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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 3, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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and that did and killed by the bacteria he was studying. the bay area scientists to contract a highly contagious disease, what researchers say about the risk to the public. the tables turn on the gunman tried to rob a bay area stores that he knew events that took a deadly twist. if you have all the like, around the atm that lets you get cast for them in an instant. good evening and nasty debt. he started feeling sick and then hours later he was dead. the young bay area medical researcher killed by the a very bacteria u.s. studying. when the young house on like this happened and the chances the deadly strain without the lab. did least he was studying a rare strain of bacteria at the v.a. hospital in san francisco. last
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friday night 25 year-old researcher richard dent came down with a fever and chills by saturday morning he asked his friends to taken to the emergency room. i was having he was having not nauseated and brasses oliver his body 17 hours that he first felt sick he was dead he died of septic shock the bacteria he was studying is in his bloodstream 50 his fellow researchers are looking for a cure to a bacterial strain of the lab is not closed all investigators from the center for disease control and prevention osha find out what happened. if he was exposed in the lab that is the probably it was in his throat. seoul it would from his throat was bloodstream. usually the incubation period is 35 days. researchers have been studying did that the bacteria for 25 years the hospital says the team is experienced and follow safety precautions. their
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research is state the same mistakes happen. there is a heightened awareness in the laboratory about potential transmission you often don't realize how many times in my attached are face or in the course of a given day. she is legally pursue graduate is art workers six months ago. this was a highly competent and experienced individual. even though he was young. and now when the lab thought he had been sloppy no one had thought there was any evidence of any spills. officials say that this bacteria is only infectious through close contact. to his roommates as well as a sellout workers and 60 health care workers who came in contact with him at the v.a. hospital rod given antibiotics and tonight their confidence no one else with the sec. think you linda. three federal agents shot during a bay area game sweep are recovering tonight there hearst in an early-morning raid in petaluma but common security is:
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that operation and its success. what is less sacred eric bay area cramming in ruins. the violence must stop. on the says today's buses were part of a larger operation to put a total of 19 people behind bars. the members and their leaders to recently indicted in federal court on charges ranging from racketeering to murder. they're responsible for lot of mayhem in the peninsula. among the violence the defendant's intent upon their communities were for attempted murders in daly city on december 18, 2010 and three murders and four attempted murders in south san francisco on december 22nd. and this morning more violence. the one the of three federal agents. it was multiple. the shootings happened during a pre-dawn raid in petaluma. federal immigration and customs enforcement agents were joined by local law enforcement as well as cell san
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francisco please to server there called the high risk federal warrants. they made one arrest but three agents were shot and wounded in the process. the first shots rang out around 4:00 a.m.. degrees these agents were wounded when they encountered the barrage of gunfire. from an assault rifle during the execution of research and arrest warrant. the central crime of the warrants a triple murder here in south san francisco in december 2010. for the suspect known federal custody face the death penalty for their part in those murders. the bad sellout of resources that we don't we have a knowledge of the looking members and working together we came to a very good conclusion today. those three federal agents are recovering from those gunshot wounds security tells us they had not life-threatening injuries. in south servants is good joe vasquez csi. an agent monsanto is has been shot dead but to leave by his own teenage
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son. police say the agent was watching tv last night when the 14 year-old fired it from the backyard. the weapon used was the agents icy should gun. the boy is in custody tonight in a motive for the shooting was not yet known. the tables were turned on the gunman who tried to rob a jewelry store. police say the store owner took matters into his own hands after he was threatened. shots were fired this afternoon on broadway street in vallejo. as robert weil tells us the would-be thief ended up dead. degrees broadway in illinois is infamous. suntory is surveillance cameras were installed to blocks a week ago. another police cameras bustling travel every grocery full potential witnesses stockton would be robert from bursting through doors of the jewelry store just before one. leaving the counter down and hand. with the braves and burglar did didn't anticipate was that the doors were locked
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behind each customer. and that owner had a gun behind the counter. krio fired killing the would-be thief. he and the toddler son had been targeted. at a year ago he said he got two shots and made again schiller. vallejo please won't comment on that case the those who work near him believe today's beef was a copycat. is in no we don't have any cops always are packing. detectives on scene telesis unlikely that has been unwise for owners of the storm will face any charges. dip leads i'm robert weil cbs five. id practice finger with the use syringe. the oakland unified school district says the boy found a syringe his mom to the the hospital when she found out what happened. after founded in found
