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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 28, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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it will be a tough summer for teenagers looking for work in the bay why even entry-level jobs are in such short supply. did waves justice see him not come down the driveway is really hard. her boyfriend shot and killed by bay area police while officers opened fire on unarmed man. we more than a year before the first cars drive across why this a sea of the new bay bridge is already under scrutiny. to leave the region for can in data every teenager lows for december but a lot of them may have to do that any spending money this year that is because the job market fourteens is expected to be extremely thin this summer share in san explains why. teenagers will have a harder time getting some work in california than anywhere else in
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the u.s.. 18 year-old alex wong has been trying for his first customer service job. california teens had the worst imploded rate in the nation in more than 36% much higher than the national rate. degrees is no shortcut. dear grades former head of the state and plumbing department says that the teen jobless rains but california's jobless rate remains more than 10 percent as a percent nationwide. so adults are competing with teens for fewer openings. even the fast food area has traditionally been an area at the entry and great work experience that market becomes very difficult. they fear they'll lose out on viable experience and pay. the kids need money it's kind of like a downside for them. because maybe they need
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money for home and family. did weightism a sense that the wine experience for a job he can get a job if you have no experience. teens can increase their job prospects of the cast a wide net. it's a numbers game. they want to get out there if not 56 applications. designed to keep hearing different applications for different places now we have to keep an open mind to do anything. to equate them with their son going to go get it. added the diplomat might soon get its four teenagers a summer job is more than just a paycheck it's a rite of passage and that teaches responsibility professionalism and haddock along with people california's jobless rate is a bad bet is the worst at more than 51%. can you believe that? the lots of them. they so much. as taxpayers and already spending billions of dollars but tonight there are serious news safety concerns about the new
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bay bridge kristen on the construction work under scrutiny. of fireworks were going off over the golden gate bridge this weekend to the other eye, a bridge was coming under fire. newly revealed documents show potentially serious defects in the linchpin of the bay bridge in the concrete piles that hold up this tower. this happens to be reports that an engineering company sounded the alarm about a 19 ft. flaw in one pile a batch of concrete that has not fully assessed according to engineers it could be a very poor area of concrete one that could threaten the entire bridge in the worst-case scenario catastrophic earthquake. this is supposed to be the city's bridge in the world. and we've paid six and a half billion dollars that five and a half billion dollars over budget and we want some of the state and why did we spend all
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the testimony isn't the be also found 20 serious according areas and testing data including mixups about which piles have been tested for safety and which have not. we expect for important structures and public access is the bridges that the data be accurate and should be logged properly in construction and engineering experts say more at hassin transparencies are needed to know for sure that the bridges safe but in an e- mail cbs five a spokesperson made no mention of new testing simply saying caltrans is confidence in the structural integrity of the main tower foundation and that the bridge will perform his designs to handle let it simmer earthquake are expert tells us is not important not to jump to conclusions about what these laws could mean he says there are other safety factors built into the design of the bridge and more analysis is needed. good news tonight surrender and other bay area grades looking
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live at the dumbarton bridge which we learned just moments ago will reopen earlier than that expectation crews will finish their seismic retrofit work at 3 tomorrow morning had originally planned for 5:00 a.m. caltrans has been working around the clock all weekend installing a new earthquake expansion joints. mistaking a wallet for a gun and an officer in the east they shot and killed a man on the run officers and 80 why checkpoint notice anton barrette driving his car without headlights on early this morning when it tried to stop him he took off joe vasquez six of the story from here. a seven year veteran police officer ordered him to the ground but barry refused. we're sitting in the right front pocket visited by tourists and was removing his hand holding a black metal objects the officer who believe the suspect was producing a handgun and during bring his safety fire is weapons multiple times strike in the subject
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suspects he didn't have a gun turns out it was a black wallets. when officers are hypersensitive to the violence that's out there and someone produces something from the hand and you expect them to get down and a shiny and black the opposite is not have time to waste their senior died at the hospital. deadweight he did have a 2 d why isn't he didn't want to go back. ends in the process of him getting those see why is police show him that they didn't really care for him. he had many branches of a lot including time and ours is the juvenile for manslaughter the members say accidentally killed a friend. recently friends and family members say he had gotten his life together he was a supervisor at the paris winery in napa valley. did way to can believe is gone. he was there weeks within the other for years. it's very hard. the
