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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  June 13, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you are watching cbs eyewitness news on wcw. >> a series of attacks with a lot in common. no arrests. victims beaten up at random and a mob of suspects. i will not rest till i repeal obama care. >> a popular sentiment tonight. their united front against the president. >> we are treating him as if he will make a recovery. >> this doctor is in charge of bryan stow's recovery. i remember opening my eyes, looking around, seeing the faces of friends, family. >> and the drivers said no but the feds said yes. the deal that muni employees have to accept. good evening.
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i am ken bastida. >> i am dana king. mob attacks have police stumped. as many as a half dozen people jumped their victims. one mangwas beaten into a coma. >> reporter: linda should be preparing for her 14th wedding anniversary, instead she is maring to spend the night that hospital for her husband. her husband was beaten, kicked and stomped in the middle of oakland, california, may 28. >> he had a brain bleed. his brain was swelling and they didn't know what his outcome would be. the father waw attacked by young men, 4-6. detectives gathered surveillance video. neither captured the attack. >> breaks my heart.
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it hurts to know he is suffering. >> reporter: 6 blocks away another man was attacked by a mob of six young men. the victim didn't want to talk on camera. randy is much worse, he can't swallow, speak or remember. >> he isn't able to remember his mom and not able to remember our kids. third robbery of a disabled man outside the parking garage is being investigated by police. although each attack is close in proximity, even the number of attacks similar, there is no evidence to link them. so tonight they are pleading for the public's help. >> it's time to stop. >> reporter: as the
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investigation continues there is another looming question, are any of these attacks gang related. police will own lay say they arrested one 16-year-old in the second attack which they say he has loose gang associations. beyond that there are no suspects and the hunt continues. if anything looks familiar, police are asking you contact them immediately. >> thank you. johannes mehserle is a free man tonight. he was released this morning from a los angeles county jail. johannes mehserle served only half of a 2 year sentence. he will be untracted, he will not have to check in with a parole officer and has no restrictions on his release. cbs 5 anne makovec is in los angeles. >> reporter: no telling where johannes mehserle could be
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tonight. we know his parents had property in napa but moves because of death threats. the only thing the grant family has been told is he will not be living in alameda county. first major debate of the republican presidential debate. they thought it would be a slugfest but as sharon chin shows us, the group seems to be unified against a common enemy. >> reporter: 7 republican presidential candidates in crucial early voting new hampshire. they didn't attack, they played nice. rick santorum passed on criticizing tim pawlenty. >> they have passed oppressive regulation. >> tim pawlenty who blasted
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mitt romney's plan wouldn't repeat the word today. >> why would you choose those words? your rival is right there. if it was obomney care -- president obama is the person i quoted in saying he looked to massachusetts. >> reporter: republicans fired on one enemy. president obama. from tea party favorite michele bachmann -- >> i will not rest until i repeal obama care. >> reporter: to mitt romney. >> he failed at a time when the american people counted on him to get the economy going. >> reporter: republicans hammered president obama. >> we need a new president. >> this economy is stalled. it's like a train on the tracts with no engine. >> talking about opting out, why can't we opt out of the
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whole system. >> reporter: he says the candidate who can beat obama may be a governor who wasn't on stage. >> chris christie, rick pairy. >> reporter: she believes the key to winning is the economy. >> cut spending in washington, that i think requires cutting government relations. >> reporter: michele bachmann announced she is running for president. there is still other potential candidates, including sara palin and rudy giuliani. >> still early. >> plenty of time. >> thank you. muni workers hoping to get a better deal got a rude awakening. an arbitrator told them the contract management offered last week is good enough. elizabeth cook has details.
