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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  October 1, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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back in business. one local community that is taking a public safety page out of the past. >> i swear i'm not drinking. there's a sea lion on the freeway. >> drivers taking a double take. good everyoning. i'm annette. the biggest man hunt in recent history in northern california is over. the county sheriff says aaron was shot and killed outside fort bragg today. he was walking down a logging road when authorities spotted him and opened fire around noon. the sheriff says he raised his high powered rifle, but did not fire. he was hit seven times in the torso and died nearly instantly. local and federal authorities had been combing the forest for more than a month after he reportly shot and killed a fort bragg councilman. he is suspected of killing a county land trust officer. just two days ago, alameda county sheriff deputies got in
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a shootout. officers found him today with the help of a blood hound dog after he reportedly burglarized a store. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. he allegedly shot the councilman in august as he investigated an illegal marijuana growing operation. tonight, asked about the problem plaguing northern california neighborhoods. >> medical marijuana groves are turning up in more neighborhoods across the state and with that, investigators say come the opportunity for more violence. groves like this one targeted by thieves. >> notice shadows under my fence. >> according to county sheriff detectives, this man had armed gunman rob his grove this morning. >> said hey, what are you doing back there? he said you want to get shot? i heard him rack the gun. >> suspects took off, but the
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homeowner followed him and called 911. the chase headed down this road. but ended with the suspect crashing his vehicle into another woman's car. >> this could have very well been a corner scape. it could have been a fatality. the accident was a violent accident. >> this undercover detective said with it being harvest season, violence tends to escalate. >> seeing an increase in armed robberies. seeing an increase in simple people jumping over fences and taking the plants themselves. >> just this week at a marijuana operation, a deadly shootout over the crop. >> i would like to move. >> cristie who lives near today's incident doesn't want anyone growing it in her neighborhood. especially with all the children playing outside. even if it is just for medical use. >> it brings crime to the neighborhood. a lot of activity. >> the woman in that accident had to be taken by life flight to the hospital. her injuries are quite serious.
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on to break news out of contra costa county . a home invasion turned deadly. police say a man forced his way into a home in bay point and threatened two women, a mother, and her pregnant daughter, fearing for her daughter's life. officers say the mom shot and killed the intruder. it's unclear if the intruder knew the people in the home or if he had a weapon. >> a horrific crash that killed three people. it happened this morning and it appears to have claimed the lives of a trio of burglary suspects. police sate occupants of the car that slammed into a concrete median may have burglarized a food max store. officers gave chase on 880, but the driver exited at 98th avenue. sped through a dirt field and then crashed into a concrete barrier. it's unclear if the driver was drinking, but officers say there was alcohol in the car. >> it's unfortunate that we
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have three individuals under the age of 30 that died in a crash like this because any loss of life is always a tragedy. the real tragedy is that it is totally avoidable because the driver was driving in an irresponsible manner. >> two men from oakland and a woman from heyward died. another passenger and the car survived. she's in critical condition. everyone injured in an amtrak crash is out of the hospital tonight. the train smashed into a semi east of brentwood last night. 39 people on the train bound for bakersfield were treated at the hospital and released. the chp says a semi tried to cross the tracks, but did not clear it in time. the train did not derail. special honors for fallen firefighters including two bay area men. the names of 30 who have died in the line of duty were added today to the california
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firefighter's memorial in sacramento. among those are san francisco's fire department lieutenant, vincent perez and anthony. both died in a fire in the neighborhood in june. >> it was quite an impression. he was quite unusual. he was called the people's paramedic because he saved so many people's lives during his time with the san francisco fire department. >> there are now more than 1100 names on the memorial. >> well the city of bellmonte has its own fire department for the first time in more than 30 years. belmont abandoned their partnership earlier this year. firefighters had a choice to go with belmont or join san carlos' partnership with redwood city. belmont's new department has 15 firefighters, two engines, and a ladder truck. checking bay area headlines, texla is rolling out
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its sedan. the car maker showed off the beta version of its fully electronic model s in its fremont factory today. it already has 6,000 orders for the 2012 model. no apologies for the white house over the half a billion dollars in loans to fremont solyndra. energy secretary said today the stimulous program, which expired yesterday, has pumped billions into worthy projects, not just the bay area. they declared bankruptcy and abruptly closed down last month. santa clara animal shelters are launching a campaign this weekend to empty every cage. the operators say they continue to overrun and struggling homeowners. it took an 800 strays last month alone. for the next two weeks, six
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shelters will be offering adoptions for $10. another wandering feline turned up in an odd spot. it was found this morning along highway 101 in burrelling game. the mammal's amazing journey. >> this frantic thrashing sea lion has been through a lot, going across the north and southbound lanes of highway 101. a journey that ultimately led to this net. the 911 calls from drivers started before 7:00 a.m. >> they sounded surprised. i'm sure if i was calling, i would be like, i swear i'm not drinking, but there's a sea lion on the freeway. >> it looks like the sea lion came out of the bay and went around the canal and then started crossing roadways. including a side road, a four lane highway on ramp and access road and then the eight lanes of highway 101. >> a caller said they saw him
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jump over the median from northbound to southbound. i don't know how he didn't get hit. >> the sea lion ended up on the side of the broadway exit of southbound 101. it has been injured jaw and lots of cuts and is now at the marine mammal center for care. >> most likely, this animal became disoriented. we want to know what caused that animal to become disoriented. or just simply disoriented after the injury. however, the animal sustained it. >> and while the sea lion is tired and bruised, it posed for pictures on a tree stump as police shut down the offramp for two hours waiting for the experts to arrive. >> we're going to, you know, keep our fingers crossed that this animal can survive and hopefully get it back out in the ocean and away from highways. >> in burrellinggame, cbs 5. >> a march nonprotest spreads
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across the country. >> what is behind demonstrations now going on from coast to coast? >> shifting inmates from prisons to jails. how one bay area sheriff says the plan will impact local communities. >> i'm john ford in hayward. what kind of man goes below a helicopter? i'll have that story coming up. movement is gainin cloudy with a bit of drizzle overnight tonight, but are you ready to take a look at wind and rain and lowering snow levels? ready or not, here it comes. i'll have it coming your way in a few minutes.
