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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  March 25, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. >> i can hear the crash. i can see that my hill is gone. so i don't want to wait for the rest of it to go down the hill. > an east bay family packs up and gets out. why people in the neighborhood say the city left them vulnerable. left high and dry, what this week's storms washed away and left behind. >> it has beautiful homes and lush scenery, but something is missing in marin county. why the federal government is taking notice. and if you haven't been clothes shopping lately, proof when it comes to buying bay area cities do it best. good evening, i'm dana king. they can hear the earth crack as they watch as more landslides away. homeowners in one east bay city are not taking any chances.
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they are packing up and getting out. robert lyles is in san pablo where backyards are gone from relentless rain. robert. >> dana, to understand the devastating force of this landslide, allow me to step out of the way. now this backyard here on hillcrest used to be at least ten feet wider. it has now been swallowed by trees, by mud, by an old fencing and back there in the back, that used to be a 6-foot tall storage shelter here on this property. it has been crumpled like an aluminum can. the land is sliding from three homes above into the back of the three homes below and residents now wonder aloud if all of this is the result of a slide, get this, 28 years ago. >> i'm not going to wait. >> blanca is trying to box up what her family can live with
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and live without because tonight she is in a race against the storm cloud. >> i'm freaking out. >> you would too if your backyard looked like it was hit by a quake. but it was no quake, instead, it has been sliced away by days and days of rain. they are hoping tarping will slow the landslide. >> i can hear the crack. i can see that my hill is gone. so i don't want to wait for the rest of it to go down the hill. we are leaving. >> what was her backyard has now slid. >> this used to be embedded into the side of the hill. >> into the back of steven hewitt's family home. the hill crumbled as our cameras rolled. >> i'm wondering when it's going to hit the house. >> it was believed this landslide started 24 hours ago, but this utility pole 400 feet from his family's front door tells a different story. >> it has been moving. they were out here monday or tuesday. >> hewitt says the entire hill in front of their home slid
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back in 1983. >> the flag came all the way to our front grass and it stopped. >> city officials cautioned residents not to jump to conclusions, saying the '83 slide. >> may or may not have impacted the slides we are seeing today. >> what are you waiting to determine if that has an effect here? >> the soils engineer. >> leon walker says you can draw a straight line. >> we are directly in front of it. if that fell 50 feet, then they didn't properly sink that. >> six homes are affected, but three of the homeowners say there is no insurance, but companies are now shifting the responsibility. >> they look for any way not to pay. so if they can say that house is causing the triple down theory here, then we have to go after them. >> now the city of san pablo owns a vacant property directly next door to where i stand.
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they say they are now prepared to split the cost of a soiled engineer. they also say they are contacting governor brown's office, hoping that he'll declare a state of emergency. that may free up more money. meanwhile, a building inspector is supposed to visit all six of these properties in the next 6 to 12 hours and continue through the weekend to determine if these properties will be inhabitable. if not, they will red tag these homes and dana, that brings up a bigger issue. the insurance companies are not covering their damages. so they say without that money, if they are forced out, they have no money to pay for temporary housing. >> they have nothing. all right, robert lyles in san pablo, thank you. a landslide left 160 families without water in alameda county. the heavy rains triggered the slide on the pleasantton ridge. pleasantton city officials say
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the affected homes won't have water until sunday at the earliest. steep terrain and continued wet weather are slowing down any repair work. and clear lake is still above flood stage tonight. it initially hit above 9 feet this morning for the first time in 13 years. some who live on the lake saw their homes flood. a boat launching facility in the city of clear lake where the water spread well into the parking lot as you can see here, now usually you have to go down the ramp to get to the dock, but the water is now covering it. >> work is still going on tonight to clean up another muddy mess. kit shows us the damage from the spot where the earth opened up in capatola. >> the light blue mobile home is called our beach house. overnight it became a cliff house. the unit now straddles a sink hole 20 feet deep and 100 feet long. >> we are in shock. we are just numb. >> crews are working right
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next to vanessa's home, ground zero for the muddy misery in capatola. the twisted metal is all that is left of a culvert that ruptured under the pressure of a historic downpour. >> yesterday, 6 inches of rain fell fast and furious and most of it went right through here. the water from this creek flows into this creek, which had 100 year flood. the blowout sent water cascading into downtown capatola and in some places, it was knee deep. two dozen businesses were flooded and mud was everywhere. tracy was one of 40 in the mobile home park that had only minor damage. why was your unit spared? >> it's luck of the draw. we are in a location where it went past. nothing more than that. >> as for vanessa's home, engineers will try to save it, but there are no guarantees. >> a lot of good times.
