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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  June 3, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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why religious leaders are crying foul. a firefighter in critical condition. we hear from a woman, who's been in the same position. how she describes what happens during, and after a flashover. a kid out to get an illegal buzz now facing murder charges, because he ran away. why the law says that's okay. and it was going, going. going. now the growth seems to be gone. signs that show our economic recovery has come to crawl. good evening i'm ken bastida. and i'm dana king. welcome to the weekend. if it's not wet where you are right now, it will be. lawrence kar good evening. >> i'm dana king. welcome to the weekend. it was not wet where you are right now, it will be.
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karnow is tracking the storm. >> this is a pretty deep storm for this time of year. the rainfall is just beginning to pick up. we have moderate amounts of rainfall making the way across the peninsula. going to see more of that as we head throughout the night. light showers into palo alto. the frontal system, just beginning to make landfall, showers all around the bay area. there's more to come. will it be a washout this weekend? we'll find out. >> religious leaders are stunned at a new economic book. like most economic books, there's a superhero, but it's the villain that's causing the uproar. >> you've heard of batman, spiderman and of course superman. now a new superhero has joined the league.
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forskin man. he's blond, buff, hand some. his mission, not too typical, saving baby boys by circumcision circumcision. in the jewish community, that's the person trained to perform sir couple simples. >> this is a traumatic way to look at it from the other side of the knife from the person with's actually receiving the surgery. >> scofield is behind the measure to outlaw circumcision. >> when you come from the standpoint of the person who's having their genitals cut and -- the pain and the disfigurement matters. >> doesn't make it right. >> the antidefamation league feels like it's antisemitic.
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>> they show stereotypical orthodox jews as evil in their facial features, as blood thirsty, as determined to try to do harm to this innocent child. >> she feels the most offensive part of the economic is the monster character. some of his fingers in a couple of panels look to have sort of claws on them. there's even spit coming out of his mouth at one point. it sends the message that jews and muslims are deliberately harming their children, which certainly we are not. >> scofield and other critics say that's exactly what they're doing. >> everybody comes from this, well, this is my religion, i'm a parent, it's my choice. i think it gives a viewpoint if anyone was being -- if they were being held down and having their genitals cut off. >> supports are are not shying
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away from the controversy. it keeps their cause in the headline. >> it's one of those stories where you look and go, i guess there's some good ideas. >> investigators are looking into exactly what happened when a san francisco firefighter died in a house fire yesterday. fire stations across the bay area have lowered their flags to half staff. he was killed battling a fire inside the diamond heights neighborhood. he was caught in a flashover which is an unexpected explosion when the temperature rises so fast that everything in the room spontaneously ignites. >> they documented, diagrammed every hose leak, every firefighters there was there was interviewed. >> he has a lot of friend that love him. he was a hero.
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they care for him a second firefighter was also seriously hurt in the fire. tonight the 53-year-old remains in critical condition at san francisco general. he's suffering from severe burns. his lungs are damaged from the smoke. his brother says it is touch and go. now, years ago another san francisco firefighter suffered similar burns and lung damage. she wasn't expected to live, but she did. tonight she shares her story with grace lee. >> these flames took down san francisco firefighter -- 16 years ago in diamond heights. before yesterday, that's the last time the city lost a firefighter in action. hard to believe anyone could survive these conditions, but somehow melanie stafford did. >> i remember saying eo my god, i'm actually dying. the oxygen was so hot that when i breathed in, it burned my
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lungs, but you body will not let you not breathe in. >> she's not running into burning buildings. instead, you can catch her puttering in her garden. burned over 40% of her body, suffered brain damage that caused blindness. she cheated death that night. >> pure hell. my legs were so badly burned, i had to be in a wheelchair when physical therapy. since yesterday she has not stopped thinking about the firefighter yesterday. >> i have empathy and there's someone that understands what it's like to be there. >> and survived. >> yeah. it's a long haul. it's a long haul for people around he too. >> it's a long road to heal the body, but the soul never quite recovers. it's one reason she lives in
