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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  April 30, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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making themselves heard, city hall takeover on the eve of made a protest. and what is on the agenda for tomorrow? he survive the tragic death of a friend only to lose his own life the same way. the memorial for a high-school student killed weeks before graduation. being a part has brought them closer together the formerly conjoined twins have changed since their separation. and missing for more than a year but found a 17 year-old storage area. the case of the missing lamborghini. partially solved and questions investigators are still time the answer. yelling and screaming tonight in san francisco's city hall. city workers didn't wait until may to voice their concerns. to the at the ritz on
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how this is just a preview of what is to come within next 24 hours. how did it is the day before the big day made a. may 1st which is typically international workers' day but come tomorrow what is one to really happen? barry's services are supposed to be canceled in fact it will be cancelled there'll be transportation disruptions and strikes. mayday's starting a date early in san francisco city hall. protesters getting a jump start this evening and members said sci you are negotiating new contracts. and once city leaders to know they're serious. and they're here today to demand the city workers in december but big businesses that of the plate and the their fair share. demonstrations like this one strikes and accessible sabaeans are being planned out the bay area and nationwide. the actual execution of its or how widespread is an unknown. any anticipation of any strikes the
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golden gate bridge transit agency has canceled tuesday morning ferry service in marin county is san francisco. they're urging riders to make alternate commute plans now. is this guy's been convenient? yes incipient but. an awkward command. and when work from home severance as the police deny keeping watch and dolores park and potential occupier protesters. law- enforcement out the bay area's say they have a plan in place for disruptions. a spokesperson for occupy oakland says its members will be filling a bus in the morning to join union pickets in san francisco in the nurses' strike in oakland. they back down a reported plan to block the golden gate bridge now the ferry service is already canceled. the waves and mean people will once this happened and it's unfortunate but we made the decision to work with the union and with a coalition of unions seldom if people go robe
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that's people do that. so in anticipation of potential problems that have decided to cancel a ferry service because it stands right now commuters are given that went nice to make alternate plans for marriage to san francisco san francisco to murray and just in case. chilly as good ridge thank you. the tragedy of an 18 year- old stabbed to death before graduation and appears to be a case of history repeating itself. kids still on the untimely death of osama footy. they came to say enough. hassan a foot deep the second samoan football player from a lumber had to be stabbed to death friday was attacked after a party saturday night of these kids know now life is too short don't go to these parties and you can't fight anymore. the world as a work that way. day bake sale to help cover funeral expenses.
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he knows he is loved by lot of people. it's really hard right now. the 18 year-old is expelled later reinstated after it threatening a student, and at his best friend football star justice a fella who was also stabbed and killed in december 2010. police as saying of the two deaths are related. in some of the have even gotten his cap and gown and was ready for graduation and in just five weeks. kiddos cbs five. did with the man accused of killing seven people in any state college pleaded not guilty today. one bill and to the plate today 3 curry interpreter stimuli contacts from the proceedings the victim's family members say and not and not guilty plea was difficult to hear. i don't know why it's not guilty. third i lost my six sisters and other people have been killed. those accused of killing six students and a receptionist
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at oikos university. investigators: revenge attack and if convicted the zero faces the death penalty. neighbors the nursing students have resumed classes on campus of unisex college in fremont. the reopened last monday to students and other fields but the nursing program was moved to another campus to make the return less dramatic for students and faculty. third it stood for decades but only to caltrans and matter days to teardowns oil drive in san francisco crews completed the weekend demolition and slightly ahead of schedule for opening the new temporary roadway. and given a ride in all five. the first to notice is it goes from two lanes to three lanes but then back to sue for a moment here and as you have to merge so you're going to watchers pylos people around you the temptation is to watch the tube because now that the roadway has been knocked down
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there is a loss like that. it sold little bit of an adjustment this is very similar for me to what happened at the s curve on the bay bridge. this curve when a book that to people about a week or two weeks to use to drive in buckets and their more familiar with it seemed to work out pretty well. in another caltrans protection makes out a driver is a very happy caltrans is putting in double carpool lanes and a 3 mi. stretch of 11 will be built in between highway 85 in mountain view and embarcadero road in palo alto those lands to be finished in the summer of 2013. no charges will be filed against east palo alto teacher into accidentally hit and killed a six year-old girl last year. this and the sale kennedy's a d.a.'s office says there is no evidence of vehicular manslaughter in this case see a rally thorez was under way to school when she hit in late september. a celebrity chefs still in the beginning has been found more than a year
