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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CW  May 13, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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the governor's new push to pass his tax hike proposal of california faces a bigger budget shortfall than expected. moving off the farm and not giving up the crops the lawsuit to keep the protesters off uc land. the countdown to the tour of california the bay area highlights in this year's race thanks for joining us this morning mother stay morning. we have a lot of news to talk about in the coming our descent to disco mayor and the former mayor talking about gay marriage and budgets. a lot to talk about with when it comes to the budget
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after this big announcement from the governor brown yesterday. say the budget deficit is worse than expected twice as a matter of fact the previous estimate of $9 billion back in january. we now expect more cuts for the governor released the details of his revised budget proposal tomorrow. and how plans to close the gap. even as the governor was getting his tax hike petitions to state election officials was warning is that taxes would not be enough the governor went public with the bad news. critter tax receipts are coming and lower-than-expected and the federal government and the courts have blocked us from making billions in necessary budget reductions. the result is that we are now facing a $16 billion whole not the 9 billion we thought in january. state revenues are three and a half billion dollars less than anticipated and the state spent $2.1 million more than they expected the been the federal government and for
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blocking the cuts as they passed budget gridlock forces him to go to the voters. the cat foe of this magnitude with cuts alone without doing severe damage to our schools that time by passing the gridlock and asking you the people of california to approve a plan that avoid cuts to schools and public safety. greta word of more budget problems comes as he makes a push for a ballot measure that increases income taxes 1 to 3 percent of those of tax dollars of 2 minute 50 guzzlers are more and 1/4 percent sales tax hike. is no such thing as a coincidence to have to look at the big picture to know when somebody does something as to what they're doing it. competing with another measure directing revenue to education. voters may say yes to education but it's a tough sell for general fund money. even people making to 50
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your willing to spend extra of the calling the education but if they think it's gone into a giant black hole that's the state budget and not comfortable because they don't always see how the money is spent. they're trying to get the notice to seat the deficit is way. when the proposing goes a long way toward cleaning up the state's budget mess. if the tax measures fail and the ballot box in november the fallback plan likely be drastic drastic cuts kicking and automatically included shorting the cape to 12 school week by three weeks and even higher college tuition. occupy protesters taken down their encampment of the truck landed albany they continue to attend their crops and they said they will continue uc-berkeley uses the land for agricultural research says it's open to talking about the future administrators even invited to occupiers to a meeting is today
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but they had to vacate the property first. greta the conditions were really impossible for us to meet to break down by 10 to make consensus that we were willing to do that. greater use you continue to fight the occupied presence on the lead the university filed a lawsuit last week against 14 of the protesters that yesterday's police to stood by observing the activity. and other news in europe protests in london ended with nearly a dozen arrests with close to six other people marching through london financial district yesterday it ended outside of the bank of england and that when demonstrators tried to set up tents officers moved in and arrested 11 people that refused to leave back in the united states president obama and to the nation top police said officers this weekend. twitter when you put on that badge you assume a special response ability and every time you put it on and you never know
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if this day will be the day that you've spent your entire career treating poor. the day when just doing your job had been a hero or exactly the same thing. 30 for the law enforcement officers around the country recognize russia extraordinary valor while performing their duties. up the topic for a lot of committees of faith to run the country the president's latest remarks of same-sex marriage with a lot of churches planning on addressing the topic during today's sermons. on the republican side mitt romney made his position clear and as he delivered the speech at liberty university. as fundamental as the principles are they may become topics of democratic debate from time to time so it is today with the enduring institution of marriage that marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman.
