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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 24, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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in a body found in the trash can near a area mall tonight new details about the victim. california lawmakers get extra pay on taxpayers' dime. the crack the mood to gain and guarantee themselves more money. hear the name of the treat they're trying to spell out. good evening and the king. on domestic debt. in the last hour and half we learned that a body found stuffed into a garbage can was a female we can confirm that. the remains were left a long double candy road near foothill in pleasanton. not too far from the stone ridge mall to live goodrich's standing by in pleasanton on the minds of everyone could this be the remains of sierra lamar's? the ways that is the big question
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tonight's in fact asked lt. say what the people are wondering and they say at this point all we can confirm is the body is that a female but they fell short of identifying her in sitting the age. just before noon pleasanton police a phone call that is suspicious trash can on this side of the dublin canyon road. it was the location of the can itself was suspicious. officers looked inside. they appeared to be human remains. the remains were taken to the coroner's office to find the body was a male or female a few hours later police revealed that the body is that of the they can't confirm and age identity. how fast as this investigation be? this lot investigation of sierra lamar's to hear about this in naturally jump to some sort of conclusion. so the course of his
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reports to us what information they claimed from their weekend repeated see you the discovery is disturbing. without my horses are for years and is a nice quiet rural area. we can't help but wonder there is a connection to sierra lamar's. mr. have been isn't. public defender live. applause and a police department is working for an alleged local agencies and the county sheriff's department the identity the aged also sang a sierra lamar's. it's not the new is it. it's a missing person's report in this area ease banter out the bay area all good questions juliana have one more but is all we have from chapter 5 showed the trash can in the middle of the lane. it was found replaced by the
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detectives? did we get think in that shot the move the trash can. when originally dump on the side of the road private homeowner had founded. so maybe in that view it was just the detectives had moved in that time. aside mayor accused of kidnapping sierra lamar's stacey judge today in selling garcia thorez was in the courtroom all of 60 seconds and said nothing during the hearing the judge appointed a public defender for him outside the core they say garcia torahs is eligible for the death penalty but his office has not yet decided whether to seek it. and as those used the death penalty as a bargaining chip in sure there would like to have something that they can approach this defended with so they could get information on where sierra lamar's is. the need to consider that. sierra was last seen leaving their mark in home for school in march 16th
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the arrested garcia thorez on monday based on dna evidence from her bag and his car. and after more than 30 years in arrest in one of her high- profile missing children cases based on the aids disappeared off your city streets into 1979 and now demand has come forward to confess to the kill them. the tellus said detectives have to figure out if this confession is true. this is a man your city police say the looking for for three decades 51 year-old pedro hernandez is under arrest with the disappearance of six year- old a son paints. is confess to choking him 33 years ago tomorrow the have no physical evidence reason the city in the case prompted a tip that led police to the home.
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until the family member and others that he had done a bad thing and killed a a child in new york. hernandez family members left the house thursday without comment and under police escort one thing custody hernandez the police here to the scene of the crime who used to be in bodega where it teenage hernandez worked as a stock clerk. i dispose of the body but by putting it into a plastic bag and placing it into the trash. a ton parents still live a block away from where their son disappeared. i've taken back a little surprised and i would say that it overwhelms to agree well underestimate provide some closure for a time family police say it's unlikely a * remains will ever be recovered for cbs news new york. tonight at st. john the
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catholic church in san as saying and tributes to travis morgado or about when to charge their second the senate died yesterday when the surgeons attacked with an improvised explosive device. a was his first overseas deployment second lieutenant chavis brought was 25 years old. it won the $142 per diem over the memorial day weekend so california lawmakers are adjusting their schedules to make sure they get it they move their regular thursday's session to friday. that way they would get the tax-free money while they're away for the weekend to the total cost to taxpayers is $65,000. president obama's the bay area this morning and was here for just 16 hours but wherefores one took off his reelection campaign had another $4 billion. the cash came from a trio silicon valley
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fund-raiser. and now beginning college kids and be more difficult the student loan interest rates are about to go up the airport and the impact that this could have a higher education and what still could be done to stop the costly trend. the professor will be 60 years old and a few days overtiring for teaching and practice will have to wait. they took out loans to pay for college to pay for her two boys on her thousand dollars and 8% compound interest. probably at this point it's 132,000. the kansas four years of school each. as of the a lot. the with government funding down in tuition up their burned away to college back in 1993 less than half a graduate college students have loans in 2010 the number shot up to two-thirds. the average amount owned is $200.
