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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 17, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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why the officer says he had to shoot. id getting all the gasoline you're paying for? one driver is to think they're getting ripped off the pump could actually be the ones making the mistake. giving uncontested. and about 10 hours the most sought- after stock in recent memory memory will be up for grabs. tomorrow morning shares of facebook will hit the nasdaq trading floor and will be priced initially at $38 a share under the ticker symbol at be the price pushes the company's value beyond the $100 billion mark.
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dividend disney, mcdonald's, amazon and craft. but it can't go tells us they spoke not of made it this far without one key player and is not marks pepper. well marks a preferred will be read the opening bell and nasdaq in a few hours. the only people here right now our employees working on behalf on which is where the work on their personal project of the night in the run- up to this appeal with her about everything. the one person we haven't heard of this be referred to is the billion dollar a woman. did great show sandberg is perhaps the biggest silicon valley have delayed you never heard of. with business and governments have a combined with marks up birds engineering skills she is the into his game. depletes i was a very serious be in high school and works out. it is now 28 year-old secreted casebook as harvard or
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form but it was she who fear out how to stop losing money and get in the black. a share of hadn't been there is the cannot be gone public today. in seeking and and basically created a business model. siena a whole month's worth of meetings try to figure out what business is because even then. she is a harvard grad who worked at u.s. treasury department is the chief of staff she then went on to build the online ad business at google for leaving for a spoken to dominates. the 42 year-old is the company's best paid employee. braking and $31 million last year mostly in stock even though she is worth $1 billion she is emerging as the poster child for work life balance. i walked out of this office every day at 537 home for dinner with my kids at 6. now part of corporate america's elites to knowledge the gender gap in a commencement speech last year. to the promise for a more equal world. a world where men ran have our homes and women and
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men have our institutions would be just a much better world. as for one from the run for the white house to lend up in washington and i think she could someday be president and that is not a joke. i have aspirations to do something that matters. and right now i don't think there's much it could do that would matter much that they spoke. in anticipation of the huge media crush tomorrow morning-let us on to the company property which is basically a first ran side where there parthenon's there's plenty of food and of course a lot of security guys to make sure that it's interesting to speak of the gender inequality and that this revolution in this technology technological revolution we don't hear and women very often. now and this is kind of a fitting i run a twist to the whole debate about the gender gap as she is basically its chief been leading one of the biggest social companies in the world so this is fitting in with
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a different mood another silicon valley giant hewlett-packard reports say h-p plans to cut as many as 30,000 jobs worldwide. and it's about 10% of its work force. it's part of a restructuring plan expected to take place the year. in other news kids in one bay area family are devastated. their parents are in green and demanding answers after a police officer felt threatened and shot and killed one of their dogs. the dog was 11 years old. juliet gingrich talked with family says the dogs have never attacked anyone. this was a rescue tug the families had this dog for 10 years is a family pets they say yes their dogs bark but they're not business is certainly not justifying an officer shooting one of them dead. texting she knows she years stockton hits the floor
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someone's telling stay in the house and house that gunfire coming from vallejo police officer chase calhoun who shoots in killing the maloof family's dog who 11 year-old bell. a mixed breed labs in the family's backyard. he he shoots a dog. is like that he says he contacted police at his bank account with tact and the money was stolen. he says officer calhoun and an unannounced visit to the house and first he did was shoot the dog. his wife found bell said. she says the dog lying in a pool blood police officers out of the street saying and besides i am sorry. and he said he was scared he shot the dog. explain that to heart broken by year- old. she was a great dog. her brother jack says the officers shouldn't. i think he should come over and apologize. the lid
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please apartment says officer palin and legitimately feared he was going to attack by to growling dogs. this is a dog. the police department's defense professional standards division is reviewing the incident to have one request for the sake of their children lucia and jack. at this point would be great if they could, what happened to the kids and apologize. and bring a teddy bear and i know. as for officer calhoun he is not made official statement to us who made numerous phone calls to the watch commander tonight's no calls back. the family says tomorrow they intend to go to counseling at kaiser hospital to help their kids cope with the loss of the family dog. juliet kidder's think you. we're getting our best look yet at the case prosecutors are building against george zimmerman and released a mass of evidence file detailing the struggle that led to trade on
