the road. and then this happened. the whole vehicle tipped over and still they managed to get him out of the car and over to safety. but frightening times for him and so many folks in communities across the state.
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alicia is live for us. wow. >> wow is right. they are in life-saving mode and that is because of what has become the raging boulder creek. they are now running at more than twice the all time record. 12 dams uh -- according to authorities have been overtopped and just in boulder there are entire communities around colorado that have been split in half. rescue crews are going door-to-door to try to get folks out of their areas who simply can't escape. the governor of colorado says this took everyone by surprise. >> there were no big warnings on anybody -- at least i didn't see any warnings of flash floods or huge rains. this is one of those storms that just came together in a way very rapidly. just came and kept dumping water. >> adding to the problems that they have tremendous resources available to them, they are on the ground.
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it it keeps raining and they can't get helicopters in the air and they can't get the national guard to people in places like the town of lyons and it is supposed to continue to rain throughout tomorrow. shep? >> alicia with incredible sights. the area is expected to see more rain and more flooding and more of that in the national picture as well. we go to the extreme weather center. that's a show out there. >> there is a lot going on across the country. we have the cold front right here and we are dealing with record breaking high temperatures. the cold front will move through and bring severe weather across parts of the northeast and then cool things down tomorrow. the big concern is what we have been seeing across colorado today. you can see the satellite-radar picture and a lot more moisture is being pulled across the same area. by the time this is all said and done, maybe another three to five inches of rain and that is a big problem. whoa have a potent -- we have a very potent low pressure here. it pulls significant almost
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tropical-like moisture. you get moisture through the at atmosphere, wet all the way up and it is falling through the mountains. look at some of these estimates from radar, what we have seen. some areas to the east of denver have seen 12 inches of rain. boulder area 10 to 12 inches of rain as well. now we will be seeing some more. it is not just boulder. go to new mexico and there are some areas that have seen up to eight inches of rain, down to el paso. flooding is across a very broad area. this is the same storm that brought the flooding to arizona earlier this week, and now we are talking utah, colorado and new mexico. where you can see the reds here, potentially more areas that will see another three to five inches of rain, and that will cause some problems. quickly, shepherd, we have our 10th prop cal depression that has -- 10th tropical depression that has formed. we will watch this meander across the area. by the time we get to tuesday, very heavy rainfall and
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potentially flooding across south texas. we need rain and we may get too much by the time we get to tuesday. >> thanks. the governor chris christie just arrived on site of a massive fire and he is speaking. whoa willisen in. it has broken -- we willisen. those who survived superstorm sandy have not -- has another situation. this is the boardwalk in seaside park, new jersey. a very popular tourist spot. it started in an ice cream shot and -- shop and spread. >> this is something that will be going on for quite some time. we need to have access to this area of the boardwalk. anyone up and down this area whether by car or on foot runs the risk of impeding our ability to be able to fight this fire most efficiently. i understand your concerns. i understand your curiosity.
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please do not come here. it is all clear to return to this area. i want to thank both mayors who have been on top of the situation. the police chief boyd from seaside heights who was enormous help. >> we are looking at live pictures, some are live and some on tape. pictures from the governor of our affiliate, but this has been burning for hours. it is crazy windy down the shore today. keep in mind the workers rebuilt a different part of the boardwalk after sandy. as the governor mentioned it has now burned some 80% of this historic boardwalk. this area has just been hit with one shot after another. you finish out the tourist season and now it appears tonight it is all burning down. we will go back for live updates throughout this newscast. a bride says her new husband wanted to see glacier national
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park before he died. he got his wish, cops say, right before his wife threw him off a cliff. that's next. and a stunning report on so-called near misses in the air. they are really near hits, but they call them near misses. thousands of jets and airplanes flying way too close. but tonight the feds say don't worry about it. we'll be fine.
