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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  February 1, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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breaking & burning stuff destruction and desecration, supposedly in the name of making things better. an inside look at the occupy oakland demonstration tactics. in more than 100 years, she is the only one. meet the first black woman to run oakland's fire department. destruction and desecration. an inside look at the occupied oakland demonstration tactics. >> and after more than 100 years, she is the only one. if the first black woman to run oakland fire department. >> and politics tearing apart of long-standing relationship. nationwide reaction between the divorce between the planned parenthood and the coleman foundation. >> every hour ordeal, uninterrupted buddy trench outside his house. after an all-out rescue effort, the man was pulled out a lot.
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we are in brentwood and we will tell you how that happened. >> behind me is don't view drive. normally it's quiet but tonight is anything but. all of these emergency crews are just outside the 8-foot deep, 12 long and six-inch white trench. rescuers tell me man was detained while trying to uncover the sewer blockage. and blockage. and that's what he was followed by the earth. >> at 5:30 this evening to this report by the person trapped in the trench. >> when they arrived they found the man swallowed by the earth. >> they can't contest the picture around him when they started immediately time to stabilize the trench. he was conscious, and
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complaining of links dot mac pane to his legs. >> crews quickly realized that trench crews were needed and that the team's rushing. >> the first target was to stabilize the trench. that was done by shoring up the side. >> every step was delivered and intentional. >> this was pretty slow methodical rescue. >> this was to keep rescue crews from sliding into the trench. >> the whole rescue took approximately three hours to get the victim out. >> conscious but drained of any physical movement, the oakland man was raced to the nearby elevator school for the helicopter sat on the playground ready to fly him to john muir in walnut
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creek. but, they are now trying to find out what happened. >> at this point, we're not sure if he was working for the homeowner or offended the homeowner. that information is still trying to be gathered right now as we gather information. >> what we do know is there are no plumbing trucks on the street the man worked for the company nonetheless. this will mean investigative team tonight because cal osha has been called up there and is expected to be here shortly to determine if there were any workplace violations. fire crews tell us that once again the victim is 50 years old and has been trent ported to john or hospital. there is no update on his condition at this hour. >> in the meantime, what an amazing effort on behalf of the rescue crews. >> police release video of occupied protesters setting an american flag on fire.
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demonstrators cheered as the flag went up in claims and many in the crowd chanting, burn it. this happened saturday night after they broke into oakland city hall. police say the protesters snatched the flag from inside and then torched it outside. they also released video of the break-in. protesters broke the lock and then broke glass, threw furniture and even damage the model of city hall. by the time officers arrived there were about 100 protesters were quickly dispersed. >> through this video, our intention is to identify individuals who are responsible for breaking into city hall. they will identify them and bring this case is before the district attorney. >> through the cbs five survey poll there is declining support for the occupied movement. 25percent say they have changed
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their mind, 3% now support it, and 68 percent thought that the protesters response was just about right or not harsh enough. >> it just makes me think that they might be buying into certain dominant stories in the press, and the focus might be on a few people that threw bottles. >> how could you support the police enforced by the retaliation against protesters. that is the most un-american thing i have ever heard. >> occupied protesters describe what they call incidents of police brutality and endless hours holed up in jail. despite that they say the movement is as strong as ever. >> the occupied movement will be one of the first challenges for oakland's new police chief. today the city officially named howard jordan is full-time
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police chief. jordan was also the interim chief before he was hired. jordan takes over his budget cuts, trends the police course, and will judge , federal judge has threatened to take over. in the first e-mail is becoming fire chief and that's not all, also the first african-american woman in the country to lead the fire department of the major ports and cities. kiet do has her story. >> caught up with oakland's newly appointed fire chief theresa rita giving an presentation on her last day of class. it has been the long road with history being made every step of the way. >> this is fake, because this is not typical.
