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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  February 4, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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ready for ose up. for the first time, see a new series that put hoes of a be. only on 5, a bay area police department ready for its close up. a new series that puts you in the shoes of a police recruit. once a year the brew rolls out and the crowds pour in. what's so special about it? inside the biggest storage company in the bay area. >> it looks like they went through every single box. >> the policy cops say makes it easier for thieves to steal your stuff. eat as much as you want. everything you could gain by getting a little -- the reality tv san jose style. the police department has come up with a series they hope
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shows you what it's like to be a cop. it's the first time in the police department has ever done anything like this. >> i will get my gun. >> reporter: san jose police want to win your hearts and minds by showing you what's going on in theirs. >> reporter: step into the blew is attend-part -- a 10-part documentary produced by san jose police. unprecedented behind the scenes access shows lots of moments, part education and part recruiting tool. >> is it fair to say the department is turning over a new leave? >> we're going down a new rode with them -- new rosb ---- road
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with them. >> reporter: this 2006-footage showing officers in riot gear, the department says the new videos are a long-term effort and not a knee-jerk reaction. >> we should be willing to let the public know what we do and why we do it. >> reporter: richard is one of the department's sharpest critics on the treatment of minorities. even though one of the episodes highlights the train, he says it's not enough. >> they are afraid to call the police. that's not good. i mean, people shouldn't be fearful of the police. i'm not sure this kind of video really leads us toward rebuilding trust. >> reporter: a new episode will be released every other week on
10:03 pm and youtube. >> that's the way it is. the police have to adjust to that, and the way to adjust to it is to be as open as possible and give the public all of the information that's available. >> that includes these videos? >> including video. >> reporter: in this new landscape it seems doing nothing is not an option. what started as a bar brawl early this morning erupted into a huge street fight of about 200 people who then turned on police. >> there was bottles flying, people holding broom handles. >> it started just before 1:30. when police arrived they found 180 people fighting. officers eventually moved everyone outside but the fighting flared up again, then the crowd started attacking the cops. there was still blood on the sidewalk and on this building
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this afternoon. officers eventually called for backup. about about 0 ---- 30 about officers responded. one officer was slightly hurt. no word on what started the fight. well, the pentagon has just ordered some war ships to the red sea just in case they need to evacuate americans from egypt. an aircraft carrier is sticking around in the eastern mediterraneanian tonight. that as the egyptian military appear to take a side in the struggle. >> reporter: what a difference 24 hours makes. instead of running street battles, demonstrators this morning found smiling soldiers working with opposition organizers to set up check points so no trouble makers got in. if there was any doubt which side the army was on, this mob of hosni mubarak supporters was left on the outside looking in,
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blocked by tanks. today the square felt like the safest place in cairo, with an air of celebration. but the underlying anger with hosni mubarak hasn't gone away. >> he's dealing with us like a group of animals, not people. >> reporter: option organizers call this the day of departure . they asked for hundreds of thousands to come out. they got the numbers they hoped for. the question is will it be enough to force hosni mubarak out? there are people in egypt who are pushing for a compromise, a group of wished egyptian ---- distinguished egyptians has a proposal. for hosni mubarak to remain president until elections this fall but stripped of power. his vice president would take over immediately, the
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parliament would be dissolved and the protestors would get amnesty. it's hard to believe the people in this crowd would buy into any deal for hosni mubarak to remain president even if it's only in name. and obama obama administration officials tell the "new york times" about some of the possible exit strategies given to egypt's president. among them, going to his home or going to germany for a medical checkup. well conditioning -- congresswoman gabrielle giffords is recovering so well, that her husband has decided to go back into space. astronaut mark kelly is set to command adults ---- a shuttle mission this april. he's been on leave since his last was shot in the head last month during that shooting rampage in tucson. >> i know her very well and she would be very comfortable with
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the decision that i made. >> nasa observed commander kelly for a week, that to make sure he could focus and not be distracted. after weeks of uncertainty, anthony batts say he is staying. he says he couldn't commit to oakland after losing out to san jose's top job. the one thing that touched his heart. >> reporter: the prove each says that a little child will lead them. in this case, it was eight little ones and one very determined preschool teacher. >> she said, please don't leave. you vowed to keep us safe. >> reporter: for 23 years she's taught the commandments of thank you, kindness and keeping your word. so when anthony batts arrived
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just over a year ago. she says he made a vow. >> to me, it was saying that he was truly committed, so to think he might be leaving, i was just kind of on the fence. i mean, i really didn't want him to leave. >> reporter: so she sketched his vow out, had preschoolers hold the word then sent this photo to batts hoping the chief to his word. it apparently worked. >> my staff can show you that the preschoolers sent this. it touched my heart. >> reporter: just watch their interaction right in front of tv news cameras. batts peers through his fingers in what appears to be glances of indig nation. is it the universal language of eye rolling? she never looks at the chief.
