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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  February 26, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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october-- after a murder ina cemetery. tonight, a hells ustody. how and on the run since october after a murder in a cemetery. tonight a hell's angel in custody. a cruise to puerto vallarta has a frightening turn for two dozen passengers. a quarter of a century saving lives and giving hope. success stories from the omega boys club on its 25th anniversary. good evening. a four month bay area manhunt is over. the hell's angel member suspected of killing another hell's angel is under arrest. where the search finally came to an end >> reporter: san jose police arrested hell's angel murder suspect stephen ruiz in fremont and 7:30 saturday night. todd rent che said he heard voice necessary the hall and looked through the peephole in his door.
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>> i couldn't see anything at first but they were telling somebody to crawl down the hallway towards them. i saw a guy crawling up the hall and actually went past my door but i could still see his feet they cuffed him and took him. then there were another lady they told to crawl down the hallway as well. he was bucked on a single charge of murder he's been on the run since the shooting death of another hell's angel. at a funeral for another hell's angel. pet grew was the president of the san jose hell's angel chapter. >> some of our detectives worked 28 hours straight and they had what they believed to be a very good leads that this suspect ruiz was actually local and they believe he was in the city of fremont. >> reporter: sergeant jason dwyer says police were surprised to learn ruiz ended up in san jose.
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>> he's been on the run bouncing from place to place since october. >> it's ironic he didn't flee very far. he committed a crime in san jose and located 10 minutes away. >> reporter: the high profile case became major focus of the department's detectives and the covert response unit putting pressure on officers trying to solve san jose's 38 other homicides last year. >> there was a huge concern about safety. stephen ruiz was considered armed and dangerous he had committed a murder with a firearm and obviously when the officers brief for a case like this that is talked about. they are told not to relax, not to become complacent. >> reporter: but the end came peacefully. >> they surrounded the days inn model called him he basically came out and surrendered without incident. >> reporter: there may be other arrests if police can finds those they believe may have helping him avoid capture. >> police in san jose looking
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for a man that shot three men outside goldstein's bar. one died at the hospital other two were treated for gunshot wounds. there is san jose's fifth homicide of the year. >> on its face it appears to be just a bar brawl gone bad. we know there was a physical fight we know it spilled outside the bar, and at one point one of the persons in one of the groups produced a handgun and opened fire and hit three people. >> earlier in the night a man was treated for nonlife- threatening injuries after being shot on chen street. nearly 24 hours later and police are still looking for the driver who hit and killed a man in san francisco and took off. he hit a lincoln towncar. the driver of the towncar was killed. the san francisco medical examiner has identified him as
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65-year-old constantine per inski from san francisco. >> i don't have any specifics as to what the signals whether it was flashing or it was functioning as normally during that time of the incident at this point. >> the suspect was last seen running away from the crash site. >> police have a warning tonight for people in palo alto watch out for burglars. 8 homes were hit there in one day. thieves stole jewelry and electronic equipment from houses and apartments during the middle of the day. this is on friday. no one has been arrested. detectives are looking for connections between the crimes. officers say burglars will often ring the doorbell to see if anyone is home before trying to break in through a back door. nearly 2 dozen cruise ship passengers back in the u. s. tonight telling a horrifying story. they were robbed of their valuables after encountering hoodsed gunmen at a popular seaside resort in mexico.
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a witness tells christine lazar what she saw. >> he had his gun brandished and brought it down and pulled up his shirt to show the knife. >> reporter: a terrifying ordeal for american tourists input in put to v. they were on an excursion. >> somebody said run everybody started to run. >> reporter: the robbery happened at the end of a hike as the group were headed back to their bus. they were at the end of the group so they kept their belongings but corporation to carnival 22 passengers lost jewelry cameras and passports. there were small children and teenagers among the victims although no one was injured. >> teenage girl was crying. everybody was very quiet to be honest with you because he had a gun and a knife, and so we didn't know exactly if there were other people in there.
