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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  January 31, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. the republican of the hour tonight, mitt romney. his overwelming win in florida and the upbeat message from one of the other contenders. >> it's going to be a school wide sick day. what prompted one school to tell its students to stay home. and police officers agreeing to give up millions for their own pensions, but it might not be out of the goodness of their own hearts. the impact of the tea party in pleasantton. >> and a violent confrontation with a dog walker. why a park ranger might have been pushed to pull out the stun gun. good evening, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. tonight it goes on. mitt romney is once again the front runner for the republican presidential no nomination. romney won a decisive victory in the florida primary taking 46% of the votes to newt gingrich's 32%. danielle nottingham is live in
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tampa. she's been keeping tabs on the numbers tonight and has the very latest from florida. danielle. >> the race now shifts to nevada. mitt romney and newt gingrich will campaign there wednesday. romney as the new front runner. a triumphant mitt romney thanked his supporters for a big victory. >> a competitive primary does not divide us, it prepares us and we will win. >> it is romney's second win and the largest delegate so far in the 2012 campaign. but it was an expensive campaign. romney and his supporters spent more than $14 million on tv ads to secure florida. it was a tough loss for newt gingrich who led until the polls just last week. he is not giving up. >> we're going to contest every place and we're going to win and we will be in tampa as the nominee in august. >> voters said the economy was by far the most important issue
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in this race. according to exit polls, half of those who responded said foreclosures were a major problem in their area. recent debates were a factor in their decisions. 2/3 helped to make up their minds. about a third of voters faulted romney and a third faulted gingrich for running the most unfair campaign. rick santorum is already campaigning in nevada. he urged his opponents to stop attacking each other. >> what we saw in the last few weeks in the state of florida is not something that will help us win this election. >> if enthusiasm wins elections, we win hands down. >> ron paul bypassed florida to concentrate on nevada and other caucus states. cbs news confirms that romney will receive secret service protection by thursday. live in tampa, florida, danielle nottingham, cbs news, now back to you. >> thank you for that.
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the next contest on the republican political calendar is the nevada caucuses that happens this saturday, february 4. kcbs radio will be there and filing reports for us. so stay with the cbs 5 team for all the latest from nevada. a severe outbreak at a bay area school. it's so widespread the entire campus is shutting down. and the bug is spreading even beyond campus. elizabeth. >> dana, the girl's basketball game got out just over an hour ago and one of the players got sick right there on the court. now at any given school, it's normal for a few students to be out sick every day. but here, 200 called out sick. that's over 10% of the student body. so they canceled school tomorrow. >> i'm freaking out. >> stephanie and charlie are a
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few of the lucky ones. they were able to go to their schools basketball game. the same can't be said for a number of their classmates. >> walk by the dean's office and lined up waiting to go home. >> just nausea and vomiting. those have been the two main symptoms. >> 50 kids called out sick today and 150 were sent home during the day. for gastrointeritis. >> we thought it was wise to close school so we could do a thorough and deep cleaning of all the surfaces. >> brent has two kids. his whole family caught the bug. >> sometimes two people get sick or certainly one, of coursely, but when three people get sick -- >> he thinks he might be next. >> i've eaten once today and i feel like i have a knott in my stomach. >> as for stephanie and charlie, they're trying to stay healthy. >> i am going to walk like
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this. >> giving us masks and stuff to go into the game. >> according to the public health, this bug lasts 24 hours and not sure how it spread or where it came from, but they have ruled out food from here in the cafeteria. the department of health and school will be making sure the school is as clean and germ free as possible. dana. >> wash your hands, elizabeth. >> i will. >> okay. elizabeth cook, thank you. major drug company is recalling millions of packets of biter control pills. pfizer is reporting 14 lots of 28 tablets as well as some generic pills. the company says packaging error could leave women with inadequate number of hormones. it does raise the chance of
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pregnancy. avoid the financial crisis. how to pay union contracts. so tonight, police are offering a bigger slice of their salary to keep the city in the black. robert lyles explains a conservative movement is claiming victory. >> usually the only thing brewing in pleasantton is the cap economy capaccino machine. and business is booming and so is the city's bank accounts. some say a financial crisis is brewing. >> what if this was a family? >> the city is not monitoring how much it pays to a police and fire pension. >> that is $137 million and growing. >> when the police contract expired in august, you sounded the alarm bells and the tea
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party answered. >> not just tea party, anyone who is a concerned resident. >> we saw a couple of them tonight. >> cop after cop told the city council the complaints were all tea party. >> their voices are loud, but that doesn't make them right. >> dent let them convince you otherwise. >> tea party pho lowers got them to renegotiate another union contract and put pressure that the cops will agree to pay for their pensions. >> each of the officers will be contributing more. this is significant and will save the city $2.4 million. >> police made the concessions because they love medicine. the tea hearty has been reduced. >> absolutely. to panic this city in saying you won't have a future because
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you have a 280 million liability that your family hasn't told you about. >> police proposal dropped their spouses from medical benefits and even the officers drop off a medical bin fit by the time they reach 65. so tonight it's unclear if the officers won or if the win is given to political factions. the city council lo vote next week. ken. >> that is a will lot of money. all right, robert, thank you for that. just a few hoars ago. passed the mayor's -- council members approved the plan. one vote abstaining. the budget slashes millions of dollars and eliminated more than 100 city jobs. the mayor says that some of the positions will be tough to lose. >> i'm really worried about his last position.
