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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 18, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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she fell on the red carpet she tripped and she felt. after all that hype why a they called base books big day a flop and why you shouldn't and a friend the company just yes. was being called a creeping new feature a bay area bars and the backlash over privacy concerns. . he admitted fighting with his pregnant grow friends but tonight's an oakland man says you haven't heard the whole story the incidents made headlines when the monterey safeway employee was suspended from work after he jumped to help a woman. by the suspect
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says he's the real victim. what really happened at the safeway in monterey last month? the employees says he saw this man beating his pregnant girlfriend. he explicated tell them to come down and i saw that no one was intervening in the situation and i just became afraid for her safety and also other customers safety. the guy was out of control he was going pretty much lost it. he jumped in and the police commended him for protecting the woman from serious injury we caught up with him outside selena's courtroom where he pleaded no contest to the battery charges and still try to justify shutting his girlfriend. i tried to get away from her was doing too? she is trying to grab my keys. please see through better. did we try to get away from her. it was an argument and i
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don't know why he came up to the insulted me. did we it's hard sell from his mug shot of the man claims young rookies steve and there was a lot of blood young says he is suspended from say without pay for violating store policy which is to call security. in a written statement separate claims young was not suspended for coming to the aid of one of our customers that action was courageous and correct but a videotape of the entire incident appears to a bill actions we cannot condone meanwhile an on-line petition called did give ryan job ran his job back without with pay has collected 500 signatures. . i don't think anyone should have to second-guess themselves or feel bad about doing was right. it was the status update heard around the world on his face but paid to this morning
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marked up a bird posted a listed company on nasdaq then with the place but the switch the company's menlo park headquarters today. more than 570 million base of shares that changed hands today in those highly hyped tech offering ever but after a brief rally the stock ended its first day about where it began up just 23ยข. the average first day is about an 15% gain overall and intact landed even larger. and we have basically nothing% gain so been unveiled the great new starlet starlet of the tech world and she fell in the red carpet. the idea made him over $20 billion not bad for a day's work. but he has a tough job ahead in listed this book is being valued for its promise not for its performance. it takes a picture of your face in counts years ago went to bar any official recognition now
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that lets you know what's happening in a number of watering holes market their tells us about the gap and why some people are calling it a little creepy. it's just the latest use for your smart phone and not hell do you and exact demographic breakdown of who is in your local bar but as an unexpected and not like this does not come without a controversy over privacy. the drinks are flowing into the other thing that is flowing as information on who is inside the at least in terms of their gender an estimated eight it's all available now that has just launched in san francisco called seen tap. will provide is crowd size at a given venue you can even see male to female ratio as well as the average age of that particular place and of course it's fully representative of the crowd of several individualized there's nothing personal here. when you walk into the bar this camera above the door
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counts your entry into in another camera uses what is called the basal detection to estimate your gender and age. for not recording images are of the or not streaming in the video of all we're not doing any personal inflation attracting people to the venue but those assurances have not got the pipes filled over privacy concerns. will bill she doesn't like the idea of a computer is in her rage a dozen the value and the gap. if there were more men and had that would be more tempting to go to that bar. local news says he will monitor customer feedback now that the act is live. think some people have raised their voices about issues about having technology in a nightclub that kind of color to me as to what they're doing with information. dewis it
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is possible that presidential, may not make it on to the november ballot in arizona the reason is questions about the president's birth certificate. arizona secretary of state says it is his responsibility to make sure everyone on the state's ballot meets all qualifications the president released his birth to to a given y last year if why can't provide proper documentation mr. obama's will not make the november ballot in arizona. deadweight tonight why's attorney general says that there is not what the president's birth record has to prove it legitimately needs them. we can all agree that's there are 60 seconds in the minutes all of us except for muni apparently. the agency defines a minute as anything under hundred 22nd with its determining its vehicles are on time this evinces the city charter says muni is only late after four minutes. but after ms. caught it to arrive up to
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four minutes and 59 seconds late even with the adjusted time muni has never hit. new details about a deadly hit and run. a very attorney arrested for hitting and killing a cyclist and then taking off is not on on tonight's the crash happened tuesday in dublin on toward the road new look retry questionnaires on the number crews that led police to their suspects. neighbors say spencer smith is a quite guy in father of two who lived here in san ramon with his wife. an attorney in fact neighbors never expected to be arrested in the hit and run that killed bicyclist both hutus tonight. is shocking and horrible. i do not believe that the man ran over somebody and killed and that person is dead. and that is horrible. did we that is absolutely horrible. a shocking crime happens not far from home in dublin
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police found the mercedes emblem and a few other pieces of that scene as a crass and quickly figured out of a car that hit him was exactly like this one. detectives tracked the peaches to pieces to smith and found his car hit in the garage. reopened the rise in service search warrants and the car had the same parts missing that we have extensive front and damage to the head the front grille and windshield. we checked in dmv records show that smith had been cited for speeding twice since 2010 and once in 2009 for having no license and registration or plates police say smith was cooperative but brought a lawyer as they searched his home. did we to didn't seem upset even seen this daughter of orderly he was gone. neighbors say it in the days after the accident smith had stopped driving his mercedes and started driving his wife's range rover authorities say the man who died in the crash was the chinese national had been visiting his family in san ramon for all four weeks.
