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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  October 28, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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but there were mixed reviews for the big name taking the stage at occupy oakland. demonstrators' response to michael moore. taking the stage at occupy oakland. demonstrators respond to michael moore. a biker beat that spreads across the state line. tonight, we know what started it all. turk wars over a coffee shop. her lawyer calls it a misunderstanding. a state representative just walked out of the store with more than $2,000 in clothing. you'll hear the explanation for yourself. 'm for some reason, it's all very hush hush. they are in the sierra foothills. tonight, the secrets that will soon be revealed. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. at the end of the chaotic week, tonight this. even the protesters in egypt,
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the ones who overthrew a dictator are now rallying in support of occupy oakland. it's not just the egyptians. robert lyles on the well-known liberal saying mayor khan should probably go, robert? >> reporter: well ken, he has taken on both president clinton and bush and now michael moore is taking on oakland mayor, saying he's staying right here in the bay area until saturday, until he gets a sit-down meeting with the mayor who he accuses of militarizing the police. now, he turned the microphone into a syringe, injecting the occupy protesters with adrenaline. they watched a police fire projectile into iraq war veteran scott olsen's head. moore says it's a water shed moment. he even says in tahrir square
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in cairo, the protesters that brought down mubarak took to the streets of cairo to support occupy portland. back in oakland, he sets his sights on the mayor saying hwants her to stay down. >> this movement has no spokesperson. everyone here is a spokesperson. the mayor is having a press conference right now. >> yeah. i sent her an e-mail asking if we could speak. while i was here. >> i don't know how, you know, what their thought process was and it is really not up to me to comment on what she will be doing, what she is saying or
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doing. i can't control that. >> that's the last thing i'm thinking of, when i will be resigning or not, i'll have a job to do it. >> and now, we have widely reported that the mayor said that she did not tell the chief not to use force on tuesday. and only saying he wished she would reserve it until they were back in town. and now the oakland tribune is saying that when he arrived back here in town here, she was receiving text messages from her daughter to stop the tear gas. >> robert, i'm just curious about other police agencies around the bay area. there were 16 or 17 that responded to the mutual aid the other night when the tear gas was lobbed around. and then the city of oakland allows people back in like it didn't happen. like these officers didn't put their lives on the line. what's going to happen the next time the city of oakland calls in for mutual aid, are they going to come or say no thanks, you handle it yourself? >> it is a very interesting
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question. it's my understanding that it took a number of days for them to get the 17 agencies to actually participate in this effort. now, the city is saying that monetarily, this is all going to be reimbursed by the state. but the real question is, will those departments, given what's happened now agree to participate in any efforts. once again, this is still going on here in the square. >> all right, robert lyles in oakland, thank you. one last thing about michael moore, he took a swipe at another bay area city. >> walnut creek is where we need to be. isn't that where the money is? >> yes. >> all right. >> occupy protesters in san jose briefly shut down a bank this afternoon. the demonstration prompted the bank of america branch to close for a few minutes. earlier one protester went into the bank to take out money.
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saying that the bank closed the doors on him because he had an occupy sign. >> i asked them if that sign said i contributed to multiplesclerosis, would you have a problem? they said no. it's not about the sign, but you're making a judgment about what's on the sign. taking away my freedom of speech. >> they marched through the city today to support the protester personalled on top of the wall -- perched on top of the wall. a marine has been killed in afghanistan. staff sergeant steven dunning died in the province. the details of his death have not been released. and he was 31 years old. san jose police will be out in force tomorrow for the funeral of another slain hells angel member. if all goes according to plan,
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he will be peacefully out here at the oak hill memorial park. they were killed about two weeks ago at the funeral of another hells angel member. now, police, they are still searching for his alleged killer and also a member of the biker group. and san jose police departments are saying that they aren't expecting any problems. >> they are responsible for running the event, speaking to the high level of the hells angel and very respectful of each other. >> and some will also be stationed inside to ensure everything remains peaceful. you might expect violence between gangs or gang members. but tonight, we know what's behind a lot of gang wars. coffee. a starbucks in santa cruz is
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apparently brewing espresso and bad blood. >> reporter: all the biker bloodshed could be traced to this starbucks on pacific avenue downtown santa cruz. it's a well-known hells angel hang out. but back in january 2010, santa cruz police say that they made ad bold move in trying to take in on the cafe. the fight broke out and strangely enough, some men were armed with this, a hammer. >> fighting over this, you know, it's kind of weird and off the wall. >> reporter: seven months later, a gun battle flared up between the two gangs in northern arizona, where five people got shot. then in september of this year, police say that they gunned down hell's angel san jose chapter president at the nevada casino. now, at his funeral two weeks ago, finger pointing and fighting acing monothe fellow hell's angel -- among the fellow hell's angel. and to think it all started over coffee. >> well, life is too short and you know, fighting over coffee,
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you can have my coffee, i'll buy you coffee. >> reporter: only in santa cruz do you have rival motorcycle gangs fighting over control of pumpkin spiced lattes. in santa cruz, cbs5. it's a mistake that any of us could make, right? but in this case, it is worth a little attention. the assemblywoman busted for shoplifting more than $2,000 worth of stuff and how her team is trying to explain it. the people have spoken. that's nothing new, but this time the banks are listing how wall street is caving to main street. clear skies tonight here in the bay area. for the weekend, sunshine for now. the day the rain arrives with a pinpoint forecast. why has a team of u.s. rangers spent weeks coming through thousands of acres in this northern california forest? >> because there's a secret. >> how it involves national security. >> they wonder why i'm smiling. >> that's coming up next.
