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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 11, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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>> he went to work and did not come home. the search for a missing bay area transit workers >> a area facility filled with help heavy hearts, why mourners gathered at school this friday night. >> it is not for the president or a dignitary, the reason behind this big bay area motorcade. >> a heart wrenching wait for a tracy won tonight, one day after her husband left for work for the bay area transit agency. he never came home. the anxious wait and the search for clues >> sheila is clinging to hope tonight >> hopefully he is ok, where every year as i hope he is ok >> she normally relies on her
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husband of 36 years for support but tonight, 63 year-old ray is missing without a trace >> i have called both cell phones several times and he didn't answer so i knew this was not in >> that's because the 15 year veteran bus supervisor is a live by the book personality >> he is going to work, leave in the morning go to the train, get back and come home and that's it >> on wednesday, employees plan a picnic so instead of taking the a train he drove to san jose where he spent all night wednesday and most of thursday grilling for co-workers >> we all saw him leave and they are surprised he is not home because he said he was going home to get in the swimming pool because it is hot >> by thursday night he had not reached home. his alarmed family hit the
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roads retracing his route, 680, to 580, and on to 2 05. >> if the traffic on 680 is backed up he would take 84 on the back roads >> that is where dread creeps in, highway 84 is a two-lane winding road with steep drop- off >> if you went to sleep and one of one of those sides >> adding to the fear, he is diabetic and requires oral medication twice a day. he has likely not taken any since thursday morning. he was last seen driving a green honda accord similar to this one, an ordinary car that this family is desperately hoping you can find >> look for anything out of place because if his car is green, it will blend in with the foliage out there. just keep an eye open for him
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because we need him at home >> that family is desperately hoping you will see his 2001 green honda accord with california plates. for s y g 711. we just spoke with tracy police and they tell us a detective has been assigned to the case and they tell us that a chp officer is have traversed the area and along 84 and at this hour, they have found nothing and no one. certainly a desperate situation >> considering he was working, is his company looking to send out a search party or anything? >> at this hour we have not heard from them but i can tell you that the family states that early tomorrow morning they are gathering family and friends to start a personal search on their own. >> he was a promising high-
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school athlete suddenly taken from the world in an act of violence >> today hundreds of friends and classmates ended by. he was stabbed to death at a party nearly two weeks ago. he was described as a gentle giant. >> to his classmates, he was 250 lbs. and 5 ft. 11 in. of toughness. more than 500 people gathered inside the gym to pay their last respects. this teacher said he had a tender side and was protective with one of her students with special needs >> for me it was so cool because he had this ability to make people feel valued. >> he was one of the top football players in the league and was on track to play in community college. >> i will never look get to see
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him play at that next level. >> his close friend was also stabbed back in december 2010 in connection with an argument from another party. he said his uncle was getting ready on the right path but at a stern message for young men looking for trouble >> inaudible >> 18 year-old abraham eight of fremont faces one count of murder with a gain enhancement. the remains will be flown back to his native homeland of samoa. >> uc-berkeley is getting tough on the group of occupiers who
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have taken over some of the university's land in albany. occupiers had been given a deadline to leave. if they do they will get something in return >> if the occupiers leave by 10:00 tomorrow morning, they get a chance to have their say and their opinions on the future of the land. uc berkeley officials say they're moving ahead with plans to begin research on urban farming of this 10 a. tract of land. they're offering occupiers two seats at the table to discuss the future. the occupiers have been here since april 2nd, they know about the proposal and have been meeting as a group to talk about the deal being offered and whether they will accept. >> we are here not only for this space before the entire tract. we want the whole track
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preserved as agricultural land in perpetuity >> isn't that what they're going to talk about tomorrow? >> potentially >> the idea to leave and lose what the people here have already done seem silly to me >> the university says that if the occupiers clear out and agree to stay away, the university will drop all criminal charges or will not pursue any criminal charges and will drop the lawsuit but if they don't they say university police will do all they can to clear the area. >> san francisco teachers voted overwhelmingly to approve a strike. they're angry about the district's proposed $30 million cuts to their salaries. the district says it needs to cut and $80 million budget shortfall over two years. the union still vote one more time to initially approved a strike. a pit bull found tiger railroad
