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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  February 2, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. susan g. komen in crisis mode. why the race for the cure is in jeopardy. >> a bay area taco truck robbery turns into a shootout, forcing the truck owner to fight back. what else he has in his truck besides food. >> yes, it's official. the san francisco 49ers have full funding in place for their new digs. who won't be going to the stadium. >> good evening, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. phones are ringing off the hook and the blogs are in an uproar. a bay area backlash against the susan g. komen foundation. >> some women got together tonight to ask what should we do now? with the race for the cure and pink ribbon campaign, the susan g. komen foundation has given planned parenthood money to
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fund 170,000 clinical breast exams and 6400 mammograms the past five years. but now komen is pulling its funding and planned parenthood says it's because of political pressure from opponents of abortion. >> this decision, as unfortunate as it is, was a result of a political pressure campaign, bullying effort from the komen foundation, trying to get them to break this relationship with planned parenthood. >> but they are just safeguarding their donor dollars and site an investigation into planned parenthood's use of taxpayer funds as one reason. >> regrettably, this shift will affect any number of long standing partners. but we have always done what is right for our organization. >> now facebook and twitter pages are popping up, urging people to boycott susan g. komen. the foundation itself faced its own backlash. the san francisco bay area
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chapter joined six other california affiliates to oppose the decision. in fact, komen's los angeles director resigned today. >> we have had two calls that have been very angry and a written death threat. >> everybody knows somebody with cancer. >> tonight, bay area pink party groups gathered to figure out how to keep pink power from becoming political. >> i think that we need to keep the focus of pink on cancer and support and strength and helping and finding a cure of breast cancer. any kind of cancer is not political. so for us, you know, the pink is all about the power of getting through adversity or overcoming something. >> now money is pouring into planned parenthood from donors across the country. it more than made up the money cut from the susan g. komen to the tune of $680,000. tonight, we are learning that alameda firefighters are
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switching their donations. >> thank you very much, julia. the national komen foundation also stopped funding at nearly $12 million in stem cell research to stop breast cancer. and for its part, the susan g. komen foundation tells cbs news they have also seen a spike in donations, up 100% in the last two days. but declined to say just how much money that was. well, we hear about these things all the time, but rarely do we actually see them go down. and we have some video of a shootout tonight outside of a taco truck in oakland. and we see how the truck owner fights back. robert lyles also shows us what these business owners pack besides food. robert. >> ken, these taco trucks can gross up to $1,000 a night. so thugs see them as rolling atm's, but this morning's trio
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of thugs didn't see the surveillance cameras and didn't see the owner's gun. >> as omar swept the parking lot outside his fruitvail taco truck, he's unaware two brothers allegedly were casing him. the brothers crept from behind his truck. police say that is shawn with a 9 mm extended. omar tries to run, it's too late. he is shot in the back. >> i heard an exchange of gunfire and sounded like, you know, like somebody had their tv on playing video games. >> fear of retaliation has the witness hiding his face because he witnessed another robbery attempt just weeks ago. attempted because he pounced on the robber's back. >> literally held him down? >> yeah. helped him until the cops came. >> watch that fighting instinct.
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he takes cover and with his own gun, shoots back, hitting shawn morris in the leg and torso. >> so you're ready for anything? >> yeah. >> valenti know torres is another owner. his arse arsenal is on display. a menu board deter rant to would be robbers. >> buying guns is nothing new, but what is new, they are buying bullet proof vests. >> protecting their lives while they protect their livelihood. torres put his business up for sale and with his brush with death, recorded on surveillance tape, neighbors say the city should issue more than business licenses. >> think they should give them a license to have a vest, you know. >> omar has a vest, but left it inside his truck this morning so he didn't have it on
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during the shooting. he is expected to fully recover. as for a shooter, he will survive. now he, his 18-year-old brother, and a 17-year-old juvenile from ant antioch have been arrested. they all await charges. i'm robert lyles, cbs 5. >> thank you robert. court appearances began today for some of the 400 occupy protesters arrested during a street melee in oakland on saturday. one pleaded not guilty to swinging his bicycle at two police officers, hitting one in the face. the other in the hand. another pleaded not guilty to throwing rock, bottles, and a 2 by 4 at officers. both are ordered to stay 100 yards away from the henry kaiser convention center. >> this is to keep him from participating in occupy oakland, obviously. and that's something he has a right to do. all citizens have a right to do.