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after a sophisticated hollywood style highest. and the investigators found it weren't even looking for it. as our allows explains it all started with a shooting. soft lead 17 you think should be followed to the prom but with this 17 year-old from san rafael was followed by marin sheriff's deputies and what they find? and attempted murder suspect end a 200,000 of them beginning. the break claims he isn't sure why and he fired five shots of his 19 year-old son. i cannot know. really don't know. the drive-by shooting all this blasted through both the driver and passenger windows is no accident. in light sources tell cbs by the marin county sheriff's investigators from the enrichment with an idea of the seven zeroes shooter. and who allegedly written the fortified
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former russian storage containers and csi many storage after days of surveillance the still unidentified team showed up saturday evening and deputies moved in for arrest investigators were looking for a gun and stolen property connected to the mill valley shooting. but down celebrity chef at the areas bright yellow and beginning convertible is to be as five cameras captured the aftermath of the mission impossible style in a bikini found in march to as the lead in the climbing ropes document in propelled from the route to still the team under thousand dollar roadster to your son have an involvement that the slide beginning? snow. even having to do that. to have a teenage mother allegedly rented $270 a month storage container? in renton is only a driver's license showing their least 18th even though the application asked for employer and sells security number. this
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side says first month's rent and $25 security deposit give you access code. the manager refused an on- camera interview but did not ever see the still only a beginning denies any knowledge of the lamb bikini and now any idea of the shooter. was your son and five snow's the person who shot and. i'm sure about that. by s will find out. so it is a 17 year-old behind a drive- by shooting at a very sophisticated heist at the liberty? or are there other suspects that's or those of her all of unanswered questions tonight because judge apartment is not talking. investigators looking at corn may have slight save some lives, what they say all up had a hit among the images. the real spy left behind a real mystery. the last pictures
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of them one set mi agent before he was found dead at a home locks in a duffel bag. did weeks how life has changed for formally conjoined twins. and when it comes to downloads is right up there with in reedbirds. the captain tells users if there ugly or not. we tested beyond say. side we do have the marine layer pushing on shore and that will all make a huge change in your tuesday forecast and plan outlook when we come back. third
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german investigators say they uncovered secret out had plans in an unlikely place. a pornographic movie. a city founded on the digital storage device that they said from the terror suspects they claim included in the video file were more than 100 the al qaeda document. they included plans to seize cruise ships and to carry out other attacks in europe. did waves the dance by founded -- it sounded like the start of a movie but is a case of forensic experts in london say they hope they can solve using dna evidence those of, reports the body was so decomposed investigators cannot tell how he died. it took intelligence service is a whole week to make this call to the police after a junior is by it up for work. police began a
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surge but as they made their way it in his third story apartment what was a symbol missing persons inquiry quickly became a that is our mystery. in sight a duffel bag was a tightly folded naked body. detectives found no signs of a struggling apartment and is nothing to show whether this is a homicide or suicide. police even asked a yoga expert to prove williams could lock himself and as a kind of stunt unlikely he said. . williams' 31 years old was an athlete and as police discovered what research is computer he had a secret interest in bondage. the security camera images of him shopping alone at last nine pictures of williams. what happened after he got home and who if anyone was there with them remains an open question which unlike in the best fictional spy stories may never
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be resolved. elizabeth palmer cbs news london. did ways an activist attorney who angered authorities by exposing forced abortions is presumes to be under u.s. protection in china. san juan chong is caved from brutal house arrests. secretary of state hillary clinton is on her way to beijing right now breath economic talks in the activists whereabouts are expected to be discussed. a constructive relationship includes talking very frankly about those areas where we do not agree. did we would like to emphasize that every time we meet with china's the issue of human rights comes up. and human rights official says chan paths is escape plan months ago the simple idea of staying in bed for weeks saying that he was too feeble to rise. it's been six months since their separation surgery but twin toddlers from san jose who used
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to be conjoint seemed to be closer now than ever. glenn ramirez shows us how little girls are adjusting to their individual lives. first one and then the other. not a formally cut joins twins angelina and angelica is a record two years old. pap be healthy and blissfully attached. until so happy and grateful. because the progress is going well it's getting better. the twins and their families came back to packard children's hospital for a brief reunion with the doctors and nurses who perform the separation surgery last october. padded the lead to their doctors guys? perfect. couldn't be happier. normal to year-old. now the problem