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the economic development. people would go out and help neighborhoods turn around. >> the city leaders were able to revise its budget after learning it would lose $28 million in redevelopment funding. >> more than 15 hours after they started, some hospital workers are on the picket lines. several employees staged a strike over an on going contract dispute. clinical psychologists, optometrist, and social workers. nurses and other staff are joining them in support. hospital workers say kaiser continues to provide cuts to their healthcare and retirement. the strike is set to last until 7:00 tomorrow morning. kaiser is filling the temporary
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void. >> a federal park ranger under investigation for use ago stun gun on a dog walker. that ranger first approached the man because he didn't have his dog on a leash. moments later, the shock came. it happened on a trial and mark explains. >> what he said was, are you going to arrest me? >> john says he was out on his usual walk on the old san pedro road trail when he came across what turned out to be a dramatic encounter. >> next thing i heard was a shout. i heard a shot, a scream of ailingny. the man who was shot by a gun gun has been arrested. the confrontation because one of his dogs off leash. by the time bartlett arrived,
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the situation had deteriorated. >> did the man look threatening to you? >> he seemed defiant, but he wasn't. i had no threat he was going to go after her. >> he didn't lunch at her. >> , you know, leapted to ignore him and keep going. >> they run the dog group. >> it made me really frightened, you know, for the first time in my life to be frightened about walking my dog in the open space. >> bartlett says he still can't believe what he saw. >> for the sake of a leash on a dog, you get shocked? that'sridiculous. >> national park service calls this incident unfortunate and part of the problem is the man he anedly provided false identity information to the ranger. that ranger does remain on duty while this investigation is
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conducting. cbs 5. heinous crimes against children committed in their classroom. what two dozen kids allegedly suffered at the hands and cram of their teach r, and how that nightmare came to life. >> sure, a lot of people say they would shoot someone, but few of us have the means to do it. the tweet that has a bay area police department doing damage control. >> and experience really is the best teacher. the former air olympia returning to the games 20 years later. >> noting we do have areas of fog tonight and then tomorrow. the showers you need to know ant as eyewitness news continues on the cw. ♪
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the extended range electric chevy volt. from the heart of detroit to the health of the country, chevy runs deep. ust learned a former parents in a los angeles school district are furious. they just learned that a former elementary schoolteacher is behind bars accused of lewd acts with about two dozen children. dave lopez on the disturbing photographs that led to the arrest. >> they thought it was a game. they were being fed something they might not have liked the way it tasted. they didn't know it was a crime. >> 7 to 10-year-olds, photographed by their teacher according to investigators, mark burnt, in the photos they are seen blindfolded. some of them their mouths. in the spoon, according to dna
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evidence, the bodily fluid of this teacher. the spoon clearly shown in the photographs and found in the trash bin of his classroom. and there's more. >> in some cases, they were fed a cookie and the cookie had his bodily fluid on it. >> i'm angry and disappointed. >> parents express disbelief that an investigation could go on for one year and they weren't told about it. >> when there's an investigation, we let law enforcement let that investigation run. >> the principal explaning that law enforcement told him and the district, keep this under wraps while we thoroughly investigate. >> there's no open door where your department or anybody on this could be criticized for taking so long, if that's the right word to use. >> based on the complexity of this case, the number of victims we have, our investigator did an outstanding job in putting this together. >> it was a year ago in january, burnt said about 40 photographs to a local photo
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shop. that photo ship immediately called the local agency what notified l.a. unified. after they saw a few of the pictures, they immediately suspended burnt. that was on january 6 of 2011. the following week, he was fired. the investigation was on. police tail him for nearly a year, last night raided his apartment where he lives alone and confiscated nearly 400 photos. all depicting children, blindfolded, bugs on their faces. all in a classroom setting. >> they tell me your his sister, is that true? >> can you deny that or say that? >> wearing shorts. >> yeah, wearing shorts. >> this former student remembers burnt in the early 80s. always wearing shorts. >> nobody thought that was strange? >> no. back then, well i was a kid. i didn't know. >> that was dave lopez reporting. burnt's bail is set at $2.3
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million. well also on the news tonight, a richmond police sergeant is learning the hard way. becareful what you post online. mike's tweet went viral. it was directed at the president of ultimate fighting championship whose website has been defaced by the hacker group. his response, get those blankets. i would go after them with beth guns. >> we are taking it into consideration and see if it's a violation of point of view si or not. >> so much so that the page had to be locked down. the officer's twitter page deleted. critics want them to face criminal charges, but legal expert said that is unlikely. >> all right. let's check in with roberta and see what we have.
