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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  January 28, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." one piece of the puzzle has been recovered but the most important question still not answered. what the mother of a missing boy is saying tonight. egypt's president makes a concession to bring peace to his country but the idea backfired. what people on the streets really want. and unwelcome neighbors that will not go away. who is keeping rats fat and happy in one bay area business district? good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. investigators are combing through a car that they fished out of the central valley canal, the car they say used to kidnap 4-year-old juliani cardenas a week and a half ago. that toyota was pulled out of the delta-mendota canal just before 6:00 p.m.
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tonight. kiet do reports investigators think they know what happened. >> reporter: ken, we are standing right at the spot where the car was dragged up onto the banks of the canal and all day long we have been talking about these so-called siphon tubes. there is a flat portion and that is where they found the car lodged today and they will be back tomorrow but they won't be looking for vehicles, they will be looking for bodies. the canal took its toll on the car. the body was dented, the bumpering dangling and windows smashed. after 11 days it didn't even look like a toyota corolla any more. there was no closure, just more questions. >> unfortunately the vehicle is empty. jose and juliani are not in the car. >> reporter: one window on each side was rolled down which leads them to believe that the bodies of the two had drifted
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out. >> we wanted to find the little boy alive. the reality is, that is simply not going to happen right now. >> reporter: this is surveillance video of the get away car hours before the alleged kidnapping on january 18th when investigators say juliani was snatched from his grandmother's arms. the sheriff is confident the bodies are still in the canal since the farm worker that first saw the car disappear into the water said a man and boy were inside. >> he is not sophisticated enough, doesn't have the infrastructure, doesn't have the financing, doesn't have the support to pull off that kind of an abduction. >> reporter: the boy's mother is also eight months pregnant with the suspect's baby. she says until the remains are found she is hopeful juliani is alive. >> everybody, please keep your eyes out for jose. don't look for the car any more. just keep your eyes out for jose. my son. and hopefully we find him.
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>> juliani is alive? >> i am hoping so. >> reporter: the temperature of the water is about 42 degrees which means that the body won't necessarily decompose that quickly and it will take some time before they float back to the surface and the police get that phone call. the crews will be back out here at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. ken? >> we will see if law enforcement authorities are correct in their theory. kiet do in patterson. thank you >> the mother of the kidnapping suspect lives in san jose and she told us today she is holding out hope that her son and juliani are both alive. >> i still have faith. i'm going to have faith because i'm a strong believer in that and i have faith and i will not let my faith down until my son surfaces. until anything comes down. >> she has said several times since the kidnapping that she doesn't believe her son is capable of hurting juliani.
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a night curfew, internet blackout, armed forces in the street. firing his cabinet. none of it is working for egypt's president as he tries to quiet a revolution and hold on to his power. it is not just vehicles burning, buildings are going up in flames as well. elizabeth palmer is in the middle of it all in cairo. >> reporter: by night fall central cairo looked like a war zone. antigovernment protestors had fought their way past police and pushed into the very heart of the city cheering and chanting we demand the end of the regime. hours earlier after friday prayers a crowd set out to march but almost immediately they were stopped by lines of police in full riot gear who beat them and fired round after round of tear gas and rubber bullets. that's the front line right there. that's where the police lines
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are preventing people from getting to the center of town. these demonstrators are penned in and furious. they want one thing. >> we don't want this party any more. go. leave out of egypt. >> reporter: people are demanding an end to corruption, abuse, employment but above all they want to see the end of president hosni mubarak. the main standoff played out over the nile river. protestors were determined to cross into downtown. a brave few rushed forward through the volleys of tear gas. the masks followed until they were pushed back again by the police. but the protestors refused to give up at one point pausing as
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a group to pray. elsewhere around the city injured people were pinned by the crowd. >> they are firing rubber bullets and they are firing them right in our faces said this protestor. >> reporter: east of cairo protestors attackedded a police van. the driver was finally forced to escape by driving through the crowd. as dusk fell in cairo the crowds had grown so huge pressing forward from the bridge, throwing rocks action until the police seemed simply to give up. and the crowd streamed forward into cairo's freedom square. nearby a proud symbol of the party political headquarters was looted and set ablaze. authorities had announced curfews in cities across the country but in cairo, at least, nobody paid any attention. then suddenly the army appeared
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and the protestors cheered welcoming the soldiers who appeared to be under order to guard strategic public buildings. finally after midnight the president appeared on television and told the country, i will ask my government to resign and tell the new government to work with the current situation. so president hosni mubarak has made a concession but it certainly isn't the one that demonstrators were demanding. he is going to fire the cabinet but he does remain in power. >> bay area egyptians are praying for peace in their homeland. there was a special service tonight at an orthodox church in hayward. the priest says democracy there must be done in the right way. >> it has no business with any
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politics, our dogma teaches us to pray for the president, to give them wisdom and strength to rule and to governor the congregation. >> the father says it has been difficult to get in touch with loved ones at home because internet and cell phones are down but through land lines they have made contacts with relative. police are looking for a man suspected of kidnapping attempts near two schools. on monday he tried to grab a student at a high school. that student got away but not until the suspect exposed himself. and just minutes earlier the same man asked a student to get into his red chevy blazer. the student refused and that man drove away. state investigators are working with the feds to track down thieves who looted welfare benefits.