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surveillance at lefty o'doul s the san francisco pub is gaining a reputation as the crime fighter. surveillance out here in union square captured images of two suspected robbers. the men are accused of stealing the pricey jewelry. the store manager hurt her ankle chasing those crooks. they have not been caught yet. back in july, they helped police track down the thief who swiped that from the union square gallery. a california lawmaker is charged with shoplifting from
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the high-end retailer here in the bay area. she admits she walked out without paying. for thousands of dollars worth of stuff. now, she asked if it is grand theft or a big mistake. >> the assemblywoman is accused of shoplifting on tuesday afternoon at this neiman marcus on union square. prosecutors said she had three items in a bag worth more than $2,400. a blouse, a skirt, and leather pants. we tried to talk to her where she lives with her husband in alameda county. >> she says no. >> she is not talking, but he is speaking for her. >> reporter: he's the man that people hire for damage control. >> it was a terrible misunderstanding, she recognizes that, she apologizes for that. >> how could you make a mistake like that, having three items worth so much and just accidentally walking out? >> and you know, some someone carries two cell phones where
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she is constantly texting, phoning, and you know, she sat down and she had something to eat in the cafe and simply forgot when she stepped outside. >> reporter: and she represents the 18th district from the hayward office pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft, free on $15,000 bail. her constituents have mixed feelings. >> everyone is innocent until proven guilty. hopefully she is innocent. >> i don't think that it is an accident. i think that it is something that she stole. >> reporter: why do you think that? >> why do i think that? because stealing isn't an accident. >> reporter: the felony grant theft charge carries a maximum of three years in prison. sharon chin, cbs5. four service rangers controlling the foothills on a mission are searching for something that will all come to know, but only when the time is right. and because of that, it has to be perfect. >> reporter: he has searched
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these mountains, but this latest search could be his most important. >> and there is a nice one right there. a team of the u.s. forest service rangers have spent weeks coming through thousands of acres with the national forest here. and looking for this. the perfect christmas tree. >> the tree is currently about 119 years old. >> reporter: the tree, the majestic white fur is perfect, but finding this thing was not easy with at least 30 candidates. like this beautiful tree, it didn't quite make the grade. >> yeah, we had several where we didn't get out of the truck. i mean, you pull up and you look at it and you know there is no point. >> but we happened to be going to look at a couple candidates that were submitted to us and they were driving down the road. and yeah, i slammed on the brakes. i said wow, look at that one. >> reporter: you see, it's not just any christmas tree.
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this tree will be the capital christmas tree as in u.s. capital in washington, d.c., which is why we could only show you a photographer of it. its exact location is the national security secret. >> you know, once the location is known, the exact tree will be protected because of, well, the placement of the tree and, you know, in relationship to the capital building and then also, you know, just so vandalism doesn't have to happen to the tree when you cut it. >> reporter: like last year's tree from wyoming, california's will be cut down and then boxed up on the specially constructed flat bed. at no cost to taxpayers. >> yeah, there have been people that have been standing next to the tree and don't know it because there's a secret. >> reporter: so this is only the 4th tree that has ever come out of california that has made it all the way to the u.s. capital. the tree will make stops in more than a dozen cities on their way to washington, d.c., where it will be, you know, sunk in a five-foot deep concrete pit. and they do that to guard it so
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that, you know, no one could take it away all throughout the holidays. >> wow. now we know. the big secret, well, we don't know about that. >> not until november 5 when they cut it down. >> well, we know where it is coming from. >> yeah. all right, people that are living in the northeast, they are preparing for a cold and wicked autumn storm. forecasters are saying that this one, it could set some new records for you, up to a foot of wet heavy snow that is expected in some places. and the wind is also expected to be a major problem with about 60 miles an hour gusts. and because trees still have leaves, they are expecting the weight of them to bring many down. taking power lines with them. you know, it is all amazing when i started reading about the storm. the storm, they actually have a name. i wonder when you will ever name the winter storms. and it is actually, well, our cbs sister station in connecticut that started naming winter storms back in 1971. but they had the criteria, it has to have six inches of snow or at least half an inch of ice.