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chained to road tracks. the woman spotted the dog had a house in north antioch and call the animal control for help firefighters rescued for dogs from this apartmen complex and mark martinez this morning and nobody was hurt and no one knows how started. and the state about at the newly declassified documents depicting a frustrating leader struggling to keep his global jihad from crumbling and and well vegas shows us he also included a hit list stretching all the way to the white house. collection from letters in his final had shows he wanted to target airplane's carrying president obama's. he
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said telling him will automatically make biden take over the presidency for the remainder of the term and he described a vice president is totally unprepared for the job. former deputy director of national intelligence and cbs news senior correspondent john miller was last western tournament turner journalist to interview them. the navy seal who killed a lot in one year ago of 70 of the letters and that declassified and posted on our website. they showed in auburn also wanted to go after the war commander general david tries. he rode killing him all to the worst pass. and a lot more worried about destruction that is not tied up. you can see him struggling for control, struggling for relevance, who are we what we mean. the
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military says the most compelling revelation has been bonds frustration to maintain control over the crumbling network of g hyde. on the campaign 2012 tonight for president bill clinton says the keys to victory in november may be different from running and president of, but this song is the same. finally to fix the economy that was his advice to the candid after the 2012 bay area council at a conference in san as a today in mr. clinton also took questions from the crash. and that inspired lesson in self defense the bay area cases prompting these kids to think tough. and apparently caught lying when applying the young who said manson is a fabrication unsealed resonate. cash on the spot for your electronics. the atm that except your own cellphones. i
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rain fell in the bay area today deals show you where it's still raining and the day that a panel to be the warmest this weekend on the c.w.. al a missing girl
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from san as a is fine tonight to. custody on sex crimes charges. police say the unidentified 16 year-old girl in his is the parent was confronted by a fair inspector on ibca like well-trained when they couldn't provide proof of payment that's when the girl told the
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inspectors he was arrested for having sex with a minor and false imprisonment. dirichlet's a teenager from morgan hill school has been missing since march 16th. but friends and classmates who know her are taking steps to make sure that they can survive an attack. kiddos shows us how. then held a self-defense class that doubled as a fund-raiser. organizers are putting it together the gathered to learn the things that could lead difference. she came here and we all knew her and she disappeared and down we're still here taking passes and about being safe and to not end up in the situation she was then. sierra has been missing for
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a month and a half and today about 100 people signed up for a self-defense class and everyone from kindergartners to adults got lessons on how to fend off an attacker. the 15 year-old textile lot and was given to leading writer on the time she disappeared in martial arts instructor says put down the phone and pay attention. kids these days are more distracted. they're very distracted one of the things that we do preaches when you walk out your vehicle when you're out there stop texting and to really look around and see who is watching you. and not too quick lessons. here it is again step-by- step. from here in hybris tender elbow and a negative view. and as fast as they want to do is turn around and run and i want to stand and fight you and the aggressor. and visit his candor and your throat? is that the fingers and then move be back. sears mother marlene's says her
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daughter was interested in martial arts but didn't have time study issued not with their teaching to idd would make a difference? had it any style that would make a difference. in a quick update about the case a share sophists says they now have a brand new state of the art high- definition the 3-d sonarman bill using that in the next couple of days to assess the various reservoirs'. idea stockholder uncovered what of the calls an inadvertent error. scot thompson claims to have a bachelor's degree in computer science from a small college in massachusetts. but now we also confirms that thompson only has an accounting degree. thompson was brought and as ceo four months ago not clear if he will face any consequences. the wealthiest but set the price range for its ipo the social media giant plans to
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sell shares for 28 to $35 each and that would raise about $10 billion. the price also values they spoke about $90 billion the shares are set to go on sale may 18th. we'll have all cellphones line around but what to do with them? well you could use them to call call up some cold hard cash as of the cup on the new atm that makes it possible. it is similar story for most cellphone owners. xenophon probably every two years of the contract is up. his final choice is the iphone. easily around $500 a pop but now he may be able to get some of his money back. it's called the eagle atm ended gives you cash for year- old cellphone md 3 player. the bonds and then either resold or recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. removal and
