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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  March 30, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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cell it's very scary, especially when we have all of these kids running around. >> burglar suspect had a patrol car before taking off on foot. yet another video surfaces that convinces a judge of possible police wrongdoing. tonight why the police chief says not so fast. a safe ---- it's like an episode of cops shot in hayward. surveillance cameras were rolling when police collided with burglary suspects. officers had been trying to nab them for hours. police finally arrested two of them. one near darwin street and port
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smith avenue. elizabeth cook gives us a closer look at a crew salary moment in the chase. -- crucial moment in the case. >> it's almost like the surveillance cameras were meant to be here at this exact mom and place. here you can see the car and jeep slam into each other head on. almost immediately, the suspects take off. one sprints away easily. another one darts behind the crash and away from the camera. another point of view shows the almost caught suspect running away as the officer calls for backup. here you can see two of the suspects sprinting down the residential street and into the neighborhood. police thought one suspect was hiding in brandon's house. >> i think they were thinking in our backyard or in the field behind us. >> just before noon caught one of the suspects. >> we did locate one subject
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hiding in an out building in an area where he was described to have fled. >> reporter: neighbors say recently they have seen a rash of brake ins. >> it's very scary. they have been having a lot of home invasions lately and the cops have been passing out fliers saying lock everything up. >> reporter: and two of the suspects were arrested and charged with burglary and assaulting a police officer. one of the suspects remains on the loose. an interesting side note, police found out that one of the suspects was hiding out in a home in this neighborhood. they called his cell phone. he answered and admitted he was the guy he was looking for. he later surrendered to police. their identities have not been released. >> amazing story and the video
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there. the security cameras really did their job. >> absolutely. >> more accusations tonight of police misconduct in san francisco. another video has surfaced that appears to show officers entering an apartment without consent. a public defender calls it yet another example of officers run amuck. why a judge today threw out the case. >> more police misconduct, that's what the public defender says. he says three san francisco police officers entered an apartment in the richmond district without the owner's consent. >> this is a situation that the officers had no probable cause and no search warrant. >> reporter: he says the officers entered illegally by following a resident into a garage and up the he will straighter. officers say they could smell marijuana so he walked back in and presented them with his
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medical marijuana card. >> as i come out the second time, they tried to coerce their way into my door. i told them no. >> reporter: a judge dismissed the case today because the video did not match the written statement. they said they asked for consent to walk in and he says, okay, you can come in now. his attorney says the video saved his client from serving several years in state prison for two felony charges. >> he would have been slammed by the lies of a police officer. >> reporter: this comes just one month after a federal investigation was opened alleging that san francisco police had entered the henry hotel without consent. surveillance video shows an officer blocking the view before entering the room. that investigation is ongoing. >> in reference to what he quoted, this dramatic images pattic video, it's not that dramatic. >> they say he is not impressed with the video. he believes the officers had a right to enter the apartment
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and had probable cause because there was a complaint ever marijuana smoke -- of marijuana spoke. >> i'm not going to jump up and down and panic. >> the smell of marijuana in this city is not an emergency circumstances. >> reporter: police say they found an electronic scale and nearly a pound of marijuana inside the apartment. that's why he was facing two felony charges, one count of possession and another for transportation of marijuana. but so far he has been cleared since that case was thrown out earlier. >> and the officers involved in this case. >> the chief says it will be buzz as -- business as usual. in the fight for control of libya, muammar qaddafi's forces are gaining ground against the rebels. government troops recaptured an oil town today. nato fighters are dropping missiles and keeping qadaffi's
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planes grounded. but his forces are arming minivans and suvs and rebel forces are pleading for more help. >> this is not my -- but what we can do now. we must do anything to stop this hell. >> tonight the news agency is reporting that president obama recently signed a secret order. nato says the fight will be scaled back soon. nearly half americans disprove of the action in libya. a university poll found 48% disprove of the president's performance. most people were surveyed before the president's speech
