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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  May 20, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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millions across asia and western united states witnessed a rare event the annular eclipses known as the right now a fire another flub in case you missed it. a driver videotapes bikers on the freeway and then runs into them. it is what happened next that landed him in hospital. remembering the falsetto voice of '70s disco group the bee gees robin get loses his battle with cancer. good evening i'm ann notorangelo. we have you covered the annular eclipses in nearly two decades has come and gone brian hackney here to show was we could not see with our native guys
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you see on the monitor behind me what we saw five hours ago the immune the moon about to a clips' the solar disk and other parts of the world got a complete view of it. at the observatory at well it it turned out in hundreds. the best way to look at his or clips is to be nice to end astronomer wendy of people cannot to safely view of the apocalypse. it began in southeast asia sunrise this morning video shows what they had to contend with. they had clouds but when the sun appeared it appeared with perfect timing that was at sunrise than the shadow of the moon rises and races across the pacific until it reaches west coast of california, the chabot telescopes trained on the clips. it takes a bigger bite from the sun.
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at 515 in the afternoon and ended at quarter of a, a maximum of course there 84% of the sunday club did by the moon. it did not get that park in the bay area the right clouds in front of the sun, but in real life something you'll never forget. this is the ring of fire from utah. there were more in a path, we were outside of it. that is why we star a.d. partial solar eclipse. the biggest in 17 years. we just went out on battery st. i had my solar filter and were looking at the clips to view of the sun and stopping traffic on battery at the same time. next up a total solar eclipses august 2017. more on that and the weather in
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a few minutes a teenage driver on the peninsula, a reminder that the dangers of distracted driving linda yee shows us his biggest problem was not the accident he caused but what happened after the crash. this played out on highway 1 01 in belmont this morning. an 19 year-old center is a man driving in his previous spots 20 motorcyclists members of the hell's angel he takes out his cell phones he was rejecting a loss control of the vehicle the movie did not have the ending he was all before he hit one of the bikers and bounced off the median and ran into a second banker. all traffic came to stop and motorists sought the driver attack by the bikers.
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two of the bikers and the driver taken to the hospital. no one has been arrested because the driver cannot identify who was throwing punches. the highway patrol said and was an awareness of what happened to come forward c h p investigators say they have no idea why the team driver was videotaping the bikers were trying to figure out what was going on clues may be in a cellphone video that offers of not seen the on a person charged is the 19 year-old cited for driving while distracted. linda yee cbs 5 investigators tried to figure out why a passenger shot and killed a bus driver in west hollywood. witnesses say the driver climbed out of a bus and truck to run a light debt but is caught him they found to firearms on the bus the shooting happened in two
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blocks from where hundreds of people were watching cyclists in the two or of california. pg&e has exceeded the natural pressure on gas lines more than 120 times including the deadly sin bruno explosion. the chronicle says safety experts and top gas officials are worried about the number of spikes, internal memos show those internal surges occurred about 40 times this year. the explosion killed eight people. anti-war activists show their support for allies in chicago protesting outside nato meetings. the occupy and in the protest began this morning with the unfolding of banners over interstate 80 in berkeley. calling for peace across the world especially in afghanistan and never ending war we have to in war as a policy tool i'm here with people we have been
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trying this for years and years and the protest in chicago are much more active and violent, police arrested 45 people today neda demonstrators clashed with officers. karen brown reports world leaders are making progress on an exit strategy from afghanistan a line of officers tried to move protesters back as they clashed at the end of an anti- war mad march at the nato summit. police arrested and handcuffed people. the demonstrators marched through the streets of chicago sunday many call for nato to be disbanded we don't need that kind of alliance we have the united nations and other alliances the money for these wars needs to go to people's needs some veterans through their war medals on the ground as they join the protest, for the end of
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the war in afghanistan thousands of officers were to control the protest outside inside nato allies announced the want to move troops to a support role a year earlier than expected. by 2013 we expect the afghan forces to take the lead for security across the country u.s. forces will have a combat role through 2014 during a meeting with afghan president president obama's said the transition will be challenging at the loss of life continues in afghanistan there will be hard days ahead, but were confident or on the right track monday the group of leaders work on how the coalition will support afghanistan after troops leave and how the pay for the mission. karen brown cbs news one of the men credited with defining the disco era ballot.
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robin geb of the bee gees lost his battle with cancer today. theresa garcia with more. ♪ the sound of the disco era. robin get with his brothers barry and morris were the bee gees one of the most successful pop groups of all time. raised in england and australia the brothers grimm of the hits in the 1960's, in the 1970's the popularity started to slump they found their groove in disco. ♪ his using their falsetto the bee gees did the soundtrack for " saturday night fever " and became a sensation. the album #146 months selling 40
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million copies one of the best- selling records of 1970's we did not foresee how they get would be as the disco era past the backlash began the bee gees became a punch line and struggle to regain their image. you can be terrible to ever win the next image we were devastated by that robin and his brothers worked on solo careers as the dg spell out of favor. the work behind the scenes writing songs for other stars. including barbra streisand, dionne warwick and dolly parton. the '90s brought a series of new hits and in 1997 harris back they crave a spot in the rock- and-roll hall of fame.
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success brought seven grammy awards and sales of over $200 million raman's patwin morrison died in 2003. robin in and out of a hospital in recent years he came down with pneumonia in april forcing him to miss the london premiere of his class at titanic requiem. he slipped into a coma. the started rehearsing together again. they stopped what about a bee gees reunion saying they still have a lot of music in us.
