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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  October 14, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. i was not. >> the lawmakers investigating what went wrong at solyndra turn on one another. what the white house is refusing to give up that could be a critical piece of the puzzle. >> it was awesome. it's every firefighter's dream is to make a difference. >> saved from the flames. the new helmet that gives a view of the rescue. >> leave your problems at home and work at home. >> an attitude adjustment for an area city. why it's banking on employees to become a whole lot nicer. good everyoning, i'm dana king and ken is off tonight. the bipartisan committee investigating solyndra engaged in a war of words on capitol hill today. accusations of a coverup and withholding evidence were exchanged between parties.
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allen martin with why most of that tension was focused on one key witness. >> this is beginning to resemble a kangaroo court. >> that statement set the mood for today's hearing. >> i would like to know what information you have that we don't have. supposed to be giving an opening statement. >> the gentleman is entitled to be heard. >> i would like the clock to be stopped. >> energy department officials not being allowed to testify at the hearing and criticized republicans for blocking the release of an energy department memo that outlined the legal basis for restructuring the loan to solyndra. >> holding information from the public. i don't object. i don't see evidence of wrong doing by government officials. just a bad investment decision. >> republicans said democrats
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were aware before the hearing started that energy department officials would not testify. and the subcommittee chairman defended himself against what democrats called a rigged proceeding. >> both you and the president have sited me in a -- talking about china and competition. >> i would like you it yield. >> i would like to be yielded at some point in time, mr. chairman. >> you understand this. >> i agree with that. >> i don't agree with a lot of -- the problem is, you don't agree. >> tonight, there are reports the white house refuses to turn over internal documents related to the solyndra loan. a major investor was helping the company compete for a lucrative u.s. navy deal just before solyndra declared
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bankruptcy. allen martin, cbs 5. no charges will be filed in the gang rape case. jeff rosen says there's not enough evidence to prove that a group of baseball players raped a 17-year-old student at a party four years ago that. is the same conclusion the former d.a. reached in 2007, siting drunk witnesses who told conflicting stories. >> sexual assault cases involving highly intoxicated people are extremely difficult to prove. by their very nature, these types of cases involve witnesses whose memories and perceptions are questionable. >> a civil trial held earlier this year found two of the defendants not liable. tonight, we are getting a first-hand look at a dramatic rescue in the east bay. firefighters pulling out two
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women who are trapped by flames and thick smoke. the rescue from the view of one of the firefighters. >> a heroic rescue all caught on a personal helmet camera worn by chris. he describes what is happening during this fire rescue today. >> you're looking at the smoke conditions that are happening because it's an actual attic fire above them that started apparently in the kitchen. >> you can see him actually making his way through smoke filled hallways. locating an elderly woman and carrying her out of the burning building. a heroic act all caught on tape by his helmet cam. >> pretty good feeling today? >> pretty awesome, yeah. >> you saved a life. >> it was awesome. i have been a firefighter for 13 years now expth is my actual first live rescue where the victim will walk away. >> county wide budget cuts forced firefighters to take pay
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cuts. all the while added tools are bought by firefighters themselves. nick long says the benefits outweigh the personal cost. especially when it comes to saving lives. a device like this can act as an educational tool for future life saving rescues. >> we are doing so many things and a lot of decisions are being made. commands are being made verbally and on the radio. we try to welcome at these calls and do better and improve. >> these helmet cameras cost approximately $300. these fire fighterings telling me equipment they use on the job are things that they have purchased out of pocket. despite pay cuts and despite salary cuts. they say obviously this job isn't for the paycheck. it's for days like this, saving lives. in concord, juliette goodrich, cbs 5. president obama son is on the road with the president of
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south korea. put tens and thousands of americans back to work. but as tara shows us back in washington, republicans are pushing a very different jobs plan. >> president obama and south korea's president toured a gm plant near detroit. a day after the two leaders signed a major trade deal. it's expected to create up to 70,000 u.s. jobs, many in the auto industry. >> americans can buy hyundais from korea. i know korea should be able to buy fords and chryslers and chevies that are made right here in the united states of america. >> this michigan plant uses some south koreaen parts to create u.s. chevrolets and the new hope is the cars will now sell in south korea. the plan also got a new lease on life, shuttered, and reopened with the help of the 2009 bailout to the auto industry. >> i can stand here and say the investment paid off. >> the president is also in