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margin debt. and mark johnson reports it seems certain to further polarize the highly charged case. you're looking into last images of tree what martin alive. this surveillance video taken any 7-eleven store in stamford with a 17 year-old but skills and a can of ice-t before heading back to the town house subdivision where he was staying with family 20 minutes later he would be dead shot fatally once in the chest by george zimmerman. today's document released includes crime scene botas including this one is a member is the men's 9 mm handgun the first time we've seen that these photos taken by standard police show the injury zimmermann says he sustained in a fight with martin he had a broken nose and two black eyes and a gash in the back of its head. the autopsy report also details the gunshot wound to martin's left chest that killed him and surrounded by gun powder burn called stippling that suggest his gun was fired in your point blank range the two men were no more than 18 in. apart. diagram's also know that
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yet blood spot on his head, a person uzziah and small scarring on both hands. all suggesting yet been any fights. toxicology report also revealed yet chemical residue of mark marijuana in his system not surprising martin was serving a two weeks school suspension for drug violations was killed. one witness told police he saw a black male what mountain and a white male throwing punches mix martial arts style he didn't hit a gunshot is when to call police and the stanford police report stated that the confrontation was ultimately avoidable by zimmermann. if zimmermann had remained in his vehicle and awaited the arrival of law enforcement. the special prosecutor is blocks the release of about 10 percent of the case still under seal our autopsy videos and photos names of some witnesses and telephone records. mayor johnson cbs news orlando. if kennedy to year-old fairfield man really was the infamous zodiac killer we'll never know because he's dead. the former
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real-estate salesman was a central figure in the new book the zodiac killer cover-up the retired chp officer who wrote it says he's convinced the man is behind a string of unsolved murders the chronicle reports that was listed in a database of people of interest in the case of law enforcement agencies never considered him a suspect. and travel casino project in sonoma that has been in the works for nine years is all but a done deal governor jerry brown just signed off on a compact allowing the federated it into the indian sub crate manchuria to start work is 65,000 sq. ft. facility outside of the only part the casino will house 3000 slot machines and to table games the tribal chairman says else will also creates thousands of jobs and the portion of its revenue will go directly to the city. a problem after nine years the track has been able to deliver what's it has always
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promised and that is it business in the compact that will benefit indian and non-indian alike. all that's needed now was an ok from the fed's but that is considered a foregone conclusion. construction on the project could begin as early as mid summer. to sell more than 100 million albums worldwide and was known as the queen of disco. tonight fans are mourning the death of donna summer at the age of 63. gm's reports that she had lung cancer in and of those summer was a highly celebrated artist to raise the garcia tells us she had her share struggles as well. donna summer was a disco icon a music superstar who say much of the soundtrack of the 1970's. summers family released a statement saying that she died thursday morning and that the quotes are at peace
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celebrating her extraordinary life and their continued legacy. and the voice of god and god said to me what you're going to be famous so i told everyone the gods that would be famous and they of course that was insane but that's ok. i had a loss laugh. summer was born in boston 1948 he sang in a church choir and form several musical group's foster is going up summer dropped out of high school and struggle to launch your career in europe working as a backup singer in stage performer for the breakout hit became a disco at them. this summer when on to win five grammys for her, kits including last dance hot stuff and bad girls her music defines the dance music era of the '70s and influenced 80 sacks like to read to rent it,. at the height of her career summer struggle with anxiety and depression is. in their memoirs she confessed to attempting
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suicide following a nervous breakdown in 1979 she became a born-again christian. seminary second has been senior bruce to donna 1980 they had two children and four grandchildren together in 2009 summer performed at the nobel peace prize, said in norway if in honor of president obama's. takeaways to said to be working on a new album in the weeks before passing away. the reason garcia cbs news. i wonder if you're getting shortchanged at the pump? the new mistake drivers often make. elderly woman tricked of thousands of dollars how bay area police say the suspects preyed on superstitions. the bay area neighborhood on paper reading blitz. definitely wind and music lofting in the air and the city by the day now the winds and when his guards died down as i would is news continues right here on cd. turned out to be
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unfounded. for testing the film comes records senior finance most there's very few that don't. so we tagalong and human county inspector tested the pumpkin will complain about. not only the past actually dispense a tiny bit more than a gallon. next by about a gallon. did we sweated to been shortchanged he says he can blame his owner's manual of the often understate the size of the gas tank for safety reasons and to give the car maker is some flexibility on the assembly line. the building can actually hold more than what the owners
