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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  September 19, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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,. you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" on the cw. [ yelling ] >> the front of the aircraft coming straight down, right at us. >> the plane missed them by just a few feet. the horror stories from survivors and how complete strangers became heroes. >> the suspect in a deadly bay area crime spree is in jail. tonight the eerie message from the murder victim just before her death; as protestors board b.a.r.t. an attempt to ban them moves forward. why critics fear it will backfire. >> they are very gracious opening the door for them. >> and oakland rolls out the red carpet. but the real star is a piece of the city's sports history. police have confirmed: the weekend and we begin tonight with some breaking news. >> within the last hour,
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heyward police have confirmed that the body found over the weekend is that of michelle le. volunteers found the remains in niles canyon near the sun hold/pleasanton border. elizabeth cook on how they identified the remains so quickly. >> reporter: they tell cbs5 the coroner used dentale records to identify the body. they tracked the last cell phone signal, even though they have confirmed the identity, heyward police still haven't determined the cause of death. forensic pathology examinations are ongoing. meanwhile, the woman suspected of killing le was in court today. gisele esteban did not enter a plea. her attorney says they need more time to go over the case. investigators say a motive for the murder may only be known to esteban, but she did tell
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reporters see blamed le for ruining her relationship with an ex-boyfriend. >> elizabeth cook, thank you very much. the weekly protests against b.a.r.t. are losing steam. tonight a small group boarded a train at civic center and road just 1 stop to montgomery. they did not disrupt service and there were no arrests, b.a.r.t.'s new general manager told the chronicle she is open to meeting with the protestors to talk about their grievances, but if talking doesn't work, b.a.r.t. may soon have a new option. sharon chin on the b.a.r.t. black list. [ chanting ] >> reporter: b.a.r.t. may get a new weapon to stop protestertors. under a proposal on the governor's desk they could ban people for three months if they have been bothered three times in 90 days. >> that sounds like sensor
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ship. >> i think it would escalate it actually. what they are trying to do is install a police state. >> reporter: state lawmakers took up the bill even before weekly protestors snarled the evening commute. a sacramento lawmaker introduced ab716 to install a passenger safety act which helps police keep the peace. b.a.r.t. asked to be added to the bill. the agency says it has the potential to ban the protestors who jump on trains and block entry gates. >> not an overnight solution but b.a.r.t. is seeking many legal solutions to help keep our passengers safe. >> reporter: some riders say b.a.r.t. could ban those who cause multiple service disruptions. >> we have done nothing wrong, i don't think we should have to pay the price for their shenanigans. >> reporter: other riders say it amounts to black listing protestors. >> that is taking away freedom of speech. that's what our country is
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built on, if you can't protest on something you believe in what can you protest about. >> reporter: the bill is before governor jerry brown, he has until october 9th to decide whether or not to sign it. he has not taken a public stance on the measure. dana. >> sharon chin, thank you. a parolee is behind bars accused of a weekend crime spree. paul ray castillo shot a man at a san josi gas station. an hour later, he carjacked a woman, then after an 11-hour standoff with officers at an apartment complex he managed to escape. castillo was finally arrested yesterday in sacramento and, tonight, kiet do with more on the carjacking victim killed over the weekend. >> reporter: at the ventana media building in the broadcast booth of 1290am. you will find red lipstick on the microphone. it is still there from the last
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broadcast of cindy nguyen. >> anything you need you can go to her for that, so you know, the community misses her greatly. >> reporter: she was his boss at a local real estate office and new her for 30 years, she was a long-time community volunteer, even sharing empty office space with local charities, her radio show was called morning star, she talked about everything, finance, real estate, cooking recipes and advice on life. she was kidnapped and murdered hours after her last show. the coroner has not yet released her remains. >> i still had that hope that it's not her and i am sure i'm speaking for more than one of us in the entire community. it's a huge loss. >> reporter: and so we're back here live at the plant shopping center, this is the very spot where she was carjacked and kidnapped, but instead of focusing on the negative, her family wants to celebrate her
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life. they'll have a candlelight vigil right here 7:00 on friday. >> all right. kiet do reporting live from san jose. thank you key et. a bomb threat made a flight make an emergency landing in seattle this morning. they were taken off the flight and rescreened after the threatening letter was found at sfo. investigators later determined there was no real threat. reno's air race death toll now stands at 10 people tonight. investigators say that they have collected crucial evidence that could shed some light into what caused that plane to come down. karen brown with stories from those who lived to tell the horror of last friday. >> reporter: it was the final wrap of a great day of racing. bob craft was sitting next to his son stephen when the p-51 dived towards them. [ screaming ] >> the only thing i remember seeing is the nose, the front of the aircraft, coming straight down right at us.