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to notify them this morning of the rest and were very pleased. without milk multiple messages with the lawyer who did not return our calls however he told the chronicle this was nothing more than a terrible accident. in san ramon kristen there's cbs via police want to know who let this is this is back in front of a san jose mills nils lawn this morning along with a note written in vietnamese threatening workers with a hand grenade the discovery shut down area businesses for hours and put in nearby elementary school on lockdown the package turned out to be harmless and no explosives were found. no word yet on what cause the driver of a deadly crash in berkeley to lose control of his car his passenger in woman in her 20s died when the vehicle careened into a tree overnights the driver and a child two was in the car are hospitalized with serious injuries. another deadly
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crash in fremont a cement truck driver died after smashing into a bakery this morning the big rig drivers expected to survive. san francisco house on the toughest billboard laws in the bay area. but there are new complains that advertisers have found a way around its lindi on the compromise that could cost the city. all billboards large and small must have permits for the city planning department there is 1700 billboards and san francisco and it turns out within half of them like this one do not. in is there, they must remove them in 30 days or face fines of 100 $2,500 a day city law also bans any new billboards for the past 10 years but outdoor advertisers is saying the law restricts their business days to and said they want to pay the $7 million in fines a local deification group says the city caved in and gave them a better deal.
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into the city and believe are just fatigued by a the suits from is a little billboard operators. the city's planning department till december this go chronicle of how to make a deal including reducing fines for what live in a costly long trial. we're concerned about giving up $500 in fees especially when they're due to the city and san francisco especially duties during his top economic times and it turns out part of the budget deal also allows the advertiser to take down 44 of its large illegal billboards for 120 smaller ones and new legally some locations san francisco beautiful says it is a direct violation of the new billboard ban. so we're having this strange argument where less signs are more and somehow it just doesn't make sense does that that led to several messages of the san francisco planning department to respond to the charges and no one
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answered. in the meantime san francisco is suing the city to try to get that negotiated deal thrown out in san francisco linda e. cps 5. did wait a it's been called the bay area's virgin of version of big foot the mysterious and elusive citing it's still on its side months after the mishap the ambitious game plan to raise the concordia. many people to stare up at the skype sky this weekend when is the best time to watch the when the fire? 23 temperatures bands across the area today now all the day this weekend that will be warmer. rival it may take a
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year to complete the job. what cause the least $300 million. we feel confident that we can do it. and we feel confident that balloon with their partners will do it safely. to the next few days crews
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will accept one hole and then build an underwater platform and still not steel containers to one side will be filled with water as a counterbalance to the cranes lift the set of the platform. once it's up wreck more compartments will be added what will become downright alarmed at repair pit air pump did to steady the ship so it can be towed away for demolition. 32 people were killed in the disaster and the ship's captain faces manslaughter charges. laxness has its monster the himalayas have yet the in the bay area has a big black cat. the elusive mystery animal has been spotted again this time in the hills above pleasanton there have been several sightings of the years of huge dark cats throw me the spray. lynne reid says he saw 12 years ago and has lived in castro valley for 35 years and says he's seen his share bomb lands but this was not mine.
