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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  April 24, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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powell has ever slaughtered for human consumption. degrees this particular animal did not need to be supplied any times there was no concern about that. mad cow aziz is a bit of the cows and can cause a fatal human brain disease in people sleep each tainted beef. the usda says there to show that is infected cow had a rare a typical form of the disease. and they say there is no for reasons and practices is good news because there is testing is
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working. caught it. this applies absolutely safe a cattle rancher in livermore. supposititious out on the grass don't get it. he says another country is mad cow was blamed on farmers adding recycle the meat and bone meal from infected cows and the cattle feed he says in the u.s. that diet is banned. usda tests one and 40,000 cows the year for the brain disease they're picked randomly at a certain maturity. testing of a cattle is like testing kindergartners kindergartners for alzheimer's. according to usda the four reported cases were atypical and say this latest incident confirms the nation's testing safeguards but emplace a working. i'm going home and i'm having be for dinner tonight that is alive. juliet goodrich
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cbs five. the several vallejo based rappers are under arrest in connection with a nationwide drug ring the justice department says the performers were all part of the day's entertainment record level more than 20 that five people were arrested for lesley trafficking throughout california in the as far away as new york city but fans of the performers are not convinced they're guilty. if you are doing wrong desert to the time if you're being unjustly charged then that is very unfair. this city really specialize in trafficking ecstasy during the investigation more than 45,000 shells are confiscated along with several pounds of heroin crack cocaine and marijuana. it's a program that has been highly touted by oakland mayor gene klein and even though recent high-profile violence city leaders are sticking by their 100 box plan robert files shows us some of the drawbacks
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of the programs efforts. at once to join in what they've done. to give them more than 90 days. did we have seen little girl and a guy shot so i am for every speaker the public safety during a pre the 100 block crime prevention program should remain in place everyone but councilman larry reed. did we do ask me a thunder blocked the plan will work no won't because is not sustainable why isn't the 100 and sustainable to read and considered chief jordan statements. debt which we made a decision to put officers back in the gates with a better opportunity to respond to nearly two dozen cops were pulled from traditional patrol last october to stop the 100 block plan now 911 wait times in 19 minutes and sources tell cbs five up to 100 per recalls go unanswered every day. so where the cost stepped
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up patrols? what street make up the 100 blocks? there were some law- enforcement tactics that cannot be revealed. sears was sources did with no p dearer villain to cbs five since the wants of 100 blocks violent crimes from the oakland border with the rebel to 35th avenue has spiked at least 30%. from the fruit fell to the san leandro border violent crimes increased 20% still mayor kwan city manager dien santana and police chief jordan went out a media blitz today: 100 blocks the success how you ask? the area that we've been focusing on has now been cleared behind that and around it and has been showing increase in some of the violent crimes we haven't seen before saturated patrols in west indies oakland say sources sent criminals looking so burglaries' spike in the hell's street robberies and shootings skyrocketed like merits as much as 21% say
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sources but there is more of the mayor says if you subtract the oikos murders and domestic violence and violent crime in oakland's is at a near-record low. television a the numbers. they're so data driven austin to produce the numbers. but the mayor's office is not offering numbers tonight other than to say 25 federally funded zero pd officers are ready to take part in the 100 block program but sources tell me none of those officers have been tested or trained so can the they're not ready to hit the streets. carlisle in oakland. its already facing a bleak job market they're facing an even more immediate economic crisis. graduates of leaving school with thousands of dollars in student loan debts elaine c.
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mono explains how that severe deficits is having an impact well after persons college years. ohio northern university five years ago with $70,000 in student loans. if most people who owe $106,000 in debt had a house. were couple of cars or a few houses. i have the basic necessities and need to survive. 25 percent of her monthly income the student loans will formally delayed me ever buying a house my fiancee and will probably delay my fiancee and having children because these are things these luxuries we cannot afford.
