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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  June 25, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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happened and why. a celebration of gay pride in francisco... why this you're watching eyewitness news. what police are saying about what happened and why. a celebration of gay pride in san francisco. why this year's celebration has taken on a special importance. a deadly collision on the way to the bay area. >> i don't know what to do to get him out of here. >> reporter: and a car out of control crashes into a nursing home. good evening, i'm -- it's pride weekend in cities across the country this weekend and a
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special one made in the history last night in new york state. on the new law that legalizes gay marriages and the legal challenges ahead. >> gay pride week in new york means a lot more. >> the sun just felt like it was shining a little more. >> reporter: are celebrating the right to marry in new york and they have waited a long time. the governor signed legislation making new york the 6th and by far the largest state where couples -- couples will gain new legal rights. >> inheritance rights, insurance benefits, so many things and just the societyial benefit of knowing that niklas is growing up where his parents are married. >> reporter: they hope new
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york's action is a step toward the legalization of same sex marriage nationwide. 30 states now have constitutional amendments banning it. >> we don't have a right to change the meaning of marriage. >> reporter: gay rights believe a nationwide law will have to come through. six years ago got married in canada where same sex marriage is the law of the land. >> the new law takes effect in 30 days. susan mckinis, new york. the events in new york are just another reason to celebrate. pride week was in full swing. this year at the castro street
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party are -- they are inspecting wanting to check for weapons as well, but new york's efforts to allow same sex marriage is encouraging to the lbg community. >> kicking off pride celebrations with full marriage quality in the entire state. it really was a dream come true and it. >> the 41st annual pride street kicks off early tomorrow morning. there will be street closures and must note service -- mew -- this morning a huge pink triangle. the pink triangle is almost 200 feet across and can be seen from about 20 miles away.
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tonight san francisco police are looking for a man who shot and wounded 5 people not far from pride festivities. it happened near market and -- what police say was the motive. >> marks places where a dozen shell casings landed. across the street bloody rags lay where victims fell. >> there was a multiple shooting. it was gang related. we have one gun in custody and one possible suspect being detained. we're doing a cold show. >> there were five gunshot victims. three with nonlife threatening injuries. a store owner told of people running in all directions to escape the bullets. a security camera may have captured some of the action.
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there was heavy traffic in the area at the time. captain be garrity went out of his way to say it was not related to the gay pride. >> it's gang related. it's nothing to do with the pride event at all. it's gang related. it can't -- it's gang related. we have possibly 2 involved in like a gun fight. >> in san francisco, don nap. >> reporter: police are looking for a second suspect. they did not identify a gang but say it's gang related because the suspects are from outside the area. a tragedy at a nursing home that could have been so much worse. it happened just before 1'06"00
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block of peterson avenue. >> reporter: on a quiet morning at amber wood gardens, no one could have seen this coming. a 90-year-old woman trying to park drives through a wall of window straight through the dining room where more than a dozen dementia patients were trying to exercise. the car pushed several wheelchairs landing against this wall knocking out a metal door. >> she was still on the gas until somebody came into the car and actually pulled her out and shut the car off. >> reporter: the driver was okay but 6 residents and one staffer were taken away. a caregiver for a 100-year-old woman who she came to take for a walk. >> i saw her sock and her shoe laying there full of blood and
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i kept asking everybody, where is susan. >> reporter: she was at the hospital, her wheelchair demolished. >> and i felt bad because i feel like if i had been here at 9:30 i would have taken her out of there. >> reporter: the families of those left are worried, too. >> he's in shock. big time shock. i don't know what to do to get him out of here. >> reporter: was the therapist in the room when it happened. >> i'm sorry for the families, the person who did it and everybody. i'm sorry it happened. there's no way anyone can control something like this. >> reporter: the staff hopes to have everything normal by tuesday. one of the victims was treated and has returned to the nursing home. all the other victims are in stable condition tonight. investigators spent the day shifting through the wreckage of a track hit by a a semi.
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today the death toll still stands at 6, including the driver. the truck slammed into it in the nevada desert about 70 miles east of reno. >> reporter: reports received from the emergency responders indicate multiple fat alties. >> reporter: this was the scene yesterday after the semi track. >> a post crash fire en sued. however the train didn't derail. >> reporter: the scene is spread out over more than half a mile. now that wreckage is evidence that the ntsb is working to document and find out just what happened. >> we are here to find out what happened and why it happened. >> reporter: but officials say it will be a long and
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complicated process. as a first priority they have work crews going through the train searching for those unaccounted for. then they have teams looking into the drivers' history. but the investigation could take days or even weeks before they reach any conclusion. >> we will not be determining the probable cause of this accident while we're on scene. nor will we speculate but what could have caused the accident. >> reporter: says there is evidence the driver of the big rig tried to stop the truck moments before it ran into the train. 16 investigators were on the scene today. they say it could take up to a year to determine the cause of the crash. some bay area headlines, the sky will light up. after cans elk the -- cans
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canceling the fireworks for lack of money, organizers pulled in more than $7000. documents dating back to the 1960s show a history of flawed wells that exploded last september. show a pattern of failed or december i have wells -- deceptive wells. and santa clara county wants to keep children in other countries from being exposed to cox i i -- toxins. the ordinance goes into effect next year. san francisco mayor ed lee keeps saying he's not running but lots of people are trying to draft him.
