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. the man at the top says he's sorry and that i'd say they're investigating. a california retirees say they're watching the next step for j.p. morgan chase. degrees he's being called a hero but that won't put food on the table in a white man who stopped the fight was suspended from his job. and one of the largest corporations in the world coming to the bay area for a new beginning. the fresh start mcdonald's is launching in berkeley. a startling discovery been needed bay area hospital first 15 grades now the estimates is more than 8000 graves that seemed to have been lost by sloppy record-keeping.
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tobaccos have been asked to back off. robert lisle has unearthed the amounts that deleted santa clara county's potter's field. as the medical center digs toward the future construction workers had no idea there were digging up. there could be up to 1450 bodies. there were at in workstations to pour with no known relatives. to use to be paupers' cemetery. laid to rest a stone's throw which is now the er entrance. three months ago construction workers found about 59 boxes at the very end of those pine boxes. they said the same year the hospital opened in 1875. but this depression-era amount from 1932 is the only documentation of the cemetery. but you have to look really close because somehow the hospital or county. the poppers feels.
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by 1958 the cemetery no longer exist so by 1966 they paid over it and put up a parking lot. so lucas in the parking lot? those records system exists. so the county will be in court on friday as the judge to remove more than 100 of the graves to continue to build a new build the new building. nobody from the county has gone in there once those boxes were discovered construction in that area halted. but the building will continue the graves are expected to continue rest in peace that is below new offices and a new cafeteria. in santa clara county robert lyles cbs five. did weeks and 10 year- old girl from san jose is suing her school district why? she says many of her teachers are terrible. actually the nonprofit group students matter is behind the lawsuit it wants to overturn five state laws including
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teacher tenure dismissal procedures and security based layoffs. daniel martinez of san jose is named as one of the plaintiffs along with six other california students. they're suing the alum rock school district, los angeles unified school district and the state department of education. people are paid to do a job are doing their job and if they're not they should be fired as the average just like the average joe. absolutely insulted. i believe that our test scores in the past couple of years have shown that our teachers are performing at the best level they can. to the state education leaders have not commented alan rock and the l.a. school districts are held in the suit because that is with a plan to attend school sought the adults will now be on the hook for underage string bean that happens in their homes. san is
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a city council members to nice pass this social host ordinance. it finds and adds police reimbursement costs to the homeowners were underage drinking occurs the council member who proposed it says it stems from a crash that killed the 2010 at cleveland high school graduates. in my district we had just about a death every year because of the fact that kids are drinking in homes sometimes parents are not aware of it. and then getting into a car and driving and causing accidents. set is a is a large city in santa clara to adopt the social host ordinance similar laws have existed in marin county three years. nuns and their supporters protested with fellow members of the clergy all around the country today this was the vigil in front of st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. this evening it was one among more than two dozens suit similar protests across the country at issue is a
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recent vatican mandate ordering an ounce to stay in line on vatican policies concerning sexuality. we don't want them to focus on contraception look at the statistics on how many catholics follow the church on contraception. did we don't focus on that there are other more important issues to focus on please see that. the prayer vigils across the country will be back to the national leadership conference of religious women which begins later this month. its j.p. morgan's annual shareholder meeting investors decided that the chairman and ceo can keep his job. but the fbi will look into disastrous $2 billion loss in the bank's trading division. anti-mason on why many california state employees will be closely watching the bank's next move.
