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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  April 26, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching "cbs5 eyewitness news" on the cw. >> you always hear how technology can make life easier. something that science has not stopped, women dying during child birth. why that number has been going up. millions of gamers are stuck playing solo, but there's a much bigger issue. the privacy breach connected to sony's play station outage. >> takes more than organization to plan a wedding. meet the retired colonel brought in. good evening. >> we have breaking news out of san francisco tonight. the city has apparently selected its new police chief. he's someone who has a long history with the department and as robert lyle shows us, he's seen his share of scandal as well. >> cbs5 learned the new chief is greg sir, he's currently working with the bay view
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station. he's been with the department for nearly 30 years and is described as a cop's cop, but the popular cop's road to chief has been a rocky one. in 2003, the da charged sir with conspiracy to obstruct justice in the now notorious fajita gate scandal. heather fong stripped away his head of patrol file. he was accused minutes later an officer was clubbed over the head by protestors. he needed 7 staples to close his skull. sir no longer patrolled the streets, instead he headed up security for the public utilities commission. by 2009, sir was in hot water yet again, this time completely demoted from command staff as a deputy chief to captain after accusations he failed to report a domestic violence attack of a personal friend. the friend suffered a broken
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shoulder. her attacker was ultimately arrested and charged with attempted murder. sir had been removed or rumored, that is, to be fong's replacement. the officers union maintained that demotion was a ploy to remove sir from consideration as chief. we should maintain sir was cleared of any wrong doing in the fajita gate scandal. a formal announcement is expected sometime tomorrow. >> you mention the city has had police chiefs in the past that were at odds with the rank and file and this is a move to bring somebody within the department up? >> it seems that way. especially with a 1400 member rank and file, he's apparently very popular with them and that's expected to go a long way, particularly as issues come up with negotiating with the union. >> so many cities have been doing. robert lyle, thank you. not something you expect to see in the united states, much less california, but recent
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numbers show more women are dying during child birth than a decade earlier. that's alarming. elizabeth cooke tells us a closer look at the numbers reveals an even more frightening figure. >> reporter: it's news no mother wants to talk about. crystal carter had her baby less than a year ago. >> i'd be scared for the next one if i was to get pregnant. i don't want to die. >> reporter: more women are dying from pregnant-related complications. >> pregnancy and child birth in california are still very safe, but i'd have to say the numbers out today are troubling. >> reporter: the california department of public health department says 14 women out of 100,000 die from child birth. more than double what it was ten years ago, a number of factors could be to blame. >> better reporting, better data. secondly, we have older mothers, and with that we're seeing more chronic medical conditions, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease.
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>> reporter: more women are also choosing to have c- sections. >> the more cesarean sections a woman has, the greater a risk for a fatal problem whether it's hemorrhaging or blood clot in the lungs. >> reporter: african american women are four times more likely to die from child birth than women of other races. >> health issues like being overweight or obese or if it has to do with environmental or social factors. we don't know all the answers, we just know it's a risk factor. >> reporter: deb by had her children 30 years ago. >> it seems like things are done more fast food-like with having babies and the whole 9 yards. >> reporter: experts stress today's findings have a silver lining. >> because we're able to identify the problems that we'll be better able to prevent them in the future. >> reporter: health professionals are already working to change the death
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rate numbers. they have made strides in preventing hemorrhaging during child birth and state wade there's been measures to prevent premature birth. such a joyous time, but it can be a very dangerous event. >> absolutely. incredible strain on your body, val. >> elizabeth, thank you very much. well, a major security breach closes down sony's playstation network. their personal information may have been stolen. mark sayer on why the news is making gamers so angry. >> reporter: chris myer has been enjoying playstation for more than a decade. >> it's very relaxing, always fun to see what people have come up with for making new games. >> reporter: he was not too alarmed when the problems first began last week with an on- screen error message he has seen before. >> we've been through this before, we've seen other
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playstation network outages. we know when that shows up something is a little wrong. glue but he's now on high alert after customers of the playstation network had their personal information stolen. sony also says it cannot rule out the possibility that as many as 77 million customers credit card numbers may have been compromised. >> having that exposed to anyone really does present a lot of worries. >> that news is hitting hard because sony has had the outage for several days and they hadn't said anything or much about it, so for them to all of a sudden to announce six days into the outage that a ton of personal data was compromised, plus maybe credit card numbers has people more than a little upset right now. >> reporter: for chris, he's not going to check his credit card regularly to make sure there are no unauthorized charges and believes sony has lost some good will in the gaming community. >> but i think it has been a really big hit for their public
