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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CW  May 6, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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a huge police response to a shootout in east bay warrant officer and suspect got caught in the crossfire. disorder in the courtroom at guantanamo bay and ticks from the man says he planned the 911 attacks. president obama turning to hollywood for his next big fund- raiser in california it is 8 30 thanks for joining us. a lot of news to talk about in the next hour. nba talking about some developments there also jerry brown and the chances of him passing his tax plan here the state of california talking about that with san francisco
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stake. also this morning we do have a violent instances overnight to tell you about. gun fire between police officer and a suspect in oakland. it happened around midnight near 92nd avenue police said the suspect fired first at them and then they shot an officer who then fired back. both taken to hospital it officer is in stable condition right now unexpected to live but no official word on the status of the suspect. all if your guests in san jose last night during the fifth of may celebrations to happen that the intersection of santa clara and fourth street. police said one person down the street and another against the wall part of a heavy police presence throughout downtown in an effort to prevent a repeat of last year's violence and vandalism the main celebration last night basically about people cruising up and down
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santa clara street in cars that are appearing to the mexican flag just after 8:00 p.m. police moved into the street to shut down lanes has set up a traffic diversion for the at the urged by standard to not gather on the street corners and overall police took a proactive posture moving quickly and any sign of trouble. we took office with a number of officers that are working tonight that if we do have any crimes or any type of disturbances we're able to dispatch officers immediately. extra officers cannot live from the police department but also the highway patrol and the state parole in sector probation agency. police are investigating a near delhi shooting this morning on the 1300 block of cadillac drive at around eight busted. they found amanda had been shot once in his injuries are considered life threatening and he's in the hospital with no
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suspects identified. greatcoat uc-berkeley asking occupy protesters to leave voluntarily from attractive university land in albany they've been occupying. officials offer to commit to a discussion about continuing agricultural research at the site in san pablo ave. the first the protesters have to leave the school says saying so far the the farm group has not responded despite the deadline that passed last night. uc-berkeley and administrator first demoted has now been fired after allegedly doubling the salary of the some were next issue is having an affair with. the spokesman confirmed on friday that the 47 year-old was let go a whistle-blower law and school officials of the relationship with a purchasing manager in her department where she oversaw record to date show that his salary move from 57,000
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was a year in 2008 to $120,000 in 2010. the five men allegedly planning the 911 attacks refused to answer questions or enter pleas during there is rain meant turn to the murders of nearly 3000 people. the spectacle they created in the courtroom. the man claims to have orchestrated the 911 terrorist attacks tried to disrupt court on saturday. he is for co-conspirator's refused and to the judge's questions reading magazines parade and wouldn't listen to arabic translations. peaceful the kids refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the military commission system started to their silence. these men have endured years of inhumane treatment and torture. because of their behavior was supposed to be a simple agreement at guantanamo bay
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turned into an all-day affair that went into the night. grit of the united states is committed to accountability under locker for those who have plotted to attack her nation and to kill innocent people. they face nearly 3000 murder charges for the 2001 attacks six family members that lost loved ones in the courtroom. are those that either could go arden want to watch closer to television at four military bases in the united states including hamilton in brooklyn york. many say with this on the court room for shredded them. it seems like they're doing everything they can to delay the justice. the second to ran for the defendants the first trial was stopped in the obama administration tried to shut down guantanamo bay and legal experts say could be years before there is a verdict in the case.
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campaign 2012 is off and running with president obama in malibu and thursday for a fund- raiser at the home of actor george clooney. he kicked off his reelection campaign official yesterday with two speeches one in ohio and one in virginia key swing states. on issue after issue republican mitt romney would take the country backward. he specifically mentioned abortion rights and contraceptive coverage. i want women to control their own health choices just like what my daughter's to have the same opportunities as your son's we are not turning back the clock we are moving forward. forward as the theme of this year's campaign but it also said his campaign is still the hope and change you want to enable when their people to succeed as well as make a difference. greta the french president is at risk of losing his job after
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test one term people across france are burning right now in a presidential runoff election. head-to-head against socialist challenger that is favored to win he was behind his opponent by about half a million votes in the first round of voting. precious few presidents will assume his duties he will be sworn into office tomorrow the 59 insecticide in 2008 after eight years as president the outgoing president dmitri is set to become prime minister. another showdown in sacramento the banking lobby takes on new bills on market reform. how lawmakers are trying to help homeowners facing park closure conversation with the state senator up next. your recent collection is not just clutter the new ways to turn your possible cds into cash. the warm weekend pattern expected to continue even into
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next week with the details coming up.