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>> more of the occupiers arrested trying to take over the convention center face a judge tomorrow. and it turns out many of the 400 occupiers arrested last weekend don't even live in oakland. more than 100 do call oakland home, but many live in other cities and a few are from canada. well now to campaign 2012, just in case you were wondering, donald trump thinks that you should vote for mitt romney. the real estate mogul who flirted with a presidential run himself stood side by side with the presidential candidate today in trump's hotel in las vegas. >> mitt is tough, he's smart, he's sharp. he's not going to allow bad things to continue to happen. >> that endorsement came just hours after newt gingrich's advisers spread word that donald would be endorsing gingrich. toured a vegas manufacturing plant today. romney is carrying a double
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digit lead in saturday's nevada caucuses. >> and service has been stopped for the rest of the night on multiple muni lines this evening after a rush hour disruption, up 5 this evening. overheadlines came down in the tunnel near the church street station. this has halted service on the k, l, and m lines. buses are shuttling passengers between west portal stations. repairs are expected to take several hours. >> in other bay area headlines, what began as a carjacking in fremont ended with a s.w.a.t. standoff that lasted more than five hours. an investigation into that incident led police to surround a home on cedar boulevard just before noon. officers detained several people for questioning as they exited that home this afternoon. the victim of the carjacking suffered minor injuries. the 50-year-old oakland man trapped for three hours in a deep trench is still in the hospital tonight.
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he's in stable condition. that man was working on a clogged sewer line at a brentwood home when he became stuck chest deep in muddy, clay- like soil. it took more than 50 rescuers three hours to get him out. officials fear that the city is on the road to financial ruin. hercules defaulted on its insurance. that's more than a quarter of the city's budget. if a judge orders the city to pay back immediately, city leaders fear that he would have to declare bankruptcy. >> 49ers are first and goal in santa clara. today the nfl approved a loan for stadium construction. full funding for that project is now in place. kit doe is in place with what's next before the team can actually break ground in the south bay. kit. >> ken, they have already
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started digging up some of the ground here at 49ers headquarters in sight prep work. now earlier today when the nfl owners approved the deal. right after that, the owner tweeted, this is a big step forward. just outside team headquarters, backhoes are rumbling, money is flowing, and any chance of the 49ers staying in san francisco are all but dead. >> when do the shovels start going into the ground? >> we'll start site work very with soon. we are aiming for 15, but hoping if things go well, you can have a 14 opening. >> the team would continue to work with san francisco to make sure the transition is smooth. there was talk the league would pressure the raiders to share the stadium. but the loan came through with no such requirement. >> we have a vote that the city of santa clara did that we won 60-40 back in june of 2010. it allows two teams to be in a building.
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that option exists and that was voted on by the voters of santa clara. >> long time activist trying to keep the 49ers in san francisco has not given up heap. they'll be ready. >> this doesn't change things any. there are many challenges and those haven't changed as far as parking and transit and the size of the facility and most people who contact me want the team to stay in san francisco. hopes we'll have our opportunity. >> and so stadium opponents have collected nearly 5,000 suggests to force a revote on the stadium. he is confident the law is on their side. live in santa clara, cbs 5. >> super sunday coming up and on sunday, one company will be using their $3.5 million add time to benefit children. is asking viewers to
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use the shazam act to tag this commercial. each tag will generate $1 donations. the organization with the most votes will receive up to $100,000. a restaurant chain says it only wants five star employees. how it's taking a page from silicon valley. >> and ow facebook is about to a graffiti artist. >> the incredible first images from nasa. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our town.
