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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  January 10, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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>> things are looking up in this down economy for one bay area city. why yacht and the people who own them are being scared toward vallejo. it's going to take sacrifice from every sector of california. >> we know who is getting less money from the state of california. the steep cuts and how much more you might have to pay for certain services. from the hospital room to the courtroom, an update on the attack in tucson. turned away from the ice, how a mother says she and her son were humiliated after trying to do something they have already done before. san francisco might get all the glory, but another bay area city is hoping to get something else out of the deal. they have plenty of room for
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voters in vallejo. what they have to offer the america's cup visitor. >> reporter: they think they can offer a lot. right now, it's the dead of winter, it didn't look very busy but some of the officials here are hoping to bring some of the hustle and bust he will from san francisco right here. vallejo has a downtown that is known for antique spots. you probably noticed the towering ride from six flags discovery kingdom when you pass. what else do you know? >> a lot of trouble. >> a lot of trouble? why is that? >> a lot of fights. pretty dark over here. >> vallejo has been known for many things. crime has been one of them. >> reporter: it's a negative reputation that could be changing. with the america's cup coming in two years, many are hoping to hoist their own local
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economies, not just san francisco's. >> i don't think it's quite the olympics, but for sailors it's a huge event. >> reporter: jim is hoping it will fill the hundreds of boat slips, some of which sit empty now. >> we think our location is so key, being where we are on the water, near the wine country. we want to work very hard with our tourism partners and hotels. yes, it's two years away but we would like to get a headstart on things. >> reporter: just down the street, the yacht club. >> the america cub is the big race. it's like the super bowl. >> reporter: they believe this will bring back the prestige of the century old establishment even if it brings in some very expensive boats. >> i don't think so much it's a fancy element. we're a working man's yacht club here. >> certainly champagne and
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yachts, i don't know how much cavair you will find right now, but we will be glad to get it if that's what people want. >> reporter: one company has dredged part of the marina, the yacht club plans to do some improvements. the ferry building will see a lot of renovations and there will be new parking in this area, so lot of improvements here. >> a lot of money up for grabs. i think they are going to have to redo some of those slips because those boats are big. >> that's right. >> thank you. well governor brown presented his budget plan today and as promised, every sector of the state is being asked to scale back. among the cuts, $1.5 billion from -- by reducing limit on welfare. that means the maximum monthly cash benefit would drop by $90. state subsidized childcare would be eliminated from parent of 11 and 12-year-olds.
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doctors services would be lowered and patient copays would go up. the governor says it's time to face the budget music. >> it's better to take our medicine now and get the state on balanced footing. >> he also proposed cutting traditiional housing for foster care kids. he is asking for a five-year extension for taxes that are about to retear. gavin newsom begins his first full day tomorrow. in his inauguration speech, he says he hopes to renew the state's entrepreneurial spirit. >> california is a state of dreamers, doers, a state of entrepreneurs. >> he was sworn in by his
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father, a retired judge. gasgone brought him in to be his second in command. the two had worked together in the los angeles police department. -- including the push to outfit the force with stun guns. he does not plan to seek a permanent appointment. former chief spent his first day on the job as the new district attorney. he holds a law degree from western state university in fullerton but has never tried a case. president obama and the first lady will be visiting tucson on tuesday to speak at a memorial service. six people were killed, 14 more wounded and tonight katy couric
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tells us more about the man accused in the shooting. >> reporter: 22-year-old jared loughner went before a federal judge today. he's charged with five counts of murder and attempted murder. asked if he understood his rights, he replayed yes. -- replied yes. he is held without bail. on a cold winter more thanking in washington, president and ms. obama led the nation in prayer for the victims of the shooting and their families. others also remembered on the steps of the capitol, hundreds of congressal aides bowed their heads. the supreme court justices observed a moment of silence. and a make shift memorial has sprung up in front of the hospital where some of the wounded are still being treated. >> two of them remain in the icu, however only one of those two is in critical condition. >> that one is congresswoman
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giffords shot point blank in the head. doctors remain hopeful about her prognosis. >> with regards to her recovery, at this phase in the game, no change is good. and we have no change. >> reporter: the impact of this tragedy in tucson was felt high above the earth. her brother-in-law is commander of the international space station. he led flight control centers around the world in a moment of silence. >> as i look out the window, i see a very beautiful planet that seems very inviting and peaceful, unfortunately, it is not. we are better than this. we must do better. >> flags in the bay area and all over the country are lowered tonight to half staff in honor of those who died in the shooting. one bay area congresswoman had a strong reaction to a reporter's question about the
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shootings the representative was in san mateo. she recalled her own experience as a survivor of another massacre. but she dismissed a reporter's suggestion that giffords would not be able to return to congress. >> i don't think you can possibly say that. i don't think we have any information to suggest that she won't be able to regain the ability to be a full fledged member of the house. in fact, i expect that she will. i look forward to her return. >> she will not curtail her meetings because of give ford's -- giffords' shootings. a first homicide of 2011. tonight have arrested three people. desean grisby was found dead just after 3:30 this afternoon. police say that several shots were fired near the housing complex. he was hit just once.