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according to the chronicle the criminals gained access to cards and pass words to people in california who used the state's electronic cards. six families in sonoma county lost money. the state reimbursed all of the victims. governor brown is putting the brakes on all new car purchases paid with taxpayer money. it is part of the effort to reduce the state's massive budget deficit. there are approximately 11,000 cars and trucks in the state's fleet and governor brown also wants to cut that in half. nonessential vehicles must be sold or transferred within 120 days of the plan's approval. and starting next fall you won't find toll takers on the golden gate bridge. today the bridge district voted to replace the employees were a fully electronic system. they say it will save more than $19 million in the first eight years. the new system will be installed in february, 2012, for testing. toll takers will likely be
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eliminated by november of that year. people have been collecting tolls on the bridge since it opened in 1937. well, coming up, if you think you've got what it takes to star in a movie with judd law and matt damon opportunity is knocking. what could be your break as an extra. and one set of neighbors that business owners do not want. why hundreds of rats near their stories have reason to keep scurrying right where they are. if you do it you face jail time. if a machine does, there is not much to do but find a way to unplug it. hundreds of calls that poured into a bay area police department. who pulled the plug on the warm weather right here in the bay area because now it is cooler and it could rain. forecast is coming up right here on the cw.
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>> three, two, one. and lift off. lift off of the 25th space shuttle mission and it has cleared the tower. 73 seconds later the space shuttle challenger exploded. that was 25 years ago today. seven astronauts including the first teacher in space christa mcauliff was killed. of the challenger was brought down because cold weather caused runner seals to weaken and fail. nasa's shuttle program will officially come to an end this summer. it is not just one or two, it is hundreds of rats. they have moved in near a busy shopping center. grace lee shows us what shop owners are trying to deal with. eww, grace. >> reporter: i know, no kidding, dana. makes your skin crawl. where is the piper when you need him. i think the lights are scaring them but clearly they are not
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afraid to come out. skittering across an empty lot, rats were feeding on a box of pizza at the corner of telegraph and hayes. the owner shot this video to prove the point at a local business forum and it is pretty effective. the critters are eating out in the open in the space near his business. >> does that make your skin crawl? >> yes, it is horrible. it is disgusting. >> people have rats as pets and mice as pets. maybe it's not the best idea. >> reporter: she knows all about this pecky problem. >> it is a lot of rats. >> reporter: he runs a business that sits across the street from them. >> at night he see thousands of rats in the dark and you see the ground moving over here. you see like a couple hundred over here. >> reporter: washington says he doesn't know who it is but he
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says someone is feeding them and feeding them regularly. >> some random guy throwing food over the gate and nobody is doing nothing but it and the rats are constantly eating all the food. >> reporter: however you feel about rats, it is a public health issue. rats are known to carry diseases which can be a problem for humans and your pets and meningitis and they carry flees as well and i'm sure, dana, you remember this from history class, bubonic plague. >> this is freaking me out. you could see some of those rats were massive. >> reporter: i know. >> okay, go. grace lee in berkeley, thank you. danville police now say a home that caught fire this morning may have been a marijuana grow house. that fire started about 5:30 a.m. this morning. it was a big one.