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>> reporter: this woman was with the tour but stayed behind for the last hike because of a broken leg missing the armed robber. >> it's one of those things, but all i can say carnival has been amazing, they have gone out of their way to make sure everyone has taken care of. >> reporter: violence against american tour groups is rare in the mexican riviera. they issued a travel warning to the area. >> there were soldiers walking around with automatic weapons. >> reporter: when the thunder came back to port in long beach some passengers who heard about the attack were shaken. >> would you do a mexican rivera cruise. >> no in fact we're going to cancel for 2013. >> reporter: they called the incident disturbing and working with victims to reimburse them for their lost belongings. the splendor left today for another mexican rivera cruise but the cruise line canceled the guided nature trail where the robbery
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happened. a major milestone for a nonprofit organization in san francisco helping young people beat the odds and stay out of trouble. an important anniversary during an important time black history month. >> the 25th berth day anniversary of the omega boys club. >> reporter: 25 years of saving lives. dr. joe marshall answers cries for help on the street soldiers radio shows. and he reaches out to them in classrooms. the street kids whose life is committing crimes to survive. dr. marshall teaches them skills and gives them hope. >> there's something that happens here that really starts to activate the belief in themselves they buried a longtime ago. >> reporter: levon grew up which a drug addicted mother and father in prison. woodard spent most of his
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teenage years in juvenile hall. >> robberies sell drugs sell guns anything to go on with the street life pimp. i didn't think i was going to make it to 18 to be honest. i didn't care, i really didn't care. i was going to go out with a bang that's how i felt. i felt like at the time i was either going to be killed or i was going to kill. >> reporter: years before andre aikens became an assistant principle tall at an oakland middle school he was a violent gang member. he too remembered from doctor marshall. he remembered the first words he heard him say. >> it resonated if i knew what he knew it would keep me from doing what i'm doing. well that must be some good stuff eric aikens has come full circle today he teaches at the omega boys club. woodard's wake up call was a bullet that almost paralyzed him when he was 19. after getting out of jail he found his way to marshall and
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the omega boys club meetings. >> i seen a classroom full of kids he had their undivided attention. >> reporter: one year later he's in college in costa contra county. >> i want to be a radiologist. >> 25 years keeping them alive and free there's no greater gift. >> reporter: the boys club have helped 10,000 young people. this spring 176 have gotten college degrees 32 of them postgraduate degrees and 24 cities have adopted the omega program across the u. s. and in south africa thailand and canada. but as dr. marshall says his success can't be measured in numbers an milestones. for him it's the personal impact he made on these young people. >> linda, great story, thanks. the academy awards have been handed out. the after party is well underway. it's down to the wire in michigan where mitt romney is
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struggling to stay ahead. what rick santorum believes he has that will put him over the top. another storm is winding up out in the pacific. we'll tell you what that means for our wits tomorrow. in the meantime it's windy tonight big chill for monday. we'll haveal the detail when we do weather in what will seem like micro seconds.
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. hollywood celebrated the best of the big screen tonight with newcomers young and old taking home the big prizes. >> reporter: good evening. the most talked about movie on
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the red carpet among celebritys was the black and white film artist. george clooney called it himself e. told me before the award show he expected to lose the best actor oscar to the star of the artist and unfortunately for george clooney he was right. the artist captured academy voters hearts while barely saying a word. see let film took home five awards including best picture, director and best actor. the most nominated performer in academy history meryl streep won her third oscar. this one as best actress in the iron lady. >> i had this feeling i could hear half of america going oh, no. oh, why her, again. you know. but, whatever. >> reporter: an emotional okay taste ya spencer took home the prize for best supporting ago
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terrorist. christopher let mer became the oldest winning actor ever. >> you're only two years older than me darling. >> reporter: fans in the bleachers went crazy when their favorite stars appeared on the red carpet. it's a night when even the stars are fans. >> i saw george clean he. >> you're so giddy to say that. >> yes, i am. my wife said look, there's george. >> reporter: billy crystal returned as the show's host for the 9th time. unlike previous years the first awards handed out were for technical categories. hugo set an early trend ultimately snapping up five oscars. >> marty, you're a genius as usual. >> reporter: win or lose, it's a night for the academy to celebrate all its talent in front of and behind the big screen. and hugo came into tonight's award ceremony leads go pack and with 11 nominations by the end of the awards show tied the artist with five wins. >> let me ask you about upsets or surprises because there was
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a couple weren't there. >> reporter: yeah i think a lot of critics expected the artist to win big. frankly arguing that the academy loves movies about the movies but i think some were surprised to see that george clooney didn't walk away with the best actor oscar losing again to the star of the artist. clooney of course starred in the movie descendants. he played a facts struggling to basically get over his wife and the revelation she was cheating on him. but i think another surprise to many was the fact that vie 0 ha davis didn't walk away with the oscar for best actress for her emotional role in the civil rights film the help. she lost of course to meryl streep who's earned a record 17 oscar nominations in her career and tonight she celebrated her third oscar win. of course for her role as margaret thatcher in the iron lady. >> no good a spectacular acceptance speech. thank you so much.
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all right. meteorologist brian hackney we were trying to figure out which movies we've seen. >> we have a lot of catching up to do. it was fun to see christopher plumber 82 years old. >> yes. >> the percent time i saw him was 1965 sounds of music at the brand new century 21 theater in san jose. man, that was entertainment. and here he is however many years it is later. listen tonight we've got high clouds coming in in advance of a storm that's windsing up out in the pacific. so tomorrow morning it's going to be cold. temperatures will be in the 40s in the bay area for the most part. there's a slight chance of showers mostly in the south bay but it's not going to amount to much. you'll basically notice that it's going to be cold tomorrow it's cold now. santa rosa 48. 43 fairfield 45 livermore in san francisco it's 45 and 46 in san jose. here's how it looks. low pressure spinning a beam the big surf coastline is going
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to get f so much close to the shore it's going to come inland well south of the bay area we're going to get clouds on topside of the low. that's when we stands a chance of a few showers. snow level down to 2,000 feet. if you don't have the moisture you're not going to get snow. there's a slight chance of dusting at mount hamilton. computer models for tomorrow plenty of sun and few pops of showers over some of the higher terrain. don't look for much rain tomorrow. look for it instead on wednesday that's when the next chance i coming in that's a more robust system. tomorrow low 50s. out in the east bay san ramon comes in at 49 degrees 50 at fairfield and 48 degrees at brentwood. 552 at napa. north bay santa ross a gets up to 54 degrees.