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officers on paid leave of the shooting is investigated the same as two other officers the delay of 23 year-old man tuesday night. turns out that suspect. a replica palette and the cops in refused to drop its ends 12 days ago we reported allow border makes surprise the cop was responding to a call for an identity theft. this recall the incidents. when you factor in the business city is what other major factor officers here the streets of vallejo are keenly aware that they've lost another round a police officer shot to death back in november. in vallejo joe vasquez cbs five. on this memorial day selena's family mourns the loss of their son killed in afghanistan army specialist of
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the more hernandez died when enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device and canned her province saturday he graduated from an array of red ties: 2000 east specialist at lamar hernandez was 21 years old is stark reminder of the u.s. troop losses in iraq memorial day vigil was held today at the loftier prices eased across were presenting u.s. service members killed in the rock or and there were memorial day services across the bay intemperances does japan town it can be honored the nation's fallen soldiers and the presidio it was the 144 at memorial day ceremony at the san francisco national cemetery. in danville a marine color guard presented colors and instead is a potter in honor their fallen comrades. memorial day is a time to honor
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and remember veterans past and present and that was no exception to the two front runners in this november's presidential election grisly shows us how the president and his republican rival pay their respects to those who serve the country. a day of reverence and appreciation the president and first lady showed there is by laying a wreath at the vietnam memorial in washington d.c.. let us tell the story of a generation of service members of every color every creed or its poor officer and enlisted the served with just as much patriotism and honored as any before you. on the west coast presidential hopeful mr. romney was in san diego to begin to 5000 at the veterans museum memorial center. today we honor those who served. we did carousels to strength and to preserve the freedom for which they give their lives.
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for the most parts both candidates avoided campaign rhetoric the only politicking was when president obama's called for more and more benefits for veterans and when ronnie implied that the company country needed to have any new direction with a stronger military. we choose that course in american also the we just win wars but so that we can prevent wars because a strong america is the best effort to turn to were there ever has been the only unexpected fires arrived a spectator haired huckle john mccain of four hinges from the security of the man off quickly but mccain managed to get the last word. jerk. it didn't take long for senator mccain to give back on message. i'm honored to be on the same stage with a great friend, a great man, a great governor and the man who believe that is fully qualified to be commander- in-chief, met ronnie. grizzlies csi. in the polls
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shows that among registered voters the president and ronnie are at a dead heat among veterans ronnie has a significantly that they prefer ronnie by nearly 24 percentage points. he considers himself a way to and he's threatening to sue to remove the 10 commandments from the bay area's to why he says your mind some of a traumatic time is live. then some runs in the bay area family would still be the olympics this year and would use to make one of them cry? it's memorial day tradition the competitive bidding contest, the wings the winner downed in 10 minutes. pinworm the oakland zoo
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property and that is says joy does it sally is a violation of the separation of church and state. as a symbol of the christian dogma and the christian biblical beliefs which i don't expect have on public property. the visit was on by the city of oakland's city sent letters to the mayor city council members and state legislature is demanding their move the monument or let him installing on christian symbol next to its so far no is responded and is visiting his
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tuesday said a religious symbol doesn't bother them. he sends turn away from the church considers himself a pagan which. his amount carrots uncross sits on san francisco property and is used for easter sunrise services in 1997 the city was forced to sell the cross to a local armenian church. he says it doesn't get any satisfactory answers in this city he will sue to have this monument removed. at the oakland zoo in the east cbs five. any parent can tell you family time with two teenagers can be quite a challenge by 41 san francisco family into competition. does it cook tells us it takes them all the way to
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the olympic games. most parents know the feeling when your kids team up against you ends to against one by greg masai list was it that way. his kids don't just call him dad they also call him coach. the one thing that you've proven something that was always told you could never take your children to france if you ask 18 year-old alexander and 50 year- old sabrina he didn't really have a choice. degrees he would in no get away to your son and. did we had this to about second grade that they had to start with second grade like an air bladder something. sabrina is a freshman at the school in san francisco and alexander l. alexander is a senior and they admit it's hard not to get a little competitive. did police in the fencing world their price to the royalty