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airplanes flew too close to one another 4,000 times last year. that's according to a report from aviation officials. and it is more than double the previous record from 2011. however, the feds say the high number is few to more reporting from air traffic controllers and better radar equipment to track the
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incidents. in fact, as high as the number may sound to all of us, consider this, none of the incidents ended in a crash and more than 99% of the nation's flights took off and landed without a hitch, but lots were very late. a woman is accused of pushing her husband off a cliff to his death. this as the news station reports that close friends of the husband say they are not surprised at all about these accusations about the wife. investigators say it happened in july in glacier national park just days after the couple's wedding. trace gallagher with the rest in our west coast news. trace, prosecutors are trying to stop her from getting out of jail, right? >> yes, the prosecutor filed a stay to let her out. another judge would have to rule on that. it is understanding just a a few minutes ago jordan graham walked out of the jail. the prosecutor contends she lied again and again and again for saying she didn't know that her husband actually left
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and went missing and then saying, oh yeah, well he left with friends and went hiking in glacier national park and then finally saying, yes, they went hiking together and she pushed him to his death. cody johnson's friends say while he was missing they never believed that he simply up and left his wife. listen. >> there was this weird sense of relief because for the longest time there have been so many questions that we as friends and i know family members had had that had not been answered yet. >> keep in mind there was another hearing tomorrow morning at 9:15. jordan graham could wind upright back in jail. shep. >> even the guy who introduced the couple says he felt something was bad wrong. >> yes, and he got even more suspicious when just a couple of days after cody johnson disappeared, the wife actually canceled the lease on their home. he said that was odd. just days after that jordan
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graham found her husband's body in glacier national park. the park rangers thought that was kind of suspicious, but she says she looked in the park because, quoting here, it was a place he wanted to see before he died. he would come up here with friends to drive fast when his friends were visiting from out of state. the man who introduced the couple said all along this relationship just wasn't right. listen. >> cody was putting everything into the relationship. he put like 110% all the time. we really weren't sure if she felt the same way. you just don't do something like that. cody was saving up everything, every last penny he could for the wedding. >> that same friend says after he read the arrest affidavit he was not surprised at all. shep? >> trace, a friend of the vehicle tim's family says the wife had been telling people she knew she never wanted to be married. she just wanted to have a wedding and she and her late husband had been arguing over exactly that. there is word that syria's
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president is moving some of his chemical weapons even though he offered to get rid of them. members of our congress say that is just one of their concerns. trusting russia and syria to make a peace plan happen. and there is another possible showdown over a possible shutdown. and you know this one is serious because lawmakers just canceled an upcoming vacation. plus why strangers are chipping in to give this bride and groom the wedding of a lifetime. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox report live continues.
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a couple in the atlanta area is running out of time and running out of money, planning to get married while praying for a new kidney. the groom needs a donor who is o positive like he is, but as the couple waits, strangers are giving some unexpected wedding gifts. >> the pride to be -- the bride to be wiped away tears as she tried on wedding dresses. the owner of this store in douglas veal, georgia said she can have any dress she wants. >> it is emotional. i am just so thankful for this day. >> and they are throwing in the wedding band and a tux for the groom whose diabetes has recently been getting worse. >> my health is slowly decreasing. >> doctors say his kidneys are now functioning at just 15%. they told him he needs a
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transplant along with an expensive pancreatic surgery. >> every dime we have has gone toward this transplant. >> the bride and groom say they can't afford to wait the year or two it might take to find a donor, so they are moving ahead with plans to start a family. >> just having a normal life is my main concern. >> the owners of the bridal store have dealt with diabetes in their family, and they know how expensive treatment can be. >> we just feel like if you give a blessing you will get blessed. >> they offered to help after hearing about the couple's situation. >> it brings us closer to that day and takes the stress off. it is a huge load. it is more than we could ever imagine. >> and as more people hear about this the owners of the store say offers have called offering a wedding cake or hair and make up services for the bride. we are told the couple still needs money. if you would like to help you will find a link to their
