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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  May 27, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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dazzling display atop a huge celebration for the golden gate bridge. a party got started early in special member for one woman walking the spend today. a design when veteran is working on to make sure his fellow veterans are honored. i'm ann notorangelo. and explosive way to wrap up a golden day honoring one of the world's most famous bridges. look and listen the fireworks show finished minutes ago older over the
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golden gate bridge at night capful of festivities honoring the bridges 75 years. linda yee is that the bridge a van tastic finished the night with fireworks and amazing fireworks show they deliver. the party still goes on behind the a lot of people here the ban on the stage, what a dead it has been. it is one of the most photographed objects in the world, some say is second behind the eiffel tower, the party for the golden gate bridge 75th birthday a hit for tourists and locals. the party got started early all day at the walked hike and bike to the bridge. what is it about walking across the bridge? a memorable day for me, i remember my daughter was 2 years old on the 50th
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the edgewater across that day? yes others who found an opportunity to make good friends. she let confuse all i was helping her a there and i sky you're gonna the picture together that is right send it to the family that is new attraction getting a special effects photo opp you can brag to friends about scaling the bridge how does it feel to dangle off the bridge? good was in a kind of scary? yes but the big event was the fire workshop they lined up along the waterfront and state claims on hillside viewing spots. most of the prime seats were gone by late afternoon. the band played while everyone waited. family set up blankets and picnic baskets it was this
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baby's first glimpse of the golden gate looking for to the 100th anniversary it is new and exciting maybe hunter will take you that will be fund that is the golden gate bridge looking good for 75 years old, the bridge is not really gold it is called international orange. the celebration span across the golden gate to the north side crowds and enjoy the show from marin county and where don knapp has the view from sausalito they state early in state that the territory they're entertained throughout the day with spectacular changing views of san francisco into the night and when the fireworks can't they were not disappointed. you don't get seats like this unless you put in the hours these folks started early some
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made a day of that stake in territory and the fort baker waterfront with their own version of a seventh of a birthday party i was right in the metal she was up there on the deck for the 50th party having fun until the clampdown we felt the wind the bridge and bowed down it was definitely a scary moment she and others are content to celebrate the 75th on solid ground. this couple claimed their seats on the fort baker waterfront 75 years not will happen again once-in-a-lifetime will you be around for the one hundred? we hope so and we hope you are here. this couple from concord city always come here to see the shows she said she has 1000 pictures of the golden gate
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bridge i love the bridge it is the most fascinating structure i've ever seen, this family find special meeting at the golden gate bridge once you leave your country do hear a lot about the golden gate bridge it is something you don't expect when you come it is so beautiful we just very lucky to live in bay area howdy feel when you look at the bridge? i love that it is so beautiful it would feel and steve was not here it means beauty it needs heart, it means home, so many things it means to me. the seventh that not as big a party as the 50th most people here appreciated that. some history of the bridge
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it opened 75 years ago the original design dates 91 years ago josef strauss cemented his preliminary sketch into the city engineer, construction began january 1933, four years later it was completed in the and it cost $35 million to build. the equivalent of 1.2 billion today. since it opened 2 billion cars across the golden gate bridge. even google celebrated go to the search engine home page you'll see this illustration honoring the anniversary. in case you missed that we have the fireworks display on the front page of our website cbs s f dot com and other bay area bridge making headlines but not as flashy. crews on schedule on schedule with a retrofit of the dumbarton
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bridge. the stretch is closed for the entire holiday weekend providing time and space to rebuild expansion joints that helps the bridge right an earthquake. they also installed the latest in engineering technology it can withstand the ground motion we would see from an event and we have seen historically over 1000 years, the best way to design the bridge is by looking at the past the bridge expected to reopen by tuesday morning commute structural questions about the new span of the bay bridge sacramento bee and reports the concrete foundation of the signature tower had not hardened before tested for seismic integrity. caltrans documents show a builder kept quiet about that, experts believe that and other of lapses call into question the structural integrity of the eastern spanned, caltrans
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insists the bridges sound. tomorrow marks the unofficial start of summer, barbecues and sales popular, it is meant to be a time to remember fallen heroes. in san mateo they went further. anne mackovic with more not the kind of operation they train for but for these 42 soldiers of operation ego visit a success humbling to be here soldiers from the u.s. army based in kentucky adopted by several peninsula cities supporters raised $55,000 to close them on a three day trip to the bay area including this parade in downtown san mateo. they show up and you get people lining the streets who are happy to see you it is heartwarming a special year for the memorial day parade in the 40th
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anniversary of a historic event san mateo the first u.s. city to hold a parade honoring veterans coming home from the vietnam war the only city in the country to of done that 44 years ago, is in its sixth decade support from my tune in which is a company these adopted soldiers receive letters from families they have never met. it is better than christmas even if the subject is monday it is a letter something tangible you can read you get to connect with somebody we get a sense people appreciated but never visible thank you to all the cities who for having us and hosting us for sharing or arts and time i cannot say thank you enough. anne mackovic cbs 5 a cbs board to veteran
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turned 93 and is fading away, ben tracy shows us he's never wavered in his fight to honor fellow veterans at an age when most veterans give all they had john parks wants to do more, in his eighties he all billed as cemetery in sonoma county dedicated to veterans. parks still serves the country he fought for in world war two, that keeps me alive the latest project flag he designed with a simple thing: veterans remembered called it is ludicrous all different military have a flag the average veteran does not so she dreams of having a flat
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fly in all 50 states a campaign he waged from his bedside his daughter he is a humble person but is doing something that is larger than he is as an individual 25 states including california have approved the flag for him and then sat down and have to go those veterans should be recognized that would be accomplished by making this a national emblem it will always be not just the veterans remembered flag it will be my father remembered flag, my father a veteran and as a veteran for other veterans just like his work in building a cemetery at a time when most military cemeteries are full or rapidly running out of space genesis to honor you and we thank you for your service park says he will not rest until he is laid to rest making
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sure all veterans are honored and remembered. ben tracy, cbs news los angeles terror on the water for rowers and motorboat slices their boat in half throwing everyone in the water the excuse given by the driver. lady ga ga cancels a sold-out concert on her world torque and from a religious group and how they describe her as a performer. a memorial de washout as tropical storm beryl moves into a land how much rain expected with the storm surge memorial day we can the door into summer but it feels like autumn, that will change we have the usual low clouds and changes coming all the details after a break or two.
