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we hear another side with safeway is saying about suspending employee whose stock demand from beating a pregnant woman. and come friday there will be new millionaires in the bay area some of them looking for love. the impact this book is already having on the dating scene. the evening am thinking. did we is a car thief has made off with a couple more than a pickup truck this smash and grab may have added your personal information especially if you don't today car to some of the bay area's most popular
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charities. 10 robert lyles finds the company at the very center of this stuff and why they say they can't talk about it. behind me is that company of a vehicle donations and i'm told tonight that they had a lot of titles and registrations in on those documents are two important things names and addresses were those the types of documents all last night with that truck and if cell just how many was about to see a they're tough tonight. it's one of oakland's preferred addresses children drive in oakland hills. but lately preferred it made me be preyed on. came out and my daughter is by was missing and some sunglasses from the car. that was four days ago last nine months tells in drive thieves made off with more than my contains their boasting it
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goes to a 1991 chevy pickup similar to this one with california california plates for f 10575 but a stolen car especially in '91 chevy pickup does not normally make the nightly news. so why are fires for the stolen truck filling mailboxes in in boxes in this neighborhood? because the e- mail's says the contents are of grave concern. as the truck's owner who did not once talk on camera tonight but by phone confirms the trucks contents include a very sensitive materials that were directed for destruction per california department of motor vehicles what kind of materials? he will say that cbs five has confirmed his listed as a principal at all the vehicle donations at the auction cars after they have been donated to local cancer answerable palsy charities. it has to the high schools. now he
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says obedience struck him not to reveal the types of stocks fell in. but he did rights if the contents fall into the wrong hands such as a criminal elements in it may cause harm to numerous innocent individuals. so we contacted the pd and they say they're looking into the matter but he says they would only be able to address the of the theft and not those items inside that truck. i can also tell you that we have learned that the atoms inside the track those sensitive dmv documents well it's enough of them that they fit into a foot locker sized box. robert lyles reporting live think he robert. the man accused of bludgeoning a berkeley homeowner to that attacked a sheriff's deputy and broke his job. it turns out the 23 year-old daniel delayed can deduct the as he tried to put away some chains on him to take him to napa state
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hospital. the deputy will be out of work for six weeks to discharge of murder in the february beating death of 67 year-old peter chappell perricos the driver missing for entire weekend and found alive. it appears to along the entire time after crashing his pickup of 11. marks their asses chp what it takes a long to find him? 25 year-old michael sands has apparently backed his pickup truck here exiting is it this outcome lanes of highway 11 in south san jose the chp responded after sitting in 911 call just after 1 in the morning on tuesday may 8th. the witness told officers and men got out of the wrecked vehicle and walked away. suspect that fax wheat the fire department showed up and utilize our poll portable lighting and searched the area. sanchez family reported him
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missing when he did not show up for and fuel several years later and that is fun singh is the police detectives got involved after learning sanchez is car had been involved in accidents have their return to the scene to collect any possible evidence and found sanchez in the brush. in the that the best years were the the snow that actually found someone the they essentially rescued. they say based on the information filed with the time all of the information has been filed at the accident scene. as marks their reports san francisco police want your help finding three bank robbers they say this man is responsible for several bank robberies in the city as well as one in iran on monday they also say that this man helps in a least one san francisco robbery. he is missing three fingers on his right hand, and to on his left. and police say this third man is
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responsible for several unrelated bank robbery is in the financial district. meanwhile debt and dublin police are searching for a driver after killing a bicyclist police say no one saw last night's crash suntory road but they do have some clues. mercedes emblem that apparently fell off the card police believe the front part of the car is damaged repair shops across the area and are asked to be an alert. a stockton is behind bars for not taking his medication. the problem is he is infected with a highly contagious disease. joe vasquez of the sec gave for ignoring doctor's orders. get away tuberculosis patient 34 year-old arm under rodriguez of stockton told investigators he did indeed sick as medicine because he had just been part of the weekend on a drunken binge and also took meth and that means. that is according to the stockton record which coats " rodriguez as saying he was concerned for the help of his liver would read as
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was done until yesterday when they say they're reluctant take his medicine. professor lee riley uc-berkeley says that about 10,000 cases of the highly contagious disease in united states stamp more than half of the case is the emblem people outside the country. we're talking 10 percent of people don't take their medicine. its resistance could be even higher as rodriguez authorities say began as a habit of conducting his home town in mexico. for all the missiles in the bay area tell me that it's extremely rare that the staff that have to tell somebody for refusing to take their medication but it happens. the state is a last resort is a work diligently with patients make sure it doesn't get to that point. joe vasquez cbs five. said the level but a court fight to get permission to remove coffins under unearthed during construction funds during
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his senate term this could be more than a thousand others the cemetery was covered over decades ago and made into a parking lot. coke's that cemetery disappeared from county maps and 1958 and 1932 that shows the land was once the gravesite. pa and anybody that died here was like a penniless and so there were simply buried at a site's a couple blocks on hospital. been well construction will continue yet remains for probably be cremated and remaining braves are expected to remain in place. nearly 2 billion people depend on them for their drinking water but the agency that runs the system of self they will was read minutes and has a big problem. with oil spills and kristin harris tells us he it's been going on for