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now, there are with people around when it happened. >> they saw the victim outside, a person shooting at him. the victim then fled back into his grandmother's residence where he slapsed and -- collapsed and died. >> police later arrested two adults and one juvenile. the shooting may have been in retaliation for a fight at a high school months ago. well, people are still talking trash about the new garbage collector on the peninsula. tonight, customers confronted the general manager about poor service. they got 14,000 complaint calls last week when it took over garbage collection. the gm apologized and promised that service would improve, but that did not stop customers whose trash had been piling up from giving him an earful. now despite the complaint, the
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council approved and 18% rate hike. trying to repair two water main breaks caused by the cold weather are being repaired. part of the roadway collapsed. crews are evaluating the second break in another neighborhood, depending on the extent of the damage there, more cries might have to be brought in. well, this is ice skating season, but what worked for one family one day got them kicked out on another. >> how the mother says cher son was singled out and humiliated. it's probably not of a good idea, but one state wants to make it illegal. what teachers will no longerren able to do with their students -- no longer be able to do with their students. >> why using your debit card
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could make filling up a lot more costly. the computer model suggests we could have some light morning rain and this could be disastrous, the explanation as eyewitness news continues right here on the cw.
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because he uses a wheelchair. spoke to joe vazqu a disabled boy out for a skate was thrown off the ice yesterday and turned away saturday, regard, because he uses a wheelchair. a story you will only see here on cbs 5. >> i would just get on the ice and skate with him. >> reporter: kelly robinson demonstrates how she's able to take him skating in his wheelchair. they went just last month, had a great time and went back with a group of friends saturday. >> we didn't even make one rotation because some guy said i'm sorry i'm going to have to ask you to get off the ice, ma'am. >> i said what did i do.
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he said, no, it's the wheelchair. at that point i said oh, i'm sorry, i don't want to leave the ice. i think you're wrong. >> they were stripping our dignity away and treating us and especially zane as less than human. >> he has a abnormality in his chromosomes but he is full of spirit. his parents pleaded with one supervisor after another to let him stay and skate to no aavailable. >> they said you need to get off the ice. you just need to leave. you just need to leave. and they weren't apologetic. i kept trying to appeal to their sensibilities as humans. he's a 10-year-old boy and he loves to skate. there are very few things we can do with him, just taking -- robbing him of that. >> reporter: general manager
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paige scott says she's also upset the family west kicked out. they have numerous events for disabled people so her employees should have known better. she e-mailed the family to apologize. it should not have happened and in fact is contrary to policy. >> then how did the managers say it was corporate policy and kicked them out. >> i would like to do that, too. we are doing a full investigation of everything to a sure the family this will not happen again. >> reporter: she has invited them back to go skating and they are inclined to accept it because of how much zane loves to skate. the gm says she can't talk about whether anybody will be fired but there will be some
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sensitivity training. >> sounds like a classic case of miscommunication. >> yes, but there was apparently-did look, voices were raised, maybe people were yelling at each other. the fact of the matter is they turned that kid away on a wheelchair when she shouldn't be doing that -- when they shouldn't be doing that. we're going to turn to roberta now. >> it was a cool day today. highs only 46 degrees in livermore. 53 in oakland. tonight in the city of san francisco, we are already in the low 40s. upper 30s in santa rosa and in livermore. and on top of that, we do have some very light rain that is now being noted by our radar. the problem with this is when you have the rain and the dropping temperatures we could see the possibility of black ice for tomorrow morning's commute north of the golden gate bridge. now, it won't be as cold tonight as it was last night when we saw a record low of 25
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degrees in sonoma. it was also 25 in santa rosa, below freezing in livermore, san jose, san francisco 6 degrees below normal for this time of the year. bottom line is, we will see temperatures tonight 31 degrees to the north, upper 30s across the central bay. as you leave home tomorrow, grab that umbrella. light rain will be moving in beginning in the northern portion of our district. you know, it's really a beautiful system. looks very impressive but it's banging up a rink of high pressure. it's weakening as it hits up against the ridge. that's very light rain. you can see that spreading over the entire area. then hit/miss scattered showers about this time tomorrow night.