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>> and she will be the first african-american woman to lead the major car department in the united states. >> oakland mayor jean quan introduced reed and the straightforward matter of fact press conference. reid had retired from san jose fire after climbing the ranks for 25 years. she was the first black woman hired there and the first woman captain, fire chief, deputy chief and finally assistant chief. >> this is the sign that it is possible. >> the fact that she's the woman or african-american or the fact that she's one of the first of many areas, both wonderful. but the best part is that she will be the best leader. >> she's highly qualified executive who happens to be black woman. >> i want to history books to remember me as the progressive,
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inclusive, collaborative chief. >> and without being labeled by pioneer, she says she is humble, but do not mistake that for weakness. >> of private high school will remain closed through the week as it faces an outbreak of suspected noro virus. crews have been sanitizing saint ignatius prep since last week. >> there were trash cans outside of the dean's office and people throwing up. kids were throwing up in the classroom. >> the health department says the symptoms all point to the virus. the school canceled all sporting events until at least monday. >> is known as pink slime and billions of people at ebay. it's that the byproduct used in mcdonald's hamburgers. but tonight the fast food giant says it has stopped using it.
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pink slime, fatty beef trimmings soaked and ammonia. if the method used to this co- op bacteria. the meat is considered it usable in pet food that mcdonald used it for years and are hamburgers until they stop last august. >> i just won't go. that's nasty. >> include a lot of disinfectant process, but the us drug and food administration gave the go-ahead as unacceptable means to treat me for safe human consumption. >> and wednesday girl who died during the slumber party last year did not die of our call poisoning as first suspected. the sonoma county coroner says that she actually overdosed on the date rape drug, ghb. the 14 -year-old was found dead on her bedroom floor last july. the other girls also got sick. it's unclear where they got
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that drug. more potential victims are coming forward accusing of los los angeles teacher student quex crimes. the judge set bail for mark burns at $23 million. dave lopez reports. some kids have no idea they were victims. >> players printed in both english and spanish detailing allegations against mark burns, teachers in 1979, or handed out. dot town hall meeting on campus, the media not allowed to attend, the parents of some of the victims named in the bellamy criminal complaint against him spoke out. two other parents, school administrators, and detectives. >> you know, this guy, he makes me mad because he gain our trust and we believed in him and he thought he was the great man. >> she didn't want to give her
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name but she told me she has two children ages eight and 10 who were victimized by the burns. unmanned she said it was considered to be one of the more popular teachers on campus. >> how are your children doing next. >> my children said it was again. >> blindfolded, eyes, mouth tape shut, and bugs placed on their face and head with the spoon. all on video and given to detectives and explaining at the meeting. they were given what they thought were treats. so they didn't know they were victimized. >> the anchor is based on the violation of trust from the teacher and our school. >> for sandoval, he said there was no sign whatsoever that this could have been.
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>> cameras were not about to show him in court today. he did not enter the plea and his bill is $23 million. $1million per count and it appears that most of his victims were female. and never once did they come home and say, guess what he did quite. >> it was fun and games. >> he has not yet entered the plea. >> the reasons are murky but the breakup is clear. this is and she called, foundation has dumped planned parenthood. why politics are considered to be the culprit. >> how mitt romney went on to defend that statement. >> and he helped make what was once black music, everybody's music.
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i look back at the life of don cornelius. >> tonight we are noticing just the tip of fog. and here comes the sun. nothing but dry conditions will pinpoint the warmest day as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,
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outrage from the bay area, to capitol hill. in a surprise n g. komen founda the decision by our prominent women's health foundation sparked outrage from the bay area through capitol hill. in the surprise decision, the susan g. kommen foundation says it's cutting its ties with planned parenthood. glenn ramirez explains why.