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additional downloads turn our music collections in to clutter. new ways to turn the old music into money in today's consumer watch. they sit and stacks and even used as coasters but how about getting cold hard cash for the compact disks. who wouldn't be opposed to reducing collecting dust now. probably several we haven't listened to in years. excepting trixies as trade in it sounds like a potential gold mine. so we put it to the test gathering up 20 cds someone known and some not train them into the amazon and it wasn't as much as the wind " as most of
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their were only " interested in 11 of our season offers ranging $2.50 to 30ยข apiece our total $10.10 a and some credit. so it looked elsewhere and found two other resell science buyback meeting and second span buyback only interested in seven of our cities for a total of $3.79 the second spend a is one to purchase 16 of the paths of $15.30 that had it compared to a brick and mortar. this new genre that we don't want. he's been buying used cds for years i would like popular cds that were well taken care of in good shape. he said is used supplies the linden said thanks to digital delos toward expecting much but we had a surprise the highest offer of the day $30 credit for 15 in cash just enough to buy a couple more cds.
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a data to figure and shipping costs in treating or selling to on-line sites but they will generally pay if you have 15 more cds and keep in mind amazon training programs for web site credit only the others to offer cash. if if the consumer idea or problem color hotline that 8885 helps you. on to what to do today. gorgeous weather again looks at the law of the week ahead sunday streets going on today. if you enjoy a yesterday declined love to take the temperatures about 10 degrees warmer today so pushing the upper 80s to the '90s for the hot spots as we see clear skies light when a and warm temperatures the theme this week sunny and warm to the we correggio gradual cool down the amount minor fluctuations and the temperatures with no major changes expected warm by the end
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of the week into next week and once again as the high-pressure system shredding the approaching cloud cover in the offshore waters some in the jet stream to the north part will stay to the week sunny and warm conditions resulting from us with minor fluctuation midweek a predominately off shore flow with dry and warm conditions expected the week and next weekend looks like the late spring summer pattern for us with normal up to fog and tonight into the beginning of the week by late tuesday and wednesday a little more like cloud cover out there with the cycle down with the temperatures but still above normal as we're warming up again to the end of the week into next weekend and for today looking for a good five to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday putting this into the mid and lower 80s for the inland locations back to the water with upper seventies to the '80s even at the beach pushing the '70s there as well as a prospectus to
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the seven should prevail the middle of the '80s throughout the interior here as even through the north bay with more upper eighties to mid 80's with a few the '90s likely to pop appear in there as well against the trend will continue through tomorrow as we see this little cool down come midweek with mark cloud cover in to the region still above normal temperatures with the average this time of year in the city 64 and we're well above that for most areas as a heat things up again and to next week and a lovely weather for just in at any plans to may have. especially baseball this afternoon sunny and warmer temperatures in the mid to low 70's definitely a need sunblock. a showdown looming in the state capitol over several bills intended to help homeowners
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facing park closure. the goal is to the national three-year agreement worked out between banks and various attorney-general said the nation states and put it on the state level. but there is resistance coming from the state ministry that agreed to it. stalking to the state senator about this this morning. what to put much of what was in the sediment in to state law so three years from now we don't find yourselves back in the same problem that we saw cause the whole debacle. gridder two things are talking here are the root both signatures ending the practice of automatic signings. banks were not in their due diligence to make sure that this home to be foreclosed on or that the actual the title for the proper lead it they were for closing. the second is a jewel tracking the beloved offering for the past two years of banks to stop the siege of the time that you the homeowner can see you will be able to keep up with
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their payments to apply to the bank for loan modification payment to pay little less stay in your home everyone benefits. at the same time you get a knock on the door in some time to even making the loan modification payments they say 40 gross ticket for eight hours to get government loan and started and sold in foreclosure but you don't want them to be of the to that. putting on paper delivered to you and then they can become the foreclosure process. events resistance to the two measures i don't quite understand if they agreed to them in a court settlement weather resistance about the legislation implementing them. greatcoat i like the way think. they will argue and have been that the settlement was due to a crisis a few years from now because of the crisis that we don't want to be burdened with state law that things will be
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necessary few years from now. the sacramento also have a habit of putting the sunshine on the top of the bill and then invented on some areas not openly discussed sometimes can be a hindrance or over regulation. we will be in a conference committee and other procedural way to move bills forward but it will be during the daylight hours with the glare of cameras open to the public reporters pinkham and anyone could come to participate. the reason is because initially would let to the assembly banking committee he became free clear that the votes weren't there and the banking industry it's a big hindrance in sacramento. guess they are you think of the middle of the crisis if your legislator yet to make a decision homeowner thanks i think a lot go with the homeowners right now.
