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tv   Bay Area Focus With Susan Sikora  CW  February 26, 2012 8:00am-8:30am PST

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all day of high injuriy in, good and bad. the stress, from rising gasoline prices we will ask energy reporter david baker where the pain at the pump is headed. then excitement over tonight's oscars in hollywood. we will ask film critic january wall what movies deserve the awards. hoping you will join david, january and me on bay area focus next.
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welcome to the show. i'm susan sikora. when i gas up my car these days i'm holding my breath watching the price numbers fly. will prices level off or will they continue to soar as the weather warms into summer travel? let's ask david baker. he covers energy for the "san francisco chronicle" writing about various fuels, renewable power and local energy companies including chevron and pg&e. david, welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> i bet you don't have good news for me today. >> not a lot, actually, no.
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>> y we tape this early on a thursday, i filled my gas tank up on tuesday and it was $4.11 a gallon, the next day the price was up to $4.25. what is going on. >> i checked the prices before i came in here, the statewide average went up seven cents overnight. we were in for a couple more days of that. it will level off a bit but it's not going to go down in the near future. there are a number of reasons why it's going up and some of them are specific to california. most of them aren't. and, yeah, we are probably in for a bad spring. >> i'm getting cranky about this. there are reasons. i want names. who did this? what's going on? >> one name will be iran and the other is israel. the international oil markets are very, very nervous about the possibility that israel might attack iran to take out its nuclear program and iran has made explicit theys about trying to close down the straits of hormuz where a lot of middle eastern oil passes
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through. they have stopped shipments to companies from britain and france. and granted those countries don't get a lot of iranian oil but that's enough to ratsle the markets. oil price around the world is high. and there is nothing i see that's going to bring it down in the immediate future. >> how do we know when it will end? israel and iran can be doing this dance for who makes the first move for a long time. >> typically what happens when you have a situation like this where there is a possibility of unrest in the middle east that could affect oil supplies, the oil markets will run up for a little bit and then pause. and see if anything else happens what you will hear analysts say is basically the market has priced in the danger that they are already taking into account some of the danger and until something else happens either diplomatically or militarily, they will stay more or less where they are. we are still in the run up part of that. we aren't up at the leveling off of that, as far as i can tell. then in california on top of
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all of this, we had this battle situation that got triggered by refinery fire up in washington state last friday. and as a result of that fire, it was the biggest refinery in the state of washington, supplies about 20% of their gasoline. as a result of that fire, the owner of the refinery, bp hrks to go into the markets and buy up gasoline supplies so it can keep supplying all of its cliebts that get the gas from that refinery. they came down here to california and scooped up supplies and our prices bounced up. that will level off. that part of our price increase will level off but then we were stuck dealing. >> doesn't california always get the bad end of this? except for maybe a few markets here and there because they know and we heard this before, that californians won't get out of their scarpz we have the weather and beautiful places to drive so therefore i'm getting in my car and going. and isn't that always the problem? or is that part of it going
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away? >> california actually -- californians are getting out of their cars and buying 340r efficient cars. the amount of gasoline we use in this state depending which statistic you use peaked in 2005 or 2006 and been going down ever since. that hadn't happened in decades. but the prices were rattling people enough that they started cutting back on their driving and using more efficient cars. you can pry them out of their cars or at least convince them to be more cautious about how they buy gas. that is only going to do so much to rein in the price. >> more efficient cars. it seems not a lot -- seems like we are painted into corners here everywhere we look. a better efficient car that doesn't keep us dependent on foreign gas would certainly help, i would think. and the super bowl time we saw clint eastwood that what became a controversial ad for detroit. isn't this detroit's moment to kick in and get something that's affordable and not