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53 for san leandro. extended forecast after clouds tomorrow and much cooler weather, 30 degrees cooler than it was on friday for monday. tuesday we'll get some sun, wednesday we increase clouds, we get more rain on wednesday. it's still not going to be much quarter toy a half maybe three quarters of an inch and guess what happens next weekend. >> sunshine. >> that was e above middle c. >> we're going to get sunshine after one day of rain this week. >> we'll tack it for about weekend. thank you much. if the trend continues by the time we wake up tomorrow gas will cost more than it does net. the price of a gallon of regular unleaded increased an average 2 cents in california overnight last night. that's according to aaa statewide average is now up to 4.28. prices have gone up just about every day all month. a week ago it was 4.02. a month ago 3.73. last week california drivers paid 3.70. on meet the press the governor
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had alternative energy to combat the rising gas problems. >> we're got nothing to solve in the short term fuel efficient cars electric cars california will have a million of them in the next 8 years. mass transit and land use policies that minimize reliance on fossil fuel. >> california drivers pay well above the average of 3.69 eightball. two days before the michigan primary. mitt romney and rick santorum are battling out in a two man show down. romney is in danger of losing his home state as santorum looks to pull off the upset. >> reporter: mitt romney's making his closing pitch to conservatives in his home state of michigan. >> if you want somebody who will dramatically and fundamentally change washington and bring us more jobs and smaller government i'm your guy. >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor won this
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state four years ago you but there's no doubt he's in a tough fight this time around. rick santorum is breathing down romney's neck and keeping up his attacks. santorum told voters in marquette that romney is not conservative enough for republicans. >> we need someone that can be a stark contrast give people a different vision for america about who we are. >> reporter: santorum's appeal to evangelical voters have helped push him to the top of the polls in michigan. he's helping their support will shake up this race. at cedar street church in holt michigan faith has a heavy influence on churchgoers politics. they are following the republican presidential race closely. many parishioners say they will be voting for rick santorum because of his stance on social issues. >> he stands for family values which is very important to our family. >> mitt romney has a flip flopping record. >> reporter: even though romney has struggled to connect
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with some conservative here he says he expects to come away with a victory tuesday. both candidates will criss- cross the state in the closing hours of a prime air that could be a turning point in the race. danielle nottingham cbs news lansing michigan. it's a landmark that sets the bay area apart. 79 years ago today it was a shovel full of dirt. today the road to the golden gate bridge went on display. ,,,
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weekend, navy seals stormedo the top of the box office. e stars real-l . on this oscar weekend navy seals stormed to the top of the box office the action flick act of valor stars active u. s. duty personnel. it brought in almost $25 million in its opening weekend. tyler perry's good deeds opened in second place earning 16 million journey to the
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mysterious island safe house round out the top five. the history of the golden gate bridge is on display for all to see. today the california historical society celebrated its new exit in san francisco. the exhibit is called a wild flight of the imagination. the story of the golden gate bridge it feature artwork photos bridge artifacts. today marks the day in 1933 when ground was broken for the construction of the bridge. >> it marks the beginning of a new ear this ground breaking in both transportation and architecture. it was also that groundbreaking an inspirational day that gave hope and energy and jobs to so many people who were in the throws of the great depression. >> this exhibit is part of the golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary celebration. >> the sharks road trip comes to a painful ends. why todd mcclellan wasn't on the bench of for the final period indole been james shows
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history... it has be . the daytona 500 was postponed by rain for the first time in the race's 54 year history. it has been rescheduled for tomorrow. sharks road trip went from bad to worse. head coach todd mcclellan would leave the game in the second period after being hit in the head by a stick. the wild scored two goals late in the third to come pack and beat the sharks 4-3. san jose lost 7 of 9 on the trip. national league championship hunter mahan beat mark wilson in the semi and denied rory mcelroy to take over the number
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one ranking his fourth career pga win. cal drops a half game behind washington for first place in the pack 12 after losing by 13 in boulder and nobody is happier than colorado's head coach tad boil. kobe bryant moved past michael jordan for the most career points in all-star history. the west beats the east 152 to 149. kevin during rant who had 36 point is named the mvp. and finally second ranked stanford blew out texas 15-1 to sweep the three-game series. and we got word late tonight that the poor sharks had a mechanical problem with their airplane and they are stuck in minnesota for the night they can't even get home. >> they need to get off the road. they need to come back. >> and game day tonight. >> yeah. with dennis has manny alzheimer's you don't want to police that. >> good interview. that's eyewitness news at 10:00 wins is at always on
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