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about 200 peop the occupy wall street movement is gaining momentum across the country. 200 people protested in los angeles today against what they said was corporate greed and inequality. the demonstrations started in new york city two weeks ago and has since spread all over the country. carey on the new york landmark where hundreds were arrested today. >> antiwall street protesters sat in the middle of new york's brooklyn bridge, blocking traffic saturday afternoon. police took hundreds of people into custody and formed a human wall, trying to keep more demonstrators from getting on to the bridge. the protesters are part of the movement called occupy wall street and they are upset over social inequality, bank bailouts, and corporate greed. >> it's about ready for the people to stand up and say we should decide what's right. >> demonstrators started camping out and holding marchs
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three weeks ago. critics say this leaderless movement is unorganized. protesters don't need one focus. >> the basic is, our democratic structures are broken. >> and when a congressman showed up -- >> we have to take a our country back. >> government isn't working. >> you, sir, have no business being here. >> the protesters say they are encouraged. the crowds here in lower manhattan are growing and the movement is spreading to cities around the country. people rallied in new mexico and marched to city hall in los angeles saturday as a sign of solidarity. in the midwest, the crowd outside the federal reserve bank of chicago started growing a week ago. protesters in new york say they just want their voices heard and pledged to keep demonstrating through the winter. carrie, cbs news, lower
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manhattan. the most fundamental change to california's correctional system in decades is now in effect. the so-called prison realignment took effect today. inmates convicted of nonviolent, less serious offenses will serve time at county jails instead of state prisons. so will juvenile offenders and adult parolees. they have more room to handle more prisoners, but that's not the issue. >> the issue comes in to funding of those prisoners. we were given some money up front, but the cost going forward could be an issue. >> the realignment does not effect inmates currently in state prison. rather those convicted starting next week. the legislation helps the state comply with a federal court ruling to ease prison over crowding. a ground breaking technology is coming to the bay area. san jose will be the first to install dimable street lights. the city says the ability to turn down the wattage will save
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thousands of dollars. the city says residents need not worry about darkened streets. the lights will only be dim during hours when there's little traffic. all 62,000 street lights will eventually be replaced. >> the bay area's energy needs are behind a high wire act along the san mateo bridge. crews are replacing to carry more power without over heating. don ford on the men behind the dangerous work. >> hi. my name is rich. i'm a journeyman lineman and this is how we build pow r lines. welcome to my world. >> welcome to his world indeed. you have seen these men working on the power lines turned off for the moment. that parallelled the san mateo bridge. pg and e project manager, elon says the old wire has to go. >> pull that screwdriver out. >> we are adding power into the grid and the old wire had gotten too hot. >> these are trains, special
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men working for contractor. their day starts with safety checks, then attached to a 100 foot line. a helicopter lifts them over the bay mud. it is not your every day commute. then, carefully places each team on 300 foot towers. >> start stretching. >> lineman courtney says he understands the danger. >> why do i still do it? i get paid. i enjoy myself. where else am i going to get the only view in the bay no one else can get? >> a pretty tight knit group. that's the comrade. like you said, we are around each other more than we are around our family. >> even the helicopter pilot specialized. looking down while hovering with men in tools hanging below requires an uncanning sense of
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awareness and a soft touch on the control. plenty of time to see this high wire act. pg and e says this job will take a few more months. along the hayward shoreline, cbs 5. those are some people who need good weather when they do their jobs and jim has some not so good weather in his forecast. >> looks like they won't be too busy, as we see wind, rain, and lowering snow levels up in the sierra. coming our way early this season, but let's take a look at the weekend. a little bit of drizzle possible. dry, under partly cloudy skies for tomorrow. the pattern changes come monday as we see a series of wet cold fronts offshore, beginning to move into the area. tonight, weak, quite a bit of moisture. we are looking at the tail end of it. may produce drizzle, but that's about it. for us, as you can see, another one taking shape offshore and