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republicans will support the bill but isn't that what democrats are for to make sure the little guys are looked out for. the moderate democrats are saying no these aren't extreme is the moderate democrats in some cases not novice legislators the haven't been the lot long and then press the arguments the banks make banks engage in the political process so there's also politics on top of it. is the problem they don't want it to be permanent greta that's another strongest arguments. this is the third time we've tried to times already they've sandbags to. the state senator ever the optimist and sent to discuss thanks for joining us. this is of those classic stories we have a press
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conference the unveiled a 90 and it's going to be reformed and a lot comes action in implementing its things have a way of changing with the nep to the capital. we will keep an eye on this. it is would be interested in the banking business does say there are provisions of this that over regulate and even he said there's coined have to be modifications before passes so be interesting when it goes from the pr statement to the reality. coming of political insiders sign off on a general election fight between president obama and mitt romney. and the olympic torch will be lit this week and the 70 day relay around the world to bring it to london.
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with seen before we will see it again the olympic torch to be ignited increase. and then it will begin a journey across the world and to london late on thursday using the sun's rays taken place in olympio the temple of hera among the ruins of the ancient games. it doesn't torchbearer's carry the olympic flame trip from greece to london will take 70 days.
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the detail of president of his reelection campaign is moving forward. starting out as a tight race turning to our political insiders doubt willie brown talking about why it is this race so tight and why could go either way. and turned to the president mitt romney if you're obama i think although it looks on paper as if you're the incumbent to bed against the incumbent i think cannot take anything for granted in this election. the fact is rain and the fact that he killed osama bin laden main cities not and assessing the economy and that's what mitt romney is running on. i think under the worst of circumstances those elections are always in this case 45 for the democrats and 25 the republicans intend to be moved around the tennis made up of people who are independence thinkers in the process.
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in this case say think it's 6040. people usually vote democrat the they don't see obama as a leader and he is not the leader. i think the problem for the presence even by his own campaign and to designate artificially invested in him expectations that nobody could meet the reality is what is the act to show for domestic legislation it appears to be he's become a wartime president the unexpected always pops up and when it does pop up that hurts the incumbent. if you of something like
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that happening this summer and the president's response to last time the white house response to all accounts anemic that's the sort of thing that's an opportunity the cost of the potential failure. superior intellect that obama has in the fleet meant of thought that he becomes an any crisis weather its preacher and chicago whether it's bill clinton and south carolina doesn't matter what happens the seems to be able to the right moment to make the right move which is a son of a real champion. mayor brown's ms. karan of people overestimate its intelligence and underestimating his ability to survive.
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your not they say. i felt like i was the question. is rendered speechless for once but politics is a game of survival because the ultimate goal this collection to be the one standing he could have great ideas that the ability to move ahead of the campaign and also feared the president and also run the country i can't wait for the debates for the used to obviously president to such a powerful public speaker if people believe in the message of hope we will see. police for the first debate america will be watching. call him dr. more than academic, author shaquille o'neal. other bay area city tries
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>> a huge police response to a shootout in the east bay where an officer and a suspect got caught in crossfire >> a new deadline has come and
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gone for and occupy farm plot in the east bay >> the mastermind of the september 11th attacks finally goes on trial. welcome back to the weekend early edition. it is may 6th, it is beautiful outside, and good morning. >> thanks for starting or sunday with us. we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour including the tax proposals we will be voting on in november including one pumped heavily by jerry brown. shaquille o'neal has some new things going and we will get to all back in a minute but a police officer and a suspect hit each other into an exchange of gunfire in oakland >> it happened near 92nd avenue on birch st.. police say the suspect fired first and hit the officer who fired back. both of them were taken to highland hospital. the officer is in stable condition but no word yet on the
9:01 am
status of the suspect. there were lots of law- enforcement officers and 30 arrests in san jose last night during cinco de mayo celebrations. two of them happened at the intersection of santa clara and fourth street near city hall. this was all part of a heavy police presence throughout the downtown area to prevent a repeat of last night's, last year's violence and vandalism. last night mainly involve people cruising up and down the street with cars bearing the mexican flag. just after 8:00 p.m. police moved in and set up a traffic diversion and they urged bystanders not to gather on the corners. officers from the highway patrol, state parole and santa clara probation agency helped out. >> in other headlines, uc- berkeley is asking occupy protesters to leave voluntarily from a tract of land that the
9:02 am
