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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 25, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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she celebrated her 80th birthday by jumping out of the plane but what happens next was with something no one could imagine. did police new details on the body found in a trash can what medical examiners told us after the autopsy. and to prepare for some wicked weekend traffic conditions how to get around the closure of the bridge some new lines and golden gate bridge party. some said it couldn't shouldn't or wouldn't be built up to 75 years the golden gate defies the odds and then, materials, and passion that it happened. did we its cannon dana had the night off. the one i cited way to celebrate her 80th birthday of a one-woman sky that turned into a sterile but terrifying fall this happened about 20 mi. north of stockton robert lyles is there with what
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happens in the woman's own words dangling from skydive that the video has gone viral primarily because it appeared that the eight year-old didn't want to jump but it seems that she was pushed out of the plane for legal reasons we can't show you that entire video but we do have the images as to why the faa is involved but we caught up with 81 year-old lover in every two says the videos and too it seems. many's the batten said the plane. firmly 81 year-old lavern ever to sit down and tells the story short stop that hard to people half her age. fln had a rough landing she says for a decade her single focus was to fly high above the central valley and to jump she it turns blood red parachutes under the web site promotes the company is one of the largest and oldest guard scott f. sanders in u.s. 48 years with no
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reservation in $100 to experience a thrill like no other but on her 80th birthday last may she says she got an experience like no other when the defied death. i just held on. you do we have to do. either issue wasn't properly harnessed court there was a close on the loose unharness under burma's on display normally the novice is attacked to the chest but never the case were detached and dangling as people the report. duckweeds put yourself in my position. i think he'd be holding onto. laura never sees herself as lucky she's here to celebrate her 81st birthday. faa investigators were here yesterday questioning the operators but no word i can tell you that we did a little bit of
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background checking and since 2009 there have been for skydiving deaths connected to this parachute center the faa also tells us that there to civil penalties totaling $900,000. reporting live from the lower layer filled rubber while cbs five. new details tonight and the woman's body found inside a trash can in pleasanton they're confident the body is not sierra lamar's. they conducted a preliminary autopsy today no identification yet investigators tell us it was a young woman wearing pajama bottoms and all the teachers. and they say that it can was pounding that might provide clues. that is a pretty generic 45 gal. plastic can is definitely not not the local garbage cans used in the community the body was found yesterday that not determined
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the cause of death. get ready for a weekend of potential traffic headaches it will be crowded around the golden gate bridge for the 75th anniversary celebration the dumbarton bridge to close for safety repairs ended muni shutting down to the most popular lines. marce there is on the fremont 5 where it rains in both directions are about to close any minute now. as caltrans tells us that have indeed closed the entrances to the bridge at this point although we're still seeing traffic, by the last straggler of vehicles getting off the bridge the bridge normally carries 61,000 vehicles every day if nothing else the drivers can say they have not been warned to the dumbarton bridge closure was scheduled for the entire memorial day weekend to the immediate goal to install a new seismic safety is why it's
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important this project will bring the bridge of to say the our seismic standards when it's all done in early 2013 the west side of the bridges maine's ban will also be raised between one and 5 in. to make way for the installation of new seismic bearings that will provide independence movement of the bridge from supporting concrete piers during an earthquake the same changes will take place on the eastern side the main span in the coming months it's going to be a bear robert d. as rides his bike over the bridge and expects the weekend is going to be a headache for everyone. memorial day weekend the weather is supposed to be nice plows and enjoy the holiday weekends disallow a little bit of extra travel time. to the north highway 237 to the south caltrans says is going to do all it can to get the bridge opened before the scheduled time of 5:00 tuesday
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morning. reporting live on the dumbarton bridge mark their cbs five. the writer should be prepared for their on disruptions tonight to the agency began major upgrades on to its most popular routes sharon shannon on how the work will affect passengers normally this is a stop to the metro line with the next 10 days of round-the-clock construction site ready for new ones and 45,000 passengers a day who read the and must find another way to get around. crews are ripping out replacing a hundred feet were not rail at the church at the junction. and not know about this and i'm thinking how to get to work? passengers of the busiest metroliner devising a plan be will probably do is take one of the other streetcars to church streets and walk parts of the day church line and 22 fell more