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more than a decade. employees notice said in november at the lexington reservoir a popular fishing and boating 5 gal. of hydraulic oil on the surface of the water it had leaked from the balls balls that open and close the dam's weeks later it happen again this time 20 gal. spill that had a reservoir. we've had eight lead since the 2000 small leaks that the water district in department of fish and game say have not tainted water supply. the district attorney has had enough and in a strongly worded letter warned of a lawsuit due to the serious nature of the violations the district attorney's office has decided that a civil prosecution is appropriate with the goals being punishment deterrence and compliance. i'm shocked because the san clara valley water district says they're working on at the top of a rigorous rounds of lab testing all their water undergoing before ever reaching the public water supply. would be aware there is any impact or water quality
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standards and we haven't seen any violations. did with the bigger problem is the bells themselves their old and faulting cannot be fixed for that and seeing the entire reservoir. that's something that's expensive and has its own environmental impacts. water officials say will save millions of dollars and likely more than a decade to fix the problem entirely. in the meantime more leaks could happen. we're trying to do as much preventative maintenance as a can. water officials just met and the d.a.'s office to share their preventative plans right later safeway has something to say but it doesn't explain a whole lot. its response to public outcry over the suspension of a man being called a hero. a bad deal one data white customers to sign up for one thing will be forced to buy something else and is not
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romance in the air? in this case it's probably stockton's how the facebook ipo is changing the dating game. definitely microclimate day-to-day good evening everybody we have highest anywhere from 54 in san francisco to 84 in gilroy now all the neighborhoods that will continue to cool as eyewitness news continues. picture the ask
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the outcry is growing after safeway's suspended a worker being called a hero he saved the pregnant woman from being beaten up in the store. lindy with what
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safeway has to say about it. i think it's outrageous thing safely should be proud that they have somebody who is prepared to act like hero in those circumstances. i would hope that the company will review what actually happens and take that into consideration. thats of writing and is hoping will happen. but for now he remain suspended without pay for breaking safely policy which is to just call security not intervene. police say he stopped a man who was beating his pregnant girlfriend in the still ray oak st. play in monterey county. what it was their wife is pregnant during their daughter is pregnant and who is being attacked with they want somebody to step in and help them? the whole incident is turning into a pr headache for a safe way we perceive e-mail's from people saying young got a raw deal. several threatened to stop shopping at this storm and one woman even offered to help young fancily any statements if
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we tell cbs five their two sides to every story and we would ask that judgment be reserved the matter is being handled through the union grievance procedure provided for it in our labor agreement. attorney tom worthington says the grocery chain and young are difficult position. they can have a policy that gives carte launch the employees to intervene anytime or anywhere that the employee thinks is suitable but on the other hand they can to in my judgment shouldn't have a policy is so strict that the employee can't do the right thing now young hopes safeway does what he says is the right thing. i should be reinstated to my job that's how i feel. syphilis as a looks at surveillance video of what happened last month the district attorney's office says it also has a copy there is a police report in the pleasing that the guy is a hero. the weighted think everybody does. did waves
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keep us posted on this one. resin wireless is about to make the big change one that will allow customers are already complaining about. the companies said today it is eliminating all on limited data plans even for accounts that have the plane grandfathered in when the current three g customers agree to horizon's 40 network will be forced to sign up for a new tier it did a plan. the company plans to release pricing and other details the summer. if you bought a pair of those better shape of shoes you might be entitled to a refund. the shoe company will pay of $40 million for a deceptive claims that the shoes help to lose weight and tone up. the government says those claims are unfounded. the company used came crashing in and perk to sell the issues this works weeks faced with an appeal has cities along the peninsula and this is the the only are investors excited the
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sourcing of men and women in town elizabeth cook explains why. for 24 year-old reed zoning is fun being single. the weight as a lot of young people they're motivated. a lot of the smart people. is fun to the people around here when it's women on the palo alto bar scene the conversation is usually the same. catherine m. red belly and district wine bar in san francisco has seen it all from behind the bar. did we its gross last week you know any successful gentleman daughter sang galt please introduce me. did we get more requests for phone numbers. see is a single one who has her own strategy for finding a man. is a free country and you think that's for everyone to what you want people looking for someone who makes you feel special in the anderson is the founder of links in high-end silicon valley dating service she tries to spark those
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connections she also advises clients on who to avoid. u.s. to any of upscale hotels in the silicon valley in any given night goes by a woman dressed a certain way of approaching the older guys and it shall ask him about his financial portfolio or his other residences he said run for the hills. know these newly minted millionaire bachelor basil rats know what it takes to make in social networking but does that mean there and get actual face- to-face socializing? as an attacker in math and science but that does mean the we know anything about chemistry as the competition from which they spoke engineers passing clerk read it doesn't matter night. hebron to new ideas we don't necessarily have to be a face the core google and think this is becoming because they're interested in becoming the next step of arkansas. well over filling the story i had a group of very excited young women come up to us to tell us that mr.