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about it. >> kit, cbs 5. well, the weekend is upon us and the rain is not done with us just yet. roberta. >> we did have rain today. so it marked the 12th day of rain in the bay area. chopper 5 high in the sky today where we had high temperatures from 54 degrees in san rafael to 61 degrees at half-moon bay. the doppler radar is placing a lot of green on the doppler, where we had a moderate to heavy downpour. we have hit and miss scattered showers around the northern portion of our bay. today with the 20th out of the 25 days this month that we had measurable precipitation. how much rain has accumulated? so far according to our automated weather station, we had over 18 inches of rain this month alone in mill valley. approaching 10 inches around the peninsula and wood side and to the east, the bay with nearly 9.5 inches of rain this
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month. more rain tonight and this weekend. we'll pinpoint the timing. dana, that's coming up later on in this newscast. thank you. japan's nuclear crisis has taken a turn for the worse. the japanese government says there is likely a breech in the number 3 reactor at the fukushima nuclear plant. two workers suffered severe raiduation burns after stepping into the water outside the reactor. the water had radiation levels 10,000 times higher than normal. >> this creates the possibility of a much larger release of radiation into the environment than we have seen to date. >> following the discovery, the government expanded the voluntary evacuation zone around that plant from 12 to 19 miles. and in syria, witnesses say security forces shot and killed at least 15 people during protests against the government. the protests that started in a rural town have now spread to
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several cities in a country where protest simply have not been tolerated in the past. amateur video showed protesters defacing a poster of the president. in response to demonstrations, the current leader made promises, including large public pay raises. the protesters do not trust he will make good on that that offer. and gadhafi ground forces are still a threat despite nearly a week of air strikes. a tank was taken out today by a british jet as it was prepared a fire on rebels. for the first time, an arab country is among those flying combat missions over libya. planes from the nation of gutar. a judge says a woman who communicates by blinking can see her triplets. abby won temporary visitation rights, which will add up to
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three hours a day for five days each summer at her parent's home in south carolina. she will also get monthly online skype visits. medical errors made while giving birth led to her acts. the judge did grant that request. abby's parents are expected to push for more time without the father's presence in an upcoming trial. marin county has run a foul of the federal government. specifically it is not in compliance with the 1964 civil rights act. what is missing from marin's landscape. and if you think people here shop a lot, you're absolutely right. proof the bay area buys more clothing than any other area in the country. and we are just days away from the next trend in gaming. 3d games right in the palm of your hand.
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for new jobs. califo ate more californians are working. employers hired 1,000 people last month for new jobs. california's unemployment rate dropped slightly. that is still a lot higher than the nation's unemployment rate. jobless rates in several bay area counties also dropped, including selano, marin, and san francisco. we are learning which spots in the bay area have the whitest populations.
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joe vazquez shows us where and why the region is being forced to take a hard look at how it is handling diversity. >> barbra grew up and continues to live in the affordable housing complex. she knows she is raising her children in one of the most desirable counties in the world. >> we never had a problem. i walk down the street, people say good morning to me. i feel so fortunate. >> marin happens to be one of the whitest. 94% of the residents are white. the highest percentage in the bay area. that's according to a list of the whitest cities in the bay area, compiled by the bay citizen based on recent census data. seven of the top ten cities are in marin county. the federal government took marin county to task for not reaching out to people of color for providing affordable housing. the feds say marin is not in compliance with the civil rights act, among other regulations. a county spokesman tells me most of the compliance programs
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were recordkeeping issues and that it's difficult to build any new housing in marin. >> i see maybe four latino children there and one african american. two other than my grandson. something is wrong. >> nancy reid lived in marin city, a traditionally african american town for 28 years. >> why they aren't doing more, now they have to be forced to do more. >> marin county is promising to do more in a report issued this week. the feds are reviewing it. joe vazquez, cbs 5. well, she wants to be known as lindsay. lindsay lohan will be dropping her last name. the reason is twofold. one, to put her troubled past behind her. she plans to relaunch herself as lindsay as she struggles to rebuild her career. she also wants to sever ties with her father, michael lohan. lindsay's sister and mother are dropping the lohan name and
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changing it to dena's maiden name, sullivan. just call her roberta here. all we need. >> i think that's the only thing you do not call me around here, dana. >> we do have a little nickname, but i can't say it on tv. >> you can call me whatever you want, but don't call me collect. taking you to santa rosa, yes, i did say santa rosa and i'm not endorsing this. i should be condoning it. this guy, this is what he did yesterday in the creek. he got his surf board, boom, there he went. he did have himself tethered down. that was off west third street bridge in santa rosa. tonight this is the scene in san francisco. it is actually dry, but we have more rain coming. let's take a look at some of the stats so far. it has rained 20 days out of 25 in the month of march. tomorrow will be the 13th straight day and so far, we have seen over 18 inches of rain. nearly 16 inches to the south.