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accountability. diamond survive a proposal to strip him of one of his jobs. he is both chairman of the board and ceo of the bank 40% shareholder is backed the move to take away his chairman's title. jeremy, and i had a robust exchange of opinion on a matter. and since in a senior portfolio manager of calpers california by the public employees retirement system which has almost $600 million invested simpson says
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calpers voted against down on the chairman's issue. he sits in the midst of a heart of a conflict of interest and boxes on paper the pension fund of loss that adolescence and says the bank's trading disaster and has provided ammunition on another issue stricter regulation. in respect jimmy diamond man that everyone favor reminding us that you need to get these smart to regulating provisions on to the books sooner rather than later. after the meeting says the date may take back compensation paid to executives involved in the trading losses will do the right thing he said that may well include cloth sacks. and the reason cbs news new york. he is out of jail and doing homework. and man that prosecutors called dangerous is at home tonight a judge handed him an unusual assignment kristen airs on the terms of his release that includes something you'd expect an elementary student to do. it happened march 28th two
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men arrested accused of trying to rob an undercover agent at gunpoint. when the suspects opened fire on the officer and the officer fired back. now six weeks later one of the men behind bars on federal charges has a shot of freedom. federal judge yvonne gonzales agree with the magistrate that otis jr. should be released on $150,000 bond to the cats according to court records while out on bond he must read a list of books designed by gonzales rogers will have to read for an hour every day and write for a half-hour about what he has read. on the prosecution side you have to be shocked the attorney's office is not permitted to talk was about the case. des o'malley called the it judge's decision unusual. one of his co-conspirators put a gun to his head a loaded gun to its
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it's pretty shocking. mother's defense attorneys argued in court that he played a minor role in the crime but prosecutors believe he's a drug abuser who's been in trouble before, says the judge's move sounds like a pretty damn serious. is obvious the judge care is a little bit about his potential. the lawyer did not return a call and request for comment prosecutors prosecutors argue is a flight risk if lee's son bond tuesday with his grandmother in sebastopol in oakland cbs five. he said sen end not his family is out of and then come the safeway employees sent home without pay because he stopped a man from the pregnant woman. not the first rediscover themselves in berkeley mcdonald's is putting itself through an makeover the tinges the golden arches are bringing to the east bay. and it may be the end for people hoping to get
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away from it all cellphones service at 35,000 fis. but let up by the city by the day the city of san francisco we have overcast skies and very windy conditions but why some neighborhoods will warm smile and others will not the pinpoint forecasts when we come back. pipes by most accounts the
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guys did the right name he saw a woman getting beaten up so he stepped in to stop the attack. police and calling him a hero but was cut tells us his employers safeway suspended him. brian young was doing his job is
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to meet court that the state line when he says to let up and saw this guy when venture and beating his girlfriend. who's six months pregnant. did we refuse seconds to turn around and pushed her over and the actual character i told them to calm down and many was irate he refuses stop so ryan jump in. i saw that no one was intervening in the situation and i just became afraid for his safety and also other customers safety the guy was out of control. he was going and three month loss in there. the police chief says trend is getting so violent if ryan didn't interfere and things could have gotten a lot worse for the victim. but now ryan says safe place suspended without pay supposedly because he violated company policy. and there is no word on if or when he will be allowed back. we understand about policies but at some point someone has to do something and
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in my mind in this case ryan did the right thing. his wife is five months pregnant and had no income right now. it's a tremendous amount of stress on mean and my wife as well. and i don't think anyone should have to second-guess themselves or felt bad about doing what is right. even if safeway doesn't agree ryan has no regrets. the quake, people have been injured or murdered or what ever because in front of everyone because no one ever won once looked away and we want to get involved. we reached out to save for its corporate offices and have yet to get back to us tonight. i did talk to a manager is safely store in san francisco who says he wasn't aware of an official policy but says employees and not supposed are supposed to contact sports store security or the manager to see accomplished in the store. sometimes you have to go beyond the rules and act out and
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i've a feeling of the ok someone will see this and tell have a job soon. think of as of it. i think all have a note meal without burger while that's a phrase the probably wouldn't hear mcdonald's. until now. to the good read on how the burger chain is trying to change its on help the image starting in berkeley. yes and recall places house basement area is that no bill with blueberries but really when we did our sampling this is what we funded people's bags it was the traditional super sized fries and guests the big mac. despite the fact that they're trying to help the. berkeley embraces organic fresh and local and mcdonald's wants to join in and be part of this culture. it is launching a new campaign rediscover was under the golden arches. while having meals big macs super sized fries and now that
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still exist so too does oatmeal blueberries and yogurt. and the bad is to level pies for $1. the mcdonald of san pablo and berkeley is trying to reach brand itself of a modern new look in some new menu. there's no question about it to mcdonald's is offering healthier for it just take a look at the menu but we did a random sampling and here's what we got. mid victoria and down this is an impromptu visit here by the see exactly what they ordered and how you went to order? from yogurt parkway. through one for the help menu? tel beer yes. you're going for the salad. the big mac. would you order and are the healthier? i or the chicken nuggets of fries and i don't think it's any help here. up the mcdonald says it's committed to sending to serving local sense and will produce the