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zucker byrd himself was at the peninsula fountain grill last him for an interview when he declined to but it's an example of how the attackers at here are a lot like hollywood movie stars. i was the case of today and i don't think there is a pre is a 400 mi. anywhere. is 100 is the way it is right now. it's very exciting. as it happens on friday. we miss out on that roberta. where were we? it is too late? offensive brazil,? take a look of this. it's our lives to be as 5 with a care looking at for the bay bridge and you cannot see the very top of the tower that it stands about 526 ft. above the water level so a good indication of lower earnings ceiling with the low clouds and fog ands look at our micra clemens coneys place today 54 in san francisco 64 not to be 74 and can deals 84 degrees in
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gilroy and these numbers averaged 10 above and 10 below average in for this time of the year it's foggy the golden gate bridge right now with an air temperature there to decrease the winds continue to whip up after the west at 21 m.p.h. it's a rod evening and overnight stumbling into the '40's and even into the low 50s. feature cast this is how you come by your thursday everybody's cloudy for the morning commute by midmorning we said to the clouds retreat from the land areas but we have an upper level disturbance that will sweep by the tulsa with a couple of sprinkles that is what has enhanced the marine layer and that claremont's for thursday will be going down just about all never had self fifties for the most part at the beach is a few low 60s otherwise '60s and '70s and the peninsula mid-70s and the santa clara valley in the east of the day and have decided as have the jurors are actually seasonal we've just been a little spoiled with the numbers into the '80s.
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otherwise 73 reason sandras and mid-70s and some, breezy lake the wind at the west 10 to 20 m.p.h. and occasional stronger bass slight recovery on friday and in the temperatures do trend upward over the weekend only to tumble slightly by monday. and that indeed it is to pinpoint forecasts. proved and no one should ever doubt the power of the human mind. a paralyzed woman is a joyful moment five years in the making. and paralyzed woman cannot
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lifted cup and serve yourself a drink using the power of her mind. kathy hutchinson is paralyzed from the neck down she is unable to speak of her spring is completely aware. researchers place the sensor with 100 electrodes on her brain to pick up the signals created when we think about moving. it over the course of five years scientists and doctors connected that sensor to robotic arm. then came the big
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test. we said ok you cannot have your morning coffee but you have to serve yourself for the first time in almost 15 years. when she grabbed the copper all breathless. to be able to watch your reach out and pick that up and see a smile on her face as it is to get that it's a magical moment for all this. that moment was five years in the making unbelievable kathy has been disconnected from the computer as planned but she has led to the researchers know that she wants to continue helping with the research. the lakers blew a lead leave the casino and is the founder we may have a better team in l.a. and the defense is the problem in more ways than one. perhaps
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the giants and colonels were both much as their best hitters kalispell tyrannosaur knees cabrera at what the toolings and start the clock. former giants might the thing is back to the manager now is back to the cardinals had a chance to win nine straight home games in double of the bullpen both runs but charged among partner in the giants' close for one. rangers makes his first start against the a's and takes up his sixth win of the year things to adrian bell turns and thomas malone drops to 5 and 3 on the season with the a's going down tonight the lakers had a seven point lead with under two minutes ago
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and the oklahoma city but to take the lead tenant ran at 22 then had the lakers need to nothing series lead to approval he's not quite dead yet 27 points in the sixers boston wins by 16. he tips in the game winner goal against the doubles against the rangers and new jersey with three to two and a tie the series known and one. sears turning to get to the nhl in the nba. gen days tend of treading water 500. that is the series this weekend. oakland and san francisco they play to the this weekend. is the bay bridge series anything happened.
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