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bus we rerouted temporary many shuttles will replace the present bides readily have capacity. did wait another super confidence in our present bus service the challenge will be when the shuttle will be their second make on-time to work otherwise ataxias the sentences go bicycle coalition will be a and we can convoy is loosely following the n.j. routes of probably buy or try to derive from a friend's rego by centrally and options by building will let me have a bike. during the construction unit of recommends passengers ride bicycles poplar walk it the work is expected to be done on the routes restored by monday june 4th at 5 in the morning. live in san francisco sheriff chan cbs five the bay area prepares to celebrate the golden gate bridges 75th anniversary this weekend to the old parties and fireworks on sunday into night's mike sugarman digs into archives to showcase the images
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and stories that are timeless. unless you've been around a long time you probably can't imagine a day without its but in the 1920's a lot of people cannot imagine a golden gate bridge. plenty of other people just didn't want it. in many ways our beloved prince is a story of what is possible starting with a ridiculed bridge builder from cincinnati ohio. he told me you and i have built that bridge on paper nine times. i think how hard that man works in east palo newspapers were against him and just said the new automated u.s. to a job that allowed to be done and you want a big fee it's also the story of hardscrabble man living in times much tougher than the ones we know now out of a job in hungary
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that states. i never went out there fight could find any thing else. there was no work is 81012 sometimes 50 or 40 guys waiting for someone to get fired for a one-hour work. i hear people talking with comment cash checks and out here guys talking in the backgrounds about how built on the reduce those guys are crazy never make it. we love did in fact when you're working up in the air it's my opinion the you get kind of high. it was cold it was damp it was foggy we were tough we were special we knew we were to. 11 men died in the efforts to those with scuffle fell three saftey tests bad debts a ground breaking device said 19 others.
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the lower most sections of the tower are entered tubercle stealing goals that still made in bethlehem pa.. and by boat to san francisco. the cables pulled across the gates by the harbor tug and barge company. renault cut them off when connection now we're all clear to the south tower side as the work continued
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over four years another star was born this one started is a romance. we arrived in san francisco valentine's day of 1933 it wasn't unusual to drive back out there in the evening just to see what was going on and so on. a final list went on april 28th 1937. one month later the celebration complete with al jolson. we got there and you're the
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first one in person once in line and remember big tape across against a cut the tape. and everybody went there is a big rush of people. it was a thrill. was wonderful. there were skipping and hopping and jumping it felt like. all that has followed you could call love story. how many people show up for its 50th birthday. up to 350,000 people actually walked on the bridge hundreds of thousands more tried to get there but couldn't some waited to two hours just to get off. bridge engineers to the structure could take the weight without damage if not the most beautiful bridge on earth it is certainly the most photographed think of how many people around the world have worked and saved so that they could come to the place we call home to see our bridge and everyone who has ever seen this has walked away with
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an impression all they're not alone. by now you probably have your own stories about the bridge your own memories and emotions we thought we would share just one of those with you that thoughts of our late colleague who led the plate the year-25 years ago for those of us were like me when it one more round and it was going up it's hard to believe that it's been 50 years since opening day. of course i was very young at the time. it is beautiful to me now as it was then. what it took to build it is a good story is to find any bench a novel and what it means to people around here and around the world is a tribute to that effort. still so very true. the golden age is 75. mike sherman cbs five. and we have a lot more vital video from the first days of the bridge and you can find much of it on our web sites cbs sf dot com. three new hearts in just three days
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and three young lives saved the incredible feats at one bay area hospital sleeping on the couches and beating their food nobody knew it for months why the young man that it and how he did it and how he transformed his life. rain pass into the bay area today good evening now the big changes need to know about it for your holiday weekend is the 10. forecast as eyewitness new'' continues on a c.w.. from
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homeless and unemployed to launch ignore ambitious 20 rolled to make the okay well