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so while preschool parents rejoice about the chief's staying. >> i just heard a few minutes ago that he's staying. >> reporter: perhaps the next preschool message should be a addressed to the chief and mayor. play nice. well, imagine it. a long line during the workday for beer. why? well, the beer wasn't free but there was a limited quantative ---- limited quant of it. it's like heaven. it's like the best beer i've ever had in my whole life. >> reporter: the ones a year treat has gained a consult following. last year they sold out of 200 kegs in eight hours. >> the release wasn't
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announced. i had someone call me. >> reporter: this year the lines were just as long. some fans waited for -- four hours just to get a case. this time, though, the owners are rationing the suds by supplying a secret number of gallons a day. >> we did a lot of things differently this year. we're not selling any beer to go. they have to consume it here. >> that didn't seem to be a problem for people sell operating a -- celebrating a special occasion to the regular. >> i hear that beer those -- >> it's never bottled in order to protect its fresh state. it will only be here for february 17th. you can look for it in a few
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select bars in the bay area starting on wednesday. no such thing as a free lunch, but if you're homeless there is such a thing as a free ride. how those down on their luck are getting a lift on bay area transit. how about the next time your e- mail account is full of spam you just throw it away? the domain that is offering disposable e-mail dresses. plenty of sunshine around the bay area for the weekend. clear skies tonight. we will pinpoint the locations that will have record high temperatures and the days that expect it as eyewitness news continues right here on w -- cbs 5 and wc. coming up in minutes. >> i think i would have been safer in my car. ,,,,,,,,
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at public storage facilities in thre ea cities. on th how safe is your stored stuff?
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we've been tracking break-ins. the crime by the numbers. >> they cut the thing and slid the bar with the lock on it and the door opened. >> reporter: when thieves broke into her locker this summer, she lost all her family belongings. >> the family clock, the mantle clock. >> reporter: it happened at this facility. >> it looked like they had plenty of time and they went through every single box. >> reporter: plenty of time because of how she says an employee told her the thieves probably pulled it off. >> they rent a unit where they get the first month free and then they come in the middle of the night, they break in the middle of night, before the end of the month they move out. >> there is no lock on this door.
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they come right in, get in the elevator and up they go. >> reporter: then once upstairs they have come complete privacy. >> there is no cameras here. >> reporter: in fact, she says the only camera that might have spotted suspects going into her building is missing. a public storage employee told her -- >> the back camera was stolen over a year ago. >> reporter: that's no surprise to this former public storage manager. >> traveling all over, i got to see the very old and run down storage facilities we had. >> reporter: his bigger concern is the first month for a dollar promotion, which he feels encourages thieves. san jose police agrees. >> that does attract those of the criminal element. we are seeing that as a trend. >> reporter: according to police records, this storage has 43 break-ins over the last two years. 43. if that number seems high to
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you, it's because it is. consumer watch compiled a data base from three of the largest storage companies in san jose, san francisco and oakland. while public stage does have more facility and some -- public storage does have more facilities, they had a lot of break-ins. why so many more? we went undercover to investigate what the other companies might be doing differently? examining security at a-one and extra space facility closest to this. >> what about security? >> we haven't an alarm for each unit. >> we found part of the reason this one hey -- may very few we are burglars, each unit had an alarm system. they had just three break-ins over the last two years. both facilities had outdoor cameras that appeared to be
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functioning. back at public storage, she is getting ready to pack up and leave. >> i think my stuff would have been safer in my car on the street. >> public storage declined a comment on the consumer watch investigation but supply he's say the company's newer facilities also have alarms on individual units. there just aren't very many in the bay area. check out our website. the road is pretty rough right now for several bay area transit agencies, but despite the need for cash, one group of passengers is getting a free ride. the homeless. santa clara county and the valley transportation authority are all teaming up to offer this program. here's the idea, to help the down and out get back on their feet. >> you apply for services. how do you get to your doctor,