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nine people hurt after the road split into by motorboat of southern california those aboard the row boat pulled from the water safely. investigators said the driver of the motorboat was alone and did not see the lie and road in front of him it was cited for violating state rolls requiring him to have a look out on board. they were called they just needed warm clothes when the growers screamed to
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the motor boat that he'd his grimace on hurd went up 275 miles per hour the storm just shy of hurricane strength. the wind is picking up off the coast of georgia and starting to rain as the storm gets ready to make landfall. the storm expected late sunday or early monday added parts of florida georgia and south carolina. forecasters say the storm could drop 8 in. of rain officials in jacksonville canceled memorial day events because of the conditions. the storm has the potential to produce localized flooding down trees and power lines that could impact public safety barrel bro in pollock plan starting sunday lifeguards move people away from george's tiny island. swimming not allowed. the rough conditions get most
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people out of the water in flagler beach, fla. it is a little rough these servers in daytona beach came back to shore sing the way it's too dangerous you paddle out there and the waves are crashing unit it is tough to get out done to go back in the storm expected to move up the southeast coast monday bringing much-needed rain but washing out more of it plans. in chicago record-breaking heat. mercury hit 97 degrees today, thousands flocked to the beach. it is not been this hot this time of year since 1911 the record then, 94 degrees. i heard brine say summer on its way nothing like summer but
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freezing. as mark twain never said the coldest winter he spent was a summer in san francisco. we look for the usual low clouds along the coast and then declaring, as we look live from in marin side of the golden gate bridge as linda yee said that culler is international orange if the navy had its say it would of been yellow with black stripes easier to see in fog. the army air corps wanted to be red with white stripes. the lead palmer they used international orange as the put the primer on in 1937 is sad hey it it does not look bad and there is 75 years later. mild on monday by wednesday it
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will warm up, temperatures in the '50s in the bay area. out the door tomorrow morning expect low clouds and sunshine inland temperatures and early going mid-60's, the low pressure off the queen charlottes digging a little bit of the trough was rebuilt slightly over nine tomorrow not bad. a couple of degrees warmer. it will be sunny and mild tomorrow. on future cast, if everything b a is, will get low clouds tomorrow morning and sun in the afternoon it should clear out earlier tomorrow than today. memorial day looks clearing and mild temperatures range from the '60s on coast to '70s inland. hayward tomorrows 66 degrees, 72
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in san jose 77 @ morgan hill half moon bay chilly at 59 degrees. pleasanton in the '70s, 75 at napa 75 at vallejo chilly at the day-to-day 74 at sonoma a couple of cool days to start the week off, high-pressure begins to build over the west coast. by wednesday readings and and and '80s. thursday will be born. by the time next week and it will cool off again. that is par for the course this time of year the golden gate bridge anniversary not the only party in san francisco the annual carnival
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celebration which includes a parade on mission street, carnival bills itself as california's largest multi- cultural celebration. in its 34th year it showcases food music and art history. will be back.
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it took will smith and aliens to d from the super heroes of the box office men and black three debuted with $55 million. at the avengers to second place. battleship came in third with $11 million the dictator and chernobyl diaries round out the top five. the show not go on for lady ga ga the singer canceled a concert in indonesia after islamic hardliners threaten violence. the shell in jakarta was
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dropped because of safety concerns. indonesia is the world's most populous muslim country. the group calls lady ga ga a vulgar singer wears only panties and draw when she sings. lady ga ga promises a full refund. she tweeted to 25 million followers i am sorry for the fans and devastated you are everything to me. indy 500 comes down to the final lap melky cabrera takes his talents to south beach. sports next.
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speaking of oklahoma city the thunder blew a 9 point lead to the spurs. the spurs to a game one of the western conference finals. nascar's longest race of the year he takes the checkered flag at the coca-cola 600. the indy 500 came down to the final lap. he tried to pass dario frankie.
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frankie when his third indy 500. his wife ashley judd told him before the rise of see you in victory lane. of course she did and marty lurie will answer the burning question every fan wants to know what is wrong with jimmy? 1135 on cbs 5 that does it for us eyewitness news at ten news o is on a cbs s f dot com what did you with more fireworks from the golden gate bridge. good night.
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