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tracks has been reunited with her family. they recognize her after seeing media reports of her discovery. they say they actually lost a total of three dogs and now have two of them back. >> a guilty verdict for the man accused of killing jennifer hudson's mother and brother and nephew. a jury convicted the singer's former brother-in-law of breaking into the hudson family home and shooting the victims in 2008. remember say the fame was not a factor. >> this was not a case about jennifer hudson for us. this was a case about william ball for so for us, her celebrity really had nothing to do with it. >> hudson did not comment after the verdict. >> j.p. morgan seo admits it is a huge embarrassment. the nation's largest bank lost
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$2 billion because of a trader that was managing a strategy to balance risk. those losses will likely shake confidence in the banking sector beyond the walls of j.p. morgan chase and now we're learning there may be an additional billion dollar loss to come. >> facebook co-founder is giving up his citizenship. edgardo sovereign stands to reap billions from the ipo later this month. the move could help him cut his tax bill and avoid capital gains taxes on future investments. meanwhile the better known founder of facebook was courting investors in the south bay today. mark zuckerberg is trying to get them excited about the ipo. >> it was silicon valley's version of a star-studded premiere. even a few well-known moles in attendance.
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any companies you like? >> quite a few >> which ones? >> no comment >> the star of the show mark zuckerberg and his on chris bosh arrived in a caravan of s- u-v. one potential investor described in like this >> he was cool and collected with great body language, seems like a very humble guy >> humble for someone with a net worth of $17 billion. unlike last week, zuckerberg left his hooded sweatshirt in the closet for today's meeting. with if the initial public stock offering thought to be one week away, the so-called ipo road show is a chance for investors to meet with zuckerberg and gauge the value with his company >> i think a lot of people are trying to understand what it is worth and buy think it will go some place but we will all make that decision >> one factor weighing on the
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minds of many is the $1 billion zuckerberg agreed to pay for instagram >> it was brought up but quickly squashed. i think mark is a visionary and whatever he felt was in the best interest for him to do with instagram was his decision >> investors had questions about the long-term profitability for facebook as well as zuckerberg ability to function as the ceo of a publicly traded company. >> it turns out the mother on the cover has bay area roots. our parents feel about the breast feeding picture >> complaints from customers ultimately lead to an arrest. >> a surfer rides into the record books. the height of this monster wave. >> we had highs today very summerlike. now, the day this weekend that
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will pan out to ,,,,
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>> a crack down on mechanics put a bay area man in jail. and under cover stain, a mechanic doing unnecessary repairs. >> the boss is in at hudson on a repair. the owner is heading to jail. earlier this week he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor following investigation by the bureau of automotive repair. >> they have received complaints from consumers who were
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concerned that the shop may be performing unnecessary repairs >> the assistant d.a. says according to this complaint he performed unnecessary repairs on two different under cover vehicles. one in late 2010 and another in early 2011 and the state is not stopping at 30 days jail time. it is also going after his license >> we want to make sure that when consumers take their cars into one of a repair shop they're not lied to or cheated >> he didn't speak on camera but he said he didn't do anything wrong >> most of the shops are trying to be honest >> he runs a repair shop highly rated by the nonprofit group consumers' checkbook. he says there are a lot of ways car owners can insure they're dealing with reputable car shops. he says jews a shop with good recommendations and start small >> go for an oil change and see
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how they treat you >> says if you are told your needing repairs proceed with caution >> if they call you and there's a long list of things that you had no idea were wrong i would question that >> the state's bureau of automotive repair has many more suggestions and consumers' checkbook is giving cbs five viewers free access to the repair shop recommendations for the next week so we have put links to both on >> the california doctors seen in those political advertisement slamming the proposed tobacco tax measure has been booted from a state medical panel. >> it raises $735 million of tobacco tax but not one penny goes to new funding for cancer treatment. >> critics complained about donna porter's ties to the tobacco industry. so governor brown fired her