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michigan to sell his jobs bill. he is trying to come up with ways to push the legislation through after senate republicans defeated it earlier this week. republicans are pushing back with a bill of their own. >> it's clear that the economic realities suggest we need to listen to job creators and what it is that they need. >> the g, op proposal calls for repealing the president's healthcare law and requiring a balanced budget. president obama says he is willing to work with republicans, but he's not giving up on his own plan just yet. monday, he'll kick off a tele- day bus tour to promote it. cbs news, washington. other news making headlines around the bay area. one man is dead, another injured after a midday shooting in west oakland today. it happened around 12:30 neither intersection of willow and 11th streets. the shooting victim is oakland's 91st homicide of the year. the incident comes the day
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before mayor jean quan is hosting a summit. looking for ways to eliminate crime. it will replace a gas pipeline similar to the one that exploded in the south bay two montes ago. a leaking pipe was responsible for a fire at a cupertino plant. more than 1200 miles of pipe will be replaced across california. the project expected to take more than three years. >> it is being called the social event of the season. a gourmet picnic with french roots. linda yee with the crucial piece of information that guests were missing until just a few hours ago. linda. >> well dana, thousands of people signed up for this candle light picnic tonight, but none of them knew until five hours before this event started that it was going to be held here at the band shell in
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golden gate park. they got their texts and e- mails and descended on the spot like an elegant flash mob. it's like being in a park. >> i have never done anything like this before. i'm really excited. >> but this is fine outdoor dining in golden gate park. a tradition that started in paris more than twenty years ago. >> there was a gentleman who had a birthday party in paris and he wanted all of his friends to dress in white so they could see each other in white. every year it grew and grew to this amazing thing that they have every year in paris. and now it's spreading throughout the world. >> new york, chicago, and now it has arrived in san francisco. garrett organized this party in three months. >> i own a couple restaurants. this is when i should have been sleeping, i guess. >> word spread on the social
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networks. >> a high school friend posted it on facebook and i like food and wine, so i said, where do i sign up? >> 10,000 people rsvped, but only the first 3500 got in. everyone wears white and brings their own chair, champagne, and their own food. >> i grilled asparagus with ball balcamic reduction. >> roasted golden and red beets. going to top it and put mixed field greens over it with pistacios. >> at the appointed hour, beginner begins. candle light tables, fine china, and crystal. how else to picnic in the park? >> the tables have been
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blowing me away, and the attire. i'm so proud of it. i'm proud for everyone. it's the coolest thing. >> are you going to do it again next year? >> absolutely. and maybe one inbetween. >> so entrance for this event was $10, but they got the table set up. they did everything else. right now, dana, they're going to have to clean up before nay go home. >> this is a different kind of picnic. no chicken. no baked beans. >> no hot dogs either. and you notice i didn't get the memo. i'm the only one in black. >> that's all right. we'll get the next one. >> okay. >> linda yee, thank you very much. well, it is time for an attitude adjustment. the bay area city getting an ultimatum. be nice or else. and apparently it's been a tough year. which bay area city is ranked most stressful city?
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against the suspected seal beach the orange county district attorney will seek the death penalty against the suspected seal beach salon shooter. 41-year-old scott is accused of killing eight people and injuring another after opening fire wednesday in the salon where his ex-wife worked. prosecutors say he was wrapped in body armor and armed with three handguns when he burst in and moved through the business shooting the victims in the head and chest. the crazed ex-wife was among those who died. the two were involved in a bitter custody battle over their eight-year-old son who
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was waiting to be picked up at school when the massacre began. >> that little boy is a victim. now his mother has been murdered and he has to grow up knowing his dad is a mass murder. what kind of sick, twisted fatherly love might that be? >> he made a brief court appearance this afternoon. his arraignment was postponed. >> apple will reportedly hold a private memorial service at stanford on sunday for company cofounder, steve jobs. according to the wall street journal, invitations are going out to industry big wigs and others closest to jobs. the former apple ceo died last week at the age of 56. a separate memorial for employees is planned for wednesday at the company's
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cupertino headquarters and fans paid tribute, declaring october 14 steve jobs day. the city of vallejo finally emerging from bankruptcy is trying to turn over a new leaf. it's undergoing a personality makeover. kristen ayers with how city leaders hope a change in attitude at city hall will bring in big business. >> stand outside vallejo city hall long enough and you're bound to hear the complaint. >> you can tell by their body action and whatever, i don't know why you're asking me or that's not my department kind of thing. >> leave your problems at home and work at work. >> terri says when the city went bankrupt, staff was reduced and customer service went out the window. and there's the permit process. so complex that claims it took four years to get this addition to his coffee roasting business cleared. >> used to take a long time.
