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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  October 8, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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and a legend like al davis" tough. rebellious. and truly, in a league of his own. (at end of raider nation pkg) "the nfl wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for al davis" tonight - we remember a true legend of the game. (in middle of raider nation pkg) "he's here forever. he left his spirit will always be with the raiders" good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. al davis was a polarizing figure. but he had a passion for football -- and blazed many trails for women and minorities in the business of the game. davis died this morning at his home in oakland at the age of 82. the cause of death has not been released. dennis o'donnel is here with more on al davis' legacy. dennis. al davis' health had been failing in recent years..still, the nfl world reacted with sadness and recollection at the news that one of its' true architects, leaders, and mavericks was gone. kim coyle reports on the legacy of a man who's name was synomous with the team he ran with an iron fist.. the raiders are in houston tonight, preparing for the game tomorrow against the
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with constant efforts to recapture glory days and supremacy. >> look, you have to win. i think you can win. that's what we got to do. >> the oakland raiders and their universal fan base remain a symbol of rebellion and pride. a mind set established long ago by its fearless leader, a leader named al davis. >> i want to win. obviously i like certain things. i like beautiful women more than unbeautiful women. i want to win. and i will win and we will win. >> the raiders are in houston tonight preparing for their
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game tomorrow against the texasans. kim coral is with the team and has reaction. >> thanks, dennis. the team arrived here last night in houston. they went to sleep. they got up this morning and head coach hugh jackson had to break the news to them that mr. davis had indeed passed away. many of them were stunned, afterall, he was just at the patriots game on sunday. no one in the current organization had a closer relationship with mr. davis than willie brown who was with the organization for over 40 years. >> i am not -- i do get emotional. he loved his players and it doesn't matter if he was here now or played for him 30 years ago. he means so much to the raiders organization. all the championships he brought here. the different things he has
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done. >> sooner or later you are going to die. but you didn't expects that from him because he's so tough. but it gives men a lot to an organization because he was the leader. when you lose a leader, it's hard to replace a great leader and a legend like al davis. >> of course al didn't always see eye to eye with the nfl, but the league will honor him tomorrow. there will be a moment of silence and all indications are right now that his son, mark, will take over the team. dennis, i'll leave you with my favorite al davis story. he was trying to kick one of our photographers off the premise for shooting video of him, not the woman. the woman can stay. back to you. >> and the woman, of course, was kim. thank you. ann, if you didn't have some type of run in with al davis from the media prospective, you weren't doing your job. we will have a little bit more on al and the rest of sports
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coming up later on in this newscast. >> we look forward to it, thanks. the raiders released a statement this morning, it said, al davis was unique. a maverick, a giant among giants. a true legend among legends. the brightest star among stars. a hero, a mentor, a friend. and al davis touched the lives of many people on and off the football field. tonight fans are feeling a tremendous loss. ann has reaction from raider nation. >> well, it's a very, very sad day in raider nation. >> there's a growing memorial at raiders headquarters in alameda where the flags are at half staff. >> it's like losing your grandfather, you know. >> most fans never knew davis. >> felt like i known him my whole life and mr. davis embraced anybody that wanted to become a raider fan. i feel privileged that we are part of this family. >> we are devastated.
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we are black hole people and i'm still in shock. >> it's sad. i'm going to leave here and go down to rickies and have a beer with a bunch of fans. >> rickies is a bar known as the place for raiders fans. >> we're going to miss al, but he is here for ever. his spirit will always be with the raiders. >> and with his biggest fans. >> so i miss him today and i'm really sorry i didn't get a chance to tell him how much i really liked him. >> this man calls himself al davis jr. stanford. >> he didn't come to a raider game and we found out because his wife had taken ill. and that was the day al davis became my hero. >> jeremy said he was shocked by the news. >> i thought he would live for ever, just to spite the people that didn't like him or nay sayers. he was a tough person for sure. >> he's not sure how this might change the game.