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dependent on gas? >> well, they are working on. that the affordable part is the problem. >> they always say they are working onism they have been working on it since i was 12. >> they have products out. there chevrolet has the chevy volt which came out a little over a year ago in california. that works as an electric car for the first 40 miles that you drive it and then gasoline powered motor kicks in so you don't have to worry about running out of fuel. then that appears to be good technology but it's still pricey for most people. >> average price? >> it tarts around $40,000. you can bring it down to closer to 42 if you take advantage of some tax credits from the federal government and state government. >> is there anyway to bring the price of that down or technology is difficult it's too early. >> it's not that it's too difficult. battery prices are still really high. but, you know, it's the same with any technology where the more you produce the lower the cost is going to come. in they are ramping that up. >> you said the battery prices
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are high. i heard something on the radio the other nice if you replace the battery for one of these cars it's $32,000. am i hearing the wrong thing? >> yeah. you aren't hearing the wrong thing. that's specific to one specific company. >> off the charts. >> that's if you let the battery die. if you run it all the way down and don't plug it back in for a little while you will kill the battery. >> electric cars are not for procrastinators? >> you have to pay attention to it. if you are going with that technology you have to learn a couple things how it works. at the same time, the technology does actually work. just really pricey at the moment. >> wouldn't more transportation public transportation, smart trains, all these things, wouldn't that help? >> it would. for the people like in the bay area where we are lucky enough to have workable mass transit, yeah, you will see more people riding bart and more people riding miewn each every time we had these vicious price spikes you see a bump up in the
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ridership. that's one way to deal with it. >> and i know studying it. >> yeah, if you got it, use it. unfortunately a lot of people around the country don't have that option. >> what about this key stone pipeline from canada through the united states to i think mexico, correct me if i'm wrong. >> the gulf coast. >> where does that stand? the president has tabled it. i know it's not going to help us tomorrow even if it were approved it would take years to get up and running. >> pretty much all of the real responses you can have to hike oil prices and high gas prices take years to kick in if you build a pipeline, that takes awhile. if you expand domestic oil production like we have done in the last couple of years that takes a long while to ramp up. electric cars, that takes time. >> either get a bike, take a walk, stay home, have your friends over, neighborhood, i don't know. >> okay. you can read david baker's work and the "san francisco chronicle." he covers the energy beat which i guess we will all be chasing
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for a long time. stay with us, january wall is next. -- jan wall is next.
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tonight is 48th academy awards. along with nervous nominees nine times are up for the best picture. we root for our favorites, san francisco film critic jan wall joins us with her trademark hat and professional eye that is reviewing the films. >> nice to be here. this is a wonderful year for oscar. >> i thought so. feel like billy crystal. it's a wonderful time for us. >> are you glad he is back. >> yes. >> oh, my goodness and he will be fun and hopefully they will have production values. so actually you will see some funny moments and great things will happen. i mean, remember, it will be so great of the spontaneity. i don't want written acceptance speeches. they shouldn't allow anybody to pull them out. just talk from the heart. remember when jack palance won and he did one arm push ups, the following year billy crystal gets dragged in on a giant offer and who is pulling
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it with his teeth? jack palnls. the moments could be great and i'm hoping for some good ones and always a very long show but there is where we have the west coast advantage unlike the gasoline in that we can start early and people on the east coast are calling in and saying i'm falling asleep. it's only 8:00 here. >> i want to see bad fashion. i want bjork and the swan dress. >> golden globes already happened. everybody said those are the predictors. will that say who will get the oscarium. >> it's a whole different crowd. it may help -- well, actually, you know let me take that back. artist has so much push right now. and so much popular appeal that it could have affected some of the oscar voters. >> let's start with that. let's take a look a the a couple of films. some of the top films. let's look at the artist. i did not see. this it's a silent film. i like to talk. >> this movie speaks in volumes. just doesn't do it with words. >> let's take a look at the artist.