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i think i would rather take the snow. but snow in october in the northeast. winter storm warning here. and we're talking about nothing, but clear skies. it won't be as chilly as it has been in recent nights. tomorrow, just go ahead. go for it. do it, plan outdoor activities, 70 to 77 degrees from san francisco to 60 miles to the south in san jose. overnight, 40s to the low 50s. 51 degrees in oakland through alameda into piedmont. statewide, high pressure in command. 70s across the central valleys. we do have a problem with some fog along the northwestern section of the state of california, otherwise 61 degrees. in the high sierra, your pinpoint forecast, 78 degrees in redwood city. these temperatures are all averaging anywhere between 2 and about 8 degrees above normal for this time of the year. north winds 5 to 10, east of the bay up to 80 degrees for the outside number and the eastern portion of our district. 78 degrees out here. going for 70 in san francisco when the average high this time
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of the year is 68 degrees. now, the extended cbs five-day forecast calls for, check it out, nothing, but a string of sunshining days. we do introduce a little bit of the fog here on monday and then offshore flow on tuesday and wednesday and then we will begin to cloud up on thursday with a slight chance of rain returning by friday. and did that scare you? mostly clear skies for halloween. temperature wise in the 50s and in the 60s. if you, oh, did we say boo? yes, boo at the zoo will be taking place this weekend at the san francisco zoo. it will be sunny and mild and 65 degrees. ken, i've got to say that's one great costume. >> yeah. >> that is your pinpoint forecast. >> thanks roberta. the bay bridge construction project reached a new milestone today. crews lowered the final stretch of the new span into place. juliette goodrich shows us the
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finished product. >> reporter: it's the final stretch of the new bay bridge eastern span deck. the placement of the 28th and final deck section linking oakland with the island. chopper 5 giving us the best view of a crew hoisting the bridge deck into place. >> it represents an investment in the future of our area tying oakland and san francisco. >> reporter: it weighs more than 1,000 tons. lifted by a custom-built floating craned today. >> and i sure hope that now that we've got all the steel in place that we can really put the pedalto the metal. you see the large cat walks extended up to the tower, that's the next step. it has to be completed before we could open up the structure. >> reporter: city leaders from oakland and san francisco joined bay bridge project engineers to mark the milestone. and also discuss the need to push for federal funding to
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retrofit all bridges. >> we all felt the tremors last week. we need to remember why we're here today. we live in an earthquake country. there's so much work that we have to do to retrofit major bridges and roads in the bay area. >> reporter: the $6.3 billion bridge is expected to open fall 2013 and has the bay bridge project manager said that it is pedal to the metal from here on out. on treasure island, juliette goodrich, cbs5. coming up, a different type of beer. first of all it comes from the city. >> second of all it is going to johns. one city's tell-all approach to fighting prostitution.
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rampant prostitution problem. the city has receive the city of vallejo is launching a new campaign, where they is have received -- where they have received permission from the state to set out johns. they are being set up to record vehicles and license plate
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numbers. the idea is to deliver a very blunt message. the cameras should be up and running in the next couple of months. the banking world appears to be backing off plans to charge customers for using their debit cards. and today, chase and wells fargo both said they are scrapping the test programs that would have added monthly fees for customers who use their debit cards. consumer advocates say that the banks are responding to consumer anger. >> these days people are barely living paycheck to paycheck. they don't have an extra money to pay for access that they have been getting and that was pushed hard on them. >> bank of america, they also say that they are look at ways to help them avoid the $5 monthly fee. they are improving on the debit card use early next year. the tsa says that they will
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fire the screener who put an inappropriate note inside a passenger's checked luggage. the new york lawyer found an inspection notice inside her bag with the note get your freak on, girl. jill phillip says that it was apparently a reference to the sex toy that she packed in her luggage. the tsa agent said that the employee will have a chance to appeal, but they want them gone. the stars don't want them to ever end and could the rangers recover from last night's loss? find out next in sports. state farm. this is jessica.
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seven was no big deal for the cardinals... after all, they were
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wow, it's all over. >> we talked about it last night after the devastating loss of the rangers experience and how they might or might not be able to come back. and they are not coming back. >> yeah, it's emotionally draining. it reminds me as a giant in atlanta, down to the last strike. those are the type of teams that prevail and end up winning, falling behind 2-0 in game 7 was no big deal for the cardinals. afterall they were down to the final strike. not once, but twice last night. david frees tied it. they take the lead with the third home run in the series. the cards take a 6 will have 2 into the 9th. >> in the left, well hit. the cardinals are world champs in 2011. >> the cardinals beat the rangers to win their 11th word series in franchise list --
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world series in franchise history. joe thornton scores twice to lead them to a 4-2 win in detroit trying to make it five in a row in new york. and finally it was a battle for first place in the city this afternoon. washington ran for four touchdowns against the mission defense that did not allow a point in four league games this season. the eagles beat the bears, 28-7 to improve 5-0. of course, nba commissioner david stern saying there will be no basketball before november 30. canceling two more weeks. we have no basketball, no baseball, and we have hockey. >> yeah. >> we've got the sharks and we've got the niners and the raiders. >> so yeah i'm feeling the wash over there in texas though. he's a good guy and you know, to go twice and to lose both times. >> just to be able to get there twice is such a huge accomplishment. i mean, he's the nicest person that you definitely want to be with. >> yeah. >> the coast could get you there, but the players have to seal the deal. >> right. >> st. louis earned it.
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as the giants did last year. >> yeah. >> and the giants are not world champs anymore? >> no. >> see you at 11:00. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area,
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the more we help make opportunity possible.


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