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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 10, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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as a dental, publicly supports same-sex marriage what ms. brown is apologizing for allegedly elite a student. good evening am thinking. in 19 year-old female and vallejo is looking for a roommate but compatibility may be an issue here. she isn't work that a killer whale. at six flags discovery kingdom and the vallejo woman is complaining the park is breaking the law by not providing a companion. to get the rich explains the problem.
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killer whales in captivity need companionship. is a lot. that is indeed a lot. federal law. it's been almost six months that she is alone. this animal activists started an on-line petition demanding that six flags find the souk of the 19 year-old female or that people make. so far she has 700 signatures. she says the current circumstances are cruel and inhumane. the animal welfare act requires that their social and the while that there are a house with at least one compatible companion. the waste six flags responded in a written statement due to recent compatibility issues ship that and her companion for the last seven years e-mail bottle nose dolphin have been separated. no word on why they were separated or if the separation is final but part officials say they are actively searching for a suitable companion for she
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got. and telling them she is flying solo until then. the best thing in my opinion is to be sent back to her family were decamp came from friends. until then it she says that this is single and vallejo. julia f. goodrich cbs five. we would all like to think we can expect privacy when we close our front door but once and as a community is that it's with and as a group of squatters becomes increasingly bold. it fire early today revealed just how large the problem has become. tonight we spoke with neighbors growing more desperate to stand up for what is there. the fire burned one of the most elaborate suite ever seen complete with a barbecue florin and an entry gate and the process has brought attention to a complex and increasingly dangerous problem in san jose. this is when it cut the fence. she lives about a mile downstream from today's fire by her condo but up against
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pirated creek where squatters have set at camp 150 ft. away from her front door. a few months ago she got to of the manor homes stealing her belongings. she has complained to multiple agencies but got nowhere. so we're stuck. living with this and i feel as if we're underseas. and it is pretty terrific. he says this water is also used as electrical room to charge your cellphones and fill buckets of water using his office. is the latest pop test the two wires. what's more someone has broken into the garages and stolen thousands of dollars of belongings. this was broken into this one has been replaced. this one was broken into also. all the way down. did we get them filled completely stifled by all this. i don't see a way out unless the city decides to actually do something. san jose police say
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clearing an encampment isn't easy in involves social services to hospitals counselors in police officers all departments with their on shrinking budgets. this is a problem but i think we will always have to deal with this issue and the question is however that it can be be? how collaborative can meet the? to the plate is the responsibility of the land honor to clean up the encampments and display cases the santa clara valley water district woods did not have immediate reaction to the story but they did say they're having a meeting about the topic on may 17th. it may be the biggest marriage a celebrity money and activism that we will see in the 2012 campaign actor george clooney hosting president obama's and other stars at his los angeles home tonight. the fund-raising dinner is likely to raise nearly $15 million. and the timing of this last left and get the other could not be more perfect for the bombing campaign. coming one day after
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he announces his support for gay marriage. but some of clunies neighbors may not be able to afford the $40,000 tickets to dinner tonight but they know how to handle the commotion. we're kind of used to it. it's a neighborhood that has a fair amount of stars and we know it is a good night to order pizza and. george clooney has always been very gracious to the neighbors but nothing of the skills of its it is very exciting. and this one single evening beall bombing campaign stands to raise more than met ronnie can raise in his best single month of fundraising thing. from was questioned repeatedly today about something that happens nearly a half century ago when he was in high school. the gene, crawford reports we set about it made relevant again. as first reported by the washington post from the other students 46 years ago at the prestigious cranbrooks school often teased a fellow student and then pass the plan. one day they tackled him and held him down while romney
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repeatedly click his long hair. four other classmates confirm the incident to the post saying the student was in nonconformist at this replaced school. he revealed as an adult he was a homosexual and died eight years later of a liver cancer. he was first asked about the incident this morning at a radio show. i remember that incident don't believe the thought he was a homosexual the was the furthest thing from my mind to. this afternoon he told fox news. i don't recall the incident myself but i see the reports and and not went to argue that there is no question but i did some stupid things when i was in high school. the article shows that in high school he had a gregarious side the price will joker who kept friend laughing. it was decided and his wife and said on cbs this morning that many people didn't snow.