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♪[ music ] now for best performance by a dog. >> cast is so jealous. >> really hitting it out of the ballpark. >> is it. what's so amazing about the artist those who are movie buffs we seen this before. we all love silent cinema and a star is born and singing in the
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rain. the whole plot. but still it has captured the public. people love it. it's butte tofl look at. the score is lovely and going to win for best score. and people just love the celebration of movies that is the artist. it didn't make amazingly it didn't make my best movies of the year because i felt i seen it before with derivative. but still i think it has a good chance at taking a lot of award. >> a lot of people that are younger than you and i that are watching this and seen this kind of film for the first time. >> exactly. >> fine with me. that's fine with me. like my week with marilyn. it's a celebrations of the cinema and nothing is more that than hugo. >> let's take a look now at the help is the next one. i loved the help. i did see the help and i thought that was great. about the tensions between the domestic help african-american women working as maids in the white homes at the civil rights
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movement and viola davis, she is a amazing. >> and she should be cleaning up. she is about acting. >> she is actually the heart of this film. and she does it without saying a lot. it has to be through the eyes and that's real good acting. >> and let's take a look at that, the help. you are smart. you are important. you is smart. you is kind. you is important. that's so good. >> one scene and you are tearing up already. it's so beautiful. >> i took three girlfriends to see this weeks before it came out in a preview and they had all read the book and all from the south, different parts of the south and they loved this film. this is one of those movies that pretty much everyone -- >> my sternal says everybody is reading the book down there like crazy. >> but the movie does a good
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job and i think viola davis has a good chance of winning. >> next one will be the descendants. as i went into the theater the other day to watch, this i said, the defendants -- the descendants you mean the george clooney movie. >> that's what we are calling it. >> there is a reason for that. this is a movehy that polarizes people like the iron lady. because i recognizable they come up to me on the street. they text me and e-mail me and tell me they either hate it or they love. it it's polarizing. i loved it as well and i love clooney in it. >> and he basically finds out his wife had an accident, in a coma, not going to come out of it and he finds out she had an affair. >> it's messy. this is not just some mellow drama about a dying woman. this is a messy part of real life plus the relatives who are greedy. there is a lot going on plus a trip to hawaii. >> a trip to hawaii. beautiful. let's look at the descendants. >> you don't know anything else about him? like what he does or if he is
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married or anything? >> just his name. brian spear. >> why didn't you ask? >> i just didn't. >> yo y not? >> i didn't want to get into it. >> google him later. that's it, that's. it stop. there? it is there? >> can't say for sure that he lives there but that's where i saw them. shall i ring the bell? >> no. this is stupid. this is stalking or something. okay, we came, we saw. that's enough. let's go. >> it's not like we were stalking him exactly.
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>> what would you do if you saw him anyway? talk to him? punch him? what? >> i guess i want to see him. >> you know, he is so good in this. he takes us back to a tom hanks who is everyoner every man. then jimmie stewart and henry fonda. he has that every man quality where you identify with and invest in, what happens to him. it's a wonderful performance. >> up for best actor. >> the only thing -- one thing i don't think that is believable about that film. who would cheat on george clooney? >> married for a long time. >> think about that. we will be back with more on the oscars when we return.