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mother has keeping track of them. this is how the twins looked before the surgery at their home and senate say. joined the chest. deliver diaphragm breastbone chest and stomach muscles for of use of birth. then separated and the operating table. subsequently the big concerns and their physical appearance and a share of the chest and the continued killing of the wounds. the mom and aunt say they have adjusted well to live on their own and they don't fight as well as they used to. they've been nicer to each other and they like each other the twins now have a normal life expectancy and head and they seem to be enjoying their new independence the statices family princess's as any to year-old girls would. at stanford clemens as cbs
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five we were hoping for a repeat performance and our weather. now we're going to see its big-time changes in fact ready right to expect looking at toward city of san francisco and if you notice there is carefully live with his eagle vision eyes can see the flags in a fine when desert 31 mi. an hour in san francisco because of ads and also because of that. cloud cover the ec's march into the city right now temperatures of one to go down tomorrow because one until degrees in comparison telling of the '80s when gas all day long on the coast tomorrow 22 m.p.h. when dustin pacific that the mourning periods and during the afternoon hours is as winds increase in the inland areas. the women and tonight areas of low pressure to the north of the bay area and in this is up against the ridge of high pressure that is the underwriting as with our highs of the day long because the pressure gradient right there and a tight squeeze therefore
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the windy conditions of the bottom line is tonight we did that really are pushing sure we still have the windy conditions tomorrow will cannot be sunny but cooler and breezy and then we have a chance of rain and 70 forecast coming up in tonight overnight 40's and 50's for overnight lows to mas palin reports suggest that the grass count is on the high side and speaking your daytime highs tomorrow they're coming down. seven is across the santa clara valley down from the 80s today again is going to be at least 10 degrees cooler in pleasanton danville ends livermore and is no. no. second of the '60s and '70s the extended forecast they have that chance of rain is back in the off-season. that is our pinpoint forecasts. think roberta. the tallest building in new york is once again in lower manhattan. one world trade center surpass the empire state building to them
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the milestone comes on the eve of a psalm of the mind. guredo's and keep on going it sends chills up and undefined we think about what happens. did we discuss ever want reach its full height for a place in the year. when the dealers added to the freedom tower the will talk about had 17 and 76 1,776 ft. making it the tallest building in the united states. well done snow and if your friends once tell you there is an act for that. and it's apparently a very popular. the third party decides if you ugly. and we put it to the tests. 3, bequeath the
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the the the michael you've heard this thank you and he sat in the eye of the beholder but can you measure ugly? apparently the answer is yes and list according to a new smart fun out. those with cut shows us how the ugly meter works. did least it starts
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with a picture. and within seconds to get a rating that sounds a lot like this. use quartet and the ugly meter. years so i would attended the windows and incubator. that would the past didn't stop oscar combine the hottest pop on the marker. did we tenure ugly is your manager hot and it's ugly at all spell really mean lines like you're so ugly many rock in the bathroom and toilet flushes. it's funny as the melts into 3. it's called the other leader in sales numbers are anything but after howard stern to the after the air waves. sharon is seen as says at length these are: the trend set by signs like this book. of already open the gates to criticism online. and ed lynn neary is just another small piece of that. here's how it
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works the ugly meter uses its own scanner or aubrey them to determine the symmetry of a person's face. so we put it to the test. how people magazine's most beautiful woman beyond say. and it's clearly not an exact science according to the ugly meter fiancee scored 10 of 10 hat according to this perhaps is ugly people of the circus would pay not enough to look for her. until the not next how that comes along in san francisco's of coke cbs five. breaking news at san francisco's mission district protesters to shut up $2 park tonight for a free mayday rally broke away from the demonstration started targeting the police station on 17 and one said. it apparently smashed windows and are still running around right now allow more on the stores' net 11 on cbs five.
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he dissolved during a post-game tirade about to see that in an a's player got a welcome back to fenway park. the green monster.
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at fenway park. did waves and is one of the greatest finds fewer guns than my part est cost and guy like this it stay in bounds. they said. judge kennedy spent plenty of time in right field at fenway park last year the red sox but never had a place quite like the one who is a part of tonight. former tiger all-star ran into is one for three is a stabile is your new third baseman todd by david ortiz did
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derive readiness looks like he's got anything they struggle went one better than inches in the eighth when he grounded into the inning and the double flame bases loaded red sox wednesday 11 to six nba playoffs plane waiting and nobody's getting for that free trade and he began to nothing seriously after the game he injured his hand and was the grass case for a fire extinguisher and a status is uncertain when will they learn. in orlando danny granger 13 base is basing point to be dead like heartless magic 93 to 78. i'm shocked the pacers even lost their first game. did waves he's
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making hundred million dollars of contracts. see you at 11.
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