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>> we have been noticing the clouds to continue to thicken. let's head outside and take a look at the city, where today's high was 59 degrees. that's tiff cult for another cyme of the year. we have temperatures into the 40s and into the 50s. want to take a good look at the month of january to see how we stacked up as far as our average highs and lows and precipitation of normal. january, average 11 days that we do experience measurable precipitation. this year only five days. meanwhile, the percentage is normal, but this year, we have only had 212 inches. we do have a deficit. and temperature wise, we did average 2 degrees above normal. tonight, mostly cloudy skies, areas of fog. we will experience sprinkles tomorrow in some areas and turning partly cloudy during
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the afternoon. the extended forecast calls for mild conditions. this is the lacest area of mild pressure. as it ide swipes the area, it's falling apart rapidly and a chance of a splash and dash sprung l. take a look at our future cast. mostly cloudy during the morning hour. you saw that speck of green. that's about it. and then clearing as high pressure builds in. and that is going to set the trend for warming period all the way through the extended forecast. we need the rain. just not seeing it. 31% of normal in san jose. a as far as your highs are concerned, 50s and 60s. the extended forecast calls for highs in the 60s. also in the north bay. the seven-day forecast does call for, there you have it, nothing but sunshine. >> roberta, thank you. he is a police officer and then
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sock t. >> just go with the flow and do what i love to do and people recognize it, great. >> do what he doze. that sends him back to the olympics. extra good at being a bad mitten coach.
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well the bay area is a hot bed of former olympic champs.
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and that means there's no lack of hard driving coaches here. >> one just named olympic coach and former former olympian defies it. the coach showed no mercy. >> ben lee is everything you'd expect from a hometown hero. talented and humble. >> i sense it's hard for you to say nice things about yourself. >> it is. like i said, a pretty low key guy, just go with the flow and do what i love to do and people recognize it, great, if not, that's okay, too. >> these days, there's a lot of nice things to say about him. lee has been picked as the sole coach for the u.s. olympic bad mitten team. he got the phone call while on duty. a police officer in palo alto. >> were you jumping up and down? >> not physically, because i was at work. inside i was beyond control, so
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to speak. >> do the best players make the best coaches? in this case, yes. the 46-year-old was the captain of the first olympic bad mitten team in 1992. he was picked because he has been actively volunteering as a coach ever since. he'll fly using his own vacation time down to southern california and coach the team throughout the year. >> does being a cop help in coaching? >> i think it does. i think it's a discipline. you know, just the mind set of waking up early, training, when you set your mind to something, be disciplined. >> so how good is ben? >> there's only one way to find out. >> bring it on. >> at the olympics 20 years ago, ben was smashing at 100 miles per hour. today, it's only beginning about 70. >> could you hit me in the
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face if you wanted? >> with no mercy. >> the palo alto police chief seemed to speak to us all when he said it's a great honor and privilege for lee, and we are all exceptionally proud. kit doe, cbs 5. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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well, with 12 wins between them, the warriors kings aren't the lakers clippers, but it is a battle of northern california and featured an intriguing homecoming. start the clock. farmer head coach has a 4-9 record since he was named the head coach. nate robinson got the three-
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ball. he had 11 points. then clay johnson. the double coverage comes in, brandon rush, that's his fourth of the game. he had a team high of 20. the warriors win 93-90. how about the sharks hosting the blue jackets. no valentine's day cards expected. still in the first, columbus turned it over. joe is there. got his own board, buries in the back . this english soccer man handcuffed himself to a goal post. it took police three minutes to get him out and resume that matchup. apparently he was testing the air bauds they didn't hire him
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for a job. >> makes a lot sense. >> sort of. not. ,,,,
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