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how do you get food? you need to find some way to get there. >> the county gets about 8100 stickers each quarter that are put on homeless ids. they can get these free ride passes. travel is monitored. we've waited all week and now it's here. >> we had highs today at 71 degrees in santa rosa. 72 in pleasantton. 65 when the average high is 60. 49 degrees in san francisco. temperature-wise 38 degrees in livermore. now, meanwhile, just in effect is a wind advisory for the delta until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night. very aggressive offshore winds out of the north, gusting up to 40 miles an hour in that
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highlighted area. we do have an area of high pressure and it will continue to build in and as it does so, it diverts that storm track so it leaves us precipitation- free. it allows that very breezy condition to work its way in. it warms up the upper atmosphere and temperatures will be near or record high. look at san jose, forecast to 71. we will shatter a record in oakland. now, meanwhile, if you're sneezing a bit, you're serving from allergies, it's not because of those cherry blossoms, it is the juniper and the ash count on the medium to high side. otherwise the air quality will be good. temperatures will be going up tomorrow anywhere from 67 in pacifica. forecast on sunday definite three warmest of the two coming
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up. that will be a record-breaker. we have a string of days in the 70s. mexico sunset. let's go elope to mexico. >> keep the photos coming to >> but you're already married. >> i didn't mean us, but everybody. >> thanks. microsoft thinks it's found an alternative for throw away counts. today, they launched a new hot mail feature. it let's users create multiple e-mail accounts that can be managed from their every day inbox. it let's people create up to five aliases. >> i can bare will he keep
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whatwizzlers.r wallet?! the twist you can't resist. if you take medication for either, or if you ha all right. house is your cholesterol? >> if you take medication for either or if you have some extra pounds to lose, here's something that might do the trick. all you need to do is go primal. >> reporter: she may look like a -- he may look like a top shelf but he eats like a cave man. >> i feel great. >> reporter: the neuro scientist follows what's called the -- diet eating only what prehistoric man ate half a million years ago. >> you can eat anything that would be able to be eaten without being processed. >> that means no grains, no bread, no dairy. lots of fruits and very many tables, some nuts and oils and lots of fish, poultry and lean
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meet -- lean meat. >> what kicked him back to the stone age? >> cholesterol tracking. >> he noticed it was going up. he tried exercise, a drug. nothing really worked. he then went this way. in two short weeks by changing his diet, it went way down. in a few months it was completely normal. i was stunned. >> it really does work. >> reporter: this doctor tested the diet on out of shape volunteers. the group ate lots of food without losing any weight or exercising. >> everybody's blood pressure went down. in two weeks' everybody's cholesterol and levels got better. the average drop on this was 30 points, which is really amazing. >> reporter: how do they do it? the doctor says it's complicated. the food keeps your body's
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chemistry in better balance. he cooks two meals each night. one for himself and one for his wife and son. maybe he's not a cave man after all. [ male announcer ] kfc hot wings.
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taste so good they don't need sauce. crispy on the outside with chili pepper and spices that explode with every bite. try 20 kfc hot wings today for just 10 bucks. that's only 50 cents a wing! kfc. tastes so good. on the when you win a world series, you don't have to worry about being on the hot seat. today the giants extended sabien's and bochy's contracts through 2012. start the clock. pablo sandoval arrived much slimmer. he wouldn't say how much weight he lost but did say he's been getting hitting tips from barry bond. >> i'm not going to tell how many pounds i've lost, but i lost a lot. i've been working hard. no chips, no soda. i'm eating right. a lot of vegetables.
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chavez has signed a deal with the yankees. he spent 13 seasons with the a's but missed over 400 games the last three seasons due to back and neck injuries. tommy and mark wilson are tied for the -- finally the cavs blew a 12- point lead and lost their 23rd straight game tying a league record for the longest losing streak. if you think things are bad here with the warriors, just look at that. >> they are going to have to change his name if he keeps losing weight. like baby bear or vegetable bear. >> he looked good. >> 25, 35 pounds. >> i said about 25. i saw him in november, he was much larger. >> i've heard it was 30 by a
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