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fundraising website found at fox i'm shepherd smith and this is the fox report. it is the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. this -- there is a way to get syria to turnover their weapons in the middle of a brutal and civil war. that's what secretary of state john kerry said today. he is in geneva, switzerland and talking about weapons transfer. secretary kerry knows the challenges are immense. >> despite how difficult this is with the collaboration of our experts and only with the compliance of the assad regime we do believe there is a way to get this done. >> when he first suggested the idea a few days ago he said it can't be done, obviously. that's what he said. at the time he was talking about syria turning overall of its weapons in a week. but experts say more time may not make the job that much
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easier. catherine has more on this. >> the head of the intelligence committee tells fox news that putting the chemical weapons under international control looks like a big problem from start to finish. >> it is tens of thousands of pounds of this stuff. that's why we are so concerned by the shear volume of it. there has been consolidation in moving. there are a few sites. >> that consolidation is referring to syrian president assad and based on the intelligence as the civil war intensities the regime has firm control. and the committee's senior democrat telling a conference in washington that the administration must maintain the pressure. >> i think we need time limitations. if this is a stalling tactic we have to continue on with the threat of force or nothing will happen. >> given the intense fighting, rogers says the best, most
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realistic option is not moving chemical weapons out of syria in a hot zone war, but neutralizing them at storage sites in skyed skyed -- inside syria. >> our technology is much better than it used to be even a few years ago where we can get rid of it quickly. we can make sure we render it useless on site. that would be in my mind the best way to do this. >> that solution would mean putting people on the ground in syria, shepherd. >> meantime in syria, catherine, the civil war is raging and an ancient christian village outside damascus is caught in the middle. it is one of the last places on earth people speak the language jesus is said to have spokenment there have been reports of rebel fighters attacking churches there and threatening to execute christians who don't convert to islam. now the army is trying to take control of that town. ly land -- leland has more.
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>> important for this town, shepherd. it is on a hilltop 40 miles north of damascus. the syrian army held it for a longtime during the civil war. the christians are loyal to the assad regime today. syrian state television shows syrian soldiers re-taking the town square there and some of the pro government militias are helping with the fight. they say there are about 1500 lawyers -- loyal to al-qaeda. they had to go street by street to clear the jihad fighters out. 3300 christians inside this city. there are two very old money gnaw stares that are important. we heard nuns were hiding children in caves. syrian state television a number of those folks have been rescued as the street to street fighting continues. once they retake the town what will they find at the historic
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sites? >> that town survived another uprising in 2005. women and children who escaped hid in caves outside the down. the village is now a united nations world heritage site. when the taliban governed afghanistan they used the sports stadiums to hold public executions. today one of the stadiums was the scene of a massive party as afghans welcomed home their national soccer team. 24 celebration came after the players won a championship. the country's first in soccer. you can see how folks there reacted. back here at home, we are one week closer to get another government shutdown. the house of representatives canceled its vacation which was to start on the 23rd of this month so they can keep working on a short-term spending bill. this after they pulled the plug on a proposal to keep the government past the 30th of september. that's when the current fiscal year ends. unless the house and spending bill pass it in time, a bunch
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of agencies will have to close their doors. doug has this at the capital. >> the leadership of both houses met to decide what to do as we approach the impending deadline of september 30th when the government yet again runs out of money and when we may potentially face another government shutdown. fan she pelosi described today's meeting as cor jill. >> it was constructive and productive. we came together. we have made progress in understanding where we all are. >> but senate majority leader harry reid left an entirely different impression with a vicious attack against house conservatives. their resistance to a continuing resolution put forward by house speaker john boehner. he pulled the floor vote and it said a lot. mere -- here is what harry reid had to say about that.
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>> as i said, the anarchists are winning. anything that can be done to slow down, hurt or get rid of government in anyway is good. shutting down the government is obviously what the congress wants to do on the house. >> speaker boehner is in the hotseat and will surely blame him and others if there is a government shutdown and caught between house conservatives. he remains his cool self when asked about this. >> i am well aware of the deadlines and so are my colleagues. we are working with our colleagues to work through these issues. i think there is a way to get there. >> that way to get there may have been vee vealed late today -- may be revealed. they call on a government to be fully funded through 2013
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and fully de funding obamacare and delaying its i'm implementation through 2014. house leadership has yet to sign off. >> thanks. huge news from twitter today. the social networking site is set to go public. what in the world could go wrong with that? call facebook. and extreme winds ripping into a school and causing entire classroom to collapse. the powerful mim dash sh ad i'm i'm -- the powerful images caught on camera.