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the senate rejected proposals for the student loan rate increase in the congress fails axed the current rate of three plan four% will double to lead first. this increase has a dividend increase in the cost for college so much so that's where starting to talk about college becoming a luxury that only a few afford. there were saved in budget and today he graduated from san is a stays with a history degree of just $8,000 to be goes for a master's his tens of thousands. kids can settle down can't buy a house can take on new debt its is is that frustrating. she figures of working in their '70's if she stays healthy. it concerns me. because i really don't do that. in san as a kid does cbs five.
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their headlines now are the biggest crush the cards and as a killing the passenger and believe the big rig driver was being on on ran to 680 this morning and loss control. the passenger's daughter was also in the car did not seriously hurt. the driver is in critical condition. the warriors are any open mayor jean kwan is not about to sit on the bench and let the warriors move across the bay cornices that it's not a done deal and she says the city is moving ahead with plans for 8,000 a. coliseum city it would include shopping hotels and room for the raiders the a's and the warriors. contra costa county has one of the worst commutes in the country where talk about the stretch of highway 4 between india and they point to a new national study shows regular commuters placed about 60 hours a year there but there is hope. plans are in the works to widen
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the corridor to four lanes each way. but the allies online and they don't get paid how you can get back to some bay area heroes and fill your stomach at the same time. poisoned by detergent why these little pockets are particularly dangerous. can you guess they're trying to say the cold truth is not so easy to set out? there rain will break down three was at this news continues right here on the city. clinical
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toxicologist at the california poison control center he discovered call this morning from a frantic mom he was in 81 holes biting into one of these larger detergents and had somebody at the time. other law detergent called cause mild stomach upsets. the interest and
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has significant symptoms. it becomes very lethargic. reading difficulties. to thomas had it on ventilators to protect their airways from damage. experts don't know what it is about these packets were even if it's just one brand. but intel is known they're easy to open an easy to pop in this small mouth to keep him out of sight and locked up. we always recommend locking up there's silliness safeway to put these things away. despite its high above the fray. now your child it does fit into one of them do not induce vomiting used as a little bit of water to wash up the face at the child is willing to drink it is above water great. don't force them to drink lots of water. it called poison control at 100 it
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to 21222 and talk to experts and 247 dr. kim cps 5. where did the ago memorial day weekend on the unofficial kickoff this summer fun with conditions as dry as they are adults a red hot. and firefighters are urging the will to be extra careful for her outdoor activity. there is right here in the bay area one fire crew that is hosting an outdoor party of its own. it's a tiny group of some huge charts but in the end even heroes need help. there are dealers contractors and software engineers and that's how they make their living by when the alarm goes off don't risk their lives for free. the men of the volunteer fire departments might have to wear him down turnout coats and writer rounds in the 25 year-old blubbered truck. in the world
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out of that old wooden bar in the college firehouse they just had the occasion. i was one of the four guys to respond on the scene. and did think he and the other volunteers were there to be to the community of only about 450 people its isolated long from the marin county coast county fire crews could be 15 or more minutes away depending on whether the traffic often the difference between life and death. the someone you had a heart attack its the bags bad fall the department's new chief steve wynn is inheriting an old problem. how to keep the volunteer fire departments have been running amid state resources and limited local funding. your basic to announce which is jacket pans gloves were
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taught about $4,000 per diet then there's trucks and all the other of education equipment that we need. compound the problem is the fact that the beach is a popular area. as a glitz and beachgoers up to a million people year who all too often need help. the lot of false heart attacks issues that happened out of the beach or people or might not miking. they give something back. locals here thrown old-fashioned barbecue. it happened to the public. to raise money for their volunteer fire department. it's a family event and this close-knit community can't afford to be without these family members. this a long ways away from outside help if the earthquake even a good fire could still this committee off. or saddam of
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the 40th and will firemen's barbecue from noon to 5 the new beach picnic grounds tons of food tons of things to do the $20 donation will be parking + $10 in coupons to spend all the food and drink so ago. did way to some degree to do. but the 13 year-old from hayward is celebrating his third-place finish at the national geography bee in washington d.c.. murray and earned a $10,000 scholarship he's a seventh grader in fremont's and for general from texas to the top prize the competition started with 4 million students nationwide. and four year-old girl had a hard time announcing the name of a frozen treats his teacher couldn't write say there. did we will return to learn?