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relations and for sony's image in general. >> reporter: sony says while it knew of the security intrusion, it was not until monday it knew the extent of the data loss, then notified its customers and the public promptly. in san jose, i'm mark sayer, cbs5. a network upgrade expected to improve iphone service in san francisco is in limbo tonight. about an hour ago the board of supervisors voted to continue to matter to discuss whether neighbors want the boxes installed on their sidewalks. at&t plans to put 726 in to upgrade internet, cable, and landline service and it should help smart phones work better as well. >> any data we can take off our network and put on to our former wired networks will certainly help our smart phone
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capabilities. >> they are by city regulation to find it blight. we don't think the public should be paying for this with their sidewalk space. >> the company doesn't need an environmental review, but critics want one. the city will discuss the issue again at the end of next month. drastic job cuts in san jose to try to close the budget gap. more than 600 san jose city workers got pink slips today. among them, 120 police officers. their jobs are being eliminated as the city struggles to close the $150 million budget gap by july 1. mayor chuck reed says salary cuts and other concessions by labor unions were not enough. >> i think every department in the city is going to see reduction in people and layoffs most likely. the average citizen will see a reduction throughout every department and section,
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everybody is taking a hit. >> in the police department, property crimes will get a much less attention as officers have to dole with more -- deal with more urgent crimes. fewer firefighters will be available for emergencies and probably reduced library hours. people in the south bay got groceries delivered to their homes by walmart. the retailer is testing the pilot program in some san jose neighborhoods. walmart charges $5-$10. its biggest advantage, its groceries are cheaper than the big supermarkets offering the same service. so far, though, not many shoppers are buying it. >> if i'm sick or something, i wouldn't mind having to order online, but otherwise i'm a touchy, feely person too. i have to see if the food is god and okay. >> if the program is successful, walmart plans to expand its to-go service across
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the nation. don't you dare chop anymore trees. that's the crew tonight for critics in fremont. cal trans cut down about 100 trees through neals canyon, and the department plans to keep chopping. community members and conservation groups said no to the project at a meeting last week, but tonight they urge the mayor to join their fight. >> it's easy for me to say it, you have to go and look at it. they took a swatch out of it, and that's just the beginning, and it just looks absolutely terrible. >> mayor says he'll ask governor brown to interseed. he wants the governor to recity the project and come to an agreement. they say it will make the highway safer for drivers and bicyclists. if dt has anything to say, he'll have to call back when
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the economy picks up. why our long distance connections to space have been cut off and why scientists are trying to work around it. sure, there will be flowers and fine china, but the royal wedding will be more like a military exercise. the former officer who knows a thing or two about planning a royal wedding. not too long ago, it was the must-have console. now the wii is going away. why after just five years nintendo is pulling the plug. the sun will be going away, the glitch in your wednesday forecast as eyewitness news continues here on the cw.
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identifying a patient.
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l admitted this man a bay area hospital is asking for your help identifying a patient. they admitted this man over two weeks ago. he is unable to tell doctors his name, so if you recognize him, please call san francisco general. the search for aliens that inspired a hollywood movie is now on hold in the bay area. scientists used radio dishes and mountain views electronic ears to listen to the heavens for signs of intelligent life. the study institutes is even featured in the film "contact". each year the search got better focused and moved faster, but now it's suspended for lack of funding. >> so ironic that just when we know there are all these worlds to examine we've lost, for the moment, our ears in the sky. >> but the search will not
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stop. scientists are using tablet computers to search for distant signals. we're just shy of two days away from the royal wedding. after the ceremony there will be an exclusive reception at buckingham palace, and even there though there are a lot of people working to make things flawless, the queen isn't exactly sitting on the sidelines. michelle miller has more. >> it's not a big deal for buckingham palace. >> not for sir malcolm ross, lieutenant colonel who began working for the royal family in 1987. now a consultant, he planned three royal weddings. he also planned princess diana's funeral and the queen's golden jubilation. >> are you glad you have a
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military background? >> yes, it's useful. >> an army of thousands has been planning every detail. the timetable for the morning of the wedding is set to the minute. at 10:10:00 a.m., william and harry leave, at 10:48, prince charles and camilla depart. all timed to make sure the bride gets to the church on time, precisely at 11:00 a.m. afterwards, prince william and his life will lead a procession of coaches carrying the royal family, just as his parents did, enormous crowds are expected along the routes. most of the guests will take buses to the side entrance of the palace where the reception in the magnificent state room is designed to make sure the hostess, the queen, is pleased with the result, all according to lady elizabeth anson, who's organizing it.