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rural sonoma county. >> i couldn't stand the sound of fire trucks going by me. >> she says what haunts her is why she lived. she was standing away from lieutenant -- was what she does know despite all she has suffered, she has no regrets for which is for -- choosing the fire department. >> so it was in june this month that melanie was released 16 years ago. in a lot of ways, she says that was kind of the beginning. she had to undergo speech therapy and relearn simple as thens like getting into bed and putting on her clothes, but remember she suffered extensive damage to the side of her brain because of a lack of oxygen. the fact a that she even survived at all is amazing. her spirit, she's so positive about everything that's happened to her. >> just her existence gives
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hope to the family. >> absolutely. >> thank you, grace. meantime, funeral services for lieutenant perez could be a week from today, but the fire department tells us that nothing has been finalized yet. the firefighter union has established trust funds for the families. you can donate through a link we've set up on the website. also in the news tonight, a high school freshman has been charged with murder. the boy did not have a gun, didn't have a knife. in fact, he had no weapon at all. police say the 14-year-old was trying to steal two bottles of vodka from the market on mountain boulevard in oakland tuesday morning. the store's owner, 57-year-old -- had a heart attack and died while chasing the boy from the
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store. police say anxiety from the chase signaled a heart attack. they charged him with murder. nonetheless, if a victim ties during a crime, the suspect is responsible for the death. it's been a week since nursing student lee disappeared. her family and friends held a vigil in hayward. >> i strongly believe -- praying for michelle. she means everything. everything. i just keep saying to myself, what am i going to do without her, you know? >> police say lee's cell phone
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was transmitting signals until midday on saturday. >> accused of selling the drugs that he was paid to keep off the streets. he's also accused of running a brothel. and today we learned that a narcotics officer is suspected of wanting to grow his own pot. private eye chris butler and two other officers are facing several charges in a case that keeps expanding. today the county district attorney announced the fbi will be taking over the case. >> beginning today, united states attorney is assuming the lead investigatory and prosecutorial defendants. >> we're not dismissing our charges. >> the da says part of the reason it's been turned over is resources. they only have 20 investigators checking into 15,000 case as year.
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there could still be more charges from just this one investigation. >> more than 100 san jose police officers get to keep their jobs. it's the result of a tentative deal between the city and the police union. it calls for a 10% pay cut to prevent the layoffs of 156 officers and help close san jose's budget deficit. that means three to $400,000s out of their paychecks every month. >> it's a good deal in a sense that, one, it allows us to avoid the additional layoffs of our brother and sister officers. two, it's good for the community. >> also announced today, a federal grant has been secured that will allow them to receive view 49 fire department jobs that were cust last year. >> according to the labor department -- americans are still looking for jobs right
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now. millions who have found jobs are working for a lot less money. >> this is a rare treat we get a piece of once in a while. >> for nearly two years, michael and melissa barone were both out of work. >> we absolutely had zero money. we could hardly afford to buy food. >> michael who was laid off by ford just got a new job but at half his old pay. melissa is still looking for a job. >> even though we were out there, both of us, diligently looking for work, the work just isn't there. and now the job market is getting worse. after three straight months of strong growth, hiring slowed sharply in may, raising father as raise -- raising fears that the economy is faltering. >> the economist -- sees a global industrial slowdown. manufacturing, which had been
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leading the recovery and added jobs in each of the past six months suddenly gave up 5,000 jobs in may. >> what does this mean for job growth. >> easing again. we're not going to return to a quarter million jobs per month. that's not going to happen anytime soon. >> the number of people out of work more than six months is growing again too to more than 6 million. that's 45% of the unemployed. melissa barone is on that list. when they were both out overworks, they lost their health insurance and their house. >> started really thinking outside the box, what can we do. last resort, we're going to live in your cars. >> they've had to move in with michael's mother. >> i'm 44 years old and i'm having to move back in with my mom. that's another big hit on the ' go. >> melissa who worked for the government is now studying to be a nurse in these tough
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years, the bay owns say all that saved them were their unemployment checks. >> unemployment benefits have been a god send. i thank god literally every day for them. >> but melissa's benefits run out in july and michigan has passed laws to cut the length of time you can claim state unemployment. nearly 8 million americans are drawing unemployment checks. anthony mason, cbs new, new york. dr. death has died. how jack kevorkian passed away. >> he admitted to what he did, but he's adamant about one thing he didn't do. john edwards response to accusation he is broke law.