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>> reporter: this is the same contract they agreed to but the bus drivers and train operators voted down. it went to arbitration and he says the contract stands. this is what the workers were up set about, the use of part time drivers and train operators, no more raises and tougher disciplinary procedures. they may strike over the new contract but the sense i get tonight is that they are not going strike for now but that doesn't mean some won't stage sickouts or slow down. >> we want respect for the work we do in the city and we want to basically be in a position to do our jobs without people looking over hour shoulders. >> reporter: the agreement will save more than $41 million over
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three years. even with the contract the average driver will still make $109,000 a year and that includes benefits. >> thank you. and now this from muni. another operator caught breaking the rules. one of our viewers posted this on youtube of a driver smoking on a train. we contacted muni, the agency told us it has a strike no smoking policy and it will issue a reminder to drivers and it will identify the driver and hold a personnel hearing. the battle over prop 8 returned to the courtroom today. supporters want the new judge to reverse the ruling that overturned the ban on same-sex marriage. they say u.s. district judge vaughn walker had a conflict of interest because he is gay. but opponents say a judge's sexual orientation has no
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bearing on their impartiality. >> you have to examine the arguments closely. when you put it to scrutiny they document nothing. >> a second challenge is pending before the court of appeals. after a month of discussion and debate the vacant mayor seat in san carlos has been filled. andy cline was sworn in as mayor tonight. the city's top spot opened up after the former mayor died of a heart attack in may. the promotion was delayed because the mayor is appointed by the city counsel members. now the commander and chief had his say, what president obama is saying about anthony weiner. when the irs said no, she fought and she won.
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meet the lady who won the right to get a tax deduction for her cat. the clouds and the burn off and the effect it will have on your forecast, that's straight ahead. him what to do. he's just saying what he would do. president obama
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he is not telling him what to do, he is just saying what
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he would do. president obama called congressman anthony weiner's messages and photos to women highly inappropriate. the president said thestition would be left up to the constituents but he also said if it were him he would resign. michelle obama was in los angeles today making a pitch to the entertainment industry about her favorite cause. military families. she hopes movie makers will raise awareness on the big and small screens. she will be in the bay area tomorrow. she will attend a fund raising breakfast in oakland and a lunch in san francisco. giants fan bryan stow, congresswoman gabrielle giffords, two of the millions of people who suffer severe brain injuries. for years doctors couldn't do much for these people but dr. k
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shows us, that has all changed. >> reporter: 9 years ago two parole cars slided at high speed. killing an officer and careening the other into a light. in that car -- >> my seatbelt broke, went head first into a building. >> reporter: he struck a brick wall with such force he fractured his skull. first on the scene -- >> it was startling. i was scared for him. >> he had the worst kind of head injury. when he arrived here he had fixed pupils, he was always in the process of brain death. >> reporter: he explains with a severe brain injury the brain swells. >> no other place for the brain to go but down and that presses on the brain stem and it is
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like the central command center for controlling your breathing. i was trained we let him pass away. i was told he would be dead or worse than dead. >> reporter: in 2002 the officer was taken to the right place that right time. at san francisco general hospital he received experimental treatment. that included a controversial surgery. with this surgery surgeons remove a large part of the skull. >> allows the brain to move outwards rather than down wards. >> few weeks later -- >> i remember opening my eyes, seeing all the faces of friends, families. >> reporter: however it was a long road back to a full recovery. >> we are looking that most complicated injury. >> right here. >> reporter: he has no memory of the accident. >> i was like a puzzle dumped
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out and they helped me put the pieces back together. >> reporter: he also broke both his femurs. those needed to heal as did his brain. >> learning to walk, talk. learning to think, function through a day at 25. at 25 you think you are on top of the world. humbling. >> reporter: to this day brain injuries are poorly understood. >> we are treating him as if he will make a recovery. >> he is currentlytrating bryan stow. bryan stow and congresswoman gabrielle giffords underwent a hemy craneecttomy. while it's unclear what kind of recovery they might have, 11 months after the accident the officer was back on the job. he beat the odds. >> life keeps going forward and almost your job to keep pace.
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>> great story. >> amazing. what can you do? >> i noticed hair growing on the back of ken's hands because of this. check it out. full moon. what is so osesome we are able to see them tonight because the clouds have not moved that far inland as of yet. tomorrow morning, we will be socked into the coast. off shore flow kicks in. it will be breezy by the evening commute. but this is what you need to know, the forecast, overnight hours, low clouds, fog streaming inland, 40 miles. by the morning commute you will need your sun glasses and plan on eating lunch outdoors because we will have plenty of sunshine and these temperatures are going up.