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manual states often times it can be 1 gal. more than not rent county weights and measures as 99% of the pubs the tests are accurate and one gas pricers no it is a pc one price of gas stations and then another at the pump be sure you're being charged the lower bid to buy a lot have to give you more price to the once yes 5. con artists who targeted elderly women for their jewelry are in jail tonight. six suspects were arrested at that: it had to leave the country inside the luggage $850,000 worth of jaded silver and even one woman's wedding ring. one woman came up a life savings it's really hard for me number one and all their views. the suspects are trying to they're played by evil spirits. the cost a bundle. the
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investigation is ongoing and they fear there are more victims out there. well conditions are right on sunday you'd like might see a stunning spectacle the sky every fire eclipses but they're calling it in this is what's it could look like in and happens when the moon blocks out most of the sun. believes the renewed fighting around its circumference. course never they did to look directly at it. even when the eclipses going on. as experts recommend wearing solar and save view and glasses these days. your reporter will be on sunday. if you are as a chance you can have a look at how to call that was not clear conditions as when to be happening later today. did police the right number and everything from clear skies looking after the bay bridge to cloud cover in livermore and partly cloudy in san jose. air
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temperatures and to the '50s but the winds are still gusting to 24 in some locations added to the evening chill in fact that's kickstart. it surpassed wins by tomorrow morning work with the picking of some westerlies will have 52 m.p.h. winds and set up. trenton vital as the sun shining we can't call it pressure gradient. but last winter marlin more sun shines for your what a headline suggests that we will have at this sunny and breezy conditions for friday and will begin tonight overnight into the 40's and into the fifties did to degrees from mountain view of the was tomorrow's day tem highest are going up in comparison to comparison statistics these beaches 67 is on the peninsula 70 degrees of
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hell out of line redwood city we're talking mid-'70s across the santa clara valley including the clinton valley back and to all be so 80 degrees to marlin danville black hawk and alamo otherwise 78 degrees in discovery bay 81 bread with tracy and oakley also aided degrees and sandras ended sonoma of 65 in santa clara price decline to the skies on monday. that would provide cooler temperatures warmer by tuesday and wednesday. that is our pinpoint forecasts. they to roberta. lining up for double doubles why there would be so much burke was in the bay area neighborhood. and our are the customers
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today told john ramos that it was worth the wait. at present those upper the doors opened at 1030. but that wasn't too early to
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start chopping down. it wants them somewhere. did waves and continue to grow. and grow and grow. people in this area have been waiting for more than a year to satisfy their urge for the burger. as a while to get it done but it's always worth it and it happens from time to time as well. did we its regular customers have a cold like attachment to this place bonilla and were off the menu burgers and fries cheese sauce and grilled onions. many sanchez but if it patty and so did himself. why do that? trying to write history to go to record books. in san ramon. but fans of the double bubble say that as part of the lord. the accolades he got there
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just to support as opposed to another hamburger places around the corner. in a steel ball special. that is why people are scratching their heads of the company proposed putting another restaurant on his property just 3 mi. up the freeway from anyone. but then some neighbors complained and down with john application for that one and it's just in limbo is probably the best to put it. but here the neighbors are happy. everyone wins. almost everybody. john ram cbs five. better know what the numbers never won one that fell today of the minutes next.
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raiders linebacker mclean was sentenced to 180 days in jail after being found guilty on all charges stemming from a shooting incident in alabama last fall he is appealing the ruling and start the clock. elin thing worse than the cardinals tuxedoes was their defense. st. louis committed three errors against the giants david freezes skipped to the dugout along brandon bell to score the go-ahead run giants beat the cardinal 7 to 5 azine rangers tied it for the 10 it the hawaiian sensation. the a's win five to four and the return home to around one of the battle of the bay this weekend 816. the nba playoffs the pacers
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yes. the pacers blew out the heat 9475 they get 21 series lead that surprising. how about the spurs to have to be the most number-one seed ever. it is keep taking their business on a 588. so they're 1600 this postseason and is the playoffs 21 it is a 30 series lead in the one-to-one away from a trip to the stanley cup finals of the first time in franchise history and i think this is becoming had a running theme here in the postseason the nhl on the third day daryl sutter brought back program back into prominence for a sharp focus one witness and the cup finals. did we do like and alberta? the appellate the hamburger but the prize the at the work on them. mcdonald has the best prize. i think in and out as the best murder but if you can kind of get together and figure out a
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release. did waves did wait
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