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mitt romney mostly kept politics out of the speech urging graduates to honor family committed christian values and also said the pre- eminence of them is that the foundation of american culture. same-sex marriage in the spotlight this week president supports that mitt romney doesn't and on destination the man the defended george w. bush spoke about his shocking move to fight to overturn california's ban on gay marriage. no more people understand that people lipid win three years to the opportunity for their relationships to be treated equally so that they conform a loving household is exceedingly important and it's an american value and we should all recognize it. is strongly believe the next 20 years are going to look back on this and the sort of ashamed of the fact that we were against it just as we're ashamed today that we did let people of grace's kitten. greta van pelt was clayton and
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openly gay father. the bulls support president thomas decision to support same- sex marriage calling it " the american thing to do. would allow the largest cycling races in the country kicks off in sonoma county this morning 16 teams are taking part in the 2012 tour of california the stage one starting this morning to finish a letter on a santa rosa. other stages are san francisco down the coast and then on tuesday staged three running from san jose to a lot more. the race ends may 20th and los angeles. check for road closures and find the best spot to watch on our front page of the web site. with a live report from the starting line coming up and half an hour. and that's simply add thousands of dollars for the next big deal in the arts world. unleashing dragon dancers
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in san francisco up next the goals of this year's festival. a possible shakeup in california primary is the reason you may not see republican vs. democrat on your ballot. @ fog along the coast clearing and wind going with stratus " cooler today and changes later in the week.
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bring on the dragon's this display as part of the 20th annual cultural festival in san francisco yesterday with performers from time wondering cultural stunts and acrobatics the goal is to help people learn more about taiwan and its history. about what to avoid pier 35 in san francisco today with road is closed for two cruise ships and a already docked northbound
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embarcadero at bay street and southbound between north point and currency closed until 2:00 today star princess and see princess carrying 2000 passengers each and they will be flooding the area on foot with both ships departing today at 4. cut a day they're going after the pick is in sad to discover the bay area. a little cloudy this morning giving way to mostly sunshine later today with a live look at the tower a little gray and in the '50s in most areas. the high point of san jose and 57 degrees in the bike race in santa rosa 51 degrees. the pinpoint weather forecast. good morning. we have fog and low cloud cover
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forecast for along the shoreline early this morning and then things will be cooler today and there were yesterday. cloud cover along the coast summer clearing for later in the afternoon an infant mostly sunny but some cloud cover later in the day. we will see why as soon as we get on with the rest of the forecast. there's an annoying low pressure system sitting capped by high pressure on the pacific. it's just causing a slight bit of a mess because as the day goes on the cloud cover will move in of the bay area. the cloud cover filters in and watch what happens towards the end the low cloud cover its pulling to the shoreline by the end of the day so after yesterday's high of 90 degrees at livermore will back off by 10 degrees for much of the east bay from yesterdays highs so cooling trend for the bay area in general. if we headed out tomorrow monday looks like a little drizzle with
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a high of 59 in san francisco a los angeles sunny it the same for denver and chicago and only in new york and new york we're expecting thunderstorms from the afternoon and i have 70 degrees. the bay area cooling off today and still perfectly pleasant the 75 degrees forecasted a word and 75 million city. and 81 degrees in the east bay the numbers back and often degrees for mr. dave. 77 in north marin and 61 at stinson beach and a lot of cloud cover. and as we look ahead things cool off today remain relatively close monday and tuesday the high pressure builds back in with the result that things will begin to rebound. by the latter half of the week more sunshine and temperatures back into the mid '80s by
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wednesday and thursday. except for a chance of drizzle on monday morning we are high and dry next weekend. elections coming up on june 5th and this a california voters able to start casting ballots by mail thanks to proposition 14 couple of years ago we now have an open primary for the election he don't have to vote within your party. and this winter port will explain why some people believe it could shake up the election year in california. for this june primary remember you have more choices the proposition 14 in effect vote for any candidate in a matter what party you're in. the top two for the primary will move on to the general election. credito olivia wild election season and i don't think if anybody knows exactly what's gonna happen. there will no longer be the traditional republican vs. democrat. advocates for the reform
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say that it gives people more choice a potentially collect more moderates to office and my own research suggests that the second part may not be as large in effect is what people might want to see but we might have a few more moderate some we have previously. areas from cupertino to san jose a former republican is running as an independent because the democratic incumbent. the republicans are on the ballot proposition porting will break out what he says the stagnant state legislature. treating the presentation back to the neighborhoods and away from party bosses in sacramento and special interests. that could have a tough fight against the assemblyman known for banning shark fin soup in california spoke with us from sacramento and says his advantages experience. a balance the budget through in a half years
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straight and it it's been very difficult budgets. he says that it actually hurts everyone. a lot of races where both the same party members will go on to november competing with the same philosophical million in november and so that's a disadvantage for democracy. that is the big question what is the impact of the open primary. it gives people more choices used to be that if you won the democratic primary say in june and you had a lock on it in november because the districts were overwhelmingly democratic this time two democrats can face-off but each other over different topics and have to release talk about things more for a couple more months and a big that's bad for democracy debate is good. hearing more about that talking about whether or not there will be noticeable effects.