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i would probably say it stood 2 ft. high it's hard to tell and high grass. he was probably 36 in. long. and the body length his tail was probably 18 to 20 in. and it came up with a curl. sounds like my cat bob. did we hurt wildlife experts say it's improbable that it isn't a panther but not impossible a few jaguars do inhabit the extreme southwestern united states but they say more than likely it is just a dark not land. or bob. had to choose for stargazers in one month a few weekends ago with a clear view of that super moon ended sunday is the suns turned to surprise and it's done ford shows us is a very special event. is an astronomical event to see a great astronomical event these third graders here are
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getting ready for a first in a lifetime event. 632 sunday afternoon the move will pass in front of the sun crating a rare solar eclipse known as the ring of fire. astronomers jonathan brant and says this one will be dead. is going to looks strange and will block out somewhere around 85 to 90% delight of the sun. still scientists warned to not look directly at this flips because the brightness can damage the office. the best way to watch is with the welding is lance. practicing here with our lenses i'm trying to find the glasses of that i can shote the cups to my kids. most welding shops are sold out of the $10 lenses to be at a small panel view you can make a foil but around 82 then punted tiny hole then what the projected image cheapest yet use your hands by crossing your fingers create tiny shaft of light on paper. did we this is
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good to be a fantastic weekend this is the best kind of event because everyone can see it. if you miss two click on sunday because the next 111 years if he missed the obvious chance that you would have to wait 105 years. price reify was back in 1994 so it is certainly a treat and we will build is the bin talal, all this time is in five to the go-ahead in writing seeking rapid had around this will begin to see the solar eclipse of 516 and by the time is all said and done will be 740 but the maximum eclipses and 633 that is when the new moon slips him the earth and the son and will cover about 84 to 90% of the sons though to look straight at it. uses cool glasses.
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looking up toward san francisco currently is 52 degrees and winds continue to blow at the west to about 10 mi. per hour but i did chile to air at the old new credits written nightmare ironic, puerto season fog developing the overnight hours is and panama to the warmer day on saturday and we don't have the changes as the hon presser is really in comanche will provide not only a warm day saturday but a pretty mild weekend including sunday statewide nearly 90 across the central valley packing all into writing nearly 70 of the south shore them spread of monterey bay of and it's nice clear skies until that fog develops forties and 30's for overnight lows to rouse the time horizon going up anywhere between three and about seven degrees in comparison to today sixties will line the seashore to '70s around the peninsula the winds will blow out of the northwest tend to 20 mi. per hour and a late day and morgan hill and in the world hasn't low 80s and the meantime all live to 84 degrees in
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brentwood tracy oakley in discovery bay including rio vista ladies and at that is to go further on that and we're talking 83 degrees in sonoma sixties will be coming across the north coast and 60 degrees and san francisco when the average time is 64. the extended forecast calls for just a couple of degrees cooler on sunday in a barely feel the difference and a pretty trembled trickle weather pattern perfect conditions. that's the and when forecast. will this a few hours until the assyrian a new era of space travel who makes this show to the heavens unlike any other.
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arab i was the big stick. will begin the journey to los angeles from there will become a floating interest of the museum is proud
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moment for many veterans aboard the iowa. in the navy and it was my job now that i look back on and it was a really big part of america's history was one of america's treasures. the island for its launch in 1942 was decommissioned in 1990 is expected to pass under the golden gate bridge sometime around 337 afternoon. the equates a new era in space travel is set to blast off in just a few hours this space experts rocket will deliver food and supplies to astronauts at the international space station hi there rocket is not now says it's designed to built and built by private corporation is the first commercial flight designed to dock at the space station it will be anyone on board the does carry the supplies and since nasa's space shuttle program is over it's a cheaper way to get to space. pack your honor of the former major-league all-star goes on top and the giants, swinging in round one of the bay
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bridge series. hawke a lot whole
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bill is under the debris is this the last few years the giants have won nine straight at&t part in this market at the clock. a dense not not dare program in that area took in 81 lead in the fourth after hector sanchez is double that the a's had made it interesting things to josh donaldson the bases clearing double made it 86 donaldson and the giants' lead 86 right now on the night. cut the labor kerrey was struck out the only battle the face this afternoon and his 14 year career of the former
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rookie of the year announced his retirement after the game. nba playoffs this 76ers' were down 18 in the first half but rallied back to be the celtics' 9283 indeed in the series a two games apiece. the tour of california sylvan george breaks away from the pacs wednesday's six with which ended a big bear lake and keep the elaters the and has a 34 second lead with two stages remaining in the lakers right now up one on the thunder with 30 seconds to go. said it was a good down three del. and they have to play back- to-back. and of course than the had the kings and clippers. by now you know what that by the one with the stages of the amgen. see you at 11. ,,,,
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