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>> she cares very much about how it's going and if people are getting drinks and food and there aren't too many people at the buffet and things like that. she notices things like that. >> her majesty is very much part of the planning. >> the queen actually decides i'll do this china. >> yes, the queen is very, very hands-on as a hostess. and she would say yes, we'll have that one. >> michelle miller is also reporting prince charles will hold a dinner for 300 in the evening. organic produce and foods representing different part of the uk. watch the royal wedding live here on cbs5. our coverage will begin promptly -- promptly at 1:30:00 a.m. friday. >> upper lip there. if it's not promptly, i'll forget it. >> how about this, it's the game of love tonight. yes, you know, so mild outside
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this evening that we had people out and about under mostly- clear skies. tonight and overnight. city dips down to 48 degrees after a high today of 61. number-wise, 41 in santa rosa, 45 overnight in san jose. tomorrow morning, we will start off with a few clouds, we'll refer to it as partly sunny. little bit of a chill in the air, up to about 50 degrees. we have a change for your wednesday, we do have the leading edge of an area of low pressure producing cloud cover. we will notice increasing clouds throughout the day but no rain as high pressure continues to nose in. it will become mostly cloudy by the evening commute, a bit on the breezy side, tree count remains on the medium to hyoid, so does the grasses. north of the golden gate bridge, 57 degrees to 69 in zsa
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know ma and in -- sonoma, otherwise low 60s in richmond. late day and throughout the eastern portion of the district, peninsula highs in the mid-60s. average high 72, increasing cloud deck back into morgan hill and gill roy at 70. extended forecast, less clouds on thursday, full sunshine friday. notice the warm-up over the weekend and the dry skies will continue through tuesday. so yeah, increasing clouds tomorrow, but no rain. >> okay, good. all righty. i got your number. got it, thanks. >> facebook putting its own twist on the online coupon business these days. starting today, in fact, the social network giant is test marketing facebook deals in san francisco and four other cities. many coupon sites have a social component, but they are usually circulated by e-mail. facebook wants to offer deals
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for things to do with friends such as restaurants or concert tickets. when a user buys a deal, it shows up on their friends' news feed. it's been years, so the grace period should be over. why you may still be getting calls from telemarketers. >> they are not your friends. ♪
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here he comes again. let's set him free! [ male announcer ] join rapid rewards and enjoy unlimited reward seats, no blackout dates, and no red tape. ♪ whoa is wii. nintendo plans to discontinue the gaming system and the new one went on sale five years ago. other gaming companies are keeping up. plus more people play games on their smart phones and facebook these days. so what will nintendo's new console feature? they plan to unveil it in june. we were supposed to sign up and the phone was supposed to stop ringing, remember? but all has not gone as plan. bill schiltz wrote the national
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do not call list has been around for awhile. why am i still getting unwanted calls? that's tonight's good question. we thought we got rid of these people eight years ago. >> the do not call registry was enacted in 2003 and to its credit the ftc has brought big enforcement actions against companies that violated it. >> like the $5.3 million action against directv, but telemarketers, especially the little guys, are still illegally pestering people. >> it's coming from small-time operators because they believe they can slip through the cracks, and unfortunately they may be right. >> some telemarketers have gone offshore claiming u.s. law doesn't apply to them. >> a lot of the real scammy work-at-home companies trying to defraud consumers are doing mass calls. >> most smart phones now have
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the ability to block calls and there's software that can redirect your phone number, but there are exceptions to the law. >> charities, political campaigns or legit surveys, you can still receive calls from these sources. >> go to and click on "connect" to send me your good questions. whoa, i should get mom a samsung fascinate.
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jcpenney. the giants couldn't muster a run-scoring base hit tonight against the pirates, so they turned to darren ford to get it done. wayne, start the clock. started as a pinch runner. darren ford nearly won the game on his own, tied at 2 in the
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10th. wild true on the pick after off attempt, flies to third putting himself in prime scoring position. two pitches later, sanchez grounds to second, walker gets the out at first, making him pay, throw home is bad, ford gets the giants the win. brandon mccarthy struggled. second baseman's first major league at bat goes for a 2-run double. mccarthy gives up 7 runs on 4 hits. a's lose. lakers and hornets game 5, kobe bryant had a bum ankle which looked good on this nasty dunk. lakers win and take a 3-2 lead in the series. black hawks blocking dapper, chicago tied it with two minutes to go, but vancouver takes care of business. burros scores the game-winning goal, sharks play the red wings who last played last week.
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>> could be tired. >> all right. >> bruised and battered. >> vancouver. >> all right. see you at 11:00. i am a sneeze whisperer.
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i am an allergy analyst. bermuda grass. ragweed. willow. i am a dander decoder. chihuahua. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief.


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