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i still look at him as the boy then i knew when high-school when he was playing all the jokes and some religious being crazy. pretty crazy. so there's a loud and crazy man inside there. other classmates we talked to said they had never heard of this incident and that was completely out of character for romney. who they say was very funny but never malicious. jim crawford cbs news washington. they area headlines now parts war aboard a contract to build its new train cars to a canadian company called mumbai yet. but union leaders want to the french company to to do it because of 95 percent of the cars that would be made in america. that is compared to just over half from the other company. bartow's lombardi because it could get the job done faster and for less money. mn shot and killed during a standoff from san francisco police was wanted in connection with the murder of his mother. officers say 41 year-old dennis
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hughes shot at them, they showed up at his girlfriend's apartment last night. he then began firing at random. and that is fun please call than a sharpshooter who took a mouse. then he his body was found tuesday in the home the two shared. activists occupying farmlands and albany got some relief today supporters brought them food and water and farming supplies at a rally this afternoon. the protesters are occupying the land hoping to stop uc-berkeley from turning it into commercial space. the is the is blocking entry to the lands in a lawsuit claims that the protesters are there illegally. the state's controller says that the mismanagement in one bay area city could be the worst ideas ever seen. the after auditing the city john chong says that he now questions the use of every single government dollar granted to the city of hercules. he says there are almost no records showing how the city spent more
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than $2 million in state and federal grants. at town hall meeting tonight people of that in hercules told us there and asking questions for a long time. i'm tired of feeling like this. want to have a voice i want to build help guide the city to the future that i think we can achieve if it leads to put our input and. the audit comes in the morning the longer the city refuses to account for taxpayer dollars the higher the chance will be that it will lose out on more federal and state funding. they will go down as a historic day in the fight against aids. it is a few hours ago the fda recommended approval of the first drug to prevent hiv. dr. john the pool reports said. scientists play a key role in this milestone. the drug is called to buy that and is currently used as part of a cocktail of drugs to treat patients with hiv. the fda panel's recommendation to
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dramatically expand its use to include healthy people poorer risk for contracting hiv. dr. robert grant of the university of california san francisco led the research. adding this is a huge milestone we're in an era now for the first time when we can foresee the end of the aids epidemic. it is any more than 1200 help the game and took to nevada the drug reduced their risk of hiv infection by 44 percent. however many participants failed to take the pill every day. for those who took it faithfully protection from hiv was much greater. among those who actually use the drug at a regular basis the protection was much higher. over 90% reduction. ends the rate of hiv infections. it works by blocking the ability of a steady to multiplied. dick weis the fda panel recommends that an audit be used by anyone his partner is hiv-positive and by hiv negative the men at risk. that includes men like scott pelly who is part of the study
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and has been taking the drug for four years. it's not a death sentence any more like it was 20 years ago. and i'm hoping that's if this drug comes out that it would just add one more protection into into their lives. the doctor of the health care condition is critical of the fda recommendation. he believes it may hurt other hiv prevention efforts. is among things that they're protected from something they're more likely to behave briskly so someone would not be likely to use condoms and to take a shot at the same time. buddy says in his study condom use and safe sex increase that demands are taking the medication. we are hopeful that the prevention tel + early treatment can decrease the rate of new infection to very low levels. our goal is to get to the point where there is no new infections. big questions remain for example on the real world will people take the medication faithfully? will they continue to practice safe sex and will
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insurance pay for this at a cost of up to $14,000 a year? cbs news n.y.. love letter is laced with meth? the elaborate scheme to smuggle that drug into jail. get paid to fatten up? how you can cash in by attacking on the pounds. and it in time magazine go too far the cover that is causing a stir. but for others
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in the home just yesterday. i think to a jail guard in the month to the narcotic notes. it's very scary. an arrest that would put the ends to the criminal correspondence but not to the drug in high demand. methamphetamine by the way is the most hard drug use. detectives are still trying to figure out if nelson was reselling the meth were only using it for himself. the time magazine go too far? many are