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a coup and shake things that nobody really knows exactly what kind of happen because some of the races there so many candidates and same party and makes it hard to predict. the first question is why? voters passed the initial in 2010 that led to this boat would the benefit? the advocates say it's going to give you a lot more choice collecting more moderates to office and i think that is likely to happen to some extent they may not as much as some people might hope it would but it certainly will give people a lot more choices. it does change the equation going in the past the to the various so predominate democratic all you have to do if you were an incumbent or had the blessing of the party is when the primary and in the november election was a conclusion either going to congress sacramento but this could change that because you could have two democrats for example the would have to face
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off again to the idea of winning the primary doesn't make it a done deal. but rather many viable contenders coming out there to opposing accompaniments are doing a matchups between two and four new seats. there are a couple of matchups and congressional races down a los angeles then there's a number of places where he likely to seek to convert it to the same party in the fall if for no other reason there's a leak and its of the one-party running in the primary. again the system advances the to canada to get the most votes regardless of party. how did think it will affect voter turnout of its april when its stock would have much of an effect and the glut of voters either remember the past two years ago. the prospect of higher turn out to is unlikely. the one thing is in the past few would decline to state or
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independent voter you had actively choose to be in the party primary if the let to the night participate by default cited there's going to be a boost in primary voting among independents for that reason alone. grill also changes the equation come november because if you have a super liberal democrat running an incumbent like the east a longtime congressman democratic district and they also changed the to strickland's with more republicans in his district and a more moderate deponent coming in and says if he just makes it into the round to weaken may be attacked the republican voters and it completely changes the equation. that's what people are hoping when they say will elect were moderates they are hoping that one candidate especially if it's the same party contest in the fall that one can it can pitch to the base and the other can pitch to the other side to
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the partisans on the other side or to independents are moderate to their own party. this is tough to see whether that happens or not. if you look at how it's played out in other states adopted similar reforms it hasn't had a huge effect but when california had a similar kind of measure 10 or 15 years ago and also allow voters to vote for whoever they wanted to the primary regardless of party. there was a little boost to the number of moderate to elected but nothing huge so might be something that bill to overtime. next in sports pictures to the rescue for the bay area teams. meet the mini monday 8 year-old darling of the art world up next.
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a little girl from australia is making a name for herself in the art world. the five year-old makes paint teens that could easily be the work of a grown-up. it's been shown in galleries in london and new york selling for upwards of $25,000. an art curator of london is impressed by her work. she's an artist able to put it all together in a very mature fashion and we would expect from someone who would graduated
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from a very good school and someone very talented even and them much older age. there are some skeptics out there that say her parents must have a heavy hand in greeting her art of father possibly appointing pieces from start to finish to prove this people wrong. critics question sheet a five rolled making paintings equal to an adult the slopes of the bill we have adults looking paintings that is equal to five year-old. the great pitching helped the giants turned things around. if the a's also saved by their man on the mound. it's been out all week with a hand injury initially these were finally forced to place him on the disabled list. mccarthy tied his career high with 10 strikeouts and pitches a seven shutout innings to win his third straight start. this is the the tigers 3 to 1 in our 2 games over 500.
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pitchers are not athletes the breaks up that double play and then a sixth can hit it to run double. the giants went 5-2 to snap their losing streak and arizona. give him a one-shot lead over him into the final round of the players championship in tiger woods is 10 strokes back. the rangers beat the 221 to win the second game 7 of the playoffs taking on the devils and the eastern conference finals. the nba playoffs the celtics then 76ers another triple double canada 29. boston winning 29 and the next come back from 16. deficit but the lakers hang on to win the next up for them is the thunder. it seems that a lot of action this week on the a's ownership and where they may be headed. greta local businessmen and women and also some big names
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appear to be gathered in a run the idea of possibly by the oakland a's in what to move to san jose keeping them in oakland. today's owners for years to been pushing to try to get to the south bay now appears to be three groups went from the east bay one from the south bay and one from los angeles interested in buying the dodgers with that still didn't happen they're looking at the day's and things are getting interesting. it all converges in sports. greta are right of passage for most teenagers landed a summer job in a big boost for thousands of teens and the job hunt in the bay area. the the bad press of the california state presidents and their big paychecks her conversation with the state senator coming up the next half- hour. mitt romney taken a firm position on same-sex marriage the academic stage to show off his conservative credentials up next.