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the average cost was $122,000 in 2010 that 67 percent percent snyder lighter more than 1990 the sociology and women's studies major says he will graduate with approximately $85,000 in loans it's the single biggest purchase and later in life. or setting abroad. of this debt has narrowed as options. in oslo realization that the you'll be able to take any job you really wanted. givebacks' your committee weighs the ones i don't ever see his time in my life where i won't be paying my student loans. did we tell you get out of this? hopefully some of these relief packages will pass and
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hopefully they will help millions of farmers especially myself. in the meantime? in the meantime i pay my bills every month. did which estimates the earliest shall be able to pay off the first-ever six loans will be the year 2022 elaine qian l arlington virginia. 90,000 californians will lose their long-term unemployment benefits that is because californian no longer qualifies for the federal program that provides up to 20 extra weeks of jobless benefits. as californians get jobs the state's unemployment numbers are not high enough to remain eligible for that program. the but the campaign volunteers
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getting the signatures certify was the question of if but when we hear trends make a change is possible so where is he doing? did we leashes and worn as a full-time student and single mother who also works as a cashier is that this minimum wage goes from 8 to $10 an hour that could mean an extra 20 to $30 a week unable to pay into a land of gas a doughnut to take a also a time those of things that that 20 to $30 extra and if you look at long-term that's almost a thousand dollars by increasing attack in an interview last month the chamber of commerce says business owners could raise prices and the of workers. for small business and we have five employees to you pay $8 an hour for that's as much as even afford your in your overhead and i left them $10,000 an hour on said having five employees and even i can only afford florin for employees labor leaders disagree and say workers are put the extra
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income right back into the local economy. you're not going to be saved if you're going to be spending it. city council debate topic next tuesday in cambodia until are put on the ballot in says a cbs five. possibly the biggest night from irani so far with its biggest competitor at the way from the take up another five primary it winds today danielle letting him on what president obama's had to say about his presidium's challenger. it's a five states we permit rummy with new primary victories in delaware pennsylvania and new york the of give me great honor and son of saul responsibility. in together we're going to win on november 6th. from the thing supporters in a speech titled a better
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america begins tonight. in which he focused his criticism on president obama's. four years ago barack obama adazzle less in front of a greek columns was sweeping promises of help and change. but after we came down to earth after all the celebration of the parades' what we have to show for three and a half years of president obama's president obama's election campaign has been ramping up for months and while his republican rival hasn't been named officially the president is getting more comfortable talking about the around me. he joked about him with late-night talk-show host jimmy fallon. do know moronic customer did would have met him but we're not friends. did waves newt gingrich was counting on when in delaware to keep his campaign alive. 323 events altogether here in north carolina we're going to be at 23 events here in north
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carolina this week he is bound to continue his campaign through to the gop convention in tampa to him cbs news at the white house. so the latest count shows mr. romney with at least 824 delegates when i had a gingrich ronnie needs just under 320 to clinch the nomination. if you look closely you can see that the movement has matured. the new more defines tactics for members of occupy. kill germs and get a biased? double duty california teams are getting out of hand sanitizers and just as dangerous about the protection of doris and airbag another proposal to treat cyclist more like driver is in the eyes of the law and the big question is when will the right arrived the cause of the have will pinpoint the timing as i would is news continues on the c.w.. occupy protesters had a
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message for wells are today marks from justin herman plaza to the bank's headquarters to disrupt the annual shareholders meeting. joe vasquez reports a week is be seen shifting tactics from the occupied movement. while cops blocked off streetscapes demonstrators blocked off entrances to the wells fargo bank building. angry and many of the employees and shareholders to return to get to their annual meeting.
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the demonstration included a diverse range of a community activist groups as well as union members even a former supervisor for wells fargo cheryl is himself. we're here to call attention to several of the practices that we disapprove of. and many other banks are taking part in. dick waves today san francisco action coincides and all the over the weekend to a group called on to the farm to cover part of land owned by uc- berkeley a more pleasing vegetables other areas slated for private development. some say these more focused actions of a mark of a maturing movement. did we first peebles said was a bunch of hamas tippees out there smoking pot and cambrian park and now this is changed. transformed into the massive.