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from the committee focused on identifying toxins harmful to fetuses and infants. proposition 29 would add a $1 tax to each pack of cigarettes for cancer research in anti- smoking programs. >> to photograph everyone is talking about and it turns out the mother photographed on the cover of time magazine breast- feeding her four year-old son is from the bay area. in a cbs five exclusive interview we spoke with her parents and they explain this is exactly the way she was raised. >> it was a world wind and it hasn't stopped >> their phones are ringing off the hook, their daughter jamie has become an overnight crusaders >> she has really really gained confidence in herself and what she's doing >> fresh off the press, hurt time magazine cover is getting a second and third look but her parents say it is time that
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people turn the page. >> the photo is great because of the reason it will bring people to look at what jamie is trying to bring to light and as i said, it has been milked and half. >> the article is about attachment parenting. coast sleeping and baby wearing including breast feeding. attachment parenting wasn't something that jamie read in a book, it is something she learned from her parents. look at this photo which an intimate moment captured candidly. jamie was nurse until she was 6 years old. her mother took similar heat that her daughter is facing now >> i had to go through a lot in the '80s and i was affected because people did not want to seem, see me nursing as much as i was or that was all coming
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out and i was kind of picked on >> their daughter taking over the cause they started decades ago >> i spoke with her last night and the heat was coming from everywhere and i asked her if she is ok and she said yes, i can do it >> i'm excited to watch and see what jaynae does next because i have all the confidence in the world in her. she takes after me. >> >> it is the weekend, it has arrived. >> it is the memory and opened studio saturday and sunday. >> you will be showing your art >> i will along with hundreds of others. . mother's day forecast is coming right up but let's start with
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the weather camera. today we have highs in the low 90s. 68 in livermore. 57 degrees in oakland. fog is working its way in a northerly direction. we are stockton and in fact, even a little bit of drizzle associated with the cloud deck. the extended forecast calls for a cool down. we will have cooler temperatures by the middle of the week but tonight overnight into the 40's and 50's. 51 degrees overnight in san francisco. today was horrible for allergies and tomorrow it will be again. the pollen count remains on the high side. 67 degrees in half moon bay.
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if you had to the santa clara valley, low 90s. 89 degrees tomorrow east of the bay. low 90s in pleasanton. as you head north, 90 degrees. very warm in sonoma. stinson beach, the extended forecast calls for a slight cool down for mother's day. otherwise we drop by at least seven degrees on monday and cloud cover on tuesday. happy mothe
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your grilling is still gonna be pretty amateur. but your deck? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. >> effects of sonar on whales and dolphins appear to be much worse than previously thought. that is what naval sonar sounds like. the u.s. navy's latest study shows that its use of sonar as well as explosives indefinite and even kill up to 1600 marine mammals in the pacific northwest
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each year. according to previous reports they killed about 100 each year. >> i'm very surprised they came out with the number and that is just the tip of the iceberg. the impact to marine mammals are much more dramatic than we ever thought >> the navy says the numbers are misleading because this leader study covered a larger area than the previous one. >> he has many surfing words to his name and now a guinness world record goes to gear it mcnamara. he rode the 70 ft. high waves off of the coast of portugal in november. that is officially the highest wave on record ever surfaced. he had to be towed into the monster wave from a jet ski. >> brand in is making
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with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> the giants placed right ontario on the injured list with an elbow injury. a relief pitcher was called up. the giants have now lost nine straight in arizona. all told schmidt hit his first home run since opening day. brandon hits his fourth home run in five games, a three run shot. he has already driven in 19 rounds was signing with oakland. the a's win 11-4.
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tiger switch to a new pair of shoes and a few holes later he caught fire. he makes the cut and is six strokes behind leader. the nba playoffs, the grizzly is avoided elimination beating the clippers to force game 7. only eight teams have ever come back to win the series after trailing 3-1. the nuggets are forced into game 7 against the lakers. one of those home runs tonight was a grand slam >> read it was not really valued in boston and now he is really coming into his own. >> on mother's day dallas braden
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will be on the mound and last time he was on the mound on mother's day, we will be back ,,,,
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