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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  May 13, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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ceos in trouble another shake-up at the top four gatto fall and terrorism is scandal taught top executives at chase expect to leave as the ceo apologize is for the loss of $2 billion. another we can of a controversial call recover from a news magazine the real message behind the cover art. it was important for me to say something african-american churches in the bay area talk about gay marriage and why it is an issue. good evening i'm ann notarangelo. a major shake-up at got a look. ceo scott thompson resigned after coming under fire for padding his resignation. don knapp with more. scott thompson is out right
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down by mentioned in his resonate he had a computer science degree he did not actually have. today the board approved ross levenson as the new c l for the one time dominant internet company. stockholders were unhappy with the direction yahoo was in its not so much that thompson but also an opportunity to shake up the board that might be more important to the stockholders a technology it log said in the ceo's a first missive to troops " today's announcement lays to rest the distraction regarding our senior leadership he wants to accelerate the progress and stockholder value " the result he would drive the company in the right direction that have been struggling for years, they have not been able to leverage that
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hedge fund manager is a major but discount " stockholder gets credit for it in the ouster of thompson. four other directors who also supported thompson are out. now as facebook it's rare but for an ipo that could reach $100 billion yahoo shareholders want action that can up with a better social media strategy that have nothing google this time, yahoo is watching facebook fir arrived and google fir arrived it needs to beef up its media position it as a lot of eyeballs and not enough profitability the new ceo takes over in the midst of a reorganization last week, let of 2000 employees and associates at press listed 50 organizations it wants to shed and
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his resignation is expected at chase manhattaand j.p. morga the ceo apologize today for the incident the wall street journal reports three executives will resign in the wake of the $2 billion trading loss including the chief investment officer. it follows an apology the man who runs the nation's largest bank when made an egregious error if you key based trader nicknamed the london will manage the investments the investments were badly monitored and should never have happened jimmy diamond said last month he was wrong to ignore warning signs that said the bank is not in danger of failing we will still earn a lot of money this mourner this quarter we hurt our credibility we have
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to pay the price. the price of jaycee morgan chase stock dropped 10% friday the security and exchange commission blocked an investigation more than three years after the financial crisis lawmakers say the bank industry takes on too much risk. j c morgan chase and jimmy diamond are the brightest guys in the room. this could lead us right back to where rework in 2008 lawmakers back in a financial overhaul bill are pushing for a final version that will prevent the kind of trading that led to this loss. this way and promises to be the biggest ever for facebook to model v c l mark zuckerberg turns 28. then friday the company is expected to sell stock to the
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public for the first time. the ipo could value facebook at nearly $100 billion would make it worth more than disney ford and kraft foods and. at 28 zuckerberg is less than half the age of the average ceo jerry brown releases his revised budget tomorrow. will not face a $16 billion hole not the 9 billion we thought in january the governor blames the deficit on lower tax revenue is as cuts to public safety and education unacceptable. it wants to raise income taxes on the highest earners. between now and november all of us will be aggressive in talking about the importance of the tax measure it could be a hard sell,
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voters are resistant to increase taxes. republicans have reacted by saying there must be more cuts. first it was time magazine's cover now newsweek has come out with its own cover of its on a photo of president obama under a rainbow hail. with the caption " the first gave president " the article's author and who was openly gay says when elected mr. obama's record on gay-rights you see this is not an aberration a culmination of three years of work. the article compares mr. obama's experience growing up. the president's announcement as bun is on all sides discussing how it will affect his chances for reelection. on this issue bill whitaker shows us opinions the lineup with preferences. the talk of the sunday talk
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shows we will their many voices on this issue there were classic talking points from the republican national chairman. marriage has to have the definition we just happen to believe that is between a man and woman clayton as we look back on as we might find we are ashamed of this issue and ted olson served in the george w. bush administration and support same-sex marriage. i am not for gay marriage despite the fact i am a conservative i am for gay marriage because i am a conservative ever since president obama endorsed same-sex marriage last week and mitt romney restated his support for traditional heterosexual marriage abundance are trying to predict the fallout.