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thousands of tents put up to shelter survivors of an earthquake in italy that left six people dead, aftershocks continued to shake the area northwest of bologna. hundreds of historic buildings reduced to rubble 11,000 people cannot return home, the government has released the money to handle the emergency. anti-smoking advocates said it is about money for research on cancer, but those opposed to an extra dollar for the cigarette tax said prop. 29 is about controlling behavior and supporting special interest. don knapp with more. not one penny goes to new funding for cancer treatment and type prop 29 forces say the proposition is about to get
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to spend money on what and where you get a slice of the tax funds to a group of mind unelected people to spend as they see fit on cancer research in its revolving fund could be a billion dollars a year tax is used by the government to enforce certain behaviors will we find sugar or tax sugar pacs fast food, tax unhealthy sexual behavior to pay for as did the research you can go on. that notion find some resonance with people in the prop 29 ads is a brother telling you what you should do this so we get rid of starbucks and coffee and other things let loose something we that we americans and joy. chisholm supporters of prop 29 say the industry's message misleading. the figures are irrefutable
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if you raise the cost of smoking consumption goes down and goes down among kids. if the tax is used to change behavior is that bad? we're still welcome to smoke maybe you should bear some of those costs and not telling you what to do their charge you more to do it. prop 29 forces fall favorites say they are outgunned. we've come up with about $4 million on the yes side but the tobacco industry has spent 40 million on this and by the time is over expenditure between 8100 million. the entire prop 29 grove tells us the tobacco tax not needed for research results ready billions of & about our
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research is being spent by research institutions if you that register to vote time is running out to more of the last day to register for june 5th primary, voters will choose which candidates will move on to the november election and what ballot measures will become law. you can register online to vote for a link to the state's voter registration site code to cbs s f dot com click on links and numbers. waiting longer at the final voyage of the uss iowa and delayed because of a storm approaching the west coast. a battleship was supposed to leave richmond today for los angeles the star may organizers nervous about towing it at sea, they're not sure when to reschedule the departure in los angeles and will be rededicated as a naval museum. time to talk about the weekend weather ahead chisholm
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there are changes it will get cool we had a warm day today 90 degrees in parts of east bay it turns around tomorrow it will be on the chilly side, low clouds on the shoreline it cool we head concord 62 degrees oakland 56, san jose 61, the numbers are coming down par for the course this time of year. the coastal clouds and the cooler weather and the potential of a shower or to friday. the low pressure off the coast will keep the clouds in tomorrow morning the day will have clouds and then clear in an mostly sunny. there are conditions out there
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off the shore and as a result in their plan its eighth with the uss iowa. the day goes on sunrise clouds along the coast but the day wears on and clouds go away will get sun a typical summertime pattern for bay area. expect clouds along the coast the sun inland, temperatures come down about 10-15 degrees. clouds in the morning and high of 63 degrees at sfo, l 881 degrees, denver looks good chicago 64 degrees, rain in new york the next couple of days. for the bay area will look at '70s for the most part, mid- seventies for the most part at oakland relatively cool 67 degrees, san francisco mid-60's.
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with a clinic down now through friday. it forecast system expected to come in. roberta will watch that for you. a suggestion it might rain we could get showers on friday. 10 degrees or more. chisholm is to model the tougher than usual for runners recovering from the bay to breakers the go to homework a little sore, and without the outlandish costumes anne mackovic on the race the shores of the city's creative side. chaos correct chaos more than 50,000 people came out for the 101st running of the bay to breakers from serious runners to ... these are my mermaids
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it started at 7:00 a.m. at the embarcadero leading to a 7.4 mi. course from the bay to the ocean, people throwing tortillas and mobile parties along the way a spectacle race than more serious race drinking is banned the people did it anyway officers only made a handful of arrests after the crazy john across the city racers and up at the finish line at ocean beach. feels awesome we made it chisholm as tradition plenty of people who arrived at finish line in the buff. it is comfortable and fund the celebration continued all over san francisco there was a party of five people live along the race say this year was relatively mild not too much garbage not a
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lot of alcohol it was nice hannah and experience for all involved quite the spectacle in san francisco anne mackovic cbs 5 the fastest woman runner was from ethiopia, she completed the race in over 39 minutes the fastest man was from kenya he crossed the finish line under 35 minutes. she is a whiz on the skin pong table with the san jose girl is attempting to do.
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the avengers continued to muscle out everything hollywood throws at breaking into $55 million this week. it sank at rush up and other new
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releases for the third weekend in rome. the battleship came in number two sasha barrett is colon's the dictator came in #3 followed by dark shadows. and 16 year-old girl from san jose the west's best hope at winning olympic gold it table tennis this summer. ariel sheen trying to do what no other american has done win any medals in table tennis she has made and some famous friends she was invited to warren buffett's seventh at a birthday party. i got to play against uncle worn and uncle bill mr. bill gates i want to be a teacher or dr. now that i've been to berkshire hathaway meetings business sounds good and warren buffett a ping-
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pong fanatic. he heard parents say she needs to keep getting a is to keep playing table tennis this could be moving to san francisco there's report combat the giants go for a sweep sports is next.
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reports that the wars have decided to move from oakland to san francisco to a new arena built at pier 32 in time for the 2017 season in the war say they're not prepared to make any announcement at this time. the bay bridge the now at at&t
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they lined up early to get their hands on the brian wilson known give away. tim lincecum was great through three but then calcining goals with the bases loaded that scores to run open takes a 3-2 lead. still in the fourth inning allowed to pitch buster posies did not know where the ball was because of away from second base and nails tim lincecum it is a boy this we and win 6-2 and they're a 11 game losing streak in san francisco. lebron chains and 1 where it combined and miami beach the pacers to tie the series at two games apiece. peters said again wednesday final stage of the tour of california but not enough to dethroned robert to beat the
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american by 46 seconds and have a score just in the spurs have swept the clippers to move on. goodnight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ]
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