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5 degrees warmer tomorrow in santa rosa. 72 in san francisco. up from today of 61 degrees. 85 in san jose. 11 degrees warmer. 90 inland. all these temperatures will be popping. overnight, the coast and into the bay, into the 50s. anywhere from 50 to about 60 degrees. the tree count and grass count on the medium side. two days of off shor conditions. temperatures into the low 90s. and then it looks like we will see the return of the onshore push, resulting in cooler temperatures through saturday. that's a dry weather pattern through monday. >> love it. >> thank you. she takes care of dozens of stray cats every day and now a woman figured out a way to get
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the government to help foot the bill. what it could mean for other people like her. >> reporter: some call her the cat lady. her name is jan and she takes care of cats, lots of them in her home. as a volunteer, her mission is to trap stray cats, neuter them and care for them till they can be adopted or released. >> he will get adopted. >> reporter: when she tried to take deductions on her tax bill, the irs said no way. claiming her cat receipt items were nondeductible. >> they were contending this could only be done regarding cats being housed on the premsis of an spca. >> reporter: her case wound up
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in tax court. she represented herself. after submitting receipts to $12,000, jan the cat lady won. >> i argued it was no different from a daycare center where you can deduct a portion of the house and utility that are used for the purposes. >> reporter: jan asked us not to release the address of her home. she says a lot of people don't understand why she has so many cats. in fact, just a couple years ago someone through a rock through the window of her home. she just doesn't want to fall victim to that again. >> reporter: a win for lal volunteers. the humane society has thousands that care for animals. this is the first time the
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court addressed this expenses as tax detuckettable. >> the extra 10% or whatever would make a huge difference because most would spend that right back on cats. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, cbs eyewitness news. some has to give, in the case of the chicken, it's its neck. [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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come on out, guys. the jury has reached its decision. now, you guys found the other airline guilty of charging a 150-dollar change fee. you bet! southwest would never do that. and that was after she changed her flight and paid the difference in airfare. that other airline treated her wrong.
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she was understandably upset. well, who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? he was surprised with the verdict. you got that right. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees. going to tell you. but we . you may or may not know why they cross the road and we are not going to tell you now but we have studied the way they walk. jack wants too know why do chickens move their head when they walk. that's tonight's question. >> reporter: look at a chicken, look at the way it moves. its head in relation to its body. most people get it wrong. >> the head is not going
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backwards and forwards. it is going forwards and stopping and you can see that if you watch the chickens carefully. the body catches up. >> reporter: the way chickens move has been studied for years. >> they have lateral eyes. they a don't have good depth vision, like hawks. it helps them fix their eyes on stationary objects. >> chickens snap their heads from side to side because it's easier for them to move their heads than their eyes. >> they move their heads. they angle their head and look at objects different than a human would. >> reporter: yeah. like that. go to, collect on connect to send me your
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questions. cal keeps their dream season alive, plus a record in the stanley cup finals next. ♪
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their first stanley cup tonight and set a record in the rt the . might be certifying for sharks fans, the bruins denied the canucks their first stanley cup tonight and set a record. over 5 minutes into the 1st period brad began scoring, 35 seconds later another one. then andrew from the blue line and a minute later michael rider bangs one off the post.
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4 goals in 4 minutes. that's a record. boston wins 5-2. game 7 on wednesday night. cal, opener, uc irvine up. the cavaliers load the bases. chris taylor hits it, two runs score. virginia wins 3-2 they face the bears sunday. the mavs landed with their first championship trophy. it's also the first for former cal stand out jason kidd who has been in the league for 17 years. shocking upset for the heat, a add ran below an article about the game 6 loss. they said it was a production error. [ talking at the same time ] >> i thought they were trying to get a jump on -- what day is
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it? >> sunday. >> father's day. right. [ laughter ] >> i got a list this long.
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