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to win over the conservative base. welcome back to the weekend early edition. it is may 13th, mother's day lee linda yee who you had a conversation with. >> we will talk about the pay raises and if they are or not going to state presidents at a time when the state is having a tough financial times which brings us to our top story, governor jerry brown says the state's budget deficit is worse than expected >> it is now $16 billion, nearly twice the previous estimate. the governor is blaming the federal government and the courts for blocking billions of dollars of cuts. he has said past budget gridlock has forced him to go to the voters >> we cannot fill a hole of this
9:01 am
magnitude with cuts along without doing severe damage to the schools which is why i'm bypassing gridlock and asking the people of california to avoid cuts in schools and public safety >> the governor is asking voters to approve a ballot measure that would raise income tax 1-3% on higher earners, those making more than $250,000 per year. >> dozens of volunteers roamed the streets of san francisco this week with the idea of reading the accessibility for people with business, with disabilities. the access law is in place but they say it has loopholes and it is easy for some businesses to get around it which is why they have something called a matching day, an effort to find accessible shops and restaurants and also get visitors to see that excess ability is good for business. head to and click on
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news leaks. now on to the 2012 campaign coverage. earlier this week the president publicly supported gay marriage, forcing mitt romney to take a stand on the issue as well. susan mcginnis has reports on the speech that the presidential hopeful made that might ignite his party's conservative base. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney brought the graduates of liberty university to their feet >> marriage is the relationship between one man and woman. mitt romney work to win over christian conservatives who had been lukewarm on his candidacy in his commencement address to the country's largest evangelical schools >> your opinion may not always be the object of public opinion.
9:03 am
the more you live by your beliefs the more you will enter the center of the world >> he spoke about the value of family and hard work of mostly stayed away from divisive social issues. his appearance was not without controversy. the university's facebook page was shut down after being flooded with complaints about mitt romney being mormon. while many of these voters are wary of his religion they say they would rather have him in the white house than president obama >> of the two people who are running, he may be the better choice a >> hearing is standpoint on marriage and other things that we agree with him on, i think it definitely influenced my vote >> he has avoided discussing his faith during the republican primary in sources inside his campaign say he does not plan to make a major speech on mormon is and before the november election. >> president obama will be
9:04 am
making his academic address as well. he will be delivering the address that barn are college tomorrow, a women's college in new york city. according to recent polls more than half of women voters support president obama >> hundreds of boston university students are mourning the loss of three classmates killed in a minivan crash yesterday. those students were from huntington beach in southern california. the accident happened in new zealand. police say the van drifted off the road and flipped over. five other students survived. the new french president will start his job next week. he will be sworn in on tuesday. his first big task, appointing an interim prime minister. france is also preparing for next month's parliamentary elections. socialists are projected to win there as well. adults are not alone in the job market.
9:05 am
many students are trying to find summer jobs as well. dozens showed up at the mosconi center yesterday for the job and resource fair sponsored by mayor ed lee and the united way. it is designed to help young people prepare for the world of work >> it is about making these choices in it doesn't have to be the end of choice. you can't get ready for the better jobs and how you want to progress >> the intimation from those attending the job fair will be placed into a database to match their skills and interests with prospective employers. we are expecting more bad news from sacramento ahead of the governor's revised budget plan. >> also, did vice-president joe biden really jump the gun on same-sex marriage? our political insiders sound off >> the world's best cyclists are lining up in santa rosa right now. we have a live report from the
9:06 am
starting line, coming up next >> summertime fog along the close, clearing inland. it will be cooler today and then changes later in the week. we will have all the details in just a few minutes.
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>> in less than two hours some of the world's best cyclist will start a race around the world. the 2010 the amgen tour of california kicks off in sonoma county at around 1030 this morning. riders will cover 750 mi. from the north bay down to l.a.. it is regarded as one of the largest and most prestigious bike races in the world >> let's see how the weather is shaping up for the cameras that will be zooming in. >> a little bit cloudy around the bay area with temperatures in the '50s.