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>> reporter: did you think it was going to hit hugh? >> there was thaw doubt in my mind it was gonna hit us and we were gonna die. >> this huge explosion of noise and then the dust and then, all of a sudden, you were seeing the carnage of people. >> reporter: the plane missed them by just yards, sprayed with shrapnel david kraft captured these images of people trying to help. >> a lot of people about coming up saying what can i do, what can i do, and the big thing was "i need your belt. >> reporter: emergency nurse judy morgan was working in an emergency booth. she sprinted to the crash site. >> the thing was most of the people were were so critically injured and they were silent and blinked at you when you asked what their injury was. the people in the crowd saved lives because the injuries were imminently life-threatening. >> here i come running right there in the green shirt.
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>> reporter: 25-year-old noah jornstad was hit in the neck and back. >> waiting for the next part of when you die. >> reporter: it was strangers who carried him from the smoke and carnage what do you say for them? >> i can't thank them enough. they had guts for going in there and staying with anybody. to me those are the real heroes. >> reporter: investigators are closely examining the video and dozens of photos taken by spectators including those who show the p-51 lost a piece of its trail. it's called the elevator trim tab and it helps the plane maintain altitude. in reno, nevada, karen brown, cbs news. e other bay area headlines, pg&e crews discovered leaking gas ons caloan yeah drive in novato. they say the leak is small and not dangerous. they will search around the clock to find and fix the source of that leak. the owners and operators of
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the costco busan hats agreed to pay $44 million for the crash that spilt 53,000 gallons of oil into the bay. that will go to local and state governments to cover the clean- up costs. palo alto water rates going. they approved the increase last night, or tonight actually. customers could see their bill increase anywhere from 3 to $50 a month. it will take effect next month. president obama laid out his plan for long-term debt reduction and it immediately drew sharp criticism. president obama brought back his hope to raise taxes on the rich but republicans call that plan a non-starter, according to debrah nottingham. >> reporter: president obama is calling for $1.25 trillion in new taxes as part of a 10-year deficit reduction plan. >> president obama: we can't just cut our way out of this hole. it's going to take a balanced
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approach. >> reporter: the president's plan would also end the bush- era tax cuts for couples making more than $250,000. currently, the highest income earners can pay as little as 15% in tactses, while most middle class americans pay an average of 25%. house speaker john boehner rejected the idea saying washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. >> but giving the federal government more money would be like giving a cocaine addict, all right, more cocaine. >> reporter: the president has rejected the charge of class warfare but his plan could be political warfare. challenging republicans in the run-up to the 2012 election. >> it's bad policy, bad policy makes for bad politics. >> reporter: the president's debt reduction plan also calls for less politically charged measures including 1.1 trillion in savings from winding down the wars in iraq and
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afghanistan. and 5, 50,580,000,000,000 in mandatory spending cuts. but president obama is threatening to veto any plan sent to his desk that does not pear cuts to medicare and medicaid without taxes to the wealthiest americans. the end of don't ask/don't tell has arrived. the ban on serving openly in the military for gays ends at midnight tonight. more than 920% of the military has been trained in this new law. he said he was arrogant and that he messed up. >> but the ceo of netflix is not rolling back the price hike. instead, customers will see major changes to the service. i would have to do something with angelina. >> brad pitt fever hits the east bay. tonight's red carpet premier, where the big movie star is on
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the a. temperatures running well above average today, mid-to upper 90s, clearly sunny and warm the story today but cooler changes are on the way. that's all in the forecast coming up. er again. millions of americans have tattoos but many, like this bay area musician, wants to remove them. >> 10 minutes to get rid of something that takes 10 hours. closed captioning for "eyewitness news" is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original.