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it's that while the above four year-old girls did eventually say the ever popular popsicle every kid i knew growing up knew that word. the two videos as a justice today already in as thousands of hits. they have a little blue tongues. in a lot of people are feeling outside tonight because the wind is blowing the temperatures dipping and now will take you outside the golden gate bridge where currently the winds are blowing up to 40 m.p.h. but you notice the pavement is drive that could change within the next several hours wednesday is still up to 40 m.p.h. gusting at sfo, her 25 that same story right here in the city of san francisco
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tonight increasing cloud cover and the winds gradually decreasing temperatures in the 40's and 50's 47 degrees overnight in fremont you whether headlines we will see cloud cover tonight we will have a chance of showers and given a thunderstorm is possible during the daytime hours the afternoon primarily around the bay area for friday and then there is a mild holiday weather forecast but first things first its future cast i find this interesting that we show you why. as the walking to the overnight hours morning commutes smattering of precipitation around mount diablo and also around mount hamilton and the to the right there the seller wants to cross the copper plate near one the creek sits in this battered very light showers that could develop at any point in the day tomorrow so be advisable to carry the umbrella of these and '60s will be cooler tomorrow at the coast occasionally the stronger as '60s peninsula and high sixties up across santa clara valley also upper 60s coming in from brentwood back into tracy also
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discovered a 67 degrees at the delta center feels and rio vista and were talking about upper 60s toward sonoma of the day they will sit cool around 58 degrees the extended forecast partly sunny conditions on saturday as high pressure builds back and tries skies and very mild conditions on sunday and flew memorial day from the opportunities with the sunshine and beaches to 76 degrees while inland and that is your and when forecast. there have a nation is over so there is live at the slow during about by rattlesnakes could pose a much bigger threat to the bay area this year papa
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is a poison control system is warning even yawn rattlers america that controlling how much they deliver. their little
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bit more agitated because the been sleeping all winter and a looking for a maid there looking for a new territory and making a mess. they're running into rattlesnake is in brushy areas over going hiking tessin the past. construction crews will be hard work for this coming memorial day weekend tomorrow night caltrans will shut down all lanes of the bridges have poor retrofitting work the bridge will stay closed until 5:00 a.m. tuesday also tomorrow night many will close the line and part of the state church line to make improvements at expect delays on the golden gate bridge it sunday thousands and thousands of people for the 75th anniversary celebration. they headed back to miami where the willie joining him for game 7 and speaking of south
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beach giants are big fans of the marlins what's next. many
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ramirez went 1 for 4 in round lots and at the river cats to make his debut in sacramento to maronite christians at the clock. the giants in their first look at the marlins new $500 million stadium they had a 458 ft bomb off rentals on his third homer of the season against the giants san francisco didn't have any homer's the the the town of 15 hits and scored a season-high 14 runs and don h. irvin for the giants beat the marlins 14 to
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seven. opening round of the colonials and johnson had five birdies on the back nine and shot a six under 64 to take a one-shot lead the nba playoffs pacers called the team soft after they're blown off by in game 5 david west got the message and finish strong indiana led by 2 1/2 but they had no answer for doing away the at its best game of the post-season 41 points and 10 rebounds in the final three games of the series to advance to an eastern conference final and they will await the winner of the celtics and sixers game 7 is on saturday and they're saying they're going to the celtics. 14 runs by the giants. did we were the come from? and offensive explosion that is supposedly a pitcher's park. so they're not free and as fences then there were talking up reedman to make it more hear from the other not. ,,,,
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