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asking after seeing the cover of this week's issue. it shows a woman breast-feeding her son who looks as if he could get up and get a glass of milk of himself. the article is about a pediatrician who says extended breastfeeding is key to parent child bonding. some women we spoke to appeal is heard in normal, and one psychiatrist tells us that at 6 and and help the relationship between mother and child. it's very good for the mother child bonds but that happened and to appoint an oracle to that point stop somewhere around 18 months or two years. i still wanted the shot that the flight and had him about everything. comments about the cover are flooding the internet from both sides hot
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about to take a stab at doing the weather on tv. it was anything but the pressure when the anchor costs to the weather man by saying your highness? well it's an unsettling pictures. cold weather during a tour of bbc's got land. the princely meteorologist
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fred smoothly of a teleprompter with the occasional at lead as he read that he realized this is weather conditions were highlighted were once frequented by royals. the potential for a few flurries as the afternoon goes on. at least the prince knows how from a low. enter the prince didn't knock over nicole's friends. what does that mean? what did that mean? this comedian ended when he filled in a toledo ohio station back in the late '70s. 26% centigrade 29 fahrenheit 41 percent chance of twisters. nordic prince charles adjust his bosom. has said he did when she subs and when alan barns into a chicago news cast she was sort of a mining meteorologist. the
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way the this area of low pressure behind alan? champ's the weather dog was ordered to his usual insult. and these do playboy bunnies tried to pin the tail on the regular weatherman. but how you expect english-speaking tom hanks to do the whether it in spanish-speaking univision? theyre rising and falling faster than a barometer. cnn. and have left all that? let's take a look at today's temperatures across the bay area. and as you take a good look at them keep in mind tomorrow will be even warmer. and when forecast as eyewitness
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news continues.
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no playboy bunnies in the house but it's week at dennis do it. does in the forecast? no what is our business. the degrees than half moon bay is 85 degrees in livermore taking a look out for the island with highs in the upper seventies. and that's had back to san francisco now with our lab whether camera and we have nothing but a clear skies out there. but we will see the fog return in the overnight hours and cannot be sunny and warmer which calls for an unseasonably warm of your weekend head. this is interesting. her future cast does display the status offshore moving on short toward the morning commute in than dissipating rapidly during the afternoon hours but a figure of of wants to work its way underneath the golden gate bridge in the late afternoon. in the meantime high pressure will build and and as it does so the
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temperatures trend upward and wait until you see that seven day forecast. first 49 in pacific to the mid-50s in the us and sonoma the g-7 degrees overnight in santa clara after allan rock with had a problem with allergies tomorrow will be even worse. the counts are off the charts all the way through saturday. so had -- people. meanwhile the temperatures of the beaches 70 is common across the '80s for redwood city 83 degrees in cupertino. and warmer than that the brothers sought to move. southwest breeze like that to 15 in bread with 88 degrees. pretty much in the mid-80s and the eastern portion of our district not to the north in the mid '80s and elsie's 60s along the coast of the north bank through the '70s to the mid '80s san francisco and 72 in the average hike is 64 degrees. so here you have a serving of the first five days and you have the warmest day this little may keep a lid on saturday and the
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mother's day forecast a 63 to 85 degrees in barbecue cook off in morgan hill and her mother is there will be sunshine and fun. and when forecast will be right back. these and other grand slam but wasn't enough? the surprise brewing in the nba playoffs in office next. ripon unisys will
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he does not beat the tigers since 2003 and that is that she did not and tonight. detroit scored eight runs in the third
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and they beat the a's tend to say. gillian anderson the top- ranked cal softball team taking on second-rate arizona state henderson struck out eight and the debt that. when the year as the b a s u four to two. the opening rounds of the players championship tiger woods shot to over 74 it doesn't find his team tomorrow he faces the possibility of missing back-to- back cats for the first time in his career. meanwhile martin married and in polls are tied to the lead. how about the nba playoffs? but himself good with 30 seconds left 48.14 rebounds five blocks from boston eliminating a glance and six games. thai loss in a playoff career high 32 points nuggets' blowout the lakers won 13 to 96 that's going to forsake team's seven saturday in los angeles. he has a chance to take on the lakers in tinseltown.
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celebrities will be sitting around courtside. spike lee. the be there. ,,,,
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everyone's hair breaks. ♪ oh oh oh oh you see it in the brush... ♪ oh oh oh oh ooh oh


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