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another one to follow that. we'll see the first one monday, which will likely bring anywhere from a quarter of an inch to a half an inch of rain into the north bay here by monday night. next one shows up, tuesday night into wednesday, it looks significantly wetter than the first several waves. we'll see anywhere up to an inch of rain. here's monday's storm as it crosses the bay area. by wednesday, it will be gusty winds, lowering snow levels and possibility of some moderate showers. as we see temperatures tomorrow on the warm side. mid to upper 70s for the warmer locations. mid 70s back to the bay. mid to low 7 70s. temperatures cooling dramatically come the beginning of the week. take advantage of this dry and warm spell tomorrow with mid to low 70s in the north bay. let's take a look at the seven- day forecast. you see those temperatures dropping off rapidly through midweek. wind and rain on wednesday and then dries out quickly early
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thursday morning and continues that trend into next weekend as we return to a little more typical october weather. that's a look at your forecast here. we'll be right back with more right after this. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible. i'm not crazy about these light fixtures. kitchen's too small. what's next? 607 franklin st. ♪
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no doubt about it, people here in the bay area love their coffee, but when it comes to being caffeinated, how do we compare? according to a market research company, the nation's most caffeinated cities are seattle and tay coma. the region where starbucks were born. number two, anchorage, alaska, portland, biosi four, spokane, 5. the bay area comes in 12th. the study was based on the number of coffee shops per capita. republican presidential candidate, rick perry has been taking heat. now a group called bad lip reading put new words in perry's mouth. the youtube video has got viral.
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>> if you thought presidential candidate, rick perry, rambled a bit at the last debate -- >> whether it was before he was before. >> you ain't seen nothing yet. >> and then i suspended marsha off this bridge and took a virgin heifer night riding for a while. >> no, perry isn't the victim of a seizure. bad lip reading. a group jokesters turned rick perry's real words. >> last week, that leadership failed. >> into this. >> ice cream, that is cheap. fact. >> and then. >> with the support of my family, became this. >> the next thing you know, he's saying all sorts of nonsense things. >> tuna, eggs, doritos, cheesecake. >> bad lip reading was known
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for taking music videos. for instance, black eyed peas hit ♪ [ music ] was transformed into a song about poop. but the rick perry video is exposing bad lip reading to a whole new audience, using his official announcement video. >> i declare to you today as a candidate for president of the united states. >> well now look what he is declaring. >> i cannot wait for a mid evil cooky, hot and yellow kool- aid. >> one post said this is the most sense he has ever made. the trick is finding different words that lip read alike. for instance, i love you. >> i'll let you. >> i love you. >> olive juice. >> i love you. >> olive juice. >> the creators of bad lip reading are still being mysteriously mysterious. one of them e-mailed cnn on
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interested in maintaining the anonymity of blr for the time being. the group also took president obama's words. >> a default on our debt would have been a devastating blow to our economy. >> and transformed them. but it's not as funny as rick perry. >> what i want you to do is build me a small dog house. >> something about that texas draw. >> hot yellow kool-aid and save a pretzel for the gas jets. >> cnn, new york. san jose state does two things it hasn't done in four years. and october begins with a bang in new york. the latest on the playoffs next in sports. i'm a curious seeker.
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i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
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road game since 2008... both san jose state has not won back to back games since 2008. the spartans had not won a road game since 2008. both streaks ended today. christian, start the clock. final minute tied at 31. throws deep to a wide open receiver for a game winning touchdown. 38-31 and improved to 2-3. brandon did leave the game with an ankle injury. stanford scored on their first three positions. two touchdowns. both the tight end, the cardinal lead ucla38-19 in the fourth quarter. baseball playoffs, yankees and tigers resuming game one after all the rain last night. robbie drove in six runs and hit a grand slam into the second deck. yankees take the series opener
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9-3. >> phillies and cardinals. roy halladay retired 21 after giving up three runs in the 1st. and woke up in the 6th. ryan howard gives the lead with the three-run homer. the phillies go on to win game one 11-6. and the brewers beat the dbacks 4-1 to take a 1-0 series lead and texas evened up their series with the rays at a game a piece. of course, raiders and patriots tomorrow, 1:00 right here on cbs 5. >> and you'll be there. >> all right. thank you. >> all right, that's it for eyewitness news at 10:00. kim has more sports at 11:00 on cbs 5. join us then. we'll see you. good night.
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