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no one was home. investigators say they found grow lights, air-conditioning units, fans commonly associated with marijuana growing operations. they are still investigating the exact cause of that fire. well, all things marijuana are on display this weekend. hemp-conreturned to san jose center today. it is a medical marijuana trade show. industry experts, businesses and doctors will be at the convention center showcasing the newest products and services. that event runs through the weekend. >> that's pretty blown glass. that's all i'm going to say. roberta. the wind is going to blow a little bit tomorrow, dana. in san francisco today high only 54. we have been experiencing temperatures though well above average and today came to an end. tonight overnight with dense fog in our inland areas right
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now the visibility in concord at the airport less than a quarter of a mile, 35 overnight in santa rosa, mid-30s tri- valley. mid-40s common across the central bay. see that today. we saw a few high thin clouds but it carved a path for this area of low pressure behind it. that is the one that will provide us with some rain. the first rain drop since january 13th. looks like it could even begin as early as tomorrow night. reaching the north bay spreading -- did you see that lightening bolt? a chance of a thunderstorm over the weekend with this system as well. there you have sunup on sunday and everybody is getting wet. we will see some clearing during the early afternoon hours to the north and gradually to the south by the time the sunset sets. anywhere from a quarter to half inch of rain. 7000 feet and above 7 to 10 inches of snow. couple of inches at the lake
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level. you will need chains if you're heading to the high sierra. you will need tomorrow sweater weather. temperatures pretty much under 60 everywhere except for south san jose. extended forecast needs some explaining because it will be wet and cool on sunday. then monday high pressure builds in quickly rebounding temperatures and then we will see a warmup into the low 70s inland by the end of the workweek. this is gorgeous. this is from stacy born of san francisco. this was taken when we were experiencing our full moon. can you see the full moon there? can you? >> yes. >> keep them coming at mypics@ >> thank you, roberta. >> despite our dry spell even though it will rain over the weekend there is plenty of snow in the sierra. state water officials say that
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the snowpack remains above average. it follows the series of storms that dumped several feet of snow before october and december. well, if you think what you've got what it takes to get on the silver screen with matt damon or jude law here is your chance. the director of the movie is coming to san francisco this weekend to cast extras for his new film "contagion." an action adventure starring matt damon, jude law, gwyneth paltrow. casting will be tomorrow afternoon from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. all 1 million of you are invited and sunday from 10 to 4 at the embarkadaro y.c.m.a. all right, calls that come
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and just won't stop. >> after the first call we started getting the same call from the same device every 20 seconds. a possible threat to public safety because it happened to them. the search for who or what called 911 hundreds of times. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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called them hundreds of times a local 911 dispatch center is trying to figure out who or what called them hundreds of times over a five-hour period. don knapp says it could have caused an emergency for the emergency call center. >> what kind of rescue do you have? >> reporter: most day's palo alto's emergency dispatch gets about 100 calls but on the evening of january 13th the system was flooded with so many calls it nearly became a threat to public safety. >> every call that comes in we have to answer it as a true emergency and no matter what it is because we don't know what it is on the other end of the line. it is just frustrating.
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>> reporter: dispatchers feel that 566 calls from a cell phone -- dispatchers got 566 calls from a cell phone. >> after the call we started getting the same call from the same device every 25 seconds. >> reporter: palo alto technical services chief says verizon located the device and shut it down saying it was an automobile automatic dialer designed to call 911 in a cash or other emergencies. a similar problem made 1000 calls earlier this week. >> i personally believe that there should -- devices should not be allowed to dial 911 automatically. it ties up resources, potential for emergencies like this. >> reporter: on star goes to a private dispatch center.
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the company said they had no information it was their device that caused the problem. he says these systems are moving to the internet and he says when that happens the chances for that increase exponentially. don knapp, in palo alto, cbs5. it will hopefully be a great game. there will be great ads but something will be missing from super bowl xlv. no cheerleaders. now, this is going to be the first time the super bowl will not have cheerleaders. the steelers and packers. >> or the rams. they won't be there either. >> chargers won't be there. >> anyway, these two teams they are playing in the super bowl and they are just two of six that don't have cheerleaders. they got rid of that extra support years ago. the flying tomato doesn't much to cheer about. he has done something he has never done at x games.
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but char the warriors led the bobcats by 8 with 90 seconds to play. christian, start the clock. charlotte got within 3. jerald wallace misses in the corner but they get the rebound and steven jackson banks it in to send the game to overtime. 31 points for captain jack. charlotte beats the warriors 121-113. winning taking a two shot
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league into the weekend. tiger shot a 69 for the second straight day to get to six under leaving him five strokes behind haas. andy murray beating david ferrer in four sets and will take on novak in the australian open final. the flying tomato -- i know he doesn't like that nickname but shawn white came in 13th out of 16 in the snowboard slope style and did not qualify for the metal round for the first time ever at the x games. his only shot at a gold medal will come sunday in the super pipe finals. >> what happened? >> is he too cautious. >> no, i don't think so. just didn't get it done. >> didn't get to see it again today. he is in all the ads now. he is the face. he is in all the ads. >> maybe he is being conservative in that particular race. >> could have. >> because he is going to take the next one.
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saving it up. >> hopefully. >> wow. >> see you at 11:00 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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