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well new insight into how alzheimer's spreads. a new study found a certain protein spreads to the brain, jumping from one cell to another. researchers now believe that they have found the starting point for the protein, which may help them improve early detection and treatment. destaff coffee may help prevent memory loss in type 2 diabetes patients. medical researchers found it improved the brain's ability to maintain sugar. patients have an increase risk for degenerative brain disorders. researchers now hope to study the affects of decalf on humans. fast food that prides itself on old fashion hamburgers is getting a modern
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makeover. wendy's is checking out designs. they feature trendy new furniture, innovative layouts and amentis, like cell phone and laptop charging stations. some will feature fireplaces. the company will reinterview all its current employees, keeping only the best. >> it's a bold move. here we have a company that is the bottom of this industry. it's an industry that is not particularly desired and they are saying if you want to work with us, you'll have to be constantly learning. >> some believe the quote, five star worker strategy will likely be imitated by other fast food chains. if you have the choice, wold you take the cash or stock in an unknown startup as payment? >> kristen ayers on the graffiti artist that took a gamble on facebook. >> when facebook goes public, it will create hundreds of
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instant millionaires. including david cho. seven years ago, the graffiti artist turned down thousands of dollars in cash for painting pueriles in palo alto. up stead, he was paid in stock. the new york times reports he will be worth $200 million. now it's not entirely a rags to riches story. his pieces go for $50,000. when the directors of the movie, the social network, wanted to recreate the mural, they couldn't afford him. it's not the first time we heard of a deal like this in silicon valley. >> a lot of companies are going to offer you stock. how about options and an okay paycheck? that's the old formula. >> it denneds to work for if he cans. you know, great valuable stock one day. >> google's masseuse made millions when she cashed in her
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shares. >> i wanted $45 an hour and i wanted options. they like me, so i guess they said yes. >> it may mean he gets to achieve his dream. he wants to retire early and paint the great wall of china. >> not the great wall, but it's the moon like we've never seen it. this is nasa video of the far side of the moon. yeah, it shows the south side. one of the program that night features, 560-mile crater charged by an impact. keep on eye on your screen? see that little ball moving? the faa says that's a giant dash camera, having to cam the images during a traffic stop. people as far south as waco and oklahoma city reported seeing
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it go by. get out an extra blanket. we have temperatures that will hit the freezing point tonight. meanwhile, boy, where's winter? we have near record warmth anticipated for your friday.
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good evening, everybody. >> good evening. >> hi. >> felt a little like spring today, didn't it? >> it did, but can you believe santa rosa topped out at 72 degrees? is that amazing? >> yeah. >> work with me here. i got something really fun to share with all of you. we head on outdoors. outside city hall where you see a big dragon. that is because city hall is celebrating the year of the
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dragon. as we kick start and acknowledge chinese new year. a day which we had highs from 63 degrees at half-moon bay to 72 degrees in santa hossa when the average high temperature is 58 degrees. currently, we're in the 40s and 50s out the door. tonight, 32 degrees. freeze si in santa rosa. near freezing throughout the trivalley. number one, into the 40s. some areas of frost developing. we will have a repeat performance on friday in the next chance of rain will occur on tuesday. i bet more scattered showers in the forecast on february 10, which will be on friday. area of low pressure out over the open water, through a through clods in. otherwise we have that strong ridge of high pressure in
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command over the western states. near record warmth is expected for your friday. the weekend is 73 degrees, or forecasting 72. for your get away friday, temperature wise throughout the central valley with the sunshine into the 60s. 64 64 monterey bay. if you are heading to the high sierra, no snow over the weekend, on the sunny side, grab the sun block, cold enough in the teens to make the snow. temperature wise into the 60s. 72 degrees in santa clara. but instead, forecasting the 71 in gilroy. temperatures ushered into the low 70s from antioch, tracy, berkeley -- brentwood, actually. there you have it in santa rosa and also in sai sanoma where
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we had 74 degrees and the average is 58 and forecasting 67 degrees. the extended forecast, walking it through your weekend. we'll call it partly saturday and sunday on send. does it begin to cloud up again on monday. that could lead a slight chance of a storm on tuesday. more likely we will have partly cloudy conditions with that chance of rain. dennis, what happens on february 10, do you know? >> i'm hoping it stays dry. >> there you go. >> what happened on february 14? >> the house of pain, and the warriors back for it. the minute is next.
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all right dennis. >> that time of year. >> we got a couple local teams that will be going to the ncaa tournament for sure. >> definitely two, maybe three. 18th ranked st. mary's, beat san diego. rob jones led them with 28 points. start the clock please. the other team that is going to make it, 11 point deficit in the second half, but kyle hit the three to put arizona back up on top. wildcats win 77-74. the bears fall a game behind washington in the pack 12. necca, combine for 42 points and 32 rebounds. stanford women win. they won 67 straight conference games. montae getting a good luck kiss
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from montae jr. warriors blew it open with a 30 point third quarter. half quart to montae, combines for 69. warriors bet the jabs. his dad couldn't get to the concession station fast enough. they beat the stars 5-2. finally, i love a great comeback story. starting his story on the european story. not sure how the locals felt about his pants, but it's just within off the pace. >> you couldn't miss him. >> it is under stated for john daly. >> that company makes those clothes right here in marin. >> you wear those a lot. >> oh yeah. you can't see below the he is k. >> take these away from your
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golf game. >> dark side of the moon. wasn't that a record? ,, [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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