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alexander sabrina are both champion fencer as greg is a three-time olympian and the coach of the u.s. olympic team. the fencing family with alex and dad. did we don't hesitate go for it. did we went up one of his kids is competing chances are you'll see great on the sidelines. i think a lot of people hate having their father is their coach and many people ask me but personally i think it benefits me. on the strip tease my coach at home is my dad so there's really a separation their course if it doesn't do well that i have to kind of comfort him a little bit as a father rather than as a coach. want to go home it's partly normal. it's just like not even then sing anymore. in many of the conventional family dynamic but it has paid
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off allison compete in the 2010 olympic games as the youngest member of the u.s. men says things seem and on july 27th to walk in the opening ceremonies with his dad by his side. i'm looking forward to being able to walk in open ceremonies hand-in-hand and will experience that moment that when it is something special. tivoli's coldly take his dream as well. coming the wood and metal especially a good one. his dreams are coming trio and interesting to see when you're dreams are to become reality. it doesn't cut cbs five. for the for the july has a hot dog eating competition memorial day has another contest per vessel years that our wings for the bay area restaurants and even some local hopefuls give it their best shot. can't tell what was at stake. at the lid restaurant in
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fremont today during is overrated. they've come to the bay area for the first time with a qualifying round of the world's leading championships held in the fremont restaurant. the local favorite is from santa cruz. the bay of tennessee as many wins as possible under stiff competition is the ninth rank in the world in the wings specialist the world eating champion himself from says nate didn't compete today but once more events like this in the bay area. there are some awesome places eat good food here cell in a sense are be more context. aired to come first place by 8140 wings. a lot of bonds which would normally do in a chicken beating
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eating contests though definitely i went sellout. the other critical winds and the guys that really paid attention to its own in each wing lee did better i was seconded numbers. in a precarious the winner obliterate 12,000 cals a day and goes on to the championships in new york in july. to get those csi. from the csi was sent to we had to the embarcadero where rent not only to have gusty winds but we have music in the air aloft the day the wind dies down and the tennis warm-up as eyewitness news' continues on the c. w..
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despite the downgrade barrels still soaked memorial the plans of part of parts of florida and georgia the storm swept ashore overnight but winds up to 75 mi. an hour the national hurricane center downgraded them from a tropical storm to a depression after made landfall there is the power outages but no major
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damage to report. we have our share of wind. but going over the bay bridge today we did have wind gusts up to 32 m.p.h. sfo as well winter is beginning to dial back out of the west to get 10 to 15 with an occasional guest at 20 m.p.h. this is are live by the camera looking out for the transamerica building where our area temperatures are still cool in the fifties have to realize the highest daily 59 san francisco just 73 in sonoma and unseasonably cool and many are locations tonight and it is increasing cloud cover in the former fog toward the horizon to the 40's and 50's for overnight loans it looks like we will see the developments of the fog and overnight hours streaming into the way to discover day and that is the morning commute to and that is to try valley as graham the work look around the cemetery coast that keeps the
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civic and the mid-50s or nationalize the meanwhile away from the austin lab much warmer temperatures and then will have an additional warning on wednesday warming trends begins to trail off by the weekend to look of this year and go nothing is going on we have this area of low pressure right here this will begin to nudge out the high pressure began to back to seasonal greetings but until then still when the conditions southwesterly is up to 20 25 mi. tomorrow afternoon that assures the pollen around the that is why we have suffering as far as allergies are concerned tamara's vase and highs in the '50s and '60s the '60s so '70s on the peninsula and a jump up to the mid-70s across the santa clara valley even 79 degrees in gilroy and and brett would also napa and sonoma and the city's days in a low 60s average hike 64 so here's the extended forecast and on notice gradual warming on wednesday thursday the hottest day of the workweek
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flirt with 90 degrees and we have pretty mild conditions for the first weekend of june and that is your point forecast. their bonds makes news at the giants' game today can he remain hot in game 1 the boxes next. how about the resurgence
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of there is video? key allowed two runs in seven innings against the d baxter that is fourth with the season starts the clock police and he admitted he wants to have a role with the giants was to contribute to the need as bad today brandon belt had the ibm tripple account saute 3 run first inning against turkey held the giants
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beat the diamondbacks 42 and a's rookie receiver ryan cut the 22 runs and the comeback to win by to four in the forays have lost six straight games and ramirez had two more hits in sacramento the a's announced he will not join them on wednesday when the suspension is over these below more seasoning down in a matter of days have at the nba? the eastern conference finals 42 for weight and size as the combination. how the french open roger better winces opening round match to tied jimmy connors open era record at 233 career grand slams. barry bonds looks cleaner.
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