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struggle is a from watsonville blueberries are from northern california is even invited berkeley moms to block about healthy eating to dine here and see firsthand. and as we saw from victoria and don and has a little something for everyone. we thank them for letting us right along. i'm not buying either by the way. so obviously we had a lot of fun with the story and $3 credit they did get back to as and give as the nutritional counter their smoothies and oatmeal and it is healthier eating but bottom line is a photographer and i just one of the french fries tonight and the majority of the people that go that fast food line religious want this is a part of the cuban diet i don't think so? but we all have free will and sometimes we'd better than other times. enjoy your fries. the biggest aviation no-no for passengers is getting the
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green light on one airline. for some passengers that his enemies only on one route. where did it landed to denounce passengers flying from new york to london will be allowed to make and receive calls and text messages. on the run cellphone. and six passengers that will be able to use a service at one time version will not charge but customers will be subjected to roaming fees from the carriers. passenger's we talked to had mixed feelings about being connected all the time. and added to it. it's the only thymic essentially completely switched off. would years yourself on the airplane? yes. i your boyfriend? csi would talk to him. because you always have a last minute emergency we need to make the calls to guess that is a good deal. virgin hopes to expand the in-flight calling option to 20 planes by the end of the air. from the cbs five was sent
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to the evening of a buddy let's call on this for let's call on some beautiful weather video complement's of our photojournalist this evening if you can see that bank of low clouds and fog is rushing into the city by the base today that it did to our temperatures as we take a look at today's high is only as to the fifties at the beaches and in to san francisco because of that deck of cloudiness otherwise away from the marine layer we have highest at 10 degrees warmer today and yesterday tonight again with the coastal stratas in the '40's and 50's that was upper '40's for the delta but look what happens in the overnight hours. this marine layer rush is on surer and rushes all the way and toward the delta so let's watch the clock since the winter treat. very rapidly before the lunch hour and hangs pretty tied to the san mateo coast and all the way just south of the golden gate bridge to that will keep the temperatures down there next up on deck this area of low
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pressure right there you'll see how this is going to affect your thursday but until then tomorrow here: cal be moderate to high for temperatures will be going up under the influence of high pressure and '50s and '60s and the beaches '60s and '70s will be coming around the peninsula in recent around to the santa clara valley in the upper seventies to low 80s which is just a few degrees above average 82 degrees and tracy and otherwise low 80s in danville and pleasant than the upper '70's in dublin. north of the golden gate bridge from the '50s to the '60s in to the mid-70s san francisco rises to 65 degrees which is pretty average for this time of year the extended forecast calls for: conditions thursday because of that area of low pressure otherwise a pretty tranquil weather pattern and that is her pinpoint forecasts will be right back. also prime yet for growth.
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dean reynolds introduces us to the banker with a heart of gold. in the rolling hills of
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western new york since the former manufacturing hub of cancer aug. the place of 19th century memories but also the 21st century dreams. thanks in large part to the hometown blanked lincoln man who runs it patrick j. cohen. hope this was lacking in the world today. it's no exaggeration to say that: and his seven employees to the bank of kravis have held this community together. up and down the street uc study had a hand in? his methods might make some on wall street chatter. rethought how are we ever going to start to rebuild. pat mcintyre recently moved here from north carolina where she and her husband lost their jobs and house to foreclosure. no closing costs. no. no down payment 3 surprised?
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was shocked no other bank would give us a second chance. he was unemployed when the house for a loan to open the diner in which the town badly needed. they allowed me just make interest only payments until the cash register starts rain was i thought was awesome. in return for all of this the bank gets a thriving village and the prospect of what of customers big profits while after paying the bills and salaries not so much. duckweeds as every you domical lot of money. deletes $23,000. annually? this is all about the option alive joline and ordered the bank to. our goal is assumed make a ton of money it's to help the local people. her dad has run the bank for 30 years and remains
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unimpressed with the exotic financial engineering up bigger institutions. we do a lot of credit defaults. i know that is. is a calling. as news credits or the their his might look to many and shake their hands kind of banker. and so far so that. his bank hasn't lost any money on alone in the last 11 years. dean reynolds cbs news york. actually it's meant to
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tonight so i told can bastide debt to pack everything he had the giants went to win the game as a better house bay wide a mortgage pick 25ยข down the drain. how bad is the giants' defense when a ball boy can come up with said that three more errors talent, and seven innings for the giant storm back into a prolonged postal
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spokeswoman to left field to prayer comes out to score that tied the game but moments ago the rockies to a home run in the top of the ninth five to four, a good thing he didn't alewife the a's and and i'm looking for two games we but the 31 to nothing the struggling albert pool halls up the middle of a run schools and two rbis tonight the a's this for nothing. tempers flare between the brawn and danny grant air at the gets tangled up and exchanged words the pacers got the last laugh and be keeps happening have to happen and not beat the heat. he's a myth show from the it all look out. thats a barracuda a 40 lbs. barracuda the fluid to the boats tonight everybody is safe. it was a white whale. you wonder why there could back.
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