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when nasa's voyager one launched in 1977 the president was a man named carter. the first "star wars" movie had just come out and elvis presley had died a few weeks earlier. since then voyager probe has been hurdling through space and scientists confirm it has left our solar system after a trip of 36 years. nasa reports voyager which is
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about the size of a small car left the solar system more than a year ago, but it took that long to happen. it will run out of nuclear fuel in a decade or so ago. then it will stop sending signals. and on friday rockets carrying a satellite that will orbit the moon. we do not know the frog's status, but we are optimistic. actually, no we are not. while all of this photo may look fake, nasa confirms it is legit. twitter is going public. the social media site announced that it has filed for an initial public offering of stock. the word came down in a tweet reading, and i quote, we have confidently submitted an s1 to the securities exchange commission for a planned ipo. analysts say the company is worth billions of dollars and has recently boosted ad revenue. of course this comes days
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after facebook stock hit a record high. the social media giant now fully recovered from the rough ipo launch last year. joleen kent has more. >> twitter's ipo is slated to be the most ants paletted public -- anticipated public stock sale since facebook. it has been valued as much as $10 billion by private investors. goldman sachs will be the leading underwriter for the deal. twitter's ipo comes as no surprise here. the san francisco-based company has been making moves in this direction and strengthening ability for advertising. they bought the biggest acquisition for $350,000. the founder has remained in the company serving as
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executive chairman since 2011. and a word on why the filing is confidential, they can submit ipo filings confidently with the se c. this allows twitter to keep the financial information under wraps before three weeks before it markets to investors and the road show jie. and stocks closed slyly lower ending a seven-day rally. the dow was off 25 and the s&p and nasdaq in the red. apple was up slightly and more than 1%. that's after a turbulent few days following tuesday's launch of two new iphones. analysts say investors are worried about the prices of those phones. the stock has now been its biggest three-day drop? five months. drop in five months. and as high winds collapse classrooms in a school and it is our top story as we go around a the world in 80 seconds.
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>> thailand, surveillance cameras captured a storm blowing desks across floors about 200 miles east of bangkok. students and teachers scattered as debris went around the room. broken glass caused the injuries that are said to be minor. columbia, police and civilians saved a 92-year-old man trapped in a raging flood in the north. he says he was takg a nap by the river when the fast-rising waters swept him downstream. he grabbed a cable dangling from a bridge and held on for an hour and a half. rescuers got a rope from a passerby and pulled him to safety. in chile, violence erupted in the capital city of santiago as protesters marked 40 years since the bloody coup. the military toppled the president in 1973 leading to a 17-year ding -- dictator
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ship. they let buses and barricades on fire. and hong kong, some of andy warhol's work is up for sale. it is ink on paper creations when warhol spent time in asia. some items are valued up to a million dollars. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. we have new develop mebts in the murder of a u.s. border agent choose death was known to be linked to the gun sting called the fast and the furious. and eric holder with the failed program. a live report is next.