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assisted suicide, has died. the 83 year old had been hospitalized for kidney problems and pneumonia. kevorkian claimed to have helped 130 people kill themselves, using his homemade suicide machine. terminally ill patients were able administer a fatal drug dose at the push of a button. kevorkian claimed top help 138 people kill themselves using his suicide machine. terminally i ill patients were able to -- it's a rare human being who can take on an entire society and force it to focus on the suffering of other human beings. >> kevorkian was put on trial four different types, never convicted until he recorded himself assisting in the
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suicide of a man with lou gehrig's disease. he spent 8 years in prison for second degree hurt. he was paroled in 2007. >> john edwards is fighting charges that he violated federal election law in his 2008 campaign. prosecutors say he used donations to cover up an affair. they say hundreds of thousands of dollars were passed through boxes of chocolate. the defense admits that there was a coverup but say it was for personal and not political reasons. david nottingham reports from washington. >> former presidential hopeful emerged from a north carolina courtroom friday looking confidence. his eldest caught kate was at his side. edwards made an immediate distinction between doing something wrong and doing something illegal. >> i will regret for the rest of my life the pain and harm i've caused others. but i did not break the law.
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>> edwards pleaded not guilty that he spent millions of dollars to hide his mistress mistress reyell hunter. >> that could possibly endanger his license to practice law. the indictment focuses on donations that prosecutors say should have been considered campaign contributions. >> no one would have known or could be expected to know that these payments would be treated or should be considered as campaign contributions. >> edwards defense team as recently argued that the money was intended to hide the affair from his wife elizabeth. she died of cancer in december. if convicted, edwards face as maximum of five years in prison and a quarter million dollars fine on each of the six counts.
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daniel nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> lawyers say prosecution on these charges is unprecedented. it's been another crazy day. this is june, but we've had a little bit of everything, including rain tonight. >> can't stop the rain this year. it continues. really it's just beginning to pick up. mostly light showers so far, but moderate amounts of rainfall making its way through half moon bay and it will only intensify throughout the night. the low is really starting to wind itself up. you can see light showers into oakland and north bay picking up those light showers. over night more rain is going tore pouring into your neighborhood and it looks like it could get heavy at times. some of the moisture working its way through the bay area. that system very strong for this time of year. check out the low on the coastline. that's some -- for the system
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sweep on through. it looks like more rain on the way for the better part of the weekend. it's going on the on and off. the wave is going to spin around and there will be another wave as we head to sunday and monday. overall the weekend looks pretty wet right on through monday w. that in miami, looks like we're going to see the rainfall -- that's when the peak of the first wave will be moving into the bay area. the santana cruz mountains, maybe two-plus inches of rainfall there between now and monday. that's an impressive storm. probably going to be a record breaker in some parts of the bay area. with that in mind we're going to keep that in -- looking out over the next couple of days, looks like january. then tuesday looks like high pressure builds back up in the bay area. looks like we're going to keep
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near well, it was prom night tonight for teenagers who might not otherwise be able to go. current and former patients of the children hospital of stanford packed the hospital's cafeteria. the theme, passport to adventure. for many of these party goers, the prom is the only event they've been able to go to. >> we want to give these kids something normal, which is for a lot of them, to get to go to the prom. >> part of the hospital was transformed with decorations and backdrops, depicting landmarks for a trip around the world. this is all possible thanks to the hospital, schoolteachers, and dream works which supplied the decorations. >> someone in san francisco has come into a lot of money and still doesn't know it. somebody matched five out of six numbers in the mega millions lottery, and they haven't claimed their prize.
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this ticket was purchased exactly a month ago. here are the winning numbers. no, ken, it's not you, 1, 16, 29, 36, 50, 16. the ticket is worth $220,000. the as and red sox combine for 22 hits and 14 runs at fenway. and the giants may have found their new shortstop. brandon crawford shines in a debut. that's next in sports. we hear verizon's 4g lte is fast.
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>> so in light of today i am retiring all of my nicknames, the big aristotle, shaq few, the big cactus, the deese sell and finally the superman. so from now on, you can call me the big aarp. spoiled all of that... the red the as led 6-5 in the 7th, but crawford's run spoiled all of that. the as have now lost four straight. the giants back home and cody ross gives them something to cheer about. they remain half game a head. roger federer put an end to djokovic's win streak. he beat djokovic to advance the final where is he'll talk on nadal. finally, steve striker hit a hole in one on the 8th hole to
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move into sole possession of first. he finished the round with a three-stroke lead. probably got a case of golf balls. >> that will do it. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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