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costco buy san, cost kobe san the los gatos- based business is splitting up i soon customers won't get dvds in the mail from netflix ever again. the los gatos based business is splitting up into two companies. it will continue to market its
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online streaming services through the netflix name but its mail order dvd service will operate through a new web site, quick sister. customers who want both services need to have two separate accounts. well, maybe it was just an impulse, but 30 minutes and a couple hundred dollars later and you're one of 40 million americans who have a brand new shiny tattoo. >> well, now, you're having second thoughts you say. well, there is some good news out there. elizabeth cook shows us doctors can finally remove almost as many colors as you ever thought to put on. >> reporter: the art has been around forever and, with tattoos, forever is the point. >> kind of like how we used to put stickers on our luggage where we have been and, to me, that's what it is. >> reporter: but some ideas that seem timeless fall away with the years. >> it's not unusual for us to see couples who come in here who have fallen out of love to come into have their prior partners have their names
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removed from their bodies. >> we use sisterrized tubes. >> i woke up in the morning and i was in the wrong body. >> reporter: with need its that pulls 100 times a second, a full pallet of colors, it took generations for artists to get this skilled at putting ink on. >> you got eye protection. >> reporter: but technology is catching up when it comes to taking ink off. >> in the past, lasers have been limited in the colors they are able to treat. >> reporter: the tattoo business boomed in the 90s with about 1/3 of americans ages 18 to 30 getting ink. now the removal business is booming. dermatologists say they see handfuls of patients every single day with increasingly sophisticated lasers that can treat a rainbow of colors. >> we're able to treat not just blue and black tattoos but also the more difficult ones such as red and the most difficult ones which are light green and maybe yellow. >> reporter: eric victorino
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sings in a band. >> i really like tattoos, i just don't really have any good tattoos. >> reporter: so they are coming off. this is how it happens. >> adjust the laser, and you can seawright here the pig men takings, the tattoo pigmentakings absorbing it and causing a frosting of the epi deer miss which resolves in a few hours. we'll switch wave lengths 5552 to 992, which will treat the orange and the red. it is breaking up the color, now making those smaller pieces digestible by your body's immune cells and then you pea it out. >> reporter: each tattoo requires several treatments and starting at $100 per square inch, they go. >> it's between being dude and sir. >> reporter: so, around the bay
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area, tattoos come off. as ink goes on, just with the slightly different notion of "forever." in san francisco, elizabeth cook, cbs5. >> ouch. >> that's what they say. julie walz, in for roberta tonight. >> so how's the weather? >> lovely. sunny, warm, a lot of people out there enjoying it, etcetera especially those who live in cooler areas like the city. folks inland saying hay we have had summerall summer long. outside right now we're seeing mainly clear skies and temperatures remain pretty mild out there, even in san francisco, here is a look at the transamerica building. notice something missing. any cloud cover, any of those companies tal clouds that keep us cool so often this time of year will finally start to feel like summer in the city and, well, the rest of you have been feeling it all summer long. take a look at our average temperatures this time of year. san francisco was typically
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around 70 degrees for a high, concorde and livermore in the low 80s for 0s for san jose and santa rosa. that's not what we saw today. that's 12 degrees above for concorde and livermore, santa rosa 11 to 14 degrees above average, we even broke a record at oakland airporte, we hit 91, the old record setback in 1983 with 90 degrees. needless to say, definitely on the warm side, yeah, we'll continue throughout the workweek. we have high pressure holding steady in place. it's holding off any of that cooler air to our north keeping us nice and dry, as we see these warm temperatures continue we continue to see spare the air days, one more in effect for us tomorrow. keep that in mind as you head off to work and school. temperature-wise maybe a couple degrees of cooling, along the coast, we're talking low 70s, pacifica warming into the mid- 90s for places like campbell and morgan hill. the farther south you go the