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on libya monday night. tonight a sign that japan's nuclear crisis is impacting food in the united states. the feds say it is 5,000 times below the fda he a risk level -- fde's risk level. they are picking up increased radiation levels in japan. the creed reid -- the readings are about two times higher than what typically prompt an agency to tell people to clear out. back here at home, crews are racing against the clock to fix a cineole. everyone wants to avoid a repeat of this. on why this will have to be a quick but lasting fix. >> reporter: the possibly --
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mobile home park sits in complete blackness tonight. all spaces have been red or yellow tagged and nobody is allowed to be here. >> your life goes limbo for a couple of weeks until you get back in. >> reporter: he has been under he vac weights orders for -- evacuation orders for a week and doesn't know if he will ever be able to move back in. >> they are talking to me about moving it. >> reporter: what was thought to be a new sink hole but engineers determined it is an existing sink hole that is expanding. crews are working as fast as they can. >> more than anything right now, our focus is trying to get a pipe back in the ground, get that repaired. we fortunately got some rain forecasted for friday into saturday. >> reporter: one of the businesses hard hit by the flooding, betssy connors say
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she is getting back on her feet but keeping it in perspective. >> it's just a lot of mopping up. the flooding also hit the city's very infrastructure, all of this carpet had to be pulled out of city hall. it all now needs to be replaced. in san pablo tonight, frustrated homeowners met with city leaders to discuss the big landslide that has severely damaged several homes. the city says it's working with state and federal agencies to get emergency funding for repairs. the first started giving way on thursday. it damaged six homes. three are now yellow tagged. one home own are says -- homeowner says it's a race against time to save her home. >> -- [ audio difficulty ] >> it needs to be done now. but no one has the funds to do
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it. >> some of the answers were vague, but at this point we don't know the answers to some of the questions they had. >> reporter: the city says it is still testing the stability of the hillside. it's too early to say what kind of repairs can be made if funding becomes available. it is not clear who will end up paying the bill. other bay area headlines tonight. three especially bred sheep were shot to death. seven others are missing. the attack happened either thursday night or friday morning. the sheep herder said they knew about his operation. he expects those animals were stolen for their meat. on a baseball player testified today. randy -- is the fourth to admit that he got a substance in
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2002. bonds is charged with lying to a grand jury that he never knowingly took those steroids. raising almost $8 million or more in a period of five weeks, i think, is unbelievable. >> various school cuts, tonight a man comes to the rescue and saves a 119 year tradition. >> everything is so expensive any way. come friday, thousands of people in the bay area will suddenly be paying more. this is no april fool's joke. there's a fine line between friend and friendemy. record high temperatures across the bay area today. we will pinpoint the neighborhoods that will hit near 90 for thursday as eyewitness continues on the cb.
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for four years. it was a great time of my life. >> he went to the internet and telephone. >> raising almost $8 million or more in a period of five weeks, i think, is unbelievable. >> his fund raising is not just unbelievable. it's unprecedented. the zeal meant the san francisco attorney would put his money where his mouth is contributing 500,000 of his own dollars. >> then i got a donor or two put up a million dollars matching gift. >> in just five weeks, his drive generated enough donations to fund cal baseball for the next eight years. you think the university would shout "play ball." instead a spokesman declined an on-camera interview saying the $9.4 million gift and those who donated still need to be verified. gordon says he was informed the
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university is seeking a guarantee. >> you've raised $9.4 million. the university wants $10 million. >> correct. >> he believes they won't reinstate baseball until that $600,000 gap is met. >> are you concerned they won't accept this offer? >> i'm concerned. >> so he continues to work his contacts. >> i'm a bit anxious. i'm more than a bit anxious. >> trying to recognize the money by friday. speaking of money, seven bay area cities will see their sales tax rise on friday. some will be above 10%. you will -- you will pay 10% in
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concord. santa rosa will all see increases as well. voters approved those hikes. >> the new problem with this is if you have cities that are close by, then you're damaging the local retailers . >> well, going to the next town over won't help you if you're buying a car. the sales tax on that is based on where you live not the city where you buy it. roberta said 90s. i need to know more about this. >> yeah, this was the sunset tonight. let me get out of the way so you can get a good look at it. santa cruz, temperature topped off in the low 80s. 86 degrees in napa. san to -- oakland at 83 degrees. also mountain view at 79