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>> is really sad that they would think it's okay to stop allowing women to get this kind of health care. >> to the halls of congress, people are reacting strongly to the surprising split. >> today i rise quite saddened by the news that the susan g. komen race for the cure has made of political decision. >> they have raised money to fight breast cancer and defending its longtime partnership with planned parenthood. they say it's because planned parenthood is under investigation by congress but planned parenthood says they think it's political due to the abortion. >> at the pressure has gotten to them and they have decided to sever ties in funding for our organization because of that pressure. >> it means the end of 600,000 to clinics which provided breast cancer screenings 275
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women, those that couldn't otherwise afford it. >> jane is oppressed as mr. barker who that she might have avoided the vasectomy if she had been screened. >> it took along time to physically get over it. and those years have passed now, and that's fine. but to stop the ability for other women to get these tests and so forth is ridiculous. >> they've released the statement said the grant is not about pile of text. it will always be about the women we serve. making it political or leveraging it for fund-raising purposes would be at disservice to women. >> planned parenthood supporters have been calling and donating support of the split came out today. and some former susan g. komen supporters say they are cutting off their support of the
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organization. >> forums are usually filled with breast cancer support, but today the discussions were about abortion, with some women say that they will no longer support the organization. >> the conservative political magazine calls it the most stunningly stupid remark of mitt romney's campaign. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. >> it was quickly picked off by democratic and republican websites. the obama campaign quickly compile the list of gop quotes to include it. even rush limbaugh criticized it and pushed with rummy stood his ground. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor, we have the safety net there. i'm not concerned about the very rich, but the very heart
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of america, the 99% of americans that are struggling. i will continue to take that across the nation. >> there have not been any polls in nevada but still rummy is expected to win first place in the caucus. >> the first day of february, i would've missed in the if the party over san francisco. today's high was 58, but currently we are in the 40s and 50's. partly cloudy skies overnight, and although could have bought developing because of the partly cloudy conditions in the low level moisture in the atmosphere. though especially across the northern portion, 40 and san jose, upper 30's and low 40s on that as well. so with that little hint of fog wiping away very early tomorrow, we will do for sunny and warm
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conditions thursday yard and period of time of unseasonably mild positions. so whatever the little guy has to say tomorrow, count on those conditions. it was very impressive area of low pressure. we were the recipient of the tail end of the system and that's what we saw anywhere from no measurable precipitation in san jose to just short shy of the top him to go. at the beaches, 65 and then took her. the east bay number is stacking up to 68 and won the spots. 60 also, around 10 grove and also santa rosa. northeast offshore winds at 15. additional warming takes place on friday. the high pressure resulted in 60 over the beaches over the
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weekend 270. and our inland areas only the slight chance of showers on tuesday. we will be right back after this. sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain...
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of an icon. don cornelius, the creator of "soul train" wa found dead in his home this morning. tonight the worlds of music and television are mourning the loss of an icon. don cornelius, the creator of soul train was found dead in his home this morning. it was an apparent suicide. we look back at his legacy. is the legacy of soul train. it is unforgettable to baritone voice call people to the trendline for more than 30 years. but at the longest-running television shows in history. don cornelius may have left his mark on popular culture as the founder of soul train, started with $400 out of his own pocket. out of the many performers that appeared on his show, israel attacks type is created face on television for african-american
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artists like gladys wright. >> we are so grateful to him for giving us that pace. he gave those people with commercial opportunities to have the way to get our products. he is really an unsung hero. >> the jackson five, stevie wonder, open john, whitney houston and beyond they all performed on soul train. today many in the industry are mourning the loss. producer quincy jones said, before mtv, there was soul train. that will be the great legacy of john cornelius. the whole will never be matched the dot mac performers profits echoed that thought.
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he was the friend and we mourn his loss. cornelius was found dead about an apparent self-inflicted gunshot with early wednesday morning according to los los angeles police. friends say he had fallen ill in recent years although details of the illness had not been made public. he was 75. his famous soul train signoff, fitting tribute to all men who brought heart and soul to television.
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ictory, hundreds by would have done
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otherwise - - has been on the rise in egypt. sticks and stones were thrown at the players of the other team adequately turned into the stampede. many people were killed and injured. angelo dundee, the man on the right, dies at the age of 90. he helped mohammed ali in the corner all those years. to jam it down, but braun at 40, but miami loses tonight. morgan got to practice with the sharks won before he was lost. >> i love hockey. not too many african-americans especially in the state of san jose can actually relate, though i'd like to encourage
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people to come out here and skate. >> it is beautiful but incredibly expensive. but if we have markets personality of the sharks locker room, how about it? >> winner. >> goodbye. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account. all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you.
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thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters.


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