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today supporters opened a campaign office. they say as many as 1500 people have already signed petitions asking the mayor to reconsider. lee says while he's flattered he wants to focus on the job he's doing now. >> it's just not been part of my nature to be in a campaign and especially with so many other people that are running for mayor. they deserve to really be heard. >> reporter: mayor lee said he would rather concentrate on doing the best job he can as mayor and go back to his old job job. the much needed break residents needed to keep more of their town from being submerged. >> there's so much more to giving than just what we do in restaurants. >> reporter: and a chef serving up just what the doctor ordered for some very sick children.
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cooler temperatures, some chances of fog in the morning and some showers on the way. i'll have your pinpoint forecast coming up next.
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authorities say addicts and drug to a wave of pharmacy robberies is sweeping the nation. adidn'ts and -- addicts are using -- says the robberies rose 81% between 2006 and 2010. during that time the number of stolen pills rose from 706,000 to nearly 1 1/2 million.
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61 robberies were in california, more than any other state. thieves are taking painkillers. last week a robber killed a teenage store clerk and two customers to get his hands on hydrocodone pills. well, they have dodged a bullet tonight in might my not north dakota. >> to save another neighborhood in minot. the river is falling more than 50 times it's speed and has expanded to 10 times its size dragging debris. with man made levees
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threatening to fail. mayor knows how dangerous that is. >> everything we're looking at is in jeopardy. if this goes everything in this area goes. several businesses action businesses, all of broadway. >> reporter: one thing that could make that fear realty is a small walk way that has become overrun and is wedging its way into the levee's side. it's he roding the dike -- dividing the city in half. has every flood fighter at his disposal. >> by roofing the bridge -- removing the bridge it's causing the water to swell and what we're going to do is hook
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on and try and physically pull the bridge away. >> they are using air boats, even a tank doing everything possible to help a community where 4000 homes and businesses have been overrun by the river. >> we have to do whatever we can in order to save this part of minot. >> reporter: as crews work to pull that down, 4000 homes are flooded and it's starting to rain. puts it all in perspective for us. we don't have anything to complain about. >> we do have some clouds making their way in. we will see plenty of high clouds. here's a look at our -- it's pushing over towards the east and now we're starting to see
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this upper level low that's starting to dig down bringing us plenty of instability and increasing cloud coverage. here's a look at our lows tonight. conditions for tonight rather cool. going to get a little cooler because that low is starting to influence the area. here's what you can expect tomorrow. sunny skies for the inland area. some a.m. fog for the bay. the days are getting a little bit shorter and that's what we can expect after we hit that summer solstice. low for weeds, trees and molds. our expected highs for tomorrow a bit cooler. mountain view 75. santa clara 1 degree warmer at
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81. concord and pittsburgh 86. so temperatures still warm but not as warm as we've been feeling. san francisco you're expected high, 6 of 8 -- your expected high, 69 degrees. temperatures are starting to cool down here by monday and into tuesday we are seeing those chances of showers. that is my only change because i really do think those showers will start to work their way in wednesday and thursday. we're going to have a high pressure starting to build nicely and then 90s for next weekend. >> i'm supposed to go to an as game. a special chef serving up some comfort food for kids who really need it. and some of rockies biggest
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meme -- memorabilia.
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and today -- many of h
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it was 2 years ago today that michael jackson died and today many of his items are going on auction. including the leather jacket he worry for his thriller video and the -- he worry at his last press conference where he announced his this is it tour. among them things from the beatles, need wood mack -- she's a super star among the finest chefs in the world but she walked away to cook for these kids. >> reporter: wearing they are characteristic -- her characteristic chef's hat, makes her rounds. she doesn't work in a restaurant. these are her patients.
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she's the executive chef empty pediatric unit at -- cancer unit. >> all i'm making today is. >> reporter: classically trained worked in some of the most successful restaurants in new york city winning critical acclaim. but she still wanted something more. >> more chefs have to realized the power they possess in food and how much of a difference they can make in other people's lives by just utilizing their knowledge differently. >> reporter: she's brought her cooking talent to this world renowned hospital. >> reporter: she knows that i like a lot of spicy food with a lot of tomato sauce. >> reporter: she serves whatever comfort foods her patients would like to order, a
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chocolate shake or their fast food favorite. as she comforts parents and nourishes their children. chef bonn eat a says she always looks for that special moment as she watches these special kids take their first bite. >> there's so much more to giving to be able to contribute towards their comfort and to be able to see it on their face. >> reporter: and that is even better than a paycheck, russ mitchell, cbs news. a tiny pooch has been crowned the world's ugliest dog. you be the judge. the mutt weighs about 1.8- pound. she won a trophy about 15 times her size. yoda has come a long way.
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her rescuer said she thought the little dog was a rat. i think it's pretty cute. >> reporter: speaking of ugly, the giants get an ugly -- the only thing factored in the sports minute, find out next. [ beep ]
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at least two w placed jonathan will start tuesday in chicago and remain in the rotation for at least 2 weeks staff giants place -- after the giants place jonathan sanchez on -- consisted of two
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cleveland errors, a walk and a box. but that was all they needed to move back into first place. as and phillies, 3 more hits and started the suite to end the game. as beat the phillies. katrina williams begins to play more and more like herself with a straight set win. finals in pasadena the united states jumped out to a 2-0 lead but mexico jumped out to win their 6th gold cup title. and 3rd round at the championship shoots a 67 heading into the final round. the 22-year-old is seeking her 4 4th major title. some people never win one
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major, looking for her 4th. >> thank you so much. we'll see you back here at 11:00 on cbs 5. new droid incredible 2.
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