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degrees. now, tonight with the clear skies, we will bottom out between 49 in santa rosa. morning commute. don't forget your sunglasses. you might want a light jacket or even a sweater. clear skies and the winds will be pretty much none exis tent until later in the day. high pressure is diverting this storm to the north of the bay area as it strengthness. tomorrow will be the second day with record warmth. oakland with 85. san jose with 85 degrees shattering the old record set back in 1942. the flip side of this coin is the pollen. it will be high as far as your tree count is concerned. speaking of highs, this kick start with the north bay, predominantly in the 80s to the
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high 80s north bay. east bay will really pop tomorrow. all the way up to 87 degrees in antioch. so tracey should reach near 88 degrees. that's just a couple of degrees off that 90-degree mark. there's the peninsula. morgan hill, 86. the extended forecast calls for the transition day to be on friday with breezy conditions, a chance of rain on saturday and then the sunshine returns and the temperatures warm back up again by mid-week next week. this was taken by fred eagle. it's from the back of a boat on the san francisco bay. we thank you, sir. see the rainbow in the distance. keep the photos coming. >> thank you, ma'am. this may shock you but it turns out facebook friends may not be all that friendly. >> it's a survey, a daily online deal maker finds 85% of women says their friends use
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the website to brag or over share. >> they are tired of friends that update their status too often. more than half are annoyed with the drama queens. 40% can't stand friends who brag about their seemingly perfect lives. in florida, a woman is counting her lucky star fish. she was riding in a boat when a 300-pound -- jumped out of the water and slammed right into her. her family watched stunned but amazingly she was all right. >> i remember pushes it away -- pushing it away with my hands. >> i was freaked out. like, how would that happen without something really, really bad happening? >> freaked out. officials arrived just moments later. not only was the woman all right, but so what the eagle
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and no red tape. ♪ middle of taping a show today omplaining of judge judy says she's okay after being rushed to the hospital. she was in the middle of a show today when she was complaining of intestinal discomfort. she said she's doing just fine. she said she was just exhausted and "needed a day to chill." that's kind of how she sounds. she's expected to be back on tomorrow. it's hard to miss as you're driving along interstate 280, what's the story behind the strange castle-looking tower. that's tonight's good question. it's been standing here along
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old page mill road since 1875. >> a french man came to this area during the early 1870s. he had his work men come out and build this tower. >> reporter: steve says the french man's 40-foot brick tower has been shrouded in mystery for over 140 years. nobody really knows what it is. >> the ideas have been wild ranging from aliens to storing his gold, storing his silver. perhaps a boundary. it is near the edge of one of his property lines. >> there's a plaque next to it that says it was part of an irrigation project. he's skeptical. >> this particular tower is more than a mile from where most of his barns, house and other residences are. to build a water supply things out here, it doesn't make sense. >> the tower has no door. the windows have been bricked
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shut. an upper floor has deteriorated. >> he has offered a reward for anyone to unlock the mystery. >> if they prove it and come to me, i will make you famous. you will have solved the 140 year-old mystery. click on connect to send me your good questions. [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney appreciation sale this friday and saturday,
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er tomorrow agains ers. belt was draf >> the giants will start rookie brandon belt in their opener tomorrow against the drafters. he was drafted in 2009 out of the university of texas. got a lot of emotions right now trying to contain.
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i hope i can get out of here and call my dad pretty soon. >> i immediately started crying. i try not to be too big of a wuss in there but it's hard when you've been dreaming about there your entire life. >> real honest. that's great stuff. he played with a .1282 average -- .282 average. aubrey huff is expected to play right field with cody ross on the injured list. they sweep the series against the a's, although braden was brilliant today. kevin foster had three 3 pointers. the broncos win their first ever postseason tournament. randolph had 20 points and 13 rebounds. memphis is in line for the 8th
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and final playoff spot. >> there you go. we appreciate it. we're coming back on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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