school loans in albany. officials have offered to commit to a discussion with a group about continuing agricultural research at the site but first, they say the protesters need to leave. the school says that the occupied the farm group has not responded despite a deadline passed late last night. the city of woman creek is hoping that george lucas will build a movie studio there according to the contra costa times. the report says the city is trying to entice lucas to move into the shade plants business park removed plans to build in the world marin county last month due to homeowner opposition and the ability of lucas to get the necessary permits. bike to work captains this thursday in the bay area. organizers are expecting record numbers of people to bicycle in to work instead of taking cars and there will be a so-called
9:03 am
commuter convoy where people can ride in a group and be led by experienced bicycle commuters. adding to the treaty will be one dozen or so energizer stations along the way to provide free snacks and beverages. >> once the president hit the ground in ohio and virginia the president wasted no time in attacking mitt romney. >> is good to be back in ohio. >> today the president set up this year's election as a make or break moment for the middle class nt charged mitt romney would return to the policies that led to the economic downturn >> we have to move forward to the future we imagined in 2008 where everyone gets a fair shot and everybody does their fair share and everyone plays by the
9:04 am
same roles. that is the choice in this election and that is why i am running for a second term as president of the united states. >> in a sign of the new sharper focus on the general election mr. obama repeatedly hammered his republican rivals >> i don't care how many ways he tries to explain it, corporations are not people, people are people. >> the president demolished is not satisfied with the state of the economy but he says he wants the wealthiest americans to pay more in taxes, he sincerely believes that if seo owns and wealthy investors make money the rest of us will automatically prosper as well. >> he said that mitt romney would take the country backwards, specifically mentioning abortion rights and contraception coverage. >> on want women to control their own health choices just
9:05 am
like i want my daughters to have the same opportunity as your signs. we're not turning back the clock, we are moving forward >> the romney campaign has repeatedly taken to marking the obama campaign's montreuil of hope and change >> if people ask you about what the campaign is about you tell them is still about hope. you tell them is still about change. you tell them is still about ordinary people to believe in the face of great odds we can make a difference in the life of this country. >> the mitt romney campaign did not specifically address some of the charges the president made but they did say that lofty campaign speeches don't address the fact that millions of americans can still not pay their bills or find a job. >> the men who allegedly planned the 911 attacks refused to answer questions or even enter
9:06 am
pleas during their arraignment. mohammad, who claims to have orchestrated the attacks, tried to disrupt the proceedings. he and four others appeared in military court in guantanamo bay yesterday. they read magazines, parade, and wouldn't listen to arabic translations. families of the victims who watched on television were frustrated >> we expect that this is what they're going to do for the entirety of the trial >> of the suspects are facing murder charges for the deaths of nearly 3000 people. >> today friends and family will gather to honor junior seau. they are planning a surfing paddle out memorial in oceanside. it is a polynesian tradition. the former football player committed suicide earlier this week. >> prince harry will be in
9:07 am
washington tomorrow to attend a reception at the british ambassador's house >> he will be meeting with members of the british and american teams that took part in the warrior games. more than 200 people competed in the games that wrapped up yesterday. >> shaquille o'neal made a name for himself on the basketball court. >> still to come, a california doctor under fire for this political ad on tobacco. the debate over the measure to raise taxes on tobacco >> celebrating 100 years in the bay area. thousands of girls and a pledge to support the girl scout law >> clear skies and warm temperatures to end of the weekend and that will continue through the week. i will have all the details
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coming up for you in just a few minutes. whoever said that "less is more"
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>> thousands of girls scouts from across the country celebrated the organization's 100 year anniversary in the bay area. 20,000 people showed up to the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton for the event. is the largest 100 year anniversary event on the west coast. the celebration ended with a fireworks show. i used to be a brownie in my day. >> so you were out there selling those cookies >> csi was. i was eating a lot of them to. >> if you are going to be out today for your group activity, what kind of weather will you get? >> more like yesterday with clear skies and warm temperatures. the full moon made quite an appearance around the region and there will be a very big moon
9:12 am
again tonight. temperatures are already warmer than they were yesterday for many locations and we will see 5-10 degrees of warming today and the trend will begin, continue into the beginning of the week. high-pressure is still in charge. sunny and warm conditions for today and tomorrow. through the week it will weaken by the middle of the week allowing for a slight cool down. air quality of course always suffers a bit with offshore wind and the air tends to sink moving from east to west. we will see moderate air quality in the east bay and the santa clara valley for the next few days. an improvement expected as
9:13 am
temperatures throughout the state will be in the mid to upper 80s for the central valley. '70s at the beach today. mid to upper 80s possibly a few 90 showing up in some of the warmer locations. once again we can look for a gradual cool down for the middle of the week but nothing dramatic. we warm up again just in time for the end of the week in to next weekend as the lovely weekend pattern will be in place by next weekend as well. it looks like spring has finally arrived in full force. >> don't forget we have opened streets out there so it should be interesting >> he has had dozens of names, diesel and superman to name just a few and now you can add dr.