9:10 am
more sunshine as the day progresses. plenty of fog out there at this hour. the current temperatures, fifties almost everywhere. >> good morning. we have fog and low clouds forecast for a long the shoreline early sunday morning and then things will be cooler today than they are yesterday. clouds along the coast and clearing for some later. mostly sunny in the inland but there will be clouds later in the day. you will see more as soon as we get on with a rest of the forecast, there is an annoying low pressure system. it is just causing a slight bit of a mess because as the day goes on, those high clouds will
9:11 am
move in over the bay area. high clouds filter in and watch what happens for the end, low clouds get pulled into the shore line again by the end of the day. after yesterday's high of 90 degrees in livermore and we will back off by about 10 degrees so in general, a cooling trend for the bay area. if you're headed out of the bay area, monday looks a little bit drizzly with a high of only 59 on monday. sunny in l.a. denver and chicago, only new york and new work expect some thunderstorms monday afternoon. back in the bay area we will cool off today. 75 degrees forecast in hayward. 81 degrees in law status. in the east bay the numbers will back off 10 degrees from yesterday. 80 in san ramon.
9:12 am
77 in north and marin county. 61 at stinson beach and clouds in daly city as we look ahead. things will cool off today and remain cool on monday and on tuesday high pressure builds back in but by the latter half of the week we will have more sunshine and mid-80's by wednesday and thursday. a chance of drizzle on monday morning but we look high and dry through next weekend. >> the temperatures are plenty cool for the big bike race and ashley williams joins us live from the starting line of the bike race. >> i just heard you talk about the weather, and i wore a summer dress on purpose thinking it would be warm but it is a good
9:13 am
thing i had my sweater. we are less than two hours away from the start of the first stage. a big event here in santa rosa. it is one of the biggest events in santa rosa so besides all the crowds and all the people looking for levi who is from santa rosa, we want to talk about the bikes. what makes a good bike that they used during these big races? this is andrew with the radio shack nissan team. tell me about the make and model of the bike and how does it help? >> this is 8 track emma stone. is a full carbon fiber bike that is built with a small streets of carbon fiber made up to make it as light as possible while fairly efficient and comfortable >> you were telling me earlier how there are weight requirements for safety reasons.
9:14 am
i want to lift this up and i want you to talk about the weight. >> this bike is required to weigh 14.9 lbs. and we are actually able to make them lighter but we would not meet the weight requirements. >> we have quite an audience here. all the bike in the meese show you how light it is. >> i own one of these. not quite but something like this >> a big event, stage one, back to you. >> the state is bracing for huge cuts after the governor releases his revised budget plan tomorrow and cal state executives under fire for pay raises >> leland yee sat down with us earlier and took a look at both those issues >> we hear over and over again in january they signed one
9:15 am
budget and in may they say the numbers are not working. what went south this time? >> there are a number of assumptions the governor made in last year's budget that he thought he would in fact be able to get the savings but unfortunately the court said no, the fed said no and some of the program cuts he was anticipating did not happen so those turnarounds caused him to have to look again at his particular budget. the economy is still stalled, we're not getting the revenues we had expected based on the april 15th income-tax so those are the combination of things that happen >> so he will go up tomorrow and say we have a problem and we need more immediate cuts and he will urge california voters to pass his tax plan. let's go with the immediate cuts. is there a stomach for more
9:16 am
cuts? >> there is not because there have been cuts upon cuts over the years particularly in public education where we are now 47 thing funding. 46 states in the country do better than california. the reality is we need to find ways to balance this budget so it will be tough discussions and within our own caucus we have been talking about different scenarios and now we need to add even more scenarios because we are operating on maybe nine or $10 billion short and now it is 16 billion short. >> the governor is going to ask that the numbers he expects to get in if the tax passes to be included in the budget, he wants to have an optimistic look and if the voters say no, he wants to trigger is where there will be future cuts in place but they
9:17 am
won't go off. that tax is only pulling at 50-50 at best, so are we going into another fantasy world? >> between now and november, all of us will be rather aggressive in talking about the importance of the governor's tax measure. one of the most important elements within the tax measure is that the revenue in fact will go towards the general fund and fixed some of the structural deficit within the budget. >> that is one of the biggest drawbacks that it does not go straight to education. speaking of that, this week after you and other senators took a very public stand, the cal state trustees voted to limit the pay raises of, or freeze the pay rates of incoming presidents but they allowed an option that said private foundations can make up the difference.