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some of collecting cans will be cut to use cellphones. years of works of instructions on the text screen click your device cellphone firming take your phone place in the middle of the machines we can be scanned it tells me continue between 14 and $40 for my phone and then gives you the official offered c can choose to take a cash store credit or donate the money to charity) was valued at over a little over a hundred bucks. it was tempting if the fed to the new funds sell the gm has the bulk of their machines in california and across the bay area. this one is that the west village shopping center in san francisco. but their plan to expand nationwide in the near future. in san francisco as the cut cbs five. check your ego weather. you don't even need to call me up for the weather forecast just taller. she has been hollering. did waves will tell you because we
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have a big change coming up in time to the weekend but right now let's call it doppler radar because after two 10th of an inch of rain in the north bay we still have some very light precipitation take a look at that air is, the out of also wanted to easily direction heading toward concord the pavement so let the golden gate bridge and will also have the development of some fog along the coast and to the bay as the clear air mass surges on top of the warmer landmass now tonight was a cloudy with the areas of fog tomorrow would be sunny and bright but windy and the extended forecast calls for a study to it than warmer weekends in this area of low pressure and spreads the bulk of the precipitation well in british columbia and into victoria and vancouver island and we saw the tail and run the northwestern section of the state of california and the cooler air mass faltering in tonight's with the passage of the warm front and as high pressure builds and it causes that pressure gradient theyre for the very windy conditions tomorrow afternoon
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but tonight for the cloud cover into the '40's and it seems 40 degrees to run your daytime highs. all kinds of levies across santa clara valley potential of ranging from the low to mid-60s 60 degrees in los altos at the palo alto and then from your east bay back around to the northern portion of our district into nablus 70 but the northwest winds tend to twenty got set to 30 m.p.h. here you have yourdistrict serbian to the peninsula and the central bank's it is a '50s '60s and '70s that the temperatures and then once we get rid of the clouds in the wind on friday in willie basking in sunshine all weekend with sunday been the warmest of the two coming up and we're talking big '80s by when state and our inland areas we have lots of things going on this began as well with the relief live in san as they hit 77 degrees. and that is your pinpoint forecasts. the to roberta. are gloomy
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weather didn't dampen their spirits. have a couple kasten on rain sex that expired 20 years ago. the line may have
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mistaken this toddler's striped tie before a zebra. buckled little boy barely noticed as the animal caught the glass right behind him at the organs do. the boy's mom thought was kind of funny and film the whole thing she said she was never worried about our kids safety. sue workers insist that the glass is thick enough to keep visitors safe and in this case it was. it was the game 20 years in the making. family from portland returned to san francisco at rain checks from the 1990's helping to watch the giants in action. as might chevron shows us hold on to those tickets for that long paid off. the skies for a as the recorded more than a chance of rain. it is raining. did we cannot like seattle. they
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thought they might of prop the wet weather with them but they did for and with them tickets to the giants' game and it was fun back in 1992 we really did rain he was rained out. the rest ransacks and so we're back now 20 years later right riley went to see the giants. they went to the city office for the story from the vagina and never heard before. when the economy for enough for rain checks. to the general policy was an encouraging sign checks the record did the year of the rain and not 20 years later. was such a stretch that that is why the box office manager but said it because it is this long they deserve a chance to come to the game today. therein is a section and were wet but there were in the park and they did have a great view. and certainly better view
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that what about that day back in 1992 that was candlestick park remember? you a saint go well clark and you'd think it was oak park but he would be sure because nobody could see from up here. i remember them half the fans had their shirts off on one side and the other half had park as on and then the rain came. it took 20 years they got a much better deal even if it was a little late. mike sugarman cbs five. the giants are losing more than baseball games. the latest on how los them all and how much time giants will lose their slugger.
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human the broker is two years
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ago? last year was 41 games last year. and this some time by the ball players. you have five players that aired during the world series in 2010. more bad news folks broke a bone in his left hand and he will undergo surgery tomorrow. sand of out with their hottest hitter for four to six weeks. brinnin crawford had two more errors and that led to around the giants' 28 years were second in the major leagues. to delineate jose with his face the past the pitcher and drove in the eventual game-winning run giants have swept streets you as the final. this is strange. the new york yankee closer marriott rivera was the while shagging balls during batting practice
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his knee buckled the 42 year-old had to be carted off nt tore the aclu and he's done for the year fires in devils tied one game and did they get to overtime not for long. he put in his own rebound and the devils when the hockey game. out in your next doing wade boggs hit to the bronfman the was red hot. red hot in the fourth leg of video game. he beat that series three games to none at this point that even chairman can save the york knicks. he's been hurt trying to make it back for the playoffs but to little too late that series is over. he's 42 years old. but he remains fully closer. they said?
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may be. will it end.
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