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>> that has all changed. the city is now coming out of bankruptcy and trying to build a reputation that will bring in new business. >> if we can provide an environment that is more competitive and that is friendlier and predictable in terms of our permit process, that puts us in good sitting. >> undergo body language training, among other things. >> my coworkers and employees have gone a long way. we are doing a much better job. >> as for that complicated permit process, it's now been streamlined. all permits go through one central office. >> no, i don't think you do. a huge improvement. i hope when the word is getting out and everything, i think it's going to bring more businesses here. >> kristen, cbs 5. vallejo may be getting kinder, but san francisco is
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apparently a harsh place to live. the city just placed seventh on forbes list of america's most stressful cities. the magazine sited the high cost of living and 10% unemployment rate as some of the reasons. but another california city is much more miserable. los angeles beat out new york for the number one spot. well they are generally used for war and military missions, but now you can own your very own drone. chris lawrence on the southern california techies hoping to make the devices part of every day life. >> vehicles are flying out of this small san diego warehouse. and for under $1,000, you can buy your very own drone. >> we want to make area robotics available to anybody. >> chris anderson is an editor. his whiz kid partner. >> i never knew i was going to
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have the chance to be able to work for a high-tech company or own one. >> he grew up in mexico, able to fix anything. >> i was ten years old. i was able to build some computers, repair laptops. >> legally, goredy couldn't work while he was waiting on his green card. he got so bored he built a concept drone. >> i received a lot of feedback. this is amazing. >> that turned into do it yourself drones drones, which is turning military into the world. if it flies ahead of firefighters, the drones heat sensors tell them instantly how hot each room is, as cameras identify any obstacles that may block their way to the people inside. >> why would anyone need a personal drone hovering around them? i don't know exactly.
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security maybe? >> anderson says personal drones could record crimes and instantly alert police. >> maybe cameras and the notion of cameras being something you hold is a motive. maybe cameras have wings. >> people are using social media to broadcast their lives 24/7. a mobile camera could be the ultimate extension of that desire. >> once we make it easier, i think the users will discover the real applications. >> chris lawrence, san diego. i'm lawrence. the cw weather center. beautiful sunshine, but beginning to see changes. some clouds are moving in. we'll talk about that coming up. [ rapid footsteps ]
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it is so beautiful out tonight. >> you were loving it, weren't you, dana? >> yeah. >> a lot of sunshine. summer is here and even though it's autumn, we are enjoying the beautiful temperatures. a great evening outside tonight. if you had a chance to get throughout and take a look,
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just gorgeous. looking good. a few high clouds continuing to make their way across our skies. what a beautiful sight to see. plenty of the bay area tonight under those beautiful conditions. still, it looks like things are going to stay very mild overnight tonight. we have the high cloud deck. temperatures in the 50s and 60s for overnight lows. the winds are calm and probably going to stay that way. tomorrow, more changes. we'll call it partly cloudy with patchy coastal fog developing. temperatures in the san francisco. 80s in san jose, but 60s at the coastline. 70 degrees in concorde. 72 in oakland, still. high pressure holding on ever so slightly, but weakening as it slides eastward. we have this area of low pressure. that will continue to dig to the coast. that will bring it more clouds. clouds soaring across our skies now. you'll see that surge of low clouds moving in along the
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coastline. that will keep it cool. also, a lot of sunshine. passing clouds around parts of the bay area inland. numbers not going to be all that bad. they will be down. 81 degrees in san jose. 84 in liver more. and 77 degrees in san rafael. looking out over the next few days, we will cool down over the weekend. by monday, we might watch them pop up. cooling right back down as we head toward the middle of next week. not a bad weekend, just a little cooler. >> it is never a bad weekend. >> you got a point. that is true. >> rain, sleet, hail. >> still the weekend. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> it's always a good weekend. his first practice with the raiders and san jose state provides its own thrilling version of friday night lights. the minute is next. ,,
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the san jose state beat hawaii for the first time since 1997. the two teams combined for over 12 turnovers. mark, start the clock. hawaii's special teams coach. final minute, spartans down 27- 22. hits chandler jones over the middle and jones does the rest. his third touchdown of the game caps off an 87-yard drive. san jose state beat hawaii. improved to 3-4 this season. the sharks are back on the ice after a week playing on the road opener in anaheim. first career goal. all the ducks needed. they beat the sharks 1-0. game five of the nlcs. the wiz sadr, ozzie smith throwing out the first pitch.
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committing four errors. the cardinals win 7-1. game six is in milwaukee on sunday. and finally despite having one practice under his belt, aaron will start at linebacker in place of quinton rose on sunday. the former first round pick was traded to oakland on wednesday. that will be a full house and it will be a lot of fun. >> bring it on, here we go. >> nice little home stand for them. three at home, they have the bye week in there. >> sold out. going to be on cbs 5. love it. great. go raiders. before we go. i want to show you this. it's a rare diamond on display in new york. vivid yellow diamond. it's the center piece of the jewel sale. one of the rarest gem stones in its class. it's expected $6 million they will get for it. >> you need that. >> yeah, i need that, and a hole in my head at the same time. i would have to -- i don't
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