9:18 am
>> i'm not too happy with that, money is money and all of it should be going to the students >> coming up next, talking about gay marriage and the timing >> our political insiders take another look at vice-president joe biden's remarks on same-sex marriage. did that forced [ crickets chirping ]
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♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >> same-sex marriage in the spotlight this week. president obama supports it. mitt romney does not. on face the nation the man who defended president george w. bush in bush forces core spoke about the shocking move to overturn california's proposition 8 >> the more people understand that people have been waiting for years for the opportunity for their relationships to be
9:21 am
treated equally so they can form a loving household and it is an american value that we should all recognize >> i strongly believe that in the next 20 years we will look back and be ashamed of the fact we are against this just as we are ashamed today that we did not let people of different races mary. >> that was american idol contestant clay a can. he is an openly gay father and he supports the president's decision. san francisco took the lead on same-sex marriage before the president took his historic announcement this week >> they legalized in san francisco when lt. gov. gavin newsom was in charge of then. we sat down with him and former mayor willie brown. what we were interested in, they say it was triggered by joe biden and his remarks, was that
9:22 am
true or was there more to this than meets the eye? >> i think they knew the issue when, on the sunday talk show and they knew that joe biden would say something and what i find interesting is that now they are claiming they are shocked or surprised by the timing and that change their entire program as it relates to the president's announcement, i don't necessarily buy that. i think they're calculated and focused and i don't mean that in a negative way >> biden's explanation the next day, he said my problem is, that i say exactly what i am thinking, however, sometimes i think before, i think after i said it. >> so how does this impact the african-american vote? >> frankly it will require some of us to go reaffirm because
9:23 am
african-americans and latinos are not naturally on the upside of same-sex marriage. there on the downside of same- sex marriage but it will not be a disability. mitt romney is so bad, it does not suppress turnout because we will make a difference on that >> he says he is personally for it but at the same time he says is a state issue as opposed to the federal supreme court and he is taking no action one way or the other. so what is he really saying? >> dick cheney had that position many years ago so you can argue it is a point of courage to have a sitting president a few months before the election make that statement but at the end of the day he has joined a lot of mothers who been there for some time. >> in addition to his
9:24 am
administration, at every point where they can have input of coming in on the same side of same-sex marriage, whether it is don't ask don't tell, any of those things, an appointment to the supreme court or to any of the respective courts below that, they are all reaffirming that i don't have a problem with people who are gay >> it is a remarkable thing and i couldn't be more proud. it was an extraordinary thing to hear the president say those words >> it has certainly helped him raise a lot of money >> he was off to hollywood fund- raiser with george clooney and he made millions without one and a lot of people are coming out who were reflective and are now opening up their wallets. i think he gets in some money. >> coming up next, another look at today's top stories >> that includes the dismal
9:25 am
numbers from the governor's revised budget. his plan to
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9:27 am
>> here is a look at this morning's top stories >> governor brown says the state's budget deficit is $16 billion and he is asking voters to approve a hike in income tax for high earners and increase in sales tax. >> republican presidential hopeful mitt romney making his stand on gay marriage very clear. he said yesterday that marriage is " a relationship between one man and one woman " >> let's take a last look at the weather >> a little bit gray out there but allot of the fat fog and low clouds are expected to burn off.
9:28 am
there is a chance of drizzle overnight and into tomorrow but overall it should be a nice mother's day. temperatures now hanging around the fifties and there on the rise. >> today golden gate park is honoring mothers with free flowers >> park workers are handing out blossoms to the first 100 mothers to visit. people are spending more money on this holiday. the average american will spend $152 on their gift, about $12 more than last year. that seems high to me. i might be ripping off my mother >> the retail federation expects that $18.6 billion will be spent. maybe you have been coming up short all of these years. >> i probably over $1,000 by now. >>
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