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a few months ago was the encampments in the ensuing violence that to all the attention and obscured much of the message of the 99% not everybody here agrees the new shift in tactics is entirely purposeful. the police came and be ever bet the campus would still be going on had no problem pink salmon's for most of the day hundreds of demonstrators took over the streets including 14 who actually managed to get into the wells fargo's shareholders meeting and allow the disrupted their progress desert and others outside joe vasquez cbs five the object to the latest rankings that has literally been poured into the hands of its users medical experts are saying now that teenagers are using hand sanitizers to get drunk aid teenagers in the u.s. have guns the emergency room after drinking the gel in the last few weeks doctors say kids use salt to purify the alcohol and make a
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more potent. did we eventually get recipes for it. the rest of the internet as well so is very easy to do any of they don't to that some of them just drink it straight. for most can sanitizers a 2 oz bottle is equivalent to four shots of vodka by the way alcohol free sanitizers are available italians are witnessing a spectacular the dangers like chokers the courtesy of europe's only active volcano. this is a look about and this latest eruption in eastern sicily it's the seventh major. activity this year for that volcano and for now the law has not threatening populated areas however this is a means are having to cope with showers of ash. and just when you thought it was okay to start your spring stars are here. to do a showers in the forecast in time it is certainly of the essence the in the everyone as he had not to pleasanton at 73 degrees in the
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breeze began to die down but let's take a look at the notable members in and around their microclimates a very mild the '50s and '60s this after experiencing highs today from 59 degrees a half moon bay to 80 degrees in morgan hill this is what everybody is waiting for. when does the rain arrives this is our future cast as the morning commute at keep that umbrella handle because we will become mostly cloudy and looks like the most parts we won't see any kind of accumulation as far as precipitation is concerned cheremis scattered showers on wednesday laid day and evening but for the most parts between wednesday and thursday that is one will see the cumulations anywhere between a quarter and a full inch of rain that any billy watches and all this is our satellite ready area of low pressure in that right there is a plume of tropical moisture left up from seven california actually produces much rain showers today and now with the
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passage of the front for the chance the thunderstorm weizmann night the golden gate bridge in your headlines cuddy's night's rain develops late stage tomorrow with slight cooling then will see the substantial cool down with the clothes did the work week on thursday on a tonight into the 50s across the board tomorrows daytime highs with the south and southwest winds to 15 it coming down 67 degrees and where in hell down from 80 today east members setting a to 69 everybody is pretty uniform in the '60s from the beaches to the inland areas the clothes did thursday in the abundance of sunshine to the weekend that there penpoint forecast eyewitness news' continues will be right back.
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aside they're supposed to be
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used taxpayer and commuters but tonight we're finding out to many security security cameras are catching people breaking the law. and a small improvement in the headquarters people watch a video from the cameras facing now the front of 30 buses then record license plates and you will driving in transit of lanes or parts and bus stops and then send out to its. it's meant to make sure that our bosses can get to the transmittal to assist them as
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fast as possible our cameras watching people doing things they shouldn't be doing in that is the thing last year minibus cameras caught 3000 people breaking the law mccain scoreless innings streak comes to an end in cincinnati in town is quickly making east fans forget. wrote the warriors
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promoted bob myers to their new general manager larry riley will remain with the team is the director of scouting wayne said the clock. myers has worked out for him warriors and ordered cited 81 charles jenkins comes new
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orleans vasquez fines chris writes that is called for goaltending with less than a second left the hornets win 8381. a's rookie tom malone tossed eight shutout innings and picked up his third win of the season as the a's beat the white sox to nothing alone has now allowed only six runs total. it is for stars giants and read the writing crawford hyperextended his elbow but did say in the game mccain scoreless streak ended at 18 innings after brandon phillips to one shot in the first threat to blow it open with a six run sixth and win 92 nhl playoffs new jersey's travis sajak scored the game-winner in overtime the double double-speed the panthers to force the game 7 back in florida and on the matter world peace is been suspended seven games for elbowing james hart in the back of the head party has yet to be cleared to play and so he could possibly miss the entire first round of the playoffs. when
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given an 6. made him alone. remember sam malone? there you go. a comeback at 11.
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