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and a new rift in the case of a border patrol agent, a case tied to the fast and furious program. in mexico they caught the third of five suspectss in the murder of agent brian terry. his body turned up near guns government put hundreds of guns in the hands of criminals in the hopes of tracking where the guns wept. guns went. the aim was to capture a drug cartel leader. william with more now. >> the third man in custody in agent terry's death is ivan soto baraza arrested last night in mexico. the terry family spokesman said, quote, the family is excited, but two additional fugitives remain at large. mexican drug runners killed agent terry a few years ago using weapons in fast and furious, a a botched effort that put 2,000 weapons in the hands of felons. that scandal lead to a
7:51 pm
successful resolution in congress against the sitting attorney general, eric holder. it was for in this case withholding documents. president obama eventually stepped in and claimed executive privilege. and then the house responded asking the administration to hand over the documents it believes show a cover up. >> people continue to die and even the administration admitted that sadly people will continue to die by these 2,000 weapons. >> lawyers expect a decision in this case in about three weeks, but either losing sides is expected to appeal what amounts to a power struggle or showdown between two branches of government. >> agent brian terry's family filed a $i5 million wrongful death suit against atf officials and the store that sold the weapons. the lawsuit claims they knew or at least should have known that those weapons would result in death. we expect a ruling soon on whether it will go to trial. the mayor of washington, d.c. vetoed a bill that would
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force wal-mart and other retailers to pay their employees $12.50 an hour. vincent gray is the mayor and calls the bill a job killer saying nearly every large retailer now considering opening a store in the district has indicated they would not come here or expand here if this bill becomes law. the bill's supporters include unions, clergy and other labor advocates. they say wal-mart can afford the higher wages. uh pone says it singles out certain businesses. and we have something different out of california. the legislature has just moments ago passed a bill that would raise california's minimum wage to $10 an hour for everyone. that makes it the highest rate in the nation if the governor signs it. he says he supports it. a pennsylvania court clerk says he will abide by a judge's order to stop issuing same-sex marriage licenses. he also says there is a chance he may repeal that order.
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that clerk lives in suburban philly. he issued licenses to couples even though pennsylvania does not allow same sex marriages or civil unions. he believes he is on the right side of history and he hopes his actions have helped the cause of marriage equality. the judge says it is up to the court to decide if the laws are constitutional and not the government officials. pennsylvania is the only state in the northeast that does not allow same-sex marriages or civil unions. some exciting news for you harry potter fans. a surprise announcement today involving the best selling author j.k. rowling. and something big is coming to a town near you. plus big news of our own. h that's coming up.
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the billionaire author behind harry potter is writing a new movie about magic. warner brother announced j.k. rowling is doing a movie for "fantastic beasts and where to
7:57 pm
find them." the story will start in new york 70 years before the start of the harry potter saga. she says it is not a prequel or a sequel to her best-selling books. updating some of our top stories, syria's president, assad, says he will give up his chemical weapons if the united states takes the military strike off the table. and a town cutoff after heavy rains sent walls of water down mountain sides and flood warnings are still in affect. and in nerming new jersey a massive -- and in new jersey a massive fire is burning along the boardwalk. it destroyed more than 30 businesses. workers recently rebuilt much of a nearby boardwalk after superstorm sandy. on this day in 1940, a group of teenagers stumbled into a cave in southwestern france and discovered a massive collection of art work that dates back to 15,000 bc.
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they found it when they followed their dog down a narrow entrance into a cavern. inside thousands of paintings, drawings, engravings from the grot toe and the floor to the ceiling. most of the work depicted animals in amazing detail that would give scientists insight into pre sis store rick culture. experts eventually realized the artificial lighting was fading the art work. folks can visit a replica nearby, but some kids found the real thing. it was 73 years ago today. now you know the news this thursday september 12th. i have been saying good night to you in that way for years and anchoring this newscast since 1999. for awhile i have been well aware that most of you already know the news or much of it before we even sign on each evening. the world has changed a lot in the last 14 years. smart phones and twitter and facebook and instagram and all the rest. we get the news in realtime
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across different platforms and the anchor in the box telling you what happened hasn't changed since the 1960s. it is time for something new. i will go away for a bit and get my bum shoulder fixed and after that enormous news event will happen and i will rip off the sling and come back to report on it. otherwise when i eventually do return i will be reporting from the fox news deck. from there we will fuse multiple platforms and bring the global resources of this amazing company including social media and digital content to the screen at oncement and on its time and not on oursment i will report when the news happens no matter what program is scheduled. it is the most exciting venture of my career. my team and i are pumped. i hope you will come along for the ride. so fox report is going away in the next few weeks. it has been an honor and a privilege to anchor this newscast. bigger and better is coming with shepherd smith reporting from the fox news deck. until then, for our


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