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warmer you get. in martin, mill peeds and heyward, down to brentwood, 94 petaluma, 68 in daly city. pretty much holding clear. come friday we see temperatures drop, this weekend looking at temperatures in the mid-80s, sports coming up after the break. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by infinity. luxury cars that deliver inspired performance. well, was hollywood in the east bay tonight, with a world film premier at paramount theater. >> the movie is "moneyball," how manager billy beane transformed the oakland a's. but as robert liles shows us it wasn't just baseball that brought out the fans tonight. >> one man's red carpet premier. >> we have a premier, most of this happens in san francisco. >> reporter: is another woman's brush with a defibrillator. >> oh yes i would have gotten hot flashes and perhaps passed out. >> reporter: but it's white hot super nova brad pitt who transformed the did tier you're into the upper deck of the
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coliseum to debut "moneyball," the bio pick about the oakland a's storied 2000 season. >> got the book and became a bit dogged with it. material like that doesn't come along too often. >> reporter: and actors like pitt don't come to oakland that often so hundreds of people stood in the planter box in the middle of broadway dodge dodging cars trying to catch a glimpse of the $150 million man. >> ran back over here. >> reporter: what would have happened had you touched him? [ laughter ] >> reporter: as they faint over the star, "moneyball," the movie, puts oakland in the spotlight. how a's billy beane used statistics and not a big bank account to recruit sluggers like david justice played by stephen bishop. >> it is a dream come true, i wanted to be on the a's when i was growing up. >> reporter: what did he nail?
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>> my body, my swing. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the movie was shot back in july, 2010. actors say, despite the frigid night, oakland fans are ra bid. >> know everything about your team and hopefully it work out, hopefully it works today in oakland instead of going to san jose. >> reporter: but most folks didn't turn out to hear talk of the a's moving. they wanted to hear from an a- list actor who may make them weak in the knees when you hear this response. >> never give up jones, they were really cool and i hope they see the film as a love letter back. >> reporter: robert liles, cbs5. good stuff, i can't wait to hear are the reviews. that officially comes out friday night. the giants had the night off but the pennant race did not. arizona scores 1 run, was it enough to increase the lead over the giants? the answer is next.
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by ebay. when it's brought to your mind it's on ebay. buy it new, buy it now. one eye on the diamondbacks and pirates in the desert. >> winners of 8 the in the row the giants have kept themselves in the pennant race. they had one eye on the diamondbacks and by rats in the desert. the only run of the game came on a broken-bat home run by justin upton in the sixth inning. arizona starter ian kennedy struck out 12 in 8 innings and picked up his 20th win of the season so the giants are 5 1/2 back in the division but only 3 1/2 back in the wildcard. that's right ken. the yankees closer mariano rivera got his 602nd career save against the twins, he passes trevor hoffman for first on the all-time list. sam bradford and the rams against the giants goes for over 300 but st. louis maid some costly mistakes. the fumble scooped up, they win
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28-16. the rams are 0-2. stanford linebacker shane sk ov will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. he is one of the best. the nascar post posed yesterday, got it on today. tony stewart took the lead for good with 20 laps to go. this is the first win since last october, now it's big because he moves up to second in the chase cup standings behind the cup leader. >> i watched that race. over 100,000 people there on a monday. >> got to love that. >> love it. >> all right. we're coming back at 11:00. see you then.
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