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we will keep a chance of a lingering shower, otherwise dry skies as high pressure builds back in. as far as the temperatures are concerned, the numbers will be going up in comparison to today. there you have it, oh, boy, i never thought 60s would look so good, right? wednesday, thursday into the low 60s. next chance of rain after tomorrow will come on thursday to the north. it's only a slight chance and it looks like sunshine for the holiday weekend. storm coming, that was the last system barreling down on the bay area. we will see those kind of clouds again tomorrow. just a little bit of a wet one. >> all right. okay. get out the umbrella. teachers friending students. it may soon become a no-no for some schools. the washington post reports the virginia board of education is considering a proposal that would recommend schools
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restrict student/teacher interaction on social networks and through text messaging. those ideas are aimed at preventing sexual abuse following a teacher's arrest last year. in 2009 the coffee giant announced it would turn one of its stores into a independently owned cafe. it offered life entertainment and wine and beer. now it will become a regular starbucks again but it is keeping two other cafes in seattle as learning environments to refine its product line. using your debit card to buy gasoline could tie up your cash for days. many gas stations charge a holding fee, usually 75 to $100 just for swiping your cars. as long as these charges are tied to your debit card, you
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wouldn't have access to your money. it can last a few days, but we've heard of consumers waiting two weeks for their fund to be released. there is no law they have to get your permission or even tell you about it. >> i didn't know it. >> merchants are trying to ensure that they are paid in full. >> if you must use debit, pay inside where you can use your number. those are rendered immediately. well, you've seen them out there working, but do they do a good job or are they just cheap labor? we are talking goats in tonight's good question. ,,,,,, [ male announcer ] when sean was looking at mba programs,
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he wanted a curriculum designed to meet market needs, with faculty who brought real-world perspective on where the business world was headed and the practical experience to help him make an impact. my name is sean blankenship, i'm making the electric car more accessible, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] imagine what a business degree can do for you. with six bay area locations, one is closer than you think.
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but are they doing good work? they are hard workers that truly love what they do, but are they doing good work? how effective are goats in controlling brush and clearing lots? that's tonight's good question.
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>> no more -- mowers, chemicals are burning. just give these goats a day, and they will have it eliminated. >> they eat buries, poison oak, all types of vegetation. >> reporter: and there's plenty of it where the goats are working today. terry and her husband run "goats are us." whether it's fire suppress or sprucing up a business park. these four-legged weed whackers can handle it. >> universities, companies that have large land hol -- holdings. >> reporter: she is not sure who gets more out of it, the goats or the people who hire them. >> people who try to go green, people enjoy the goats. a lot of places where they go, there are parties and events
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held at these companies or in neighborhoods. >> reporter: the goats work with herding dogs and a professional golf herder and leave nothing behind. well, almost nothing. >> is this goat poop? >> yes, it is. we could get down and examine it but that would probably be a whole other show. >> reporter: go to do you know who the president was when auburn last won the championship? came down to the final seconds. the national title between oregon, auburn next.
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against auburn in the national champion oregon scored under 20 points against cal in november and won. could lightning strike again? heisman trophy winner cam newton had an 8-point lead in the 4th. but the ducks quacked back. the game was tied at 19. just over 2 minutes left. dyers' knee never hit the turf. he scampers 37 yards to get into field goal range. a key play set up this chip shot field goal, the time expires, auburn wins their first title since dwight ice
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inhour was in the oh value office. in five seasons, his recovered is 61-5 but his assistants couldn't -- see i screwed up the punch line. the most versatile player in college football. he averaged 110 plays per game as a full back and linebacker for stanford this past season. you see that a lot in high school football but rarely in college football. >> and rarely -- >> he was super on both sides. >> the boise coach for what stanford is paying, he could have taken the money and then -- >> that's not how it works. >> they were going to offer 5 million for harbaugh, that was not going to be the rate for
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