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okay. tonight is oscars and back with jan wall and rambling through a couple movies there are a lot of good ones. >> a lot of celebration of movie making. >> what i saw, the stories were good. >> the stories are good and movies that remind us of why we love the movies. that's important. >> one of the reasons i love is woody allen. i have had a blind spot for this man forever. >> since sweet and low down for me was his last great film and then made a whole bunch that were forgettable. but this movie, this midnight in paris. >> what do you love? >> here is something that i love. not so much the movie itself but the effect it had on young people. they write to me or when i teach -- i give a lot of classes or speeches and i give
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talks. and people -- young people come up to me, who is gertrude stein. why did he speak strange? who is dali, who is that? it's making them culturally aware. these days we have a shallow pool for our cultural awareness of our young people. it's important that if a movie can do it, go for it. >> we have a shelf full of time. let's go to that, midnight in paris. let's take a look. >> is that writer, gill. >> yes? >> gill, pender. >> gill pender. >> hemingway. >> hemingway? >> you like my book. >> liked? i loved. all of your work. >> yes, it was a good book because it was an honest book. and that's what war does to men. and there is nothing fine and noble about dieing in the mud unless you die gracefully. and then it's not only noble but brave. >> that's his writing. in any other year this movie
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would be so on top of everything. right now it's not highlighted quite -- there was so many good movies. where is 50/50, a wonderful film about cancer a movie i hope you see. it actually puts a human face on a little comedy on that disease. >> hugo, what about hugo? >> i haven't seen hugo. >> you will love it. >> scorsese. >> it's story telling. solid. >> let's take a look. >> i talked to my father to come up here and imagine the whole world was -- world world was one big machine. machines never come with any extra parts, you know. they always come with exact amount they need. so i figured, if the entire
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world was one big machine, i could be an extra part. i had to be here for some reason. and that means you have to be here for some reason, too. all right, i love that movies in you will love it and that's how 3-d should be used instead of the cynical trashy way they are using it right now. >> it's 11 nominations. >> and every one and will live a lot of the technical award. >> next one is war horse and this is -- i'm afraid to say. this it's steven spielberg. >> recommending it. >> the animals in jeopardy. that's why it's hard for me to recommend it. but a throwback of john fordway of making movies. i don't like animals in jeopardy. >> let's take a look at war horse. >> he won't be any good in the
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war neither. he thighs at every sound. >> sorry. >> i see. what's your name? >> albert, sir. >> how old are you? >> 19, sir. >> tell the truth. >> do i look nice and bigger than most 19-year-olds and i'm strong and i'm not afraid of anything. >> i don't downtown your qualifications but the law is clear about proper age of soldiering. >> it isn't nearly enough to purchase a horse as fine as yours, i know that. it's all i got. when you lease him to me, albert, to be my own mount, i promise you man to man i will look after him as closely as you have done. i will respect him and all the care you have taken with him and if i can, i will return him
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to your care. >> all right, so, yeah, i did not see that and i don't know that i will. >> i want to recommend my week with marilyn but a surprisingly wonderful film. >> i want to see. that there is a couple others that are on the best picture list that we don't have clips of but one liner from jan wall. extremely loud and incredibly close. >> not a good film. badly cast even though the young boy is from here and won on jeopardy, i don't think he was correctly cast in this film. anyway, it has a lot of push behind it from -- it's out there for best picture. i'm not going for it even though max is up for a supporting actor. he will lose to christopher plummer. >> "moneyball" with brad pitt. >> its that a lot to love in this movie. bradz pit -- brad hit as always takes chances. the relationship with his daughter. it's got some good homes. i wish seth rogen was up instead of jonah hill for his part in this. i want seth rogen for 50/50,
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this movie i keep going back to. i get mad when the oscars overlook something. you know? "moneyball," at least it will make a lot of people see this film. usually box office goes up 70% if a movie is nominated and if it wins more. brad pitt is in is the tree of life. really, jan, how did you feel about it really? not so good. >> not so much. >> why is it in there? >> it's because it's a prestige picture. it's prestige and people want that that's the thing about the oscars. the oscars are not about box office, it's about prestige and let's keep them around. >> 30 seconds. who will get best actress. >> actress irks i think that's going to be -- where i put it? >> no, i think viola davis, i think viola davis. >> giving me a hard out and that means get off. >> jan wall's website is we also like to mention that january is very important people being featured at this
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year's common wealth club. distinguished citizen award dinner. for more information on that, visit common wealth thank you so much. have a great oscar night. and the rest of you enjoy the oscars as well. watch the oscars and benefit the bay area hiv aids organizations. you can attend tonight's academy of friends gala scandalous. for particulars and information visit their website at academy of that's academy of we leave you now with a look at war horse. i'm susan sikora. thank you for watching.
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