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>> probably be more people than one running the ship. and i don't know if that's a bad thing, but you know, it's hard to argue with the success he had over the years. >> success that won't soon be forgotten. >> al davis, he's loved. he's loved, man. he's like robin hood. >> he is a legend. the nfl wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for al davis. >> ann, cbs 5. in other news, two shootings less than an hour apart in san jose this morning. in the first shooting, a man is dead and a woman is on life support after being shot in a residential neighborhood. san jose police are also investigating a second incident which involved santa clara county sheriff deputies. the deputies fired at a suspect who was acting suspiciously and apparently made a threatening move to deputies. that man was taken into custody. the family of the man accused of killing three people and injuring several others at a cement plant is offering its
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condolences. investigators say sharif opened fire in a meeting at the lee high southwest cement plant wednesday morning. he also shot a woman while trying to take her car. almen was shot dead thursday. in a statement released today, his family says they are shocked and have no explanation for why this shooting happened. the family called the incident a horrific tragedy and expresses their condolences to the victims, their families, and communities that were affected. a pilot tries to fly from monterey to hawaii, but he didn't quite make it. traumatic video of the plane ditching into the pacific ocean. help tonight for undocumented students. how they will be able to live out their dream of getting a quality education. go away. >> a wild turkey on the loose and chasing a tv producer.
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all right, great weather out there today for the fleet week air show activities. what can we expect for tomorrow's show? we'll take a look at that and your complete forecast next. [ rapid footsteps ] ow! [ male announcer ] when life happens, you need a plan you can count on. 3.4 million californians trust us with their health coverage needs. blue shield. [ smack! ] [ insects buzzing ] [ male announcer ] when life happens, you need a plan you can count on. 3.4 million californians trust us with their health coverage needs.
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blue shield. with their health coverage needs. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible. in the a my pilot who tried to fly from monterey to hawaii. he was on his way to the big island. the 65-year-old pilot called for help 400 miles out. the u.s. coast guard sent a plane to fly alongside the
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cessna. after an hour and a half, the pilot put the plane down in open water safely 13 miles shy of the big island. >> he did it picture perfect. it was a textbook landing if there is such a thing in the water for an airplane like that. but he came in wings level and brought in as low as he could and touched down. >> the pilot immediately crawled out and stood on the wing. he was taken to the local hospital with minor injuries. as for his plane, it sank in 15 minutes. the dream act is becoming a reality after all for a select few california college students. governor brown signed the second part of the measure into law today. don knapp on how it will help undocumented students get a quality education. >> these three students have all worked hard to get here and struggled to pay their way. gladus had to drop out for a year. >> i couldn't afford the $7,000
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they expect. >> hopes the california dream act, which will allow undocumented grants to help her get back into school. the money set aside is about 1% of the total $1.4 billion in grants. >> what a lot of people don't realize is paying for our education out of our own pocket. every time that we pay for our tuition, inserting the amount of funds to a return to aid fund. >> redistributed to all the students at the state universities except undocumented residents. fellow student, a south koreaen who came to the u.s. hopes the legislation will help him with law school. more importantly. >> really give us motivation to continue to fight and continue to mobilize within our group to push for better dream act. >> chair of the california republican party says the california dream act expands
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benefits to illegal immigrants. >> so, i think it's the wrong priorities. we need to balance the budget before we go extending to citizens from other countries. >> the son of a cook headed to law school. the daughter of a barber and construction worker working on her political science degree and the son of a seamstress all say with or without papers, they are californians, too. >> we have grown up in california since we were three, four years old. we have come to recognize that california is our home and we want to contribute back to the state. >> in berkeley, don knapp, cbs 5. we are going to see something, well the sound of fear. >> get away. go away. go away. oh my gosh. what do i have? i don't have a stick. >> you had to see that first, because that voice, that fear from a sacramento tv producer. the woman was investigating a
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wild turkey chasing joggers and that is accurate. a passing mail truck is not scared off. the woman escaped the turkey by getting into her own car. no word on whether the turkey is still in a foul mood. yes, saved by a truck temporarily. >> tough to top that one. >> i hate when that happens. >> mean bird. >> all right, great day out there for the fleet week festivities which are continuing this evening as we take a look at some of the fireworks going on out across the bay bridge here tonight. we see lots of clear skies for the most part. across the bay, a bit of fog moving in to the coastal sections right at the golden gate here. again, nice fireworks out there tonight. and as we take a look at the forecast here, we see that patchy fog overnight will give way to mostly sunny conditions. continue warm with a brief bit of rain headed our way.
