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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  July 17, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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want to do it" unemployment. a budget deficit. massive foreclosures. and they're fighting to be california's next governor. but why would anyone want the job? and: attention antique lovers. the new bay area spot to search for treasures. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. police officers shot and killed a man, armed with knives near the fruitvale bart station earlier today. linda yee on why it took officers from two departments, to take him down. { track} oakland police were quick to point out: bart officers were called in because the suspect was seen walking towards the fruitvale bart station { sot.. deputy chief jeffrey israel/ oakland p.d. 21:28} " .. both bart and opd fired shots? at this time .. both opd and bart discharged
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firearms, yes." two bart officers first spotted the suspect armed with knives walking on east 12th street. { sot.. 23:30.deputy chief jeffrey israel/ oakland p.d.} "early reports from at least one witness .. he was yelling "shoot me".. when officers first made contact with him." the man then took off - the bart officers chased him for several blocks.. when oakland police joined in { sot.deputy chief jeffrey israel/ oakland pd..20:06++} " ... we believe at that pt.. we attempt to taze him. it is not effective.. he continues to flee.. and still armed with knives. the suspect kept running - at least five officers chased him onto 33rd avenue.. { sot.20:34++} "..the man then turns toward one of the officers who attempted to taze him..knife in hand.. charges the officer. at that point.. other officers on the scene.. there to protect the officer discharges their firearms.. striking the suspect.who then falls to the ground.. and did not survive his wounds. { sot. 1:13:52} " it was really fast.. tat tat tat that." juana nieva said the shots scared her -a neighbor saw it all. { sot.14:15++.jua na nieva/ witness} . police officer.. told him to stop stop stop.. and he went this way and that way .. and that way.. families in this fruitvale neighborhood say the violence here is not new. and
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the oscar grant shooting-- the governor signed a bill to create an independent auditor to investigate complaints about bart officers. it also sets up a citizen commission
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that can make disciplinary recommendations for the transit agency. this starts january first. police say, they're prepared to keep the peace. a rally planned for monday will be the first in the bay area supporting the former bart police officer convicted of shooting oscar grant. the rally has been dubbed "in support of johannes mehserle and l-e-o", for law enforcement officers. it will be in walnut creek, outside the superior court building. it's set to start at 2 monday afternoon-- and continue for about 3 hours. knowing that oakland now has fewer officers, isn't sitting well with some. but don knapp shows us how it's spurring more citizen action. don. guardian angles to guard oakland knapp/halla 7/27/2010 (grand lake shopping area, this
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e-o meg whitman and former two- term democratic governor jerry brown continue to battle it out to be california's next governor. but as bill whitaker reports, some people wonder why either one would want the job.
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of business ... but not without a good fight. "reel video" on shattuck avenue closed monday after its parent company filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. the owners looked to community donors and investors to save them but ultimately couldn't raise the money. more than a dozen people lost their jobs.
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the doors opened today at the new civic park library in walnut creek. the 42-thousand square foot project cost just under 40 million dollars. thats nearly 6 million dollars below the original estimate. the new library has something for people of all ages, including a children's area, a video game center and a career center. and san franciscans no longer have to go to alameda to get great antiques and collectibles. a new flea market opens tomorrow in the parking lot at candlestick point. organizers say merchandise will appeal to everyone from serious collectors to everyday treasure hunters. the fair will be held every third sunday of the month from 6 am to 3 pm. the price is 15 dollars from 6 a-m to 8 a-m and five dollars from 8 a-m to 3 p-m. high hope remains, but the testing isn't over yet. b-p's next plan of action in the gulf oil disaster. "i dont think its been worse than this" from coast to coast: search for
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relief, as temperatures soar. and: the sweet smell of success for one east bay couple. how their business is booming in this recession. built with quality and backed with the best coverage in america including a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 more miles than ford. chevy silverado half-ton. a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models
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a cap blocking oil from a busted well, appears to be holding. manuel gallegus shows us: while the news is encouraging, b-p has decided to add another day of monitoring. this item contains handout material: - underwater video provided by bp trt anchor
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but presidential vacations have a long history of generating criticism. and as terrell brown reports, this one's no different. it was pleasant weather where the president was... but across the country, many were dealing with
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scorching summer temperatures.
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temperatures climbed well- above 90-degrees from phoenix to philadelphia.. factor in the humidity ... and it felt like the hundreds in much of the country. the heat combined with a lack of rain in some areas ... means some farmers have faced less-than- ideal growing conditions: "(sot 1:15:19) (ron binaghi of stokes farm, nj) the ground was like powdered sugar when you walk on it. it was brown powdered sugar. // (1:17:28) no i don't think it s been worse.
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bay area firefighters took up the challenge today to raise
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today to raise money for some worthy causes. some walked, others ran up all 48 floors of the transamerica building this morning. they raised money for three local organizations that work on the treatment and recovery of burn victims. additional money was raised for their own toy drive. some climbed the stairs in full gear, which adds about 50 pounds to their load. climbers said it was worth the challenge. " i'm pretty sure i ...when i m done (laughing) 3:15:02 " although it wasn't a race, the first person to finish did get a trophy.
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they're not as popular as the x- games but the u- games might be catching on. about 100 unicyclists participated today in both fun and competitive rides around several downtown san francisco streets. a small group of fans cheered them on as they passed by. . top riders reached speeds of over 25 miles per hour. they finished the day with a ride across the golden gate bridge. next: they've got quite a following. "they are freakin delicious." one east bay couple's recipe for success, next. the bay area's first mobile cupcake shop has set up in the
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bay. cbs 5's brian yuen tells us how twitter and facebook are part of their recipe for success. meet kate..(tc-1:04:59 kate waving at camera) kate makes
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and the giants offense busts it open against the mets... the minute is next the giants held the mets scoreless for 24- innings before allowing t ♪
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second half... christian, start the clock did fans really start lining up at 7 a-m to get their tim lincecum bobbleheads?.. andres torres capped off a five run second with a three run homer... eight of the season for the giants leadoff man... buster posey ups his average to 356 and goes the other way for his eighth homer of the year... the giants beat the mets 8-4... they've now won six straight... the a's moved within one win of getting back to five hundred... adam rosales delivers the two out single in the ninth and kurt suzuki scores the go ahead run... a's beat the royals 6- 5... louis woost-hay- zen is 18-holes away from his first career major win... the south african shoots a 69 to get to 15- under... he leads paul casey by four strokes... tour de france... alexandre vinokoruv
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cruises to the finish line to win the stage... but andy schleck keeps the yellow jersey... a sell out crowd at buck shaw stadium watched the quakes and tottenham hotspur of the english priemeir league play to a scoreless tie thanks, dave there's now a bit more of yosemite for campers to enjoy this summer. all campground sites are now open, including one that has been closed since 1997. it was inaccessible for the past 13 years because a flood destroyed a bridge leading into it. . all camp sites that can be reserved are already taken. but people who want to chance a spot in the first- come, first-served campgrounds should arrive early in the day. that does it for eyewitness news at 10. remember- the news is always on c-b-s 5 dot com. show: 10pm producer: director: discrep: reason:
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