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campus in palo alto his home without anybody knowing it. also making a start a dream come true. andy on how he lives there is a scare and works there without getting costs. eric simon literally lives and breathes his job. equates you would think that did work hard because it was that is because he spent long very long hours at its computer every night he was squatting it's a wells headquarters when he ran out of french money. it was one day was walking out and there was the scout i thought that is interesting. i could totally sleep on my couch. he was hired by the silicon valley investors to were continuing today near a group that focuses on new ideas to work out of rented space in a wells paul also headquarters but when the program ended at simon's want to keep going to affect his idea that would help teachers revolutionize education in it wasn't hard to move on into a well. in the
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morning before i worked during the day would come and work out and take a shower so i was already doing the was and still images sleeping there. he started south into lockers outside the company jim and he helped himself to ales food. that would put up the food which included a cup noodles telmex three those snacks like that. for nearly two months he kept up this crews working in the incubator offices on the first floor then sneaking up to the third floor of where he would get a few hours shy which is where the security guards never patrolled. no 1 call on the there were whispers one that the building manager found him and it was over but simon says he did we had to do to build his company now called class connects. i couldn't imagine going home and basically closing up shop and set up camp done he didn't go home now venture capitalists are investing simons
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is living in rented house and has been no backlash from a well. and says he had to do all again. some 20 years old and had nothing to lose at no money dcfs 5. the three of hearts has nothing to do with it debt of cards at stanford medical center in the space of just three days three young patients received heart transplants at lucille packard children's hospital 870 to 20 each patient faced early death without the transplant. we're very fortunate to have three donors families who had a tragic loss themselves but were willing to step up 12 year- old man is the crest is a student at st. mary's college 17 year-old william wiley is graduating from gunn high school and 18 year-old james spencer is a santa rosa junior high and as at santa rosa junior college
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express appreciation to the families that lost loved ones.
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rojas hundred 73 and today it is better chores are now out of your leaving it with some cooler air mass the two currently in san francisco are after a high today of 60 it was only 65 pesetas say about 10 degrees below average to nice overnight into the 40's and '50's out mark partly to most of that is a dietary habits in the the golden gate bridge this evening with the cloud cover it looks like we will have partly sunny conditions tomorrow and then a mild holliday outlook future cast i do find this interesting loss of cloud cover and at what what happens allow us tomorrow late afternoon in research to see precipitation moving into the delta assaulted can't abandon otherwise everybody else
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is partly sunny with some father riding in the late that it should not obscure the fireworks tomorrow but none of nonetheless 72 degrees in sacramento friday tem high statewide otherwise the of its 40 percent chance of rain showers that after 2 in. of rain the accumulated 6,000 ft. today and we had 8 in. in height to rain it is and 60s along the coast tomorrow numbers going up in comparison to today but still averaging well below normal the warmest numbers will be east of the bay of up to about 72 degrees in brentwood 69 in san ramon seventy in of its board that is the year's no. 69 degrees in at the los '70s and sonoma the extended forecast is called for the warmest day this began to to be on sunday memorial day looks sunny and bright with nothing but a string of sunshine days due friday and there is your memorial day forecast near seasonal 60 to 79 degrees that is your pinpoint forecasts will be back. why the
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12 small stores and is there to debut a is taking on the aid he is not so sure had an opposite field home run with three homers for the bomber off ties across europe takes the opener 63. timmons some struggles continue the still winless in masonite he unraveled in the sixth chris, who's hitting only 120 fell to a three run homer capped an of a fight running the islands but the giants' 87. now to the colonial and no one is playing better golf right now and jason governor issued a six under 64
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to 62 shot later sacked johnson and governor is going for back- to-back wins. the devils beat the rangers in overtime to win the series of take on the kansas democrat finals which began on wednesday and it's silly funny when you watch those guys nobody wants to duck that prince of wales trophy they're so superstitious but i just want to avoid systemic that every year eupepsia to every team minutes hands off. goosebumps. that game was so exciting and have been trying to talk with a lot of different sharks' fans nobody wants to refer los angeles @ in a big to root for l.a. because it's a great rivalry and people say i was spoken by an ad for a reporter for l.a.. ,,,,
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