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u.s. the political scientist pensioner the politics in this issue are changing quickly neither party really understands how to deal with that also growing support for same-sex marriage the real election battle will be a crucial swing states where gop strategist says support is weaker. people showed that 23 percent of independents say it makes them less likely to vote for the president. tony perkins of the family research council says the president has reenergize the republican base. i don't think the president did this as a political calculation is is a bad formula democrats felt that by election day the issue will be a non-issue anybody who would not vote for obama because of same-
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sex marriage probably would not have voted for him and away. bill whitaker cbs news los angeles not just those in the political realm to talk about his the announcement, anne mackovic shows us same-sex marriage a focal point for churchgoers in the african- american community most in the churches pastors fill their thing she must address a hot topic president obama support of same-sex marriage. i had a debate with myself about that but i decided it was important for me to say something. at the risk of alienating conservative parishioners he made it part of his sermon. i must be committed to equality and freedom and justice for all meeting all and everybody. son supported him
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fabulous to name the issue in the black community was important i let him know that i approved of it to the congregation there may be mixed thoughts on the sermon today what remains to be seen the effect of the president's remark on the ballot box. former merrill willie brown sport about it this morning on cbs 5 it will require some of us to reaffirm because african- americans and latinos not naturally on the upside of same- sex marriage, they are on the downside of same-sex marriage. and a core part of democratic constituencies. there are diverse views and that is the point, in oakland anne mackovic cbs 5 she went to sleep with their
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husband and will to find him on the man is an fbi agent where authority's banking may have gone and concern for its well- being. drivers are distracted by the will and getting caught how many cited in one month and the c h p crackdown. amgen store of california has begun ecorse for tomorrow the bay area road repair just for the race. we modified the forecast for tomorrow get a lecture like cold weather will be cooler on monday a warm up on
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and fbi agent is missing in southern california. those close to him say he has not been himself lately and the word because he has a gun. edward lewis reports agencies are looking for the agent in burbank. at nightfall the search for missing fbi agent shifted to the air. helicopters used night vision goggles to overlook burbank. an area that has rough terrain we say that for daylight other areas we focus and so forth we have to be concerned about the arrest or safety his wife called urban police to report him missing she told police she last saw her husband's there's tonight, sometime between 8:00 p.m. thursday and friday he walked out of the house. his gun missing too. his wife said he had been to
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stomp despondent and talked about suicide. would do the search is routinely done with a special concerns given his apparent income may to commit suicide no evidence of foul play. during the dead searchers on foote cone the foot hills he is 35 years old and 6 ft. tall when 160 lbs. his work at the fbi was secret he worked on national security tight case is so counter terrorism matters that is all i can say regarding the case work. no one knows where he went or what happened. bay area drivers accounted for 20 percent of the distracted driving area tickets issued last month joined texting in talking on the cellphone led to citations during national
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driving distracted month in april. 30,000 tickets issued statewide in one case and officers on into an emergency and a move run a car that would not change lines police said the driver was texting. one of cycling's biggest events in the country kicked off in santa rosa. dozens of the world's top cyclists rode 120 mi. around sonoma county for stage one of amgen's at 4 of california. some spectators came across the country. have not been here we want to see this part of the country what matters than to see the race the cyclist will start in the marina district and finish in aptos, tuesday and stage three from san jose to livermore and the race ends in los angeles one week from today. in preparation of stage three
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crews worked on mount babblers unit boulevard and contra costa county. it had banned the fall of pot holes. they felt pot holes and patch rough spots. a special celebration for mothers day in san francisco's civic center a trip to mom posted on all sides of the library on larkin street. the tributes range from 5 to 15 ft. high. the exhibit will be on display through memorial day. hopefully all moms and a wonderful mothers day brian hackney joins us now are you changing or tweet your forecast? as the world turns to " feel soap opera. let's see how a looks readings are mostly in the 50s now winds
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out of the southwest to 15 mi. per hour. in concord 55, oakland 57, in the background the bay bridge spanning san francisco. for us, we look for things to change a little bet here is hell. will have shoreline stratus later tonight and warm up on tuesday. love today's of cooler weather followed by two days of warmer weather by next weekend to days of warmer weather. we'll start with the cool in part, we look at the time lapse the pressure is moving to the north it ushers and low clouds overnight tonight. it does not look as if we get drizzle out of this, tomorrow will be a chilly day, local laws
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on the shoreline, that will pop letter in the day and mostly sunny conditions. temperatures fell from 15-20 degrees. livermore in low seventies. we will have cooler temperatures. on future cast, led is rolling into the future the clouds come in toward morning, and then they evaporate as the day goes on, mostly sunny in the afternoon and when evening hits low clouds rolled in the shoreline. i will say this until september. on the coast line 60 at pacifica. we'll get only 810 degrees bread instead of a 40 degree spread from coast to inland areas. 60s along the coast seventies inland. tuesday warms up, when's the
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warm, there's different we get cooler so the entire week looks a ok. a soyuz spacecraft carrying a nasa flight engineer and to russian that crewmembers launch tomorrow from kazakhstan. they're going to the international space station is expected to arrive may 16th the grimness of the team of american and a russian who have been a board since december. the soyuz crew takes over and will return to earth in september. a historic relic from roadwork tube gets ready to leave the bay area the last goodbye to ,,
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the super hero blockbuster
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avengers shatters records. last week it had the biggest grossing weekend of the year, this way it became the first movie ever to poland $100 million on its second weekend worldwide is on track to hit the billion dollar mark. it's what the competition earning more than one at a $3 million and. the remake of dark shadows was a distant second think of command and hundred games rounded out the top five. visitors get a chance to say goodbye to a world war two battleship that is banned in the bay area. stores were given aboard the uss iowa in richmond. it has been there since october for repairs. the iowa once carried franklin roosevelt to a world war 2 summit. a tremendous amount of history wrapped up here and for correa multiple generations have served aboard the vessel
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the 887 ft. long ship towed through the golden gate and down to port of los angeles where it is transformed to an interactive naval museum. for those in his superstitious mood of celebration focuses on no. 13 in san francisco, the 13th annual how weird street fair celebrated on may 13th their 13 stages of live performances spanning 13 blocks. vendors sold clothing jewelry and art. this is a valid event but family friendly, it is safe never had a violent incident the $10 got to get in goes to a world peace through technology organization. i'm dennis o'donnell on this ,
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the giants called a minor leaguer charlie cole birch and he made his major-league debut in arizona. his dad also a draft pick by the giants but never made it to the big leagues shed a few tears when his son spent announce. the big blow comes off his back a two run home run the giants take to of three from the diamonds back. they went 7-3. he dives to take it away from the tigers detroit to done need the hit to take the lead. the go-ahead run gets what and
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oakland false three-one. matt coucher comes from behind to win on the first time in two years on pga to work. he takes the players championship by two strokes. the earth quakes were down a goal watch the header san jose tis she of us at usa 1-1. llipitor of california under way. he had a flat tire but came back to win the first stage in santa rosa. brandon edge the new hot shot third baseman for the oakland a's miss today's game and he is our guest on game day. will be on? a groin injury. they need to get healthy both teams do. that's eyewitness news at ten
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