9:14 am
shaquille o'neal. >> throughout his career should deal o'neal made breathtaking plays on the basketball court and won a room full of awards but o'neill called this achievement the most important of his career. receiving his doctorate in education from a private catholic school in florida >> i did not think i could do it at first. >> it was typical of him,
9:15 am
>> o'neal earned his degrees and now an edt over 20 years, most of it on the road with a grueling physical schedule. >> i'm doing pretty well for a 40 year-old has been nba superstar. >> now he is mulling another academic goal, a law degree. >> a law degree.
9:16 am
>> coming up next, to tax proposals heading to the november ballot.
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9:18 am
>> using cash as a safety tool, east palo out to police officers treated cash for guns this weekend in the city's fourth annual gun buyback. yesterday's officers had to trade $100 for every pistol rifle shot gun or other fire arm turned in. one man turned in his collection and got $2,000. the program started after a 12 year-old actually shot and killed a girl with a rifle >> those are things that can happen when firearms are stored in the house and people get
9:19 am
their hands on it. >> in all, officers bought 74 firearms gesture day, 10 fewer than last year. the money be used to buy the guns comes from a grant and to anonymous donors. >> we know more about the doctor in those tv commercials fighting the increase in the proposed tobacco tax. doctors in alameda county called supporters of parents in the ads of setting >> when i see a doctor saying that not a penny from proposition 29 will be spent on cancer treatment, i think
9:20 am
myself, you know what, the result of proposition 29 will be that thousands of people will not die of cancer. >> a lot of criticism about how the proposition is worded. >> gov. jerry brown says tax hikes are needed to deal with the state's massive budget shortfall. however, his initiative seems to be on the way to qualify for the ballot but the second one by a millionaire who is financing her own says, ok, it is
9:21 am
challenging it. brown's measure has about 54 percent of the vote. the other one is doing worse that we turn to the political insiders and ask them for stop it looks like gov. jerry brown has a fight on his hands. >> that is something very difficult to do even for me. >> we were selling this is if you are spending on education and people do in this case are willing to talk about it and also going to dig into their own pockets to pay for it but the question is which of these two proposals ashley funds education and public safety >> also i found the message
9:22 am
we're hearing about back to sacramento is we're not going to cut education. you trotted that dog out so many times and set either pass this or we will have to stop feeding the dog that they have had it. education, voters don't think he will cut it >> with jerry needed to have done with this proposal >> it is ashley about balancing the entire state budget. >> he could easily do it. just call the other money out the back door to go to balance the budget. what you're paying up front on the vote is money to replace that >> but here's the problem with the way his proposal is structured. we are seeing the effects of that right now.
9:23 am
class's are over and roll that you're all modern where i teach. i've kids sitting on the floor and grass with students. this thing is here today. but the problem with the governor's bill right now is that it frees up money in the general fund to be spent on other things which is good in terms of dealing with the state's other problems but it is not increasing the amount of money that will go to education. his challenge in this election is to spin the narrative for the public that that is actually more important thing to do, the overall financial health of the economy and the state budget than just something that raises money for education and the truth is voters are more interested in spending for education. he has a challenge. >> that challenge will be where the money goes. do you think people will be more inclined to pass a tax if they said this money is
9:24 am
guaranteed to go to education or one that says it will not cut education but i can use the money also for these other things. , the governor will be saying this is about raising everyone's taxes and mine doesn't necessarily as much and the other one will say mine goes to education. embrace each other in just a look we're trying to come up with solutions don't start shooting each other or else you could both get it and go down >> we're looking at today's top stories coming up >> including a shooting in the east bay that leaves an officer and a suspect both injured when
9:25 am
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>> welcome back police say the suspect fired first. the officer is in stable condition right now. no word yet on the status of that suspect. >> president obama officially kicked off his campaign for reelection with speeches in swing states and he took direct hit at mitt romney positions on taxes, abortion rights, >> the men charged in the core rahm
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