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approaching 10 inches as arinda with 9.5. tonight with impending rain showers, overnight lows in the 40s. 50 degrees in san francisco. 48 san jose. this area of low pressure is banking up against the northwest quadrant. it is bringing heavy downpours. this is the scene today with a lot of unsettled air mass. it is now moving to the east making a pass for that next system. pinpoint forecast, this is how we are playing out your precipitation. if you notice the backside of the line at the front, it looks like by 9:00 in the morning, the bulk of the activity is across the eastern portion of the district. and then we have a lot of unsettled air mass the rest of the day with the scattered showers. we are talking about 50s across the board. 60 bay side in oakland for the outside number. otherwise, we will have mostly cloudy skies with a chance of a lingering shower early, otherwise partly cloudy monday, tuesday. full on sunshine wednesday through friday. this was before i830 closed
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yesterday. michael sent this. we thank you. meanwhile, if you are headed to the good guys car show, we'll have rain tomorrow, but scattered showers tapering off during the day and hope to see you at the oakland marathon on sunday. just the possibility of an early shower. that's about it. dana, we'll get through this weekend and then go for the sunglasses. >> thank goodness, roberta. talk to you in a bit. and census information is outing the biggest clothes horses in the nation. turns out they live right here in the bay area. elizabeth cook visited the town expected to spend the most per person on outfits this year. >> at the savvy shopa-holic, the name says it all. >> are the people in danville shopaholics? >> yes. we laugh about it and say we don't judge. >> in a recent study, the town was number one on the list of top ten u.s. cities that spend
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the most on clothes per capita. >> you walk downtown danville, you see people walking expander they have really good bags. >> study revealed that danville is expected to shell out $38.3 million on clothes. that's close to $2,000 a year per person. >> you like to look good, so kind of is nice to keep up with the new trends. >> census data reveals a high house come average of $130,000 a year and a relatively low unemployment rate of 6%, make it easier to shop until you drop. >> why specifically danville? why are people shopping so much here in danville? what's the cull cheer here? >> you know, danville is first of all a little more expensive of a place to live. there's the stigma of everybody wanting to look their best. >> it's not just danville. other cities rounded out the
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top shoppers list. los altos third, and santa clara came in eighth. proving dressing well is not just a trend, it's a way of life. >> we like to start trends, too. a lot of what we wear, gets put off in other areas. it doesn't surprise me at all. >> in danville, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. a kayaker got up close and personal with one of the largest sharks. this basking shark was found feeding near a pier. the fish swam nearby a kayaker, but the sharks are not dangerous. they only see it on tv. >> that thing is huge. it's the second largest shark in the world. it appeared to be longer than the kayak. >> hard attack. were you feeling lucky today? time to check out your
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cnet senior editor has been reviewing it for years, but it will raise the bar on what people expect from 3d. >> it is living up to the promise of the device. >> the 3dss is featured augmented reality. >> it can look like the table is warping. >> and then, there's the 3d camera. >> i can take a 3d photo. nice. and then send it off to all of my friends with the same device. >> it is definitely for a younger audience that can put up with and be excited and about the novelty. >> unfortunately, it's not geared for all audiences. nintendo made it clear this device in a 3d mode is not suitable for kids age 6 and younger. siting possible harm to the eyes. for older kids, doctors say use caution. >> right now we don't have data to suggest it would necessarily harm a child. however, having said that, like
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any activity that adults and children do, moderation is probably a good idea. >> turn the 3d capabilities on and off. and san francisco. the nintendo 3d goes on sale sunday for $250. games are expected to cost $30. well, how many number one seeds are left in your bracket? the latest to shut the door on the ncaa tournament next.
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a game with 19 lead changes, it was only fitting that ohio state and kentucky came down to the final seconds. bill, start the clock.
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> here he is. five seconds. ohio state races up. the season on the line, buford -- >> moves on to the elite 8 where they will take on north carolina. thanks to a 19-0 run. the tarheels ran marquette out of the gym. there is one double digit seed moving on. bcu scores on the out of bounds play to take the lead in overtime. >> it's all over. continue on to the elite 8. >> yup, they'll take on kansas and finally, the warriors exploded for 138 points. they beat the raptors by 38. st. joseph's, and the girls
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from pine wood, they are high school state champions tonight. >> bravo. >> good stuff. >> that's great. weaver coming back at 11:00 on cbs 5. [ jerry ] look at this!
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