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or potential rain. it's very slight and will be glancing blow across the north bay monday and monday night. after that, we'll look for a warmer week ahead. pretty warm out there today as we saw mid to upper 70s. back at bay, low 70s. and lots of blue skies this afternoon for the air show. looks like we'll see more of that tomorrow as the fog remaining confined to the sections. first thing in the morning, but a weak offshore breeze should clear things out again. and we'll look for mostly sunny through the afternoon into the monday morning hours. we can expect a few more clouds heading our way. now approaching the area again. it will be glancing blow for the north bay with potential for light rain showers sunday night -- monday night i should say into tuesday as we see nothing but stratus across the coast for tomorrow and rain shower activity will be light, if any at all.
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probably more clouds than rain. as we'll look for highs in the mid to upper 70s range with low 70s to upper 60s back at the bay. another gorgeous afternoon for the fleet week activities out there as we see continued dry through most of the week. slight chance of showers on monday. mainly across the north bay and look what happens midweek through the end of the week as we see temperatures warming back into the mid and upper 80s for the hot spot here. we'll have a nice bit of offshore breeze and as a result, mostly sunny skies. could see a weak disturbance head our way by next weekend, but let's not look at that right now. let's take a look at the week ahead. >> looks gorgeous. >> great too. >> wonderful. all right, thank you much. >> you bet. >> google postpones the launch of a new smart phone and it happened again. vandals ruin a nature project for ary is in san francisco this
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the blue angels dazzled hundreds the tell tail sign the military is in san francisco this weekend. the blue angels dazzled hundreds of thousands along the waterfront this afternoon. they returned for another show tomorrow. beautiful weather says jim. nearly 1 million people are expected to attend this year's fleet week events. : and under the golden gate and into the san francisco bay, the parade of ships this morning. among the many vessels from the navy was the uss carl vincent. nicknamed san francisco's own, that ship was used to dispose of osama bin laden's body in the ocean. more bad news for some north bay high school students tracking salmon migration nearly 70,000 salmon. they were raising for a project are gone. earlier this week, vandals released 40,000 fish into the bay from the salmon institute. the salmon were tagged with special chips and supposed to
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be released at the end of the month. this morning the students discovered someone released the remaining 30,000 salmon. the students raised more than $50,000 for this project and invested a year of their time. google and samsung postponed the launch. google says the reason is because of the death of steve jobs. the phone is expected to be the latest version of the android operation known as ice cream sandwich. >> it's a giant pumpkin and made entirely out of leggos. it is getting everybody in the halloween spirit. the pumpkin is 7 feet wide. made of 22,000lego pieces and weighs 860-pounds. it will be on display at the chinese theater along with a lego witch and vampire through halloween. >> tiger woods has another round in the 60s, but can he move up the leader board?
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are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. open season...m well, the sharks wanted to make a stanley cup statement in the opening game of the season. mission accomplished. christian start the clock please. give it to me. the sharks gave the sellout crowd plenty to cheer about. scores. as san jose beats phoenix 6-3 in a blowout. third round. tiger shot a 68 for the second day in a row. he is 10 shots behind. 13 under for the tournament after his round and 64. he leads ernie els and paul
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casey by two strokes. after his round, tiger drove up to stanford to check out his beloved cardinal. threw for a season high 370 yards and three touchdowns. stanford blows out colorado. they are 5-7 for the first time. game one of the alcs delayed nearly two hours by rain. fourth inning, texas already up 2-0. homers off the tigers. justin verlander who lasted only four innings. rangers beat the tigers 3-2 to win the series opener. game two is tomorrow night. >> much more sports. >> yes, and the latest on the raiders and al davis. >> all right, thanks. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs 5. good night. [ female announcer ] these are the grands! biscuits you love with dinner.
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